Today’s post brings my monthly Pandora news round-up, featuring all the details on what’s coming up for September 2015! Included this month are details on upcoming promos for the UK and North America, some details on a new LE breast cancer awareness charm, and an update on the Pandora Fascinating Olive and Blush crystals! :)

pandora autumn 2015

Coming up on the blog, I have lots of Pandora Autumn 2015 reviews planned out as well – there are some lovely new pieces out with this collection, and you can look out for the first review later this week! :)

Pandora Free Charm Promo for North America

Instead of the usual free bracelet promo for September, Pandora North America are running a free charm promotion instead this year! It will be running from the 17th to the 20th of September (Thursday to Sunday). The promo rules are as follows:

  • Spend $100 USD or $125 CAD in a single transaction and receive a free charm of your choice of up to $65 USD ($75 CAD) value.

Stores have been told that they cannot not allow upgrades; you cannot pay the difference and get a charm more expensive than your $65 USD or $75 CAD. If you have any questions or anything you’d like me to try and find out about this promo, let me know and I’ll try and follow them up for you. :)

pandora free charm promo 2015

Opinion seems to be a bit split as to whether this new charm promo offers as good a deal as the usual bracelet promotion. For me, personally, a charm promo works out better right now as I am more interested in getting one of the new Autumn charms for free than a bracelet, which I don’t really need right now. It will be interesting to see whether the next big promo in March will be another free charm offer, or a return to the usual free bracelet event, however!

Pandora UK Free Bracelet Promo

I’ve had a lot of enquiries about the possibility of there being a free bracelet promotion for collectors in the UK soon. There are no concrete dates yet, but I’ve heard that this might be running at the beginning of October from a couple of people, with a spend of £125 for a free silver bracelet.

pandora oxidised bracelet review stack-2

This remains unconfirmed right now, and is based off what local stores have been telling customers. Fingers crossed though, as the UK suffers a promo drought most of the year and this would provide a little relief for collectors wanting to indulge in some of the new Autumn 2015 collections!

Pandora Survivor 2015 LE charm for Canada

Pandora in Canada are releasing a new limited edition charm in aid of breast cancer awareness this month, which features a pink enamel ribbon and the year ‘2015’ inscribed on it. It will only be sold from September to October, or whilst supplies last, and 10% of the proceeds will be going to the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation, of which Pandora is a sponsor.

pandora survivor charm 2015
Image by Pandora Orchard Park

This follows the 2014 LE Survivor charm, which was similar in design, and also priced at $65 CAD. Its ribbon is black, so you could also use it to show your support of other cancer awareness causes. Apparently some Canadian stores still have stocks of this one, if you’re looking:

pandora canada breast cancer survivor charm 2014

Pandora Autumn 2015 Fascinating Blush & Olive Possible Retirement

I also have a quick update on the Fascinating Blush and Olive crystal beads, which were released last week with the Pandora Autumn 2015 collection. There is no official confirmation yet on this, but stores in various regions are telling customers that there are production issues with these beads and that, once stocks are gone, they will not be getting any more. :( Apparently there are quality control issues with achieving the colour.

pandora autumn 2015 fascinating olive

I really did like the look of these beads, but had no immediate plans to get them – so now I feel a bit pressured to purchase them without really knowing what to do with them. :/ I’ll probably end up giving them a miss for now, but it’s a shame! This is becoming quite common from Pandora; there seems to be at least a couple of pieces from each collection that have issues or are delayed or even retired almost immediately.

pandora fascinating blush

My Comment

I am really excited for the free charm promo, which offers a much better deal than buying in UK stores. I’m hoping to get a couple of the new Autumn 2015 pieces, plus the green Looking Glass murano for the Christmas bracelet design I have planned :D

In other news, my gorgeous Arabian Coffee Pot arrived from Republic of Jewels this morning. It is tiny, but absolutely lovely. :D I hope everyone who wants one is having success finding theirs!

Are you planning on taking part in any promos this month? What’s on your wish list?

130 Comments on Pandora News Round-Up for September 2015

  1. I’m glad it’s not just me suddenly feeling like I should get those Fascinating charms :/ I had a clear priority of the pave clasp bracelet. Now suddenly the Fascinating might be going and they are actually available here.

    The thing is I’m figuring I’d need two of each to really have any use for them and that’s quite an expense! But where’s the point in buying one of each if they then withdraw them and I can’t get more?!

