Exciting news today as I have a preview of Pandora’s upcoming Chinese New Year 2015 release! Pandora have a history of releasing special charms to celebrate the Chinese New Year, as the brand is popular in Asia. This new year in the Chinese calendar will be the Year of the Sheep, but neither of the two charms Pandora have created are based on that theme. Instead, they have opted for more general representations of the festival with an adorable Chinese Doll pendant and a 14kt gold Ingot charm (pictured below).

pandora CNY 2015

The Chinese New Year follows the lunar calendar, and will fall on the 19th of February in 2015; the charms themselves should be available from the 19th of January. They are currently set to be exclusive to Asia, although I don’t have confirmation on which regions exactly will be receiving this release.

However, it’s worth bearing in mind that both of this year’s Chinese New Year charms were made available globally with the Pandora Spring 2014 collection – so it’s likely that the 2015 charms will also be more widely available eventually.

Pandora Chinese New Year 2015 Collection

First up, we have an elegant new gold version of 2014’s silver ingot charm. This comes with a lovely limited edition fabric jewellery box. I really loved the original silver ingot, and in fact I just ordered myself one in the sale. I like it even better in gold. ;)

pandora chinese new year 2015

The second charm is a Chinese Doll, beautifully detailed in red and black enamel. It complements the existing Pandora Korean and Japanese Doll pendants, which were released with the Autumn 2014 collection. I believe red is a lucky colour in China, and the doll’s happy expression offers a really fun representation of the excitement of the new year!

pandora chinese doll chinese new year 2015

My Comment

I love the tradition of a special release to celebrate the lunar new year, and I always look forward to seeing what Pandora bring out for it. These charms are pretty, and nicely balanced; the ingot offers an elegant, luxurious option, while the doll is a more affordable, fun piece. The gold ingot will be prohibitively priced, and I already own the Japanese Doll from the Autumn collection – this is similar in colour as well as style. Consequently I don’t know whether I’ll be trying to obtain either of these. I do like them both, however!

What do you think of this year’s CNY collection?

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  1. The Chinese doll is so cute! My son is doing a soccer tour to Japan and Korea soon so I have been thinking of buying those two charms as a keepsake. If I were to buy those two charms, I would be tempted to buy the Chinese doll too.

    • Isn’t it just! I heard that they were doing a Chinese Doll for the new year a month or so ago and I have been dying to see a picture of it. ^^ Absolutely, it would be fun to have the set – the Japanese and Chinese dolls should go especially nicely together, seeing as they’re both red!

      • Hello ! Is the Chinese doll only being sold in Asia? Or will they sell here in the USA ? If not here, how can I or anyone interested in getting one, get one ? Thank you for your time in this silly question….

        • Hi Mindy! It’s not a silly question at all! The Chinese Doll is currently exclusive to Asia and Australia, but it is coming out in the US with the Spring 2015 collection in March :) If you can’t wait until then, you should definitely check out the Pandora selling pages on Facebook – there are a couple of ladies helping out with this charm, which is how I have obtained mine. I recommend Pandora’s Tribe or Pandora’s Angels. :) Hope that helps!

  2. oh my God. they r sooo cute!! im definitely getting the chinese doll since i already have the japanese and korean. The jewelery box is soooo pretty as well. Again, i really hope Pandora will come up with more cat charms because im collecting all the cat charms. There is no cat charm at all in 2014 :-(.

    • Yay I’m glad you like it! :D I love the jewellery box but there’s no way that I could afford the gold ingot, haha. The cat charms are always popular – perhaps they have one in the works for next year :)

  3. The Chinese doll is really cute like the other two dolls, but not sure if I want a dangle. I won’t be getting the ingot, my mother had many ingots and waving cats around the house when I was younger and I never liked them, not sure why :)

    • It is, I really like that whole set! I never used to be keen on the dangles, but now I tend to wear them on most of my bracelet designs – as long as they don’t catch on anything, I’m fine with them. ;) Haha, I have both the ingot and the waving cat – I wasn’t really aware of them as symbols before Pandora released them, but the charms are cute in person!

  4. I agree. I think the doll charm is really sweet. I can’t see where I would fit it in with my collection, but I’m hoping they’ll keep bringing out more of them from other countries. I’m Austrian, Dutch and Scots- Irish by heritage. I’d love to see dolls that represent that heritage. How much do they dangle? I was on the fence about whether or not I wanted any dangle charms, but I bought two little heart charms for my brown and purple bracelet, and hardly notice them at all.

