With just under two weeks to go before the Pandora Valentine’s 2015 collection is released, today’s post brings some pretty high quality images of the new pieces, plus some more details on pricing for the US and also the UK! The collection is a typically sparkling affair from Pandora, with lots of hearts, pink tones and pavé detailing. It’s due for release worldwide on the 15th of January. pandora valentine's day 2015 I’m missing HQ images for just a couple of the charms – sorry about that. The rest you can see in their full high-res glory! ;) If you would like to use these images, please feel free; however it would be great if you could please credit the blog if you do!


First up, and perhaps most excitingly, we have a twist on the classic Pandora charm bracelet – it’s now available with a heart-shaped clasp! On one side of the clasp, the word ‘Pandora’ is written, on the other we have the classic Pandora crown logo. This is a must-have for me – even though I’m definitely not in need of another bracelet. ;) It’s priced at $65 or £55.

pandora heart clasp bracelet

 The second bracelet making its debut with the collection is another romantic offering, with the word ‘love’ detailed in pavé stones. It’s priced at $50 USD or £45.

pandora signature of love bracelet


pandora valentine's 2015

First up, we have the only 14kt gold charm: a version of the popular pavé heart range. Gold collectors may be disappointed to know that the stones are cubic zirconia, and not diamond. This charm will be $400 or £399  – once again, the price difference between UK and US currencies does not work out at all well!

pandora valentine's day 2015 collection gold heart

There are only a couple of two-tone options, and my favourite of these is the Message of Love. I really love the elegance of this design; however, the price point is very high on this one – £65 or $70 – so I probably won’t be asking for it!

pandora valentine's day 2015 message of love

Next up, we have a pendant charm, entitled Forever in My Heart. In the US and Canada, this will be a concept store exclusive. It will retail for $65 USD or £55.

pandora valentine's 2015

The Together Forever offers, in contrast, an affordable plain silver option. This is only $25 USD, and will be a shop-in-shop exclusive in North America – it will be sold as usual in other regions. It will be £25 in the UK.

pandora together forever

Finally for the pendant charms, we have the Signature of Love pendant. This is reasonably priced at $35 USD. The GBP listing I have for this one states that it’s £25, but that seems amazingly cheap to me!

pandora signature of love

Another more affordable option is the all-silver Words of Love charm. It’s priced at $35 or £30.


My favourite charm of the collection is probably the Pink Hearts muranowhich is similar to the existing Fizzle/Effervescence muranos – however, the cubic zirconia inset into the glass are shaped like little hearts. This is priced at $45 USD or £35.

pandora valentine's day 2015

The With Love is a cute heart-shaped gift box, accented with soft pink cubic zirconia. This charm has had mixed reviews from collectors, due to its rather glitzy aesthetic, but I find it quite sweet. It will be a Jared’s exclusive in the US, retailing for $65 USD or £55.

pandora with love charm

In North America, the Sweetheart charm will initially be sold with a limited edition heart-shaped gift box. It’s priced at $75 USD.

pandora limited edition

Next up, we have another take on the lock and key motif from Pandora. The Lock of Love charm retails for $70 or £60.

pandora lock of love valentine's day 2015

A new clip also makes its debut: the Open My Heart clip features an all pavé design and retails for $70 or £55. This would look great on the oxidised bracelet, I think.

pandora open my heart 2015

The Falling in Love charm represents another romantic pavé offering, and is priced at $60 or £55.

pandora valentine's day 2015

The Love All Around was released last year in fancy pink cubic zirconia – now it’s available with clear stones, too. It will cost $65 or £55.

pandora valentine's day 2015

Finally, we have the prettily-named Tumbling Hearts, which offers a classic contrast between the clear stones and the black hearts. It’s priced at $60 USD or £55.

pandora valentine's day 2015


There are a total of six rings being released with the Valentine’s Day 2015 collection.