    Decisions :*(


    • No, I know! Pandora keep doing this with new collections (there is always something, isn’t there?!) and it’s causing me stress. ;) I have really truly overspent on the new collections but now I’m anxious that I’ll miss out on these beads, should I want them in the future. Argh! Lol.
      The European price is quite expensive for you as well, isn’t it? 49 euros is quite a step-up from the regular muranos!

  2. Hi Ellie,
    I totally agree with you: I love the color for the new murano but I don’t know what to do with, so buying or not I don’t know and one of each or two aouch ! I am a new Pandora fan since february and I’m searching some old charms, so I am not decided, whatever it’s only jewel no ? For my christmas bangle I thought that the green is a little light … Oh my God my brain overheats ah ah !
    Kind wishes ;)

    • Hi Isabelle, I’m in exactly the same boat! I don’t want to miss out, especially if they become hard to find later on, but at the same time I’ve overspent and I have no immediate use for them. ;)
      The Fascinating Olive is quite a light green, but I still think it could work on your Christmas bangle :D I’m going for a lighter green on mine with the green Looking Glass murano. :) I’m going to put with the red faceted murano and the cute Winter 2015 Holly murano.

  3. I don’t like the crystal brush and green beads because they are not murano glass and look like Swarovski. I am kind of very picky for this Fall collection, only like the June heart and Majectic feather.

  4. I prefer the free charm promotion than the free bracelet. I have 5 bracelet and 1 bangle from the last 2 promotions. Just need more beautiful charms for fun.

      • That’s technically true, but then you did have such a range of options with the bracelet promo – i.e. the two-tone bracelet for $500 USD etc. You don’t have the potential to save as much with this charm promo.

    • Aw, I’m sorry that you’re disappointed! :( The charm promo definitely doesn’t offer as many options as the bracelet promo. I got the two-tone deal last time, which was amazing! At least it gives you an opportunity to get a couple of the new fall pieces?

  5. I’ve bought the items i wanted from the autumn collection for now. I’m waiting till the promo in october now.
    I should be recieving my eeyore charm this week, which I can’t wait for.
    I’m looking forward to reading your reviews. Which charm are you reviewing first?
    It will be interesting to see next year, whether the releases are more straight forward, without all the country exclusives and charms only available in certain countries.
    Can’t believe i’m already thinking about releases next year, but I do look forward to see what new pandora is coming out. I think it’s because i’ve seen all this years releases now. I hope the next disney release is a big collection like the earlier release this year.

    • Haha, that’s very organised ^^ I still have a couple of things to knock off my wish list for Autumn. I’d like to get the Radiant Hearts in blush, Swan and the Dragonfly Meadow, for sure. You will love Eeyore! He’s very cute, and you can’t really appreciate all his little details until you see him in person. ^^
      Thanks, Sarah – the first review will be the Forest Fairy. :) Then I need to get myself organised as to what comes after, haha.
      You’re not alone in thinking ahead! ;) I’m already wondering what kind of colour schemes they’ll go for for Spring and, yes, what they might do with the Disney line next. It would be nice to have something big for Disney, and something a bit different from the princesses, too. Maybe more of a focus on the fantasy films such as Peter Pan, or the animals like Bambi. <3

      • I’m interested to read your review of the fairy, she is cute. Yeah i’m probably most excited about the spring collection, as this was my favourite this year.
        I hoping for some different designs for the disney one. I’d like a tigger one and a different olaf, as i’m not keen on this olaf charm.

        • Yes, she’s lovely! It was a very easy review to write. ^^ Spring usually features a lot of pastels and florals, which usually appeal to me even if I have lots already haha.
          Tigger would be amazing! I’d love it if they did a whole Winnie the Pooh set – with full-bodied designs, and not just portraits.

  6. I’m not new to pandora, but for some reason I’m obsessed with it now! I like the U.S. Promo, will likely take part, if I can figure out how got ship to U.K. I was inspired by your two tone charms on oxidized bracelet and I’m hoping to start one too. Also after some retired pandora but we’ll see. What charms are youbgettingvftom this collection?

    • Thanks Moji! I love the oxidised bracelet with a little two-tone – really elegant and yet still a little edgier. ^^ From Autumn, I would still like the Dragonfly Meadow, the Swan and the blush Radiant Hearts I think. :) And now maybe those Fascinating crystals, too, haha. What would you like to get if you did the promo?

