With just under two weeks until the worldwide début of the Pandora Mother’s Day 2015 collection, today’s post brings some individual high resolution images of the collection’s new charms! This rather sweet release focuses primarily on themes of motherhood and love, but also offers a few fun pieces that have a more universal appeal – including a sparkling girls’ night out set.

The collection is due out worldwide on the 9th of April – although the UK received part of the collection back in February.


This post focuses primarily on the charms and bracelets coming up for Mother’s Day – for a detailed preview of the accompanying rings, necklaces and earrings, please see my post here. :)

Additionally, the Pandora Rose Spring 2015 collection will also be making its debut alongside the Mother’s Day 2015 collection – you can see a full preview here! Unfortunately this collection remains exclusive to the US & Canada for now.

Pandora Mother’s Day 2015 Preview

Before I get stuck into all the new charms, I have a quick update about the Shimmering Rose Mother’s Day statement ring! There are actually going to be two versions of this ring: one which is exclusive to the US and Canada, and one which will be released worldwide, and not in North America. I’m not really sure what the point of that is – especially as they are pretty similar in appearance!

And now for the charms! Next up, we have the following Mother’s Day pieces that have already been released in the UK, as we celebrate Mothering Sunday earlier than the rest of the world. They will be released globally on the 9th of April.

The Always in my Heart has been one of the most popular charms of the collection, offering a pretty two-tone option. It is a limited edition piece, retailing for £65 or $75 USD/$85 CAD.

pandora mother's day 2015

The Mother and Friend clip is one of two new clips being released for Mother’s Day – it is priced at $35 USD/$40 CAD or £35.

pandora mother's day 2015

The Mother’s Rose pendant is one of my favourite designs of the collection, with its soft pink enamel detailing and locket-esque design. If I were a mother, I think this would be the one I’d ask for! The motif inside reads, ‘First my mother, forever my friend’. It’s priced at £55 or $65 USD/$75 CAD.pandora mother's day 2015

The We Love You card pendant offers another two-tone option, with a simple but sweet gold heart on the front and a Mother’s Day message inside. It will cost £60 or $55 USD/$60 CAD.pandora mother's day 2015

The Centre of my Heart pendant is £45 or $45 USD / $50 CAD.pandora mother's day 2015

The Sparkling Love pendant looks rather stunning from its stock image – it would look lovely on a necklace or as a bracelet centrepiece. It’s priced at $50 USD/$55 CAD or £45.

pandora mother's day 2015

The Mother’s Pride offers a new spacer design, featuring a clear cubic zirconia shaped like a heart. It costs £25 or $30 USD/$35 CAD. pandora mother's day 2015

The Pandora Motherly Love openwork features the word ‘M♥M’ and some pretty heart detailing. It is priced at £30 or $25 USD/$30 CAD.pandora mother's day 2015

It’s nice to see another plain silver offering in the From Us charm – although I’m not sure how I feel about the realistic detail on the children’s faces! This will cost £35 or $40 USD/$45 CAD.pandora mother's day 2015

The Always in my Heart bangle is also limited edition, and offers a gorgeous heart-shaped clasp. This bangle is my absolute favourite of these pieces – the stock image does not do it justice. You can read my review of it here! :) It’s priced at £75 or $85 USD/$95 CAD.pandora mother's day always in my heart bangle

The following charms have not yet been released in any territories and focus on more general pretty designs, such as roses and hearts. In the UK, these pieces will be marketed as the second drop of the Pandora Spring collection.

My favourites of these are the Precious Boy & Girl, which are rather adorable. They’re perfect for representing y0ur children – or, alternatively, my plan is to use them both on a bracelet as a tongue-in-cheek representation of me and my OH!

pandora mother's day 2015 preview

In North America, they will be $35 USD or $40 CAD, while in the UK they are each priced at £25 – surprisingly reasonable! pandora mother's day 2015 preview

The Family Always & Forever openwork offers a substantial amount of two-tone detailing, pushing the price up to $85 USD/$95 CAD or £70. This is a Jared’s exclusive.pandora mother's day 2015 preview

The My Beautiful Wife pendant offers a pretty locket design, with a touch of pavé detailing to give it that extra sparkle. I love the locket concept, but the addition of ‘my beautiful wife’ makes this less versatile – it would be nice if they made a plain silver version. It would be a great one to get your own personal engraving on. This is priced at  $50 USD/$55 CAD or £45.

