Today’s post brings another review from the Pandora Spring 2015 collection, with an in-depth look at the new Wild Flower murano! This is the only new murano glass design out with the collection, and it offers a pretty, subtle floral design, with white daisies and green leaf detailing.


I’ll be offering some close-up shots of this charm, and some ideas as to how you could style it! :)

The charm

The stock image for this charm suggests that the colours run lighter, with quite warm tones running through the charm.

pandora spring 2015 preview

In reality, however, the charm I received looked pretty different. It’s much cooler in tone, and the detailing is more defined – what looks like swirling colour in the stock image is actually flower stems, painted in green and brown.

pandora spring 2015 wild flower murano

The colours do look a little warmer once you start wearing it in the sunshine:


I hear that there is a lot of variation between these muranos, and that you can choose one with more green or brown tones, depending on which you like best. I’ve not seen these in store, so I’ve not been able to see the variation in person myself yet!

pandora spring 2015 wild flower murano

The charm features the smaller silver core, with hallmarking on one side only. This shot also demonstrates the detailing on the green leaves and stems – each is tinged with brown.

pandora spring 2015 wild flower murano

The flowers feature a clear cubic zirconia at the centre; however, underneath each cubic zirconia is a yellow bubble in the glass, as you can see in this picture! This makes the cubic zirconia appear yellow a lot of the time. There are a lot of layers of detail to this charm, and yet they all work very nicely and softly together to create a natural, subtle look.

pandora spring 2015 wild flower murano


The murano looks perfect in combination with the Darling Daisy white enamel charms, and the silver triple leather makes a nice backdrop to it, too. I do like this charm in combination with more neutral shades, which allow its own softer greens and browns to pop a little.

pandora spring 2015 wild flower murano

The other combination I found myself liking was this murano and the Pandora Rose collection. I was trying to think of combinations that could warm up the murano a little bit, and the rose gold really helped to bring out the brown tones in the glass I think.

pandora spring 2015 wild flower murano

In fact, the two-tone look is just lovely with this murano; and yellow gold matches nicely with the hints of yellow within the murano itself. I think that this is the kind of design for which I’ll be ultimately using my murano. :D

pandora spring 2015 wild flower murano


You have to admire the skill that goes into the detailing of this charm; there are so many layers and little touches that work to create its beautiful effects. In person, the colours are very subtle and soft; I was initially a touch disappointed that it wasn’t warmer as per the stock image, but I’ve come to love the delicate, soft look. It is so lovely in combination with a little gold (whether that be yellow or rose), and crisp white pieces also help to set off the delicacy of the colours.

Pandora have upped their game in terms of their murano glass, which is why it’s a shame that we only saw one new one debut with the Spring collection. The Petite Facets are really nice alternatives, but I hope that we’ll see more murano glass designs for Autumn/Winter. :)

The Wild Flower murano is $45 or £35 in the UK, where you can buy it alongside the rest of the Pandora Spring collection from authorised retailer John Greed.

Do you have this charm, or is on your wish list? If so, what you are planning on wearing it with?

72 Comments on Review: Wild Flower Murano from Pandora Spring 2015

  1. I am in love with this charm. I did do the promotion this weekend of spend the hundred and get one free bracelet. I’m planning on making a spring bracelet with this charm. I’m starting it off with the two new rhinestone silver spring Daisy clips that I bought this weekend. I plan on getting this Murano charm with the two new spring white enamel charms and a couple of the silver new spring daisy charms. I did see this charm in person and to me the few that I saw look exactly like the second picture shown ( stock image) . I would like to find one that has the deeper greens in it but maybe in the sunlight it will look different.

    • Ah, I like the sound of your spring bracelet – and the CZ Daisy clips should bring out the CZ detailing in the murano very nicely! I’m also thinking of making a fresh spring bracelet with this charm. Much like my last styling with the two-tone charms and the white enamel florals. :D
      It’s funny that the charms you’ve seen look more like the stock image. Mine just looks nothing like it haha. I suppose it just goes to show the individual craftsmanship that goes into making each charm ^^

      • I really love your murano Ellie, I was hoping for one with more white than green. But seeing yours I would live one like this purple is my favorite color. And this one is soooooo different.

