It’s less than a week to go until the launch of the Pandora Autumn 2015 collection, and today’s post brings some HQ images of all the new charms and bracelets plus some gorgeous live shots! I also now have pricing in GBP for most of the new pieces so I have included those here too. The collection, dubbed Magnificent Kingdom, primarily draws its inspiration from the majesty of nature, and features elegant swans, dragonflies and beautiful feather pieces among others!


The Pandora Autumn 2015 collection has already hit the shelves in some stores in North America and Australia at least, so it’s worth checking with your local store to see if they have it in. In the UK, we have to wait until the release date proper, which is the 27th of August. 

This preview only encompasses the charms and bracelets for Autumn 2015 – for other jewellery, please see my preview here!

Live Shots

First up, these amazing live shots are by, and they give a beautifully crisp view of some of the new pieces. I love the look of the Feathered clip in this shot, and the green Fascinating Olive bead is beautiful, too.

Image by
Image by

Click any of these images to cycle through the gallery!

They also uploaded a YouTube video from an official Pandora AW15 preview, which gives you a great look at some of the new Autumn and Winter 2015 jewellery:

*UPDATED* I’ve added a live shot of the new Dragonfly Meadow charm, courtesy of Sheila Holmes. How pretty is the little silver flower! These live shots are courtesy of Pamela Vaughn and Edwina Navid, and also offer a look at the new Pandora Rose Autumn 2015 collection as well! I’m very curious to see the blush pink pieces in person. :)

There is also a beautiful shot of the new Essence Autumn 2015 beads, including the beautiful pearl Dignity charm (be still, my heart!). You can also see the new openwork Caring bead (bracelet on the left) and the new pink CZ Sensitivity bead. A full preview of the Pandora Essence Autumn 2015 charms is available here! North American readers should not the Pandora Essence Autumn 2015 collection will not be coming out there this season.

pandora essence autumn 2015
Image by

Unfortunately, in the UK, I’ve been told that the Dignity bead will not be sold on its own until November 2015. Until then, it will only be available as part of a bundle for £75 with the silver Essence bracelet. I hate it when Pandora does that, especially as they usually pick the most popular pieces. Mark me down as irritated, as it was one of the pieces I wanted to get on release day and I do not need another Essence bracelet!

pandora essence autumn winter 2015 preview


First up, we have a new delicate pavé bracelet, priced at $50 USD.

pandora autumn 2015

For most regions, this new pavé version of the Pandora’s signature charm bracelet will be available with the Autumn 2015 collection. In North America, it won’t be available until the Winter 2015 collection comes out. It’s priced at £75.

pandora pavé clasp bracelet

This bangle will be available in Australia, probably as part of a GWP running in October, but I have not seen it listed for any other regions so far (including North America and the UK).

pandora autumn 2015


First up, we have the lovely Layers of Lace clip. This is a detailed, but simple silver clip that’s reminiscent of some of Pandora’s classic clip designs. It’s refreshingly affordable at £25, too. This one won’t be available in North America until the Winter 2015 launch – it’s going to be part of a holiday gift set.

pandora autumn 2015

The Radiant Hearts are rather dramatic statement pieces, and will be available in a pretty violet purple and a blush pink. These have had rather a mixed reaction from collectors, but lately I’ve found that they are really growing on me. I saw an absolutely gorgeous live shot of one on Facebook the other day and was really very tempted! They are $80 USD ($90 CAD) or £55.

pandora autumn fall 2015 preview

I’m hoping this one will prove quite a lovely dusky blush pink in person. If you look closely at the stock image, you can see that the hearts that run along the side of the charm also run under the stone – a transparent heart effect. So cute!pandora autumn fall 2015 preview

I am less enthused by the Radiant Splendour, however, which is also priced at $80 USD / $90 CAD.

pandora autumn 2015 radiant splendour

The Fascinating Blush and Olive beads may look like traditional murano glass, but they’re actually something a little new from Pandora – they’re made from cubic zirconia. The price point remains the same as regular glass, however, at $50 USD ($55 CAD) or £35. The Blush version may be a little delayed in some markets.pandora autumn 2015

This olive version, however, will not be sold in North America. It’s a shame, as it complements the forest and nature-themed beads from this collection rather well.

pandora autumn 2015 preview

Next up, we have the Eternity spacers, which will be available in four different colours for Autumn. They are priced at £30 or $40 USD / $45 CAD.

pandora autumn 2015
pandora autumn 2015 eternity spacers pandora autumn 2015 eternity spacers pandora autumn 2015 eternity spacers

Finally for the decorative pieces, we have purple and blue Geometric Facets, both priced at £40 or $50 USD ($55 CAD).

pandora-autumn-2015-purple-geometric-facets pandora-autumn-2015-blue-geometric-facets

Finally, the Forever PANDORA charm offers yet another option if you’re looking for a charm to represent your love of Pandora. It’s retailing for $50 USD / $55 CAD or £45.

pandora autumn 2015


The Floral Brilliance, which first came out in silver in Spring 2014, now makes an appearance in 14kt gold. It will retail for $400 USD / $440 CAD. It strikes me as a piece that would be perfect for the Pandora Rose collection!

pandora autumn 2015 gold

The Love & Appreciation will retail for $375 USD / $415 CAD. pandora autumn 2015 gold

I love the intricacy of the Magnificent Heart pendant, although I can’t help thinking it would have been nicer without the pavé at the top and with a more substantial bail. It will cost $120 USD ($135 CAD) or £90.pandora autumn 2015

The Lace Botanique is priced at $150 USD / $165 CAD, or £115.

pandora autumn 2015

Animals & Nature

One of the stand-out pieces of this collection for me is the beautiful Forest Fairy. Several readers have noted that she doesn’t appear to have a face in the stock image, but that doesn’t stand out too much to me amidst the charm’s other beautiful details. This one will be $35 USD ($40 CAD) or £30.


