It’s an exciting day for Pandora collectors in North America, as today sees the start of September’s free charm promotion! This free charm event has been slightly controversial with collectors, as it is running instead of North America’s usual bracelet promo – it remains to be seen whether this will be a permanent replacement.

pandora free charm event 2015

Just as a reminder, international readers should note that retailers are not permitted to ship outside of their geographical regions – if you want to take part, you will have to find a friend in the US or Canada to help you out!

The Promotion

pandora fascinating blush

The charm event will run from today until the 20th of September (Sunday) and the rules for the promo are as follows:-

  • Spend $100 USD ($125 CAD) in a single transaction and receive a free charm of your choice of up to $65 USD ($75 CAD)

The standard for most retailers seems to be that you can do the promotion up to ten times, to receive ten free charms. Most retailers are not allowing upgrades of the free charm, but there may well be exceptions – so I would check with your local to see what exactly they are offering.

There are lots of new beads out for the Autumn 2015 collection, so it shouldn’t be too hard to hit those spends! ;)

pandora autumn 2015

My Comment

I am excited for this promo, and will be participating this time around! I’m hoping to get the new blush Radiant Hearts charm and the North-American-exclusive Green Looking Glass murano, and the new Dragonfly Meadow openwork as my freebie.

Will you be taking part in this promo? If so, what are you getting?

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  1. I will be getting an unusual choice. I’m trying to collect the sparkling pearl range also know as everlasting grace. so my purchase will be the everlasting grace pendant, a 45cm chain and the two tone anniversary charm as the freebie! I works out to be a saving of £75 if converter to what I will pay for them here so bargain!!!

    • Ooh, that sounds lovely! I absolutely love pearls, and the Everlasting Grace collection is just beautiful – that doesn’t sound too unusual to me. ^^ I worked out that I save about £70 through doing this promo, too! :D It’s a good way to get the last couple of Autumn 2015 pieces I’m after, and the green looking glass murano will be perfect for my Christmas bracelet I’m planning!

    • I had decided to buy my wife the Pandora bracelet w/ charms for Christmas & called on Tuesday Sept. 22 to find out the free charm special just expired Sept. 20. I was looking at around $580 w/ bracelet & charms, I was wondering if store could work w/ me or is it too late. Is there another sale coming up like this. My wife created her bracelet.

      • Hey, sorry to hear that you missed out on the charm promo. They will not be running this promo again this year (as far as I’m aware) unfortunately, and the next big one will be March next year. However, there will be some other promos coming up – at the end of November, there will be a free bangle gift with purchase and then in December they will be doing a porcelain holiday ornament gift with purchase. You can always check my promos page for updates too!

  2. I pre-purchased my goodies and can’t wait to pick them up tonight. I got the rose gold clasp bracelet, with two dots and ridges rose gold clips, and the rose gold royal crown. One of the clips was my freebie.

    • That sounds like an excellent start to your Pandora Rose collection! :D I saw the Dots and Ridges clip in person today, and it is gorgeous. Very simple, and yet so effective in a Rose finish. Enjoy your new pieces <3

  3. We were informed of a ‘pre-sale’ options here at my Buffalo, NY store and I went last week and got the Spring blue and green faceted charms and then got the sombraro as a gift as my freebie. My cousin went along and got 8 charms for only like $270 (US). It was a great deal for both of us since we already have 3 bracelets each and just started collecting in March!. Our obsession lives on!

    • Oh good, I’m pleased to hear that the charm promo worked out well for you! I have to say that I was quite pleased at the change as I have enough bracelets for the time being as well. ^^ The Petite Facets are gorgeous, I particularly like the green one! Enjoy your new charms :D

  4. I still like the free bracelet promo. With that I could upgrade if I wanted but with this promo, I did the pre-purchase and received 2 free charms. Problem was I could not upgrade and when my purchase was rang up, they took the charms that cost the least as the free one. I was not happy with this but I could have picked more expensive ones but either the free charm I wanted was more than 65.00 or less.
    anyway, I got the blush murano, purple spacer.
    Maybe next time Pandora will go back to free bracelet:D

    • Yes, that is the big disadvantage with this charm promo – the bracelet promo offers such a variety of savings and options. I got the two-tone bracelet in March, which I would never have bought outright. I’m rather envious of your blush facets, I’ve yet to see that one in person properly! It looks lovely in the pictures I’ve seen, though!