pandora mother's day 2015

The Sparkling Love Knot is another of the collection’s more popular pieces – it will be a Jared’s exclusive charm in the US. It’s priced at  $65 USD or £55.pandora mother's day 2015

The Heart Lock represents the only 14kt gold option for Mother’s Day 2015; it features cubic zirconia pavé detailing. It’s priced at 400 USD/$440 CAD or £375.

pandora mother's day 2015 preview

The Delicate Rose charm again features that pretty soft pink enamel detailing, mixed with some pavé accents. This is one of the charms I’d most like to see in person, as I don’t get the clearest sense of what it actually looks like from the stock image haha. It’s priced at $55 USD/$60 CAD or £45.pandora mother's day 2015 preview

Continuing the rose motif, we have a couple of clear pavé options. The Shimmering Rose clip is another of the collection’s most-anticipated charms; it would look lovely with the floral charms that were released for Spring 2015! It’s priced at $55 USD/$60 CAD or £55.
pandora mother's day 2015 preview

The Shimmering Rose dangle is also priced at £55 or $55 USD/$60 CAD.

pandora shimmering rose pendant

Finally, we have a rather fun girls’ night out set! These fun pieces have a little sparkle that offsets the more saccharine tone of the family-themed charms. My favourite of these is the cute little Sparkling Handbag, which will retail for $45 USD/$50 CAD or £45.

pandora mother's day 2015

The Sparkling Stiletto will retail for $45 USD / $50 CAD or £45.

pandora mother's day 2015

The Night Out cocktail charm is another fun little concept, and the pavé detailing is very appropriate here I think! It’s priced at £45 or $50 USD / $55 CAD.

pandora mother's day 2015

There will also be three Asian-exclusive designs released with this collection on the 9th of April – these will not be available in regions outside of Asia. While undoubtedly cute, these are a slightly eclectic bunch, featuring a pavé pear, a purple butterfly charm and a pink puzzle-themed heart pendant.

pandora spring 2015 asian exclusive charm fluttering butterflies pandora spring 2015 asian exclusive charm pandora spring 2015 asian exclusive charm

Live Shots

To round up the post, I have a few extra live shots of the new pieces, courtesy of the lovely Vickyliebtdich! You can see other live shots and sneak peeks by having a look through the Mother’s Day 2015 tag.

Image by vickyliebtdich
Image by vickyliebtdich

Several people have noticed that the Shimmering Rose pendant is rather large – but I think that it works quite well in this simple bangle design.

Image by vickyliebtdich
Image by vickyliebtdich

The girls’ night out set look great together on this bracelet – the cocktail glass pendant is a particularly fun design.

Image by vickyliebtdich
Image by vickyliebtdich
Image by vickyliebtdich
Image by vickyliebtdich

My Comment

Personally, my picks of this collection are the LE bangle, and the new Boy and Girl charms. I’m very pleased that the latter are reasonably priced at £25 each in the UK – especially as the rest of the collection is unremittingly expensive in comparison with the US & Canadian RRPs. I’m also hoping to get hold of the Complete my Heart Asian-exclusive pendant, which is such a cute design! :D

Which pieces are you most looking forward to? Do you have any designs in mind?

42 Comments on Preview: Pandora Mother’s Day 2015 HQ Images

  1. I want the LE bangle and the two shimmering rose clips. Then i want the precious boy for my first bracelet. Lastly i want the cocktail dangle the stiletto and the handbag for my free bracelet. But if i only end up with the LE bangle and the two clips i will be more than happy. The wonderful girl at my store said they wont have a presale but she can hold it for me up to three days. I am very excited. Then im really on a ban i dont like anything from the summer collection thank goodness.

    • Sounds perfect, the bangle is definitely my favourite of the collection. <3 The Shimmering Rose clips look very pretty with the bangle in that live shot too I think! :) The girls' night out set is really fun but I'm going to try and be good and just stick to the boy and girl. They're too cute!
      Aha, I'm also not after much from the summer collection – maybe the Orchid and the Club charm. So hopefully my bank balance can take a breather after the beating it's had from the Spring releases haha!

  2. I really wish the “Complete My Heart” was available everywhere. I love the little boy – much cuter than the last one. I really like the “Always in my Heart” and I think the heart shaped clip is very cute. ?

