Today’s post brings my monthly Pandora news round-up, featuring all the details on what’s coming up for August 2015! Included this month are some extra details and pictures for the brand’s upcoming Autumn 2015 releases for the Moments, Essence and Pandora Rose lines, plus all the month’s key dates.

pandora autumn fall 2015

In terms of upcoming blog posts, in addition to a few extra AW15 previews, I’ll be running reviews of my favourite Pre-Autumn 2015 pieces throughout the month, so look out for those! ^^

Pandora Autumn 2015 collection launch

It’s an exciting month for Pandora collectors, as the 27th of August sees the launch of the anticipated Autumn 2015 collection! Entitled Magnificent Kingdom, this release features signature colours of blush pink and olive green, plus the brand’s usual forest motifs. Please see my previous posts for both stock images and live shots of all the new jewellery.

pandora autumn winter 2015

I’ve also found my first proper live shot of the new faceted CZ beads – you can see the new Fascinating Olive charm in the top right of the image. It looks a lovely vibrant green:

pandora autumn 2015
Image by Artemis Fashion Gallery

The other news is that the Sweetheart charm, which originally came out exclusively in North America for Valentine’s Day, is seeing a wider launch with the Pandora Autumn 2015 collection – regions confirmed as getting it include Asia and Australia. Country-exclusive pieces never stay that way for long! ;)

pandora sweetheart

Pandora Rose Autumn 2015 release

In addition to the regular Moments collection, the Pandora Rose Autumn 2015 release will also be making its debut on the 27th of August. While there are no new original designs this season for Rose, some of the brand’s most popular pieces, including the Galaxy openwork and the Love & Guidance pendant, are being launched in the Rose silver finish! :)


I’ve also updated my original preview with some high quality stock images, so do take another look at that if you’re interested in the new Rose pieces! Pandora Rose is currently only available in North America, the UK and Brazil, so those are the regions that I expect will be seeing this launch at the end of the month.

Pandora Essence Autumn 2015 release

Finally for new collection launches, the 27th of August also sees the launch of the stunning Pandora Essence Autumn 2015 collection. While it only features seven new designs, and no new values, this Essence collection nevertheless offers some beautiful new pastel shades, a pearl bead, and a couple of lovely new silver pieces, too. I’m very excited for this collection!

pandora essence autumn winter 2015 preview

I am hearing rumours that the Essence Autumn 2015 collection may not be launched in North America this season – I am following this up, and will let you know should that prove to be the case.

Pandora Summer 2015 Leather Bracelets

This is just a quick update on the green and blue leather bracelets that came out with the Pandora Summer 2015 collection this May, as I’ve had a few questions about them lately. If you’re seeing them listed as ‘retired’ on your version of, then this is correct – Pandora have confirmed that they are limited edition pieces, and will be sold only while stocks last.

This was what Pandora UK told me when I e-mailed them:

“The green and blue leather bracelets which were introduced as part of our Spring/ Summer collections are a seasonal product therefore will only be available while stocks last and are now discontinued. We will launch several new colour leather bracelets with our collections each year which will be seasonal items and only available while stocks last.”

Consequently, if you’re wanting to indulge in either of these lovely shades (and I’d recommend it! :P), you’re advised to do it sooner rather than later. Interestingly, the suggestion seemed to be that this is something that they may continue to do with the leather bracelets going forward – create limited edition shades for special seasons. For a little inspiration, please see my review of the new Pandora green leather bracelet!

Pandora UK Ring Promo

Just a reminder that this is the last day for the Pandora UK ring promo, which offers a great deal – 3 for 2 on all Pandora rings, including their 14kt gold range!


I got my rings on Thursday, and I’m thrilled with them! I went for a couple of floral pieces and a heart stacking ring:

pandora 3 for 2 rings haul

My Comment

Unusually for me, I am actually most excited for the launch of the new Pandora Essence pieces at the end of the month, rather than the Moments selection. I’m head over heels with the new pearl Dignity bead, and the delicate pinks are also rather lovely!

I still haven’t seen the new Pre-Autumn 2015 collection, as I’m away again and none of the stores are selling it here until this Thursday coming. >:( I’m thinking that the new Ice Cream cone pendant would be great to add to my travel bracelet, which I’ve been working on over the last month or so. I’ve changed its look a bit – this is how it was before, on the left:


I’ve since added two Sea Glass muranos and the new Orchid pendant to give it a lot more colour and some of that fun, eclectic feel that I associate with travelling. ^^

pandora summer 2015 review tropicana

Anyhoo, what are you most looking forward to from the upcoming Autumn 2015 collections? Are you excited for them?

