*UPDATED 23/1/15 with more pictures* There have been a number of Pandora media previews this week, taking place in New York, Prague, Hong Kong and Budapest, and consequently we have a few lovely new live images of the upcoming Pandora Spring/Summer 2015 collections! These give us some great shots of many of the floral pieces, although I find that attendees never seem to take as many pictures of the jewellery as you’d expect at these events, with many focusing instead on the admittedly beautiful décor. ;)

pandora shetalks
Image by She.c0m

The theme for this year’s spring preview events features delicate white florals, with pretty sprigs of flowers and delicately-arranged vases of roses. If more pictures emerge, then I will update this article! :)

Pandora Spring/Mother’s Day 2015 

In the centre of the bracelet are the Dazzling Daisy and Sparkling Primrose; you can also spot the Ballet Slipper and, to the right of it, a gorgeous new CZ floral openwork. It also looks like there is a new Pandora Rose charm, or possibly a yellow gold charm – I’m intrigued as to what that could be, I really can’t make it out!

pandora spring 2015 beautyjunkie_hu
Image by beautyjunkie_hu

I only have a text list of all the names of the new pieces debuting for Spring, and it’s hard to match them up to all the pictures that have come out of the jewellery – but I think this might be the New Beginnings necklace. It looks absolutely stunning here; a great example of how to do pavé detailing right.

pandora spring 2015
Image by sergekerbel

The following picture is one of my favourites to emerge of the new Spring pieces. The pink Petite Facets charm looks absolutely gorgeous here, with a pretty milky colour beneath its shiny surface. My eye is also drawn to the Darling Daisy Meadow clip, with its cluster of white flowers – I’d love to pair that with some delicate two-tone pieces.

pandora spring 2015 pieces
Image by KENTONmagazine

Next up, we have a look at some of the accompanying jewellery for Spring. These include some gorgeous butterfly and dragonfly earrings, and some new Primrose studs and rings.

pandora spring 2015 cosmocz
Image by CosmoCZ

It looks like some attendees got to take home an early souvenir from the new collections – one of the new Primrose charms, detailed in white enamel.

Image by she.com
Image by she.com

You can see this charm in the following campaign images.  They look gorgeous, and I can’t wait for high-res versions to come out.

pandora spring 2015 campaign
Image by cosmogirlhk
pandora spring 2015 campaign
Image by memaghk

*UPDATED* The subsequent images by Elle Taiwan give us a wonderfully clear look at some of the new pieces. Here, you can see a number of new stylings put together with the new pieces, ranging from delicate pinks to soft greens.

pandora spring mother's day 2015
Image by Elle Taiwan

This picture shows off the popular new green floral muranos beautifully! The colour gives a fresh, natural look to the flower, with green and brown stems, white petals and a little yellow centre.

pandora spring mother's day 2015
Image by Elle Taiwan

Here, you can catch a glimpse of the new Dazzling Daisy clips and pendant.

pandora spring mother's day 2015
Image by Elle Taiwan

The Dazzling Daisies also have a new set of rings.

pandora spring mother's day 2015
Image by Elle Taiwan

Finally from Elle Taiwan is this lovely picture. This bracelet styling shows off the new butterfly pavé dangles and a purple enamel floral charm, while, in the background, you can catch the glimmer of that lovely butterfly necklace. It looks to me like those Love of my Life clips are yellow gold, too.

pandora spring mother's day 2015
Image by Elle Taiwan

The subsequent images aren’t as high-res, and it’s harder to make out the new pieces. I thought I’d include them nonetheless, as you can pick out some new charms and details. Here we have what appears to be a new heart-key necklace, and some more shots of the new Mother’s Day jewellery on the left.

pandora spring 2015 cosmopolitanhk
Image by cosmopolitanhk

While the details are hard to make out in this picture, the shot of the new floral murano on the right reveals the depth of its detailing, hinting at some beautiful swirls of colour. At the front, we have another look at the new locket charm for Mother’s Day 2015.

