It’s so close now to the launch of the Pandora Spring 2015 collection on Thursday (so exciting!) and, to help tide you over until the new pieces arrive, today’s post offers a review of the rather lovely Pandora Rose collection. This collection saw an official launch exclusively in the US last October, and offers an elegant range of rose gold plated charms and other jewellery.

pandora rose gold

The exciting news is that the Pandora Rose is slowly but surely making its way to more regions. It just launched in Brazil, and I’m hearing that it will make it to the UK this summer! :D When I hear more concrete information about future launches, I will update the blog. :) In light of this, I thought it would be good to offer a review of the charms for those who haven’t had the chance to purchase this collection yet.

pandora rose banner

I actually first started working on the photography for this review back in November, after a very lovely reader helped me to get a couple more of the Pandora Rose charms from Canada – however I have continually shelved it for later due to other things cropping up. But this has proven to be no bad thing – as, having had a good chance to wear in all my Rose pieces, I can offer some solid opinions on wear and tear, too. ^^

The collection

The Pandora Rose collection currently consists of a ring, earrings and a bracelet with a selection of charms (although more pieces will be coming in April) – this review will be focusing on the bracelet and charms.

pandora rose collection review

The charms offer stylish, abstract designs – hearts, feathers, and glittering curlicues. This collection is clearly about style, and less about Pandora’s usual slogan of ‘unforgettable moments’ – we don’t see many character-based charms in this collection.

pandora rose collection

This is probably linked to the fact that these charms are plated and so will eventually start to show wear. Consequently, they’re not as good a choice for commemorating that ‘unforgettable moment’ as a regular silver or gold charm, which will last a lifetime. Instead, they’re beautiful and showy, designed to be worn primarily for their aesthetic qualities.

pandora rose collection

The charms are not threaded, and therefore are thinner, and lighter, than their traditional silver counterparts. This is particularly noticeable in the Big Smooth Heart and the Centre of Attention. The rims of the charms are very slim and do not feel as substantial as a normal charm.

pandora rose collection


For obvious reasons, one of the principal concerns for those considering dipping into the Pandora Rose line is the durability of the plated rose gold finish. I’m pleased to say that, after regular wear, I’ve not had any significant problems with my Rose pieces – with one exception: the Big Smooth Heart charm. This has recently been retired, and I’ve found that the smooth surface seems to show the scratches in a way that the other, more accented, charms do not.


However, overall, my pieces are looking as lovely as they did on the day I got them. The Light as a Feather openwork has lasted particularly well, and admittedly the Big Smooth Heart still looks lovely mixed in with my other charms – it’s only on close examination that it shows its scratches. The Pandora Rose bracelet clasp looks particularly good, too.

pandora rose collection


If you’re a regular reader, you’ll know that I am a big fan of rose gold! I love the pinker hue of the rose gold finish – and the contemporary, pretty designs that Pandora have chosen for the Rose collection also appeal to me. Pandora’s pink-toned campaign images work really well to bring out the prettiness of the Rose jewellery, too; the whole concept of the collection could have been designed for me, haha.

pandora rose collection

However, I actually find it somewhat hard to style the Pandora Rose collection. Its pink tone is not the most versatile of shades, and I find that I like it most when worn with quite specific colour combinations. One of my favourite ways to wear it is to mix it in with some delicate shades of pink and white; here, I’ve added the Rose and White Looking Glass muranos, which are absolutely stunning in combination with the Rose collection.

pandora rose bracelet pink cherry blossom

pandora rose

In contrast, they also look great when worn with the oxidised bracelet for an edgier, more contemporary look. The addition of white enamel and pearl on this design gives it a little lift and stops it being too dark, however. I’ve actually seen some adventurous attempts to oxidise the Pandora Rose bracelet itself, with rather spectacular results!

pandora rose oxidised bracelet

The Rose collection also looks beautiful paired with the limited edition Fascinating Aventurescent murano, which features beautiful copper flecks that shimmer beautifully in the light. This coppery shimmer makes it work very nicely with the Rose charms.

pandora rose collection review

Finally, this is what’s actually on my Pandora Rose bracelet right now. I recently dismantled it, so it’s in a bit of a sorry state, as you can see. However, I have great things planned for it. ;) I’m creating a white and rose gold theme for this bracelet; the plan is to add the Rose Love of my Life clip, in addition to the new white Primrose and Darling Daisy pieces for Spring 2015. <3



I love that the Pandora Rose collection makes rose gold available to those who can’t afford the prices for the genuine thing. I don’t own a single piece of the Pandora 14kt gold range, as the prices are just too high here in the UK – but happily, I can afford to indulge in a few of these plated pieces. The quality of the pieces I have has largely proven to be very good, and I wouldn’t hesitate to reassure those who are worried about the durability of the plated finish.

