*UPDATE – a full preview of the Spring 2015 collection is now available!* Exciting news today as we finally have some stock images for Pandora’s upcoming Spring 2015 releases! Pandora in North America are hosting their retailers’ conference in the Bahamas, and some pictures from their presentation have leaked online – as a result, the pictures are low-res but exciting nonetheless! This post encompasses the Pandora Spring 2015 releases for the Moments and Essence range; pictures for the Disney Spring 2015 collection were also leaked, and I will feature them in my next post!

This collection should be due for release in March, although no exact release date has been confirmed.  The title for this release in North America looks to be Let Your Style Blossom. These images were shared on Facebook by Iris Crespo, so please do not reproduce without crediting.

There are some pieces missing from this sneak peek that have been sighted in live shots or other previews, including the Red Pavé Apple and the Coffee Lovers charms – this is not the entire selection. For previous sneak peeks and live shots, please have a look through the Spring 2015 tag.

Pandora Spring 2015

First up, we have a selection of hobby charms, which range from music to sport – I absolutely love the Graduate Owl, the Piano and the Mountain Dog charms! I’m not entirely sure what the alligator is doing there, or what hobby it’s supposed to represent, though. ;)


Pictured here are a selection of floral and butterfly pieces, including three new additions to last year’s Darling Daisy set. These include the Darling Daisy Meadow ring and clip, and a new Darling Daisy spacer. The pink and purple charms are called the Petite Facets.


Next up, we have what I assume is the Primrose collection. This covers a range of styles, from delicate white enamel to glittering pavé.


A new selection of pavé-set butterfly pieces are also included.


Here we have a new necklace and ring – the necklace looks like a butterfly to me, but I’m not entirely sure what the ring is meant to represent haha.


I’m assuming that these pieces are 14kt gold, and not Pandora Rose, as the Love of my Life clip already exists in the rose silver range.


Finally, we have a selection of abstract rings – most of which we have already seen in the various campaign images and live shots that have already leaked.


Pandora Essence Spring 2015

First up is a pavé lights style release for the Essence collection. This picture shows the existing Essence charms, with new matching pavé charms in similar colours. These are not particularly easy to see, but you can make out the colours: light pink, yellow, navy blue, green, red, deep pink (or orange?), purple and teal. I’m not entirely sure whether these new pavé charms will be replacing the original charms, or will be launching in addition to them.


Additionally, there are some new silver designs. These represent Appreciation, Affection and Friendship. There also appears to be a new version of the Happiness charm (which looks a lot like the Curiosity charm). The Affection charm is particularly beautiful, with its intricate geometric patterning.


My Comment

I am actually really quite excited for this release, primarily because of the new silver Moments hobby charms! The Graduate Owl is adorable, and I just graduated last year – so that one is perfect for me. My other favourites include the Piano and the Mountain Dog.  I am less excited for the floral and butterfly charms in general, which seem like a revisit of last year’s Spring 2014 collection – however, there are still some pretty pieces included, and I also would love a new Darling Daisy clip and spacer, so those may make their way on to my wish list.

On the other hand, I really dislike the idea that the natural stones in the Essence collection could be replaced with pavé charms, and I really hope that this isn’t the case!

What do you think of these sneak peeks? Are any of these going on your wish list?

25 Comments on Sneak Peek: Pandora Spring 2015 Collection

  1. More excited about the essence collection I think although I really do wish they would make a safety chain for essence I think one is well past due

    • I completely agree – a safety chain for the Essence collection is one of the pieces I see requested the most. I did hear rumours that one was in the works for this year, but no sign of it yet. More safety chains in general would be great, too!

  2. I like the mountain dog charm and the piano the most as well. I would have always liked a guitar charm, but I’m not into dangles anymore. Pandora also have the Labrador charm as well so it looks like they might be slowly releasing dog breed charms. I wish they would release a doberman-rotweiler charm like my dog who has gone to heaven, but I guess that probably won’t happen as its a more ‘masculine’ breed. I would be interested to see the primrose openworks as well

    • They’re lovely, aren’t they? The silver character charms are always the ones that I get most excited for! I like dangles, but I’m quite choosy about which I go for and none of the ones pictured here are ones that I need haha.
      I thought that about the dogs – it would be great if they keep releasing them as I am such a dog person and would probably buy quite a lot of them haha! I have a little cocker spaniel and I’d absolutely love a charm to represent her. <3 Ohm Beads actually do a range of dog breeds, but I didn't like the way they were done in the end. :(

  3. The alligator charm is great to represent Florida for those doing travel bracelets or for those Collegiate fans, the Florida Gators will be thrilled! I have several Gator fans, so that is perfect for them. I personally can’t wait for the piano and the Primrose pave and open works charms. And of course, the new Disney charms coming…

    • Ooh, right, I wasn’t aware of that – good thinking! I’m also thrilled with quite a few of the new Disney pieces, which is fab as I wasn’t overly keen on the original 2014 collection. :D

  4. Definitely excited about this collection. Loving the piano charm. Would go great with my “My Love for Music” bracelet. Loving the new flowers and butterfly charms. And there is a new disney collection?! I can’t wait for that! Hopefully it has princesses in this collection. Can’t wait for pics! And yet another great post :)

    • Oh good, so am I! There’s a nice selection that I’m really looking forward to seeing in person – the piano is one of them for me too. <3 Yes, there will be more Disney – you can see a sneak peek here! :D Look forward to hearing what you think!