  7. Help….direct ….locate…
    Where do I order the olive fascinating charm and the Arabian coffee pot
    Both is these are must haves and can’t finds

    • I can help. Send me a FB message or email. My address is janaham at
      Eh, the staff already recognizes me by face (and not by bracelet as before) because I bought 5 coffee pots since the release :)))
      P.S. Anyone else can message me as well without asking here first. I am getting lost in all the discussions.

    • Hi Sam! Jana on here has been very kindly offering to help out. Otherwise, there aren’t any official retailers who have these items in stock and who will ship internationally I’m afraid. I’d recommend joining a Pandora Facebook group such as Pandora’s Tribe or Pandora’s Angels. People have been really helping each other out with the various exclusives, and that’s how I’ve obtained a couple of mine from this collection :) Hope that helps!

      • Oh how awesome she is with her spread sheet, thoughtfulness and kindness! I received my little treasures yesterday and am so thankful for her hard efforts! She sent the wonderful Arabian coffee pot and 2 of the olive muranos-just beautiful. And it is obvious she goes the extra steps. Kudos to you Jana!!!
        Thank you again!

  8. Is there ANY way to get a free bracelet that is of a maximum price same as the charm, in Canada? I dont really want any charms of that value but I don’t have an essence bracelet yet.

    • Hi Nada, unfortunately Pandora are being quite strict with this promo so I don’t think you’ll find any stores that will allow you to swap the free charm for a free bracelet. :( You could always buy the Essence bracelet as part of your spend to get the free charm, though?

  9. Check with Moshe Fine Jewellry in Promende Mall in Thornhill Ontario phone 905-764-2500 or Cupido Jewelry in Bayview Village Toronto phone 647-346-2176. They might help you.

  10. Thanks for the updates Ellie! :-D

    I like the idea of free charm promo, but it is disappointing they raised the prices and now likely won’t allow upgrades, as many of their charms now cost more than $65. I do luckily have a couple I want for $60 and $65, but still, it is not that great if there isn’t much to pick from (as it’s also usually limited to what they still have in stock).

    I probably don’t need anymore bracelets, but I know if they did that promo I would be buying it. I likely would have done the $500 version again, but now I will probably just buy 1 or 2 promo sets. So overall I will spend less on Pandora, and maybe buy charms I like from other brands instead, which is great too! Now I’m really glad I got all the bracelets I was wanting in the spring promo.

    It’s too bad about the crystal murano production problems. I wasn’t wanting these, but I would be disappointed if I had my heart set on something and then it’s suddenly not available.

    • Yes, I can’t help but feel like the NA price increase was very badly timed in terms of generating good will with customers. Pushing the prices up just before a charm promo with a strict spend is a bit mean, really. Lots of charms are no longer valid – you’d think they might wait until after, just as a gesture! Luckily the charm I’d like to get (the Dragonfly Meadow) still qualifies, I think. I hope that they don’t permanently cancel the bracelet promo and replace it with this charm event instead, though.

      The appearance of yet another quality control issue is disappointing to say the least – especially as the Fascinating crystals are featured so heavily in all their marketing campaigns! It’s not good at all.

      Thanks for commenting Natalie! <3

      • 2015 has less promotion than 2014 in North America already, 2016 will be expected for sure. Asia market barely has any promotion, I am not surprised Pandora cut down NA promotion.

        • We in the UK have hardly any promos either. I think so far we’ve had one jewellery box GWP and the 3-for-2 on rings. And now hopefully a bracelet promo too!

  11. The retirement of the fascinating blush and olive reminds me of what they did with last years murano – the blue effervescent one with copper flecks in it (sorry I’m awful with the names of the charms) and this year they’ve brought a levelled up version of it for the Christmas release. =D

    I can understand their concerns over colour though. The new radiant hearts charm that they gave me was duller in comparison to any of the stock pictures, or display charms (when viewed head on) – I’m not sure whether its the actual colour, or due to reflecting silver as opposed to white (on the blush “murano”), so the resultant colour is a more purpley blush… my two cents worth…. lol =P

    The colour actually goes well with a bit of two tone, or white enamel =D I added my daisy spacer to it, and it seems to brighten the whole bracelet up! (although my SA was sort of like, no, that’s not what you should add to it…. lol).