        • Thank you :D Yeah, mine has a lot of brown/purple-y tones in it; some of the leaves are actually more purple than green! I’m interested to find out how common that is haha. Hope you find ones that you like in any case! ^^

  2. I am hoping to get 2 of these this week – I have heard some have more brown others more green, so hoping to pick more greeny ones. I also plan on getting one of the white spacers – i still can’t decide.

    • Ooh fab. Ever since reading everyone’s comments saying how different their muranos look, I’ve had a look around online and mine does seem to have a lot more brown in it than most lol. It’s much darker in tone than a lot of others I’ve seen. Ooh one of the white Darling Daisy spacers? I think they’re lovely! :) And the white enamel goes so perfectly with this murano.

      • The only concern I have is that I have seen a photo of the darling daisy clip next to one of these spacers and the clip has obviously discoloured over time. So it’s putting me off getting the spacers ? – I think the new bundle set plus the 2 muranos will be my purchase (off to a tower event this week!) and use my other charms I have already…

        • I have the original Darling Daisy clip and yes, sadly it’s not as crisp a white as my new Darling Daisy Meadow clip. However mine is not terribly discoloured, just not quite as bright. I don’t think you’d notice unless you looked up close :) Perhaps some weather worse than others – my SA the other week advised me to very careful with the white enamel pieces and to keep them away from sprays, perfumes, creams etc. I’m pretty good like that so I will keep an eye on my new enamel pieces and see how they fair!
          That sounds lovely! Enjoy the tower event too – I’ve never been before to one before. Hope you get something good! :D

        • Ooh I hadn’t thought of that combo before. My blue butterfly murano is quite bright but they’d maybe look nice together with some white pieces in between them to break it up a bit? Have a play in store and see what you think :D I’ll try and take a pic for you if I have time! :)

      • I’ve been checking out the photos online and I think your right, maybe one of the new enamel spacers inbetween with the flower heart padlock and maybe one other in the middle… I’ve never been to a tower event either! It’s only on for 2 hours tonight, I wonder if they will let me have 2 goes?? ?

        • Yeah I think that would look fab! Especially if you managed to get a wild flower with quite a bit of white in it? So, did you get anything from the tower? :D

    • Hey Sarah and Ellie!

      I went to my store earlier to exchange the openwork Primrose that I got last week – it’s too polished and not oxidized enough so it stuck out like a sore thumb next to my more oxidised charms. I thought I was going to upgrade to the Wild Flowers murano, but ended up getting the Blue Butterfly Kisses instead! All the Wild Flower muranos at the store had too much brown and green inside. LOL.. I’m so picky.

      I wish Pandora would make a lavender murano with white flowers inside. I would be all over that!



      • Hey Tia! Aha, I’m very picky about my charms too – I never usually order muranos online, but I got impatient as my store didn’t have the Wild Flower in and went for it. Luckily I do really like my brown and green one, but it would have been much better to have picked one out I think haha. They vary so much!
        In any case, the blue Butterfly Kisses is one of my favourite muranos I own – it is just gorgeous, especially with other purple charms. Great choice!
        Ah that sounds beautiful! They definitely need more muranos in a lighter purple – or just more pastel shades in general I think <3
        Thanks for commenting Tia!

  3. This charm is such a beauty! It is true that you won’t find two identical pieces. And the difference is huge. The one I saw in the shop window was so green, oh God! Which disappointed me a little because it looked so different from the promo image. But when it came to picking up two for myself I was again filled with joy. Because I could choose either a greenish one or a whitish one. I chose less bright pieces. And the size of flowers can be different. Some of them are big and as wide as the charm itself. Others are more like buds.
    And this is the only item I have bought from this colkection so far. But it is absolutely irresistible!!!

