*UPDATED with GBP pricing* We’ve had a lot of Disney excitement in the Pandora world lately, but today I want to go back to Pandora’s upcoming Spring 2015 collection, with a look at some individual high-res images of the new charms! There’s just under two weeks to go before the debut of this rather lovely collection, which features Pandora’s typical floral motifs for spring, plus some adorable nature and hobby-themed charms. I also have some stills from Pandora’s official campaign video for Spring, which offer HQ live images of the new jewellery!


The Pandora Spring 2015 collection is due out worldwide on the 12th of March. To see the accompanying jewellery for this collection, check out my preview here. For live shots and other additional details, please have a scroll through the Spring 2015 tag! I’m afraid I still only have details of the US and Canadian pricing – no info on GBP, AUD, etc as of yet. :(


First up, we have two new bracelets for Spring 2015 – the first is a new double-wrap version of the metallic silver leather bracelet. This is $50 USD or $55 CAD.

pandora spring 2015 preview

Secondly, we have a pretty traditional-style bangle, with little heart silhouettes and pavé detailing. This is pricier at $100 USD or $110 CAD.

pandora spring 2015 preview


The Daisy Meadow offers a slightly different take on the classic daisy, with soft lilac enamel detailing. It’s $40 USD/$45 CAD or £45.

pandora spring 2015 preview

The Darling Daisy collection was very popular for Spring 2014, and this year’s Spring collection sees two new addition Darling Daisy pieces. The first is a new clip, which features delicate clusters of white enamel daisies. It’s $55 USD/$60 CAD or £45.

pandora spring 2015 preview

There is also a new Darling Daisies spacer, which is cheaper at $35 USD/$40 CAD or £30. I love both of these new Darling Daisy pieces and they’re definitely on my wish list!

pandora spring 2015 preview

The Wild Flowers murano is one of the collection’s most-anticipated charms, and I hope it’s as beautiful in person. As you can see, each flower has a clear cubic zirconia at its centre – this is laid over yellow glass. It is $45 USD/$50 CAD or £35.

pandora spring 2015 preview

You can see two examples of it nice and clearly in the following shot from the campaign video:

pandora spring 2015 murano
Image by Pandora – please do not reproduce without credit

The new Dazzling Daisy series offers pavé versions of the Darling Daisy collection. The Dazzling Daisy Meadow openwork is my favourite of these new pieces, with its trailing floral design. It’s priced at $60 USD/$65 CAD or £55.

pandora spring 2015 preview

The Dazzling Daisy pendant is $45 USD/$50 CAD or £45. I’d love to have seen a Darling Daisy version of this, with white enamel.

pandora spring 2015 preview

There’s also a new Dazzling Daisy clip, priced at $55 USD/$60 CAD or £45.

pandora spring 2015 previewThe Dazzling Daisy features bold pavé detailing and is correspondingly expensive at $75 USD/$85 CAD or £60.


pandora spring 2015 daisies
Image by Pandora – please do not reproduce without credit

In addition to all the daisies, there’s a matching Primrose collection for Spring 2015! The Sparkling Primrose has a lovely graded colour effect, with light purple and pink pavé detailing. It’s $75 USD/$85 CAD or £60.

pandora spring 2015 preview

The plain silver Primrose openwork is more affordable at $25 USD/$30 CAD or £20.

pandora spring 2015 previewI love the Primrose pendant, which is accentuated with a delicate clear stone at its centre. I always imagine primroses as being yellow, but the soft white Pandora have gone for is admittedly very pretty and more versatile. This is $45 USD / $50 CAD or £35.

pandora spring 2015 preview

The Primrose Meadow charms come in both pink and white, and are priced at $60 USD/$65 CAD or £55. I’d love to add the pink version to an oxidised bracelet; the contrast between pastels and the oxidised chain is always stunning.

pandora spring 2015 preview

pandora spring 2015 preview

pandora spring 2015 primroses
Image by Pandora – please do not reproduce without credit


Nature in general is a big theme for the Spring collection and, in addition to all the flowers, we have some sweet butterfly pieces! The Fluttering Butterflies charm features baby pink enamel detailing, with butterfly silhouettes cut-outs. It’s $40 USD/$45 CAD or £45.