My only reservation is that the Rose designs currently on offer are relatively limited – but the Pandora Rose line is only in its infancy, and I’m sure that many more options will eventually be made available! It’s very exciting that Pandora will be releasing this collection in more regions this year, and I’m looking forward to being able to see the whole range in person.

Are you a fan of the Pandora Rose collection? Do you own any pieces, or is it on your wish list? Would you be excited to see it launch in your region?

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  1. I was shown a little sneak peak at the bracelet yesterday in my local pandora where I’m known quite well now lol. I was told around June time it will be out and not a bad price. Can’t wait to see the charms in person. I would love one of these for my collection with selective charms I don’t think I would fill it though just a few on at a time. How exciting ♡

    • Ooh that’s so exciting! How nice of them to show you – I used to be really friendly with my local store but I moved last year and now I don’t actually go to the store that often :( I’ll be very interested to see the UK pricing! And I wonder if we’ll get the new Spring 2015 charms, too, or just the original collection… thanks very much for sharing <3

      • I was told the bracelet was going to be £65 and the charms £20 or so more than the silver ones. I really liked the bracelet and with clips and a charm or two will match perfect with my Michael kors rose gold watch :-D

        • Ah that doesn’t sound bad at all! I remember the prices as being quite reasonable when they had their test release in the UK last year. Thanks! <3 That sounds like a great combo, I really do love rose gold, haha.

  2. I’m really looking forward to seeing the Rose collection. However, I might wait till they extend the range as prefer character based charms, as opposed to decorative ones – unless its a flower.

    • Me too, I’ve never seen it all in person before! :D I’m not entirely sure that they will add character charms – although I’d love them to. They seem focused more on the pretty, decorative designs for this range – but I’m sure that we’ll see more flowers in the future at least! I really love the Darling Daisy Rose charm coming out in April.

  3. Just ordered my bracelet yesterday(Mar.9) as a pre sale item for the bracelet special at my local Pandora store this weekend.Will use for a summertime theme bracelet of shades of pink beads and flower beads.

    • Ah that’s so exciting! Your bracelet design sounds lovely, too – I absolutely love the idea of a pink colour scheme for a summer bracelet. Usually you see lots of teal and orange on summer designs, but the warm tones of the Rose collection would be perfect! <3

  4. You shoul try wearing them with the pink effervescent muranos. The more peachy pink (or ballet pink how I like to refer to them) is a great compliment with the rose gold.

    • That’s a great idea! I’ve always been slightly put off by the fact that they’re slightly peachy rather than pink, but I’d never thought of putting them with the Rose pieces. The warmer pinks would work really well together!

  5. I would love a bracelet,my plan would be to have a few rose gold charms and then some peachy/ pink muranos.

  6. Hi Mora – love your blog and it’s so awesome we get to see all the previews before they hit the stores. This earns me a lot of bragging rights among peers!!! Haha!!! I consider myself fairly lucky living in Canada because we have the Pandora Rose for a while now (last Sept or so) and I was originally very skeptical about the collection – just not too appealing and therefore didn’t think much about it at all. Few months down the road, I got more special silver charms and started to fall in love with the Light As A Feather Rose (I have the silver version of it and love it!) and before I knew it, adding a few Rose here and there and Voila! I got a full bracelet! Is there a way to attach a photo here?