    • I completely agree – the Complete my Heart is actually one of my favourite pieces of this collection, and I can’t understand why they’d choose it for one of the country-exclusives. But hopefully I’ll be able to get hold of one! ^^ The Always in my Heart is lovely – and even prettier when you see it in person! :)

    • Yes it is! It’s also coming out for Mother’s Day :)

  3. Being a mother myself (I have a young son) and having a very close relationship with my mother, most of the pieces are calling out to me. After having read all your posts, I officially joined the Pandora club yesterday. Initially, I had my mind set on the bangle, Precious Boy charm and the Love Knot charm. I must say I have just added the Mother’s Rose pendant and Shimmering Rose clip to my list. I adore the Complete My Heart charm too. Loving the light pink enamel. Once again, thank you for sharing.

    • I’m sure that, if I had kids, lots would be on my wish list – especially the Mother’s Rose. That light pink enamel detailing is really lovely! And it would look very pretty with the clear pavé of the Shimmering Rose clip, too. I’m hoping that the Complete my Heart and the other Asian exclusives will be released worldwide eventually, as it doesn’t make a lot of sense to me for Pandora to permanently limit their availability. They’re rather cute!
      Thanks for commenting Ariane, and welcome to the Pandora club! ^^

      • I absolutely agree. It is the same with the Disney parks collection where I won’t be able to see in person. That said, I am from Singapore and if you need any help in getting the Asia exclusives, please let me know.

        Thank you for the warm welcome! It is especially endearing because you played a precious role in inducting me into the club. :)

        • Thank you very much for the offer Ariane! <3 I am sorted this time around for the Asian exclusives but I will remember that for next time – that is very kind of you!
          I'm so glad to hear that <3

  4. Shimmering Rose clips and pendants are a must have for me. The necklace looks like quite a statement piece, I’m tempted by that too. If my kids were younger, I would get the little boy and little girl but it too late for them for me. Pandora should do a teen version with iphone and earphones. Lol!

    • I’m getting increasingly tempted by the Shimmering Rose clips, too, as they look so pretty in the live shots – but I’m trying to be good for once! Lol, or just an iPhone/mobile phone charm of some kind – I’m sure that would be popular! ^^

  5. I really love the shimmering rose pieces and I am surprised at the prices in a good way. I’m in Canada and I thought for sure that the dangle was going to be more expensive, 75+ was my guesstimate. 60$ is not so bad, especially since it looks to be a very decent size in the picture with the other necklace.

    I also really like the key necklace pendant, I think it will be a popular one, its not going on my wish list but I do like it and I have the mini one on a bracelet. The shoe and the martini glass are also growing on me and I think I am going to go buy a lottery ticket right now! lol They would look cute by themselves on a bangle…hmmm

    • The Shimmering Rose pieces are beautiful! I’ve already picked up a lot of florals from the Spring collection though, so I’m just going to stick to the Boy and Girl. :) I’m glad the pricing is better than you expected, too. The UK RRPs remain high as ever – it’s a little depressing to see that many pieces are priced the same in USD and GBP!
      Lol, a lottery ticket would be very handy! The necklace is really cute, it reminds me quite a lot of Tiffany’s jewellery :) I like your bangle idea too, that would be fun!

  6. Darn! I thought I would not be tempted on any Mother’s Day charms since I am still working on my Disney’s…Now after reading your review, I love a few of this collection – Precious Girl, Sparkling Handbag, Sparkling Stiletto, and Night Out. And, I am still holding out hope to get my hand on the Green Pave Pear charm!

    • Aha, the list is always growing isn’t it? The night out set is amazing, but I’m going to try and stick to just the new Boy and Girl. Especially as I’ve also gone all out on the new Disney collection :D It would be great to track down the Complete my Heart pendant, too; I would go for the Pavé Pear as well, but the currency conversion does not work out at all well on that one!

      • I am sorry to hear Ellie! Yes, the list is always going!! I am still waiting for the replenishment of the Disney collection at the store and so maybe I will retrieve for a little while as well. This is crazy, right?!

        • Aha I’m not qualified to comment on Pandora craziness – I’m way too far gone! ;) I’m waiting on my new promo pieces to pitch up here. The tracking has said that it’s stuck in customs right now, so fingers crossed it gets here soon! I’m so impatient, lol.