pandora spring 2015 preview

There’s also a clear pavé version of the charm, which is pricier at $60 USD/$65 CAD or £55. I really quite like these pieces, as I love the look of the butterflies in motion.

pandora spring 2015 preview

The Sparkling Butterfly pendant completes the butterfly series, and is priced at $45 USD/$50 CAD or £35.

pandora spring 2015 preview

pandora spring 2015 butterflies
Image by Pandora – please do not reproduce without credit

The Sparkling Ladybug has taken me by surprise by becoming one of my new favourites from this collection! I don’t usually like the new ‘sparkling’ replacements of original Pandora designs, but this ladybird is just too cute. It will retail for $60 USD/$65 CAD or £55.

pandora spring 2015 preview

The Red Pavé Apple is in a similar style to the Ladybug, with a pretty fresh contrast between the green pavé stones of the leaf and the red apple itself. It’s $75 USD/$85 CAD or £55.

pandora spring 2015 previewThe Green Lucky Clover is the perfect good luck charm, and will cost $65 USD/$75 CAD or £55.pandora spring 2015 preview

The Alligator charm is this collection’s slightly odd-ball inclusion, as it doesn’t fit obviously with the other styles and motifs. The charm itself is nicely detailed, however, and is reasonably priced at $45 USD/$50 CAD or £35.

pandora spring 2015 preview

Hobbies & Travel

The Piano charm is perhaps the most impressive of the collection in terms of its beautiful, classic-looking detail. I haven’t played the piano for about… seven years, but I’m still tempted to get this one as it’s really very lovely. It’s $40 USD / $45 CAD or £30.

pandora spring 2015 preview

Some have found the Graduate Owl a little odd-looking, but he is one of my favourites from the Spring collection! <3  It’s a shame that his hat limits his versatility, as he’d be a nice charm in his own right without it. However, you could also get it to represent being a teacher or just wisdom/learning as a value. His RRP is $55 USD/$60 CAD or £45.

pandora spring 2015 preview

pandora spring 2015

The Mountain Dog represents Pandora’s latest dog charm, following on from the Autumn 2014 collection’s Labrador. I absolutely love that Pandora are continuing to make more dog breeds – I just need a spaniel charm to represent my babies, both past and present. :) This is priced at $40 USD/$45 CAD or £30.

pandora spring 2015 preview

The I Love Cooking charm offers much-requested hobby charm and retails for $40 USD/$45 CAD or £30. However, while I do, actually, love cooking, my real passion is baking and I’d love to see something from Pandora like Chamilia’s in the kitsch collection.

pandora spring 2015 preview

Next up, we have another ballet charm: a sweet bejewelled slipper design, priced at $45 USD/$50 CAD or £45.


There’s also a more charm for music-lovers in general: it features a music note, a guitar and a guitar pick with a cute little red enamel heart to give it a hint of colour. The I Love Music charm is $50 USD/$55 CAD or £35.

pandora spring 2015 preview

The Finish Line pendant features black and white enamel detailing and will cost $45 USD/$50 CAD or £35.

pandora spring 2015 preview

The Game, Set, Match is perfect for tennis fans (I do love Wimbledon!) and is set to cost $35 USD/$40 CAD or £35.

pandora spring 2015 preview

The Coffee Lovers charm is one of the collection’s most-anticipated charms, and it’s a nicely affordable silver piece at $40 USD/$45 CAD or £35. I would have loved a more traditional coffee mug or cup but I do like the originality of this take on a coffee charm. It’s a little heavy-looking for a dangle, but I think its quirky design saves it!

pandora spring 2015 preview

The Chinese Doll is an adorably happy little charm, with her lovely bright red dress! This charm was released exclusively in Asia back in January to celebrate the CNY, but is now being released worldwide for Spring 2015 – RRP is $45 USD or $50 CAD. I already have this piece and you can read my review here.

pandora spring 2015 previewThe Guard my Heart is another of many British-themed offerings from Pandora, but its detail and character make it stand out as one of my favourites to date! His face is mostly hidden by his hat, but he does have rather a cute nose sticking out from under it. ^^ This charm is $45 USD/$50 CAD or £35.

