Today’s post further continues my Pandora Valentine’s 2015 reviews, with a in-depth review of the beautiful new Together Forever pendant! This is one of the cheapest, and simplest, offerings from the new Valentine’s 2015 collections, but it is one of my favourites. It’s a very versatile piece, with some beautiful details. <3

pandora valentine's 2015 together forever

I’ll be offering some close-up shots of this new piece, and some ideas for styling. This charm brings my total of pieces from the Valentine’s Day 2015 collection up to four (the heart-clasp bracelet, the Pink Hearts murano, the With Love charm and the Together Forever pendant). <3

pandora together forever

The charm

The Together Forever charm is made like a pendant, meaning that it doesn’t thread on. It’s very nice and light, so it won’t add too much weight to your bracelet, unlike other dangles. The front of this charm is quite oxidised, offering a more vintage finish. The little heart cut-out is a very cute detail, and finishes off the design nicely.

pandora valentine's 2015 together forever

This is also perfect to be worn on its own on a necklace, or even on a bracelet – perhaps the Pandora bangle. :) You can also just about make out the hallmark, which is placed on the rim of the charm on its right-hand side.

pandora valentine's 2015 together forever

My favourite detail of this charm, however, is the ‘I love you’ written on the back. I like the sweetness of the repetition of the words, which makes it seem like saying it once just isn’t enough. ^^ It’s also worth noting that the back of the charm features a much shinier finish than the front.

pandora valentine's 2015 together forever


When it came to styling this pendant, I thought I’d move away from traditional silver Moments bracelet stylings today and focus on some leather bracelet and Essence inspiration! The simplicity of this pendant looks great against the colourful cords of the leather bracelets. A couple of readers have mentioned how their pets are their Valentine, and I can’t say how much I adore my own puppy – so this is a mini-Valentine’s design dedicated to her. ^^ I’ve included the I Love My Dog dangle with the pink enamel hearts charm and this pendant.

pandora valentine's 2015 together forever

I was also struck by how lovely the contrast was between the pendant and the purple leather bracelet. The blue Butterfly Kisses murano gives the overall design a bit of colour and lift, and makes for a very pretty combination!

pandora valentine's 2015 together forever

One thing I’ve discovered is that I love the new Pink Hearts murano with other red pieces! Here I’ve styled it on the red leather bracelet with the new Chinese Doll charm and the Together Forever pendant. This pink and red design is perfect for Valentine’s Day, I think – I’d like to see Pandora include more red pieces in their Valentine’s collections.

pandora valentine's 2015 together forever

While Pandora don’t advise that you put Moments charms on Essence bracelets, I’ve found that adding a single pendant doesn’t hurt. The simplicity of the pendant doesn’t detract from the minimalistic look of the Essence bracelets, and its shiny surface works to set off the colours of the Essence beads very nicely.

pandora essence valentine's

Finally, this is how I personally will be wearing my pendant. While it looks quite big from the stock image, the Together Forever pendant is not at all over-sized, and looks good when styled on a Moments bracelet. As I just mentioned, I really love the pink hearts murano with red pieces, and I think I’m going to go with a red-and-pink theme for this bracelet ultimately! I’m thinking of adding two of the retired garnet cabochon, and maybe another of the pink hearts muranos.



While I didn’t take much notice of this charm when the Valentine’s 2015 stock images were first leaked, since seeing it in person it has become one of my favourites from the collection. It’s affordable, pretty and, notably, plain silver, meaning that it will sit nicely with classic-style Pandora charms, too.

The Together Forever pendant is $25 in the US, or £25 in the UK, where you can purchase it with the rest of the Pandora Valentine’s collection from John Greed Jewellery.

Have you bought this charm, or is it on your wish list? What are your favourites from the new Valentine’s Day collection?

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  1. I hadn’t paid that one much notice before, but it really is very pretty. I particularly like how you have it styled with the purple bracelet and the Butterfly Kisses murano. I also agree that more red Valentine pieces from Pandora would be nice. That heart murano would look especially nice in red.

    • PS. It looks like you have the dog bone dangle. I’ve been thinking about adding that one. Would you do a review on that one sometime soon?

      • Of course! It’s a really cute charm. I was going to get the Mountain Dog from Spring 2015 in March, so I could feature the dog bone alongside that, or were you wanting to see it sooner? :)

        • Sooner would be awesome if it fits into your gameplan. Only because I suspect The Hubs may have gotten me a Sorcerer Mickey charm for Valentine’s Day, and one dangle on a whole bracelet might be way too lonely for me to leave alone for very long, lol! (Really kind of hoping my suspicion is correct, BTW!)

        • Oooh the Sorcerer Mickey! That would be amazing, it’s so hard to get hold of – my fingers are crossed for you :D
          I’ll see what I can do for you with the dog bone charm too!

    • I too would liked see more red for Valentines charms as my bracelet is red and clear. My 2 cats (one we lost in late Fall) have already bought me the tumbling hearts charm which I love on my bracelet. The cutout of the hearts is adorable, as I loved the Christmas charm with the cutout trees, the Black Friday charm.

      • I really like the cut-out pavé effect as well! My Black Friday charm only arrived last week (after being posted on the 2nd of December!) and the Christmas trees are so sweet in person. I quite like the look of the new butterfly pavé cut-out charm for Spring, too!

