*UPDATED* Today’s preview skips ahead a little to warmer months and sunnier spells, with an overview of Pandora’s Summer 2015 collection! The collection features tropical blues and greens, some sparkling animal charms and new destination charms. While we’ve previously had sneak peeks of the Spring and Mother’s Day 2015 collections, this is the first we’ve seen of Summer. It’s exciting to finally have the stock images! :D

If you are not a fan of Pandora’s new pavé style, you are probably not going to like these summer offerings. :( Many of these designs existed previously as plain silver or two-tone charms, such as the Snake, Turtle and Palm Tree, but have now been transformed into ‘sparkling’ versions. There is also a distinct lack of murano glass; instead, Pandora seem to be relying on their new Petite Facets range and pavé charms to inject a little colour into this season’s collections.

pandora summer 2015 collection pandora verano 2015 pandora leto 2015

The Pandora Summer 2015 collection is due to be released on the 28th of May. All stock images are property of Pandora, so please do not reproduce them without credit. :) I only have prices for the US currently, but this will be a global release.

Pandora Summer 2015 Collection

First up, we have a selection of decorative pieces in a tropical blue and green. I absolutely love the Orchid dangle; I’m thinking it would look beautiful on my purple leather bracelet. <3 The Petite Facets charms consist of blue and green synthetic quartz.

pandora summer 2015 collection pandora verano 2015 pandora leto 2015

Prices for the US are as follows:-

Petite Facets (blue and green) – $40

Orchid – $45

Ocean & Sky Mosaic – $65

Inspiration Within – $30

Next up, we have some beach-themed offerings. The Tropicana openwork comes in both 14kt yellow gold and sterling silver. If you look closely, you can also see that the Sparkling Snake has black cubic zirconia for eyes! I have also heard that the Sea Turtle is plain silver on the other side.

pandora summer 2015 collection

Pricing for the US is as follows:-

Sea Turtle – $60

Tropicana (gold) – $250

Playful Dolphin – $45

Tropicana (silver) – $35

Sparkling Snake – $65

Symbol of Stability – $35

Sparkling Palm Tree – $45

There will also be a new selection of heart flag dangles representing various countries, based on the same design as the Autumn 2014 collection’s Australian Heart FlagThese are $50 each.

pandora summer 2015

Finally, we have two new leather bracelets in this collection’s colours of blue and green. These are both priced at $50 USD. I’ve heard that these are limited edition, but I need to double-check that. *EDIT* I’ve seen a couple of queries noting the similarity of the blue leather to the navy Autumn 2014 leather bracelet; this one does look dark, but it is the right stock image. It might be that this pre-release image’s colour is a little off, but it’s different to the navy autumn double leather if you look. :) You can see a glimpse of this new blue leather in person in my spring/summer live images!

pandora summer 2015 collection pandora verano 2015 pandora leto 2015
Stock images by Pandora – please do not reproduce without crediting


There will also be a small selection of rings and a necklace released with the collection, primarily based on palm tree motifs.

pandora summer 2015

Pricing for the US is as follows:-

Sparkling Snake ring – $80

Intricate Lattice ring – $65

Tropical Palm ring – $80

Tropical Palm necklace – $125

My Comment

Summer releases never tend to appeal to me as much as others, as I usually go for the subtler colours of spring or winter collections. My only summery project is a teal-and-white-themed oxidised bracelet, and I’m not sure any of these fit with that. :( Having said that, I do like the new Mosaic pavé charms; the mix of green and blue stones do a really lovely job of conveying the variety and vibrancy of colour within the sea. The leather bracelets are intriguing, too, but I’d have to see them in person.

The stand-out piece for me is that beautiful Orchid dangle. The Dolphin is also so cute, even if he does suffer from gratuitous cubic zirconia! ;)

What do you think of this Summer release? Will you be buying any of these charms?

72 Comments on Pandora Summer 2015 Collection Preview

  1. i think the bracelet and charms look nice but I would never wear that much pave. To me, I find that the pave charms look ‘dirty’ after a short while. Maybe they need to be polished more regularly, but every time I see a pave charm (even the ones in the store), I keep thinking they need a good scrub – maybe its the prongs that give the CZ a dark shadow, so the sparkle is not consistent through the entire charm like one full crystal. Teal is my fave colour so I might get the teal petite facet and skip the rest.

    I really don’t like the flags. I can’t understand why someone would wear a flag on their jewellery. Being an Aussie, i thought the Australian flag charm looked horrid, and so does the Kangaroo and Koala – they all look like they come from the tourist shop. But i guess everyone has their own taste!

