Today’s post (finally!) offers a complete look at the upcoming Pandora Spring 2015 collection! The collection, which is entitled ‘The Magic of Nature’, features a number of beautiful floral pieces, some new animal motifs and a cute range of hobbies and occupations charms. It’s due out on worldwide on the 12th of March, and will be a global release (I only have the pricing details for North America, however.) 

pandora spring 2015 collection

There is also a selection of accompanying jewellery with this release, but I will preview that in a separate post. :) This post will encompass the upcoming charms and bracelets for Spring 2015. For live shots and additional information regarding this collection, please take a look through the Spring 2015 tag!


There are two new bracelets debuting with the Spring 2015 collection: one is a double-wrap version of the metallic silver leather bracelet, priced at $50 USD ($55 CAD), and the other is a brand new style bangle, featuring heart silhouettes and cubic zirconia detailing. This will retail for $100 USD or $110 CAD.

pandora spring 2015 bracelets


First up, we have a selection of floral charms, featuring primrose and daisy designs.  Most striking of these for me is the new Wild Flowers murano, which features cubic zirconia detailing and some beautiful swirling colours. I prefer the softer enamel versions of these flowers overall, but I do really love the Dazzling Daisy Meadow openwork as well!

pandora spring 2015 florals

Pricing for the US and Canada is as follows:-

Darling Daisy Meadow clip – $55 USD / $60 CAD

Wild Flowers murano – $45 USD / $50 CAD

Darling Daisies spacer – $35 USD / $40 CAD

Dazzling Daisies clip – $55 USD / $60 CAD

Dazzling Daisy Meadow – $60 USD / $65 CAD

Dazzling Daisy pendant – $45 USD / $50 CAD

Dazzling Daisy – $75 USD / $85 CAD

Daisy Meadow – $40 USD / $45 CAD

Sparkling Primrose – $75 USD / $85 CAD

Primrose Meadow (white and pink) – $60 USD / $65 CAD

Primrose pendant – $45 USD / $50 CAD

Primrose openwork – $25 USD / $30 CAD

In addition to the floral motifs, there will also be a selection of nature-themed charms, including butterflies, an adorable ladybird and, surprisingly, an alligator! I don’t usually like the ‘sparkling’ animal charms, but the ladybug looks adorable here. <3

pandora spring 2015 collection previewPricing for the US and Canada is as follows:-

Fluttering Butterflies (enamel) – $40 USD / $45 CAD

Sparkling Butterfly pendant – $45 USD / $50 CAD

Fluttering Butterflies (pavé) – $60 USD / $65 CAD

Sparkling Ladybug – $60 USD / $65 CAD

Red Pavé Apple – $75 USD / $85 CAD

Alligator – $45 USD / $50 CAD

Green Lucky Clover – $65 USD / $75 CAD

Next up, we have an adorable selection of hobbies and occupations charms. These are my favourites of the collection, and I love the Piano, Owl, Coffee Lovers and Mountain Dog charms. <3 The Guard my Heart soldier dangle is also very cute!

pandora spring 2015 hobbies charms

Pricing for North America is as follows:-

Chinese Doll – $45 USD / $50 CAD

Graduate Owl – $55 USD / $60 CAD

Coffee Lovers – $40 USD / $45 CAD

Mountain Dog – $40 USD / $45 CAD

Guard my Heart – $45 USD / $50 CAD

Ballet Slipper – $45 USD / $50 CAD

Piano – $40 USD / $45 CAD

Charles Bridge – $45 USD / $50 CAD

I Love Cooking – $40 USD / $45 CAD

I Love Music – $50 USD / $55 CAD

Finish Line – $45 USD / $50 CAD

Game, Set & Match – $35 USD / $40 CAD

Finally, we have some decorative pieces! These include a new selection of 14kt gold charms, which are all new gold versions of existing silver charms. It is worth noting that the stones are cubic zirconia, and not diamonds. Additionally, we have pink and purple versions of the new Petite Facets range – while the Summer 2015 versions are made from synthetic quartz, these are made from cubic zirconia.

pandora spring 2015 14kt gold

Pricing for the US and Canada is as follows:-

Light as a Feather – $400 USD / $440 CAD

Inspiration Within (14kt gold) – $215 USD / $240 CAD

Love of my Life clip – $350 USD / $385 CAD

Petite Facets (pink and purple) – $40 USD / $45 CAD

Inspiration Within (pink and purple) – $30 USD / $35 CAD

My Comment

When the first live shots of this collection came out, there were mixed feelings surrounding these offerings, with many long-term collectors feeling that the pieces were too derivative of previous releases and rather too sparkly. However, having seen these stock images, I am actually very excited and pleased with this year’s offerings for Spring. :) I can understand the feelings of those who still yearn for genuine gem stones and a greater number of two-tone charms, however.