This charm is another of my must-haves. I love dragonfly motifs, and this one is so nicely done – the dragonflies are interspersed with little silver flowers that really add to the delicacy and prettiness of the overall effect. It’s priced at $60 USD ($65 CAD) or £55.pandora-autumn-2015-dragonfly-meadow

The Majestic Swan is just beautiful, with its sophisticated pavé accents. Previous Pandora swans have been a lot cutesier in tone, and it’s nice to see a piece that really captures the elegance of the birds. It’s very much like the Swarovski logo, though, haha. It will retail for £50 or $70 USD$80 CAD.pandora autumn 2015 preview

The Red Robin, in contrast, is adorably chubby and has some lovely silver detailing on his tail feathers. Priced at £45 or $55 USD ($60 CAD), he’d be great for any Christmas designs you might have in mind for the holiday season, too!

pandora autumn 2015 red robin

The Peaceful Panda is one of my favourites of the new portrait animals, featuring some cute black enamel detailing for his eyes! It is priced at $30 USD ($35 CAD) or £25.

pandora autumn 2015 preview

The Playful Pig is also $30 USD or £25.pandora autumn 2015 preview

The following animals will not be available in North America. :( They include a cow, chick, horse and giraffe – all priced at £25 in the UK. I still don’t know why these are not going to be available in the US or Canada, as they are really very cute! The Panda and the Pig don’t make anywhere near as much sense on their own.

pandora autumn 2015 preview

The Chick is particularly cute, and the only one to have legs, haha.

pandora autumn 2015 preview pandora autumn 2015 preview pandora autumn 2015 preview


One of the collection’s most anticipated charms, the Angel Wings pendant actually opens like a locket to reveal a pretty enamel centre. The pink enamel is actually very soft in shade, similar in tone to the Asia exclusive Complete my Heart pendant. It’s priced at £45 or  $60 USD / $65 CAD.


The Majestic Feathers openwork is inspired by the beauty of the phoenix (according to Pandora) and would make a nice complement to the existing Light as a Feather pavé openwork. It’s priced at $60 USD ($65 CAD).pandora-autumn-2015-majestic-feathers

The Majestic Feather pendant is $45 USD / $50 CAD, or £35.pandora-autumn-2015-majestic-feather

The Angelic Feathers is another incredibly popular design, priced at $50 USD / $55 CAD. In the UK, this will be part of another silver bracelet bundle until November 2015 alongside the Feathered clip. It won’t be available on its own immediately.

The Feathered clip is one of my favourites of the feather pieces – its pretty simplicity is rather reminiscent of some of Pandora’s original clip designs. In North America, this clip has been delayed until the Pandora Valentine’s 2016 release, however.pandora-autumn-2015-feathered-clip

Love & Celebration

There are a lot of love & family-themed charms coming out with this collection and I’ll admit that they don’t interest me half so much – with, perhaps, the exception of this absolutely beautiful two-tone design. The Locked Hearts is an openwork, with beautiful gold detailing on both sides of the charm. It’s priced at $90 USD ($100 CAD) or £70.

pandora autumn 2015 locked hearts

The Heart of Love clip will retail for  $70 USD / $80 CAD.

pandora autumn 2015 love clip

The Majestic Heart has a little cubic zirconia to accent it, and is priced at $90 USD / $100 CAD, or £65.

pandora autumn 2015 preview

The Friendship Heart and Daughter’s Love charms will be $50 USD or £35.

pandora autumn fall 2015 preview pandora autumn fall 2015 preview

The You are so Loved heart is plain silver, and will cost $35 USD / $40 CAD, or £30.

pandora autumn 2015

The Sweetheart charm will also be making an appearance in more regions for Autumn 2015. It was previously exclusive to North America for Valentine’s Day:

pandora sweetheart

Next, we have the Hearts Tiara pendant, which is priced at $45 USD ($50 CAD).


The Birthday Wishes charm is Pandora’s latest version of their popular card charm, following versions for Valentine’s and Mother’s Day. It’s priced at $50 USD ($55 CAD) or £35.pandora-autumn-2015-birthday-wishes

Other piece I am happy to see in this set of family charms is the Family Ties safety chain, which has ‘Family Forever’ written on it. I’d love to see other versions of this safety chain, with a less family-orientated message on it, as the script is very pretty.


The Signature Hearts collection will replace the existing Birthday Blooms, and feature a mixture of genuine and synthetic stones. They are pretty reasonably priced at $55 USD ($60 CAD) or £35, which is a little cheaper than the existing Birthday Blooms.

pandora autumn 2015

Finally, the Arabian Coffee Pot charm doesn’t really fit into any of my categories, so I’m popping it in at the end. This one also won’t be available in North America, unfortunately. This is probably my absolute favourite new charm from Autumn 2015 and I’m hard-pushed to think of a previous Pandora charm that matches its level of detail. For some live shots, please see my original preview here!

pandora autumn 2015 asia exclusive

My Comment

While the collection as a whole doesn’t appeal that much to me, there are nonetheless some stand-out individual pieces that I have to have! My must-haves are the Forest Fairy, Arabian Coffee Pot (Dallah) and the Dragonfly Meadow, which all boast some beautiful detailing. I’m also rather tempted by the Majestic Swan, which might look nice with the Forest Fairy on my Pandora Rose bracelet. :D The two-tone Locked Hearts is another superb piece, and would be coming home with me if it weren’t for the fact that I already have the 2014 Vintage Heart, which is very similar and a little more substantial, perhaps.

The Feathers collection is also nicely done, even if I don’t think I’ll be purchasing any of the pieces, and I particularly like the Feathered clip and the Angel Wings locket charm.

Are you excited for the launch of this collection? Have you picked out any must-haves?

