It’s an exciting day on the Pandora calendar, as today sees the global launch of the Pandora Autumn 2015 collections! Entitled Magnificent Kingdom, Pandora’s new fall collection offers new animal charms, both elegant and cute in style, and some pretty shades of blush pink and olive green. Additionally, there are new launches for the Pandora Essence, Pandora Rose and Pandora Disney lines – so there are a lot of new pieces to choose from!

pandora autumn 2015

In this post, I’ve listed all the new releases that are out today and included some live shots and additional details for each! :) This is quite a busy post, as there are lots of new pieces out in various different regions and I’ve tried to clarify what exactly is available where! :S I’ve also included some tips for North American readers on how to get hold of the beads that are missing from their launch.

Pandora Autumn 2015 release

The Pandora Autumn 2015 release is a substantial one, offering some cute animals, forest motifs and beautiful feathers. For a full overview of the new pieces coming out today and live shots, please take a look through the Pandora Autumn 2015 tag!

pandora autumn 2015

It’s worth noting that Pandora in North America will not be getting the following items from the Pandora Autumn 2015 collection:

  • the Fascinating Olive CZ bead
  • the Arabian Coffee Pot
  • the Gorgeous Giraffe
  • the Cheerful Cow
  • the Charming Chick
  • the Happy Horse
  • the Peacock Glory & Peacock Feather rings

Additionally, the Layers of Lace clip and the pavé clasp bracelet will not be available until Winter 2015, when they’ll be sold as part of a promotional gift set. The Feathered clip has also been delayed until the Pandora Valentine’s 2016 collection in North America.

If you don’t have a friend overseas who can help you out, then you might want to take a look at Irish retailer Republic of Jewels, who ship internationally and have all the beads listed above, including the Arabian Coffee Pot. (UPDATED later 27/08/15: Some items are now out of stock at ROJ, including the Coffee Pot). They have a UK site and an Irish site, offering international shipping rates of £8 or 10 euros respectively. I have bought from them on a number of occasions, and they are officially authorised retailers in Ireland and sell authentic Pandora (and this is not a sponsored recommendation).

Retailer have been posting some gorgeous live shots as usual, and I’ve collated some of the best here:

Pandora Autumn 2015 Asian Exclusives

The launch of the new collection has confirmed that there will be another set of Asian exclusive jewellery for Autumn 2015. Retailers are not permitted to ship outside of their region, so you will have to find a friend in Asia to help you if you would like to purchase any of these pieces. :)

pandora autumn winter 2015

The exclusive pieces consist of this Starshine necklace and stud earrings, and the rather lovely starry safety chain, too. I initially thought they were Winter 2015 pieces, because of their starry motifs, but they’ve been released today in Asian countries.

pandora autumn 2015 asian exclusives

I personally absolutely LOVE this safety chain and will probably be tracking one down! I’m disappointed that they would choose to make a safety chain country-exclusive, as we are rather lacking in fresh designs, however.

Pandora Essence Autumn 2015 release

The Pandora Essence Autumn 2015 collection is only a small release with just seven new charms, but it’s incredibly pretty! Previews of the collection have been well-received, and it offers a mix of delicate pastels and pretty silver designs. The charm I am most excited about is the beautiful new Dignity pearl bead, which unfortunately is limited to a gift set right now in the UK.

pandora essence autumn 2015
Image by

This release will not be available in North America, however.

Pandora Rose Autumn 2015 release

Also due out today is a new selection for the Pandora Rose line, including rosy versions of popular existing pieces such as the Love & Guidance pendant, the Galaxy openwork and the Inner Radiance. Pandora Rose is only available in North America, the UK and Brazil, so those are the countries who will see this launch. For a full overview of the collection, please see my preview here!

I think the new pieces are perfect to be styled with the new blush pink pieces from Autumn 2015, and they have a lovely autumnal glow to them which seems very appropriate for the fall season as well!

pandora rose autumn 2015

I love this picture by Pandora Herald Square, which showcases the new pieces really nicely. They have paired them with the pink Fizzle/Effervescence muranos, which looks stunning. I particularly like the look of the new Galaxy openwork and the Rose clips in this image, too!

pandora rose autumn 2015
Image by Pandora Herald Square

Additionally, this live shot by Pandora Bower Place also gives us a little look at the new Rose rings – including the Entwined statement ring and the stacking hearts and bubbles rings:

pandora rose autumn 2015
Image by Pandora Bower Place

Pandora Disney Autumn 2015 Olaf charm

Last but not least, we have a single Pandora Disney charm making its debut for Autumn 2015 – and it’s Olaf! He’s exclusive to North America for now, but international readers can order him from the Pandora Disney store online.

pandora autumn winter 2015 olaf

There have been a few super cute live shots milling about online. The charm is nicely done, I think, regardless of whether it suits your personal taste:

There will also be a set of Princess Jasmine charms coming later for October 2015 in addition to this one, which you can check out in my preview here. It seems like a weird way around to do it, releasing Olaf for Autumn and Jasmine for Winter – but then, he did always want to run around in the warmer weather in the film, so perhaps it’s appropriate after all. ;)

My Comment

I expect that I’ll be able to get to a store to see all the new pieces tomorrow evening, and I’m so excited! I have managed to rack up a rather significant wish list, despite not being crazy about the aesthetics of this collection as a whole – the Forest Fairy, Dragonfly Meadow and Arabian Coffee Pot are all must-haves for me. I am also hankering after Dignity, Friendship and Love from the Pandora Essence Autumn 2015 collection – although I remain disappointed that the Dignity charm is only available as part of a gift set for now.

If you’re in the UK, the Pandora Autumn collection is available from authorised retailer John Greed.

