*UPDATED 25/12/15* This is a 2014 post – for info on the sales for 2015, please see my post hereChristmas is almost over, and I hope you all have had/are having a wonderful day – I’ve spent a cosy day with my family eating far too much, playing games and watching Christmas specials of course. ;) Looking forward, however, today’s post covers all the upcoming sales and promotions that are running after Christmas Day – so if you’re feeling sad that Christmas is over, these might cheer you up!

North America

Pandora in North America do not usually offer official sales, but this year they are running a special post-Christmas promotion for the US! Lasting from December 26-28, if you spend $100 in store you will be eligible to choose a free charm (from a pre-selected range). The charms on offer are all retired or soon-to-be-retired – they include the ones pictured in the campaign poster, although the selection will also depend upon what your store has in stock.

pandora us boxing day promo large

This is an in-store offer only, however.

In addition, US discount shopping site Rue La La are hosting yet another Pandora sale, starting from 26th of December! The sale is scheduled to start at 3pm EST. It’s a members-only site, but you can sign up using my invite code.

pandora rue la la 2014

International readers should bear in mind that Rue La La is a US website, and will only ship to the continental US. If you want to participate in this sale, then you’ll have to get a friend from the US to help you! They do, however, now accept international credit cards with a US-based shipping address.


Pandora UK are hosting their official winter sale from Boxing Day! It offers discounts of up to 50% on retired items, and will run both in store and online. The sale has already started on some websites, so have a shop around to see what’s on offer! :) Most sales will be posted up at midnight, however.

pandora boxing day sale

Additionally, if you’re in Ireland, a 70% off sale will start tomorrow as well. Irish retailer Republic of Jewels will be offering this sale online, starting from 8am tomorrow. I will warn you that they often experience very high numbers of orders and that it can take them a couple of weeks to process them and get them out. For me, the 70% discount is worth it but for you it may not be! There are two versions of the site: the UK version, and the Irish version.

Australia & New Zealand

Pandora in Australia and New Zealand are also having a sale on retired items, which will run from the 26th of December until the 11th of January. The sale is available both online and in store. You can check out the retired items on the official site here!

My Comment

If you’re aware of any sales or promos going on in your region that I have missed out, please feel free to note it in the comments. :)

I’m really looking forward to seeing what’s included in the UK sale and what ROJ have to offer tomorrow, even though I’m a little Pandora’d out after today – I was thrilled to get a two-tone bangle from my OH! I’m still a little in shock but it’s very pretty in person.

Are you planning on checking out the sales or taking part in the US promo? Did you get what you wanted for Christmas?

38 Comments on Promotion Alert: Pandora Boxing Day Sales Round-Up

  1. :-) Oh, my, what a beautiful present! I love to wear gold and silver and have a very few charms that have the tiniest bit of gold, because very often I wear my Pandora bracelets with a two-tone watch.
    I don’t know of any Pandora sales in Austria, but we do have an outlet that carries a Pandora shop… very handy! :-)
    Good luck with the sale tomorrow! :-)

    • Thank you! :D I was so thrilled when I opened it! The contrast between the gold and silver is really gorgeous, especially as the bangle is currently so shiny, haha. Your combination sounds beautiful!
      Ah, I wish I lived near an outlet – we have one in Bicester in the UK, but I’ve never yet made it down there. Apparently the deals are often good. Haha thanks – hopefully I’ll find a couple of things I’m after. :)

  2. Love your bangle. For Christmas I got an Essence bracelet and 3 charms together with the special edition pave star clasp bangle that came free with this purchase. I have never had a Pandora bangle before and I just love it. It is so light to wear. I can see myself wearing it everyday. No charms needed either as the pave star is pretty enough.

    Btw, interesting to see that the charms retired here in Australia are different to the ones in North America. This is from just looking at the website. Might be more on offer once we go to the store though. I will find out tomorrow.

