Today’s post features a review of Pandora’s rather lovely Always in my Heart limited edition bangle, which is part of this year’s Mother’s Day collection. The UK celebrates Mothering Sunday earlier than the rest of the world – this year it falls on the 15th of March – and consequently some of the Mother’s Day collection was launched here earlier this month! My pick of the new pieces was this bangle – it’s one of the Mother’s Day pieces with a more universal appeal, playing on the theme of love rather than motherhood itself.

pandora limited edition bangle review

If you’re not in the UK, then this bangle will be out with the rest of the Mother’s Day 2015 collection on the 9th of April – so there’s a little while to wait!

pandora mother's day always in my heart bangle

Now, when I first covered this collection, I definitely said that I wouldn’t be getting any of the new Mother’s Day pieces. And I really did believe that at the time. But, I’ll be honest – my OH laughed out loud when I avowed that I wouldn’t be getting a single thing – and,  sure enough, my resistance crumbled as soon as I got a good look at this bangle in store. This is a piece that looks absolutely lovely in person and it was just too tempting to resist!

The bangle

The Always in my Heart bangle features a clear pavé heart-shaped clasp, and a beautiful engraving on the bangle itself, which reads ‘Always in my Heart’.

pandora mother's day 2015 LE bangle

The bangle actually looks much prettier in person than in the stock image. The simplicity of the details look beautiful, and the finish is perfect. The pavé clasp looks delicate, and not too sparkly.

pandora mother's day 2015 LE bangle

The bangle only has the pavé detailing on one side of the clasp. The other is plain silver, with the Pandora branding on it. It’s smaller than the other side, although it’s hard to tell from the picture.

pandora limited edition always in my heart mother's day 2015 bangle review

The inscription I like more for its aesthetics, than for its meaning. I’m not a massive fan of Pandora’s more sentimental engravings (my OH was also less than keen on the inscription, branding it a bit ‘hallmark’), but I was willing to forgive this one as the overall effect is rather elegant. I tend to prefer to give my own meanings to things, rather than have someone do it for me, if that makes sense.

pandora limited edition always in my heart mother's day 2015 bangle review

I find that the heart clasp makes this bangle slightly trickier to do up too, but it’s nowhere near as fiddly as the heart-clasp Moments snake chain bracelet!

pandora limited edition always in my heart mother's day 2015 bangle review


Styling is a little tricky for me with this beautiful bangle, as I actually don’t intend to wear any charms with it at all. The inscription is very pretty and I don’t want to cover it up. The pavé clasp means that it looks striking enough on its own, too.

It’s also worth noting here that I still went for a medium-sized bangle, even though I’m not going to wear it with any charms. As you can see it is quite a loose fit, but I like that I can wear it over my sleeve and that it feels so light on my wrist. You hardly notice that you’re wearing it.

pandora limited edition always in my heart mother's day 2015 bangle review

However, this is a great bracelet for stacking and I will definitely be layering it up with my other bracelets, especially the bangles and leathers. It looks gorgeous stacked with the two-tone bangle:


And my LE bangle from the Mother’s Day 2014 collection:


If you do choose to wear charms with it, perhaps a pendant might be best. They have only a tiny bale which won’t obscure the writing. Here, I’ve combined the bangle with my favourite pendant, the Treasured Heart, and the new Together Forever pendant as well.

pandora limited edition always in my heart mother's day 2015 bangle review

The other thing you could opt to do is to get some silicone stoppers or the official clip inserts from Pandora and place a couple of clips on the bangle either side of the inscription. That way they won’t shift and cover it up. I did think that the Shimmering Rose clips, which are due out with the Mother’s Day collection in April, might look nice like this.

pandora limited edition always in my heart mother's day 2015 bangle review

My Comment

This is a piece that shows off how nice the ‘new’ Pandora style of jewellery can be. The pavé effect is pretty and an effective centrepiece, and I particularly like wearing it against darker clothing, or those with rich colours – the contrast between the clear stones is lovely. It seems to me more a nice piece of jewellery than a charm bracelet, however, one which looks best on its own. You may of course feel differently, but this is how it works best for me. ^^

This bracelet is £75 in the UK and you can buy it along with the rest of the Pandora Mother’s Day collection from John Greed. It’s not due out in other countries until the 9th of April, however. It’s worth noting too that John Greed now offer their own engraving service if you want to add your own words and meaning to your jewellery. :)

Have you bought this piece, or is it on your wish list? How do you like to wear your Pandora bangles?