Are you excited for these collections? Will you be purchasing anything?

162 Comments on Pandora Autumn 2015 Collections Debut

  1. It’s nice to see the Forest Fairy has a face! And a cute face too, at least from the profile. I’ll take the Fairy and Olaf, and all the rest can go back to the bling-heart-fake stone factory. It’s an underwhelming release for North America, that’s for sure.

    • Ah, and so she does! I hadn’t noticed that. There’s definitely a hint of nose from that profile shot. ;)
      I hear you. A lot of the pieces I like best aren’t coming out for North America, particularly that lovely Essence selection, the Coffee Pot and the cute silver animals. There are a couple of pavé pieces I like from this collection (the Dragonfly Meadow, Radiant Hearts and the Majestic Swan) but it is a real shame that you guys aren’t getting the more affordable options to go alongside them.

  2. Thank you for this post Ellie! Sadly, we don’t have the signature hearts, the coffee pot, or the family forever chain :((( hopefully in the next few days, we’ll have it!

  3. Hi Ellie, just wanted to say I love your blog! I’m a serious pandorian and have the pleasure to work in a pandora store!! I can’t wait to get all the new pieces tomorrow when I’m next working, I’ve got 10 pieces already on my wish list just from this collection to start my 5th bracelet haha!!
    I’m so gutted the stars safety chain is an Asian exclusive, not bothered about the earrings or necklace as they’re far too effeminate for me but the chain is lovely and would look lovely on a starry night/deep blue bracelet.
    All the best to you!

    (PS yes I’m a lad that loves pandora)

    • Hi Jonny! I’m very envious that you get to work in a store – although being surrounded by Pandora all day, I don’t think I’d ever spend my pay check on anything else, haha! Ten is an impressive wish list ;) Having said that, I started out with two pieces on my wish list… including Essence, it has crept up to eight just in the space of today. :S

      I’m also really disappointed about the safety chain. :( I don’t really get the whole Asia exclusive thing either – no other regions get exclusive pieces in the same way, it’s all a bit odd! I am getting one sent to me from Singapore and I am actually going to be wearing it on my midnight-themed bracelet, which has lots of deep blues like you suggest! <3

      Thanks very much for commenting, it's nice to hear from a guy who's into Pandora! ^^ Best to you as well!

  4. No Arabian coffee pot in Asia, nor the Olive Fascinating facets! Why oh why??

    Anyway, I am happy that the starry safety chain is here. I will be sure to check it out over the weekend. If any lady needs help, let me know. :)

    • Oh and also I can help grab those cute little animals too. But I need to know before 8 Sep. :)

      I forgot – Ellie, thanks so much for taking the time to sum up a rather confusing collection. It’s really strange why Pandora decides to go with this secretive direction. They could be more transparent in the announcement on which countries would get which charms. (This will make the hunt easier for us, haha.)

      Kelly x

      • You’re very welcome! <3 It would be so much easier if Pandora released some kind of info saying where each piece is going to be released. To be fair, for most releases, it's quite so chaotic. There seem to be so many regions missing out on various bits and pieces, it's hard to keep up!


      • My sales assistant informed me that each countries has its own meeting where brand representatives decides what part of the collection is going to be sold there. It explains why Pandora themselves would have trouble (or not be interested) In making that list.
        Alas, I’m sad the star safety chain isn’t available on Europe :(

        • Yes, that’s true – but usually most of the major regions (UK, North America, Australia etc) opt in for most, if not all, the pieces from each collection. I can see why that might make it difficult for Pandora HQ to advise collectors, as it’s all decided at a local level, but it would be helpful even if the different regions themselves made it clear to their customers what is definitely not coming or what might be coming later!
          I know, it’s a real shame! It’s a lovely piece and we do need some fresh safety chain designs. It’s an odd one to make a regional exclusive!

    • Oh no! I think that they are out in some Asian countries (the Olive Fascinating is, at least) but I have heard that some, including Singapore, are missing out. This whole release seems to be a complete mess in terms of who is getting what. I have no idea what is going on ;)

      I am sorted for the safety chain, but please let me know what you think of it when you have a look at the weekend! ^^

  5. Just went trough the Italian catalogue and Angelic feathers and the Essence Dignity charms are missing while they are present in UK….and so I hope also in Ireland!!!!
    In any case I really don’t understand why they have to continue with this thing of partial releases in the different countries. I can understand the Disney exclusive maybe for rights reason…but all the rest for me has no reason!!!

    • no sorry….they are available in Italy….don’t know why the estore catalogue differs from the website one. ;)

    • Yeah, I don’t really get the Asia exclusive thing either. :( No other regions have exclusives in the same way, it’s a bit odd. I could understand it more if the exclusive charms were explicitly related to Asia in some way, but they’re usually pretty generic!

      • Ditto on the country exclusive thing. BOO, Pandora (and not in the Halloween way!). There have been a few I’ve really liked. The pear, and now the horse and giraffe, none of which are available in the US outside of eBay. But honestly, I don’t plan to hunt them down. If they don’t want my money badly enough to bring them to North America, I guess it will just have to stay in my pocket. :-) My sense is they are forming false exclusivity on purpose to make them somehow more special and sought after. With Disney’s first release, it was one thing. But this is a bit much.

        • Yes, that’s the only thing I can think of – that putting out regional exclusives creates a bit of a buzz and a glamour. I would love it if they did a series of charms that were really representative of and exclusive to a variety of different countries, but this seems a bit pointless. Sorry that you can’t get the charms you want, it’s a shame :(

  6. Thanks for posting Ellie– the US did get the short end of the stick with this release :( however I was wondering if you could clarify something, the us pandora main site has a bunch of new release charms all without photos ( they have names and most don’t sound familiar to me from your previous posts) do you have any idea if we have seen these before or are they something entirely new ) under no image it says sold in store but not sure what is up with that? Thanks

    • I think there’s something wrong on the site as the same has happened on the UK site. Also some of the prices don’t add up to what were expected and are different on pandora resellers like John greed.

