*UPDATED!* Today’s post offers a quick preview of three new Asian-exclusive charms that are being released for Spring 2015! We haven’t seen these designs before, as they weren’t featured in the North American catalogue; they feature a new pavé pear design, a lavender butterfly charm and a rather cute pink enamel puzzle-piece pendant, shaped like a heart.

These charms are exclusive to Asia and will not be sold in other territories – for the time being at least. The Green Pavé Pear and Fluttering Butterflies charms are due out with the Spring 2015 collection on the 12th of March, while the Complete my Heart pendant is due out with the Mother’s Day 2015 collection on the 9th of April. Unfortunately Pandora retailers are not permitted to ship abroad, so international readers will have to find a friend based in Asia to help them.

Pandora Spring 2015 Asian exclusives

The first of these Asia exclusive charms is the Green Pavé Pear charm, which goes perfectly with the Spring 2015 Red Pavé Apple! This one is RM329/SGD 124.

pandora spring 2015 asian exclusive charm

*UPDATED* I now have a stock image of another Asian exclusive charm for Spring 2015 – a lavender version of the Fluttering Butterflies charm! This is really lovely, and I think I do prefer the delicate lavender shade to the regular pink version. This is RM229/SGD 88.

pandora spring 2015 asian exclusive charm fluttering butterflies

The final charm is a rather adorable puzzle-piece design, called Complete my Heart. It matches the other pink enamel charms coming out for Mother’s Day 2015 rather perfectly. This is RM139/SGD 53.

pandora spring 2015 asian exclusive charm

My Comment

I think these designs are incredibly sweet and I’m disappointed that they won’t be available in the UK! The Complete my Heart is such a cute concept, and I expect I’ll be trying to obtain one – Pandora do produce a lot of heart designs, so it’s nice to see them putting a quirky twist on a rather well-worn motif. The Green Pavé Pear also appeals to me, and it would work quite nicely on a fairy-tale or nature-themed bracelet.

What do you think of these two new charms? Will you be trying to obtain one?

72 Comments on Preview: Pandora Spring 2015 Asian Exclusive Charms

  1. love the heart , it’s a real shame we won’t be able to get this in UK, I don’t have any friends who live in Asia !!

  2. i don’t understand just coming back from Phuket , at the Pandora store they tell me that theyr don’t have speciale collection

    is ti true or not ?

    • Yep they’re definitely happening! There are some catalogue shots of them as well on Facebook, and they’re labelled as Asian exclusives. It’s not a ‘special collection’ as such, just a couple of charms for Spring and Mother’s Day that won’t launch elsewhere – if that makes sense. :)

  3. Totally agree! It’s so pinky and has the message behind that says, ‘you are the missing jigsaw to my heart ‘. Kinda cheesy though. It would actually make a good Valentine’s piece too I would say.

    • Haha, it’s maybe a little cheesy but then again, I find most of Pandora’s charm names a bit cheesy. ;) But I actually really like how they’ve done this charm and i love pink- if I get one, then I’d also be adding it to my heart clasp bracelet haha. It does fit well with the valentines pieces!

  4. I don’t understand why they are Asia exclusives they both look very pretty, I don’t know how I would fit a pear charm in its a bit of a random charm.

    • I know, they’re so pretty! :( They’ve never done Asian-exclusive charms like this before, perhaps other regions will have similar exclusives in the future, too. It would be nice to get an exclusive launch here in the UK for once! ;)
      Haha, the pear is quite random but it would look nice with the pavé apple or a nature-themed bracelet. I think it’s cute!

    • Oh nooo, that’s such a shame! :( How annoying. You could always try one of the Pandora selling groups on Facebook to see if you can get hold of one once you’re home – Pandora’s Tribe is good. There are usually kind ladies on there who help out with country exclusives. :)

  5. Well Ellie now I REALLY know how you feel when things are only available in North America! I love all three of those Asia exclusive charms, especially the pear. Such a cute shape and I love green. Definitely going to have to check out Pandora’s Tribe.