    • Thanks! It’s a really pretty but simple silver piece and I think it does get a little overlooked amongst some of the glitzier Valentine’s pieces. ^^
      Absolutely – perhaps they’ll make it in more colours, seeing as the pink version has proven so popular! I’m hoping that we’ll see a red theme for next year’s Valentine’s collection, seeing as it’s been pink the last couple of years.

  2. I loved the look of this one originally when it was sneak peek , and I really love it now, the detailing on the back is so pretty. A simply classic charm , will definitely be hinting heavily at my husband !!

    • It was released in late January in Asian markets to celebrate the Chinese New Year. I got mine from a lady in Singapore. It will be released in other markets in March though. :)

  3. The Chinese doll launching earlier in Asia country compare to Western country. Because Asia celebrate Chinese new year in mid of Feb this year.

  4. Ellie~ I think you’re a gifted photographer! All the charms look better from your reviews =P Love the detailing on the back of the charm xxx

    • Oh thank you! :D I find photography a bit hit and miss as I’m no expert when it comes to lighting etc, but I’m glad you like the results. ;) The detailing on the back is definitely my favourite aspect of this charm, it’s just lovely! xx

  5. when you say vintage, does the front of the charm come off a little brownish compared to your other silver charms?

  6. This charm is really not a favorite of mine. However I do love your posts lol. I noticed that you have the gift box charm, any chance of doing a review of that one ? Lol

  7. I’m so happy that you reviewed this pendant, Ellie! This is the only one that I bought from the Valentine’s 2015 collection and I have been wearing it a lot. I love dangles on bangles (sorry for the lame rhyming) and this pendant is perfect on a bangle.

    I love the way you’ve styled it in your last picture. I agree with Suzy (above); you are an excellent photographer! With Love looks so much more enticing in your picture than in the stock images. My self-control is wavering!!!

    In Canada, Signature of Love is $10 more than Together Forever. I wonder why they are the same price in the UK… (???)

    • Yes, I saw that you got that one! <3 Your lovely pictures actually helped to inspire me to indulge in one myself ^^ It looked so pretty on your bangle with the pink murano.

      Haha, you should forget the self-control – the With Love charm is actually really lovely in person as well! :P The cubics are a lovely soft lilac shade, which doesn't make it look too blingy.

      The UK's pricing is always higher than the US and Canada's. :( You'll often see a 14kt gold charm retailing for $400 USD and then £400 in the UK! We do have our sales tax factored into our RRPs, but they are also just higher full stop unfortunately.

      • Hello my dear beautiful princesses Ellie & Tia!! LOL!! :D
        Yes Tia! Ellie is an excellent photographer <3 I always get mesmerised with all her photos here :)
        I have received just a few charms from 2 guy friends but not this "Together Forever" charm though LOL! Hopefully my new OH will get me one in time to come LOL!
        I have yet to style the Chinese Doll. I really love the way you style it my dear Ellie!! <3
        See you girls around yes? Mmmuuuacks~ xoxoxo <3 <3 <3

        • Hi Ann, how lovely to see you here again! You take some very lovely pictures yourself, I’m glad to see you updating your IG again :D
          Aha, I look forward to seeing how you style the Chinese Doll – you always have such great ideas! I’m wearing mine on the red leather with the red lantern, wildflower murano and the Japanese Doll. Lots of red, but it looks pretty in person!
          Thanks for commenting lovely! xxxxxx

  8. Love your individual charm reviews. I didn’t even realize this one had the wording on the back. I actually prefer the back of the charm to the front.

    • I actually agree with you Lozzie. It is cos of this review I am going to relook at this charm at the boutique. Gave it a pass cos it seems plain from the front but somehow Ellie’ individual charm pics as well as pics of it being styled makes me think twice. Oh so tempted. XD

      • Haha, thank you – I’m glad that I prompted you to give this charm another look, as it’s such a pretty one! And it goes with just about everything. <3 Hope that temptation wins out! ;)

    • Thank you, glad to hear that you enjoy them! <3 I'm really looking forward to getting into all the new Spring stuff – March needs to hurry up ;)
      The back of the charm is also my favourite aspect of it. The wording is really lovely!

  9. Off topic question but your styling using the leather bracelets made me think to ask it. Have you had any problem with the clasp coming off them? I bought the breast cancer bracelet set last October and the clasp came off completely on the weekend. I think its fixable with superglue but just wondering if this happened to anyone elses?

    • Oh no, I’m sorry to hear that! :( I haven’t personally had that happen to any of my leathers (I have four), but, from what I’ve heard, it’s the most common problem that people have with them. My OH’s mum had the same thing happen to hers a couple of months ago and had to get it replaced. It helps if you don’t put too many charms on them, but unfortunately this is a fault that the leathers can be prone to, and you can’t always avoid it.

  10. I totally agree with the above comments. I saw this charm in the store and didn’t like it at all. I thought it looked ‘cheap’ but you are so very good at photography, Ellie. Your pictures make the charm looks so lovely! Next time, my partner needs a jewellery stylist for a commercial, I’ll be sure to recommend you!

    • Wow, thank you! I am honestly very amateur indeed when it comes to photography, but it has really made my day reading your comments. :D So glad that you liked the pictures, even if you didn’t like the actual charm itself haha.

  11. when dose the Disney jasmine dress come out or is their a preorder for this and wher do u get them at

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