      • I think they may be the rose pink pieces actually. ( like the pink version of Galaxy and inspiration within) ;)

      • Re the prices, I think they are incorrect on for the UK. It looks to me like they’ve accidentally listed the euro prices instead, as they are identical. I don’t think it’s a sneaky price increase, as some people are worrying. :)

    • You guys really did! :( It’s a long list of charms you’re not getting! I’ve just had a look on the US Pandora site, I think those are the Pandora Rose pieces. They’ve obviously had some problems uploading the images to the site, for whatever reason!

  7. I’m in the UK and was so looking forward to ordering a few newbies, but I can’t find the Arabian coffee pot on any site :-(

  8. Am I missing something here because I thought the Feathered Clip was part of the Autumn 2015 release? I don’t see it online on Pandora’s site and then I also checked Pandora MOA site too…

  9. I am actually pretty disappointed at the fact that the starry safety chain is an Asian exclusive! I was also planning to buy the Chick charm as well since I have a baby pet parrot now… I guess Angelic Feathers will do instead. Looks like with this Autumn release North America ended up getting not so much charms,

    • Yes I am too! :( I have one on its way to me but it would have been easier to be able to just go in and buy!
      It is a shame that you are missing out on so much. I would very much like to know why Pandora NA have made those decisions!

  10. i have been searching high and low on all the uk sites that sell pandora for the royal purple geometric facets, and can’t seem to find it anywhere, did North america get them and not us?

  11. Pandora ship around their charm to different countries to keep the inventory low. They don’t want to over produce just like the 2014 club charm still has overstock in outlet mall and Rue La La. We will see the charm eventually in our country one day, just need patient to wait. I really don’t bother they are not coming yet, nowadays economy is in a whole mess in the world, I am not in hurry to open my wallet. Super brand like LV, Channel, Gucci…are losing their profit, midrange brand lilke Mexx, Gap, Nine West… are all in trouble. Bead jewelry are very comparative with so many choices, they all want our lady money.

  12. The Facinating Blush and Olive are gorgeous! Thanks for the link to the stores in the UK and Ireland which will ship. I’m usually not a fan of green but the olive looks so nice with that blush! The Blush is not yet available in the U.S. so I may have to splurge and order it from abroad…although they aren’t showing the olive one yet.

  13. I’m hoping to go this weekend to see the collection. I’m wanting three of the rings. I do like the look of the forest fairy, so will be looking at that in store.
    My friend had been bought the eeyore charm, so I got to see what it looked like. I loved it, so I decided I needed to add him to my collection. I managed to get one from someone on eBay and I’m just waiting for it to arrive now.
    It makes a change for us to get the majority of the collection over the USA.

    • Ah, which rings? I really like the pearl Luminous Leaves ones!
      Aw, I’m glad to hear that – Eeyore is one of my favourite Pandora charms I own. He’s adorable, and the detailing of all the little stitches etc is just lovely.
      Lol I know. It’s unusual that North America is missing out! At least they still have Disney :)

      • The silver version of the hearts of pandora, crystallised floral fancy, classic or timeless elegance. Hopefully I’ll like them when I see them in store.

      • Forgot to say lets us know what you buy from the store tomorrow. Look forward to hearing what you think of them and your reviews of them. Let me know what you think of the forest fairy, as she has grown on me, the more I’ve seen different pictures.
        I like the crystal detail on the pearl luminous leaves ring.

        • I will do! I’m really excited to see all the new pieces, I’m hoping that I won’t cave into temptation and buy something I shouldn’t. ;) The Forest Fairy is a sure buy for me, she’s ever so sweet – and it’s nice to see that she has a face, after all!

      • I have bought the crystallised floral fancy and silver hearts of pandora rings. The crystallised floral fancy I fell in love with straight away. I didn’t get the classic or timeless elegance rings, as I felt they were quite similar to a ring I already have from another jewellers. I saw some of the charms, but at the moment I’m not wanting to buy any.
        I’ve got quite a few of the old charms on my list I want to get next.
        The lady who served me told me that there would be a free bracelet promo coming up. She said you spend £125 and get a free silver bracelet. She went to check on the date for me and it will be on 2nd October. I’m so happy, as I was hoping this would be coming up, as I want some more bracelets. I’m going to get some of the charms I want, to get my free bracelet. I’m going to try to do this promotion twice, as I’d like two bracelets. Might take my Mum along with me, so I can get two.

        • Beautiful! <3 I saw them both in store yesterday and particularly loved the Crystalised Floral Fancy. It's so striking!
          I have a couple of the older silver charms on my list as well. I'm quite into the original silver animals at the moment :D What's on your list?
          Yay I'm so excited! Thanks so much for sharing that news. :D I don't need another silver bracelet technically but I think I will possibly do the promo anyway – it's just after my birthday at the end of September so I'll probably have some birthday money burning a whole in my pocket. ;)

      • On my list is the pave open my heart clips, pink rose clips, dazzling daisy flower charm, pink primrose meadow charm. These are my next purchases, I’m going to get when the bracelet promotion is on. After these it will be the winter collection.

    • I’m wanting the rose clips to go with a bracelet I’ve got started. Then the rest of the charms I’m wanting for a new design. I’m wanting to put the dazzling daisy in the middle, then either side of that the pink primrose meadow and the heart clips. Then I can add to them at a later date.
      I’m still debating over whether to buy the Cinderella wish charm and pumpkin coach.

