Today’s post offers another Pandora AW15 preview, with an updated look at the new Pandora Disney pieces coming out for Autumn & Winter 2015! The charms listed here will be available both at Pandora concept stores in North America and at Disney Parks locations – there will also be an AW15 collection sold exclusively at the Disney Parks, which you can see stock images for here.

pandora disney castle

I previously posted a sneak peek of this collection a few weeks ago, but this preview includes better stock images and some previously unseen pieces! The release dates for this collection are a little odd – Olaf is coming out on the 27th of August, while the Jasmine set is due out on the 29th of October. 

Pandora Disney Autumn/Winter 2015 Preview

First up, we have a new Olaf charm, detailed in white and orange enamel. My favourite thing about this piece is the inclusion of his famous line, ‘I like warm hugs!’ ^^ He is priced at $65 USD or $75 CAD.

pandora disney autumn 2015 sneak peek

He’s pictured in action in this rather lovely Frozen-themed campaign design. The eagle-eyed among you will also spot a new pavé star safety chain on this bracelet, which is due out with the Winter 2015 collection! :)

pandora disney autumn winter 2015

Next up, we have some charms representing Princess Jasmine! In the previous sneak peek for this set, the stock images for Jasmine’s Signature set were a rather luminous bright green and I wondered whether this was in error, as it didn’t seem very Jasmine-like at all!

Thankfully that has proven to be the case, and the stock images below show the true colour of the new Jasmine charms. It’s actually a rather beautiful turquoise, which looks particularly striking on the murano charm. pandora disney autumn winter 2015 jasmine

Prices for the US are as follows:-

Jasmine’s Tiara – $55

Jasmine’s Dress – $65

Jasmine’s Signature Colour – $50

Jasmine’s Slipper – $70

Finally, we have an all-new Pandora Disney sneak peek! If you take a look at this campaign bracelet image, you’ll spot two new pavé Mickey and Minnie portrait charms. These are, I think, two limited edition pieces due out for the holidays!

pandora disney autumn winter 2015 limited edition

I have not been given any other pictures in addition to these, so it is looking likely that this is all the Pandora Disney we will be seeing for the AW15 season. :(

My Comment

I am relieved to see that the Jasmine charms are closer to the pretty turquoise colour they should be – the murano is particularly lovely! <3 Olaf also looks pretty cute with the other Frozen charms on the campaign bracelet, too. I’ll be honest and say that I’m not overly keen on the two pavé Mickey & Minnie charms, but I’ve always preferred the more abstract representations of the two characters (two of my favourite Mickey & Minnie pieces are the Minnie Cupcake and the Mickey pavé spacer!).

If this is all that there is for Disney for the rest of the year, I’m a little disappointed but at least it gives me some time to regroup and get ready for next year! I have rather a chunky wish list from the regular Winter 2015 collection, so perhaps it’s best that I don’t have too much Disney to chase too. ;)

What do you think of these new additions to the Pandora Disney line? Will you be buying any?

55 Comments on Pandora Disney Autumn/Winter 2015 Updated Preview

  1. Hi Ellie

    Thanks so much for the clearer images! Now now, Jasmine’s murano might have to follow me home. (Price hikes, yikes.) And of course, so do Olaf.

    I don’t really like all pave Mickey and Minnie, however. :(

    If AW 2015 for Disney is such a small collection, let’s hope for a bigger one for SS 2016! XD

    Kelly x

    • Hi Kelly! Jasmine’s murano looks such a pretty shade from this stock image (although quite similar to Ariel) so I’m quite tempted by one too, haha. I’ll be honest and say that I kind of loathe the sparkly Mickey & Minnie (they look a bit spotty?), though.

      Yes! I have such a lovely big wish list of characters that I’d love them to do. More Winnie the Pooh characters and some cute animals would be great! xxx

      • Ellie, I have read somewhere that these are not the only pieces that will be launched for AW2015. There will be more, according to a Pandora staff who commented in Charmsaddict. x

        • Hey Kelly, thanks – I have not heard anything else at all about other pieces for the Disney line this season but I will keep an eye out. x

      • Does anyone know when the whole new line of disney park charms will be realeased (not the above ones the ones with the chef and the fireworks and funny looking Cinderella castle)? Thanks