    I can’t wait for a UK promo! I wonder why they did away with half the promos this year? Do you think I could substitute the bracelet for a bangle? I tried one on and it’s so much lighter than my moments bracelet….=P

    Thanks for another informative post Ellie =)

    • Yes, it’s a bit of deja vu, isn’t it? Plus, there have been other items held back and delayed due to production issues with the vast majority of recent collections too! And yes, let’s hope this new ‘levelled-up’ version of the Aventurescent (the retired 2014 copper shimmer murano) sticks around a bit longer :P

      Thanks very much for your thoughts on the blush Radiant Hearts! I saw it in store last Friday as well and thought it was quite purpley. I liked it a lot, though – I didn’t get a close look but under the store lights it glittered rather beautifully. I have a brown leather bracelet coming from the US that I bought on an impulse from Rue La La, and was wondering if it might look nice with that. Pink and brown often look nice together, but if the Radiant Hearts is more purple in shade it might clash a bit. I’ll have to see ^^ So did you get one for yourself then? I can imagine it looks gorgeous with a little white enamel (although it’s funny that your SA disapproved haha!).

      Welll, when they ran the silver bracelet promo last year in the UK, they allowed you to choose from the bangle and the Essence bracelet in addition to the regular snake chain bracelet. So hopefully the same will apply this year! The bangle is lovely and light and so easy to wear!

      Thanks for commenting Suzy! <3

  12. Hi Ellie I’m really excited for this promo I can’t wait I hope the essence bracelets is involved I would really like one of those. That’s really annoying about the murano like charms pandora really need to sort this out as its become too regulations know really want to get them before they’re gone did the olive one even come out in the UK.

    • Hi Nicola! If it’s a silver bracelet promo (and rumour suggests that it will be) then the Essence bracelet should be included. The Essence bracelets are lovely, you should definitely give them a go :)
      Eugh I know! There’s always something at the moment that seems to have production issues or are withdrawn quickly. At least these don’t seem to be as hard to find as the Aventurescent though haha. No, the Olive one did not come out here in the UK in the end, and now it looks like it probably won’t, either. :(

      • That’s a shame the olive like murano was one I most looked forward to, I though the colour was beautiful I will have to see if it pops up on eBay. I think I’m going to get the blush one too before it goes if this is the case. Do you if the teapot is coming to the UK. Also is the pave clasp bracelets limited edition.

        • Yes, it is a shame! I might try and get hold of one myself. :) The pavé clasp bracelet is not limited edition, so you don’t have to rush to buy that one! I don’t think the coffee pot is coming out in the UK, no. There’s been no trace of it so far!

    • No, I’ve not heard that the spacers are being withdrawn. It seems to be a problem with this style of bead specifically. I will try and find out a little more, although Pandora are not particularly forthcoming on issues like these!

      • Ellie, maybe it’s a marketing strategy? If they told you upfront about a problem bead and when it will be sorted, people would probably not buy it, (unless they really wanted it in the first place) they’d be left with tons of stock (and be out of pocket).

        But by implying that it “may be discontinued” with no actual confirmation of the problem with the bead, and it being heavily featured as a core charm/colour of a collection, everyone is pressured to panic-buy just in case it’s not available.

        Just a thought, as Pandora are experienced enough and have ample time to test charms before launching them =/

        • Yes, possibly… that would be extremely cynical marketing though, haha. And there do seem to be a lot of issues with supply with these beads – lots of stores haven’t received deliveries etc. The thing is Pandora haven’t given an official statement on this – so we’re all going off what the stores themselves are telling customers. But I guess that creates the same effect of rumour! Perhaps they’ll make a statement on their FB page.

  13. We can never have enough bracelets. Bangles and leathers can be stacked four or five, without charms. Leathers especially, never too many. I wear four triples every day, clipped together–two triple black and two triple red, two smooth, two weaved, no charms–simple, light, and awesome. Charms on leather just don’t work in real life for me. They look beautiful in pictures though. And then on my other arm I have my Pandora bangle and two Alex and Ani bangles, and soon, a triple red leather Endless. NEVER too many bracelets. Lol. Charms, on the other hand, it’s possible to have too many, they don’t get used, they tarnish faster with non-use, though you can store them in anti-tarnish pouches or boxes…I still prefer the bracelet promo. But this charm promo I’m starting on Essence, just to grab a few before Pandora ends the line here, if they do. I just won’t wear it outside until I get the Thomas Sabo safety chain.

    • Very true :) bracelets are a complete item in themselves and you know that you can start wearing it right away. I am a big leather bracelet fan, as well, and I also tend to wear them stacked – either with a silver bangle or my Moments bracelets. I love the sound of your stack! I love adding just a couple of charms to the leathers – it lets me create mini designs that I don’t want to base a whole silver design around. I can appreciate that they’re not always that comfortable to wear though – sometimes they do slide around and hang too much.
      At least you have Essence to get in this promo! :) It would be a real shame if they discontinued it, as they are still coming out with lovely collections for it. I saw the Autumn release in store last Friday and it is gorgeous!