    • It is really cute – I am already changing on my mind on whether I want it, haha. I’m now thinking that it would go nicely with my Japanese Doll and Wildflower murano on my leather bracelet. ;) Several people have suggested that as an idea, and I think it’s a great one! It would be really fun to collect them.
      Erm, I’d say that my Japanese Doll dangles quite a lot compared to the smaller heart dangles. The dangle charms never used to appeal to me, but I don’t really notice them when I’m wearing them now. I can take a picture of it on the bracelet for you tomorrow if you like!

    • I’m not sure on the specifics yet – the CNY charms are usually limited to Asia until the New Year has passed and then they are released worldwide with the Spring collections. I assume that this will happen with these too :) she’s too cute not to be released everywhere, haha.

      • I agree she is too cute not to be available everywhere. I hope that I can get her lol. I don’t have the other 2 dolls but she really appeals to me.

        • Haha, Pandora usually release everything to as many regions as possible, including these supposedly ‘limited edition’ pieces – so I’d be really surprised if she didn’t turn up in the US ;) I love all the dolls, but this one is particularly cute!

    • Heh, I like the ingot, too, but it’s way out of my price range! Regarding the silver version, it depends whereabouts in the world you are – I don’t think that the silver ingot was ever released in the US. It is available in most other regions, although it just retired here in the UK.

    • Haha, I don’t collect dolls either but I love these charms! Their stylised look is very pretty. ^^
      My sale shopping went pretty well, unfortunately ;) Picked up a couple of bargain two-tone pieces to go with my bangle, so I am thrilled! It’s a shame that they don’t run any for you in Austria.
      Have a lovely day, too, and thanks for commenting as ever! :)

    • The doll is beautiful – it seems to have been a hit with a lot of collectors! Which aren’t you so hot on? The rest of the CNY charms, or just Pandora’s latest style in general?

  5. Omigosh!! I am so sorry I missed out a lot here! Belated Christmas wishes to you my lovely princess!! xoxoxo <3 <3 <3 The Gold ingot is so pretty and the Chinese doll is so cute!! :D I cannot wait to see it in person though LOL!! How are you my dear? Hope you had a blast during Christmas and let's welcome a BLESSED New Year 2015 yes? It may be an uneventful year of 2014 for many but I am still contented that I have met you here and I cherish our friendship to bits. Even though I didn't make it to London last month for the graduation in the UK, I still look forward to seeing you in London when I get the chance in time to come yes? Love and miss you always my dearest Ellie! xoxoxo Blessed year ahead and many more to come xoxoxo <3 <3 <3

    • Haha, belated Christmas wishes to you also and a very happy new year! :D I miss you lots too but I appreciate that you are super busy atm ^^ It’s always lovely to see that I have a comment from you though. Hope you managed to relax a little in the holidays! And I’m so glad to hear that you are feeling better, you’ve had a rough time of it this year haven’t you! :(
      The Gold ingot is so gorgeous but I will never be able to afford it haha. I am definitely considering the little Doll now, though! It’s adorable. :D
      Happy new year once again, speak soon lovely xxxxxx

  6. I’m disappointed :(. The doll will be released as part of the regular catalog, and I’m not sure a doll is my style. Love the gold ingot but refuse to spend that much on a tiny charm… And we’ve already seen/have it in silver. I will be getting a ram for CNY this year. I hope next year is something new and exciting for CNY. Dancing lion, fire crackers dangle, red envelope… There are lots of possibilities.

    • Aw, at least you can get the ram – my chinese zodiac is the ram, so I’m considering getting that one, as well! I like both of these charms, but the ingot is going to be very expensive and the Chinese Doll is not to all tastes. On the other hand, I love your ideas for next year; someone else mentioned firecrackers, too. They really capture the spirit and fun of the celebration itself and it would be great to see Pandora try them out next year. :)

    • I agree with your suggestions. To me, Chinese New Years is more about the dancing dragons, fire crackers and red money bags than ingots, waving cats, lanterns or China dolls. but I still love the little doll

  7. I’m all distracted by the amber muranos on the bracelet in the top left of the photo, I recognize the one on the right, but the left one doesn’t look familiar to me, or is it the same and the camera angle is playing tricks with me?

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