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  1. :-) Awwww, so pretty. I really wouldn’t know what to get myself. They’re all so very pretty. But I think I’d go for something heart-y There are so many pretty ones.
    HAPPY weekend :-)

    • Glad to hear you’re enthused! :D There’s certainly no shortage of hearts. I’m most keen on the forest-y, fairy-tale pieces. Pandora make a lot of them but I haven’t got bored of them so far.
      Thanks for commenting and have a nice weekend too! :)

  2. That Essence pearl!! Definitely has my heart! And is actually the only item I like from the upcoming collections – except the cartoon animal faces.. But I’m not sure I’d wear those – they’re just immensely cute.. I’m dissapointed with the direction Pandora has taken – not my style at all.. So I’ve started saving up for gold items and retired items that I missed out on instead :) .
    I can’t wait to make a bracelet with my Essence moonstone balance beads and the new pearl Dignity charm though!! YAY! Any idea what the price range for the pearl on its own will be?? Such a bummer that the UK market will make it another forced bundle-offer.. Again.. Glad they don’t do that here in Denmark – we just get left out on so many other occasions though.. A lot of items are not estimated as suited for the Scandinavian market – annoying.

    • And mine! I’ve been wanting a Pandora pearl bead like that for ages, and I’m quite disappointed that it doesn’t look like it will be available individually for a while. ;) It’s a shame that you don’t like much from the collections but at least it means that you can work on collecting all the lovely classic pieces. Your collection of gold Essence is rather enviable! ;)
      Erm I think the pearl will be £45 when it’s available on its own. Most of the other beads are £40 ish as well, apart from the silver Love bead, which I think is £25. I don’t have the prices to hand, sorry, so I’m just going on what I remember haha. Oh wow, I didn’t know that Denmark missed out on so much! Seeing that Pandora is based there, I’d have thought that you guys would get everything. How strange!

      • Agreed! We should get some sort of priveleges here right? Haha. But no – we are left out of the fun very often.. Thanks for the top-off-your-head prices! Gives me an idea of what to expect :) .
        And thanks so much! I loooove all my goldies haha. They’re special as each item has taken me hours of work and a lot of saving up to get :) . Hope you’ll get some goldies as well at some point :)

        • Lol, I’d think so! I didn’t realise that some regions were so selective on what they offer. :/ You’re welcome, I have the prices listed on another computer so I’ll let you know when I can get on it again and see what they are. I thought I had updated the Essence preview but apparently I forgot. Sorry! ^^
          Absolutely! I’m always inspired to try and do the same when I see your Essence bracelets but then I get distracted by something else shiny haha. I’d definitely like at least one gold Essence bead :)

        • Thaaanks! Would love that – no rush though! I think £40-45 ish is very reasonable ;) .

          You should get a goldie! And yeah.. Shiny things, right?? Über-distracting.. And can make you do crazy things haha. Like live off bread for a month just to participate in a promo or something :’D

        • Haha it is pretty reasonable really! And the £25 for the Love bead seemed pretty good, too. I think I’m remembering that right. :S
          Lol, that it is absolutely right! Certainly in my case anyhow. If it wasn’t for the interventions of my OH, I’m sure I would do something like that. He always says that I can walk into pretty much any shop and find something pretty and useless that I like. ;)

        • Hello again Stine! I just double-checked and the prices I have written down are the ones I told you: £25 for the silver Love charm, £40 for the CZ Caring bead and the other stone charms, and then £45 for the pearl when it is available on its own. :)

      • The dignity charm is showing as available on the pandora estore at £45. They did this with the Daisy dangle charm in the spring collection and took it down later and it was only available in the UK with the bracelet so you might want to grab it quick :)

        • Thanks so much for the heads-up Shelly! I just went on but I can’t see any of the new Essence pieces on the e-Store? Do you have a link, please? :)

  3. Thanks for the update! I looooove the Dallah charm and desperate for it and the other arabian charms. I currently live in Saudi Arabia so this is a perfect souvenir for me! I bought the palm tree in Dubai so just need the rest. Do you know if it will be available in the uk? I return home to scotland for a visit soon. Thank you for the wonderful updates and beautiful pictures!

    • Yes, it’s beautiful isn’t it? For me, it stands out from the rest of the collection by a mile. :) From what I’ve been told by a couple of people, it should be available in the UK although I haven’t seen a listing for it there yet myself. You’re welcome – and thanks for commenting! <3

  4. I still can’t make my mind up on whether I want any of the charms, I keep seeing pictures on Facebook pages and rethinking whether I want any. I’m going to have to see them in store to make a decision.
    Do you have any prices for some of the jewellery? I’m interested in the crystallised floral fancy, hearts of pandora in silver and classic or timeless elegance ring prices. Also the classic and timeless elegance pendant price.
    I can’t wait to go see the collection, can’t believe we have to wait till the release date compared to other countries who get them in before.

    • Yes, I’ve seen a few pics on Facebook that have really changed my mind on a few charms – the Radiant Hearts particularly. I think the pink version looks particularly lovely. :) I will have to see what I think when I go into the store as well!
      I don’t have all the prices for those right now unfortunately as I am going to be away from my laptop with all the details on it for a couple of days! :( Sorry. I’ll try and update the other post with them when I can.
      I know! It’s rather frustrating when you see all the lovely pictures of everyone else getting their new charms and then you still have to wait haha. I don’t really mind the idea of keeping to a release date, as it builds the excitement, but it becomes a bit meaningless when not everyone sticks to it!

  5. The purple eternity spacer has taken my heart. The stock image is not doing it justice, but the live image “personal style” in your gallery is striking. I have nothing purple on my bracelets, perhaps time to start a new one!