  14. I’m actually really excited about this promo and being able to get a charm vs. a bracelet! I got my second bracelet in the spring when they did the last one, but of course, it still only has one charm between the clips haha, so I certainly don’t have the need for another bracelet right now; unless it were a bangle :D My mom loves the new birthstone heart for November, so I’m going to get her birthday present early, as well as finally treat myself to Eeyore. For my free charm, I’m going to get the two-tone Evening Floral. I’ve loved the charm since it came out last fall, but could never bring myself to $65 on it. Next to my green floral murano from the spring release, I think it will look perfect on my “nature” themed bracelet. I may even do another transaction and get a couple of more charms as gifts for my mom (since I had planned to spend the money on them eventually anyway) so I can also get the ladybug :D We’ll see how ambitious I am haha!

    • Yay, I’m glad to hear that! <3 I don't need another bracelet right now, and this promo offers a nice charm to get a couple of the new Autumn pieces at a better price than I would in the UK so I'm not unhappy either. However, it would be disappointing if they permanently replaced the bracelet promo with the free charm instead. It would be nice if they continued to alternate them like they have this year!

      You've picked out some really lovely pieces! Eeyore is one of my favourite charms I own, and the Evening Floral is so beautiful. I've always found its cost prohibitive here as well (it is an openwork, after all) so this does offer a great opportunity to pick it up! It will look great with the wild flowers murano (the green goes really nicely with two-tone, and a little dash of white I find!). It's nice that your mum is into Pandora as well – mine does not care for jewellery at all! We're very alike in many ways, but we diverge when it comes to Pandora ;) My plan for the promo is to get the Majestic Swan and the green Looking Glass murano (for my Christmas bracelet) and then get the Dragonfly Meadow free. ^^

      • I am really loving the new Dragonfly Meadow too! I might have to add that to my nature bracelet eventually. The swan is also beautiful; I live near Boston so it always makes me think of the swan boats in the Boston Public Garden…those sound like great choices! :D I do agree that alternating the promos like they have is a great idea; I hope they continue with it! Happy shopping :D

        • Yes, I think I’m going to put the Dragonfly Meadow on my purple leather – it has the blue butterfly kisses and the september birthday bloom on it, so it would go with the nature theme on there quite well I think. Aw, what a cute reason that would be to get the Swan! ^^ Happy shopping for you too :D

  15. Hi Ellie,
    Is the US promo in store only, or can you also order online? On one hand I’m sort of sad that the promo isn’t for a free bracelet because I wanted to get one for my Mom for her birthday so she could start a bracelet, but the all silver bracelet is $65US so it kind of works out the same and it gives others who just want charms that option.

    I just got the swan charm the other day and it is really cute. I noticed that one seems like it has a low price in Australia with the exchange rate. Some of the older ones are on par with the US price if they were introduced when the currency was on par, and now most of the new ones are ~25% more than the US price which makes sense, but the swan price is lower in Aussie than the US. Anyone that wants that one in Aussie maybe should get it sooner rather than later in case they decide to lift the price up.

    • Hi Stephanie, the promo is usually in store only – although some will allow you to place telephone orders. Yes, in some ways this promo isn’t much different – you can always buy the silver bracelet to make up the $100 spend and get a charm free instead. Unfortunately you’re out of luck if you were after the two-tone or gold bracelet though!

      Wow, you are right about the RRP of the Swan. $69 AUD to $75 USD. That’s a big price difference! Aussie prices in general are really quite affordable compared with the rest of the world. I ordered my pearl Dignity Essence bead from Australia and, even with shipping, it worked out about £10 less than it would have cost me here. My brother is in Australia right now for a couple of weeks and I was very tempted to try and give him a shopping list but held off ;)

      • Maybe you should ask your brother to buy the swan for you. It works out to be 31.61 pounds instead of 50 with the current exchange rate. The exchange rate is really favorable for you right now (1GBP to 2.18 AUD), at least suggest that he buy your Christmas present now. :) I don’t know if he is in Sydney, but there are Pandora stores in most of the big malls here. The one in the Bondi Junction Westfield is right near the food court on level 4. :)

        • Yes, I did think about asking him! I felt bad about asking him to go shopping for me when he’s on holiday but the saving is really quite good ;) Thanks for the tips – he’s in Melbourne I think. I’ve made him grab me one of the Australian catalogues at least! :P The ones we get in the UK are rubbish in comparison! ^^

  16. Hi Ellie, I’m in Malaysia, which has both Blush and Olive. After reading about them maybe being not available long term, I bought 2 of the Olive today. My wallet is crying! My store said they received around 30. At first I thought of getting them in Australia which I will be visiting at year end as prices are cheaper, but cannot take the chance now. My other wish list would be the fairy and the two-toned heart (not a heart person but need the two-toned for colour). Am hoping it will match the Olive.

