Today’s post brings my monthly Pandora news round-up, featuring details on what’s coming up for February 2015! This is a little late this month, so apologies for that. ^^ Also included in these news round-ups are the little bits and pieces of information/rumour that haven’t made it into their own post – we have some of those today, with some details on the upcoming Pandora Club charm for 2015 and some more Spring/Mother’s Day 2015 live shots.

Image by 6thmorning
Image by 6thmorning

Additionally, just to recap – stock images for the upcoming Pandora releases through to Summer 2015 have landed! You can browse through them all via the following links:

Coming up on the blog, I have a couple more reviews to post this month, plus some detailed previews of the Spring and Mother’s Day 2015 jewellery collections – so look out for those! :)

Pandora Club Charm 2015 Sneak Peek

The first item of news on the agenda is a preview of the upcoming Pandora Club charm for 2015! For the uninitiated, last year saw the introduction of an annual LE charm, created especially for Pandora Club members.

We now have a sneak peek of this year’s, which features an all-silver heart design, and includes a real diamond in its detailing. This will once again be a limited edition piece and I have it listed as down for release with the Pandora Summer 2015 collection.

pandora club charm 2015 heart

The reverse of the charm features the Pandora crown logo and the year, ‘2015’. The price I have for this charm is $65 USD – but, seeing as it features a real diamond, I’m kind of surprised that it’s that reasonable! I will post a full preview of this limited edition piece once I get confirmation on pricing and more details! <3

Pandora UK Mother’s Day Release

While the global release date for the Pandora Mother’s Day 2015 collection is the 9th of April, the UK celebrates Mothering Sunday in March. Consequently, a selection of jewellery from the collection will be released early here this month. No exact release date has been quoted yet, but I have heard the 16th of February mentioned.


I imagine this early release will constitute most of the family-themed charms (pictured below), although I don’t have confirmation on which ones exactly will be included. When more details come through I will of course update the blog!

pandora mother's day 2015 collection

Pandora Spring/Summer 2015 Live Shots

Next up, we have a selection of new live shots of the upcoming Pandora SS15 collections! Press previews are still continuing around the world, and some rather nice live images are trickling on to the internet.

The following image is one of the best, and gives us a great look at some of the new Spring 2015 pieces. Both the pink and white enamel Primrose Meadow charms look lovely here, and you can also spot the new Primrose pendant, Sparkling Primrose and the pink Petite Facets.

pandora spring 2015 preview
Image courtesy of ET Today

This next selection of images is by, so please do not reproduce them without credit! :) These feature some of the new Primrose pieces and other Spring 2015 charms. Click to cycle through the galleries.

The following pictures give us a closer look at the new Pandora Essence pieces! In them, the new pavé charms are featured, alongside their original Essence counterparts. The colour of the new teal Wisdom pavé charm looks stunning in the last of these images – it’s definitely one of my favourites of the new selection! My eye is also drawn to the new rose gold Love charm in the first image (bracelet to the far right), which looks a pretty shade in person.

Finally, we also have another sneak peek at one of the new leather bracelets for Summer 2015. The lighting isn’t great, but you can appreciate the metallic shimmer of the new green leather. Also pictured are the new Orchid dangle, gold Tropicana openwork and green Petite Facets charms.

pandora summer 2015 collection
Image by wizazpl

Pandora Chinese New Year 2015

Finally, just a reminder that Pandora’s mini-collection is out in celebration of the Chinese New Year, which falls on the 19th of February for 2015! The two charms for this year include a silver Chinese Doll dangle, and a 14kt gold Ingot charm – both are currently exclusive to Asia. The Chinese Doll will be making its way to other markets with the Pandora Spring 2015 collection, but the limited edition Gold Ingot remains an Asian exclusive for now.

pandora chinese new year 2015

I myself have already indulged in the adorable doll, which features some wonderfully bright red enamel detailing! I will be posting a full review of this charm closer to the CNY.

pandora chinese doll 2015

My Comment

For me, February as a month constitutes a kind of waiting game. I’m being good and saving up for the upcoming Spring 2015 collection release in March – I’m already planning out which charms I want and how I’m going to use them! :D It will be interesting to see which charms hit the UK this month for Mother’s Day, but I don’t expect that they will be any that will fit in with my existing collection.

In regards to the new Pandora Club charm for 2015, I have slightly mixed feelings – I did buy last year’s and I’m actually a fan of its design. A lot of people thought the Club charm for 2014 was quite boxy and large in person, but I did like the originality of the concept. The new 2015 offering is, in many ways, an improvement aesthetically, but loses some of the 2014 charm’s quirkiness. My initial instinct is to say that I probably won’t be getting this new 2015 edition. However, I do have a reliable history of saying that I’ll be good and abstain from purchasing something, before falling rather quickly off the wagon after all. ;)

Are you excited to see Pandora release another Club charm? What are you looking forward to most for 2015?

22 Comments on Pandora News Round-Up for February 2015

  1. Surprisingly, I like the 2015 club charm, and may buy this one. I say “surprisingly”, because I like it despite two of my pet peeves about Pandora. It is both ANOTHER heart, and a re-tread piece. Not truly a unique design. Still, it’s pretty, not pink, and I think I might buy it for my oxidized bracelet. I just purchased a 2014 club charm. It was $75 US. I would expect the new one to be in that ballpark. It has a small diamond also.

    The hibiscus on the green bracelet it stunning. A rather unexpected combo, but very pretty.

    • Yup- I already have a heart on my bracelet (My Sweet Pet) so I don’t really want another one. I like the charm but I’m going to go with the little tiny Pandora bag to represent my love for Pandora on my bracelet- it’s not exclusive but so adorable!

    • I do like the design – it’s pretty, and classic looking. But I find it quite similar to last year’s, and I’m not sure I want to collect the Club charms just for the sake of it… So it all comes to down to what I think when I see it in person! The diamond would make a pretty contrast to your oxidised bracelet though :) Yes, $65 seems low to me, which is why I’m a little puzzled!
      They do look lovely together! I’d like to see some clearer shots of the summer pieces – hopefully they’ll host some previews soon. ^^

  2. I love the design on the green leather bracelet and I really like the 2015 club charm I wasn’t sure on last years club charm so I didnt buy it.

    • I think this Club charm is perfect for those who were put off by last year’s! I got last year’s and liked it, so I’m not sure whether I want to buy this one too. :)

  3. I love the new essence charm in the third 6th morning photo – dark blue and silver – it looks gorgeous. Might have to buy a new essence bracelet just for that one.

      • Hey Ellie,
        have you seen any 2014 club charms circulating anywhere or know who may have it. I would love to get this charm.

        • Hey, I had a quick look just now at retailers in the US and couldn’t see anything immediately. It’s still widely available here in the UK though. I’ll have a proper look tomorrow morning and let you know if I find anything :)

        • Hi agian, I had another look today with no luck :/ I guess most stores in the US have sent their stock back. I’ll keep an eye out but you should try one of the selling pages on Facebook – I see Club charms crop up there all the time! :)

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