Today brings the first of my reviews from the Pandora Valentine’s Day 2015 collection, with an in-depth look at the new Pink Hearts murano! This has been one of the most popular pieces from the collection so far and, ever since the first sneak peeks came out of the release, this murano has been top of my wish list.


This is probably down to the fact that I am a big lover of pink; going through my bracelets, I found that over half of them had pink on them in some way. :S Pandora’s older pink muranos often weren’t to my taste,  however, as the glass ran more peachy in shade and not that delicate light pink I wanted. This new Pink Hearts murano is a vast improvement in terms of offering a true pink; and the little cubic zirconia hearts are a lovely detail, too.

The charm

The stock image depicts a pleasing rosy pink, with cubic zirconia hearts of the same shade.

pandora valentine's day 2015

The murano I received, however, is not quite the same shade of pink; it’s slightly cooler in tone. I would have liked it to be a little rosier, but it is beautiful nonetheless. I haven’t seen multiples of this murano in person to see whether the shade varies, however.


Pleasingly, there’s none of that peachiness that characterises many of Pandora’s older pink muranos. To demonstrate, here’s a comparison shot – compared here (from left to right) are the Rose Love, the Pink Candy-Stripe, the Pink Hearts, the Rose Looking-Glass, and the Cherry Blossom muranos. It probably looks best with the Looking Glass, which matches it most closely in shade.


The Pink Hearts murano has the new, smaller Pandora core. The glass itself is pink in colour; the colour is not just wrapped around the core as with many of their recent muranos.


This murano is also notable for the cute pink cubic zirconia embedded within the glass, which are all heart-shaped. <3 This effect looks beautiful in person, although you’d have to get up close to notice it.

pandora pink hearts murano


I personally like quite pretty, delicate designs and I first tried pairing the Pink Hearts murano with the lovely pink Morning Butterfly and the Viola Bloom pendant. However I found that the delicacy of the pearl and the warm pink of the Butterfly clashed with the murano, and it just didn’t look right. The Pink Hearts murano is quite bright, and it didn’t work for me with softer, vintage pieces.


However, it looks really beautiful when styled with white muranos; they are not so delicate as pearl, and their snowier white looks great with the light pink. Ideally I’d have paired it with the White Fizzle/Effervescence muranos, as they also feature cubic zirconia in the glass.



It also looked great with purple muranos that were slightly pinkier in tone, such as the retired Purple Hearts murano and the gorgeous Purple Fizzle. I seem to have gone with more classic Pandora designs for this murano; while the Valentine’s Day 2015 campaign stylings feature a lot of glittering pavé stylings, my instinct was to pair it with classic silver pieces and murano glass. It adds just a little bit of sparkle without detracting from the greater simplicity of Pandora’s older style.


Finally, I liked it styled more casually on the triple silver leather bracelet, as well, with a hint of gold and pretty white enamel to add a bit of interest.


Ultimately I am going to wear it on the new heart-clasp bracelet, as it doesn’t really fit with any of my existing bracelet designs. I haven’t purchased one yet, as I am planning out what I want to get for the UK’s pink heart box GWP. ^^

pandora heart clasp bracelet

My Comment

This is a really beautiful murano from Pandora, finally offering a true shade of pink. The little cubic zirconia hearts make it all the cuter! However, if you’re not a fan of hearts, the effect is quite subtle; you have to look up close to notice them. The murano works well with classic silver pieces and, while it has a hint of sparkle, it is not too glitzy. I’m probably going to wear mine with some other romantic charms such as the Love Letter – I will feature it again in my upcoming review of the heart clasp bracelet!

This is priced at $45 in the US or £35 in the UK, where you can purchase it along with the rest of the Pandora Valentine’s collection from John Greed Jewellery.

Have you bought this murano, or is it on your wish list? How are you wearing it?

23 Comments on Review: Pink Hearts Murano from Pandora Valentine’s 2015

  1. I got 2 of these, I am so happy with them, so so pretty! I have them with white fizzles, they look so fresh together. And lots of silver hearts on my heart clasp bracelet.