    • Hi Bebe, yay, at least you got your Olive charms safe and sound, and you don’t have to worry about them going out of stock for good. <3 We don't have the Olive here, which is a shame as I was excited to see it in person! It looks like it is pretty close to the stock image from the live shots I've seen though. :)
      The Fairy is absolutely gorgeous – I'll be reviewing it very shortly. I think she's the stand-out piece of the collection (excluding the Arabian Coffee Pot, seeing as not everybody got that one). I really like the Locked Hearts as well, but as I already have the 2014 Vintage Heart, which is very similar, I don't really have a place for it!

  17. Hi Ellie!
    Really nice promos for all of you living in UK and US!
    I appreciate Pandora’s contribute to CBC Foundation, but I think they shouldn’t have reduced the percentage of the proceeds going there (it’s written it was 20% last year and you mention 10% this year)…
    Fortunately the new crystal beads didn’t appeal much to me, as their colours are quite difficult to match! I now try to save for the Winter/ Christmas collection! ;-)
    Can’t wait for your review on the cute Forest Fairy! Thank you for your lovely post! I always enjoy reading your news! ♥♥♥

    • Hi Chrysa! Yes, I did notice the reduction from 20% to 10% on the Canadian charm myself after I had finished writing the post. I double-checked the details, and the stores are definitely advertising a 10% donation this year, which seems a shame. I wonder why it’s been reduced.
      Haha, unfortunately I have lots I like from the Winter collection as well :P I thought my Autumn wish list was going to be pretty tiny, but inevitably that has proven not to be the case in the end!
      Thanks Chrysa! The Forest Fairy review will be up soon <3 Thanks for reading and commenting, as ever! ♥♥♥

  18. I think that’s too bad about the muranos. I didn’t purchase either color but I think they are a beautiful addition to the Fall collection. Hopefully they can straighten out these issues in the future before they are released.

    As far as the promo is concerned, I’m reading different information online than what my store told me. They told me a few weeks ago that not only are you allowed to pay the difference if you want a charm more than $65, but you can get a free charm for every $100 you spend! This seems too good to be true though now that I’m reading Pandora is being strict about it. I’m still planning on going to the store to see what they say. I will spend $100 to get a free charm because I still think it’s a pretty good deal. I don’t need another bracelet! At least they didn’t get rid of the promo all together!

    • A lady on Pandora Angels who works at Pandora said they are allowing you to get up to 10 charms ($1,000) free and they don’t have to do separate purchases!

      • Each store has different policy because some ofvthem are franchises. You’ll jurt have to call and find out. I was told by the store I usually go to that I can do 2-3 purchases but it will be different transactions.

      • Yes, that’s Pandora MOA who are allowing that I think (they also commented here!) but it might be different for other stores. It’s worth checking to see what your local is going to be offering.

    • I agree with you! And they feature so prominently in Pandora’s marketing campaigns that it’s going to be a bit awkward if they just quietly vanish, haha. :S I do think that this kind of quality control issue is happening rather frequently with Pandora, and you don’t see it much with other brands. Hopefully they’ll get it straightened out for next year…

      Oh, well, that’s interesting! Different stores are operated under separate franchises, so they may have different policies when it comes to the promo. I was told that Pandora have been pretty clear to all the franchises though that no upgrades are allowed, so it will be interesting to see if yours will stick to that. I’m not at all averse to this new charm promo either as I don’t need another bracelet ^^ I’d have thought that the free bracelet promo was a better money-spinner for them, though, as new bracelets always need filling up!

  19. We all wait for the promotion in Toronto, shop allow us pre order then pick up on 17th. We have more than 20 shops here, they allow us do as many transaction as possible. Charms has no limit, our wallet has limit, ha! ha! Retail business is bad here, Nine West, Gap, Sears, Target, Future Shop, Black, Lauren, … Major mall all have empty space. As you know, our real estate market absorb our disposable income, average detached house price Can $ 1 million for a 1500 – 2000 sq feet just average house. We really don’t have lot left for something nor necessary.