    • No, I woudn’t wear that much pavé either! I like a little bit of sparkle here and there in some designs, but not a full bracelet of pavé charms. I haven’t noticed the dirty look on my pavé pieces, but then I don’t have very many and I do give them a good clean pretty regularly. :)
      I’m not mad about any of the flag charms, but I think these are far prettier than the original map designs like these:
      I wouldn’t buy them myself personally, as the bright enamel colours just don’t fit with any of my existing collection or the things I wear :) But I do find some of these quite cute, especially the little Union Jack – I could imagine one on its own perhaps on a leather bracelet, just as a fun accessory.

    • Another Aussie here and I 100% agree. Not a fan of the Aussie charms apart from the Opera House which I thought was done well although too heavy for me. I did like the (retired) NZ kiwi charm. Not a fan of the flags. I think they should just continue with the dolls to represent countries instead.

  2. wow. these are different and that bracelet is glittery! I can imagine these charms will appeal to some. I’m on the fence atm.

  3. I’m not opposed to pave in general- I just think a little goes a long way. I’m still holding out for a black petite facet. I really like the orchid charm but it’s a dangle so I will get it sometime in the future when I have a bangle bracelet. Not super excited about anything here…

    • I completely agree with you! I like a little pavé, but not on everything – it would be nicer to see more of a mixture of styles. The orchid is also my pick of the collection! :)

  4. I thought the first picture was Essence and I could see myself possibly getting the two quartz (even though I didn’t think I would expand my Essence) — but then I saw they were synthetic. I have real in TB. I have used P on Essence and they work fine, centered beween two E that hold them in place. It would depend on the size of these.

    I liked the blue leather bracelet. I will have to see IRL.

    I liked the Ocean and Sky mosaics. I don’t have trouble with paves turning dark — but in some cases I like oxidation.

    I’m not a fan of dolphins, but the pave top reminds me of the sunlight sparkling on the water, so I don’t mind it — but then again I like pave.

    • Yes, I don’t really understand why the Petite Facets are synthetic quartz, and not natural. I am not an expert on jewellery in general, but I didn’t think natural quartz was exactly an expensive material. Perhaps it’s a quality control thing, to create a consistent finish? They do look nice and compact, I’m sure they’d look great on the Essence bracelet!
      Ah, I hadn’t thought of that with the pavé and the dolphin! That’s a really nice way of looking at it. I like pavé too, but I’m not a fan of it being added like that to charms that would work perfectly well as silver pieces. :) But after reading your comment I can see how it might add to the nautical theme of this particular one :)

    • Isn’t it lovely? Definitely my must-have of this collection! <3 Aw, I do hope that's not true – perhaps there'll be something you like in spring or mother's day. The Spring collection has really grown on me, there are some really cute plain silver pieces! :)

      • I’ve just looked at your latest blog, and yes, it’s better at closer look ! I love the coffee charm, and I do like the chef hat ….oh dear , and although I don’t like green, I’m finding the wild flower murano very appealing …. Faith restored !!

  5. The leather bracelets are metallic and will be sparkley.

    There is also jewelry in this release – there is a large snake ring and an entire series (pendant, ring) that goes with the tropicana motif, similar to the charm.

    • Ooh thanks so much for the info! I’ve seen a couple of rather fuzzy live shots and thought they might be metallic. I don’t think the stock images are very representative of what they’re like IRL.
      Yes I completely forgot to add them, sorry! I’ve updated the post now :) Thanks again! <3

  6. I am blown away! And not in a good way. I wrote a whole comment but decided not to post it because it was pretty bad. I will try instead to say something positive, like the orchid is very nice and will probably go on my wish list, even though I am not a fan of enamel. I wish they made an all silver version with just a little stone or enamel touch for the middle. The prices of the turtle, dolphin, and snake are really ridiculous though. I think Pandora is has some really greedy people in charge right now.

    • I think many people feel like you do – there aren’t many pieces here for me that I have to have, but I am never too keen on summer releases in general. I love the orchid as well, even though I only usually like enamel in soft pastel tones. It’s definitely going on my wish list, and I think I’ll probably end up wearing it on a purple leather with my blue butterflies murano! <3
      You are very right about pricing. That's the other downside of all the pavé detailing; it sends the average price of each new collection soaring!

  7. I was hoping that they’d bring the Petite Facets out in other colors, though a darker blue would be more fitting for what I have in my collection. I do like the Sky Mosaic. Though I’m not into a lot of pave, I’m okay with a few touches of it, and I like the different colors of blue in this one. The Ocean Mosaic is also pretty, it just doesn’t fit in with any of my collection. The blue double wrap bracelet could find it’s way home if the right free bracelet promo presented itself. It would look nice with the blue muranos that I have in one of my bracelets.