  2. Hi I love the murano but at the minute I havent got anything to go with it I will get it one day though I love the design you made on the grey bracelet and also the design with the White murano. What are you planning on getting for the promo. Also do you think the heart clasp bracelet will be an limited edition.

    • Haha, thank you! It’s a beautiful piece, you should try and fit it into your collection if you can ;) I literally just made my promo order today – my OH actually surprised me with the heart-clasp bracelet for our anniversary, so in the end I went with the new pink gift box charm and two heart clips. I’m planning on wearing them with the heart bracelet!
      As far as I’m aware, the heart clasp bracelet is not a limited edition piece. :)

    • Ah well – hopefully they’ll keep on making muranos as pretty as these in other colours for you :) I’ve really liked the murano glass from the last few collections!

  3. Hi Ellie, I love your pics and styling – it’s much more sophisticated than the blingin’ styling Pandora has opted to go with recently. I think the pink murano looks fab with the purple muranos. I’m not a pink girl, but it definately is a pretty murano

    • Hi Judie, thank you very much – I do keep trying to engage a bit more with Pandora’s glitzier stylings, but I always come back to classic silver and glass designs. :) I like just a little sparkle here and there, which is what this murano offers I think!

  4. Hi Elle
    I went into my pandora store yesterday and I wasn’t impressed at all :( I definitely agree that the pink murano and the heart clasp bracelet were the best items, I was close to getting the pink murano but ended up opting for the purple faceted murano and the blue butterfly kisses murano to go on my purple leather bracelet. It seems every pandora forum is full of people who are dissapointed with the direction pandora are going in. I love the older style silver and two tone charms that represent different things, but now there is just so many cz, pave and enamel pieces that are usually either hearts or flowers. I think some of them are absolutely beautiful but they seem to be taking over! I wonder if pandora are aware of how a lot of their customers are feeling? Would be good to find out if they are taking notice of the feedback across the forums.
    P.s your pink murano looks stunning matched with the White! :)

    • I would hope that there marketing team are reviewing all the blogs for consumer insights, but they have so many thousands of likes for the new range on their facebook page, Pandora must be thinking everyone loves the new charms = new direction = bling bling and more bling.

    • Hi Katie! I haven’t seen these in person yet so I’m still on the fence regarding this collection. I’m sorry to hear that you didn’t like them, though – there’s a potential for them to look amazing or a bit cheap I think. I love what you picked out instead, though – I also have the blue butterfly kisses on my purple leather and they look beautiful together!
      I think the problem is that we dedicated (and vocal!) Pandora fans are only a small percentage of the people buying their jewellery. There’s no doubt that there’s a lot of chatter on blogs etc about the amount of pavé in their new collections, and I’m sure that they have noticed that long-time collectors aren’t particularly pleased. However, as Judie says, they’ll also be looking at the bigger picture, and it does seem like the new pavé pieces are picking up a big audience and are selling well for them at the moment. I’m sure that it’s also a more profitable move for them, as they can charge more for charms with cubic zirconia without incurring the same costs as using genuine gemstones. Unfortunately I can’t see them changing direction any time soon :(
      p.s. thank you! :D

  5. Thanks for your review! I went to the store today and fell in love with it! It’s my first murano and I’m happy with it.

  6. Hi Ellie! I have been eyeing these off for a while now. I went into my pandora store yesterday where they had 3 of these in stock, but they all looked so pale! I have a pink petite facet and the Anna murano, and thought this murano in particular would look pretty to tone down the shades of pink but it was super pale even near the petite facet. I think you got a pretty one ;)

    • Hi Stephanie! Oh no, mine really isn’t that pale… it’s a quite a pretty baby/bubblegum pink. It is quite a lot lighter than the Anna murano or the pink Facets but it’s not washed out at all. I have those three charms, and I particularly love the combination of the Anna and my pink hearts murano. Looks really pretty! <3

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