  20. Hi is there anyone who can help me with 2 olive facets?

    I noticed they are available on some of the European pandora estore like Germany. Is it possible to send to an address outside of the estore country? As I saw they also still have a 3 for 2 on rings in Germany and I want to buy a friend 2 rings this month so if I can get her 3 for 2 that would be great.

    Is there anyone in Germany that could help or if not is there anyone who could help me with the olive facets?

    It is the same colour as my wedding dress so I really wanted to do a wedding memory themed bracelet for myself.

    • Hi, the official retailers can’t send outside the country unfortunately. :( I’m not aware of anyone in Germany who is offering to help out right now, but Jana (her email address is in the comments somewhere I think) was helping with the HTF items from thsi collection. It might be worth asking her :)

      • Thanks I have asked Jana for help with the fasinating olive murano.

        I didn’t want to buy any more pandora for a while but I have to get those muranos while I can and now I’m thinking about what to get if there is a promo in the UK in October! Do you think one wild flower murano would look nice with two olive muranos on a bracelet? Also should I go for a free rose bracelet or a bangle? Or try and do the promo two times?! On the top of my wishlist at the moment (after the olive muranos) is the dragonfly, the wild flower murano, the darling daisy meadow clips and spacers but I would also like to get another green mosaic and another green facet and am liking the green and the pink seaglass muranos!

        I really love your blog but my bank account doesn’t ;p

        • Great! :) I’m still considering getting one of those soon, myself. I keep seeing such beautiful pictures of it and the Blush version and they’re really very tempting!
          I think the Olive facets would look absolutely beautiful with the Wild Flower! They’re not exactly the same green, but they look like they’d complement each other very nicely – very fresh and natural in theme.
          Obviously, my first advice would be to do the promo twice and get both bracelets :P If not, I think my instinct would be to go for the Pandora Rose bracelet (I think it would go amazingly with the greens you want, or the darling daisiy beads) as I just love the Rose line. It’s really very durable, and the colour is beautiful. :D When you say ‘dragonfly’, do you mean the classic two-tone version?
          Aha I’m sorry! I get that all the time looking at other people’s photos too. They make you notice the beads that you didn’t even realise you needed ;)

  21. Sorry I meant the new dragonfly meadow. I would like to the classic two tone but not at £150. I’ll keep an eye out in the December sale. I think if I do the promo I’ll go for two wild flowers (I think the greens should work well together) and the dragonfly meadow (exactly £125) and get the rose bracelet. If I can do it twice then I’ll get the darling daisy clips and daisy spacers (a scary £150!) and get the bangle.

    All the other things on my list will have to wait. I am trying to have a spending rule of: 1/ Don’t buy full price Pandora unless it’s part of a promotion and is a newer item (so you don’t feel stung seeing it half price a few months later) and 2/ Buy items of my wish list that appear in the sales. Of course these sneaky olive ‘muranos’ have made me break it!

    • Sounds like a plan! The dragonfly meadow is on my wish list, as well – I think it’s beautiful!
      Aha, I wish I had the will power to limit myself like that. Sounds very sensible. The one thing I do at the moment is to try and buy as much as possible overseas, as it works out so much cheaper! My brother is in Australia at the moment and I’m resisting the temptation to get him to buy me a few things ;)

  22. Hello,
    I am new to the blog and appreciate the information! My question is for the olive stone collection from the 2015 fall collection, is the stone the same as Peridot the August birthstone? It seems like it and can it be purchased off line? thanks in advance for your time!

    • Mora, I’m at work and not able to surf the website like I want(currently on break) and I think I saw that some of the charms can be ordered overseas. Reason being is that I went on the Pandora website saw the blush but did not see the olive. #will continue to look

      • Hi Sandy,
        The Fascinating Olive is being discontinued and is not available in all counties. If you read through the earlier comment you will see a very nice lady called Jana has offered to buy and send them if you ask her.

        The Fascinating Olive is made from crystal. I think the green colour looks very similar to the August stone though. Looking at stock photos it also looks very similar the green stone on the Forest Trinity dangle.