    • The stock images often do don’t the jewellery justice! I do think the purples look stunning in that magazine shoot. The depth of the colour is just lovely. You should definitely start a purple theme ;)

  6. Ah, you made me feel famous with the photos. Thank you.

    Let’s re-cap North America’s state this release. We did get new rose gold pieces and Olaf. But…we also saw price increases. And we were denied the gorgeous pave barrel clasp bracelet, feathered clips, escence pieces, Arabian coffee pot, olive glass beads, fun animals (who will buy the panda and pig in the US over those others?), and some of the blush pieces are coming in piece meal. Who made Pandora mad in the US?

    • Aha you’re welcome! They’re great pictures. Thanks for letting me use them!
      I know, it is disappointing for you guys. At least you will get the pave bracelet and feathered clips eventually. :) I’m still not clear on why they’ve decided to pass on so many of the new pieces. Perhaps it’s to make room for all the extra Disney stock they have. I don’t really have any answers yet unfortunately. :(

    • LOL, yeah, good question. I wonder why Pandora hates North America so much. I’m in Canada and our job market and the dollar are doing terrible right now, so the price increases definitely don’t make me too happy. Also, a lot of the regional exclusives from this year are only available in Asia and I heard that we’re NOT getting the new Essence charms at all.

      Then again, I shouldn’t be too upset considering that this saves me money and gives me a chance to focus on some older charms that have been on my wishlist for way too long. ;-)

      • And yet you guys were seen as the golden child only last year, what with the Pandora Rose, Pandora Disney, Black Friday LE release… It’s really turned around, hasn’t it!

  7. Ah! Canadian $ is low, I see price increase $5 or $10 for the murano and the silver paved charm which is a lot of $. Pandora don’t mad on us but just they are selling huge in Asia even 25% higher price and without promotion. Hong Kong still selling some of the retired charms for regular price. I have to really spend smart for the upcoming Sept spend $125 to get $75 free charm.

    • Mm, you do have some of the cheapest prices on Pandora globally – the most economical way to get charms for me is to get someone in Canada to buy them for me. :S It is a shame about the price increases, though.

  8. I bought a Essence gift set and returned it the next day in March. Two different store ladiestold me that it is not popular like the moment line and kind of hint me something. I don’t want to keep a bracelet without new support beads.

    • I find that the Essence bracelet looks great with only a few beads on it (I have four on a bracelet that I consider finished) so I am not too worried about them retiring it as I know that I can fill the two bracelets I have with the existing Essence beads. It would be a shame if they retired it, though, as I have really loved both their Autumn releases for 2014 and 2015. I think that if they got a bit more flexible and a bit less twee with all their ‘values’ stuff then it might do better! :)

      • Ellie, bad news. I’m so sad now. Just called the local stores here in SG to reserve a bracelet 17cm for myself at $141sgd but ladies at the stores told me that Pandora is only bringing the bigger sizes for now. 20 and 21cm. Argh. How frustrating.

        • Oh nooo :( That doesn’t make any sense at all! Here in the UK the 18cm and 19cm bracelets are the most popular sizes for one thing. What a weird decision. Is there anywhere you can order online that might have the bigger sizes?

      • The ladies told me that smaller sizes may be available when the next shipment arrives, so I’m being placed on the waiting list for now.

  9. Thank you for the beautiful pictures Ellie! I am going to be adding the dragonfly meadow, fascinating olive and olive eternity spacers to my wish list. The olive colour is the exact same colour as my wedding dress and my husband and I were married in The Swiss Garden (a beautiful garden in Bedfordshire with plants collected from around the world and peacocks strutting around) so I want to create a bracelet to represent that using the peacock, owl, butterflies and dragonfly charms. I want the gold dragonflies as a centre piece and am hoping to see it reduced one day!

    I am also going to add the purple geometric facet to my list as I’d like to make up and purple and lilac theme one day with the sparkling butterfly and the daisy charm with lilac enamel. I really like both of those charms but they don’t really fit any of my designs in my head at the moment.

    Thanks for another great post.

    • Great choices! I really like olive green as well but just don’t have anything to match with it in my collection right now. I love the sound of your garden-themed wedding bracelet – your conception sounds unique and really creative compared to a lot of the traditional wedding designs (with pearls and gold etc). The gold dragonflies would be perfect, and be a really nice complement to the new pavé dragonflies! I think it did go reduced in the UK sale a little while ago but haven’t seen it reduced since, I don’t think.

      Yes, the purple Facet has really caught my eye, especially in those lovely magazine pictures. Unfortunately my purple bracelet is all full-up! The Butterfly and the Daisy are quite soft purples so the contrast between the different shades would be really pretty.

      Thanks for commenting! I’m glad you enjoyed the post :D

      • Ooh do you remember where you saw the gold dragonflies reduced? I have seen it on some retirement lists but not on others so don’t know if it’s definitely being retired. I saw it on one list along with the nightingale/birdcage charm and I managed to get that half price from in the summer sale. I’ve been hoping it will be in someone’s December sale.

        Other than ROJ who do you think does the best sale in The UK? I thought that the Pandora estore had some good reductions in their summer sale this year. I got the star with entwined strands ring (which I had drooled over for so long) for £39 instead of £199! Even my husband was shouting in my ear ‘buy it, buy it!’ I was hoping for the same kind of discount for the dragonflies! : p

        • Ooh I’m sorry, I don’t… I thought it was in a UK sale… :S Perhaps ROJ. It wasn’t on my list to get at the time so I didn’t pay that much attention!
          Erm, well, they are all meant to offer the same discounts but obviously they don’t. ;) I find that Beadazzle often offer discounts on a few extra items, and The Jewel Hut occasionally offer crazy discounts (I got the Stella charm for £25 last year!). Argento also had some unique discounts – I got two moonstone cabochon for £25 each this summer. I did notice that the eStore had some great deals too though, I just don’t rate their service (I don’t like that they charge so much for delivery and it takes a little longer as it’s coming from Belgium!). Aha, I’d be surprised if the Dragonflies didn’t get retired in the not-too-distant future. It’s a classic two-tone and it’s pricey, which doesn’t really fit with Pandora’s current look. If it does get reduced, I think I’ll be on the hunt for it as well! ;)