I will definitely be getting a few of the new floral charms – including the new Darling Daisy pieces – and I absolutely love the new hobbies selection, particularly the Graduate Owl, Mountain Dog and Coffee Lovers charms. I am not at all averse to the soft enamel detailing that we see here, and I very much like the plain silver offerings for this collection. Much to my surprise, I also quite like the Sparkling Ladybug, which has a rather sweet look to it!

What do you think of these new pieces? Are any going on your wish list?

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  1. I would agree, the more i see the pictures the more i ilke the charms.I do think they are very pretty, particularly the flowers. I love floral charms as my mother was a florist so i will definately have to check them out. The hobby charms are lovely as well but unfortunately they don’t cover any of my hobbies or interest, besides the piano

    I am surprised they choose Charles Bridge, I’ve been to Prague many years ago but have forgotten the name of the bridge. As beautiful as Prague is, the bridge is not what I consider to be highly memorable monument.

    The alligator charm reminds me of animal cruelty – i think they texture of it reminds me of an alligator/crocodile skin bag :(

    • The hobbies are pretty good for me, as I am a religious coffee drinker and I just graduated this year too, but I’d still love something for writers. :) The floral charms are lovely, but then that kind of soft enamel detailing really appeals to me! I have most of them on my wish list right now, haha, but I imagine I’ll end up getting a couple.
      That hadn’t occurred to me with the alligator. :( Hopefully it won’t look that way to you in person! :)

    • Haha, I already have a pink and white bracelet which is complete – so I’m already considering starting a new pink-themed bracelet, and adding some of the white pieces to my Pandora Rose bracelet. It never stops! ;)

    • Same with me- very excited about the coffee lovers charm but not a fan of dangles. It’s very cute though…

    • I was a little sceptical to see that the coffee charm was a dangle, if only because it looks quite heavy. But I really love the design so I expect I will end up with it! :)

      • I will end up buying it even though it’s a dangle because it’s just so cute! My next bracelet will be a bangle with two muranos, two other beads yet to be determined and a dangle in the middle- all the things I don’t like on my snake chain bracelet. I have big plans!

  2. You’ve been busy this week So many posts which is great.

    I love the new bracelet – thats a must have. I really like the fluttering butterflies charms for some reason. I love the idea of destination charms but the bridge charm looks really cumbersome and would catch on everything. Florals dont appeal to me at all.

    • Haha you’re not kidding! All the new info hit at once. ;)
      I really quite like the pavé fluttering butterflies, but the floral enamel pieces call to me more, so I’ll probably end up with those instead. I only have the Eiffel Tower destination charm, which is really nice and light – this design does look quite heavy!

  3. The new murano and the ladybug are definitely on my wishlist! I only have effervescence muranos so the fact that the Wild Flowers murano has rhinestones too will tie them all together :) The ladybug is adorable! I love that they did colored stones, but kept some of the character from the original silver ladybug. That’s an animal update done right! I also love that bangle…I can only imagine how pretty it is stacked with a charmed bracelet! This is dangerous…haha!

    • I absolutely love the ladybug! Never did get the plain silver one as I just didn’t feel it did her justice! Am so glad to see this one. I have ladybugs decorating my house and garden. They bring me great joy! I will probably wear it on my red and clear bling bracelet. I also loved the charm that was bling and looked like a woven basket. Of course there are others that caught my eye as well. Wish they would have the dangle guard in red when I visited England last year instead of Big Ben. Can’t wait to see them all in person!

      • The woven basket charm is a Mother’s Day release – I’ll be previewing it soon! :) I’m also keen to see them all in person, but at least it’s not really too long now until they’re out!