    • Hi Anne! Haha, thank you, it’s great to hear that you enjoy the blog – and that it gives you bragging rights haha! I like to get the pre-release images as I can get planning (and saving!) for all the lovely things coming out too. ^^ Yes, North America does seem to be getting all the extra goodies at the moment! At least Pandora Rose is finally trickling its way into other markets. I’m glad that the Rose collection grew on you, as I find it just lovely and it’s a little bit different to Pandora’s other lines I think :D
      You can’t upload a picture directly to the blog unfortunately, but if you upload it to Facebook or an image hosting site of some kind, you can post the picture’s URL here and the image will appear :) It’s a tad complicated I know, but I’d love to see your bracelet!
      Thanks for commenting Anne! <3

      • Thanks Ellie! What a lovely name!! I agree with you with your pre-release images I can get started on planning (and saving) for all the upcoming lovely things. I know we here are getting the extra goodies but Asia has a few exclusives this Spring I would love to have a couple of them to call my own. Shall see…
        Anyhoo, I had posted an image of my Rose bracelet on your facebook page and here’s the URL (and thanks for letting me know how this works – it’s not too complicated thank goodness-haha):

        • Yes, the Asian exclusive charms are gorgeous! :D I’m hoping to get my hands on a couple of those myself somehow, haha. The UK isn’t getting any exclusives unfortunately so I’ve got my work cut out for me trying to get hold of both the Disney and the Asian charms! ^^
          Hmm, I don’t know why posting the URL didn’t work for your picture (it usually does) but I uploaded your photo to my website instead and posted the URL into your comment myself :) It is an absolutely gorgeous bracelet!! The silver and the rose gold looks so beautiful together – very simple and elegant. I need those Rose clips too! Thanks for sharing Anne :D

  7. I’ve been browsing around the Pandora NZ webpage (it’s nearly thursday!) and PANDORA Rose has turned up in the options for Charm metals (nothing in there yet though). Looks like NZ and Aussie might be seeing the Rose collection soon! :D

    • Ooh that’s exciting! :D Nice catch! I’d be so surprised if the UK got the Rose collection and Australia didn’t (seeing as we were both test markets for the collection last year) so I’m sure it’ll be available for Australia soon too! :D

  8. Thank you so much for this review and putting in some inspiration for this! I am so eager for the rose collection, but because I am just starting out with my first bracelet, I had to figure out if it would work or not. I decided to split them up, but I still want to start my rose gold collection, so I have decided to get myself a regular bracelet for my red/silver/”diamond-look” bracelet (favorite color and birth stone) and then have a leather bracelet I will get during the leather bracelet promo to start collecting my rose gold charms slowly until I fill up my main bracelet. That way, I don’t overload myself with filling up two bracelets at a time (plus, taking advantage that now there aren’t too many rose gold charms to choose from! xD).

    I tried for a red/rose gold/silver look in the designer just to see what it could look like, and somehow, it just looked off. I do love rosy pinks and cherry blossoms and daisies as my birth flower, so maybe that would be a better theme for that. Thank you for the inspiration! I can’t wait to start my collection!

    • Ah thank you, glad you enjoyed the review! :D I can imagine that the red and the rose gold might look a little off together, as the rose gold is quite pinky/orange and might clash a bit with the bright red? Red and silver themes are always so pretty and striking, too, so I think you’ve made the right decision to split the two themes up! What colour leather are you going for? The Cherry Blossom murano does look amazing with the rose gold pieces – this is the only picture I can find with them together and it’s not great, but you do get some idea :)
      I totally get how distracting it can be to have too many bracelet designs on the go, too, it can be nice to focus on getting one just right before you start another. ^^
      Thanks for commenting Ilene! Have fun building your bracelets, they do sound lovely <3

      • Thanks! The leather I was thinking of going for was champagne, as when I made a design for that, it looked nice and soft, but I am still looking into other colors as well, just in case! I think it would also be nice to have a leather bracelet for when I start new designs (after finishing one, of course!), but maybe there isn’t a silver bracelet promo coming up soon, or in cases like these, to control myself, or both! Haha Yes, I’ve already found it pretty distracting for planning, and it definitely would get pretty expensive! I have made what I think a reasonable plan for my collecting, though.