      I think, ideally, it would be great if Pandora continue to alternate bracelet and charm promos. That way everyone can stock up on bracelets earlier in the year, and then on charms to fill them later ;)

  5. I have a question since this is the first time I participated in a promotion. I bought the heart clasp bracelet and the ” you are so loved” charm. Together they were $100. I thought I could now get a free $65 charm. I was told I had to get a charm worth $35 or less. I was a bit disappointed but I kind of understood. I wanted the dragonfly charm badly but I got a green spacer instead. Oh well lol. Can’t wait for your next review.

    • Hi Linda. Glad you got to participate in the free charm promo. However i think you were shortchanged on your free charm. In all the stores running this promo that I have been in to purchase, have been told and given a free charm up to the value of 75$ on a 125$ spend here in Canada. You just cannot upgrade to anything more than 75$ by paying the difference. Picked up all my pre-purchased items yesterday and walked away with. 500$ worth of free charms all very close to or at 75$ value. I would check this out. I think Pandoras add even says this. hope it works out for you. Happy shopping.

    • I agree with everyone else, Linda – I think you should get back in touch with the store, as that doesn’t sound fair at all. All Pandora’s advertising for this promotion specifically says that you are entitled to a free charm of $65 USD. Hope you get it sorted, and that the Dragonfly Meadow comes home with you soon! :)

    • That is not correct. You are allowed to receive a free charm valued up to $65.00. That is exactly what I chose as my free charm priced exactly at $65.00. You were mislead.

  6. Hi Ellie,
    I won’t take part in this promo, I take my joker for the black friday charm ;) I am waiting also to know what kind of promo will be in october here in France…
    You won’t be disappointed with the new Dragonfly Meadow openwork, I have took two pieces for me and I have no regrets ( may be take more aha )
    Have a great day ;)

    • Hi Isabelle! Haha, the Black Friday charm is lovely this year, so I don’t blame you! I haven’t heard anything about upcoming promos for France, but I’ll keep an eye out. :)
      Yay, so glad to hear that you’re a fan of the Dragonfly Meadow too! I saw it today in store and thought how pretty it looked. Can’t wait for it to arrive with me :D
      Have a great day too, and thanks for commenting! <3

  7. One shop in Toronto let customer spend as much as possible add up in one bill, every $125 you get a free charm. Store manager told me they avoid all the troubles. Customers are very happy for this policy, we get more charms this way.

  8. Hi Ellie, I did the pre-sale last week to avoid all the craziness today. I bought a combination of charms and clips worth $500, and received my 5 free charms. I was a happy camper!! Have a lovely day!?


      • Yes, I did. The charms that I bought are the radiant hearts in purple, radiant splendor, chinese doll, pinecone charm, and the Pandora bag. For the clips, i got the crazy, lazy daisy, beveled, night & day and the friendship flower. The charms and clips that I got for free are the dragonfly meadow, evening floral, majestic feathers, shimmering rose clip and the love of my life clip. Whew, it was a lot, very happy with my purchase & free charms & clips. I hpoe you get yours soon!?

        • Wow, that’s rather amazing :D you picked such lovely things, I wouldn’t know what to look at first, haha. Mine have been purchased and will be winging their way to me shortly. My helper sent me this lovely pic:
          So excited! <3

  9. I preordered a necklace and the You & Me dangle and have a two tone Happy Crab and a pink Love All Around waiting for me!

  10. although I think this particular promo is a good idea (I think getting a few charm sounds fun) I will most likely be passing on it. I was not happy with Pandora’s decision to bypass a lot of the nice pieces to the US. plus I have been spending a ton of money acquiring and trying to locate retired pieces that I love. I will hold off until the next release and see what the xmas season brings me. does anyone know what/when the next NA free promo will be? thanks!

    • No, I do admire your resolve not to cave and buy any of the new pieces! ^^ It seems like a very strange decision indeed on Pandora North America’s part to miss out such a big portion of this collection, and hopefully things will go back to normal next season. :)
      The next promo for North America after this one will be another 3 for 2 on rings offer, running in October. Then there will be a few holiday promos, like the Christmas ornament etc!

  11. What a lovely promo I wish the UK had this but as well as the bracelets promo lol. Please do a post when your goodies arrive. Do you know the date of the bracelet promo in the UK?

    • Aha, I know! I’d love it if Pandora did a loyalty scheme. Like, buy nine charms and get the tenth free. I’m hearing that the UK promo is due to start on the 2nd of October :)

        • I don’t think so… I’ve just done this North American promo so I should probably be good for a little while now. ;) I’m a little reluctant to spend too much in UK stores as the RRP is so high and I’m still slightly annoyed that they bundled so many items this season haha. Do you think you will?