      • Those ideas sound beautiful. Very pretty and delicate. <3 I love all the delicate pink enamels that you've picked out there.
        Oh you should! ;) I love my Cinderella Pumpkin Coach, and I do want the Wish at some point as well.

  14. I love this collection I’ve not seen the coffe pot on any of the websites yet, I might go Tommorow to have a look. Have you seen the collection yet. I’m really sad that the star safety chain is an exclusive I don’t umderstand why I will have to try and get it some how.

    • I forgot to say we the sweetheart charm is in the UK yay I think that charm is gorgeous not that I’ve seen it in person lol. Also,the feather heart charm bracelets bungle I think I really good I like the look,of those clips and I would live a heart clasp bracelets. Tempted

    • No, I don’t think it is widely available in the UK yet. I’m not sure whether it will be. ROJ had it, but have now sold out unfortunately. :(
      I haven’t seen the new collection yet but I will be going to see it tomorrow ^^ I have also got one of the safety chains on its way to me already from Singapore – I think it’s very cute! It would have been great for last year’s winter collection, which had lots of stars! I think Kelly (who posts as ‘fluffyby’) was offering to help out with the safety chains :)

        • Aha, no, patience is not a virtue of mine. I panicked and grabbed one. ;) It was on ROJ earlier, but sold out. Apparently it’s been delayed in the UK and we won’t get it until later in the year. Who knows what’s going on haha.

  15. Please let me know from which country I may purchase the Arabian Coffee Pot charm from – such a lovely piece – I did not see it on Republic of Jewels website.
    Thank you for any information you have.

    • It has sold out from ROJ, I’ve been told. :) Other countries that I know have received the Arabian Coffee Pot include France and Greece (possibly other countries in Europe), the Middle East and some Asian territories. Australia, North America and the UK are not currently stocking it, and I’m not aware of any other website who is stocking it to ship internationally though. :(
      I’d try joining a Facebook selling page such as Pandora’s Angels or Pandora’s Tribe and seeing if you can get hold of it there :)

      • I was able to get the starry safety chain and the Essence Dignity Pearl bead (apparently it’s being sold on its own in Australia) thanks to the help of two ladies on the Pandora’s Angels page. I’m sure someone on this page will be able to help with the Arabian Coffee Pot as well.

        • Yay, I’ve done the same! :D I have the starry chain coming from Singapore, and the Dignity pearl coming from Australia. Can’t wait for them to arrive! ^^

  16. Hi Supergirl!
    I’m so lucky my favourites from this collection are already home with me! I’m sure you’ll adore the Forest Fairy, as well as the Coffee Pot!
    I would like to have your opinion on the Swan, when you see it in person! It’s found its place in my Cinderella bracelet, it represents the goose that fairy godmother turned into coach pumpkin’s driver and my brother’s wedding on 22/8 (he and my sister in law gifted it to me for my birthday on 24th) :-). The cute Fairy is in the same bracelet to represent both the Fairy godmother (although a …bit younger, but never mind) and the close friend that chose it for me, who is like a Fairy in my life!
    I am only a little disappointed, that the new safety chain won’t be released in Europe. Apart from making our lives difficult with shipping, I can’t find a satisfying reason why they have done it!
    Looking forward to reading your thoughts on the new items!
    Thanks you for the wonderful presentation and accurate information, my dear Ellie! ♥♥♥

    • Hi Chrysa! I’m sure you’re right – those are the two I’m most excited for! <3
      Ah, I can imagine how perfect the Swan looks on your bracelet. It has the necessary elegance to go with a fairy-tale theme like that! I am considering it myself, and I'll definitely be keeping a close eye out for it in the store. And I also like your thinking with the Fairy as the fairy godmother. Very creative! <3 I have the dangle two-tone fairy on my fairy-tale bracelet to represent the fairy godmother, which is also very cute!
      No, it is disappointing that they aren't releasing the safety chain worldwide. It's beautiful, and not at all relevant to Asia. Ironically, importing it from Singapore probably works out cheaper than the UK RRP so it's probably not too bad a thing for me haha.
      Thanks for commenting Chrysa! I'll be back tomorrow to let you know what I thought of the new pieces. :D ♥♥♥

      • Hi Ellie!
        I forgot to tell you yesterday! The double-star earings that were supposed to be Asian exclusives, were released in Greece! It’s on the official page. Code: 290598cz, price: 35€. Strange decision with the exclusives in this collection!.. I would have understand it better if the coffee pot was exclusive, but I just don’t get it with the stars and especially with the safety chain, as it is a rarely produced item in Pandora.
        I’m excited you’ll see the new pieces today! I wish you happy shopping! Can’t wait for your comments on them! ♥♥♥

        • Hi Chrysa! Well that’s weird. They are definitely meant to be Asia exclusives, but there seems to be so much funny business going on with what’s available where this season that I am not especially surprised to hear your news. I have thrown my hands up in the air a little bit – it’s hard to keep up with which regions have what. ;)
          I completely agree with you regarding the safety chain! I’m disappointed that they’d make a safety chain a regional exclusive, as fans around the world are always asking for more designs.
          I did go today and it was amazing to finally see all the new pieces. I absolutely loved your little Swan – it’s just as elegant and pretty in person! It’s going on my wish list for sure. I also really liked the blush pink Radiant Hearts and the Dragonfly Meadow! The Signature Hearts were also much nicer in person than they looked in the stock image. :D I had to take the Forest Fairy home with me, she’s gorgeous!
          The new Essence charms are lovely, particularly the opalescent pink Friendship charm, which gets a beautiful sunset-pink shimmer when you hold it up to the light. I bought the new Love charm, and have ordered the Dignity pearl from Australia as I don’t want to wait until November to get it here.
          I completely agree with you about the animals, though, having now seen them for myself. They’re cute but don’t really grab me. The chick is particularly oddly proportioned!