pandora spring 2015 preview

To complement the Guard my Heart dangle, Pandora are releasing the British Heart Flag. In the North American catalogue however this is listed with the Summer 2015 collection – in other regions, it will be released for Spring. :) It’s £35.

pandora spring 2015 preview

Next up, we have a heart flag charm for New Zealand as well! This charm is not listed in the Spring/Summer North American catalogue at all and so I don’t think it will be available there at all. This will be £35

pandora spring 2015 preview

Finally for travel pieces, Pandora are releasing another charm in the their National Icon series, with a cute representation of Prague’s Charles Bridge. Each charm in this series has a little heart tucked away somewhere in its design, and you can just make out one on the base of this charm. This will retail for $45 USD / $50 CAD or £40.

pandora spring 2015 preview


Exciting we have a new type of charm debuting for the Moments range. These are the Petite Facets charms, which are being released for Spring in pink and purple. They are made from synthetic quartz and look quite like the Essence beads, offering a different way to inject some colour into your bracelet designs!

The live shots of the pink Petite Facets that I’ve seen make it look absolutely lovely; the pink appears more of a milky, subtle shade.

pandora spring 2015 preview

Both versions are $40 USD/$45 CAD or £35.

pandora spring 2015 preview

pandora spring 2015 petite facets

The Inspiration Within spacer will be out in two new shades for Spring – pink and purple. Both spacers will be $30 USD or $35 CAD.

pandora spring 2015 preview

pandora spring 2015 preview

Next up, we have some familiar-looking muranos! ;) These are the Sea Glass muranos, which were released in North America only back in 2013. The exciting news is that they will now see a wider release for Spring 2015! They feature faceted glass and pretty marbled colours. I already have the Shoreline Sea Glass murano, which I managed to acquire on a holiday to Antigua.

pandora spring 2015 preview

However I’m also considering treating myself to the Tropical Sea Glass, which offers a beautiful mixture of greens, blues and a dash of purple. It would look lovely with my teal faceted murano I think.

pandora spring 2015 preview

pandora spring 2015 preview


There are four new 14kt gold charms being released for Spring 2015, which is good news for gold lovers! The catch is that these all already exist as silver designs. However, despite the fact that there are no original new gold designs, I think these are good choices – they are pretty and contemporary, offering some of Pandora’s most popular designs in 14kt gold for the first time.

The Love of my Life clip is priced at $350 USD/$385 CAD or £350.

pandora spring 2015 preview

The Light as a Feather is $400 USD/$440 CAD or £325.

pandora spring 2015 preview

The Inspiration Within spacer is $215 USD/$240 CAD or £140.

pandora spring 2015 preview

Finally for the gold selection is the Gold Ingot, which was also released exclusively in Asia back in January to celebrate the Chinese New Year – it is now seeing a wider release for Spring 2015. However, this charm is not listed in the North American catalogue, and therefore I do not think it will be released there.

pandora spring 2015 preview

My Comment

If you’ve read any of my previous coverage of the Spring 2015 collection, then you’ll be aware of how enthusiastic I am for these new pieces! I Admittedly it would be nice to see Pandora be a little more adventurous in their themes for each new collection, and to deviate from their dependency on florals and butterflies for Spring – but there are some wonderfully quirky designs included in this set, and the flower charms are really very sweet.

My particular favourites from this collection are many: they include the new Darling Daisy clip and spacer, the Primrose Meadow charms, the Sparkling Ladybug, the Graduate Owl and the Mountain Dog. The Coffee Lovers charm is also high on my list, as is the rather adorable Guard my Heart. Which is rather a significant chunk of the collection – oh dear! ;) I think I’ll be doing the principal of my Pandora spending for the year on this collection, haha. I’m going to be working on two bracelet designs for Spring: an oxidised bracelet with delicate pastel shades, and a Pandora Rose bracelet with white enamel pieces.

Are you excited for the release of this collection? Which pieces are you planning on getting?