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  1. Hi, that’s odd, I noticed that we could not order any more summer leather bracelets, but they were never communicated to shops as being limited edition… But it’s good to know so we can tell customers.
    As far as I know, we won’t be receiving the sweetheart charm.
    I am wearing the new ice cream dangle, it’s insanely cute and I think it will be a bestseller!

    • Hi Lisa, yes I thought that the status of the summer leathers was fairly ambiguous too! This was what Pandora UK said when I emailed them to ask:

      “The green and blue leather bracelets which were introduced as part of our Spring/ Summer collections are a seasonal product therefore will only be available while stocks last and are now discontinued. We will launch several new colour leather bracelets with our collections each year which will be seasonal items and only available while stocks last.”

      That’s a shame regarding the Sweetheart charm, perhaps we will get it at some later point! :)
      Aw I’m glad to hear the ice cream is cute! :D I can’t wait to finally see it in person haha.

  2. Hi Ellie do you know if the sweetheart charm is coming to the UK?. I love that olive green murano it looks so vibrant I love the colour. I am actually planning to get the blue leather I love the colour. I’ve got parents evening at work later in the month so I’m going to treat myself after that’s happened.

    • Hi Nicola – according to Lisa above (who works in a UK store, I think), it doesn’t look like the UK will be included in the countries getting the Sweetheart charm. :( It’s possible that we may still be getting it eventually though!
      Oh good, the summer leathers are really very pretty! I love my green one. I’m surprised that they aren’t making them a permanent part of the collection tbh. :)

      • Do you think we will be getting the rose gold sweetheart charm if so that’s rather odd. I would love them to do some Xmas leather bracelet like a really nice green or red one. Aren’t the leathers selling very well is this why they are doing this?. Not that it’s a good idea I love limited edition you just have to get them before they go. Do you think these summer leathers would ever make it into the sale?.

        • I don’t know tbh, I hope so! I’ve not seen a UK listing for the Rose Autumn 2015 collection, sorry. :(
          As far as I know the leathers are reasonably popular, but they have definitely scaled back the options that they offer (it’s all about the double wrap these days, single and triple wrap seem to have been discontinued completely). I don’t really know the reasoning behind it :S I guess the summer leathers might eventually get discounted, if they don’t sell out before the boxing day sales!

  3. I can’t wait to see the rings I want from the autumn collection. Will we get UK prices nearer the time for this collection?
    I also want to get my first essence bracelet this month. I’m interested to see the new pink charms from the new collection coming out.
    I’m loving my rings I got from the ring promo. I love my orchid pendant, it looks great on its own on my bangle.
    Do we know if there are going to be any more previews coming up of new Disney charms? I like the Olaf charm I’ve seen so far, I’ve heard he might be coming out at the end of August, instead of October. I’d like to see a live shot of this charm, as it will give me a better idea of what it looks like.
    Hope your enjoying your holiday.

    • I don’t know if I’ll be able to get UK pricing ahead of launch (most of the information leaks come from North America, unfortunately) but I’ll give you a heads up if I do. :)
      It’s great that you’re going to get the Essence bracelet! I’m really looking forward to the new pink charms, too, especially the paler pink of the Friendship. It looks very pretty from the stock image! There hasn’t been much in the way of Essence live shots, unfortunately so far :(
      I have not heard of any more Disney AW15 pieces, except for two pavé limited edition Mickey & Minnie portrait charms for Winter 2015 – we haven’t seen those yet. It’s looking like there might not be more :( I’ll keep my eyes peeled for live shots, as ever!
      Thanks Sarah, I’m very much enjoying it! ^^ Thanks for commenting <3

  4. Those two leathers aren’t saying ‘retired’ yet in Canada. On our online order sites they’re still saying ‘new.’ Hopefully they’ll both be around for a while yet. I like the blue much more every time I see it. I’m just waiting on it to read more buyer comments. So far a couple of women have said charms used on it turn black, they think because of chemicals used in the blue dye.

    I like the Rose stuff, but still haven’t bought any of my own though to try the metal allergy effect. There was a Pandora Facebook post the other day, a woman remarking that bracelet clasps and clips are magnetic, which pure silver is not, meaning the clasps and clips contain other metals. Finally Pandora admitted they add other metal to the hinges of clasps and clips to firm them up, but won’t yet say yet what metal. The rep had to check with other people before she could say. I feel spin coming. Lol. Given my allergic feel to the clasps, I’m saying it’s nickel, but the rep will try to avoiding saying it’s nickel. In the UK, I’ve read, nickel is listed as a dangerous metal due to its high allergy effect and jewellers have to put their pieces through rigorous testing. Anyway, a little movement on the allergy front. :-)

    • Mm, this info comes from Pandora UK, who said this to me when I contacted them:

      The green and blue leather bracelets which were introduced as part of our Spring/ Summer collections are a seasonal product therefore will only be available while stocks last and are now discontinued. We will launch several new colour leather bracelets with our collections each year which will be seasonal items and only available while stocks last.