        That cherry blossom murano sure does look lovely against the rose gold! I may have to consider that, especially since it is a murano I really love the look of. :)

  9. I love the colour Rose gold and have always have since a teenager ( some 25 odd years ago) so will be looking forward to purchase a bracelet, oh and by the way I love this blog great to keep up with the latest before it reaches the stores xx :)

    • I love rose gold, too, so it’s great that the Rose collection is so affordable as I would not be able to indulge in the real thing ^^ Oh thank you – I’m really glad to hear that you enjoy it! :D Thanks for commenting Emma! xx

  10. I was just considering to buy a rose gold bracelet…and I think this blog inspired me more! Btw I’ve read somewhere about not using polishing cloth for rose gold items? Is this true?

    • Haha, I’m glad to hear it – the Rose collection is really lovely. ^^ Yes that’s right – you shouldn’t use a polishing cloth on the Pandora Rose items as you run the risk of damaging the plating and making it fade faster. :)

      • I just got the rose gold clasp bracelet. I’m wondering how I should clean it and/or make it shine again if I shouldn’t use a polishing cloth? I’m also wondering if I’ll have to worry about it’s colour coming off or anything. I read your review on saying your rose gold charms have been fine thus far which I’m glad to hear!

        • When I clean my Pandora Rose pieces, I just put them in a bowl of warm water with a few drops of dish soap for a few minutes. Then I gently dry them off with some tissue and that seems to be all they need to keep looking lovely! Nothing too intensive :)
          Well, I wear my Rose bracelet pretty often and I’ve not noticed any fading on the clasp so far. Obviously it is plated jewellery and I suppose it will wear eventually, but it seems pretty hardy so far!

  11. That’s good to hear! Thanks for the cleaning advice, I appreciate it.
    My other bracelet is just the plain silver clasp but I’m not sure if I should exchange it to a rose gold clasp as well. Decisions decisions! :<

    • You’re very welcome! I guess it also depends on how much of the Pandora Rose collection you like – do you like enough pieces to add to two Rose bracelets? :) At least it’s a fun decision to have to make though, haha!

      • I actually don’t have any rose gold charms yet! I just like that touch of rose gold on the clasp I suppose. Right now I have a regular silver clasp one. So the two new ones, I’m not sure if I should do one silver and one rose gold or do both rose gold. I’m such an indecisive person. T_T

        • Oh right, well I definitely get that – a little touch of rose gold is always good! ^^ It depends on what colours you want to do on each bracelet, too, I suppose? The Rose clasp is beautiful but not the most versatile. Hope you come to a decision soon haha!

  12. Hi – I’ve heard that these aren’t plated – the silver is infused with copper and a smidge of yellow gold to give the rose colouring. So shouldn’t be a problem wearing off!

    Hope that helps!

    • Hi Kirsty! You’re absolutely correct in that the core metal of the Rose charms is a blend of copper and silver :) however it’s also plated with 14kt rose gold! But hopefully if it the plating does wear a little, the metal underneath should also be pink in tone and not show up too much :)

  13. Hi Ellie

    I’m slowly building up a two tone wedding bracelet (currently I have the wedding cake, flower basket, palm trees and songbird all picked up in the sales!) and I really want a gold clasp bracelet for it but can’t justify the cost. Now that the rose clasp bracelet is coming to the UK (thanks for your post on that!) I’m thinking it would be a much more affordable alternative! I’m just not sure if the rose clasp would look good with the yellow gold on the charms – what do you think?



    • Hi Amy! Your bracelet is sounding lovely – you have some gorgeous classic two-tone charms in there! In regards to the Rose clasp, there is quite a trend right now for three-tone jewellery featuring gold, rose gold and silver and I’ve seen quite a few designs that have meshed the three well. I personally find that lots of yellow gold and rose gold clash for me, but in small doses with the two-tone charms I think it would look nice. It might pull together better still if you added a little hint of pink/peach in there as well, which would go well with both rose and yellow gold. Or perhaps some white – just a hint or two, to break up the colour contrast a little?

  14. Hi.

    Nice blog,great pictures.
    Just want to update info.The metal of the Rose Psndora, it’s an amalgamation of rose gold,silver and copper, it’s not actually plated.
    Therefore the charms will last a ” lifetime”. Treated will care,of course.