pandora memaghk 2
Image by memaghk
pandora memaghk 3
Image by memaghk

Here again, we can see the new Red Pavé Apple charm at the centre of this design.

pandora memaghk 4
Image by memaghk

You can see here the front of the new Mother’s Day card dangle, which features a little two-tone heart at its centre.

pandora memaghk 5
Image by memaghk

Pandora Essence Spring 2015

These shots aren’t the best, but they do feature the new SS15 pavé range of Essence charms styled alongside the original natural stone beads. This does suggest to me that they will not be replacing the existing natural stone charms, but will be sold alongside them.

pandora essence spring 2015
Image by she.com
Image by cosmogirlhk
Image by cosmogirlhk
Image by cosmogirlhk
Image by cosmogirlhk

Pandora Summer 2015

Excitingly we also have a little sneak peek at the Pandora Summer 2015 collection. It’s hard to tell from this picture, but it potentially looks like a lighter blue leather bracelet. On the bracelet itself is one of two new pavé lights charm for Summer 2015, called Ocean Mosaic – it features some teal/green multi-coloured stones, although it’s hard to see from the photo. Also pictured here is a pavé palm tree dangle, and what look to be two blue versions of the new Petite Facets charms.

pandora spring summer 2015
Image by life_hu

My Comment

I’ll admit that my initial glimpses of the Spring 2015 collection left me lukewarm – it seemed like there were too many gaudy pavé pieces, and not enough substance. However, the more I see, the more enthused I am getting for this collection! While many undoubtedly represent a rehash of last year’s pieces, for me there is no denying that some of these charms and jewellery are nonetheless very pretty. I love the new Darling Daisy clip and spacer, while that statement butterfly necklace is stunning. The pink Petite Facets also looked surprisingly lovely; I hadn’t noticed them as much previously.

With the possible wider release of the Pandora Rose collection this season, I’d love to pair some of the new white Primrose and Darling Daisy pieces with the rose-plated charms – they’d make a lovely combination, as you can see in the first image of this article.

Are any of these pieces appealing to you?

62 Comments on Pandora Spring/Summer 2015 Media Previews

  1. Disappointing . Still too much bling for me, unfortunately. So I think it’s going to be good for my bank balance. You have mentioned in previous posts about a coffee lovers charm, have you seen it yet ? I love reading your blogs. Keep up the good work :-)

    • Ah well, as you say, the upside is always saving some money! ;) I’m always a little relieved when a new collection is leaked and there are just a few specific pieces that I’d like, which is the case with this one so far – it’s good not to want everything! ^^
      I haven’t seen it yet, but I’ve heard that it’s going to be a coffee maker, not a cup… And that it’s a plain silver charm, no bling. :D I’m really excited to see that one, as well!
      Thank you very much! Glad to hear you’re enjoying it :)

  2. Just back from Fiji so I love the palm tree even though I’m not really a fan of dangles.
    The turtle looks cute.

    Thinking of doing a pink themed bracelet next. Looks like will have plenty of options!
    Other than that, I think there is still way too much bling and the florals are a repeat of last year.

    • Do you thinks its a new turtle or its the old design? I am getting 2 pet Terrapinns in a few days so will need a turtle charm :)

    • Yes, I wasn’t sure if the turtle was a new design or not – I’ve heard from several sources that there will be a new turtle with CZ accents, but it’s hard to tell from the picture whether this could be it!
      The florals are definitely a repeat of last year, but I am still drawn to quite a few of them, especially the pastels. :)

  3. I have a feeling the charms will look much prettier in person despite the bling. I’ld be interested to see the petite facets. I love the muranos but it has always bothered me that the muranos are much bigger than the silver beads – the petite facet should be a good compromise. I also really like enamel flowers but the flower openworks look quite ‘busy’. The ‘circle-ness’ of most of the new beads reminds me of Thomas Sabo

    • I’m also really keen to see the Petite Facets after this – the pink ones looked especially pretty in that photo! I think you’re right, they offer a great alternative for those who don’t like muranos but want some colour on their bracelet. :) I know what you mean about TS, though!