pandora valentine's rings 2015

The Hugs and Kisses ring features the popular ‘XOXO’ motif, picked out in a cute cubic zirconia design. It will be a Jared’s exclusive in the US – however, it will be distributed as normal in other regions. I don’t normally go for sparkly pieces like this, but I do quite like the fun of this one! It will be £115 in the UK – ouch!

pandora valentine's day 2015 ring

The Signature of Love collection has a matching ring; this is priced at $60 or £45.

pandora signature of love

I don’t have an HQ image for the Crossing Paths ring, but it will retail for $80.

pandora crossing paths ring

The Forever More ring will be $80 USD or £90.

pandora valentine's ring

The Heart to Heart ring features a beautifully-classic interlocking hearts design. It will retail for $65 or £70.

pandora heart-to-heart ring

Finally, we have an offering for gold-lovers! The Linked Love offers a simple heart design, which will retail for $275 USD or £225.

pandora valentine's day 2015

Other Jewellery

There isn’t much else included within the collection, but there will be two new necklaces and a pair of earrings.

pandora signature of love

The Signature of Love necklace is priced at $60 USD or £60.

pandora signature of love necklace

In North America this pretty necklace is part of the Always in my Heart gift set (see my Promotions for 2015 post for more details!), but is available individually for $125. In the UK it is priced at £99.

pandora heart-to-heart necklace

Last up, we have a pair of two-tone Heart to Heart earrings, priced at $65 or £70.

pandora valentine's earrings

My Comment

My must-haves from the collection are most definitely the heart clasp bracelet and the Pink Hearts murano (provided I like the colour in person!). I’m also fond of the two-tone Message of Love and the With Love gift box, although the price point is a little high for me on both of those. :/ The Signature of Love collection is growing on me, too – the motif is very on trend at the moment, and I do particularly like the necklace and the ring!

This is a very expensive release, with a high average price per piece – but, I suppose, this is Valentine’s Day: Pandora are probably aiming this directly at other halves, who might be tempted to spend a little more on a present for the occasion. I would also like to see just a pinch more originality in Pandora’s Valentine’s designs; there are more ways to express love than heart motifs, and it would be nice to see them think a bit more outside the box next year. Having said that, there are some cute pieces included and I’m sure it will sell well!

What do you think of the Valentine’s Day 2015 collection? Are any of the pieces on your wish list?

58 Comments on Preview: Pandora Valentine’s Day 2015 HQ Images and Pricing

  1. I didn’t need to read past your first comment ‘The collection is a TYPICALLY SPARKING affair from Pandora, with lots of hearts, pink tones and pavé detailing’ to know that there’d be nothing for me! Oh for the simpler Valentines charms of previous years (for example the Rhodolite heart dangle 390324RHL).

    • Haha, I wrote that line with a slightly heavy heart ;) The rhodolite heart pendant is one of my absolute favourite Pandora pieces ever! It’s so pretty and simple. I’m still surprised that they retired it tbh, I can’t believe it wasn’t popular.

  2. I love the heart clap bracelet, but I already have lots of bracelets. I also love the heart to heart necklace will that be avaliable in the uk. I also like quite a lot of the charms I do like a bit of sparkles and cz.

    • Oh good, glad to hear you like the collection! I have lots of bracelets, too, but I’ll make room for this one. ;) The heart to heart necklace should be available in the UK, yes!

        • Not sure whether pavé would appeal to you, but in my sneak peek at the Spring & Mother’s Day 2015 collections, there was a bangle pictured with a pavé heart-shaped clasp:

      • I’m sure I’ll get the bracelet one day do you think it will be a limited edition. I think I have 8 bracelets know so my obsession is a bit out of hand.

        • I have heard reports that it’s possibly going to be limited edition in the UK, but nothing confirmed yet! Lol, I know that feeling… I have 14 all in all, with leathers and bangles included. Ridiculous, haha, and yet I wear them all!

      • I know I have just finished my purple leather bracelet I got some charms out of the sale for it, but the rest are in working progress. I love all my bracelets and wear them all.