    That’s really about all I see for the summer collection that I want. Last year’s summer collection didn’t hold much for me either. Guess I’m a fall and winter girl. The flag charms just aren’t my thing. I was originally thinking they’d work for a travel-themed bracelet, but that’s way more of a cacophony of color and pattern than I think I would ever wear. I can’t picture them styled together on a bracelet at all.

    • As far as I’m aware, it’s just the pink and purple for spring, and then these two for summer. They may well bring out some darker colours later in the year though! I also like the Mosaic charms, as the oceanic effect of all the stones is just beautifully done – but I don’t know how I’d use them in my collection either!
      I’m also not really a summer girl. The flags are cute in theory, but as you say, the colours don’t exactly blend! I could see them worn singly on a bright leather bracelet, but I wouldn’t wear them all together.

  8. I think my favorite out of the bunch are the mosaic charms; the blue would look great with the muranos I have. I personally love that they have subtle touches of different colors to make them more multi-dimensional. I have never bought a pave charm because of its price point, but I like that the mosaic is slightly cheaper and more versatile.

    I like the colors of these facets much better than the ones that are being released for the spring. Also, seeing the high quality images of them makes me like them more too. I like that they aren’t a matte look (like the spring ones appeared to be in the images we’ve seen so far).

    I’m torn on the new animals. Seeing the prices on the turtle and the snake especially, I don’t think I’d even consider them (although that may change when I see the turtle in person). I do understand their “updating” to go with trends, but i don’t think it would have been terrible for them to make more minor changes. For example, looking at the older owl and the newer one with the green eyes; the newer one is more detailed with a pop of color but not completely covered with CZ. I think if they had done the snake with the black CZ in the eyes but left the rest silver, it would have looked great. With the turtle, they could have done just a few CZ in the shell where the “spots” where before, and maybe in a light green.

    I’m also a little disappointed at the price on the new openwork; yes, it is pretty detailed, but two of the first charms I bought for my bracelet were $25 USD openworks. They compliment the other pieces so well, but didn’t break the bank. It’s crazy to see how many charms under $35 have been retired in the last year and replaced with more expensive options.

    Also, how funny that we are seeing the Summer HQ images before Spring…didn’t think that would happen! :)

    • The mosaic charms are really lovely, and I bet they’re even prettier in person. <3 I completely agree with you; the different stones add such a nice depth of colour. As for the price point I'm so sorry but that was a typo on my part! They're the usual $65. :( sorry about that!
      The petite facets are a great addition, I think; I hope they make more colours. They're such a nice little option for people who want to add some colour but don't like murano glass! I can't wait for summer press previews to take place; it would be really interesting to see what they're like in person.
      Yes I completely agree with you – I'm not on board with Pandora's recent trend to make these new 'sparkling' animal charms. It makes them so expensive, and just a hint of sparkle would look so much nicer. Your owl example is a very good one! The prices just seem to be going up, and they were high enough as it was here in the UK. :(
      Haha, I know, it does seem counter-intuitive! Sometimes it just works out that way. ^^ Thank you for such a lovely long comment, it was a very interesting read. <3

    • I know what you mean about the disappearance of the low cost charms. It makes me wonder if part of the problem is that they have become too costly to produce to sell at that price point. I had a bracelet in the planning that I was calling “Hearts and Flowers in Black and White” that was to go on an oxidized bracelet and there was a sweet little silver rose that was only around 30 CAD. Sadly it was retired before I got off my duff. You snooze, you lose, as they say.

      • I bought that charm at an outlet this fall. It is beautiful. I’m lucky there is an outlet 45 min away from me in VA. I know the outlet in Delaware said they ship, i don’t know if they ship to Canada but its worth a call. Plus I’ve seen it on Rue La La.

  9. I love the orchid charm and the two mosaic charms I also like the tropical charm and the sparkly turtle. I also like the green leather but the blue one looks far to similar to the one released in autumn.

    • I really like the mosaic charms as well! I don’t really have a bracelet I can use them on, but I love the oceanic effect of all the stones. :) The orchid is definitely a favourite of mine too.
      I don’t think the stock image is a good representation of what the bracelet looks like in person. In this live shot, it looks so much brighter:

      • Hi Ellie I brought the snow angel charm from pearlen and I can’t find the ale mark just wondered if you knew were its meant to be.

