The previews continue this week as today’s post offers a look at the upcoming Spring 2015 pieces for the Pandora Rose collection! This release is only a small one, with ten charms and a small selection of jewellery which focus primarily on love and heart motifs. The collection is due out in North America on the 9th of April with the Mother’s Day 2015 release.

pandora rose silver spring 2015

If you’re unfamiliar with the Pandora Rose line, it’s a collection of plated rose gold charms and jewellery. The first Pandora Rose collection was released last Autumn exclusively in the US and Canada – you can read more about it here.

So far, Pandora Rose has only been released in North America; however, Pandora have hinted that it is due for wider release for Spring/Summer 2015. I imagine that the UK and Australia will be included in this release, as they were key test markets when the collection was first trialled back in April 2014.

pandora rose international release

The fact that more pieces are launching in the collection would suggest that it’s going to become a permanent part of Pandora’s line, and would add weight to the idea that it’s set for wider release.

Pandora Rose Spring 2015

First up, we have ten new Rose charms making their debut. These are mostly variations on pieces which exist already in silver or gold, with the exception of a pretty filigree openwork heart.

pandora rose silver spring 2015

The pricing for the US is as follows:

In the Spotlight – $80

Royal Crown – $45

Interlocking Love – $65

Sparkling Butterfly – $100

Darling Daisy Meadow – $70

Love & Appreciation – $80

Mother’s Heart – $55

Space in my Heart – $45

Love All Around – $85

Loving PANDORA clip – $55

There will also be a selection of accompanying jewellery with the collection; particularly noteworthy is the inclusion of the popular Mother’s Day 2014 Sparkling Bow collection.

pandora rose silver spring 2015

The pricing for the US is as follows:

Bow pendant – $65

Bow ring – $70

Bow studs – $80

One Love studs – $90

My Comment

I am a big fan of the Pandora Rose collection, as I love rose gold and it’s great to have a range of affordable jewellery in that shade. Consequently, it’s so good to see that Pandora are releasing new pieces in the line. I am doing a white theme for my Pandora Rose bracelet, so the Darling Daisy Meadow charm is perfect! <3 The majority of the heart motifs don’t appeal to me, but I do like the new Rose Interlocking Hearts charm a lot. It’s also great to see a new clip debut; it would be amazing if they made a Rose safety chain, too!

It might disappoint some that Pandora seem to be focused on creating Rose equivalents of existing best-sellers rather than releasing new designs; the Bow collection was really popular last year, for example, so it’s not surprising to see that make an appearance in the Rose collection.

What do you think of these new pieces? Are you a fan of the Pandora Rose line?

28 Comments on Preview: Pandora Rose Spring 2015 Collection

  1. I love the look of the pandora rose collection however I’m guessing by the prices that the pieces are plated rather than being actual rose gold. I enquired when choosing my wedding band about a plated version of it and was told that it would need re dipped every two to three years as the plating does wear away. I can’t imagine pandora offering this service therefore I don’t see this type of jewellery as lasting a lifetime which is why I will be passing.

    • Hi Gillian, you’re right, these are plated jewellery. The metal underneath is an alloy of copper and silver, which is also pink in colour. :) I have had my Pandora rose bracelet since last April, and it has worn beautifully so far. However I have found that one of my heart charms has shown up the scratches quite badly. I guess time will tell how well they wear over all; the copper alloy underneath is meant to show up pink, so that you don’t notice too much if the plating starts to fade. I totally get why you wouldn’t want to invest the money in them, however, they are still quite pricey! :)

      • I’ve got to agree with Gillian. I’ve thought the very same thing. I have 3 silver bracelets now, one of which is oxidized. I love to wear them, especially for work, but I tend to wear the oxidized one less because I know this one has been shown to wear over time. So, sadly, it gets worn far less than my other two. I think I would likely feel the same way about the rose gold pieces. Cute as some of them are, I don’t want to pay MORE money (than for silver) for something that will just decorate my jewelry box.

        • I completely understand where you’re coming from; there’s no point in buying something that you’ll be scared to wear. :) Fpr what it’s worth, however, my experience of the durability of the rose gold finish is quite different from the oxidised finish; the oxidised finish can fade within months, or even weeks, of wearing, but my Rose bracelet is still looking beautiful after nearly a year of wear. :) It’s definitely a more durable finish.

  2. I have totally fallen in love with a bow collection. It looks stunning in rose gold. It’s my must have for Summer. Regards! ?

  3. I think the Pandora Rose charms are lovely but its such a shame they are just a repeat of already existing charms. I have no interest in buying charms that I already have in my collection.

    • Yes, I’m slightly split on that issue. On the one hand, I think it’s quite fun to have Rose versions of some of Pandora’s prettiest pieces. On the other, it would be great to have some original designs for the collection. It would be good to have more of a mixture I think!

  4. I might actually dip my toes in and buy the daisy charm. It’s quite pretty. Rose coloured jewellery isn’t great on my skin but I think a place of it might be quite nice.

    • The daisy is my favourite, too! I really love the contrast between the Rose gold and the white enamel. I have quite pale skin but I find once again that I like the contrast :) hope you do decide to try it, I love the Rose pieces!

  5. Oh Ellie! The Daisy Meadow charm is a definite buy =D Although I don’t think I’ll be indulging in the rose gold selection (although extremely tempted) as I don’t have anything besides last years white daisy clips to go with it. I can’t wait till you complete your white and rose gold bracelet though, I think that’s when I’ll be able to make a firm decision whether to invest or not, hehe =P.