  10. Great sharing. Through that no promotion in Australia in October. So excited for this promotion:) When will know the date of promotion? I’m planning a trip on October but don’t wanna miss this bangle. Thank you:)

  11. Hi Ellie!
    Many thanks for your post, it help us for waiting…
    Like you my must-haves are the Forest Fairy, Arabian Coffee Pot (Dallah) and the Dragonfly Meadow, and I will broke my money box for the gold love and appreciation. A friend of my daughter who lives in Canada have help me to offer the rose love and appreciation and for me it’s a hit.
    I would tell you also that I have receive my first order from pandora’s angels : the black friday charm : GREAT !

    Thanks for your blog for all the tips !

    • Hi Isabelle! I have the Love & Appreciation in Rose as well, and it is just stunning. One of my favourite Pandora hearts (and I have a lot of those haha!).
      Wonderful!! The Angels page is so great for getting hold of HTF beads, as is the Pandora’s Tribe page as well. It’s my go-to whenever I need something a bit tricky to track down.

      You’re welcome Isabelle – thanks for commenting! <3

  12. I am so excited about the feathered clip! We have an all year promo in the Czech Republic that when you buy a bracelet and two clips, you get a sefety chain for free and I just couldn’t find the second clip I would like. This new one solves the problem :) I desperately need a new bracelet.
    And the purple geometric facets are going home with me. They add some color to the bracelet so nicely without being too bulky as muranos. I already have the violet, green and pink and this one should match nicely (I have no colour scheme). Anyone else noticed that while the older ones are faceted as squares, these new look like triangles?

    • Oh wow, that’s a great promo! I’d love it if the UK offered a great starter kit like that. I’m quite tempted by either the Feathered clip or the Layers of Lace clip for my next bracelet project. They have that lovely ‘classic Pandora’ feel to them, despite being fresh and new!
      Glad to hear you’re also a Facets fan. While I am a big lover of Pandora murano glass, the Facets are a really great alternative for those who don’t like the size of the traditional murano beads. I actually hadn’t noticed that the facets are triangles with these ones – how fun! Thanks for pointing that out, haha.

      • Yeah, I think that’s why these are called geometric facets and not petite facets. I can’t wait to see them :) I already got a sneak peek in London last week where I was in vacation. They had some of the new pieces in stock but could not sell it yet. Unfortunately no facets by that time.

        • Yes I expect you’re right! How fun that you got a sneak peek. I’m dying to see all these new pieces in person, especially the Radiant Hearts. :D

  13. I love this collection I didn’t know the pave bracelets would be for autumn is this a limited edition. It’s a shame the feather heart charm is in a bracelet bungle. The USA are missing out on so much I wonder why that is. I can’t wait for this collection. Also the birthday heart are so reasonable I though they would be the same price as the birthday blooms.

    • We can buy the paved barrel bracelet for Can $90 here in Toronto in November or get it with the layer of lace clip as a set. The layer of lace clip will available for $45 in January 2016. The Signature heart is $60 which is reasonable price. The Angelic feathers is in store for $55, it is a big piece. I think Pandora want to ship around their product for best inventory purpose.

      • Oh cool, they’ll be offering the pavé bracelet on its own? The marketing I got from Pandora said that the individual gift set pieces wouldn’t be available until January 2016, which would be annoying!

    • Yes, it’s only a winter release in North America. :) Everywhere else it’s coming out for Autumn! I don’t think that it’s down as being limited edition, no.
      I know, I hate it when they do bracelet bundles. Pandora UK are doing tons with season, especially for Winter, apparently. The Essence one is particularly annoying as they must know how popular that pearl bead will be!

      • Hi Nicola, I didn’t! Honest, haha! The comment above that starts ‘Yes it’s only a winter release’ was for you. ^^ I don’t know how much the coffee pot will be, as I’ve not actually seen a UK listing myself – I’m just going off what my commenters have said about it being available in the UK. So I won’t know until the release day unfortunately! :) I imagine it will be £30.

  14. *clapping for Ellie* You do so much great work here.

    I was looking forward to the little chick. :-( So, now I think just the Forest Fairy will come home with me. And if Essence is will be ending here, I’m wondering if I should get a few in the upcoming promotion. I can get the Thomas Sabo safety chain. Voiding the bracelet warranty doesn’t concern me. I might do that anyway.

    • Aha, thank you! It’s always fun when I get all the individual pictures and can write up my thoughts on all the new pieces. :D

      I know, lots of people are really quite disappointed that the silver animals aren’t coming out there. Pandora NA seem to have passed on some of the quirkiest pieces and gone for the most generic. The Irish site Republic of Jewels ships internationally and will most likely be stocking the Chick, if that’s any help? :) And yes I’d go ahead and try the Karma safety chain. I’ve heard from lots of ladies who are really happy with it. :)

      • Do you know if the Essence Dignity Pearl bead will be available on the Republic of Jewels site come November? I was really excited to add that bead to my collection and was so disappointed to hear that the collection wouldn’t be coming to North America.

  15. That purple geometric facets looks stunning in person!! I agree that the stock images just don’t do the jewelry justice. I was at my store the other day and they were just starting to get the Autumn pieces in and I thought they were all stunning!! I got the angel wing pendant charm and I wear it single on a chain as a necklace. I love how detailed it is (for the size) and love that it’s a locket!! I might have to break down and get the pave clasp barrel bracelet gift set in a few months. At first I thought it was weird the clips to go with it were sterling silver lace and not pave (to match the clasp) but in those photos they are stunning together!! I am bummed the new essence line won’t be coming to us here in the US. I love the caring charm and do love the dignity pearl!! I have the original hope essence charm though and it’s milky quartz so I wonder if it will look similar to the dignity pearl? I already have 8 essence charms on my bracelet and after I get two gold ones (new love and creativity) that would make 10 and probably enough beads for one bracelet, lol!! Thanks for all the beautiful pictures Ellie!!