    • Haha! I’m glad you like them, too, I think they’re lovely – especially the heart pendant and the pear. They picked the really cute ones for their exclusives, hmph. ;) You should definitely do that, Facebook groups are a great resource for getting hold of HTF charms!

  6. Hi there;)
    I was thrilled to see the pink heart/jigsaw charm and was wondering if Australia will be getting these charms or is it just an Asian exclusive as we’ve had other charms that were only released there???

    • Hi Julia! For the moment these charms are just Asian exclusives and won’t be sold elsewhere. It’s true that Pandora has a track record of releasing country-exclusives worldwide at a later date (such as the CNY charms), and so it’s possible that they will eventually be released in Australia and other regions. However, at the same time, they are very explicitly labelled as Asian exclusives in the catalogue and it would seem a bit cheeky for Pandora to then go back on that! I guess we’ll have to wait and see.
      I think all these designs are absolutely adorable and it doesn’t make much sense to me for Pandora to limit their availability :) I’ll definitely be hunting down the heart pendant at least!

  7. I just loved Green Pavé Pear, it has to be the highlight of spring collection. Others are also good, but this gem of the jewelry completely outshone rest of the pack.

  8. I am sorry but cannot see the point in having a pave pear charm and the jigsaw charm is really tacky (could understand if it was charity piece but its not). Not sure why they are Asian exclusives but I;m perfectly fine with them not coming our way.
    Just my personal opinion

    • You don’t need to be sorry! We all like different things. ^^ Making a pear charm is perhaps a little random, but for me the design is really very cute and I do enjoy it when Pandora produce a design that’s a little off the beaten track. At least you don’t have to worry about hunting these down in addition to the regular spring charms haha. I don’t know how I’m going to manage it all!

  9. I understand country or region exclusives like the destination dangles for the US and Canada but I don’t understand this kind of exclusives. Such interesting charms should be released worldwide, this doesn’t make any sense to me.

    • No, I don’t really get it either. Pandora haven’t really done anything like this before – usually, as you say, there’s some kind of logic behind an exclusive release like the US destination dangles or the licensing restrictions on the Disney collections. I don’t really see the advantage to Pandora in limiting the distribution of these particular pieces which seem like they should be part of the regular line. It would be interesting to know their reasoning!

  10. I think the charms are pretty but I can’t see how a pear, butterfly and puzzle love heart is associated with Asian culture.

    • No, I agree. It seems like they’ve just taken a couple of regular charms from the upcoming collections and randomly made them Asian exclusives. It doesn’t make a lot of sense to me, as I can’t see what advantage that gives to either Pandora or the consumer! Even the Chinese New Year charms have been released worldwide – and they seem the obvious candidates to be Asian exclusives.

  11. Hi Ellie!!! Adore the green pear, it has such a fresh, green (edible colour, haha) I think it would look great with the new Spring collection – it reminds me of the new wild flower murano! I’m not sure how I’d style it on a bracelet though, I do tend to just buy charms I like and make them fit somewhere… haha…oOOo I’m very excited! I also really love the jigsaw heart – cheesy but extremely cute! I think it would go well with last years Mothers day collection too!

    For the first time I’m excited that there’s suddenly an Asian exclusive, I’m in Hong Kong at the moment, and I’m looking forward to seeing the above charms in person! I agree with the comments above, that the charms will probably be released worldwide at a later time, but if you’re stuck, I can help you out and post them too you =) Thanks again for your posts! It’s made my day!

    P.S. My friend doesn’t understand how I can be so into Pandora that she went into a Pandora concept store in Taiwan, told the sales assistant about it, and wanted the assistant to help her make a full bracelet to purchase. The sales assistant replied: I think you’re the crazier one of the two. =P Have a lovely day xxx

    • Hi Suzy! :D I love the pear too, it’s so cute – I know exactly what you mean about it being an edible green lol. I was also a bit stumped as to how you might style it, but I’m now thinking that it would look really cute on a grey leather bracelet with the new wild flower murano and some other white charms. Maybe even with the purple butterfly asian exclusive too! I’m a bit like you though too – nowadays I just buy the charms I want and make them fit somewhere ^^ Pandora rarely looks bad whatever you do with it haha.