  17. Pandora has excellent marketing team, they know what sell well in which market. French Disneyland hardly has any profit then Disneyline don’t go there. They produce bling bling items for Asia market, lady love it. We don’t like Essence then no new release here.

    • Yeah I think Pandora’s regional teams do decide what will be sold in each market. Normally they don’t opt out of much though, and everyone pretty much gets the same things- this season has been a bit chaotic in comparison!

  18. Ellie, please go to Hong Kong to see. They have feather clip, feather of lace clip, Paved barred bracelet, Green fascinating … available for sale individually already. There are some retired items you might interest.

  19. I can’t wait to go to a Pandora store and see the new pieces! I’m not buying until the charm promo though, just a few more weeks to wait ;-) I’m excited to see what you get Ellie and what you think about all the new pieces in person :-D

    • Aha, that’s very responsible of you! Unfortunately I’m not sure when our next promo is in the UK so I’ve just gone ahead and bought new charms today :D I got the Forest Fairy (so pretty and delicate – she does have some features, I think, but she’s small enough that you wouldn’t really notice from a little distance anyway). I also really loved the new Swan (so elegant), Dragonfly Meadow and the blush version of the Radiant Hearts. I don’t normally go for super sparkly pieces like that, but I just loved the dusky pink shade in person. The new Essence collection is so pretty in person, as well; the Friendship charm is a very pale opalescent pink, but when light hits it, it creates this beautiful deep pink sparkle – kind of like a sunset. It’s really gorgeous. I only got the plain silver Love charm for now, but I’ll definitely be back for Friendship as well! They didn’t have the new CZ murano beads unfortunately. :(
      Surprisingly enough, I wasn’t that mad about the new silver animals in person! I thought the chick was very oddly proportioned haha.
      I’ve also ordered the Arabian Coffee Pot, Essence Dignity pearl bead and the Asian starry safety chain. So that’s enough spending for the time being ;)

      • Oh, I don’t blame you, I’d might be buying now too if there was no promo in sight! I want to get the Forest Fairy too, I’m pretty sure she’ll be a must have for me :-D I want the swan as well, and probably the Red Robin for the new stuff.

        Sounds like you got some great pieces! I really like the coffeepot, I’d probably have to get it too if they had it here, hoping it will come out later. I can’t wait to see your reviews of everything and what bracelet designs you make!

        • The Fairy is very cute – it’s another one of those charms where the little details are all so beautifully done. The only thing is that she spends all her time upside down. ;)
          The Red Robin is adorable (he’s so chubby! ^^) but I don’t have anywhere to put him. The Swan on the other hand would go really nicely with the Fairy on my Pandora Rose bracelet so I think I will be getting that one.
          Thanks Natalie! <3 I'm looking forward to getting stuck into the reviews – especially for the Fairy and the Coffee Pot :D

      • Yeah, I figured she’d be upside down the way she’s cored, but I still love the design so I will get it!

        I did stop in a Pandora store over the weekend but I only got to see a few of the new designs. I did see the Forest Fairy and she is so adorable! I don’t think they had the swan or red robin, it is a fairly new store and the girls working there don’t really know the charms (or much about Pandora period). Most of them do not even have bracelets of their own yet! I didn’t want to buy anything anyway so I did not really want them to have to look through all the trays to find it.

        Glad to hear Red Robin is chubby, I like charms a little bigger. He reminds me a lot of the Happy Little Bird, which I have and love. I have a nest charm that I always put Happy Little Bird next to. The Swan will be so pretty with Pandora Rose! Or on an all white bracelet with pearls!

        • Yes, she’s definitely worth it! So petite, yet incredibly detailed.
          Aw, it’s a shame that they didn’t have the Robin or Swan for you to look at, although both are quite true to the stock images in person. It’s always a bit odd when you know more than the SAs! I usually pretend to know less than I do, haha. It’s often the case in stores here, although I recently had the most amazing experience with a lovely girl in a Pandora store I don’t often go to – she was so enthusiastic, and knew all about the Disney line even though they don’t sell it here. She was clearly a big fan of the product and made it such a great experience. It’s a shame that the store isn’t closer!
          Yeah, he’s quite wide to make way for the pavé heart I think. The Happy Little Bird is adorable, and it’s one of the classic silver animals that has made its way on to my wish list lately <3 The Swan would be absolutely beautiful with pearls! That's definitely on my list of stylings to try :D

      • Yeah, I kind of pretended to know less than I do about Pandora, as the SA I was talking to was nice, she really liked my Halloween bracelet (even the non-Pandora charms on it)! As I was showing it to her I realized the only charm that was still current is the Purrfect Together. I can’t believe how many charms Pandora has discontinued in just the little over a year I’ve been collecting!

        I think you would really like the Happy Little Bird, I find it so useful on nature themes!

        • I know, it’s crazy! I was going through the ‘my jewellery’ bit of the other day and was kind of taken aback by how many of my pieces are discontinued now. So many pretty silver pieces in particular! The Halloween pieces are some of the ones that I most regret, though.
          Yes, it would be perfect for all the foresty Autumn 2015 stylings I want to do as well! Unfortunately it seems to be OOS most places :(

  20. Essence Dignity the pearl one you like can get from Hong Kong, you don’t need to wait in UK to buy the whole set. Paved barrel bracelet is HK $899.

  21. Hi, I’m an avid follower of your blog but a first time commenter. I made this account to say hello and thank you for your wonderful work collating sneak previews for us pandora fans! ^^

    I am based outside of Asia and am very interested in getting the star safety chain, but am quite wary about buying it from someone unknown online. I don’t have Facebook so I can’t join one of the groups that help get items from Asia. Would you recommend getting Facebook to join one of the groups ((also which groups)) or do you have any contacts in Asia which you’d be comfortable sharing?