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  1. There isn’t a lot here that fits into my collection, though the wild flower murano is very unique and pretty. Of the other selections, the deep ocean sea glass murano is the most likely to come home. I’m a little confused as to why Pandora would call it sea glass, though. I’ve always thought of sea glass as a piece of glass that has had it’s shine softened by waves and sand and tumbling through salt water, so that it’s a very soft, muted color. A soft sea glass green would be really pretty on a murano, actually. Blue too. Though I like the colors of these, sea glass is the last thing I’d call them. That said, my youngest daughter likes the purple one, so I’m betting that one will find its way onto her bracelet eventually.

    Ref the St. Charles Bridge charm, though I have no plans of finding myself in Prague, I like the silver landmark charms that Pandora has done. I prefer them to the flat disc- style travel charms. I’d like to see more of them, but they seem a bit hit or miss of their choice of chosen locations. I swear, there’s more to see in the US besides Disney and Lady Liberty!

    • Hmm, I’d never considered the name of the Sea Glass muranos before! I suppose they’re meant to conjure the idea of a tropical Caribbean sea type, and colours shimmering under the sun. I love your concept of sea glass too though – it sounds like you put more consideration into the names Pandora give their charms than they do, haha! I’d absolutely love that soft green murano you describe! These muranos are honestly so beautiful in person, though – especially the multi-coloured Tropical Sea one. I only got the Shoreline when I was in Antigua, and I picked one with quite muted, delicate colours as I wanted it to match a pink colour scheme, and have regretted it ever since. Consequently I’m thrilled that they’re coming out worldwide for Spring!

      I love the national icon series too. I have the Paris dangle and I keep meaning to get Big Ben whenever I am in London! As you say, they have such lovely detail and I love the little hearts tucked away into each design. Sometimes you have to look for them (the Eiffel Tower’s feet are actually little hearts!). I would really love to go to Prague, too, haha.

  2. I love the collection and can’t wait for it to come out. I love all the flower pieces the new muranos, the lucky clover charm,the Apple and the ladybird. I also love the colours of the petit faceters

    • Yes, they remind me of Essence too – that’s one of the things I like about them! They offer something for those who liked the Essence line but were disappointed that you have to buy a new bracelet I think.
      The primroses are top of my list as well! Have a lovely weekend too! <3

  3. I didn’t realise that the flower murano has a CZ in the middle, this definately makes the bead more interesting – Hopefully it will be as beautiful in person. I am rather excited about this collection because I LOVE floral beads as my mum was a florist. I plan to have one floral bead in between each silver bead. The only the I am uncertain about is that the floral beads have lots of mini flowers on it and I prefer big flowers like the British rose/red poppy charm. I know a lot of people would disagree, but more flowers please pandora :)

    • Yes, there’s so much going on for one little bead haha. It will be interesting to see how all those colours work in person. I love the floral beads too, and I like that Pandora include some in almost every collection – so long as there are other interesting pieces mixed in with them!
      I quite like the miniature flowers, especially in the Primrose Meadow charms – but I will mix them with the larger single flowers like the Darling Daisy and the Cherry Blossom clips I think! Your bracelet sounds lovely, I love the idea of a primarily floral bracelet. That should look very pretty!

      • Hi, if you do end up mixing the mini flowers with the single flower clips, can you please take a photo of it. If it looks nice on your bracelet then I will purchase the mini flowers as well, thanks!

        • Of course, I tend to review all the new pieces I get, so there will most probably be lots of pictures of the new flower beads on the blog come March :D

    • I’m in love with the white charms in particular as well; I’m planning on mixing them with the Pandora rose pieces! The Piano is also a real highlight of this collection for me, it has such lovely details. Haha, good luck to your alligator! I love that they just added him in with all the floral charms, he’s a fun little charm. ^^

  4. What a wonderful review and pics. I am now totally wound up to see this collection. I wrote down everything that I would purchase from this collection and when i finished, i realized it waas almost the entire lot.lol. Someone save me!

    • Thanks, glad you enjoyed it! :D Lol your experience sounds very similar to mine, so I’m definitely not the person to save you! ;) I’m now agonising over what I should cross off my wish list and not managing to reduce it much, haha. I’m hoping that seeing them all in person will help me decide!