        • Hi Nicola, I don’t have that charm so I’m afraid I don’t know off the top of my head – sorry! :( However Perlen is absolutely a genuine site so you don’t need to worry about authenticity. :)

  10. I don’t like the collection in general… =( and the styling they’ve come up with in the stock images are too glitzy and pave-d. The fuschia/pink colour of the orchid is probably the only charm I like from this collection so far. The mosaics again… are a remake of springs pink/purple mosaic bead… The facets and the leather bracelets would probably look better in person, the stock images sometimes don’t capture the true colour of the product. I’ll have to buy the original turtle before they retire it and I’m stuck with the CZ one… =/ I think I started Pandora a bit late too… sigh.

    • I really like the orchid as well, it’s a bit different from the rest of these pieces! You’re right that the mosaics are a remake of last year’s spring pavé, but I think that the effect really does work. :) I also suspect that you’re right about the stock images; the live images I have seen of the leather bracelets suggest that they’re much more vibrant than these pictures suggest! <3
      Ah, I do hope that's not true! :( There are some really cute pieces in the spring 2015 collection, and I've heard rumours that they are easing off on the cubic zirconia for AW15 too. If not, there is an amazing back catalogue of pretty silver Pandora pieces, it's always fun to collect the retired pieces. <3

    • Well that’s quite a nice manageable wish list! :) The orchid is the only thing I have to have, but there are others I like; it will depend on how they look in person for me.

  11. Love it! I’ve been planning a beach themed bracelet in my head for a while now. I had planned to pick up the seahorse and sea star, now I will add the dolphin, palm tree and maybe anchor and turtle I will see how it looks in person. Oh and I love the ocean mosaic and intrigued by the petite facets. So I will be saving my pennies now until June.

    • Yay I’m so glad to hear that you like it! :D Your beach-theme sounds lovely, this collection is pretty perfect for you. ^^ I love the ocean mosaics too, the blue one would be great for a beach theme – especially when combined with the dolphin!

  12. Well, call me a Philistine if you will but I LOVE pave! The more the merrier. Must have been a crow or a magpie in a former life; I just love sparklies. I am especially pleased about the addition of a green Inspiration Within spacer. I built a teal, sea-themed oxidized bracelet last summer and it’s full so I am not sure yet how I will use the new Mosaics but I will somehow. And the new leathers interest me as well. I will keep you posted as things develop.

    • I’m with you! I love all the bling! My Dad used to tell me when I was growing up that I must have been a crow in a previous life because I loved ‘sparkle’ so much. I have two bling bracelets, one all clear and one reds and clear and I get way more compliments on them than my plain silver bracelets and charms and my black leather which has just black and silver charms. I’m not a big fan of pinks or much color for that matter. I wear a lot of black and white with pops of colour so my bling goes with everything!

      • I am an absolute colour addict. Of course that also means black and white, silver and gold to me. Unfortunately that means that every time Pandora thinks up a new colour scheme (like they did with Pandora Rose) I start dreaming up new bracelets. I haven’t yet caved and gone for a gold bracelet yet but it could happen.
        Up the Crows!

    • Aha, I wouldn’t dream of it! There’s no wrong or right to the pavé issue; I’m not averse to a little sparkle myself. The only thing I’d suggest is that there could be a greater mix of silver and pavé style charms so that all tastes are catered for. :)
      Please do! I’d love to hear what you decide. I have a teal bracelet from last summer, but I’d need to see the mosaic charms in person to see if the colour is right!

      • I hear you. There should be something for everyone. I found it interesting that most of your Blog-followers seem to be in the less-is-more camp when it comes to CZs. Even though I am probably a more-is-more person I applaud Pandora’s increasing use of enamelwork although that again probably doesn’t appeal to everyone.

        • Yes, I think the problem is that a lot of long-term collectors started collecting Pandora when their style was quite different, with a lot more simple silver stones and genuine gemstones. :) Now their collections look quite different and I think a lot of people miss the original classic look! I’m somewhere in between ;)
          I actually really love a lot of the enamel work, so long as it isn’t too bright, and this kind of soft pastel detailing is just gorgeous!

  13. Thanks for this post, Ellie!

    I agree with you that the dolphin is really cute and I’m cool with the CZ on the bail. At least he’s not completely covered in CZ like everything else.

    Overall, I’m not a big fan of the spring and summer 2015 releases. However, on a more positive note, this gives me a chance to catch up on my wishlist of the older pieces. I better grab as many of the silver pieces as I can before they get turned into bling-bling!