    I have to say, the CZ-ing on the rose versions of existing charms don’t look as blingy as when they’re set against silver. They provide an almost white-ish base in contrast to the rose gold~ very pretty ^__^

    I remember you saying in one of your earlier posts, that there seems to be a few strikingly fun, beautiful charms in every release from Pandora (rather than loving the whole collection) – and I think you’re spot on! Love reading your blog~~~ =)

    • Oh yes, the Daisy Meadow is gorgeous! It will be available in silver as well, though (at least I’m pretty sure it is!), so you can always go for that one if you don’t want to get the Rose version. :) My white and rose gold bracelet is a little way off being finished but I will definitely showcase it if I get some more Rose pieces haha. The darling daisy and the rose gold pieces look really beautiful together!
      I completely agree with you about the pavé and the rose gold! I don’t go in for pavé very much in general, but I really like the effect in Rose. The contrast works really well. :) The only thing is the price point; it remains quite expensive for what you’re actually getting (plated jewellery and cubic zirconia!).
      Thank you for your lovely long comment, it’s always great to hear your thoughts! <3

  6. Ohh! I do love the Rose collection. I think the daisy meadow is the nicest looking rose charm, however I might just get the Pandora rose clip – firstly bec I need a clip and secondly, I have a few friends who are jewellers who can ‘re-dip’ the clip for me in future. I am not sure how the daisy meadow can be re dipped if there is so much enamel on it? Maybe it needs to be redipped first and then the enamel repainted on? If so, the daisy meadow would be a no-no for me.

    • Me too! <3 I don't see how you could re-dip the Darling Daisy without ruining the enamel, so I think you'd be stuck with that one. However, as there isn't actually as much rose plating to wear off, thanks to all the added enamel detailing, it might wear better than some of the others, and you might not notice any potential fading that much. :) If that makes sense, haha.

  7. Frankly I love Pandora Rose. I have always loved rose gold but of course it’s expensive and not widely available. So this is like having rose gold but at a fraction of the cost. From the care instructions I got with my purchases I do get the sense that it is not as durable as Pandora’s silver or gold pieces. It is interesting to note that they are already retiring the Big Smooth Heart PR charm and I suspect it is because being smooth and shiny it was particularly subject to wear. The way I look at it I will wear what I have with care and if and when it looks shabby I will retire it.

    I currently have a bracelet with exclusively PR charms and I have one in the planning stages that features the equivalent PR and silver charms mixed. So I guess I am firmly in the I-don’t-mind-the-same-charms camp. =8^)

    Odd that there is another crown in the upcoming 2015 charms. There already is one and I believe that Pandora is retiring it as well as the BSH.

    Keep up the sneak peaks!

    • I’m so glad to hear that, as it’s one of my favourite collections too! I don’t own a single 14kt gold Pandora charm, as the pricing is just too prohibitive, and so I’m with you – the ability to be able to purchase this plated option is fantastic.
      You are spot on with the Big Smooth Heart – this was the first Rose charm I got, and it was showing the scratches within days of wearing it. It still looks pretty from a distance on your bracelet, but up close it is covered with marks and dents. :( However I have not had the same problem with either of the other two Rose charms I have, or the Rose bracelet – they are still looking pretty much as new and I wear them all the time! You’re also right about the original crown charm retiring, I heard that that also had durabiity problems.
      Sounds lovely – my PR bracelet is coming on very slowly, but it’s going to have a white theme to it. I’m mixing my Rose charms in with other silver pieces, I like the contrast!
      Thanks for commenting! <3

      • Ellie, I know the Interlocking love comes in silver and now announced for PR. Was it announced in gold in any of the other upcoming collections? I feel I saw it in one of your posts but now I am wondering if I made it up.

        • Hi Chris! No, sorry, I’m not aware of a yellow gold version of the Interlocking Love :( The new 14kt gold charms are these:
          So there’s the new 14kt gold version of the pavé heart clip, perhaps that is what you were thinking of? The Interlocking Hearts would be a lovely one to have in gold, though. I’m certainly eyeing up the PR version! ;)

  8. Thanks again for another great post, Ellie!

    I love rose gold and I’m excited about this upcoming release. I’ve yet to buy a rose gold charm though since I want to hear more about how wear progresses with the rose plating over time.

    I wish they would make a silver bangle with a rose gold clasp soon because I would totally be all over that!


    • I love it, too; and I think it’s great that they’re offering affordable gold options! I am planning a review of my Rose pieces soon, so that might help with your decision – I’ve found that most of my pieces are wearing very well so far, with the omission of the Big Smooth Heart. Obviously it’s still early days yet though! :)
      Actually I did hear that they were making a two-tone rose bangle like you describe, and I even saw a picture – but this was months ago and I’ve heard nothing since. I wonder if it’s been shelved. :(
      Thanks for commenting, Tia! <3

      • Ooh, that’s good to hear. Thanks for letting me know!

        Aww, I hope they didn’t decide to scrap the two-tone rose bangle! But if they do, maybe I’ll just buy the Rose Loving Pandora Clip for my silver bangle and fake it instead. Haha…

        • Judging by the item number it had, it would have been solid rose gold, so probably too expensive for me! But I do like your idea, that definitely works haha!

    • Hi Sandra! I’ve not had confirmation on that yet, although I’m trying my best to find out. :) From what I hear, I’m pretty sure that Australia will be one of the test markets – I’m trying to get confirmation on whether the UK will be too. Outside of that, I’ve not heard anything more.

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