Another update today, as I have a couple of sneak peeks at the Pandora Black Friday charm for 2015! For the uninitiated, every year Pandora release a limited edition charm on Black Friday exclusive to North America. Previous versions have included a variety of designs, usually based around a Christmas theme:

pandora black friday 2014 christmas-wish

This year, Black Friday falls on the 27th of November. It marks the start of the Christmas shopping season in the US, and is a big day for retailers.

However, this year’s initial sneak peek is a little complicated (in fact, everything about this AW15 season seems to have been complicated in some way :P). If you read on, you’ll see why!

Pandora Black Friday 2015 charm

This is what I have been told about the Black Friday charm for this year: it’s called Wonderland, and features a fun snow globe design, with silhouettes of a Christmas tree and a snowman. It has the year inscribed on the bottom, too, as per Pandora Black Friday tradition. It will be priced at $75 USD or $85 CAD.

However, this is the strange thing – there are stock images of two different versions of this charm, and I’m not 100% sure which one will be the North American Black Friday charm.

This first stock image I discovered last night on the Japanese version of, when it was updating with the new Pandora Autumn 2015 jewellery. I assume it was posted there inadvertently! It features clear pavé stones and has a 14kt gold snowflake on top, while the base of the snow globe is actually a glittery silver enamel, for extra oomph.

pandora black friday 2015 preview

However, I also have a stock image of an all-silver version, wherein the snow is represented by pavé-set white crystals and the snowflake on top is silver.

pandora black friday 2015 preview

This one was also included in the Pandora Autumn 2015 campaign video, weirdly enough, although it doesn’t seem to be on sale anywhere yet. This makes me think that the two-tone version is most likely to be the North American version, while this silver version will be available to the rest of the world – although I don’t know for sure.

pandora black friday 2015

My Comment

I’ll admit that I really like this design, and think it’s quite an innovative use of pavé detailing! I prefer it to the original white enamel snow globe charm, which I always thought looked a little cartoon-like. I’m usually quite a two-tone person but, of the two different versions, the all-white version appeals to me the most, as the white crystals seem more reminiscent of snow falling. <3

I have collected all the Black Friday charms so far apart from the 2012 red present, so I’ll probably end up with a version of this one – probably the opalescent white crystal one. ^^

Is this design going on your wish list? Which version do you prefer?

68 Comments on Sneak Peek: Pandora Black Friday Charm 2015

  1. Super-Ellie you did it again! 2 posts per day? You are a treasure!
    I think the perfect design would be the opalescent version but with a golden snowflake, but I love both! I agree that the second one is closer to snowfalling but they are both charming! It’s so nice to see such a pretty and totally new design!
    Thank you for this great post! ♥♥♥

    • Aha thanks Chrysa! I agree that the perfect version would have been white stones with a gold snowflake. I’m not very keen on the clear pavé stones, they’re not as delicate as the opalescent ones. ^^ I’m glad you like the overall design too though!
      Thanks for commenting Chrysa! ♥♥

  2. I like the opalescent white crystal one best, it’s a lovely colour. It’s a nice one to match in with a winter themed bracelet. It would look nice as a centre feature.

    • I agree – it’s far and away my favourite of the two designs. It has a very beautiful, delicate look to it that the two-tone version doesn’t have. I can already see it looking pretty on the Christmas bracelet I’m designing <3

  3. Now that I have a much clearer version of the all white one I have to agree with everyone and say it it much nicer and looks much more like a winter wonderland. However with it being such a special piece it deserves the golden flake. The golden flake works much better here than the one than almost blends in and is unnoticeable. So wait everyone in the world gets a Black Friday charms but this year north America gets one version and the world gets another ???

    • Hehe, so you’re also in the camp that would like the opalescent crystals with the gold snowflake? ^^ No, usually, the Black Friday charm is exclusive to North America and no one else gets it. But this year, it looks like maybe North America will get a special TT version of this snow globe charm, and other regions will get the silver version. I don’t know for sure! :)

  4. How pretty would the white one be on a bangle with a Clear Effervescence murano, and maybe a snowflake? I definitely prefer the white and silver version over the two tone. I hope that the two tone version was a prototype, and not the actual charm they plan to release. The peeps at Pandora should really read your blog, Ellie. They’d get some good insight into what we like and what we don’t.

    • Oh that would be lovely! I love the idea of a simple little bangle with a few delicate white Christmassy charms on it. If I get this one, I’ll have to a review styling like that. ^^ Now that’s another interesting theory. I guess we’ll have to wait and see what exactly is up with these two versions. I’ve been confused enough with various ‘mystery’ charms and missing items this season that I’ve kind of given up trying to work them all out and chase them down. ;)
      I imagine that larger buying trends don’t always correlate with what dedicated Pandora collectors would like to see unfortunately. Because otherwise there would be far less pavé than we’re seeing at the moment, haha.