      • Hi ellie. I’m getting a little afraid to see this collection at this point. I know that once i’m standing in the glow from their sparkle, i will be lost. Even having tried to shorten my list won’t matter at this point. My hands will be grabbing and somehow i will find myself uncontrollably saying “i want that one, and that one, and that one……” This is such addictive torture! Lol. Will patiently try to calm down. My husband said he was going to go into our local Pandora retailer and tell them that I could look but not purchase. Lol. Have a nice day! Lovely chatting with a fellow addict!

        • Hi Cheryle! Aha, I am completely with you on that! I can plan out what I’m going to buy before I go to the store as carefully as I like; but as soon as I walk in store, I see all the pretty new charms out on display and crumble completely, haha. I often walk out with pieces that I had no intention of getting at all! ;) My OH finds it rather funny, as I do the same thing every time! I get the feeling this collection is going to be even prettier in person – right now I am planning on getting two charms when it launches (the ladybird and the pink primrose charm). Hopefully I will be able to stick to that! ;)
          Have a nice day too! It’s lovely chatting with you too, it’s very nice to talk to someone who’s excited for the new pieces as I am lol.

    • Yep, there’s a new range of Essence charms out on the 12th of March too – you can see them here:

      • thank you so much for the reply and the link. like you, i do prefer the original essence charms more than the new pavé ?

  5. Thanks for the great review! I love this spring collection and can’t wait until it comes out, there’s so much I want to get, I’ve not been this excited about a range for ages, but I do love flowers! Thanks again

    • Thank you, I’m really glad you enjoyed it! I’m exactly the same, I can’t remember the last time I wanted so many pieces from a new collection :D I love flowers and pastels, so this collection is just right for me! ^^ Thanks for commenting Liz! <3

  6. Guard Charm is on the top of my list! Ellie, do you think that the Red pave apple Charm makes a cuter addition or the snow white’s apple Charm from the Disney collection? I can’t seem to make up my mind or maybe I’ll get them both.

    • Ooh I love that one too! So cute. ^^ Hmm that’s a tough question, I’ve been mulling that over myself actually. The red pavé apple is probably a touch more subtle and will fit into more bracelet designs, but I absolutely adore the bright cherry red enamel of the Disney apple. I’d probably go for that one, if I could make it work with the pieces I have! But getting them both is also a good option, haha.

  7. I can’t wait to go and see this collection and the rest of the Mother’s Day collection in the shops. I’m already trying to work out in my head how they’ll all look together and with the charms I’ve already got.
    I like the primrose meadow in pink, sparkling butterfly and possible the dazzling daisy meadow from this collection. From the Mother’s Day collection I like the sparkling love, delicate rose and shimmering rose. I would love to get ariel’s shell from the disney collection, which I think will go with these new ones and the ones I’ve already got.
    Better start saving my money now.

    • Oh yes, I’m doing that too! It’s one of the reasons I love getting the pre-release images, to be able to design and plan new bracelets. ^^ I’ve finally cracked how I’m going to wear my Pandora Rose bracelet – I’m going to add a new white Primrose pieces and some Darling Daisy spacers and clips, and mix them in with the Rose charms. I can’t wait either! :D
      Love your picks, those would work really well together! I really like the combination of the clear pavé and the pink enamel, very pretty. :) I can’t quite make up my mind what I want from the Disney pieces, it’s frustrating that we won’t be able to see them all in person before we choose. I’m probably going to go for Eeyore, Cinderella’s Coach and a few Frozen pieces. If my budget allows, haha. As you say, better get saving! ;)

  8. I didn’t know about the New Zealand dangle! I studied abroad in NZ so it holds a special place in my heart. Being in the US, I guess it won’t be available for me, but that’s okay as the colors don’t work with my bracelet anyway. I already have the kiwi charm, so I at least have something to represent NZ, and he’s super adorable!

    • No, sorry, I should have mentioned – we haven’t seen it before as it wasn’t included in the North American catalogue! :) Ah, how fun that you studied in New Zealand – the Kiwi is really very cute, I think I’d probably go for that one over the flag anyway. As you say, the colours of the flags aren’t exactly the most versatile – I find the heart flags really cute on their own, but I do get stuck when I try and imagine what I’d wear them with!

  9. Lovely collection!!!! There is any news about the prices in euros? especially for the Seaglass muranos……not always the priices are simply converted from one currency to another one!