  7. On my list is the sparkling heart pendant,which I’d have as my centre piece on my bracelet. I also like the sparkling love knot.
    After I’ve got these I would like to get some of the rings from the spring collection. I’m hoping for a ring promo in May.
    Then I would like to start a bracelet with some of the pink charms, that are already out.

    • The Heart pendant would be a fab centrepiece! It’s very eye-catching. :) My fingers are also crossed for a ring promo – there are definitely Spring rings on my wish list too! I’d love a couple of the Dazzling Daisy rings.

      • I did ask in store today about if they’d heard anything about the ring promo and she wasn’t sure if there would be one, due to so many collections coming out. I really hope there is. I like all three dazzling daisy rings and two other rings from the spring collection. Though if they don’t do one, I will still buy them. I’m concentrating on my charms at the moment, then will look at rings in a couple of months.

        • Technically it’s the same number of collections as last year… I hope they do run it, as it’s such a great deal :( I’ll try asking around mine as well, but they tend to be pretty tight-lipped, haha. I’d probably go for a dazzling daisy too – maybe some of the enamel floral rings, as well, as they are so pretty in person!

  8. As I started browsing the list, I was surprised to find the designs so uninspiring and drab, but then suddenly I came across some marvelously beautiful pieces in succession, center of my heart, sparkling love, motherly love, sparkling love knot, heart lock, shimmering rose and sparkling stiletto, and my day was made.

    • Yay! This collection is also a slightly mixed bag for me, but there are some lovely pieces in there too. The Love Knot and the Roses are particularly nice. Glad to hear that it made your day! ^^

  9. I’ve been in my local pandora shop today and I found out some information from the lady who was serving me, thought I’d share with everyone.
    At the end of June/ start of July pandora are going to be releasing a rose gold range in the UK, but not the plated version that America has. It is a lot better than the plated version, which rubs off with wear. This one is metals infused together and looks a better colour. There manager went to a managers meeting in edinburgh where they see all the pandora ranges that are coming out this year and they were all given the rose gold bracelet as a present. They’ve compared it against the American rose gold, which someone has and it looks much nicer. The bracelet will be £65 she said.
    I’m so excited to see some pictures of this range, as it sounds really nice. I think that’s a good price for the bracelet.
    It will be nice for us to have something different from America for a change.

    • Oh wow, and they said it was different to the American one? The American one is a fusion of metals, which are then plated with rose gold. I’ll be very interested to here more about the UK release – I’m so excited to see what the collection will include. :) I definitely need some more rose gold pieces on my bracelet! Thanks for the info Sarah! <3
      And yes, it's definitely time for the rest of us to get something special, too haha! It's getting quite expensive for me to have to keep trying to import stuff. Customs bills are becoming quite a regularity :(

  10. I love the Always In My Heart charm in memory of my Mom who passed away in 2006. I would also need 3 of the little boy charm since I have 3 boys lol. The handbag is cute as well.

    • That sounds lovely, it is absolutely perfect as a memorial charm – and the bangle would be wonderful for that, too. :) Aha, how cute – there are actually three boy charms now thinking about it – the original boy charm, the dangle boy charm and this new one – so you could get one of each lol!

  11. I got to see the Mother’s day gift box the other day. I am thinking about buying the bracelet just to get the jewelry box, I can always sell the bracelet. I forgot to ask how much it was though. Any ideas?

    • Hi Angel, do you mean the Bouquet of Love gift set, with the Shimmering Rose clips? That one is going to be $200 USD. There’s also going to be a gift set with the Sparkling Love pendant and the Always in my Heart bangle – that’s $125. :) Hope that helps!

  12. Yes, that is the set I was referring to the Bouquet of love. The only problem I have is I received so many free bracelets during the bracelet event that I don’t need another bracelet. I just wanted the jewelry box.

  13. I found your site by accident when I was researching charms. I enjoy your previews and your pics are amazing. They have more detail than the Pandora site, your pics and details get me more interested than anything on Pandora’s site. They should hire you to display their jewellery for them!!

    • Hi Carla! I’ve not seen this one in person yet, so I can only go on the pictures that I’ve seen. :) You can certainly open and shut the locket but, judging from the pictures I’ve seen, I would have thought that it would be too small to have a picture inside it: //morapandorablog.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/12/pandora-spring-2015-collection-2.png
      Thanks Carla! <3 Glad to hear you're enjoying them.

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