  4. Hi! I like your page very much! Keep doing. My personal opinion, I am sad because I Dont see gold pieces or combine them and too much of last year, for example, I have the white enamel daisys set and now almost the same but whth sparkling???

    • Hi Mirania, thank you! :) There has definitely been a lack of gold pieces; it would be nice to see some more, and with fewer CZ accents. And yes, they are releasing a new Daisy set with CZs instead of white enamel – we are seeing a lot of remakes of existing designs at the moment. :/

  5. Not too excited about this collection. The butterfly necklace is beautiful though. The new pink and purple charms are nice. The enamel rings are very pretty as well. I would have liked a better picture is the essence collection as I am a huge fan of their bracelets but some pave beads can maybe give it a little more color to them. The Summer collection looks nice as well. Loving the blue (well from what we can see haha). All we can do is wait to see in person :) Thank You again for another great post.

    • Yes, the necklace really is lovely! I expect it’ll be too pricey for me, but it’s beautiful nonetheless. It’s a bit different to their other cutesier butterflies, too. <3 I wasn't overly excited when I first saw the pictures of this collection, but I'm getting more enthused; while nothing shouts 'must have' to me, there are quite a few really pretty pieces that I think I will end up getting! ^^
      Thanks for commenting Sara! <3

  6. Oh and the petite facets are beautiful as well. Those 3 colors are my favorite. Can’t wait to add them to “My Love for Music” bracelet :)

  7. I’m interested in the pave lights from the summer collection, the colors seems really pretty. I’m also liking the palm tree. Again love your posts, I look forward to them.

    • I’ve seen a couple of stock images for them, they’re nice – one has different shades of green, and the other has different shades of blue ^^ Thanks, Linda, I always look forward to your comments too! :)

  8. I’m with Judie- I don’t care for the shape of the muranos so am very excited about the petite facets. I’m just not thrilled with pink- I hope they come out with black- that would be ideal. I hope I like the looks of the coffee lover’s charm- I drink a lot of coffee!

    Mora Pandora- I love your blog. Thank you for keeping me up-to-date!

    • Hmm, Pandora normally go for pinks and purples in spring and then teals and oranges in summer… perhaps there will be some darker shades in Autumn. They’d look really striking in black! Yes, the coffee charm has created a bit of a buzz so it’s a shame that we haven’t seen it yet, haha.
      Thank you! It’s so nice to hear you enjoy it. :D

      • I was just at my local Pandora store to spend the birthday money that was burning a hole in my pocket and I asked about the coffee lovers charm. Unfortunately it is a dangle charm (I’m not a fan). Maybe I will buy it when I have a bangle bracelet- I just don’t like the dangle charms on my snake chain…

        • Yes, I’ve heard the same – and that it’s like a coffee maker as well, and not a cup. I’m not as keen on the idea of a dangle (as it sounds a bit heavy) but I’m reserving judgement until I see it! Thanks for the tip! :)

        • Oh :-(. I’m ok with dangles, but if it’s an intricate design, I wonder about bits getting hooked on clothes ….

  9. I really hate the white flower theme. I didn’t like it last year and I hate it this year. I am excited about the hobbies coming out tho. I’m gonna graduate (HOPEFULLY) with my masters and I want the owl now! Also the piano would be perfect and the I love music one because I already have the pave music clef and that’s what my major is! I’m very excited that pandora is going to keep making awesome things for musicians. Aaaand the summer one…. I just wish they would stop using the same colors for the same seasons. Pink and purple were done. I thought it was going to be green maybe this spring. And summer I hope they have more than blue and orange again. But my mom loves turtles so that one will be good for her.

    • Ah, I really like the white enamel haha, and I’m quite pleased to see some new variations on it. I do completely agree with you that Pandora should aim for some more variety though; the new collections are becoming quite predictable (pink for spring, teal for summer, blue and purple for winter etc). There is the new green Daisy murano; it would have been lovely to have some more pieces like that!
      Oh how lovely, sounds like the music ones are perfect for you! They’ve definitely produced quite a few lovely musical and dance-themed charms lately. :D I used to play the piano but gave up maybe five years ago. I might use that as an excuse to get that one! ;) I’m also going to be (hopefully! :P) graduating with my Master’s next year and so I’m quite excited for the Graduate Owl too!