        • Ooh lovely! I don’t have much on my purple leather, just the blue butterfly kisses murano and a couple of spacers. :) I have four finished Moments bracelets; the rest are all works-in-progress like yours!

      • I saw a live image on Facebook, it’s pretty much white core like the cherry blossom. That’s how it looked in her hand.

        Any news on more essence? Heard a rumour there would be new ones in the spring?

        • I saw that too, although it did look pinker in other shots. Guess we’ll have to wait and see!
          No, I don’t have anything concrete yet. There should be new pieces for spring – I’ve heard that they’re going to be a kind of pavé lights release.

  3. I am a huge fan of pave, even though some others aren’t. So I’m very excited about this line. I see a few charms that will fit perfect on my silver/pink/two toned bracelet that I am working on for my infant daughter when she grows up! Thanks for the sneak peek. My to-do list grows…?

    • Yay, I’m glad to hear that you’re excited! I like pavé, too, and several of these pieces have caught my eye – I just like to see a nice mix of pavé and plain silver charms. :) How lovely that you’re building your daughter a bracelet, that’s a very sweet idea! <3

  4. I love the collection! I have collected heart jewelry for years. It’s been at least 25 years. So this is perfect for me! I already have a Pandora bracelet strictly dedicated to the heart charms. It’s almost full so I guess that I’ll have to get the new bracelet!! I just wish that the rings were offered in a size 10. I’d love to have those too !!

    • Elizabeth, that is my plan! After a few more years of getting one for Valentine’s Day, then I can wear a dedicated bracelet of hearts. I am also working on the other seasons as well, besides my dedicated moments bracelet.

    • Oh good! Valentine’s collections must be perfect for you then! ^^ I love the idea of an all-heart bracelet; I have a lot of heart charms, but they’re all dotted about my various bracelets. Perhaps I’ll put them all together for Valentine’s Day. :)

  5. I love most of these charms !!!!!! The sparkle is not too dressy once on a bracelet. It makes certain parts of your bracelet really stand out. I like silver clear cz charms the best. Aldo love the two toned Love charm .

    • Oh good! I completely agree with you, I think that a lot of the pavé charms look so much prettier in person and they’re beautiful when styled nicely on a bracelet. However I’d still like to see a greater number of plain silver character designs being released. Hopefully there’ll be some for spring that we haven’t seen yet! I love the TT love charm, too, so pretty!

  6. :-) There are a lot of charms and pendants I like. I hope I get to see them in the store soon, because often they appear a bit different on pictures.
    Thanks for your long and detailed review! :-)

    • Glad to hear that you like them! I’m excited to see them in person, too, especially the pink murano – they should be in store for you to look at from the 15th of January :) thanks for commenting! <3

    • Mm, it is a real shame that their collections don’t have more of a variety in style. I’m not averse to a little pavé, but I don’t like it on everything and I do miss their cute silver designs. We had a few great ones for Autumn, but overall they have been rather few and far between lately. Thanks for commenting! :)

      • Oh, i hear you! And I don’t necessarily dislike all the pavé charms, but they are also quite pricey and I’m just so cheap, LOL. ;-P

        Hopefully, we’ll see more silver designs in future releases!

  7. I think the charms look OK but the ‘love’ worded jewellery look teenager-ish to me. The rings look lovely though – first time I’ve really noticed the rings. However $275 for a very thin gold ring?! You can get a more solid 9 karat gold ring with a small gemstone, like ruby, sapphire, emerald, for the same price! The pink murano looks nice too.

    • I’m really liking these rings, too, actually! The two-tone heart one is really pretty, and I actually quite like the pavé ones, too. Lol, as you say, the prices for Pandora as ever are very high, which is why I’ll never be able to afford Pandora gold haha. Luckily I don’t like 14kt gold that much anyway!

  8. I love all of the sparkles! I feel like jewelry shoukd be shiny and sparkly, but I realize not everyone feels that way. I love the Always in my Heart necklace. Just wish it was sold by itself in the US. Thank you for your great posts! I enjoy reading them.