    • Yes, I am surprisingly taken with the ladybird! Usually I’m not keen on the new ‘sparkling’ pavé charms, but I completely agree with you – that is how to get it right. :)
      Haha, dangerous is the right word. I have quite a long wish list from this collection – factor in the new Disney and Rose pieces as well, and it’s a bit ridiculous! :P

  4. Hello
    This was a lovely feast for the eyes after a night of freezing rain and ice pellets and a morning of freezing drizzle. :) I do like flowers as I like to garden, and the more I see of this collection, the more I like it. I particularly like the inspiration within spacers as they add a bit of sparkle and colour without too much of the bling effect. You mentioned two silver clips in the post. The Dazzling Daisy clip is labeled but I am unsure which is the Darling Daisy Meadow clip. Is it the first one pictured? I think those may look nice on my 5 station clip bracelet. :) The murano is lovely too. I have the field of daisies muranos so maybe the new one will be a nice complement. I am looking forward to seeing them in person. Thank you for another wonderful post. Happy weekend!

    • Hi Janet! Glad to hear this post brightened up your day a little ^^ I love flowers, too, even if I’m a hopeless gardener haha. Yes, the Darling Daisy Meadow clip is the first one pictured, with the cluster of white daisies – sorry, I should have labelled that more clearly! They’d look beautiful on the clip station bracelet – I could imagine them looking lovely alternated with the original Darling Daisy clip. :)
      I’m also really looking forward to seeing them in person, or to at least getting some more live shots! <3 I much prefer this selection to last year's release, actually.
      Have a lovely weekend too! :)

  5. There’s two beads missing! In the early previews there was a bead that looked like a rose clip with cz that was pictured on a bracelet, and also a bead that looked like a cz version of already existing silver bead that looks like a wicker basket, I think it’s called ‘intertwined’. It was pictured alone on a bangle. Do you know anything about those beads? They were not in the summer preview so I am wondering if there’s more beads in the summer collection that we haven’t seen yet?

    • Hi Tanya, well-spotted! Those two charms are part of the upcoming Mother’s Day collection, which includes a whole selection of charms and jewellery that hasn’t been previewed yet. :) I do have the pictures for them, and I’ll be previewing them soon however. Hope that helps!

  6. I tracked them down! lol The one that looks like a wicker basket was in the Dec. 18th post. And the other one I spotted a while back was in the Dec. 12th post and it is 1 bead down from the dangle two tone heart on the bottom bracelet of the last picture. It looks like a rose with cz (or a cake lol).

    • I love owls too, and even though I did graduate this year, I’d be getting this owl charm mainly because it’s cute. ;) He does look quite graduate-like, with his little hat, but you could always use him to represent teaching or knowledge too!

  7. Loving the new twinkling forever bracelet. Very pretty. Charms I would like to see them in person. Having mixed feelings about them but definitely getting the piano and pink and purple petite facets.

    • Yes, it is lovely isn’t it? I have a feeling that it will be very expensive here in the UK, so I probably won’t be indulging in that one though. :( The pink petite facets are also ones I’d really like to see in person; they looked so pretty in the live shots! <3 I'd like to see how matte they look in real life.

  8. Thanks for all your posts Ellie!

    The stock images for the spring collection are beautiful! Loving the darling daisy meadow and its spacer, the wild flower murano, and the piano is a must! aha the ladybird is sooo cute!

    • I completely agree, I think this is quite a lovely spread. ^^ The ladybird took me by surprise a little, actually, it’s surprisingly cute despite all the pavé! <3 Glad you like them!

  9. They are all really pretty and exciting to see the next round of charms. I am a Starbucks woman so when I seen the coffee lovers charm it had my name written all over it. Now with 3 full bracelets and a bangle with charms on it I must make some space. It may just have to hang out on the bangle until space is available lol. It is a must have. :-) the flowers are beautiful and the lady bug is very very classy. Thinking that will be a gift and the piano is…awesome may get that for my daughter. Btw… love love love this site and yes my eyes are overjoyed. Went shopping without spending any $$$. Thank you Mora Pandora!!! :-)

    • Yay, I’m glad you like them! There are some really lovely pieces here I think, including all the ones you’ve mentioned. <3 I'm also a bit of a coffee addict so I'm also really happy to see that one. I have no idea how I'll use it but, as you say, it's a bit of a must-have, haha.
      So glad to hear that you enjoy the site! :D Thank you for reading. :)

  10. WOW! Obsessed with all the daisy charms. I love daisies! i really love the Murano. I think I will defnitely be doing one bracelet with many of these as a spring dedicated bracelet.