52 Comments on Review: Always in my Heart LE Bangle from Pandora Mother’s Day 2015

  1. Hi, Ellie! Definitely on my wish list! I have last year’s Mother’s Day bangle and after seeing your pic, I really want this one! I won’t wear any charms on it. I just love the look of Pandora’s jewelry without charms. Thanks for the great review!

    • Hi Sue! It really is a gorgeous piece and it sounds perfect for you, as it looks wonderful stacked with the other bangles. ^^ How interesting that like the bracelets without the charms -do you not wear charms on any of your bracelets then?
      Thanks for commenting, so glad you liked the review! <3

      • Hi, Ellie! Nope. I have a grand total of 2 charms; each on their own double leather bracelet. However, don’t ask how much Pandora jewelry I have!! :) Lots and lots of rings, earrings and bangles!! Oh, and I just bought my first necklace; the one in the “Always in my Heart” gift set.

        Did you know Pandora does not mark (ALE/S925) their pendants that are sold together with necklaces? I’m not too happy about that. I talked directly to Pandora and their reasoning is that the necklace has the marks on the little hangtag and must be sold with the pendant, so that’s good enough. I still love the necklace. But, I doubt I’ll buy another necklace with a pendant.

        Looking forward to your reviews of the Spring line. So many gorgeous pieces but no jewelry for me! Drat! :)

        • Hi Sue! Wow, it’s so fun to find someone who has so much Pandora but only two charms haha. I only just got my first ring (I have over a hundred charms! :S) and I absolutely love it – I can definitely see myself getting addicted to those as well. I’m looking forward to the new Spring rings. :D
          Oh no, I had no idea that they didn’t stamp those pendants! I don’t own any of Pandora’s necklace/pendant sets. I suppose it’s something of a tricky issue as some people don’t really like having the hallmarks on their jewellery at all. But it does seem silly not to mark the most substantial part of the necklace as the hallmarks are so important in terms of establishing authenticity. :/ I’d want to be able to find those hallmarks on the pendants themselves for sure.
          Yay, thank you – I’m really looking forward to reviewing the new pieces, too! :D Do you mean that you don’t like the new Spring jewellery? As there’s plenty of it coming out as well as charms! :) // Just double-checking! ^^

        • I like have the stamps on everything. At least, I know it’s sterling. :)

          I love everything coming out for Spring. I have a lot of jewelry similar to what’s being offered so there’s really nothing different that I don’t have!! See? That’s how much I have!! LOL!!

        • Yes I get a lot of enquiries from ladies who are worried because they can’t find the stamps on their jewellery. It’s definitely important to people! :)
          Aha that’s a shame! I suppose it is all rather floral/pavé – hopefully there’ll be something for you later in the year! ^^

      • Beautiful mother gift set, I got it in Toronto $145 plus 13 percent immediately when the sales lady just put it into the showcase. It comes with a sparkling love pendant as a charm, very eyes catching. The sales lady told me that each store only got certain amount, hurry to get it!

        • I completely agree, it makes for a beautiful Mother’s Day gift set. I love the gorgeous box that you guys get with it, too – it’s a shame that they don’t tend to do nice boxes for the special pieces over here. Enjoy your new bracelet Michele! <3

  2. Another great review that brightened my day. I don’t usually wear bangles since my wrists are too small and I feel that they look dumb on me lol. I do love it though. Any chance on reviewing the Always In My Heart charm? I know you don’t buy too many from the Mothers Day collection just figured I would ask lol.

    • Yay, so glad you enjoyed it Linda! <3 Aw, I'm sure that they don't look dumb – I like my bangles to fit quite loosely on my wrists. :)
      I don't currently have any plans to get that one, as I'm saving my money for Spring, sorry :( The bangle was not really meant to happen either, so I'd better try and be good from now on, haha.