    • Hi Jan! Oh right, I’ve always been told that it’s plated and that the metal underneath was the blend of metals. I will follow that up – thanks for the information :)

  15. I have just purchased the rose gold bracelet and some rose gold charms. I was told to care for the bracelet in the way you described above, with a few drops of dawn dish soap and warm water. How do you clean the charms? I was told that the rose gold charms shouldn’t be put in the tumbler cleaner at the store, but then the sales rep at the store said she would put them in the tumbler just for less time than the other charms (silve, etc.)
    Thank you!

    • Hi Erin! I do just stick to the dish soap method for the Rose charms. It’s just the most gentle way of doing it, and I find that it works well; and that way you don’t run any risk of damaging or putting friction on the plating. :) Hope that helps!

  16. Hi..This would be a first that I have read, let alone responded to a blog. I guess my love for Rose Gold runs deep and it helps that your blog is EVERYTHING?!
    Because I dont wish to wait for the bf to purchase me this for me I am looking to order off thw official website. Just one concern, is the Pandora Rose the traditional rose gold color…or is it hue that they’ve created hence the name. Just want to know what to expect when it arrives.

    • Hi Lo! Aw, thank you so much for your kind words about the blog haha. Put a smile on my face!
      Pandora Rose is a traditional rose gold colour, yep, as the top layer is plated rose gold anyway. My plating has not worn off, but Pandora say that the metal underneath is also a rosy pink as it’s a mix of silver and copper. :)

  17. Hello, Came across your blog while searching reviews for Pandora Rose collections. I love the Pandora Rose collections but is concern on it’s durability as it is plated and if it were to wear off, not sure whether it will look ugly ><. For you, do you personally prefer the rose collection or the usual silver charms, have you found any problem with the rose collection yet?

  18. Hi there fellow PANDORA lovers!! My husband started me off 6 years ago with the Sterling Bracelet, and 2 Sterling Charms. About 6 months ago he bought me the beautiful new Rose Gold Clasp Bracelet, so we can start adding in the Rose Gold Charms. My Bracelet has been full for about a year now, so I wear both the Sterling Clasp AND Rose Gold Clasp Bracelets together. I NEVER take them off unless ABSOLUTELY necessary. I’ve NEVER had a problem with losing stones, the tiny diamonds, or with the Bracelet turning colors. However… I’m quite upset with my Rose Gold Bracelet. The Clasp looks as beautiful as ever, but the Bracelet itself has turned into a BLACK color, making it look like it’s NOT a STERLING SILVER BRACELET!!! It LOOKS AWFUL!!! My other ALL STERLING SILVER BRACELET has NOT done this at ALL. As I said I NEVER take them off, so it’s NOT something I’ve done to the Silver itself. Also, all the Charms ON the Bracelet are just fine and have NO discoloration at ALL!!! Does ANYONE know WHY this has happened?? Or has it happened to ANYONE else, who has the Sterling Silver Bracelet WITH the ROSE GOLD CLASP??!!! Ooh NO!!! It’s AWFUL!!! HELP!!! : ( : (

  19. Hello! I absolutely adore the Pandora Rose line and got the Timeless Elegance ring as soon as it was released last 2016. I am somehow upset with the current state of my ring. After just a few months of use, the rose gold plating has faded :( I already took the ring back to Pandora for cleaning but the
    Rose Gold band does not come close to the gorgeousness of a new one. Being a rose gold lover yourself, can you please advise on how to clean Rose Gold pieces apart from the little information on the Pandora page? Would really appreciate help.

  20. I have had the smooth rose gold bracelet for about 9 months now, with a healthy collection of rose gold charms for it. Sadly, the bracelet is already showing quite a bit of discolouration, as is my Light As a Feather charm. The first time I asked a store about it, they said it was just showing that it’s stretching (I didn’t believe that, as there are discoloured spots on the clasp itself, as well), and today a store told me I needed to buy the cleaning kit with a special rose gold cleaning cloth. Do you know if this is normal “oxidization”, or is the rose gold has had any reported issues? I wear mine less than 1 in 7 day rotation with my other Pandora bracelets, don’t wear it when doing dishes or and don’t wear perfume on my wrists. I would appreciate your feedback, since you have so much more exposure to the whole collection to know if this is normal – this bracelet has been a big investment for me. Thanks!

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