  11. When is there going to be a charm for all us Scots? The Queens Gaurd is cute, but it has to be the sixth or seventh regular England themed charm. Can we have the exact same charm concept except a piper please? :)

    • Definitely,even though I do love the guard, a Scottish charm would be great! I think people’s minds instantly go to ‘London’ when they think of the UK. There’s more to us than that, haha.

  12. The new Murano is gorgeous. I’m not sure if it will go with my bracelet but I’m very tempted to get it! I also really like the gold inspiration within spacer, and it would look beautiful since my bracelet is two-tone, but I’m always put off by the price of the gold charms unfortunately. I really like that they added new hobbies charms, and I like the apple as well- I’m a teacher and definitely want an apple to represent that- now I have to decide which one! And I definitely want to get a better look at the petite facets and the daisy meadow charm in person :)

    • It’s absolutely beautiful! I also don’t really have any bracelets that match it, but, depending on how much I like it in person, I’m considering maybe getting a leather bracelet for it to go on. ^^ The prices of gold are too much for me, too – I have so many silver and two-tone pieces, but not a single solid gold piece haha. I am occasionally tempted by a small plain gold spacer, but I’ve not taken the plunge yet!
      Glad you’ve seen lots you like! I’m really excited for this collection too, I can’t wait to see it in person. ^^

      • I know. Gold is so expensive. I have the first gold bead, 750117 gold abstract. I think about buying a gold spacer too.

  13. Do you know the colors of the CZs in the Sparkling Primrose? In the photo, the petals look like they have lilac CZs and then the center of the flower has a pink CZ. Or are my eyes deceiving me? ;)

  14. I’m not a fan of the bling in most of the pieces, but I definitely want the darling daisy spacer and the mountain dog. I think this collection will be out in time for the spring bracelet promo.

    • Sorry Martha I managed to miss your comment! I don’t like the blingy pieces as much either, but happily I like most of everything else haha. ;)
      Yep, it will be – the bracelet promo is scheduled for later in March! I’m hoping someone in North America can help me to get some of the Disney pieces for it.

  15. Omigosh! I missed out so much here!!! (face palm) I really like the Primrose Meadow (in white), Daisy Meadow, Wild Flowers murano, I love Cooking, I love Music, Piano and Graduate Owl! Omigosh!! So many charms!! LOL!! I really cannot wait to see it in person :D The Alligator looks ewww for me though :/ It reminds me of the ever freaking little lizards (eeewwww) LOL! Hope you have a lovely Friday there my dear beautiful princess Ellie!! Miss you so much!! xoxoxo <3 <3 <3

    • Haha, you did! They’re lovely aren’t they? Looks like you have rather a long wish list as well as me! ;)
      I’m also a little puzzled by the Alligator – he sticks out rather amongst all the flowers. ;) I quite like that little bit of quirkiness, though!
      Thank you, lovely! Have a lovely Friday there too – hope to see you around here and on IG more :D xxxxxx

  16. I can’t believe no one has showed love for the new range: the petite facets – they’re so beautiful! I see them like a round and smaller version of the muranos. They’re a good alternative for those who want more color in their bracelets but don’t want any more muranos. So excited for these! I won’t be buying any from the Spring collection cause they don’t really go with the color theme of my bracelet but I hope they will release a red version of the petite facets this year (maybe for the Winter/Christmas collection?). I guess that depends on how these will sell, I hope they become a success because it’s really nice to see Pandora creating new ranges of charms and jewellry.

    • I think the petite facets are lovely too, especially the pink one. I love how deep and milky the colour is in these live shots:
      I’m sure that we’ll see more colours for the Petite Facets in upcoming collections – red for Christmas would be perfect! I’d also like to see some darker colours too, like maybe a new version of the Aventurescent :) I would imagine that they’ll sell quite well – I hear from quite a few people who don’t like muranos and these seem like a good alternative! ^^

      • You are right Ellie – they look INCREADIBLE from the live shots! I received a basic Pandora necklace for my birthday (don’t like the Moments one – too thick for me – and the Essence one is sold out in Portugal at the moment) and I think the petite facets will look great on it. Can’t wait to grab all the different colors heheheh

  17. Hi there can you please tell me if the pink inspiration within spacer charm is the same pink as the current pink pave lights charm? ?

  18. Can you tell me if the Charles Bridge charm has been released in Australia please. I can’t find it on the website.

    • Hi Louise – no, it doesn’t look like it has been. It’s not on the Australian and I can’t find it for sale with any online retailers unfortunately. :(

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