      Oh that’s such good timing! :D Lucky you, please let me know what you think of them in person! That would be amazing if you could help me out with them, that’s so nice of you to offer – where are you based usually? :)

      Aha that’s hilarious! I am completely Pandora crazy but I have never purchased an entire bracelet in one go haha. I prefer to spend a lot in little bursts, that way I can pretend it’s not so much! :P Have a lovely day too Suzy, thanks for another lovely comment! <3 xxx

  12. Ellie, I received information from Pandora SG that the purple butterfly charm won’t be released together with the Spring collection on 12 March. Any clue when it will be launched?

    • Hi Charmaine! That’s weird, as I’ve seen a couple of shots from an SG catalogue and I’m sure that it lists the purple Fluttering Butterflies as coming out with the Spring collection tomorrow. Some ladies from SG have also been told by their SAs that the purple butterflies charm is a spring release. If it’s not, then the next launch is the Mother’s Day on the 9th of April. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see if it launches tomorrow, as that has puzzled me haha :)

      • Yes, Ellie. The staff from the outlet I made a reservation for my list of items called to inform me that the purple butterflies charm won’t be launched with Spring collection. I was equally puzzled so I called another outlet to confirm and the staff from the other outlet said that it’s country wide, so all stores won’t launch it here on 12 March. And they don’t have any idea when the it will be launched, hence I was wondering if SG is even one of the Asian countries to have it.

        • Oh, no, I have no idea then :( I have seen it listed in a brochure with SGD pricing so it seems that it was originally intended to be out with the Spring 2015 collection. Perhaps it’s been delayed for some reason – it’ll be interesting if it launches in other countries today still. Was the pavé pear still coming out? Thanks for updating me!

        • Hi, ladies. I just dropped by one of the pandora store in Hong Kong and unfortunately the pavé pearl, the butterfly & the heart puzzle charms will be launched here by April so I assume by April 9th.

        • Thanks so much for confirming that Isa! Sounds like they’re delayed everywhere. :) In a way that works better for me as I don’t want as much from the Mother’s Day collection, and it’ll be fun to hunt these exclusives down instead! <3

  13. Hi Ellie, no to both. I went to Pandora earlier and they told me that they’re delaying the launch till mother’s day collection on 9 April.

    • Ah, okay, that makes sense – I just looked online and couldn’t see them listed anywhere. Thanks very much for the update Charmaine, that’s really useful! :)

  14. You are most welcome, Ellie. So thankful for having you around for all your awesome updates. Have you gotten your Spring wish list items yet?

    • I’ve just been to the store and I got the new ladybird and the White primrose meadow – they are lovely! I really wanted to see the new wild flower murano in person, but my store hadn’t got it in for some reason :( I have lots more on my wish list but I’m hoping to get some help with the U.S. bracelet promo! Have you got anything from the spring collection yet? :D

  15. That’s nice! I got the guard charm, white daisies spacer from the Spring collection. For Disney Spring, I got the Mickey and Minnie charm, heart Mickey safety chain and the park exclusive safety chain. Disney items are gotten through a help from a dear friend of mine. Actually, if the Mickey bracelet within a heart wasn’t so thin like essence bracelet style and the usual silver clasp bracelet style, I’ll definitely get it. I’m such a sucker for bracelets which are different from the usual one. Just like the Valentine’s bracelet and the Disney bracelet from the previous collection.

    • Ah lovely Spring choices! I absolutely loved the Guard in person, he will definitely be coming home with me at some point or another :) I got the parks safety chain too, and the cinderella castle charm – from the Disney Store. Have spent way too much but I’m happy, haha. In a way it’s a good thing that the Asian exclusives aren’t out for a little while as it gives me a bit more time to save up again! ;)
      I love the special bracelets too! It’s so fun to have a twist on the regular ones, and they’re very collectable. I don’t have the Disney bracelet, but the heart-clasp is one of my favourites.