      I had a look around on North American sites and found a couple that stated they were limited edition a while ago including Reeds:
      That doesn’t sound very good about the charms turning black! :( No problems so far with the green leather but obviously it’s much lighter. The blue really is pretty, so hopefully no one else reports a major issue with it. <3

      Wow, thanks for that update – I'll have to hunt down that post on the Facebook page. That is very interesting!


        In their product information, Pandora does state there may be nickel in their product, but in such small amounts, they say, only “hypersensitive” people will feel it. I feel it! but only in the clasps, not in the clips. I’m going to try Trollbeads soon. They state plainly “…there is no nickel in any Trollbeads product.” That’s great for me. Alex and Ani also give super information about their bracelets, which ones have nickel and which don’t, which makes buying easier for me. :-)

        • Oh awesome, thanks for the link! I have no idea how you did that but that’s super useful, haha.
          I guess the clasps on the bracelets probably need to be a bit heftier, so that would require more nickel? It would definitely be good if they were more explicit about their metal contents. I have coeliac disease and find it endlessly frustrating when food labellers aren’t clear in terms of allergens, so I do appreciate these kinds of difficulties! :(
          It’s great that Trollbeads and A&A offer such good information. Hopefully Pandora will follow suit!

      • Pandora finally replied to the above Facebook post, saying they use stainless steel in the clips and clasps. Stainless steel that’s magnetic (one type is not magnetic, one type is) contains 8% nickel to firm it up and help stop corrosion. A lot of people with nickel allergies don’t realize stainless steel jewellery contains nickel for this purpose. Anyway, there’s my answer as to why I feel an allergic reaction from the clasps–I can’t wear the majority of stainless steel used for jewellery. It’s good for people to know. As I said before, Pandora does state there may be traces of nickel in their product, but when stainless steel is used on purpose, they should include that in their product information. I might have missed it though.

  5. Your new ring set is stunning! Good for you. You always are so creative with what goes nicely together.

  6. It’s true – this Essence line will NOT be sold in North America (I’m a manager at a concept store here). We have received an e-mail from our corporate headquarters confirming this so we can communicate true information with patrons.

    • Hi Linda. I purchased the heart closure bracelet as well to hold my Asian exclusives charms i received from my son. I love the look of it but find it a bit difficult to close. Are you having the same problem, and does it get any easier with wear.

      • Hi Cheryle I haven’t had the chance to wear my bracelet too much. I’ve just tried it on a bit. From what I heard it does get easier as you wear it. I love the way it looks too.

      • Cheryle, I also had the same problems with my heart clasp bracelet when I first bought it. I found that it was much better once the bracelet loosened up a bit. If you want to know more, I wrote a review of it back in January I think:
        Take a look at the end of the comments for some updated thoughts on it once the bracelet loosened up too! <3

    • Yay! How do you like the heart bracelet? :D I finally managed to find a shop that would sell me the Pre-Autumn collection today, lol, and I now have the Curious Cat and the Ice cream too! :D Both are absolutely adorable. I’ll be reviewing them once I get home <3

  7. Hi ellie. Hope you are having a wonderful holiday. After all your hard work at school and taking care of all of us on the blog with the excellent updates, reviews and pictures, you deserve it! Update for me, i have exchanged my black single braided leather for a triple wrap black braided leather and loving it. Also took your advice on the red braided leather and ordered from Perlen. What an excellent company. No shipping and handling, no duty tariffs, received item from Denmark exactly one week to the day and bonus, item was actually cheaper than here in Canada. Was packaged very nicely as well with a “Perlen” candy in the envelope just like an expensive hotel does with the little mints on the pillow. What a classy act. Heads up to you for the suggestion. I am still looking to get the pink braided leather double. Have been waiting for it to come in since end of May. Could this be one that is “retired” as well? Impatiently waiting for the Fall collection. The olive muranos are beautiful. Writing and rewriting my wish list over and over again. Such confusion when you want it all lol

      • Hi lola. Thanks for the info. I shop regularly at Charm Junction and love their site. However my problem is that the pink dbl. leather is a free item from a bracelet promo so have been waiting for my store to get them in since end of May beginning of June. Am wondering if it is discontinued because i will go ahead and order and pay for it myself if it is. Getting nervous about quantities where available with all of this waiting. Wish my store could find out more for me other than it has been back ordered. Ho hum. The frustration of a Pandora addict!