        • I’m not sure on that one still, Alex – I’d expect some to appear with the Autumn collection at the end of the month (as someone pointed out, the Epcot Food and Wine event starts in September and you’d think that they would want the charm celebrating it out before then). Some of the holiday pieces may well be later. I’m sorry that I don’t have any more info yet! :)

  2. The new pictures are lovly! At first when I read your post and then was viewing the pics I was confused because I could not locate any new pieces and then I noticed the rather overwhelming pave heads LOL I must say those are not very attractive in my opinion also I would assume they are very pricey. I like you also like Mickey and Minnie charms to be rather understand I too liked last years spacer along with the enamel dangling Micky which was simple and cute. The frozen bracelet with all the charms is awesome – cool to be able to have all the charma and do an all frozen bracelet however i am sure most of us can not. The Olaf charm is super cute and will probably add a lil something to any bracelet just because of the cuteness factor alone. I too agree the Jasmine Murano is looking better than ever in these newer clearer shots and although the shoe did not appeal to me in the last post for some reason I like it a lot now and am wondering if it can make its way on to my new gray leather.

    • Aha yeah, they’re kind of tucked away in that bracelet design. I haven’t had any of the stock images or details for those two pieces yet, but I believe that they will be limited edition pieces for this year’s Black Friday promotion. :) I also kind of hate them, haha, but mainly because the pavé makes their skin look kind of off! Yes, I love the silhouette Mickey & Minnie charms, and the red and black colour scheme they usually have is beautiful.
      Yes I loved the look of the Frozen bracelet too! It would be kind of doable to have maybe Olaf and the two dresses on a bracelet? Obviously a full bracelet is a bit full-on, but you could do a little mini design on a leather perhaps. I have the Anna and Elsa muranos on my matte grey leather actually and I really love that combo!
      Ooh, the turquoise and the charcoal leather would look so beautiful together! I definitely think you should consider that haha! ^^

  3. Hi Ellie!
    It’s so nice you spoil us with more and more news every day!
    What I liked most, was the new safety chain! It’s sad it can only be found in North America though. I would love this in my Cinderella-themed or Christmas bracelet! Can we hope they’re going to make sth like this for the regular collection?
    The new Mickey and Minnie charms are kind of weird; definitely not the right use of pave this time! I find the older heart design with their kiss much more adorable! And I totally agree with you on Jasmine’s colour; really representative in this shot and absolutely gorgeous, especially the murano.
    Thank you for the lovely post Ellie! Enjoy your trip! ♥♥♥

    • Hi Chrysa! Good news – the safety chain is not a Disney piece and won’t be exclusive to North America ^^ It should be available as part of the regular Pandora line. It’s just coincidental that the first shot I’ve posted of it is in a Pandora Disney preview, haha. I’ve seen some comments disappointed that it’s essentially a rip-off of the existing Twinkle Twinkle clip but I think it’s really pretty. I’ll definitely be getting it for my Midnight themed bracelet. It’s perfect!
      Lol, yes, I agree – definitely not pavé done right! They look like they need to see a dermatologist. :S The more abstract designs look much nicer I think. Jasmine’s murano is lovely, although it looks similar to Ariel’s – I’m very tempted by it! <3
      Thanks for your lovely comment as ever Chrysa! It's always nice to hear your thoughts! Hope all is good with you. ♥♥♥

      • Hi Ellie!
        That’s great news, about the new safety chain! My first thought was that it would be ideal for your midnight bracelet…And then you write so! :-) I like those little stars, in fact they match the clips (those from last Christmas collection with stars and moon) in my Cinderella bracelet. Do you think it’ll be bigger in size than other safety chains?I can’t tell from the photo.

        Things here are not easy, but I don’t have that unbearable feeling of insecurity, which was the worst of all! I can cope with more taxes, more working hours and reduced salary, but I can’t cope with unemployment or moving abroad as many of my friends did. As those are prevented -for the time being-, I feel optimistic and hope for the best! Pandora is a luxury I still allow to myself, only in smaller quantity :-)
        Thank you for your kind words and for caring! I really appreciate it! ♥♥♥

        • Hey Chrysa, thanks, it’s nice that you remembered my bracelet! ^^ I’m quite excited really, as it’s like they designed the ideal safety chain for it haha! I can see how it would be perfect for your Cinderella bracelet, too – seeing as midnight plays an important role in that story, as well. ;) Yes, it does look quite chunky and I imagine that it may well be a little more substantial in size, to accommodate the pavé star design.
          While I’m still very sorry, it’s good to hear that it’s not as bad as it could have been and that things have settled a little more now. I do admire your optimism, and it’s great that you can still treat yourself to a little Pandora too! :)
          It’s nothing! Thanks for all your lovely comments Chrysa! ♥♥♥