  3. Good morning ellie. Great review, pictures. Already have mine reserved for release date. Going in to see some of the new Spring arrivals tomorrow. The excitement is building yayyy!

    • Good evening Cheryle! Thank you, I’m so glad you enjoyed it – it’s a lovely piece <3 Ooh has your store got them in already? How exciting! I can't wait to see them in person myself, I'm having such a hard time working out which ones to get. ^^ Do let us know what you think if you do get to see them in person!

      • Sorry for the confusion ellie. I have not seen this bangle in person but do have my name on a reserved list for when it is released. Gals in my local store tell me that it will be sold out fast so they are holding one for me sight unseen. Have only seen pictures of it but as they say “a picture is worth a 1000words”. I know i’m sold on it!

        Have you seen it in person and did it measure up for you?

        • Lol sorry, to add the confusion even more I meant the new ‘spring arrivals’ that you mentioned, not the bangle! Our stores in the UK don’t usually sell collections before the official release dates, so it’s always quite exciting when other countries get the new charms in early ^^

      • Woops dont know where my head is tonight. Looking right at your pics of your bangle and turning around and asking if you have seen it in person. Too much Pandora viewing and wishing clouding my brain lol

      • Hi ellie. Been awhile so first i will wish you a belated Happy Easter. Finally got in to my local store to pick up the “Always in my Heart” bangle gift set. It is just beautiful, and the included charm is stunning as well. The other charms in the collection had not arrived yet which was a little disappointing but I am going into the city on Tuesday so will see them there, as well as the Disney pieces. Did not go last week as planned due to snowstorm! I had tried to get the sparkling love knot from Jared’s in the U.S. Could not find on line. Phoned one of their stores and was told it was an “In store exclusive” and wouldnt be available on line till closer to Mother’ Day. Darn. Patience is not one of my virtues. Lol. Oh by the way i finally got my (or should I say yours) vintage allure charm and it does compliment the wild flower murano and white daisies so well. Thanks for your input. Keep up the great reviews and pics. I do so enjoy them.

        • Hi Cheryle, it’s very nice to hear from you – happy Easter to you too! :D
          I’ve heard that the Mother’s Day charms have been delayed in a few stores in the US – how disappointing! :( At least you have the gift set, though. I am very envious of that lovely box you get with your bangle, too! The Sparkling Love Knot is gorgeous, do you not have a Jared’s near you? Patience is definitely not one of my virtues either, so I understand completely your disappointment.
          Ooh how lovely! The Vintage Allure has become one of my favourites, and it does go so perfectly with the new Spring pieces <3 Glad to hear that you found yours! Thanks very much for commenting Cheryle, it's always lovely chatting with you. Glad to hear that you're still enjoying the reviews – I have lots more planned! :)

  4. LOL, Ellie, I think most of your readers knew you would cave! I haven’t bought any of the bangles yet, but I do like how they look stacked. I may eventually go that direction. This one looks very pretty. You’re making me want one!

    • Aha, it was inevitable wasn’t it? And yet I really believe each time that I’ll hold out. ;)
      It took me a while to get my first Pandora bangle but now I love them, as they’re just so pretty and easy to wear. They make a nice change from the heaviness of the regular charm bracelets sometimes. This one is really nice worn on its own, too! Convinced yet? ;)

        • Okay, I bought a plain bangle to add my upcoming Pooh charm purchases to, with plans to buy this one if it’s available as part of the bracelet promo in March. Any word on when that will be? My hope is to buy the Pooh and Eeyore charms and get this then. Hopefully all the stars will align. :-) You convinced me, Ellie!

        • Aha, excellent! I’m sure you will love it! ^^ Even better that you got it at a discount, too. This Mother’s Day bangle won’t be part of the bracelet promo in March unfortunately, as it isn’t out in the US until the 9th of April. :( Sorry! The March promo is set to run from the 19th until the 22nd – I’ll be posting more about it in a couple of days!

  5. It’s beautiful Ellie! Another way you could style it is to wear a screw-on dangle on it, I have my regular bangle on today and I have the Filled with Love 2-tone heart dangle screwed on next to the Pandora round clasp so the dangle will not move on the bangle. It’s a nice way to have it stay in place without having to use clips.