        PS welcome to the best blog ever :)

      • Hi Sandy! The stone is not the same with those two charms. The Fascinating Olive stone is a manmade crystal, while the August birthstone is peridot as you mention.
        The Olive charm can be purchased overseas in some regions (Asia, Australia and Europe included). Official retailers are not allowed to ship internationally, but ladies from abroad are offering to help out – Jana, who comments on this blog, has been fantastic at getting charms out to people who can’t get hold of them. Otherwise, try the Facebook selling pages for more options – Pandora’s Tribe or Pandora’s Angels are good!

      • I just sent a request to join the two groups recommended Mora so that I can try and get the fascinating olive facet, etc. Thanks sierraleone126 for your help! I will email Jana to see if she can help me as well….

  23. I pre order the June signature moonstone heart and Love & guidance dangle total $125 and get the Moon & star dangle in a shop in shop. I have store credit to use for this transaction.

  24. Hello,
    I love reading your blog as I am a bit of a Pandora addict myself! Thank you for your very helpful reviews and updates, much appreciated. I just wanted to share that I just came from a Pandora store which started the pre-sale today of the free charm promo. They told me I can do up to 5 free charms (so $500 purchase, pre-tax) per transaction, so I did mine in 2 transactions and I got 8 free charms. The store manager also allowed upgrades of the $65 free charm. I love this promo! I can’t wait to pick-up my charms next week! :)

    • We are very lucky to have this promotion in North America, I think this will be the last one this year. Then we can save $ for next year, we need a break !

    • Hi, it’s so nice to hear that you enjoy the blog, and thank you very much for reading! <3 That's so exciting about your charms! Eight is very good going ;) have you gone for any of the new collection pieces? It's great that your manager allowed upgrades. A lot of stores have said that they won't be doing them, which has been disappointing for some I know! I haven't quite made up my mind what I will be getting. I know that I want the Dragonfly Meadow for my free charm, but I can't quite decide what to get to make up the spend. There's a lot to choose from! ^^

  25. We all pre order in Toronto to avoid the busy promotion period. Dragonfly meadow, Forest fairy, Brush bead are not popular. Ladies pick up the 2 toned, paved charm and Disney line. All the sales I talked to don’t like the Dragonfly meadow said it is too busy to see the design and said the Forest fairy is flipping. I did 2 transactions to get 2 free charms, happy enough!

    • Aha, oh no – those three are my favourites from the regular Autumn collection! So far I only have the Forest Fairy, and it is true that it flips, but I’m very fond of it anyway. I will also be getting the Dragonfly Meadow, I think it’s beautiful.
      Which charms did you go for in the end?

  26. June moonstone signature and Love & guidance total 125 plus 13% tax to get the free Moon & Star clear cz. My niece 19 years old came to visit me from Hong Kong this week, she told me Pandora is very expensive there. Ha! Ha! Pandora hurting this afternoon, she likes Cherry blossom and Rose garden as a pair of clips, silver barrel bracelet and Majestic feather add up 250, she has good taste, it looks simple yet classic. I got 2 free charm Filled with love for sure. Oh ! I would like your opinion, Abundance of love, Rose gold Sparkle of love, Rose gold Interlocking love, which should I get? After we pick up the order on 17th Sept, store let us exchange the charm after 21th within 30 days. Please get me advice.Thank!

    • Sorry for the delay in reply Michele, I missed these! :) I also love the cherry blossom pieces – I agree that your niece has great taste! The bracelet she put together sounds lovely, and it’s great that you got it for her a little cheaper than she would have done at home. You picked out some lovely pieces as well.

      Oooh those are tough choices! Is that the pink Abundance of Love you’re considering? I think of those three, the Pandora Rose Interlocking Love is probably my favourite. I absolutely love the interlocking hearts design, and I think the contrast between the pink metal and the pavé is lovely. All of the three are nice though, whatever you go with!

  27. You don’t what? My niece designed a black leather bracelet for her boyfriend. It is stunning, from left to right, Sunburst clip, Inspiration within clear cz, Twice as nice clear cz, Inspiration within clear cz, Pave lights black crystal, 2013 black star, Fascinating black as a center piece, 2013 black star, Pave lights black crystal, Inspiration with clear cz, Twice as nice clear cz, Inspiration with Clear cz, Sunburst clip. Total Can $500 tax in with 3 free charms include. Two 2013 black are not included, she has to buy this retired charm on line. What a beautiful design you can image! She has to pay Can $800 in Hong Kong, it is like 40% off now.

  28. My niece add Pave heart pink cz and Petite facets pink cz to her bracelet with the original choice Rose garden and Cherry blossom clips with Majestic feather as a center piece. She is going back to Hong Kong with this beautiful bracelet tonight.

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