Today’s post brings a review from the Pandora Rose Spring 2015 collection, with a closer look at the simply stunning Darling Daisy Meadow charm! Offering a striking blend of Pandora Rose silver and white enamel detailing, this charm was my must-have from the latest release in the Pandora Rose line.

pandora rose spring 2015 darling daisy meadows

If you’re unfamiliar with Pandora Rose, it’s a collection of plated rose gold charms and jewellery. However, it is currently limited to North America, so this charm is not available in other regions for now. Consequently, I’ll also be offering a little styling inspiration using both this charm and the regular silver Darling Daisy pieces, which are available worldwide. :)

The charm

While I’ve only opted for the Darling Daisy Meadow so far, I would have bought lots from this collection if possible. ^^ Particularly lovely is the Love & Appreciation heart (in the top right corner). I am also rather in love with Pandora’s advertising campaign for this collection. The shots of the charms and bracelets arranged in the jewellery box are just beautiful!

pandora rose spring 2015 campaign 2

However, the charm I had to have was this Darling Daisy Meadow – I am a big fan of the Darling Daisy collection and it’s great to have the whole set. Moreover, the Pandora Rose version is just beautiful in person, featuring a ‘meadow’ of delicate white enamel flowers, each with a rose gold centre. The effect of them all clustered together is so pretty!

pandora rose spring 2015 darling daisy meadows

This design is actually unique to the Pandora Rose line; while there is a silver Darling Daisy Meadow clip, there’s no exact silver version of this charm. One of the great things about using this design for the Rose collection is that, unlike smooth, shiny charms such as the Big Smooth Heart, it has a lot of accented detailing. This means that it will show up wear and tear less, which is quite a consideration when purchasing plated jewellery.


The effect is quite different from the other silver Darling Daisy pieces. The rose gold plating makes the charm much more luminous, and the flowers – although they are the same white enamel – look quite pinkish in tone. The Rose version is much more vibrant and bright. However, both silver and rose versions still look gorgeous together; the colours make for a nice contrast.

pandora spring 2015 darling daisies

Like all the other Rose charms, the Darling Daisy Meadow is not threaded and it’s very lightweight in person. While some of the other Rose pieces feel a little insubstantial to me, I like the delicacy of this one. It’s hallmarked with ‘ALE R’ and a + symbol.

pandora rose spring 2015 darling daisy meadows


I originally had a pink and white theme going with my Pandora Rose pieces and it’s undoubtedly a great way to style the collection. The delicate pink Cherry Blossom murano is perfect for bringing out the pink hues in the Pandora Rose charms, while the other white Darling Daisy pieces make a lovely complement.

pandora rose spring 2015 darling daisy meadows

However, I took this apart and opted for a simpler white and rose gold colour scheme, which offers a more classic, elegant effect. I just love the contrast between the white enamel and the Pandora Rose pieces.

pandora rose spring 2015 darling daisy meadows

I’ve also added in the Spring 2015 Wild Flower murano, which looks surprisingly beautiful with the Rose charms. It gives them a pretty, natural look.

pandora rose spring 2015 darling daisy meadows


This was my most-anticipated designs from the new Pandora Rose collection and it didn’t disappoint in person! It has a beautiful luminous quality that makes it instantly stand out on a bracelet design. The white enamel detailing also gives it a delicacy that’s a little different from the pavé detailing that characterises most of the rest of the Pandora Rose line.

The Pandora Rose Darling Daisy Meadow charm is $70 USD; unfortunately the Pandora Rose line is not yet available outside of North America (-_-). However, if you’re in the UK, you can purchase the silver Darling Daisy Meadow clip and the Darling Daisy spacer, along with the rest of the Pandora Spring collection, from authorised retailer John Greed.

Have you bought this charm, or is it on your wish list? Are you a fan of the Pandora Rose line?

34 Comments on Review: Darling Daisy Meadow from Pandora Rose Spring 2015

  1. I absolutely love the Pandora Rose collection. I did purchase this charm and it is beautiful in person. I too have the cherry blossom & wildflower murano and wear it on my pandora rose clasp bracelet with my other rose charms and they all look beautiful next to each other. I am a huge fan of rose gold so the Pandora Rose is my favorite collection from Pandora. I have also purchased the Pandora Rose bow earrings, which are my favorite thing ever! I am planning on getting the sparkling now pendent & the butterfly from the rose collection. Unfortunately my local pandora store does not have the bow pendent in stock so I have to wait for that. But now Pandora offers online shopping on its website so maybe I can purchase it online!