  10. Hi
    I really like white enamel flower beads but afraid to buy one, as i had a yin yang bead years ago and the white enamel went yellow :(
    What is your experience with white enamel charms?
    I love that blog by the way :)

    • Hi Alexandra! Pandora have changed their white enamel formula since the original yin yang charm – consequently it won’t yellow in the same way now. I have the white enamel Darling Daisy clip from last year’s spring collection; it has lasted pretty well. It is not as crisp a white as it was when I first got it, but it still looks good! :)
      Glad to hear it, thanks for reading! <3

  11. Thanks as always for your site, I always love coming in to see what’s new with pandora. I like how the new collections are always leaked bc it builds some anticipation with the fans! Even if I don’t like all of the pieces it’s still nice to see what’s coming up!

    • Oh thank you, glad to hear you enjoy the site! I love getting the collection sneak peeks as well; a big part of the fun is waiting for a collection to launch and planning out what you might get. :) I wish Pandora would just officially pre-release the images themselves haha.

  12. The pandora summer charms and bracelet look very nice not that I need another bracelet, but I would love to do a summer/ beach theme the primrose rings and earrings look exactly like the daisy collection. The apple charm would look lovely on a fairy tale bracelet I actually think this one looks nicer than the new disney Apple. I love the pic of those purple and pink theme bracelets.

    • Yay, I’m glad you’ve seen stuff you like! Pandora always go nice and bright for summer, and I have a teal bracelet that I started last year. I’m hoping I’ll find some new beads to finish that one off. ^^ Yes I agree, the Primrose pieces are amazingly similar to the Daisies haha. When I first heard about them I thought they might have been pastel yellow, which would have made a nice change. :/

  13. I just happened to be in a local jewelry store that has Pandora today. When I was paying for my purchase( the Limited Edition for Valentines Day & the pink heart spacers—-both beautiful!!) I just happened to notice the lady next to me & she had several portable display cases in front of her. To my amazement, it was the Pandora rep showing the clerks in the store all of the new pieces through Mothers Day. They were really pretty!!! The MD Limited charm is really pretty! There was a double leather bracelet in light green & one in light blue. The faceted beads were really pretty. I liked them because they are more the size of the silver /gold beads. The murano ones just seem too big to me. The rings were beautiful! The little coffee maker was cute. I was in Pandora Heaven for a few minutes!!!!!

    • Oh that’s so exciting!! Lucky you, that must have been amazing! ;) I’m really excited to see the new leather bracelets properly, and the new faceted beads too – glad to hear that they are pretty in person! <3 I can't quite picture what the green leather bracelet looks like. I'm so glad that the coffee charm is cute too! Thanks so much for sharing! :D

    • Ooh, that is good news for me as green is my favorite color and I don’t have a leather bracelet yet. I’m also a caffeine addict so I can’t wait to see the coffee maker charm too!

    • Ahh, good for you!! I am so envious! How fun that must have been. Darn it, now that means I haaave to get a light blue leather with a few of the Disney muranos and the light green leather with Disney muranos, haha! Was the coffee charm solid silver, I hope? Thanks for sharing!

      • Nicole, the coffee maker was cute. It was solid silver, kinda small, and looked more like a vintage coffee maker. The blue & green bracelets were light shades. Very spring looking!

  14. That’s so good to hear that the Essence charms aren’t going to be replaced with pave ones. Some of the stone charms are so pretty. I have a question about the Essence line, I was playing with the bracelet designer on the Canadian site & it says that Respect is discontinued. Have you heard anything about that? I thought Balance was the only one that had been retired. I hope it’s just a glitch.

    • Well, I’d be very surprised if they were, it would be such a strange move I think! The stone charms are so lovely and offer far more variety than a series of pave equivalents. :)
      Hmm, that’s strange about the Respect charm. I’ve just looked on the UK’s website and it’s not retired here. I was only aware of the Balance charm also. I’ll see if I can find out any more about that!