    • Ah, thanks so much for those tips on the variation – all the comments I’ve had on mine have really piqued my curiosity, haha. I am really looking forward to going into store and seeing how the examples they have out compare to the one I received (my store didn’t have them in when I first went to go and see the new collection, so I had to order online). I’m glad you were able to pick out ones you liked – I’d quite like to get another lighter one, just to contrast with the one I have. We’ll see! ^^
      Yay, it is a really lovely piece :D I am in love with this spring collection, and so far I’ve opted for this murano, a couple of white enamel florals and the Ladybird. But I expect that total to climb, haha. ^^

  4. Hello Ellie,

    I was going back and forth about this bead it’s soo beautiful but I didn’t think it would fit in my collection. I took it off my wishlist twice and put it back. I think I will add to the the LE mother’s day bangle coming out next month.

    • Thank you! I know, from reading the comments and looking online, it seems like I have quite an unusual one? It has quite a lot of dark brown/purple tones in it, which is really different from say, this one I found online, which is like the stock image:
      Most people seem to have the lighter ones haha.

      • Oh wow! This one has mostly light green – it’s so perfect! I’ve yet to see one at the store like this though. Bummer!

        • I know! It’s the holy grail of the wild flower muranos haha. I’ve been into my store since writing this review and most of the ones on display were more like mine than this picture.

  5. Your photos of the murano is quite different from the stock image. I much prefer the murano in your photos because the colours are alot more darker and a cool tone – which I prefer. I’m definately looking forward to seeing this charm and hope i will be able to get my hands on a very green murano with larger flowers

    • Yes, my murano looks nothing like the stock image! It has way more brown/purple-y tones in it and the green is much darker. But it sounds like you can pick one out that is a lot closer to the stock image, if that’s what you prefer. Hope you manage to find one you like – I’m tempted just to pop into my store and just have a comb through all the ones they have, as this has piqued my curiosity now, haha. I’d be interested to know whether there are many that are darker like mine.

  6. This charm is very high on my wish list it is so beautiful I love it. I’m going to put it on my green forest/ nature bracelet.

      • Yay, thanks Nicola. :) I loved this murano with the two-tone – the picture doesn’t really do it justice. Normally I take apart stylings after I do reviews, but I really loved that one and I wore it for about a week afterwards! ^^

  7. As always, I love your styling. I think the way you have styled it with the rose gold is stunning. Must say I love your murano better than the stock image. The green is quite striking.

    • Yay, thank you Lozzie! I’m glad you liked it! :D Yes, I was a little taken aback at first at how different my murano looked from the stock image – but, from the comments, it seems like mine is quite unusually dark! It really is pretty though. :)

    • No, it’s been delayed indefinitely. :( Yet another victim of production issues! It seems like they’re having a lot of issues with the pavé pieces at the moment. :/

  8. I put it on my list and took it off my list so many times…but when I saw it in person I couldn’t resist!

  9. I have ordered this charm together with the Disney Tinkerbell murano from a friend in Canada. I hope that it will look more like the stock photo as that should go better with the Tinkerbell murano I think!

    • Yes, that was my idea too when I first ordered this charm – that ultimately I might wear it with the Tinkerbell murano and/or the light green Looking Glass murano. However I still think that they would look nice with my darker murano – the contrast between the darker and lighter greens should still be pretty! Hope your charm meets your expectations ^^

  10. I bought this charm last week- it’s the first murano I’ve really fallen in love with. My charm is closer in color to the stock image than yours. Your greens are quite bright! Mine are more of a true leafy color. I was shown three to choose from and they all looked similar- I personally did not see much variation, but your charm proves that there is a lot of variety amongst them.

    • I am a huge fan of the murano glass beads, so I’m glad that this one has tempted you into getting one! ^^ Yes, the green in mine is much darker than the stock image – some of the leaves in mine are more brown/purple than green, too. Well, that’s actually what I’m wondering about now haha – the comments I’ve read suggest that there is a great deal of variation, but I’d be interested to go into store and just have a look at all the examples that they have. I’m wondering how common my darker one is now, as most people seem to have ones that run more like the stock image!

  11. I got 2 of these charms this past weekend along with the Rose collection bracelet and 2 Rose collection clips. I think this bead goes so well with the Rose collection. I am loving it.

    • Hi Ginny! I completely agree – there’s something about the warmer tones of the Rose pieces that really brings out the prettiness of the green in the murano. Your bracelet sounds stunning!