    • It’s really strange but I actually find the pavé most grating when it’s gratuitously applied to charms that are would be perfect as all-silver designs, as it just makes them more expensive. :/ I prefer it when it’s contributing more to the actual design itself. The dolphin is really cute though, so I may well overlook them! ;)
      I’m not massively keen on this Summer release, but I’m actually really quite excited for Spring 2015 collection now! I like the soft enamel and there are actually some cute silver pieces, without the bling-bling. ;) I guess later in the year I’ll be doing the same as you though haha.

    • No, I’d be very surprised. They may make fewer muranos going forward, but I don’t think they’re going to get rid of them. :) The Facets are just an alternative.

  14. I’m really on the fence with these. I like a little pave but this summer there is a lot of pave in there. The ocean mosaics are very pretty and I wouldn’t mind getting both for my teal/sky blue bracelet. I don’t mind the petite facets either but I wish the blue was a little lighter. I’m suprised that Pandora does a lot of dark blue charms in opposed to softer sky blue varieties. I agree also that the dolphin is quite lovely. :)

    • Your reactions are very similar to mine – I like pavé, but not on everything! Having said that, the Ocean Mosaics also appeal to me a lot – the pavé effect works beautifully there. :)
      I would also like to see some softer blues! I have the blue Butterfly Kisses murano from Spring 2014, but I found it really hard to match with other Pandora pieces. The blue petite facets does look quite light to me, though – it looks like it is intended to be quite a soft blue :) It’ll be interesting to see them all in person in any case!

  15. I’m not too thrilled on the Summer collection either. I do live in South Carolina. We visit a beach there every year. Sea Turtle preservation is very big along the coast. When I travel, I like to get a charm to remind me of our trip. So, I will have to get the sea turtle! I can do without the others!

    Are they doing any more with the Pandora Rose collection? My daughter started me a bracelet for Christmas. I haven’t seen anything new. I may just mix the charms with one of my other bracelets. I don’t like have several charms that look the same!

    • Aw, well it’s nice that you have one must-have! The preservation campaign is a great reason to get the turtle. :) For me, the orchid is on my wish-list – otherwise, I’m waiting to see what I like in person!

      Yes, they are! They’re releasing some more PR charms with the Mother’s Day 2015 collection on the 9th of April:
      They’re mostly just existing silver charms remade in Pandora Rose, however, but there are some pretty things included!

  16. I get what people say about the recent collections having lots of pavé and zirconias and being ultra shinny but I don’t think it’s that bad. I do prefer silver-only charms too but a bit of spark won’t hurt. You know, Pandora as a brand has to try to reach out for a lot of different opinions and tastes so for those like me who like more the silver-only charms there’s plenty of those in Pandora’s entire catalogue and for those who like more shinny stuff they’ve been releasing a pretty good amount of pavé charms. Still they continue to make a good amount of silver-only charms each collection – this year’s Summer’s collection just seems to be an exception…
    Anyway because I don’t have the monetary conditions to be creating any color or style themed bracelets right now I’m only building one right now which is my first and is inspired in me as a person and in what I like (hobbies and interests) so this collection doesn’t offer anything for me either.
    I think the standout is the orchid dangle too – it’s stunning and imagine how beautiful it will look on a necklace!
    I see they’re dedicated to the new petite facet range and that’s awesome. I really like those since they can be a good alternative to muranos – I have a red faceted murano in my bracelet cause the bracelet color scheme is going to be silver and red and I’m hoping they release a red petite facet in the near future to go along with my red murano! I really hope they release those in more colors cause they look really good (and don’t seem to take up so much space as muranos do). And I don’t think this new range will be replacing muranos which is also good – they’re just another way to add color to our bracelets.
    Concluding, there’s nothing in this collection for me right now but I was expecting that because usually the Summer collection is my least favorite from all they release year round.

  17. Hi!!!I really love the new summer collection because green is my favourite color so i’m excited about it!!!<3…I would ask you…is there anything else about summer collection or this is the complete preview?!?and…do you know if Disney will product something new in summer?
    Thank you so much <3

    • Hi Anita! Glad to hear you like the collection :D This is the complete preview for Summer 2015 as far as I’m aware – although there may be a Pre-Autumn collection later in the year too. :)
      I’m not aware of any Disney launch for Summer but it’s possible that news just hasn’t trickled down yet. It seems to me more likely that they will just do two Disney launches a year – one for Spring and one for Autumn – but I could be wrong! I’ll definitely update the blog if I hear otherwise :) Hope that helps! <3

  18. The snake ring is very weak at the neck. Lost stones 2 times in the same spot, in less then a month. Ring replaced twice. After travelling an hour (one way) twice to go to my closet Pandora store had to give up and pick something else. They admit to many being returned. It truly is a beautiful ring just not built to last.

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