  4. Pave Mickey and Minnie when the non pave ones were released just awhile back? Seems to me that Disney Pandora is repeating their designs only to add pave and non pave versions. If u can recall, they had Mickey and Minnie pendants in pave and non pave versions previously. I can’t wait for a fuller preview of the entire collection. This seems way too small. Additionally, I’m also wondering if there’ll be a new Disney Pandora bracelet.

    • Yeah, they are not particularly original, and I think the plain silver designs were much nice too! :( These are kind of strange looking – and is that enamel detailing they have for the eyes too? :S I also find this collection disappointingly small, but I have heard absolutely zero about any other Disney pieces for AW15. A new bracelet would be lovely though! I like the existing Disney Pandora bracelet but it would be great to have one that is more about Disney in general, and not just Parks-specific.

  5. Olaf is now for sure on my list. I have nothing else Disney. But I’ve had the Minnie cupcake on my list for a bit. So I’ll get Olaf and the Minnie cupcake at the same time, though I have no idea where I’ll use them. Olaf might work on my red leather. Or, if I get the blue leather, he might work on that.

    • I have the Minnie Cupcake and love it – it was one of my very first Pandora Disney purchases, too. It’s super cute in person, especially with the little dash of red. I love the idea of Olaf on a blue leather – the contrast between the blue and the white would be beautiful, and it seems rather appropriate for the Frozen theme. ^^

  6. I like the Olaf charm. It’s nice to see a picture of it on a bracelet with other charms. The snowflake charms from the winter collection I like and is on my list. I can see it better here as well.
    I’m surprised it’s only a small collection, though the last Disney collection was quite a big collection.

    • Absolutely, I thought the Frozen design was really rather cute too – and Olaf fits in with the existing Frozen charms better than I thought he would, too!

      I know – I was surprised and disappointed by how small this release is, as well. I guess they’re taking a breather for this season, but hopefully Spring 2016 will see a much more varied release again. There are so many lovely Disney characters they could do! <3

  7. I. Need. Pooh.

    Or at least his friends besides Eeyore.

    There are some cute charms coming out, but nothing that I “need”. Holding out for a Silly Old Bear…

    • Yeeess, I’d love a full-bodied Winnie the Pooh! With a little jar of honey, of course. Also top of my list are Tigger and Piglet. <3 I'm sure they'll do more eventually – I'd love to see some cute animals from other Disney films, too. Bambi would be great!

  8. Hi Ellie I like Olaf and I like jasmine dress and murano not keen on the rest I am a little disappointed. But it will give me a chance to collect some of the spring Disney charms which I loved. Is that a new safety chain has it got stars on, I’ve seen the one with bows and then the family one. If so its very exciting.

    • Hi Nicola! I’m also disappointed that there isn’t more (I felt sure that they’d go big for the holidays with Disney), but it seems like they’re scaling down a bit this season after two fairly major releases. Ah well!
      Yes, it has pavé stars on it! It’s kind of like a safety chain version of the Twinkle Twinkle clip. It seems like it’s definitely the season of safety chains, haha. Let’s hope they continue to make more <3

        • Not 100% – have seen it listed as both for the Autumn 2015 and Winter 2015 collections. Seems to fit better with the Winter 2015 collection to me, so I’ll be including it in that preview for now! :) While I’ve had most of the stock images through for this season, I’ve not had a lot of the accompanying information I usually get so it’s a bit hard trying to work out which piece goes in which collection sometimes haha.

      • If it’s true that these pieces are the Black Friday pieces this year that is a shame for two reason. 1. We would be treated to not only 2 but 1 limited edition pieces how exciting and they are something that noone seems to like. Why make them so target audience specific? 2. Going the disney routs is risky but then going character specific does not make sense. I feel there has been Mickey and Minnie overkill would love to see some new characters. I also have a feeling that they will release more Disney for Christmas time Olaf and Aladdin cannot be at there are probably going to be some surprise pieces

        • There should also be another Black Friday limited edition charm, one that isn’t Disney :) Interestingly, in the advertising material I have from Pandora about it, they call it a ‘limited edition charm’ and not a Black Friday charm, even though the date for it is Black Friday. I think that these sparkly Mickey & Minnie pieces are also coming out in addition to that one.
          I would also love to see new characters! It would be fun to see them branch out from Mickey & Minnie and the Disney Princesses next season!