    Thanks! – Ginny x

    • Hi Ginny

      I am helping a few ladies here getting Asian exclusive items. If you would trust me, you can write to me at fluffyby (at) hotmail (dot) com.

      Kelly x

    • Hi Ginny, it’s lovely to hear from you – I’m so pleased to hear that you enjoy the blog! Thanks for taking the time to let me know.

      I do get most of my charms through Facebook selling groups (Pandora’s Angels & Pandora’s Tribe), and the ladies on there are very reliable. I would definitely recommend getting Facebook to join the groups, although you might have trouble joining if you have a blank profile – the groups are absolutely fantastic as there are ladies from every corner of the world to help out with regional exclusives and they are strictly vetted. I don’t have too many other resources, unfortunately, as the pages are my go-to! :S Outside of there, I have dealt with Kelly before (she’s known as fluffyby on here) when I helped her get some Disney charms and she was very sweet and lovely to deal with. I know that she is helping a number of ladies with Asian exclusives. If I get any other brainwaves that might help you, I will let you know! :)

  22. I ended up splurging a little bit more on the Autumn collection than I thought I would!! I originally got the angel wing CZ dangle charm which I put on a long chain then doubled it and it makes a really pretty necklace!! I went back to my store and got two of the blush radiant heart charms, put some of the silver barrels in them they sell, and wear them on my CZ hooks as earrings. They are so pretty!! I also ended up getting the crystalized floral fancy ring because I just love the vintage look of it!! I ordered the petite luminous leaves with pearl ring in the smallest size online and I’m going to wear it as a pinky ring. I think that is enough for me for now!! I also still have the caring and sensitivity Essence charms on my wish list I can’t wait to order!! Hopefully I won’t be struck by the Winter set in the store like I was the Autumn set because my credit card needs a break, lol!!

    • Aw, I can imagine how beautiful the Angel Wing dangle looks on a necklace chain! I really liked the look of it in person, even if I don’t have a place for it in my collection atm. Glad to hear you liked the Radiant Hearts blush charms, as well as me – I was surprised by how much I loved it in person! The colour is such a gorgeous dusky pink, and the fact that you can see the hearts through the stone is lovely.
      I personally bought the Forest Fairy and the new silver Essence love charms, but I’ve also ordered the Arabian Coffee Pot, starry safety chain and Dignity charms online. :S That’s enough for me for now as well, but I will definitely be back soon for the Dragonfly Meadow and the Radiant Hearts in pink!
      Aha, I have a very long wish list from Winter 2015, so I am definitely done for! :P Thanks for sharing your thoughts Jackie, sounds like you got a great haul and some lovely pieces!

  23. I saw this collection in store today and I must say, the faerie charm indeed does have a face and she looks pretty cute actually! At first I was like: “Angelic Feathers is okay” but after seeing it in real life, I realized it looks a lot better and it is now on my wishlist!
    The dragonfly charm also has a bunch of roses on it as well, which I found super cute.
    The birthstone month charms look a lot better in real life as well!
    Also, the Layers of Lace clip is coming out in November 2015 as a gift set and then in January 2016, it will be available for purchase individually!

    • I went and saw it today too! I also thought the Fairy was really sweet – I bought her and the new silver Love charm from the Essence collection. :D The Dragonfly Meadow is definitely one I will have to get, alongside the Majestic Swan, which was also rather graceful and beautiful in person.
      The one that has really snuck up on me is the blush Radiant Hearts – I hadn’t thought too much about it before I saw live shots, but I find it really pretty in person. I don’t usually go for really sparkly pieces like that, but the colour is such a nice dusky pink in person. :D
      I also though the Signature Hearts looked prettier in real life. The stones are very beautiful colours!
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts Marina! <3

  24. RoJ cancelled my order for the coffee pot, indicating it was a technical error that it was ever listed at all, and not a charm they were stocking. Anyone else who ordered there might want to check their order status. Still searching :(

    • I am sorry, was hoping some one was able to buy this beautiful charm. Please let me know if you find it at another shop.

    • Oh no! Mine from ROJ was dispatched and I’ve had a tracking ping today to say that it’s in a county near me, so they must have had some stock to begin with (unless they’ve put something else in the package, haha). What has gone wrong since then I don’t know, as they seem to have pulled the charm from the website entirely and have told people that they won’t be stocking it again. :( This is proving a really tricky little charm to find! :(

  25. Does anybody have any suggestions as to where I can my hands on one of the Arabian coffee pot charms? Seeing as how I’m in the U.S. and it isn’t available where I’m at. I’ve tried pandoras tribe on Facebook but haven’t had any luck. :/

    • I don’t have any good suggestions, yet, I’m afraid. This is proving a very tricky charm to get hold of. ROJ have stopped selling it and I’ve not found anywhere else that does. I would keep an eye out on the Facebook selling pages, as I did see a couple of ladies from Europe offering to help- perhaps write a specific ISO post about it and see if anyone has any left? :)

  26. I am waiting for the Sept promotion to get the lovely June moonstone signature heart and 2 Majestic feather as a pair of earring. Long waiting!

  27. I bought the purple geometric facets and the arabian coffee pot (well, actually two coffee pots, one was already sent to NuttyMutt today) :)
    I was right about the geometric facets that they are faceted as triangles while the older petit facets are squares. I must say, I like the petit facets better in shape. But the new purple colour is beautiful so I am happy.