    • Actually I just stumbled across the euro prices – the Sea Glass muranos are going to be 39 euros each! I’ll update the post with the rest of the euro prices tomorrow! Hope that helps! :)

  10. I love this review, it made my day again. The Spring collection is by far one of my most favorites collections. There are so many I want. The wildflower murano is beautiful and on my wish list for sure. In your opinion which murano is nicer the wildflower or the pink murano from Valentines Day ?

    • Thank you Linda, your comments always make my day too – it’s so nice to hear that you enjoy the reviews and previews :D I’m glad that you’re excited for Spring too, as it’s certainly one of my favourite collections in a long time!
      Lol that’s a really tough one. They are both gorgeous but in rather different ways. If the Wild Flower murano is as lovely as the stock image suggests, then I’d probably say that one, as there’s so much going on with those wonderful tendrils of colour and the CZ detailing :) but it all depends on how it looks in person, as I haven’t been as keen on the live images that I’ve seen of it so far. The Pink Hearts murano is also probably more easy to style with other pieces, so there’s that as well! I’ll let you know for sure when I see it in person ^^

  11. That wild flowers murano is going to be a HIT! Lots of people have been asking for more detailed muranos and voilá – Pandora did delivered with this one.
    Thanks for the HQ images, it lets us dream a little bit more about the charms while they aren’t released :)

    • Absolutely, it’s amazing how there are so many beautiful details in one tiny little glass bead! All the different colours, and the CZ detailing – it certainly looks perfect from the stock image. :)
      You’re welcome, glad they were useful! <3 At least it's not too long to wait now!

  12. Argh I can feel all of money going already!!
    There’s so many i want; the daisy clips, graduate owl, guard ‘doll’, chinese doll, alligator, piano, ballet slipper, british flag… now i’m glad that i didn’t like the mothers day collection or the valentines collection much.! :D
    top of the list for me is the graduate owl though, as i’m hopefully graduating this summer! x

    • Hehe, sounds like you’re in a similar boat to me! I want so much from this collection that I think I’m going to be catching up for the rest of the year ^^
      I graduated last year and I will be graduating from my master’s degree this year, so the Graduate Owl is top of my list too! Plus he’s just so adorable haha! x

      • Yes, I always seem to the spring and autumn collections the most and they take up all my money overtime! haha. The graduate owl is my favourite I think.
        Oooh, fancy. Maybe your OH will gift you him for your graduation? :) especially as its a master’s too… I’m waiting a bit because they’re funding the master’s degrees from next year ;) x

        • Me too! Although thinking about it, I often quite like some of the winter releases – Pandora do some great Christmas charms, I loved winter 2013. :) I find Pandora saps my bank balance all year round though haha.
          I’m sure he’d be willing to get me the owl but I don’t know if I can be that patient haha! It depends on how cute I find it in person. ;) Whoa, as in you can get them on student finance from next year?! I was not aware of that! x

  13. Awww! I really want that gold ingot, but I’m in North America :(. I am so excited for all the new collections coming out, especially with the free bracelet promotion just around the corner. I just got into Pandora recently and love catching up on and reading this blog. Thanks for being so informative and willing to share!

    • Aw, that’s a shame! It’s a difficult one to try and obtain abroad as well, as it’s such a pricey piece. :( I noticed that North America didn’t receive the silver ingot either last year, so that’s probably why.
      I’m really excited too, haha – there are so many nice things coming out this season! It’s really nice to hear everyone else’s enthusiasm too :D Thanks very much for reading and for leaving such a nice comment, it’s really appreciated! <3

      • Thank you so much, Mora!! I have friends in Asia keeping their eyes out for me on that gold ingot, although I really hate troubling others, and I’m not sure which market has the best price for that piece. I just recently got the little gold money bag from Las Vegas. I’m hoping they might end up getting the gold ingot as their exclusive as well sometime down the line!

        • You’re welcome – I do hope you find one! :) Yes, it would be a nice exclusive to get from Vegas – you never know, maybe it will turn up there eventually!

  14. The Wild Flowers murano charm has taken several years to perfect, the technique of making it is quite difficult, and it takes more than 50 different steps to make one charm.