    • Thank you! :D Ah, I know exactly what you mean – I didn’t get a bangle for almost a year after they came out, but now I wear mine all the time! They are so wonderfully light and easy to wear. I especially love the ones with the special clasps, too – as you say, they look lovely even without any charms. Glad you got what you wanted for Christmas – the Essence bracelet is beautiful and light, too, and looks really pretty stacked with the bangle I think!
      Yes, it is really interesting to see the variations in the retirement lists – each region’s head office decides what will retire in their stores. The UK list is different again! It’s hard to keep track of, haha.

  3. Love your post can’t wait to go to the pandora sale tomorrow, I must admit I am a bit disappointed about what’s in the sale on their website so hopefully the shop will be good. Republic of jewels there sale is really good so I’m planning on getting some things from there also bedazzle have got some good offers.
    I was so spoilt with pandora yesterday I got the pave star bangle with the heart charm with the little cz in,I also got a ring, the snowflake charm and a leather necklace. ???

    • I was also pretty disappointed with the official UK online sale – not much there, I thought. However, the ROJ sale was fab! I logged on at 8 this morning and got a couple of two-tone braided heart clips, a two-tone charm and the chinese ingot at 70% off! Really excited for them to come haha. What have you gone for? :D
      Ooh what a great haul! The pavé clasp bangles are so beautiful. I did well too – I got the TT bangle, the I love my dog charm and another charm for my Essence bracelet. I’m done now for a while I think haha! ;)

      • From ROJ I got the limited edition pave heart bangle for half price wow. I had asked for it for Xmas but when my mum went to get it, it was sold out so she got me the one with the star clasp which I love. But I’m so happy that I am able to get I have also order the lavender drop which I love. But they keep adding new things as they have just added the seahorse dangle which I would love. The braided heart clips must of sold out quick as I didn’t even see them on the website.

        • Yes, that was a really good deal on the bangle! It would look so pretty worn together with the star bangle ^^ I also wanted the lavender butterfly drop – but I’ve already spent quite a lot… so I’m seeing if I still want it tomorrow haha. The braided hearts sold out amazingly fast – I bought mine at exactly 8am! Fab deal!

  4. The sale here in Australia is very limited. Hardly any charms on sale. However, I was able to pick up the 5 clip bracelet which I have had my eye on for a while at a good discounted price so I am happy.

    • Oh, that’s a shame – I thought our official sale here in the UK was also rather unexciting. Last year there were some very nice pieces thrown in, but this year not so much. The five clip bracelet is a fab buy, though! I was very tempted myself.

  5. Hi Ellie I was just wondering if you know anything about the 5 clip bracelet Republic of jewels has got one really cheap but they only hAve 17cm and 21cm. I take a 19cm moments bracelet and that is quite roomy do you think any of them would be suitable.

    • Hi Nicola! I don’t own one of the five clip bracelets but if your 19cm moments bracelet is quite roomy when it’s full up, then it might be worth trying the 17cm in the 5 clip. It will have a roomier fit than the moments bracelet, as you won’t be putting as many charms on it. You could always return it if it’s not right or even try exchanging it for a different size in-store, if it’s in new condition. The price on it is so good!

    • Hi Nicola
      I too was unable to get my usual size. I went with the smaller size and it was fine. I wear my moments bracelet loose (past my wrist bone if that makes sense) and the 5-clip bracelet I wear close to my wrist. I love the look of the 5-clip without clips. Its looks really pretty next to my full moments bracelet. But I did check in the shop that I have enough room for all 5 clips when I buy them at the next sale.

      Btw, I dont know the official size of either of my bracelets but from measuring them just now, my full moments bracelet is one cm larger than the empty 5-clip bracelet.

  6. Hi Ellie, I’m in Lausanne, Switzerland and went to the local Pandora store (well, section of the department store) and there is no sale. Boo! Enjoy the sales for me, y’all!