      • I mentioned here many times that Asian lady like bling bling, Pandora has to produce paved items for their biggest market. They buy one full bracelet each transaction, Can $2000 – $3000. As long as Pandora has a good balance of their product line which is o.k., as a customer we just pick what we like and afford to pay.

        • Yes, that is a balanced way to look at it. I think that it would be nice to see a greater balance between classic silver and two-tone pieces and the newer sparklier aesthetic though.

  5. Definately prefer the all silver with white crystals!! It would be my favorite for my winter theme bracelet! I hope it is available in the U.S.

  6. I simply HAVE to have both of those!! Seriously,, if I had to choose…I can’t! Thanks for posting this – I was intrigued after you mentioned it in a comment last night.

    • Aha, that’s another solution! They’d look lovely together. :) You’re welcome – it’s great that the pictures for Black Friday are out early this year, even if we don’t know the specifics.

      • both are nice in their own special way. but the all white seems classier and gives you a winter feel… i will have to see both in person to really know which i would prefer to get ????

    • I vote for white crystal globe too. It has snow flakes all around like magic. Thanks Ellie for your lovely post.
      Michele, can you please share the address of Pandora store in St. Catherine ( Nigera-in- the- lake)? Does anyone knows the address of the Pandora store in St. Catherine? Thanks!

      • Outlet Collection of Niagara is at 300 Taylor Road, Niagara-on-the-lake, phone # 905-687-6777. I just got 2 toned flower basket, small heart with pink cz at the middle and 2013 2 toned mother day LE bear there for 30% off. They still have 2014 2 toned vintage heart and the club charm.

  7. Thanks for these better pics, Ellie, looks great! I like both versions, that gold snowflake really appeals to the 2 tone lover in me and silver glitter base sounds fun, but I do like the white crystals on the other version for something a little different than the typical clear pave. I guess time will tell on which it is!

    • Yes, it is tough to decide isn’t it? I think I would still go for the white opalescent version, as the effect just looks beautiful and is a little more wintry, but at the same time… I do love a little bit of two-tone. They should make a third option – opalescent stones and a gold snowflake! ;)

  8. Hi Ellie, both look so pretty, it would be a hard decision for me. I will have to see them in person to be able to decide. Great blog once again! Have a wonderful day!

    • Hi, I like both as well but the opalescent version does win out – purely as I think the white stones are better suited to the snow globe design. :D Thanks for commenting, and have a lovely day too!

  9. Love the gold snowflake version. I live in Australia and have been very strict in not putting snow charms on my xmas bracelets (yes I have several for xmas), as we have a summer xmas (and don’t get snow in Sydney even in winter). This year I feel I will break that rule!

    • Aha, it is odd that most of Pandora’s seasonal releases are completely out of time for you. It must be odd to see all the snowy campaign images in the middle of summer! I think that this charm is very pretty, and definitely worth breaking your snow rule, though ;)

  10. Hi Ellie !
    Oh you are the James Bond for finding thePandora’s secret file ! For me I prefer the two tone but not step much ! So I think I will try to have both, one for a white bracelet and one for a red, I have all ready two much charms for a single bangle ah ah ! I have buying the little fairy, coffee pot and a few facet who they let at the old price… The love and appreciation will be for my birthday, my husband have hid it !
    Thank you Ellie for your blog it takes sunshine in our life…

    • Hi Isabelle! Haha, thanks! :P The picture of the two-tone charm didn’t take much sleuthing to find – it was listed on all the Asian versions of with all the Autumn jewellery. Definitely a mistake on their part. ;)
      I think getting both versions is a good solution, haha! :P I’d like to see some live shots of the two to compare them properly. The two-tone would look lovely on a red bracelet! :) I have also bought the little Forest Fairy and the Arabian Coffee Pot from Autumn – the Dragonfly Meadow, Radiant Hearts and Majestic Swan are all on my list to get in the future as well. There are some very pretty pieces in this collection <3
      Thanks Isabelle, that's so nice to hear! Thank you for reading and commenting! :D

  11. I’m wondering about the two-tone being the Black Friday charm with the $75.00 price point. With the recent price increase on the pave charms, I’m wondering if the first charm is the BF one and the two-tone a charm in the Christmas release?

    • You see, that’s what I thought. $75 seems a bit on the low side for both pavé and two tone, but I could be wrong. I don’t think the two-tone can just be a regular charm for the Christmas release though, as I have seen the AW15 booklets for a few regions now and seen no mention of it. Hopefully we will find out a little more soon!