  5. I’m beginning to think Pandora is run entirely by men. Men who think women consist of pink, flowers, and butterflies. Except for that alligator, or course! Seriously, can we have a little more depth than foo foo and hearts? And some more safety chains? I really liked the evening florals and the winter star releases, but otherwise, Pandora needs to show some more imagination. Or maybe start reading your blog, lol!

    • Hearts and flowers have always been a staple of Pandora’s collections, and I love many of them, but they do seem to be swamping their latest spring releases. :/ While the hobby charms pictured here are really pretty, it would be great to see more original overall themes to the collections! Older collections used to either feature distinctive themes, or just a lovely eclectic mix of styles and colours, which I would prefer to rehashes and re-imaginings of last year’s floral motifs! I suppose time will tell which approach works best for them. Their sales are doing well at the moment, and there does seem to be rather a big audience for the pavé/floral pieces among more casual collectors so it may be that we never see a return to their original style.

  6. Love the Essence Collection… They look great.. =) I´m only buying Essence now… they look more delicate. With this ones I´ll start my second bracelet =)

    • Oh lovely, glad you like them- which are on your wish list, the coloured pavé charms or the silver ones? I got into Essence quite recently, and you’re right, it’s beautifully delicate. :) However I’m actually really happy with the way my bracelet looks right now – I have four charms on it and I want to preserve that delicate look! Consequently although I really like the Affection charm I probably won’t add to it for now.

  7. I like the essence collection, and I’m excited to see more pics for the rest of the spring charms. I also like the butterfly earrings and I like the look of the apple from your other spring post.??

    • Oh good! I was anticipating that people wouldn’t like that the new Essence charms are more pavé again, but I’m glad they appeal. I’m really excited for more pictures too :D

  8. I havent been a fan of the Pandora butterfly charms in the past but for some reason I really like the butterfly charms here. The essence charms look too ornate for me but I might feel differently once I see them in the store.

    • The only butterfly charms I have from last year’s collection were the Butterfly Kisses muranos, which are just beautiful in person. I’m also quite drawn to the butterfly pavé ball charm pictured here, as I like the way it gives the impression of a whole cluster of fluttering butterflies. <3 I'm less keen on the butterfly pavé pendant. As for the Essence charms, they are quite ornate, but I think they'd make a nice contrast to the simplicity of the natural stone charms!

  9. Hi Ellie~!

    I have to admit, the essence beads are very pretty, but they seemed to have focused more on developing the essence line than bringing out new charms for the moments bracelet =/ Hmm… some of the essence charms actually remind me of TS’s Karma beads, hehe – although I’d much prefer Pandora as they’re not plated.

    The Spring collection is extremely floral… I do like their use of enamel on the flowers but I have a feeling I’ll need extremely simple, (plain silver, non-pave-fied) charms to go with them so it won’t look too crowded.

    I Adore the hobby and occupation charms, especially the piano! (must have!) I also like the ballerina shoe dangle, it’s so cute! Only thing is I’m not a big fan of the dangle designs, I always catch them on something =X.

    There seems to be a bit of a pattern with the releases… whatever sells gets a design makeover (butterfly, stars, flowers, hearts) and made into a pave charm/openwork. *sigh*. I think I’ll be able to make more of a decision when the high res images come out.

    As usual, can’t wait for your next post! =D
    p.s. the pink hearts murano you have styled on your bracelet looks wonderful!

    • Hi Suzy! I think the comparison with Karma beads is a good one, and by no means a bad thing! The TS range has always had a nice contemporary feel to it and it would be good to see Essence pick up a little of that too. <3 I would be surprised if these pavé charms replaced the natural stone beads, as that seems like a massive deviation from the original concept and one that would not be very popular. I guess we'll see!

      Oh gosh, the dangles can be absolutely lethal haha. Nowadays when I'm considering a new dangle charm, I always look for sharp edges that can snag on something! ;) The piano is also one of my favourites from the sneak peek images, and I love that it's plain silver and not at all fussy! <3

      You're very right about the makeover. Nowadays whenever I see a silver bead get retired, I immediately expect a new pavé/enamel version of it in the next preview pictures! ;) Seeing as the Halloween charms got retired last autumn, I expect we'll see some new sparklier versions this year haha. I'd like to see fewer openworks and more plain silver charms too. :)

      Thanks for such a lovely long comment, Suzy! Really glad to hear that you're enjoying the blog.
      p.s. thank you! :D It's a gorgeous murano!

  10. The new Disney collection will be launch at the same time of the release of the new Cinderella movie, I can’t wait is full of princess themes!!

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