    • I can’t wait to see them myself! There’s usually at least one particular piece that takes you by surprise in store by being so much more beautiful than the stock image suggested. Glad to hear that you liked them all in person. I can imagine how pretty the Angel Wings looks on a necklace (and I am such a sucker for locket designs!), it’s definitely one of the pieces I’m most interested to see in store.
      The funny thing about the Layers of Lace clip is that, although it is plain silver, it kind of almost looks like pavé, if you know what I mean. It seems like there’s a little stone in the centre of the swirls of lace but it’s just clever silver detailing. In that way, I think it does go really nicely with the pavé bracelet. :D I’m quite tempted by it, I think it’s lovely!
      Aha ten beads sounds about right! It is a shame that you guys are missing out on the new Essence collection, as I think it’s one of the prettiest that they’ve done so far. I’ll have a look at the difference between the Pearl and the Hope in store if I can.

      Thanks for commenting, Jackie – I’m glad you enjoyed the pictures!

      • Yes, I see what you mean about the lace almost looking pave itself. Is it true the gift set will come with a winter charm also? Do you know how much that will cost and what month it will be coming out? Thanks so much!

        • Yes that’s right! It’s the Radiant Bloom and I pictured it in my Winter 2015 preview here:
          It’s in this collage:

  16. Thanks for these pics, Ellie! My list keeps changing, I’m glad I don’t have to decide until mid September when they have the US free charm promo. I still think I want the Forest Fairy, Swan, Red Robin. I may change my mind in person though, last time I didn’t think I liked the Dazzling Daisy or Sparkling Primrose and I ended up getting both of them!

    I did like the look of the angel wings locket at first sneak peak but then was kind of off it when I saw it wasn’t that large, but maybe it will be must have for me in person. I really like the feathered heart too, but it’s another heart…

    I also wasn’t too keen on the radiant hearts at first glance but I have to say they really look pretty in the live shots! I don’t know that I like it enough to pay $80 for it though.

    Overall, I think it’s a nice collection, I like it more now than when I first saw the stock images.

    • You’re welcome! I also like the collection a lot more than I originally did, and I have quite a healthy wish list from it. With Essence, I definitely want the Forest Fairy, Coffee Pot, Dragonfly Meadow and then the Love, Dignity and Friendship charms. :D The Swan and Robin are also super cute and I’m trying my best to not be tempted by them, haha. I wish they were doing a free charm promo here, as well, haha. My wish list keeps creeping up…

      I still like the Angel Wings from the live shots, but I’m a bit disappointed that the enamel inside is such a baby pink. The initial stock image of the charm closed made it look quite an interesting dusky shade, but I realise now that that was just shadow. :/ The Angelic Feathers is another heart, it’s true, but it’s a lot more gothic in tone and I think it stands out from other heart charms that Pandora have done in the past!

      I completely agree with you re the Radiant Hearts! I didn’t hate them when I first saw them, but they weren’t on my list to get. In the live shots, the pink version looks particularly pretty and I love that you can see the heart silhouettes through the stone! Jahndra at My Xpressions just reviewed it with some great live shots:
      I’m also still undecided as to whether I want to pay that much for though!

      Thanks for commenting! :)

      • I saw that pic on Jahndra’s blog, really cool feature to see the hearts in the light colors of these!

        I know, it is always so hard to decide which charms to get. I would probably buy more if they were doing the $500 spend for 2 tone bracelet again as it’s just such a good deal, but with this spend $100 get a free charm it is so hard to get close to the $100 without going way over, plus it may be hard to do multiple transactions, I may have to visit a few stores if I decide I want more things.

        • Isn’t it just? It’s a shame that the purple is too dark to see the hearts through, though!
          Yes I did the $500 spend earlier this year, against my better judgement. ;) I still haven’t decided what I’m going to do with the two-tone bracelet I got yet, though – possibly a gold and teal theme, as I love those colours together!

  17. Fascinating brush just look like glass, I still liken murano better. Radiant heart very light pale pink, still look like glass. I will skip this line totally. Not worth the $ for a CZ at all.

  18. Hi Ellie!
    It was about time I found time to talk to you a little! Many things to party about these days! :-)
    I was gifted the Swan for my birthday yesterday, and I admit it’s very delicate and well-designed with the right use of pave! I visited the small Pandora store near my hometown later in the evening and had the chance to see the Autumn Collection in person- in fact most of it, as several pieces had already gone ( Dragonfly was one of them)! The owner told me he got the new pieces 2 weeks earlier! Well the Forest Fairy is just perfect! The lack of facial characteristics is not noticeable at all! And the Coffee Pot is so detailed and pretty! I also liked the birthday hearts, though I didn’t appreciate them much on the stock images!
    Can’t wait to have your opinion on the new collection! Thank you for the lovely, perfectly presented preview! ♥♥♥

    • Hi Chrysa! I’m so glad to hear that you have things to party about, haha. And a very happy birthday for yesterday! I hope you had a lovely day! The Swan is one of my favourites from this collection, and it’s great to hear that you love it in person. It wasn’t on my list, as I didn’t have anywhere to put it, but I’m now considering swapping it for one of the charms on my Pandora Rose bracelet. It just looks so lovely from the live shots!
      Wow, your store seems to get in the collection super early! Thanks for sharing your opinions – the Fairy and the Coffee Pot are my two favourites, so I’m glad to hear that they didn’t disappoint. <3 Did you see the little silver animals?
      I will hopefully be going to see the new pieces myself on Friday so I will let you know what I think then! <3 Thanks for commenting, Chrysa!