    • Oh good I’m glad you like them! I think the issue is that a lot of long-term collectors started with Pandora when they had a more classic style and are a bit put-off by the change in direction. I know that I’d definitely like more of a mix between the ‘new’ and ‘old’ Pandora styles, but I do enjoy a lot of the pavé charms and there’s quite a lot of sparkle in my own collection these days. ^^
      Thanks for reading, I’m really glad to hear that you enjoy them!

  9. I’m a huge fan of hearts. LOVE the heart clasp, definitely purchasing it. Like the slip and the Tumbling Hearts. Can’t wait for the release.

    • Yay! The Tumbling Hearts charm is actually really growing on me – I saw a live shot of it on a bracelet, and it looked much prettier than I thought. Can’t wait to see it all in person, not long now! ^^

    • I start my pandora collection in March, heart bracelet, always in my heart charm and the 2015 mother day paved heart bangle with a heart pendent… All in heart shape. I got the 2014 vintage LE heart yesterday, so exciting!

  10. I’m liking the heart clasp bracelet. I have a purple and brown bracelet that I’m thinking of moving from a double brown leather bracelet to a silver. Seems like a good excuse to get this one. And it might look nice with the silver heart safety chain. It’s the only piece I’m much interested in from this release, though. Too sparkly, too pink, and too done-to-death for my taste. Hearts are sweet, and I have a few that I really like, but enough already. I’d love to see a matched pair of silver Cupids of the non dangle variety, or chocolate bonbons, or a long stemmed rose. Something -anything- other than another boring heart.

    • Yes, I completely agree with you – and you have some lovely ideas, too! A long-stemmed rose would be gorgeous, and chocolates would be fun, too. ^^ As you say, there’s more to it than just heart motifs! Last year they did branch out a bit – they had the Cupid, the Valentine’s card, the engagement ring box. This year, they seem to have thrown that out. I guess hearts are just guaranteed to sell!

  11. Loving this collection. After seeing them in person, the heart clasp bracelet, the tumbling hearts charm and the pave heart clip are definite must-haves for me haha. They are just so pretty. Not a huge fan of muranos (even though I own 2) but it just makes it’s it difficult to type at work but this one with the hearts is just too pretty not to have haha. And the sneak peak heart clasp bangle is another to have!! Omg so pretty. Can’t wait to go today and purchase these beauties!!! Thanks like always for your posts!! Keep them coming :) Have a good day :)

    • Ooh have you seen the pavé heart clip in person? None of the stores near me have had it in, as there have been supply issues. I really liked it from the stock images, so I’m curious to see what it looks like. :)
      Haha, I absolutely love muranos and I can’t seem to design a bracelet without them. I often see murano-less bracelets that are gorgeous but I just can’t seem to get it right myself. Glad to hear you’re indulging in one! ;)
      Thanks so much for commenting! Have a good day too :D

  12. Hi! I just bought a pandora gold pave heart charm online. The markings says G585 ALE on one side and other side says Pandora. Was wondering if u would know that is actually authentic pandora?

  13. I don’t know if you will be able to see my comment since this review is so old lol. I’m thinking about getting the heart clasp bracelet. I wanted your opinion on it. I know some people weren’t happy with it at first. I value your opinion so I figured I would ask. Thanks

    • Hi Linda! :) I’m a big fan of the heart clasp design; it’s really cute and I do like it when Pandora change up the clasps and do something a little different. The only issues I had with the bracelet was when it was new – it was really stiff and hard to put on, and the clasp didn’t lie flat against my wrist. However as I wore it in, the bracelet loosened up loads and became just as easy to put on as a regular clasp one. The clasp will also lie flat now, whichever way round you want it. My only issue is that the clasp opens much more easily than the other bracelet clasps (although it has never opened on its own yet) so I do have a nagging feeling that it is a little less secure!
      If you would like more info, I did write a whole review of this bracelet – you can check the comments for some updated thoughts on the bracelet too. :) Hope that helps!

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