    • Yay, it’s nice to hear from someone who loves the Rose line as much as I do haha. I hadn’t thought of adding both the Wild Flower and the Cherry Blossom murano together to the Rose bracelet – that sounds beautiful. I will definitely try that! <3
      There's so much that I'd like from the latest Rose collection, as well – I'd love the new Rose Sparkling Butterfly too! I also have my eye on the Interlocking Love and the Love & Appreciation. The Bow pendant would look gorgeous on a necklace chain too! It's just a little awkward having to get them from abroad without seeing them first. I'm hoping that eventually they'll launch over here too. :)

  2. Hello! I love your blog! I’m passing just to say that the new Pandora Rose collection has already been launched here in Brazil. Unfortunately this Darling Daisy Meadow charm is the only one that haven’t arrived here yet… I’ll keep waiting anxiously!

    • Hi Camila! Ah, how great that you have the Rose collection over there – I’m rather envious, haha. I’m hoping that it will also launch in the UK this summer, as the Rose line is one of my favourite collections Pandora has done to date! :) I hope that the Darling Daisy charms makes it way to you soon – thanks for commenting! <3

  3. It looks absolutely stunning between the clip and spacer!

    I have the puffy heart and the open work hearts all around (forget the exact name) and my puffy heart is showing lots of wear that I removed it from my bracelet.

    Although the new rose gold collection didn’t really interest me I was really curious about this piece because even in crappy photos it looks pretty.

    • Yes, rose gold and white is just a match made in heaven I think! <3 This is definitely my favourite from the latest Rose collection – although I am still hankering after quite a few of the others, haha. I particularly like the Love & Appreciation heart charm and the Interlocking Love dangle. :)
      My puffy heart is not looking too great either unfortunately. It looks so dull and scratched compared to my other Rose charms (and it was so gorgeous and shiny when I first got it!); I haven't taken it off my bracelet yet, but I can see why they've discontinued it.

  4. It’s such a pretty charm I would love a rose gold bracelet, I love your idea with the green and white. I hope this collection comes to the UK.

    • Thanks Nicola! <3 Me too, it's frustrating to have so many beautiful pieces limited to North America. :) I'm hearing that it might be launching in the UK in mid-June, so hopefully that will prove to be the case!

      • I like the rose gold line more than the 14 k gold line. Real rose gold is very expensive, for something like Pandora fun to wear jewelry I won’t spend $ like real gold. Smart Pandora marketing group!

        • I completely agree Michele! I was initially a little hesitant when I heard it was plated, but the majority of my pieces have worn really well so far and they look beautiful. I’d never have been able to afford genuine rose gold. I love the Pandora Rose line! ^^

  5. Darling daisy meadow white enamel is Can $80 +13% tax and the Pandora Rose barrel clasp bracelet is only $90 +13% tax, only $15 more than the silver one. I would have to wait for the next promotion to buy the Rose bracelet and the Rose open your heart charm $45, total will be $125 in order me to get the free silver bracelet or bangle here in Toronto.

  6. Your bracelet designs are lovely, Ellie! I love the Pandora Rose collection, looking forward to seeing what other designs they come up with. I only have the Sparkling Butterfly so far and absolutely love it (I have and love the original lavender version too). I do have the rose barrel clasp bracelet, which I got in the last free bracelet promo (great deal since my store wasn’t doing the upcharge, only had to spend $100!). I also already had 3 pave rose gold plated charms from another brand before Pandora Rose came out so it all looks great together mixed with silver and pink charms. I’ll have to post a pic on your Facebook so you can see it!

    • Thanks so much Natalie! Glad you liked them. <3 I love the Rose line, too; I'm also really curious to see where else they'll take it in the future. It would be nice to see some more original Rose designs, as the ones they've produced so far have been just stunning. The Darling Daisy Meadow and the Love & Appreciation heart are gorgeous!
      I just saw the pictures you posted – your Rose bracelet looks wonderful! I love the mix of the rose gold and pink, and I'd love to know what brand those other charms are. <3 I'm rather envious of your Sparkling Butterfly too; I think I prefer it to the original silver version actually!