    • Eugh that’s a shame! If it makes you feel any better, I don’t think either of the official sales in Australia and the UK have been that great this year. ;) Hopefully they’ll roll out the sales in more regions next year!

  7. There’s going to be a private Pandora sales in the Philippines on December 29 only. This promo is going to be exclusive to all Pandora members only. Each member is also entitled to bring along one friend to participate in the sales. All members should have received by now an email message from Pandora which they have to present at any Pandora store in order to avail up to 30-50% discounts on their various collections.

  8. I bought 3 charms from the Rue La La sale. 2 murals for my daughters and a paralegal lights charm for me. So fat the purchasing has gone more smoothly. We’ll see how soon they show up.

    • Glad you found some bargains! :D I’ve found a couple of pieces in our sale over here, too, so I’m really pleased! Rue La La does tend to take a few weeks to dispatch Pandora items in general – from what I understand, it’s because they don’t have items in stock at the time of the sale. Once it ends, they get in the ordered items from their stockist. However sometimes they do manage to get it out a little faster, especially if they have sales close together – here’s hoping it gets to you speedily!

    • The order I placed 12/26 at Rue La La has still not shipped as of today. While the bargains are nice, the painfully slow processing by Rue LA LA is I.R.R.I.T.A.T.I.N.G.! I thought maybe this was related to the holidays with the last sale, but now I’m not so sure.

      • I actually canceled one of the two orders I placed with them due to the excessive shipping time. As of today, the charms had still not shipped from an order placed 12/26, and were not expected to be delivered until 1/28, over a month later. They don’t specify the wait time when you place the order, nor do they provide any sort of update. Meanwhile, I am positively flooded with promotion information on every other sale going on, though I’ve tried to turn these off without success.

        If anyone here chooses to purchase from this company, be forewarned about the exceptionally long period of time from order placement until receipt. At this point, I’d give serious thought before ordering from them again.

  9. WOW – retired charms sales everywhere but Canada. Just another reason why I am not longer buying Pandora.

    • It is a shame that you guys haven’t had any promos. :( Unfortunately each region’s promotions are decided by their own head offices. We don’t have many promos in the UK so the sales are the big event of the year for us, especially as the GBP prices are so high.

  10. After the club member sale in the Philippines yesterday, they have opened the sale for the public starting today, Dec30 until mid Jan2015. With the rate people are rushing to the stores (read a comment by a club member how she waited for 4 hours for her number to be called, only to be told that they will start the public sale the next day), maybe stocks won’t last that long. Just hoping that i’ll be able to snatch up a few charms before they’re all gone. So heartbroken that i wasn’t able to get for myself the heart pave bangle.

    • Ah, that’s a real shame that you missed out! :( It doesn’t sound very well organised, but I do hope that you manage to get a few of the things you want. It’s never much fun when there’s a mad rush for sale stuff. :/

  11. FYI: If you look at Rue La La now, they currently have a limited amount of Pandora charms available for sale. It’s under the “Stack it On” jewelry sale. I looked in the under $30 section and found several Pandora charms, including the pink Blooming Rose, the Purple Zen and an Enamel Vine charm in brown. There are also a few rings. I’m not planning to partake this time. I didn’t spot anything that I “needed”, and the wait time from Rue La La is something I find frustrating. I don’t like the idea of a piece of jewelry sitting in my mailbox all day, and they are inconsistent in shipping. Some sales I’ve received my items quickly, and other times have waited nearly a month. Still, the bargains are good, and it’s a nice chance to get some of the older pieces that are now hard to find.

    • Oh thanks for the heads-up Clair! There are some nice pieces in there actually, I wish I could take part. After your fairly stressful experiences with them lately, I had a closer look at how well they advertise their shipping/delivery times. If you click on an item, in the item description it puts the expected wait time for the items to be shipped. For these Pandora items, it states that they will ship in one day. So that might help you get a better idea of when you can expect the item to be shipped, and whether it’s worth the wait. :)

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