    • Oh lovely! :D And how nice of you to pick one up for someone else, too. It’s proving a really tough one to get hold of – I think I was lucky to get mine from ROJ, as they seem to have removed all trace of it from their website now.
      Yes, the live shots I’ve seen of the purple Geometric Facets look beautiful! <3 For some reason, the UK hasn't received them yet though and so I've not been able to see it in person. Are you going to wear your new coffee pot and the facets together? The royal purple seems quite appropriate for such an elegant charm. ^^ Enjoy your new purchases!

      • Yes, the coffee pot is sitting right next to the facets :) but it is temporary I shuffle my charms a lot. I desperately need a new bracelet ;) I prefer to fill just two parts and keep one empty because I work on a computer all day.
        Right now I have colourful part made of different facets and something abstract inbetween (e.g. forget-me-knot, the old feather …) and then I have Alchemists part consisting of the coffee pot, wine and grapes, graduate owl and two tone stars.
        If anyone else wants me to get the coffee pot for them, I can help. There are ways how to make it work without sending money in advance, at least within EU.

        • Hello Jana,

          I would love your help to purchase the coffee pot charm.

          Please let me know what you need from me.
          I have tried all venues available to me and cannot find it.
          Thanks so much for offering!
          Chris D

        • Your bracelet sounds so fun and colourful! ^^ I love that you’ve christened a section of your bracelet the ‘Alchemist’s part’, too, haha. I’m not sure how I’m going to use my coffee pot ultimately, but I’m thinking of doing another fairy-tale design, with which it might fit in nicely. :D

        • Hi Jana,

          I do not have FB, but will ask my daughter how to go about it when she is home from work.

          Thanks so much!

    • Sure, no problem. I live 10 minutes walk from a Pandora concept store so it is not a big deal. Plus like this I can buy charms without spending my own money :)

      • Sure, FB or email me, my address is janaham at
        It seems we have almost all the “hard to get” items in the Czech Republic: Arabian coffee pot, geometric facets, olive “murano”…

  28. Hi Ellie!

    Long time no see, I hope you’ve been well =D I went to my local store today and ended up over-spending (oops, this is becoming normal…!). I wasn’t overly crazy about this release when I saw the stock images, but the dusky pink in person (of the CZ blush bead) had slight orange-y tinges to it – making it a very unique colour for Autumn! The radiant hearts in comparison has more purple-y tones to it when you look at it from the top (and I can finally see the little hearts you mentioned in it!!! haha).

    I was so excited to see a new safety chain – I think I’m also going to end up doing a midnight blue/winter themed bracelet like everyone else =P The clips came home with me as well – the feathered clip, and the lace clip. Both are absolutely beautiful! So simple yet elegant, and I was surprised at how easily they matched with my other charms!

    I also asked about the Arabian coffee pot, but they had no idea (apparently they’ve not even seen it and aren’t aware) and then stated it might be an exclusive charm =(. It seems like with every release there’s always “something” that has to go wrong – late releases, or country exclusive items that are then sold elsewhere – it’s all so vague =( I hope the coffee pot becomes available soon! It’s such a beautiful charm!!

    P.S. Although I haven’t been commenting lately, I’m still reading your blog on the Pandora world! Your posts and pictures are super informative and fun! I can’t wait for your coming posts on the new charms, and styling =D Take care and speak to you soon!!


    • Hi Suzy, it’s lovely to hear from you again! I’ve been very good thanks, and I hope all has been good with you too ^^ I have totally overspent on this collection as well (I’m purposely not logging into my bank account :P), what with snagging a couple of the regular beads, the Asian stary safety chain and a pearl Essence bead as well. When I list them like that, I feel even guiltier! ;) I didn’t get a good look at the blush facets charm in person, so your comments are really interesting – I did think it looked slightly orangey from photos. In contrast, the blush Radiant Hearts looks slightly purpley in shade, don’t you think? I really like that one, even if the orange shade is more appropriate for Autumn as you say!

      Aw, sounds like a lovely haul! You should definitely start your midnight blue bracelet :P I really liked both the clips when I saw them in store, but the feather clips aren’t available for us yet on their own. So I think I’ll indulge in a couple of the beautiful Lace clips when I’ve recovered from my initial spree ;) As you say, they’re very beautiful and unique, but they do blend in nicely with so many different stylings.

      Yes, I completely understand your frustration. This season has been an absolute terror from a blogging point of view – you get told one thing, and then another, and it seems like absolutely nobody knows what is coming out where haha. I’ve never known a collection so patchily distributed among all the different regions. The new trend for Asian exclusives only adds to the confusion! :S Hopefully next season will see a return to normality. ;) The coffee pot is particularly sought after – I don’t understand why they would limit such a beautiful charm! I’d have thought that it was guaranteed to sell wherever you are, the detailing is so lovely. I’m hoping mine might arrive tomorrow, based on the tracking. :D

      Thanks Suzy, that’s so nice to hear! ^^ I’m glad to hear that you’re enjoying the posts – I have lots of Autumn 2015 reviews in progress. Speak soon!