    • Ooh Natalie that’s a fab idea! I hadn’t thought of that, but that would work brilliantly – especially for this particular bangle, too. I’ll definitely be trying that out. Thanks for commenting! <3

  6. Ellie you are worse then me for buying pandora, the bangle is really pretty if I was to get one I would probley cover the writing with charms because I’m not to keen on the writing.

    • Aha I know, I’m hopeless! I’m staying away from the store until Spring now. :P I really like the look of the writing, even if I’m not massively keen on what it actually says – but it wouldn’t be too hard to cover up! They should offer a version without the engraving I think, as the pavé heart clasp is really beautiful.

  7. I really like the Pandora bangles. They are light to wear and pretty enough to wear on their own without charms which is what I do. I like this bangle but I would not buy it for myself – because of the wording – I would love my family to buy it for me for Mothers Day.

    • Me too! It took me ages to try the bangle, but I’ve been a convert ever since. As you say they’re so light and pretty, which makes them perfect for layering up. This one would make a lovely Mother’s Day present, I do hope you do get one! Thanks for commenting :)

  8. I couldn’t help smiling when I saw your post! I think we all knew you’d cave in for the bangle haha =P

    It looks great on its own, more elegant and dainty, rather than filling it with charms and covering the lettering like you said. I’m still waiting for the Spring release though lol! Let me get my moments bracelet wish list sorted and then maybe I’ll take the plunge with a couple of bangles later… when my wallet allows me to… =D

    Thanks for your lovely string of posts the past few weeks! I absolutely love your blog and pictures =) Goodnight Ellie xxx

    p.s… I think Pandora should hire you as an official blogger for their products! Your pictures are beautiful and much more enticing than the stock pictures =P

    • Lol, I think everyone knew apart from me! And yet I do it every time ^^

      Oh me too, I can’t wait for Spring. My wish list is so long, it’s really hard working out what to get and what to cull – I’m not usually like that, haha. You should definitely check out the bangles once you’re doing with your Moments wish list. They might not be as fun or collectable as the Moments stuff, but they are so lovely to stack and wear with the charm bracelets <3

      Yay, it's so nice to hear that you've been enjoying the blog! :D You always leave such lovely long comments, they're a pleasure to read – thanks Suzy! :) xxx

      p.s. haha thank you! I'm always rather critical of my own stuff but it's made my day to hear that you enjoy them! :D

  9. Hi, I love your reviews :) I was wondering about the engraving you mentioned from John Greed, is that an extra engraving they will provide? like a name? and if so, is that at the Pandora store? Jejej sorry so many questions. I hope to hear from you soon :) xoxo.

  10. Hi :-) ive bought this bangle today, i got it in the medium but not sure if i should change to the small. I wear a bracelet with all my charms that ive been bought i then wear another over the top with no hanging charms and its all symmetrical. Now the gorgeous bangle above in a medium hangs over my others but the small doesnt drop low enough to be worn on its own, im so stuck what to do not sure if i can add a photo to see what you think. it truly is so gorgeous in person xx

    • Hi Helen, yay I’m glad to hear that you got one too! The stock image really doesn’t do it justice, the pavé clasp is so delicate and pretty in person. :D
      I totally get your dilemma, they really do need more sizing for the bangles – three isn’t enough :( Which size is most comfortable for you to wear? And I suppose it also depends on how you think you’d most like to wear it – stacked with other bracelets or on its own? I’m always tempted to go for the looser fit as I like my bangles to be nice and light on my wrist – but if you primarily want to stack it then you might be getter going for a smaller fit so that it doesn’t get in the way of your bracelets. If you want to add a picture, you can upload it to facebook/instagram/pinterest and then post a link in the comment box :) xx

      • Ooo fabulous I will post some photos on your Facebook page. I do have a normal bracelet and that’s a small but it doesn’t go past my wrist bone so worried if I get this one in a small too and Wear just bangles for a change they will sit too high such a dilemma I think I need 2 different sizes hehe might have to drop a few hints to my husband and daughter xx