  15. Hi I’m a bit confused at the color of the CZ’s in the wildflower murano. Some say it’s clear but other who have seen it in person are saying its yellow. Do you have any ideas ? Thanks

    • Hi Linda! :D From what I understand, the CZs themselves are clear but there are little yellow bubbles in the glass underneath them (like the pink centre of the cherry blossom murano) that makes the CZs look yellow. This might not be right, but that’s how I understood them to be and it’s how they look to me from the pictures. Not too long until we find out now in any case, can’t wait to see it in person! :)

  16. I wasn’t sure where to post this, but I was on eBay and I saw several listings from the new Spring Disney line with your watermark on the images. I am not sure how to report to eBay, but I want you to be aware.

  17. I went to Prague on my honeymoon, so that Charles Bridge charm is definitely coming home with me. I love the big primrose … I hope it’s pretty in real life. I think it would be a lovely Mother’s Day present. :D

    • Ah, that’s a lovely reason to get the Charles Bridge, how perfect! :D I’d love to go to Prague some day. Yes, I love the graded colour of the Primrose – I’ve seen a few live shots of it on people’s bracelets and it makes an absolutely lovely centrepiece! It would look really nice with the Shimmering Rose series from the Mother’s Day 2015 collection too I think.

  18. Looking at the Pandora NZ website today it doesn’t look like we’re getting the twinkling forever bangle or any of the sea glass muranos. :( I really wanted those muranos

  19. Love the post, very happy to find the Chinese doll in the Spring Collection. Thank you for the update :) But sometimes the conversion rates are slightly off putting.. Assuming it is our UK VAT that increases it.. Hopefully, a new safety chain clip will enter the Summer collection. ^_^;

    • Yes it’s a really lovely charm! She has such a happy little face! The conversion rates are appalling, but it’s worth remembering that the North American prices don’t have sales tax factored in like ours do :) no new safety chains for the Summer collection unfortunately – perhaps we’ll see one later in the year! I’d love to see some new designs, I have all the ones that I like from the existing ones :)

  20. Yay! I got my Sea Glass today! Super happy! I love the pink/purple one so I’ve decided to build my second bracelet around a purple/dark blue/black theme. Unlike my first bracelet which is all just random charms I like lol.

    Thanks so much for your amazing website!

    • Yay!! I thought that they’d probably have them, glad to hear that they do :D I have the purple/pink one as well, it’s so lovely! I like your bracelet idea – the sea glass muranos are quite dramatic and striking so it would contrast well with darker colours :D
      Thanks Rochelle! <3 Glad you got your Sea Glass!

  21. Omg. Best day ever! Was pretty sad yesterday on spring release day as my local vendor did not receive their new charm supplies. Very hard to read everyones comments about what they were purchasing. Then today the phone call. Christmas in March! Wahooo. Went shopping and surprise surprise, got my entire list. So beautiful. The wild flower murano is breathtaking, as are all the other pieces. Glad the green color is a soft shade and not the grass color i was expecting. Now i can relax and figure out how to balance my bank account lol. Enjoy your new charms Ellie.

    • Yay, so glad to hear that you got all your Spring charms :D How exciting – new collections really are like Christmas, haha! Really pleased to hear that the wild flower is a soft green in person, that’s exactly what I was hoping for :) I’ve ordered mine online as quite a few stores in the UK haven’t had them in (which is weird), so I’m hoping that I get a good one haha. I don’t like ordering muranos online as there’s so much variation in each one, but I really want it to be one of my first reviews!
      Enjoy your new charms too Cheryle! <3 I'm going to avoid thinking about my own bank account for a while lol.

      • Had a chuckle when u say “glad that I got all my spring charms” as i literally got almost the entire collection, gasp!! The daisy spacers, daisy meadow sparkling daisy, sparkling primrose and on and on. They are all breathtaking. As a bonus because i purchased soo much they let me do the free bracelet promo this week (one week early) so I picked the two tone bangle. It also is awesome. I have a total of five bangles in progress. Waiting for the Mother’s Day pave’ heart clasp release which the sales ladies have put my name on a reserved list for. A few Disney pieces and Mother’s Day pieces to round off till Fall. Be still my heart lol. Nice chatting with you yet again. Enjoy your weekend Ellie.