  12. Love your review on this charm. I still dont have it cause sometimes its impossible to save when you have 2 little ones but reading your reviews make me feel like i have it lol. Sorry it took me so long to respond. My little one was sick. Looking forward to more reviews on the Spring and yes the Disney collection. I’m getting interested in the Disney charms too.

    • Thanks Linda – I’m so glad that you enjoyed it! I know that you were interested in this one :) Hope your little one feels better now <3 I have lots more reviews planned, for both Spring and Disney – next up will be some Disney I think! ^^

      • Hey! Does anyone know if they will come out with an Aurora charm. I woudl love to see Maleficent or Sleeping Beauty themed :)

        • Hi Jamie! I can’t imagine that they won’t do one at some point, but I don’t have any details on what’s coming next for Disney yet. Sleeping Beauty would be great – there are lots of great princesses that they haven’t done yet. I’d also like to see sets for Mulan or Princess Jasmine :)

        • Eeyore has yet to arrive with me (but he’s on his way, yay!) so my first Disney reviews will be of my two Park exclusives, which came this week :D Can’t wait for the rest of it to pitch up!

  13. I went to the pandora store yesterday and saw the murano. Though it was pretty, it’s not wow like in the pictures. The green in the murano I saw was light green, more like the Chinese love shot, above. I actually like your dark green murano better, Ellie

    • Oh really? That’s interesting! I’ve not seen one as light as that in person yet – the ones I’ve seen have been darker, although most don’t seem to be as dark and defined as mine. Good luck finding one that suits you! ^^

  14. Just back from a different Pandora store and this store all had more of the deep green where the other store it was more like the stock photo which was more teal (2nd pic ), I wanted the deeper green like mist of your pics above, so I got one! :)

    • I think I will check out other pandora stores as well bec I want a dark green murano like Ellie’s. Not a fan of pastel/lighter colours

      • Julie, Yes, keep checking! I told the lady tonight about the variations, and she was unaware. She said of course it will look different than in the book. But I explained that at the other Pandora it is more of a teal color and not green. She was surprised.

    • Yay glad to hear that you found one you liked! :D It does seem like stores seem to get batches of similar-looking ones. When I went into my store after writing this, all the murano seemed more like mine – quite dark and defined. I’m still keeping my eye out for a lighter one – not because I necessarily want one, but I’d just like to compare them in person, haha.

  15. Ellie =)
    I finally bought my wild flower murano today! I spent ages picking it out, the SA looked at me as if I was nuts, lol. I picked what I thought was the darkest (most defined) out of the few she’d put on the tray for me.

    But after coming home and comparing it to yours, it still looks very wishy washy… =/ As in, you probably couldn’t tell what it was at a distance, unlike yours. I might go to a few more stores and see if they have any other variations.

    That said, I also bought the puzzle piece *squeals*! It’s a milky pink like the other Mother’s Day enamel pieces and it doesn’t look cheesy at all! I had a look at the green pear as well, but they refused to let me take a picture of it, and were telling everyone else taking pictures of the display not to take pictures =/

    It’s not as green as I thought it would be, it’s even lighter (maybe under their lighting) and I think it would go really well with any colour theme due to the light colour =D.
    I was actually quite good and bought only 3 charms…for now =P

    Love your new postsssssss =DDD So excited to see your new bracelet styles and themes!

    • It does seem to me like stores get batches of the Wild Flower that look quite alike. My local store’s muranos looked mostly the same and I’ve not seen many in person that are as dark and defined as mine. I hope that you’re successful in your quest to find one you like- I often spend ages picking out muranos too so I’m used to the funny looks from SAs lol!

      Yay you got the puzzle pendant! <3 I managed to get hold of one too and I just got a tracking ping to say that it's in the UK so hopefully it will be here next week :D That's so weird that the SAs wouldn't let you take pictures, I don't know what reason they could have for not wanting you to do it :S
      Do you mean the Pavé Pear? I'm glad to hear that it's versatile – it looks slightly lighter and more golden in the pictures I've seen, which seems appropriate. Really glad to hear that you like them both, I'm even more excited to get mine now haha.

      Thanks so much for commenting Suzy – glad to hear that you're enjoying the posts! <3 Lovely to hear from you as ever, and enjoy your new charms!!

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