  16. Argh what a pity. The Disney bracelet comes with a castle logo for the clasp so it will be a perfect pairing with your castle charm. I got the guard charm to match with my Japanese and Chinese doll charms. The red theme. And paired them up with the red heart cherry clips, on my Valentine’s bracelet.

    • Oh yes, that’s a good point – it would be lovely to own one of them one day! I have quite a few bracelet designs on the go at the moment so I’m being good and resisting the urge to try and find one for now ;)
      Sounds absolutely lovely! Red is perfect for the heart bracelet – I wish Pandora would do some more red colour schemes for their Valentine’s collections. The Guard my Heart is so nice in person; he’s a great British alternative to the Asian dolls, they should look really nice together!

  17. Absolutely! I made him my centre piece of dangling charm with two ‘ladies’ – Chinese and Japanese at his sides haha! Oh yes, for a travel themed bracelet, I currently have the cruise and windmill. But I don’t know what else to get. I paired the Chinese doll with the cruise, with the idea of the ancient Chinese ships, the guard charm with the windmill and the Japanese doll is sadly alone at the moment. I do have plans to get the red dangling lantern and the red lighthouse charms but they’re both dangling charms, so I need non dangling ones to balance them out. Any suggestions for me?

    • Aha, I can just picture that – how cute! <3
      Ah, I love the thought you've put into the meanings behind each charm. So it's a red bracelet theme? Are you going to put any murano glass on it? I really like the cherry blossom murano with other red pieces, and that would work well with the Japanese Doll and the Japanese theme :) If not, then I guess you have the more traditional travel charms – I absolutely love the original silver suitcase. Or there's an airline exclusive version of the suitcase, which has a little red enamel heart on it – if you can hunt that one down, it's really cute! The silver camera charm also has absolutely amazing little details on it, I love that one. :)
      In terms of representing other cultures, there's also the plain silver ingot that would go nicely with the lantern, or perhaps the silver teacup to match the British Guard? The London Bus is also one of my favourites!

  18. Actually, I’m not really into murano. In fact, I don’t even own a single one till date but the Disney glow in the dark collection did make me contemplate quite a fair bit. You can really read my mind, Ellie! I did consider having a Chinese themed bracelet with the silver ingot, lantern and Chinese doll. A British themed bracelet with the guard, telephone, aeroplane, dangling passport charm, London bus, camera and the travel exclusive suitcase. And now that you mentioned, I think I will put some serious thought into considering ‘marrying’ the Chinese and British themes and leave the Japanese doll out for now and patiently wait for Pandora to come up with more Japanese charms. I think I did mention this previous. A collaboration with hello Kitty would probably send more than half the world crazy. Till then, I will be dreaming of a Hello kitty in kimono charm.

    • No… Pandora had better not do that. As of now, I am already struggling. If we are going to have Pandora X Sanrio, I will definitely be bankrupted. >,<

    • Haha, see, I love murano glass and only one of my bracelet designs doesn’t have any. I find it hard to design a bracelet without them ^^
      Aha, how funny that we picked out the same things! That sounds to me like it would work very well, with a really nice mix of silvers and red enamel accents – really pretty! :) It’s a shame that there aren’t more Japanese charms for you to fit with the Doll, perhaps you could just sneak that one in for a bit of extra colour? ;)
      I do love your Hello Kitty idea – now that they’ve done Disney, maybe they’ll do collaborations with other brands! ^^

  19. Yes, I will definitely consider that. Actually, I’m also thinking about starting a pave themed bracelet with the apple and pear, together with the butterfly and floral charms from the Spring collection.

    • That bracelet sounds gorgeous! You should definitely do that :) I’m thinking about doing one with the pavé pear as well, perhaps on my silver leather bracelet with the wild flower murano and some white daisy pieces :)

  20. Hi all,

    I love the ‘You Complete Me Heart Charm’ Asia exclusive and wondering if anyone would be able to help me purchase the charm when it’s released? I live in the UK. I will also ask to join the Facebook pages as reccommended above.

    Thank you for your help in advance.
    Debbie x

  21. Hi Ellie, did you manage to get the complete my heart charm? It is available in my country but i am holding back as no idea how to style it. Any good suggestion?

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