      • Thanks so much, glad you liked my design! The other charms are mostly Individuality Beads from Kohls Department Store which we have in the US, they have sterling silver and yellow or rose gold plated over sterling, really good quality and prices, The angel in the center is Cherub Dream from Red Bali Frog. I’ve also bought charms from Elfbeads, Ohm, and some of the sellers on Amazon but I don’t have any from those brands on this bracelet. Basically as long as it’s sterling silver or gold over sterling and I like it and the price is right I will buy it. I have the most though from Pandora and Individuality.

        For glass I don’t like to spend as much as I will on metal charms, I will even buy glass that don’t have sterling cores since it’s not touching the skin, it won’t discolor, but I won’t buy metal beads that aren’t sterling anymore as the finish doesn’t last.

        I just love the Sparkling Butterfly, even though it’s a pricey charm it was worth it to me, it’s my favorite out of all the Pandora Rose. I love the original lavender as well, can’t pick between them ;-) All of your Pandora Rose charms are so lovely too though! I wish they didn’t charge so much more than they do for the silver versions.

        • Yes it was really lovely! It was so interesting to see how you’d mixed brands to create something pretty and very distinctive. Thanks for the break down on the various brands you’ve used – I will have to do a little research on what else is out there. I’m always so tempted to mix some other brands into my collection but I’ve not caved yet haha.
          That’s a good point you make on the glass beads – do you find that the non-sterling cores make the sterling bracelet chain discolour faster at all? That would be my only concern about buying non-branded glass!
          Yes I always find the price hike for the Rose charms a bit baffling, considering the fact that they are, essentially, plated jewellery. You’d think that people would want to pay less haha!

      • Hey Ellie,
        I’ve had no problems with non-branded glass, in fact the only branded glass I have is a single Elfbead I got in a promo and I have a ton of glass. The only issue would be with dual-core beads (ones that basically have a metal rivet glued on either side of the bead, these tend to be the cheaper beads) they can separate from the bead, but I just re-glue them with special bead glue that dries clear and rubbery, so if any glue got on the glass it is easily picked off once dry. Once they are glued back I’ve not had issues with them coming loose again, and on a bracelet you really do not see the core anyway. It’s hard to spend $30+ on a glass bead when I can get a whole set of 4-8 beads for $2-4 ;-) I do have some single sterling silver cored glass, again not branded but I would say it’s equivalent to the Elfbead I have in terms of what the core looks like and overall quality. I have paid about $5-10 for these per bead. I also have some natural stones that are similar price (green jasper and blue aventurine) and they are very nice too. I have never seen any discoloration on any of my cores, even ones that are not sterling, I never get my bracelets wet though if I can help it. Basically, as these glass are good prices, I don’t mind taking a chance and buying online, most sellers offer returns anyway so if it was awful I could return it but I’ve never had to do that actually.

        I would not recommend to anyone metal beads that are not sterling though, even if they claim to be silver plated, as the ones I have from when I first started doing charm bracelets do show some wear and discoloration. Luckily I didn’t spend much on them and I do still wear some of them if it still looks okay but I wouldn’t buy anymore like this.

        Charms that are sterling with yellow or rose gold over them I’ve had no issues with discoloration or finish rubbing off, and some I’ve had for a good year and wear pretty frequently.

        I’ve never had problems with any beads making more discoloration on a bracelet chain or leather. I will polish sometimes with a cloth but I really don’t do it often.

        Yes, it’s funny how Pandora charges such a premium on the plated Pandora Rose, as most other brands I’ve bought don’t charge extra for plating, the sterling silver version of a charm is often the same price or just a couple dollars cheaper than the gold plated over sterling version. For Pandora, like the sparkling butterfly is $75 for the silver version but $100 for the rose version!

        You should try a few non-Pandora charms out just to explore different things if you want. I started looking at others for glass beads as I saw some that I thought looked nice and the price was good so I took a chance and bought a set figuring I didn’t have much to lose just a few dollars, and then just kept buying more over time. I started with other branded gold plated over sterling silver beads because I wanted some more yellow and rose gold on my bracelets and at that time Pandora didn’t even make rose yet and the yellow gold is just so pricey! Then I would see silver designs Pandora didn’t make so I started buying those too. Charm collecting is so addicting for sure!