      • Thanks for looking into it! Essence is a fairly new line so it seems a bit weird to be discontinuing charms already. It’s available on a variety of other sites (Australia, Japan, Poland, etc.) but it’s discontinued on the US site too.

        • No problem, I’ll let you know if I find anything out. :) I went into the store today here in the UK and Respect was out with all the other charms. The SAs knew nothing about it possibly retiring either!

    • Hi again Kerrie, I’ve just heard that the Respect charm is actually discontinued in North America – it’s not just a glitch. :( Apparently a couple more may be about to retire as well. Once again I’ll let you know if I hear any more!

  15. The more I see the petite facets the more I like them. Even though I don’t like pave, I am really digging the flower-shaped pave charms! I am not overly fond of the daisy open works but am looking forward to scoping out the locket in person.

    Thank you so much for your blog! I love all of your posts :)

    • Me too, I didn’t give the facets much thought initially but the colour looks really beautiful in the picture here. <3 I'm actually really liking the additional daisy pieces, too, as I really love the pastel colours! The locket is such a lovely idea, I'm just hoping that the CZs aren't too prominent in person.
      Thank you so much! Thank you for reading, it makes my day to hear that :)

  16. I’m glad I’m not the only one who is hesitant about muranos. I don’t own any, and the only one I’ve ever lusted after was the pink cherry blossom. Never got it, as had nothing to go with it. I do like the Valentine pink heart one, and now tempted. However, playing around with the bracelet designer, the size difference does bother me a bit …. Any tips ?

    • See, I absolutely love muranos and I get so stuck as to how to design a bracelet without them, so I’m in the opposite boat to you haha. I recently tried not adding any to a bracelet, but it just wasn’t working… so last week I caved and bought the pink Butterfly kisses murano for it. ;) I like how their size can help to divide up a bracelet and make it look symmetrical, too. :)
      Anyway, back to your question. It is hard to get around the size difference, as I think the muranos are designed to stand out from your bracelet and give it a pop of colour. One thing I like to do is to separate muranos using spacers either side, so that smaller charms aren’t right next to the murano itself. The other thing you could do is to put the murano right at the centre of your bracelet, so that its larger size seems natural as a centrepiece? Finally, you could simply put chunkier charms next to the murano – I have the new pink hearts murano and I have it next to the new With Love gift box charm. The gift box is surprisingly large in person, as it’s quite wide, and the murano definitely doesn’t look that much bigger next to it.
      Hope that helps! :)

      • Thankyou for your suggestions , I am a big fan of symmetry !! So I may try to use them in that way, as both my bangles have a ‘centre’ . So I may try to use them to frame the rest, and yes re-arrange some chunkier ones around !! Thankyou, I’m relatively new to Pandora, but seem to be obsessed !!

  17. Yikes… I’m cool with a bit of enamel and CZ, but this is too much! The Petite Facets charms remind me of Thomas Sabo Karma Beads, but I prefer Karma since they are made of genuine semi-precious stones and aren’t too pricey.

    To each their own, I guess! I still see people buying lots of Pandora despite their recent designs being rather…um….dare I say gaudy…?

    • I know :/ I actually really like a lot of the enamel pieces, and the muranos too, but they are sorely lacking some classic silver charms!
      The glitzy stuff has its appeal, but there should be more of a mix between older style and newer style Pandora I think. :)

  18. I love the look of the muranos and can’t wait to see them in person, going to look nice on my spring bracelet ?

    Not keen on the rest! There is an openwork flower that reminds of the autumn flower that I bought, so might be a possibility.

    What is the charm next the the new clips, is that the old apple?

    • They’re lovely aren’t they! I don’t really have any bracelets that would fit with a green murano, but they are beautiful nonetheless.

      I was looking at that, and I’m not sure tbh! It looks like the two-tone apple to me. I’ve not seen a new apple charm listed so it seems likely that it’s that?

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