*UPDATED March 2015 with campaign images and HQ photos* Today’s preview takes a look at what’s next for the Pandora Essence line, with a detailed overview of the upcoming Spring 2015 collection! This is, once again, a very sparkling release from Pandora, including a new range of charms similar to the Moments Pavé Lights range. The collection features a variety of coloured and plain silver charms, including a couple of new 14kt gold options!

The Essence Spring 2015 collection is due for release on the 12th of March. All stock images are property of Pandora so please do not reproduce without credit! :)

*UPDATED* Campaign Images

pandora essence spring 2015 preview

We now have some great campaign shots of the new Essence pavé charms, and their original natural stone counterparts.

Pandora Essence Spring 2015

First up, we have a new range of pavé charms, each representing an existing value in the Essence collection. The Hope charm offers a new 14kt gold option, with opaque white crystal pavé detail, while the new Love charm is 14kt rose gold!

Now, from what I’ve been told, these are alternatives to the existing Pandora Essence charms, and not replacements (you can see both pavé and stone versions of the Love charm in the campaign image above). This makes sense to me, as one of the things I wondered when the Essence line first came out was how many values they could feasibly represent in new collections. Creating more than one charm for each value seems to me another way of side-stepping this issue.

pandora spring 2015

Pricing for the US is as follows:-

Silver pavé charms (Peace to Wisdom): $65 USD

Gold/rose gold pavé charms: $190 USD

UPDATED: We now have some HQ images of these new pavé charms. Cycle through the gallery for a closer look at them. :D

There will also be a new selection of silver charms released for Spring, each featuring a pretty abstract design. There also appears to be another version of the Happiness charm, which already exists as a charm in the Essence range; I don’t know whether the original is set to retire or not.

pandora essence spring 2015 collection silver charms

Pricing for the US is as follows:-

Appreciation: $65

Affection, Happiness, Friendship: $35

UPDATED: We now have some HQ images of these new silver charms. Cycle through the gallery for a closer look at them. :D

My Comment

Last summer I hopped on the bandwagon and got myself an Essence bracelet – you can read my review here – so I was looking forward to seeing what was next for Essence. However, for the most part, I prefer the natural stone versions of these pavé charms. Moreover, I’m actually pretty pleased with how I currently have my bracelet, so I don’t want to get anything else for it right now!

Having said that, my favourites from this collection are the new Affection, Friendship and Hope charms (although the latter is somewhat out of my price range!). It’s also fab to see Pandora continuing to experiment with rose gold! <3

I had heard rumours that Pandora were coming out with a new Essence safety chain this season, but there is currently no sign of it. :( If you’re still looking for one, however, the Thomas Sabo Karma safety chains make a good alternative.

Are you looking forward to this release? Are any of the charms going on your wish list?

20 Comments on Preview: Pandora Essence Spring 2015 Collection

  1. I am like you. I like the Essence that I have and both feel finished to me. I debated getting the chain with the gold clasp and making a second bracelet (and letting that be the only gold bead, maybe) but so far I haven’t bought it.

    • I don’t want mine to be too full up, I like it with the four charms I have on there! :) The gold Essence is what would tempt me to start another bracelet as well, as I really do love the two-tone options. It’s a lot of money, though, so I’m not sure it will ever happen!

  2. I am so tempted to buy an essence bracelet. Because they look beautiful! . But, just yesterday; I read Thomas Sabo safety chain can actually stretch the Pandora essence bracelet.
    Regarding your post I must say the affection charm caught my eye. The pave ones…. I am not really sure.
    Thanks for the update.

    • I held off for quite a while before getting an Essence bracelet, but now I have one I really love it! They’re beautiful in person and make a really nice complement to the Moments bracelet :) I’m not sure about the pavé ones either, but the silver options are really nice!
      Oooh I hadn’t heard that about the TS safety chain. :S That’s worrying! Pandora need to hurry up and get an official one out haha.
      Thanks for commenting! :)

    • Yes, but at least they’re just alternative versions and not replacements! Affection and Friendship are two of my favourites too, but I don’t think I’ll be indulging this time.

  3. I love my Essence bracelet. I have currently have four charms and I think I need one more to complete my bracelet. I was actually thinking of starting another Essence bracelet but I don’t like any of these new releases. I will have to do my second bracelet from current charms sooner rather than later before they retire. Shame Pandora had to go all bling on the Essence collection too.

    • I love my Essence bracelet too – I only got it last summer, so I was really quite excited to see what they released for Spring. Unfortunately the pavé isn’t really to my personal tastes. However, I can understand why Pandora have chosen to offer them as alternatives to the original line-up and I do really like the new silver options too!
      The majority of the current charms shouldn’t be retiring soon; I’ve heard that there a couple more up for the chop, but only those. :)

  4. I now want the older happiness as I prefer it. But i think affection and the spirituality charms would look lovely together.. I just wish they were continuing to use more natural stones as I really don’t like the pavé newer designs in the essence at all. I guess it’s all down to opinion though. Hope is the only nice pavé option for me, but its way out of price range ;) haha! x

    • Yes they’d look lovely! <3 I don't think that this necessarily means that Pandora are just going to exclusively continue with the pavé for Essence – I expect (hope!) that we will see more natural stones in future collections :) haha, I like Hope as well but it's also way more than I could afford in one go; and if I did take the plunge, I think I'd go for one of the plain gold ones, without CZs – Sensitivity or Curiosity are my absolute favourites. I don't really like mixing gold and cubics haha x

      • I am lucky to still can get the essence valentine gift set with bracelet and one dedication charm in a heart shape box for Can $120 plus 13 percent tax which is $ 25 saving, not bad! I wear it the whole day today and feel I like it better than the moment bracelet I got it in March. The look is more elegant and not loud.

        • Yes, that’s why I love the Essence bracelet too – it offers something a bit more refined and elegant when I want a change from my heavier Moments bracelets. I love mine when I’m going out and want something a little dressier :)

  5. Hi,
    Thanks for the review!
    Very helpful to find your articles when I am looking for more information about essence previous collection!
    I am a huge essence fan (I actually wear it every day and I ususally prefer it to pandora Moments collection), and I dreaming of getting this turquoise Wisdom pave bead.
    At the moment I have some 11 essence charms including that two-tone Sensitivity that I actually adore.
    Loved the look of your essence bracelet!
    I think essence collection is really chic and personally I never get tired of it.
    Have a great day,

    • Hi Natalia! I’m very glad to hear that my articles were helpful to you, thanks so much for letting me know! <3 Sounds like a lovely collection you have there - especially with that two-tone bead. I'd love to own one of those.
      Have a great day too and thanks for commenting! <3

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