      • That’s a tough spot to be in, Cheryle. I’d be crazy waiting.

        But to help clear my own confusion about whether the green and blue double leather were limited here and discontinuing, as our retailers don’t state that they are, I emailed my local concept store to ask, and also asked about the double pink. They got back to me immediately and said yes, the green and blue are discontinued already, but, the double pink is not being discontinued in Canada and in that store anyway, they have lots in stock. I hope your shop gets them in soon.

    • Hi Cheryle, I am having an absolutely lovely holiday thank you! <3 The weather has been gorgeous. Writing the blog is always fun for me, it's never a chore. Which is why I keep on writing when I'm on holiday, haha.
      Oh great, I'm so glad to hear it – Perlen are fab. The red leather bracelet is absolutely lovely, too – I have my poppy murano and some Chinese New Year charms on mine. I've managed to get a few retired classic silver pieces from them, and they've always delivered super quickly and efficiently. <3 As for the pink braided leather, a reader who is having trouble posting comments wanted me to let you know that it's available from Charm Junction (a Canadian online retailer) still:
      I've not heard that that one is retiring! :)
      I have my Fall wishlist pretty much locked down, haha, but there is so much I want from the holiday collection this year! It's going to be tough whittling it down to something sensible, lol. Glad to hear that you're enthused too! ;)
      Thanks for commenting Cheryle! <3 It's always lovely to hear from you!

      • Well aren’t you the queen of organization elf lol. How could you lock down your Fall list, when i am having so much trouble with mine hehe. My pen just doesn’t seem to want to cross anything off the list. Bother! Counting pennies and recounting to try and fit my entire list for purchasing. Haha. I have been busy shopping since I last spoke to you. Waiting for my teal bracelet and a few retired charms i purchased from the last Rue sale. My son is a little tardy in picking them up from his American mailbox but I will forgive him since he bought me the Asian charms. I am thinking about buying the Japanese and Chinese dolls and the new Panda (when it comes here) to go on the bracelet with the Asian charms. I was drawn to them after seeing yours. Had not thought of them before that, but they looked so sweet on your bracelet. I am also excited for the Winter collection, as i have a star and snowflake design on the go. Do you think there will be new leathers released for Fall and winter as per your previous postings?

        • Aha, that is not a name I’m used to having! ;) I’m usually the same as you right up until the last minute – and even then I’ll walk into store and get turned around by whatever catches my eye first, lol. This time around I know the two Autumn charms that I definitely want, and it’s the Winter collection that’s giving me grief, haha – I want so many of the new charms for the Christmas bracelet I’m going to start. I can’t decide which to go for! ^^
          Yes, you should definitely go for the Dolls! :D They are so pretty and petite in person, and the red enamel is gorgeous. The panda would go great with them too.
          I’ve also been busy shopping, haha. I’ve been filling up my travel/summer-themed bracelet and it’s almost finished! I just added the Ice Cream pendant from Pre-Autumn, which is so cute. My OH also just bought me the New Beginnings necklace which is so stunning in person! <3
          I've not heard anything about new leathers for this season unfortunately. There's the new pavé clasp bracelet, limited edition Dainty Bow bangle and also a breast cancer limited edition bangle (although I'm not sure if North America is getting that), but no leathers so far. :(

    • Thanx Lola. Had a second look at it and it looks a bit bright. The one my friend has is a very soft pink so there must be several different variations. Wish it was available as a triple. Loving my new black triple which i recently traded for a single black i had recently purchased. When i got the single home and put it on I thought “what were you thinking lol” and went back and got the triple. Very nice and comfortable to wear. Once again thank you for the input. Like they say, Pandora for special moments – like meeting new Pandora friends.

  8. Ok Ellie, I’m on Firefox now and I see all my comments from yesterday that didn’t post for me on Chrome, are showing on Firefox. Can you see them? I’ll try posting this and see what happens.

    • I replied to your email Lola – WordPress had labelled them as spam without so much as notifying me. I think I have fixed it – they should be showing up on chrome now too, touch wood!

  9. Hi Supergirl-Ellie!
    How exciting you are always able to inform us about Pandora news even in your holidays! I hope you’re having a great time!