        • Hi Helen, I just saw your post on Facebook and I just replied to you! :) I think that really you do need a different size depending on how you want to wear it, on its own or stacked with other bracelets – but if you are going to stick with just the one, I think that having the larger size is probably more versatile – as you can still stack it with other bracelets even if it doesn’t look quite as good as the smaller size. Whereas you probably won’t be able to wear the small one very easily on its own. Hope the hints work out, though, haha! xx

  11. Omg Ellie I need to stay off your blog lol. This is my first time seeing this bangle I don’t know how I missed it before. I must say it is one beautiful piece that can surely stand on its own. I fell in love with this bangle as soon as I saw it. It reminds me of my mom she passed in 2006. (She loved jewelry as much as I do) and the inscription is perfect for me. I love your blog Ellie and I just fell in love with it all over again you made my day. ;-)

    • Wow, thank you so much for such a lovely comment, you have absolutely made my day too! ^^ I’m very sorry to hear about your mom, but it was also lovely to read how much this bracelet chimed with your memories of her. It’s a really beautiful piece and it sounds like it’s perfect for remembering your mom. :) I’ve really enjoyed chatting with you about all the new Pandora collections lately, so thank you again – I’m so glad to hear that you are enjoying the blog! <3

  12. Hi ellie. In reply to your question about Jared’s, the answer is no i don’t have one near me. They are only in U.S. And i live in Canada. I have to rely on my son to take care of my Pandora wishes for Jared exclusives. Fortunately he doesn’t mind. We have an authorized Pandora retailer here in my city but I have to drive about 150 miles to the city for the closest flagship store to see all the charms available plus the specialty charms like the Disney collection so i don’t get in too often. This gives me a chance to build up my funds for bigger “hauls” lol. The case that came with the bangle gift set is very sweet. Traditional Pandora crowns covering the whole white leather tower shaped case. Inside three removable trays for lots of storage, zipper all-around closure and handle for carrying. Awesome. Great for travel. I am anxious for Tuesday’s trip into the city as they will likely have all my wish list Mother’s Day charms and Disney too. Compliments on your review of the Disney group you received as well as the pics. Will be checking them out as well. More reviews please.

    • Hi Cheryl! Ah of course – it is such a shame that Canada just doesn’t get the Jared’s exclusives. I don’t understand why charms that are limited to Jared’s in the US can’t be freely distributed in Canada, it seems rather unfair :( At least you have your son to supply you, haha.
      Ooh that box does sound beautiful. A lovely friend of mine in Canada has managed to get one of the previous North American GWP boxes and is sending it to me – it’s a shame that we don’t get anything similar here. I do hope that you enjoy your trip tomorrow – how exciting!! I’d be very interested to hear what you think of all the new pieces!
      I will definitely be posting more reviews (there are so many lovely pieces to write about at the moment!) – it’s lovely to hear that you’re enjoying them! <3

      • The GWP jewel box is one of the reason I bought the bangle sets. Mora, I got the 2014 LE vintage heart at Markville Mall here in Toronto yesterday. Beautiful! The LE 2014 bangle only have large size left, I will keep looking, like it so much. Plan to get the oxidized sterling bracelet in Sep promotion.

  13. Mora, I know this is a big ask, but would you mind if I used your photographs of this bracelet? I had one myself (which was bought as a keepsake/remembrance of my Dad. And I have lost it. I want to try and find it and need some pictures of it to post online, but I didn’t take any pictures of my own. I wore it without charms too – was my first Pandora, and thought it looked perfect without anything added (though yours does look good with the fixed charms added too). I had in my mind that the inscription was on the inside, but must be mistaken as any I have found online are on the outside. I am absolutely gutted I have lost it, kept hoping it would turn up in a handbag.

    • Hi Sel, yes of course, feel free, I don’t mind people sharing my photos at all so long as they don’t crop out my website! I’m so sorry to hear about your bracelet and I do hope you find it. They are precious ❤️

  14. Hi Ellie, love your Blog! Quick question, When you wear the bangle with the heart clasp facing you (like your picture above- wearing it above your sleeve) does the engraving facing you (able to read) when you turn it around? Also does Pandora Bangles vary in the way they close (like left to right or right to left) in the clasp? Does that make sense?? Sorry.. if it doesn’t, I can try to explain it better if you don’t understand my question.. ?

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