    • Oh no! There should be three: two stock images, and a screenshot of the Autumn campaign video. They seem to be working for me on mobile and PC. Can you see them now? :)
      Yes, they both have their own item codes so they both should have reached production stage (although sometimes charms do get withdrawn and never released even after they have been given item codes).

        • Oh good! I don’t know for sure, tbh – I would think that both versions would have the date engraved, especially if the two-tone version proves to be North America’s Black Friday charm! :)

  12. Ha! Ha! I am not buying any Fall release yet then have eyes on the Black Friday charm. Pandora really bring me a lot of fun even just go to the shop to check what their showcase style or chat with the sales lady to see the new charm.

    • Aha, that’s nice to hear! Being a fan of Pandora often becomes about more than just collecting the beads themselves. <3 I love it when you get an SA who's really into the brand as well!

  13. I like the white and silver one a lot. I’m surprised that they didn’t make the body of the snowman and the tree white on the two-toned charm.

    • Ah, I hadn’t noticed that – on the two-tone version, they look a lot more oxidised don’t they? In fact, the whole charm is a lot more oxidised and darker in tone – it’s not just the stones. I do prefer the white version, as well! :)

  14. Both look good in their own ways, adding a Christmas-sy vibe but I can’t decide which I prefer. The two-tone looks more striking on any bracelet but the white one has a more festive feel. That being said, both would make good choices for a Christmas theme bracelet. Additionally, I think that Pandora should totally come up with a better looking snowman charm since the current one looks a little awful, in my opinion.

    • Yes, there are merits to both aren’t they? I do prefer the white stones, as I feel like they’re better suited to the snow globe design, but the gold snowflake on the other does add that little touch of opulence.
      You mean the enamel snowman? I’m not a fan either. I’m a big fan of Pandora’s enamelwork usually, but I feel like the Snowman has such a strange vacant look to his face haha. It’s a bit off-putting!

      • That snowman always makes me laugh! I hated it when I first saw it, it was frightening like something out of a horror show. It almost seemed like a parody charm or something making fun of Pandora! But now it’s grown on me and I think it’s cute in an ironic kind of way…I don’t have it but might have to get it…I have the old snowman, I really like it!

        • Aha, it’s funny that ‘cute in an ironic way’ is the best that little snowman can do. He has yet to grow on me, but perhaps it will happen. ;) The old snowman is really cute!

  15. My vote goes to the opalescent version with a gold flake on top… =DDD But I suppose they make more money this way and gamble on people buying both! I don’t usually buy Christmas charms, but this one is very collector worthy, and it reminds me of the the white reindeer charm/ or was it globe? I’m sure I’ve seen it somewhere!

    • Aha, that does seem to be the most popular option! I hope the opalescent version won’t be too hard to get hold of :D
      Yes that’s right, there is a white enamel snow globe with a silver reindeer on the side. I linked to it at the end of the article :) I was never very much a fan of that one though!

      • Yes, that’s the one! Now that I see an enlarged picture of it, I wouldn’t have known it was a snow globe at first glance – unlike with the Black Friday charm. =)
        Opalescent snow globe charm is a must have for Christmas now!

      • Oh Ellie! I think you may be right in saying the white opalescent snow globe may be available worldwide, as I’ve just seen it on the Pandora Phillipines site with a price tag of 3860 PHP – rounding up would make it 55 pounds.=/

        • Yes, I saw that! It appeared at the same time that the picture of the other version did. And it’s also listed in the Autumn 2015 campaign video, which is rather confusing haha, as it definitely doesn’t seem to be for sale yet…. The mystery thickens ;)

    • Hi Steph – I don’t know for sure on that one, sorry! With that amount of pavé detailing, I would suspect that they are openwork charms, but it is hard to tell from the stock images.

  16. The two toned Snow globe is a open work charm, pretty but kind of small size for Can $85. It will look much better if the size is a bit bigger then we can see the detail more.

  17. I saw it yesterday. Shop put the Snow globe, paved LE Mickey and Minnie all together inside a display case. I don’t even notice the Snow globe because the size is very small. I like the Opalescent one from photo but I have to see what other Pandora fan comment about the size.

  18. Does anyone know how I might go about getting one of the opalescent snow globe charms?? I live in the US where I don’t think it is for sale at all. :(. I tried eBay but have had no luck. Any info would be much appreciated!!

    • Hi Dulcy, unfortunately Pandora decided not to release the opalescent version – it’s not available anywhere. Everyone was disappointed, but the two-tone version is very nice in person:

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