Sooo, happy new year, everybody – today sees my first post of 2015, with a round-up of all the Pandora news for the upcoming month! The biggest event on the horizon is the release of the Pandora Valentine’s Day 2015 collection midway through January, plus a fun mini-release in celebration of the Chinese New Year. We’ve had a couple of months without any new releases from the brand, so it’s fun to have something to look forward to again!

pandora valentine's 2015

Also included in my monthly news posts are the little bits and pieces of information/rumour that haven’t made it into their own post – we have a couple of those today, with some live shots from the Valentine’s collection and some more information on an international release for the Pandora Rose collection. :)

Pandora Valentine’s Day 2015 Collection

The highlight of the month has to be the release of the Valentine’s Day collection on the 15th of January. The collection features typically romantic themes, with lots of hearts and a soft pink colour scheme. For a full preview, please read my post here!

pandora valentine's 2015

I also have a couple of live shots of the collection, from a press preview in Antwerp. The rings look really pretty, and you can also appreciate the delicate pastel pink of the new heart muranos (pictured on the bracelets, not the necklace).

Image by Pandora Belgium
Image by Pandora Belgium
pandora ss15
Image by Pandora Belgium

In this shot, although it’s a little blurry, you can pick out the new gold pavé heart charm, alongside some other new two-tone pieces! You can also spot the new interlocking two-tone heart ring.

Image by tinnesweeck
Image by tinnesweeck

Most of the bloggers’ attention centred on the new rings; Pandora rings have become increasingly popular in the last year or so, and they do look great stacked. My eye is particularly drawn to the new Hugs and Kisses and Signature of Love rings – I know that cubic zirconia designs aren’t popular with some collectors right now, but they do look really pretty in these shots!

pandora valentine's 2015
Image by disneysbrave

Pandora Chinese New Year 2015

The other Pandora release on the horizon is a mini-collection in celebration of the Chinese New Year! This set will debut in Asia on the 19th of January, and consists of a 14kt gold ingot charm and an adorable red enamel Chinese Doll pendant. For more details, see my preview here!

pandora CNY 2015

Pandora Rose International Release

pandora rose collection

Many international fans of the plated Pandora Rose collection were left disappointed last year when Pandora chose to release the collection in North America only – however, now comes some good news for us! Pandora have confirmed through their Facebook page that the Rose collection will be making it to more markets in SS15:


I can’t imagine that those markets won’t include the UK and Australia, seeing as they were two of the test markets for the collection back in April 2014. I’m really excited for the collection to launch here, as I have never seen it all properly in person, aside from the couple of pieces that have made their way into my own collection. ^^

My Comment

Pandora have been pretty efficient at keeping the Valentine’s 2015 collection under wraps – while the stock images were leaked pretty early, we’ve not seen much in the way of live images or other sneak peeks. I’m dying to see what it looks like in person; the new pink murano and heart-clasp bracelet are top of my list!

Just a reminder that Pandora’s official winter sales in the UK and Australia are ongoing, and will run until mid-January. I opted to get all my bargains from the Republic of Jewels sale – and they’ve already arrived! They were very nicely packaged up and, all in all, I’m very happy with my loot! ;)

pandora ROJ

Oh and, finally, I’ve heard rumours from a couple of sources now that the next Pandora Disney collection for 2015 will be Disney princesses. I’d be very curious to see how they do that – must-have princesses for me would be Belle and Ariel for sure!

What are you looking forward to this month? Are you going to be getting any of the Valentine’s Day pieces?

12 Comments on Pandora News Round-Up for January 2015

  1. Omg I am so excited your post has made me so happy, I am excited that the rose gold collection could possibly be coming to the uk. And that the next disney range is princess is amazing just wish this range would come to the uk.
    My Roj order came on Wednesday and they are lovely I didn’t realise how short there sale was going to be so I missed out on the seahorse but not to worry I will get it one day. But this post has made me very happy ???

    • Yay, I’m really excited too! <3 The Pandora Rose collection is a favourite of mine, as I love rose gold, so I was gutted when it was only released in the US. Unfortunately the Disney collection is restricted to North America due to licensing issues – so it's less likely to be released here any time soon. :/
      Oh good! I was so pleased with my order, too :D The sale did finish rather abruptly, haha.

  2. I am happy to hear that Disney princesses are next. Although, I’m not that excited because I am pretty sure they are going to be smothered in enamel and loaded with cz. I hope and dream of some beautiful and detailed all silver princesses and representations thereof, but the sneak peeks and reality of Pandora’s new style are probably going to bum me right out. I imagine some classic Pandora style to them, but what are the chances of that happening?

    The V-day collection is not that thrilling for me anymore either. I think I saw it all too early and just don’t really care anymore. I thought I would definitely get the murano but, as it approaches, I also think it is really plain and I wish they had put more hearts in it or made it a more rich/saturated deep pink, like something they don’t already have. From a bit of a distance it looks just like the rose looking glass, which I love and have but, I want to see more shades.

    Maybe I am just too picky for my own good? I am in love with a bead I saw from the spring collection though, the bead with a wicker, basket type design kind of like the ‘intertwined’ openwork that already exists. Ironically it has cz lol

    • I do share your apprehension – I was very excited for the original Disney collection, but was a bit let down by what materialised. I’d also like some beautifully-detailed silver character charms, rather than more abstract CZ charms with enamel Princess silhouettes. ;) Having said that, perhaps they will go in a different direction for the next collection; and if not, then it’s one fewer thing weighing down my wish list!

      As for Valentine’s Day, the collection has grown on me with time actually… I really like the heart bracelet, and the new pink murano. It does strike me as similar to the rose looking glass, as you say – but I quite like pastel pinks. :) However what puts me off are the higher prices. :/

      Oh I know which charm you mean – it is pretty! I don’t think all Pandora’s pavé designs are without merit – it’s just that, at the moment, they seem to just throw CZs at practically every charm and see what sticks, haha. Hopefully there will be more in the Spring 2015 release that appeals to you! ^^

  3. I’m looking forward to seeing the rose collection. I think the rings are really nice but my colleague, who is a big collector of pandora rings, said that they snap bec the rings are too thin. It’s happened to her rings and that of her friends: thus, it has put me off from purchasing the pandora rings.

    • Me too! I was very excited to hear that it was seeing a wider release. I’m also hoping that this means that they might release some new Rose pieces, too!
      Oh no, I hadn’t heard that about the rings! :( I haven’t ever bought any, but I am constantly tempted. I was considering taking the plunge and getting a Valentine’s ring, but perhaps I’ll do a little more research first.

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