        • Aha, well that does sound like an amazing haul! I love this collection too, so I totally understand the urge to just buy all of it ;) I’ve certainly made a pretty good stab of it myself. :P The two-tone bangle is one of my favourite Pandora pieces too, and it would look great with some of the white enamel flowers – I wear mine with the Vintage Allure charm and the two-tone braided heart clip. I’m planning on adding the Darling Daisy Meadow clip too as I absolutely love gold and white enamel together – and the white should also set off the green spinel in the Vintage Allure :D Which Disney pieces are you after? :)
          Lovely chatting with you too Cheryle! Hope you had a lovely weekend and have fun playing with all your new charms! ;)

        • Agree with you about the two toned bangle complimenting the white enamel pieces. I have done that on my bangle with the darling daisy spacers “surrounding” the wild flowers murano and dazzling daisy meadow. Very calming and chic looking. Little bit of sparkle added from the sparkling primrose and dazzling daisy. I just can’t take my eyes off these pieces. The term “eye candy” definitely works here. As for the Disney pieces, will try to get my hands onElsa’s crown, the Frozen snowflake pendant (to go on my winter bangle), Cinderella’s pumpkin coach, Dream and Wish and Arielle’s shell (for my summer teal bangle). I will also try to get the “believe” two toned openwork piece for my daughter. Her words to live by are”believe, achieve” so i think she will enjoy that one. All of this sure sounds like an addiction when I read it back haha. Which pieces are you hoping for? Hope your wild flowers murano is everything you were expecting it to be. I just love mine. Keep up the good work. I do so love the blog. It definitely is the highlite of my day. Ttyl

        • I just got my Darling Daisy Meadow clip and it looks beautiful with the two-tone bangle :D I’m so pleased with it! Your design sounds absolutely beautiful; I don’t have the Darling Daisy spacers yet (although I think I did put one on my promo list) but they’re perfect for that murano. I’m currently working on a review of the murano actually, and my favourite styling so far is the two-tone bracelet with the white enamel daisies! <3
          Great Disney wish list! I love the Frozen snowflake pendant – I almost didn't get it, as it looks like it would catch on just about everything, but its prettiness won me over in the end haha. The other pieces that I'm getting from Disney are Eeyore (yay!), the Frozen muranos, and Cinderella's Pumpkin Coach. So excited! I do slightly regret not going for the Tinkerbell murano and Anna's Dress to, so I may come back for those at some point haha.
          Thank you so much Cheryle! I really do enjoy reading your comments too, they're always so nice and chatty. :D

  22. Hi Ellie. Oh no why did you mention your “vintage allure” charm. I had not heard of this one so looked it up and yup you guessed it, it is now on my “want” list. It is beautiful. It most certainly will look fantastic with the white daisy pieces and the wild flower murano will just give it a little zing. Love it! Have you received your murano yet or is it too soon? Going into the city on Tuesday and will visit a concept store to get a look at the Disney pieces. Hope I can control myself till the Mother’s Day pieces come out. Everyone must be enjoying their new charms as posting seems to be a little quiet. Hope you have a great weekend. Talk to you soon.

    • Hi Cheryle! Aha I’m sorry! I guess we’re all bad influences on each other, haha. But the Vintage Allure really is gorgeous in combination with a little two-tone and white enamel – usually when I put together stylings for reviews, I take them apart again straight away. But I’ve been wearing that particular bracelet design all this week! It’s just lovely, I don’t think I’ve been able to capture just how much so on camera unfortunately. ^^ It should be going up soon – I got my murano at the beginning of this week! :)
      Ooh you must let me know what you think of the Disney pieces. I’m enjoying them vicariously through you guys until mine arrive haha! Happily enough they just went in the post today, so hopefully they’ll be with me soon. Hope you had a great weekend too Cheryle!

      • Ellie, you didn’t say if you were pleased with your wild flower murano. Was the color to your liking and how will you be styling it?

        • I did like it, very much! The colours in person were much cooler than the stock image suggested, but very pretty nonetheless. I hear that there is a lot of variation in these charms, though, so mine might not be representative of every one :)
          I actually just posted a review of it if you’re interested! //morapandorablog.com/2015/03/23/review-wild-flower-murano-from-pandora-spring-2015/

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