  29. Hi Ellie

    Finally I caved in and got myself a pair of Blush and Olive muranos! Also came home with me were the lace clips, those that I thought I would have to get from the USA’s Christmas promotion. I have no place for the blushes yet, tried putting them with Rose items but somehow I didn’t really like the effect. The olives are with my Rose clip, Orchid pendant, and Darling daisy meadow, acting as ‘leaves’. Lace clips completed the look. Maybe I’ll try adding blushes on this flower bracelet, and some butterflies. And that means… I should be on a hunt for flowery charms to complete my, well, flower bracelet! <3

    Kelly x

    • Hi Kelly! Aw, how lovely – the olive beads still haven’t made it here to the UK. It’s very disappointing, as I wanted to check them out in person last Friday and couldn’t :( I’m glad to hear that you’ve got yours though! Which do you prefer, blush or olive? I absolutely love the concept of adding the olive beads as ‘leaves’, what a cute idea! It’s interesting that you didn’t like the blush beads with the Pandora Rose – I thought they would go really nicely together!
      The Lace clips are on my wish list to get, as well. I saw them in store and fell in love. They have that classic Pandora feel, but such intricate detailing at the same time! <3


      • Hi Ellie

        Strangely, the shop that I went to yesterday did not put the blush murano on display. The lovely SA told me that they really had limited stock for the blush ones. In fact, I have called them up and found out that half of the shops here or so did not receive the initial stock of blush muranos. Even in the same country it can get so bizarre. :x Still, they told me that I could always call them up and check if they have any available stock. How sweet and thoughtful! The other SA gave me all the freebies I asked for and that’s fantastic. :D

        Apart from that strangeness… How should I put? Olives look good together, Olive and Blush also look good together, but Blush and Rose items, I don’t know, it didn’t give me the effect I was imagining. But perhaps it’s like what you said earlier that Blush looks a little orangey whereas Rose is a little pinkish/rosy, and my eyes didn’t pick that up very well.

        And now that I remember Pandora used to make lady bug muranos in various colours, I should be planning to hunt a couple of them down soon. This flower bracelet is not going to have any more pave items except the little bail of the orchid dangle.

        Kelly x

        • Hi Kelly, I have heard much the same thing – apparently they are going to discontinue the blush and olive facets as they are having quality control issues :( I’m all in a dilemma now as I wasn’t sure if I wanted one or not, and now I have a limited time to decide! Aha, what freebies were they?!
          Yes you are probably right re the different shades in the Rose charms and the Blush facets. :) Pandora did make some very cute little lady bird muranos! I never owned any but they’re very cute. I love bracelet designs that mix new style and old style Pandora together. :)

  30. Hey Ellie
    This is an aside not related to the new release. I am in New York (very exciting). Today I splurged on some NY exclusive charms – the NY dangle,
    a taxi engraved with NY, an I love NY heart charm with a red enamel heart plus the NY Mets baseball charm, the USA flag charm and 2 Disney charms and of course, the statue of liberty charm (I can get that one at home). I came out of the jewellers, a VERY happy girl!

    • Hi lozzie! Wow I am a New Yorker and had no clue there were exclusives sitting right on my
      Doorstep haha. I knew about the statue of liberty and the basebl teams but didn’t know there were others, would you mind sharing pics of the exclusives? Also were did you purchase them, anyone particular store in Manhattan? Lucky girl! Thanks

      • Hi Alex
        Maurice Badler jeweller 485 park ave between 58 & 59 sts.
        It was the closest Pandora stockist to my hotel on UWS.
        He has 4 exclusive Pandora engraved charms that only he sells.
        He also has the statue of liberty charm with a diamond (passed on that one!) Anyways, they were really friendly and didn’t mind this suburban mum being in their store.

    • Thanks Lozzie that was very informative! I heard of this store having a huge pandora stock I just didn’t even know there were ny exclusives, I tried looking on their online store but only saw the basic NY stuff, I wasnt able to locate any exclusives. I guess I will have to check it out next time I am around there.

    • Hey Lozzie, nice to hear from you – I hope you’re having a lovely holiday! I am very envious. :D That is an amazing haul!! I know that if I ever got to a Pandora store in North America I’d go a little crazy with all the Disney pieces haha. Love the sound of the NY exclusives, how exciting! I’ve not heard of most of the ones you listed before, but I will go and see if there are any pictures on the store’s page. ^^ Enjoy your new pieces, and the rest of your holiday! <3

      • Hi Ellie, I got the impression that he doesn’t advertise the exclusives. I was just lucky I saw his ad in the hotel magazine for the Pandora travel charms including the New York dangle. When I walked in the store and expressed my interest in that one plus Disney, his assistant showed me their store exclusives as well and I was sold.

        • Hi Lozzie, no I couldn’t find them at all on their Facebook page! Such a fun idea though. Gives you an incentive to visit that store over the others. :D There are some really fun Las Vegas exclusives out there as well – I think a lot of stores in the US are cottoning on to the trend for customising charms.

  31. What about the Fascinating Crystal charm? I haven’t seen live shots of it yet, and the stores here in North America are telling me there was a manufacturing issue with the bead? Do you have any info on it??!
    Love all of your posts!! Check in every day :)

    • Hi Alexandra! I have also heard that there are manufacturing issues with those beads. :( I’ve just written about it in my latest news round-up.
      And thank you! That’s so lovely to hear :D

  32. I got the new brochure which lists winter releases as well. The starry safety chain is NOT there so it is indeed an Asian exclusive. You know we have been very lucky with the autumn release and got all those partially hard to get items. (This is note for those that still hope that the safety chain will be relased later.)

    • Thanks very much for the update Jana! I suspected that might be the case. :( I’ve updated my Winter 2015 post to reflect that the starry safety chain will not be coming to other regions. Did the Czech Republic get the Asian exclusives then? I’m so confused with who got what now haha.

      • It seems we have everything except the Asian exclusives. All those tricky items as ice-cream cone, arabian coffee pot, geometric facets, olive and blush “muranos”, all animals etc. The winter release will also be complete.
        I am particularly pleased that they didnt raise the prices with the new brochure. We are one of the cheapest Pandora countries worldwide. It definitely pays off to come to Prague for a Pandora shopping haul :D

        • Wow, so it sounds like you’re one of the only countries to actually get the full collection! Lucky you. ^^ I would absolutely love to go to Prague full-stop, although the opportunities for a Pandora shopping trip are also very appealing, haha.

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