    • Yes, unfortunately. :( It looks like prices for North America are going up across the board from today, not just for Disney. From what I can see, it’s about at least a $5 increase for muranos and pavé pieces. I can only hope that the UK doesn’t follow suit, as it’s expensive enough as it is…

      • It’s outrageous. My wish list this morning has greatly decreased because of the price increases, while my Trollbeads list has increased. Women are furious and Pandora will pay a heavy price for this. Their quality is going down while their prices are rising. I do understand the Canadian dollar is low right now and some manufacturers (Apple, Samsung) are raising prices here because of that, but mobile phones are one thing, and fashion jewellery is a whole other thing. Pandora is pricing themselves out of the market.

        • It will be interesting to see how this pans out for them, for sure. When they raised prices in the UK, about five years ago, their sales dropped off hugely and they had to drop them significantly again a matter of months after. I agree that it is something of a kick in the teeth, and I wonder (I hope) that it doesn’t work out for them!

      • I think Pandora is relying heavily on online sales, those sales based on emotion, for which cost doesn’t factor until the credit card bills come in. I work with people to help them budget. What I tell them to do is, go to the store with cash in hand, place the item you want in one hand, if possible, and the cash, taxes included, in the other hand. Is the item worth it? If the item is too large for a hand, still have the cash in hand, and do the same. Is that item worth the hard-earned cash in hand? When I’ve done this at a Pandora store, more often than not, I walk out with my cash in hand. When a tiny bit of silver (that’s worth nothing on the market right now) weighs less in my hand than 60.00 cash, it is definitely not worth it. Some women here yesterday, on going to the store and learning of the price increases, walked out without buying, while others returned recent purchases and won’t be buying more. Women aren’t stupid, nor are we always emotional buyers. Lol. It’s just a bad business decision.

        • That’s very interesting, and true. As I’m on holiday, I’m using a credit card, and not a debit as usual – I’ve definitely spent more on stuff that I wouldn’t usually, as I don’t have that immediate sense of the money having to leave my bank account. Which is probably similar to weighing up the money like you describe. :) Do you mean that you saw women at your local store deciding not to buy, based on the price changes? I’m not surprised, if so! :/

      • No I won’t be near a store for a bit. They were comments on various sites. One woman said she printed out her list the night before last, took it to the store the next morning, and found all prices had increased. She asked the store to honor the prices from the website, which hadn’t changed at that point, and they refused. Of course it’s not the store’s place to do that. She, and many others, left without a purchase yesterday. Jewellery is a want, not a need, and when women get angry at the cost, they remember that. Lol. Emotions can drive sales, or repel them. It’ll be fun anyway to see how it goes on.

        • Eugh, sounds like it’s been a bit of a nightmare for the poor staff working on the ground in the stores too. They had very little warning, and of course there were going to be angry customers. :/

    • Yes, I think it’s really cute! I know that it’s not exactly an original design (it’s effectively two Twinkle Twinkle clips with a chain in between them) but I really need more safety chains and I’m thrilled to see another new design <3

  9. Thanks for sharing these photos, Ellie! I’m not that interested in Disney (I don’t have any yet) but I actually think the pave Minnie and Mickey will look way better in real life and even live pictures than they do in these photos. I’ve noticed in stock photos the pave settings really show but in real life they don’t so much. Also white pave tends to look grey in stock photos which makes it look off.

    So disappointed about the price increase! Crazy Pandora! I can’t believe they are raising prices on items they just released last week as well as items that haven’t even been released yet :-(

    • Yes I am sure you’re right. I expect that this little campaign shot isn’t that flattering – but I’m not too big a fan of the concept of these charms anyway, haha. I love the Disney line (I have a couple of the original Mickey & Minnie pieces, plus Eeyore, Cinderella’s Coach and the Frozen muranos & pendant) but this kind of thing doesn’t really appeal to me!
      I am with you! :( And also a little scared that something similar will hit the UK, too. :S The prices are high enough as it is – I can’t believe that some of the muranos have gone up by $10! It’s super weird that the new AW15 charms are affected, too – I’ll have to go back through and change all my previews, grr.