    For me it’s really convenient my birthday is on August 24th! Since pre-Autumn collection came 2 weeks earlier in stores here, I hope the same happens with this one too! All close friends and family know how obsessed I’ve become with Pandora this year, so I guess my wish list will get smaller! ;-)

    Thank you for the news round-up! I always enjoy your posts! ♥♥♥

    • Aha, hi Chrysa! I am having such a lovely time and having the leisure time to come here to chat on the blog is a part of that too, haha.
      Oh yes, that would be great – fingers crossed it comes out there a little earlier again! Birthdays are a great time to chip away at that wish list, haha. My birthday is also conveniently located in September but unfortunately I don’t have that many Autumn charms to add to it yet. That may well change when i see them all in person though, haha!
      Alsooo, I finally got to see the Pre-Autumn pieces in person today! Yay! I absolutely loved the Sentimental Snapshots (so detailed and pretty), the Curious Cat (the Devoted dog was cute too, but I think the Cat was just that teensy bit more adorable) and the Ice Cream dangle. It’s much nicer in person! The pets charms all looked very pretty, too. It’s a very nice release I think. The only one I didn’t like that much was the ‘I Love My Pets’ charm with the pearlescent enamel – I didn’t really like the off-white colour to it, it looked a bit mucky haha.
      Anyway, thanks for commenting again Chrysa! You’re always very enthusiastic and thoughtful in your comments – they are lovely to read! ♥♥♥

      • Thank you for sharing your thoughts on the new release Ellie! It was so odd you could’t see the new pieces in person, when most of us had already done so. Quite unfair for the Pandora muse!
        Can’t wait to see your reviews on those with all the inspiring stylings! ♥♥♥

        • Aha, yeah, I did feel it was a bit weird that I was writing about the Pre-Autumn launch day but that I just hadn’t seen them! My first Pre-Autumn review will be going up soon (I got one of the charms super early and managed to put together a review before I went away) so stay tuned! ;) ♥♥♥

  10. I just read on Pandora’s Angels that Pandora is increasing US/CAN prices for muranos and paves! Even charms that just came out or haven’t even been released yet! What?!?! This is crazy!

    • Yes I saw that too! :( :( I did read that it will mostly be retailers that benefit from the change but it’s a shame that that has to come straight out of the consumers’ pockets. Some of the increases of murano glass are crazy high – $10 USD! Wow! Do you think that it will affect what you buy?

      • No, I still want a few of the pave, I’ll probably still get the new swan and red robin as long as I like them in person, and I still want to get the sparkling stiletto too. Luckily I’m pretty caught up on past charms I wanted. At least they are not raising prices for regular silver charms. I’ve never bought Pandora Muranos so their increase in price doesn’t bother me but that is so expensive for people that do buy them!

        • Yes I was happy to see that the two-tone charms also escaped the increase. It’s kind of weird that they chose to raise the prices on pavé when they’re the charms that I think consumers perceive as least value for money, with their artificial stones. I love Pandora muranos and would be a bit gutted if they raised the prices on those here!

      • All I can figure is the paves must sell really well despite most collectors’ love/hate relationship with them! If they didn’t sell, they wouldn’t have 75% of each collection pave and be raising the already high prices on them. I like some CZ charms on a bracelet but if they are all CZ charms it really loses texture and I don’t think you appreciate the beauty of the charms as much when they all sparkle. I get that the CZ’s cost money and there is more work in having to set the CZ’s than if they are just casting a regular silver charm, but I have bought a lot of other brands’ charms with CZ’s and the cost between CZ and not CZ is not that different so Pandora must be making a huge profit on these.

        • Yes, I suppose they must. It’s funny, as dedicated collectors often seem so ambivalent towards the pavé that I think we get a bit of a blinkered view of the overall trends and what people are buying. I have no problem with a little dash here and there of pavé but I find that I go predominantly for silver and murano beads, with a bit of enamel for extra colour. That’s not really a matter of principle, that’s just what I like! ^^

  11. Bling bling is selling very well in Asia market that is why Pandora has most of the line bling bling. Hugh population and strong purchasing power over there. 25% higher price than in Canada and without any promotion. That is why Pandora become 3rd largest jewelry company.

    • Hi Cheryl! The Fascinating Olive charm is part of the Autumn 2015 collection coming out this month but unfortunately I don’t think it will be available in North America. :( The US & Canada are missing out on quite a few of the new pieces this season, for reasons unknown.

    • Oh really? I’m sad to hear that. It seems to have sold quite well here but I can imagine that the ‘values’ concept doesn’t appeal to younger people. I’m in my early twenties and don’t particularly like that aspect of it and have only chosen the Essence charms that I like the look of!

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