      • Thanks for your wishes Ellie!
        My Pandora birthday presents were increased today, so the Forest Fairy and the signature heart of September (my 12-year-old Godchild, born in September, wanted to be represented in that lovely way on my bracelet) are the new pieces in my collection!
        I saw the animals- definitely not for me! The one that caught my attention was the little chicken, it made me laugh! So funny with his tiny legs!
        I look forward to enjoying your review and styling on the new collection! ♥♥♥

        • Oooh lovely! Your loved ones obviously know just what to get you. ^^ The Forest Fairy is going to be one of my ‘day one’ purchases, I think.
          Aha, interesting that you didn’t like the animals, although I’m laughing at your description of the chick! :P
          Thanks Chrysa! I’m looking forward to reviewing them too. :) Enjoy your new goodies! ♥♥♥

  19. Does anyone have any tips on how a girl in the US can get the new essence charms that aren’t being released here? Can I order from the UK pandora site? Or maybe look on Ebay? Thanks so much!

  20. I try Dragonfly on as a pair of earring, don’t look good on me. Majestic feather look good as a pair of earring on me. I decide to buy the June Heart and Majestic feather total $130 to get one more Majestic feather as a pair for earring. This will be one of the transaction. I am still looking for one more transaction to take advantage of the promotion, why not?

  21. Absolutely adore so many of these! The feathered clip, majestic feather, dragonfly meadow and the pearl essence beads are all absolute must-haves for me. I am so impatient that I am genuinely considering buying the majestic feather/feathered clip bracelet just so I don’t have to wait for them to be released separately – that’s terrible, isn’t it?!

    I’m also really pleased with the new birthstone charms, I really love the intricate detail. As my birthday is in April the stone always goes with everything, so I think that means I have to buy it! :P

    • I’m glad to hear it! I certainly have enough on my wish list to keep me busy for a little while as well – it keeps creeping up when I’m not looking. ;) The Dragonfly is also a must-have for me, alongside the Coffee Pot and Forest Fairy – and now I’m thinking I might also like the new Swan and maybe the pink Radiant Hearts. :S And aha, no, I don’t think that’s terrible at all. Personally, if the Essence pearl does turn out to be part of a bracelet set, I’m going to be rather grumpy about it. ;) It is very tempting to give it and just get the set, even though I have absolutely no use for another Essence bracelet haha.

      Yes, the Signature Hearts are pretty! And they’re nice and versatile – you don’t have to use them for birthdays at all. It’s tempting to just pick out your favourite colours. ^^

      • The coffee pot is an absolute beaut – it’s so intricate! It’s funny you should say that about the Signature Hearts – I went into the shop with the intention of buying the April stone, but I was so in love with the October stone that I had to get it. I also bought the Tropicana after reading your review – it’s so versatile, and was such a reasonable price! All I need now is a safety chain (damn you Asian exclusives!) and my pink bracelet will be pretty much done. (not sure if that link is going to work!)

        i think I’m going to buy the Phoenix Heart bracelet bundle (the heart clasp with two Feathered Clips and Majestic Feather). There’s a jewellery shop near me that currently has a 10% voucher off Pandora (including the new collection) so I’d be able to get it for £89, providing they had my size. I also saw the Pearl Essence bead on display – it looks like it’s in a bracelet bundle for £79. I really like it, but I’m not sure it would go with my current beads…

        • Oh wow, your bracelet looks so lovely! The October heart fits in beautifully with those soft pinks :D my birthday isn’t in October either, and neither are my family’s , but I’m really quite tempted by that now haha. The opalescent stone is so pretty.
          The starry safety chain is gorgeous and would be a nice contrast to the floral beads you already have on there :) the Asian exclusive thing is a real pain but at least there lots of kind ladies who are willing to help out! I already have mine on its way to me ;)
          Ooh ten percent off is nice! Have you decided to get the feather bundle? I was admiring that one in store on Friday ^^ I love the pearl essence , and I can already picture how pretty it would look with my existing patience bead and the new pink friendship bead so that one is definitely a must have for me! I just wish they hadn’t bundled it :/

      • Thank you! :D The seashell really doesn’t match the rest but it’s one of my favourites so I can’t bear to take it off! The Signature Heart is such a nice addition; I keep finding my eyes being drawn to it when I’m wearing my bracelet. I’ll definitely be getting it in another colour when I start my next bracelet (which at the moment I’m thinking will be royal blue-themed).

        I definitely am going to get the feather bracelet bundle; I’m going to want a new bracelet anyway, so why not buy it now when I can get a discount on it? The shop I have the voucher for isn’t open on Sundays and so probably won’t be open today. :( I’ll just have to be patient! I might have to send my boyfriend in to get it for me though; I go in so often that all the people working there know who I am, it’s so embarrassing!