  7. I finally got my rose bracelet to go with three rose charms. I have it styled with the wildflower murano and forest trinity with purple oval light. I love the combination.
    Thanks so much for your blog. I especially like your stylings since the mfr. tends to show simple repetitive combinations. I also don’t feel I can play at the store with combinations without feeling pressure to buy before I am ready. I have also enjoyed the rose charms on my oxy bracelet with some gold charms. This is my favorite collection. Please keep up the great reviews and awesome photos.

    • Ah, that sounds beautiful! I had never really thought about pairing the Rose charms with a little green, but it does look wonderful doesn’t it? Now that you mention it, the Forest Trinity would be great for my bracelet designs too actually!
      Thank you so much, I’m really pleased hear that it’s useful! I get the same way at the store; I always feel like I’m holding them up, haha. My store is always super busy, too. So I get a lot my inspiration online and from looking at what works on other people’s bracelets. :) Thanks for your lovely comment, Nancy! <3

    • It depends on the charm really! :) Openwork charms aren’t threaded purely due to the style. Stones with a lot of pavé settings also don’t have threads, to make way for the stones.
      Recently however Pandora have been making a lot more of the openwork charms; they are lighter and use less metal, so I imagine they are cheaper to produce. :) None of the Pandora Rose line are threaded and I imagine this it to keep the costs down, and because the plated metal probably isn’t durable/substantial enough to be worth threading. They are all very lightweight compared to their traditional silver counterparts.

  8. That makes sense. Thank you for the explanation. As you said, I keep getting more unthreaded and was wondering why. I like them better though.

    • You’re welcome! I like to have a nice mix of openworks and threaded charms on my bracelets. The openworks are also great for the bangles, as they scratch the shiny surface less than the threaded charms.

  9. My son picked out the Pandora Rose Pave Butterfly for my Mother’s Day present. It is my first Pandora Rose piece, and it is beautiful. The pictures online really do not do this line justice, in my opinion. The pieces are so much prettier in person. Funny enough, my younger son chose the Sparkling Purple Butterfly (the silver counterpart of the Pandora Rose butterfly). Apparently, my boys think I need more butterflies. lol

    • Ah, how lovely! You can never have too many butterflies haha. The Sparkling Butterfly is definitely on my list, too! I do find that the Pandora Rose line is quite difficult to photograph, and that pictures don’t always pick up just how gorgeous the finish is :)

  10. I recently got my rose bracelet and it doesn’t have the +sign inside the clasp only the ALE R I’m now unsure if it’s original.

    • Hi Cathy! The original test run of Pandora does not have the + sign – it’s just marked ‘ALE R’. However when it was officially released in North America, the + sign was added to the Rose pieces. I only own the original test-run version of the bracelet and the inside of my clasp looks like this, with no + sign:
      How does yours compare?

      • It’s the same! I’m so relieved. But bought mine just recently. So I guess it came from the original release. Thanks for the reply. Really so hooked on collecting charms and your page is so helpful.

        • Oh good, I’m so glad to hear that! I haven’t seen the new Rose bracelet, so maybe it doesn’t have the + sign like the charms do. It’s launching here in the UK next month so I will be able to see what the hallmarks on it look like soon anyhow :D
          Thanks Cathy, glad to hear you’re enjoying it! It’s always fun to share the addiction!

  11. I love the rose gold collection I’m an avid collector no addict more like it I got my first bracelet late March and barely 3months after I now have 5! 3collier, 1 Mother’s Day bangle and the rose clasp collier. I’m really worried about my recent purchase the rose clasp, I’m from the Philippines so the rose collection is not available here I got mine online. It doesn’t have the + sign inside the clasp, is it possible I’ve been duped?

  12. Ellie, your blog benefits this Pandora newbie so much. This post gave me some ideas on styling rose gold (though I have notbitten the bullet yet). I really love the Love and Appreciation charm and this Daisy charm.

    • Oh good, I’m so glad to hear it! The Love & Appreciation is another favourite of mine, and I am waiting for it to come out in the UK so I can get it! I’m also tempted by that lovely Rose pavé Butterfly :P Thank you for all your lovely comments, Ariane! <3

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