  10. Thanks for the update! I love to see the new Disney charms! Jasmine’s dress color is much better in this picture. In general I’m not that fond of the princess charms except for Cinderella’s carriage and the “Dream is a wish your heart makes” charms, though. Those are the only ones I see myself getting from that whole group. I like the plain silver Minnie and Mickey, but with the sparkles…….maybe they look nice in person. I feel like they will sell out lightening quick though. :) I like the star safety chain.

    It seems strange that they would only release one charm for fall, but maybe they will release the Disneyland 60th anniversary charms with Olaf or maybe the other parks exclusive ones you showed us? The EPCOT food and wine festival is from September 25-November 16, and I think one of those park charms was a chef Mickey so they may want that out for the whole run of the festival. Disney can be super secretive about things though, so maybe there will be more. Star Wars maybe? :) They like to announce new merchandise at D23 (August 14-16 this year) so maybe they want to give the details of the new charms there. Hopefully this is the case, because I’d like there to be a few more. :)

    • Yes, I was relieved to see the updated colour in these stock images, too. ^^ I never really watched Aladdin that much as a child, but I really like the murano and the slipper charms for Jasmine. I’d be tempted to get the Jasmine murano just for its colour. My only princess charms to date are the Cinderella Coach and the Frozen muranos (and I love the Cinderella Dream as well), but I’d get more, depending on what they were. The star safety chain is definitely on my wish list, too – it would be perfect for my midnight-themed bracelet <3

      I suspect that some of the Disney Parks charms will come out for Autumn too, yup. As you say, the Epcot food and wine is before the Winter release date on October the 29th so that makes sense. :) I don't know if they will all come out at the same time, though, as there are some more Christmassy pieces in there (I'm definitely getting the Minnie Holiday Wreath <3). Star Wars would be super fun but I can't imagine that Pandora, with all their hearts and flowers, would go that route.

      Thanks for commenting Stephanie! <3

  11. Thankyou for the update! I’m really hoping they bring out charms representing all of the disney princesses, especially Sleeping Beauty! Also I hope they do a Peter Pan and Alice in Wonderland collection and I’d love to see the 7 dwarfs make an appearance! Not keen on the frozen charms and there are lots of minnie and mickey charms now so hopefully they will focus more on different characters from the classic films :)

    • You’re welcome! Sleeping Beauty seems like a must – I was surprised that she wasn’t in the original Pandora Disney Princess line-up. :) I think Peter Pan & Alice in Wonderland would be amazing for a sort of fantasy collection – they could do a little bottle that said ‘Drink Me’, and all sorts of things from Neverland – a clock, a hook or a ship, perhaps? I can understand how the Mickey & Minnie and the Disney Princess pieces are popular and will sell well, but it would be great to see some more classic pieces, I agree. I’d like some more cute Disney animals too!

  12. Hi Ellie,
    Just a heads up on Disney charms. The Disney Store’s website just put up the blue castle charm and all 3 of the parks exclusive 60th anniversary charms. I got the Mickey head one. They also restocked a lot of the other charms that I haven’t seen in stock on the website for quite some time. I didn’t see Olaf in this release, but he could have sold out before I saw that they had these new charms available.

    • Hi Stephanie, thanks for the heads-up! :D I was tempted to get one of the 60D charms but have decided to be good and keep saving for the Autumn/Winter releases haha. I don’t think Olaf is up there yet, they’re probably waiting until the 27th as he is technically an Autumn 2015 release.

  13. I noticed the disney store released the charms at 6AM this morning but I did not see the park exclusives (wishes and fantasia) which they usually have. Is this something new, are they truly only going to make them available in the park?

    • I haven’t heard that they are going to be park exclusives – I hope that isn’t the case, as I rather like those two as well. I have heard that the remaining Disney Parks charms might be released some time in November but this is just rumour at this point :)

  14. The jasmine murano is stunning! And I wonder if it goes well with my elsa murano. Do you think pandora will release more disney princess charm? P/s your blog is cuteee

    • That sounds like it could be nice! I imagine the blue and the teal would be pretty together. I don’t know for sure what Pandora’s plans regarding future Disney collections are tbh. There are certainly more princesses I would like to see, and I would expect them to do the whole set – Aurora seems like a pretty big one to miss out. :)
      And aha thank you!

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