        I also really loved the friendship Essence bead! I saw that one in the shop and I thought it looked lovely. The patience/friendship/pearl combo would look so tasteful, I like that idea! My Essence has very plain beads on it: the love, hope and loyalty stone beads and the retired silver respect bead. I think it looks lovely with only a few beads on it so I don’t think I’m going to add many more to it… maybe that’s an excuse to buy the new pearl bracelet bundle?! Oh, my poor bank account…

        • I did notice the seashell, but thought it went nicely with the tropicana bead <3 Yes, there are a few absolutely beautiful colours – I particularly like the October one you have, and the deep blue September one as well. Inevitably, my wish list keeps getting longer ;)
          Aha, I used to have that with my old store before I moved! They knew me by name and would let me know if they had anything in they thought I might like. It was really nice, but also kind of embarrassing at the same time. ;) I don't do as much of my shopping in store any more as I don't live so close, so luckily no one tends to recognise me these days :P have you got your bundle now? :D
          Thanks, I'm really excited to put it together! I just caved and ordered a pearl bead from Australia – that way I don't have to buy the bundle and it works out much cheaper than the £45 I would have paid here for the pearl on its own. Can't wait for it to get here! :D Haha, I quite like the Essence bracelet with just a few beads as well. I have four on my original bracelet, and then I'll have four on my second I think: the pearl Dignity, the pink Friendship, the silver Love hearts bead and the blue Patience. :D

      • I have my bundle! :D I love it so much! I didn’t think I would like the heart clasp as much as I do, I don’t think photos can do it justice. It’s really delicate and it’s like having another bead. I’ve put all of the beads from my pink bracelet on the heart clasp bracelet and I think it really suits it. Still can’t believe I got it for £89 – what a steal.

        I had an experience of extremely poor service in the official Pandora shop near me so I rarely get anything from there now; only if I’m feeling really impatient and my favourite little independent shop doesn’t have that bead. The staff in the independent store are so helpful and kind that I’d rather give them my money!

        Oooh, Australia?! I’ve only ever ordered from Perlen and MeMeMe – is there an online shop you use or do you get someone to import stuff for you? I’d love to see what the pearl looks like with your other beads, will you take a photo when it arrives? :D

        • Yaaaay! And £89 is a real bargain! The heart clasp is beautiful in person – although it can be a little tricky to do up at the beginning. Don’t worry if you find that though, as it gets much easier as the bracelet starts to loosen up ^^ Have you kept the feather charms on it? :D
          Yeah, I usually find that the shop in shops offer better service. :) Having said that, the concept store nearest me has improved loads in the last year or so. The girls there are nice and friendly, but not too pushy. They used to always try and up-sell you, which could ruin the experience a little bit.
          Yes, I got it from a lady through the Facebook selling pages! :) There aren’t any retailers who ship from Australia as far as I’m aware. :( I will definitely take a photo – I think I will probably end up doing a review of my new Autumn Essence charms, as well! I can’t wait for it to arrive! Apparently mine has a slightly rosy sheen to it. I’m told that they vary a little in shade!

      • I did keep the feather charm on it! Here’s a rubbish blurry photo of it that I just took with my phone while on my lunch break! :P

        I have found the heart clasp a bit tricky to do up, but it’s getting better as the bracelet loosens. It’s so easy compared to the lobster clasps though. I like the look of the lobster clasps a lot more than the standard one (although I admit that now I have the heart clasp it’s definitely my favourite) and I have the oxidised lobster bracelet, but it is just SO HARD to do up by myself that I have begrudgingly accepted the normal clasp. :P

        I bought my original Essence bracelet from the ‘proper’ Pandora shop, and I was just so flabbergasted by the bad service that it’s really put me off. The girl was rude and moody for the whole time, and she gave me a dented and scratched bracelet (because she couldn’t be bothered to go to the safe to get a new one). It wasn’t even the right size, because she essentially refused to let me try any others on! Honestly, I’ve never been treated so rudely in my life. Went back to complain and get a bracelet that was a) actually new, and b) the correct size, but even when I said I’d received poor service nobody seemed to give a damn. I used to work in a shop before I went to uni, and I would definitely have been fired if I’d treated a customer like that! Having said that there is one girl in there who is absolutely lovely, so if I ever go in I make a beeline for her!

        You have so many contacts in different places! It’s like an underground Pandora smuggling cell, ha! I’m looking forward to a review of your new Essence charms. :) A slightly pink-ish pearl sounds perfect for the bracelet you’re planning! <3

        • Ah, they go so well with your design! It was lovely before, but it’s even prettier now. <3 Love those feather clips!
          Oh gosh, yes, well if you're used to doing the lobster clasp then the heart clasp will seem like a piece of cake in comparison. ;) I have a lobster clasp Tiffany bracelet and don't wear it too often as I get frustrated having to get someone else to do it up for me. :P
          Oh wow, what awful service. :( I've had some 'eh' experiences with Pandora stores but never had someone just be downright rude and uphelpful. I think I'd have been tempted to just leave it. I work in a shop part time (I'm on a masters course at uni) and we'd be disciplined if a customer came in with a complaint of such obviously poor service. If the manager doesnt' care though, then there's not much you can do about it. :(
          Aha, yeah, the Pandora world is quite well connected around the globe. Wherever there's an exclusive, there's usually someone willing to send it to you. ^^ Thanks, I'm really looking forward to doing it – it'll be my first Essence charm review I think :D

  22. Eh, I am so jealous of all of you that will get to see (and buy) the autumn collection tomorrow. My local Pandora store has “grand re-opening” on Friday. Today I got a newsletter saying that the gift with purchase will be a keychain or a notepad. *sight* A notepad? Seriously?

    • A notepad! Wow. Well, I guess they went all out. ;) At least it’s something a little more unusual than normal? I’m not going to be able to purchase the new collection until Friday either, but at least it builds the anticipation! ^^

  23. Ellie, I just purchased the Family Ties safety chain. Not sure if you are aware of this, but it’s a bit different from others, such as the silver heart one. On the “Forever” side, if you look at your photo very closely, you’ll see a swivel link, rather than a regular chain link. I’ve found that with that tiny addition, this safety chain doesn’t get twisted up like my other one, and tends to lie on my wrist better. It’s an improvement that’s easy to miss, but a nice detail.

    • Hi Clair! Glad to hear that you’re doing better with this safety chain. I would really love to get a new one, especially if it doesn’t tangle as much as the others, but seeing as I haven’t started a family of my own yet I will have to pass on it for now. It’s a shame as I need another safety chain design for my Pandora Rose bracelet! ^^ At least there will be the Dainty Bow for Winter.

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