      • I read on a jewellery shops Instagram post that the uk promo will be 2nd – 3rd October. It seems really short. Plus I asked if there were going to be different spend options but they said it was just spend £125 and receive free bracelet up to £55. I’m disappointed as I had hoped for the rose bracelet but that’s £65.

        • Ooh thanks for that tip, Hazel. Which retailer’s instagram was that?
          That is really disappointing that the Rose bracelet isn’t included. I wonder if you could persuade any shop to let you pay the difference, perhaps…?

      • Hi Ellie, It was Harrison’s Jewellery who mentioned it. They look like a small chain so I’m hoping the larger retailers will be more flexible.

  12. My local store had their pre-buy last week so I just picked up mine and my moms. I was lucky with my store as they worked the pricing out for me to get the ones closest to $75 for free. I got two free charms and my mom 3. It was interesting to note when I asked the sales rep what the response was like she said it’s been very mixed, about 50/50 liking or disliking. I hope going forward that they do one of each, the free bracelet promo and the free charm promo. There’s only so many bracelets I can fill and/or wear at a time.

    • That’s great, sounds like you have a good store there! :D What did you go for? The reaction I’ve seen online about the charm promo has been similarly mixed. There are advantages and disadvantages to the change. Funnily enough, I’d have thought that the free bracelet promo would be more profitable for Pandora, as new bracelets need filling! I would also like to see them alternate the bracelet and charm promos in the future – that way everyone has options and can wait for the promo that they most benefit from! :)

      • That’s exactly right re: waiting for the promo that best fits your needs. One of my friends who also collects beads decided to wait for March because she started getting her sister charms a few years ago but the sister still doesn’t have a bracelet.

        I ended up getting the tree of life, the leaves dangle with brownish cubic zirconia, two of the sparkling leaves clip and two of the clear inspiration within. The inspiration within are for my Christmas bracelet and the rest finished off my autumn theme. My mom got a daisy spacer, Minnie bow spacer, the new swan, the new robin, treble clef, forest fairy, dark blue inspiration within, graduation owl, the new turtle and the dark blue effervescent murano.

        • Yes, hopefully it will be a bracelet promo again in March! I think it would not be a great move to permanently replace the bracelet promo with this new charm event.
          Great choices, very co-ordinated! :) Glad to hear that I’m not only the one working on my Christmas bracelet already, too! ^^

  13. In Canada, and picked up my pre-ordered charms this morning. Every store seems to be different. I had to ring up 4 different transactions at a minimum of 125.00 but was allowed to pay the difference for the free charms over 75.00. One free one was right on 75.00 and the other three were 80 – 95. Love the free charm event. I actually spent enough for 5 free charms but since had to be individual transactions only received 4, but happy I could pay the upgrade. I wouldn’t have purchased if had to take a free charm that was only 50 or 55.

    • Oh that’s great that you were allowed to pay the difference! So many stores aren’t allowing that, which really limits the range of charms you can qualify for – especially considering the recent price increase. :/ What sorts of pieces did you go for? :)

      • I have a Cinderella bracelet so bought a couple of charms for that one. Started an Italy travel bracelet so bought the flag gondola and scooter. My free charms were for my Mikey and Minnie bracelet. My daughter did the same but picked up the Cinderella dress and a Mikey and Mini heart dangle for the free charms. With Disney many are 75 or over. Spent my birthday money and then some!

  14. Reading through, I was thinking I was the only one not taking part in this event, but was happy to see Alex V is also bowing out. :-)

    I had plans for this event, but cancelled them the other day when I read of three more new clasp Essence bracelets falling off and being lost, and too many new–spring and summer–charms breaking, with no recourse to the customer. Pandora is selling products they know are faulty and women are losing their money. It’s cynical. I just can’t bring myself to put any more money into such an unethical manufacturer.

  15. I went yesterday to a shop-in-shop, I ended up buying the new swan and forest fairy, For my free charm I got the sparkling ladybug! :-D I was going to get the red robin for my free charm, but after seeing the 2 together the ladybug won out for me, she is just too cute! I might still get the robin down the road. I probably would have done another transaction, but the store I went to just didn’t have much stock, a lot of half empty trays. My SA said they had to send a lot of charms back to the vendor (and not just retireds were missing), I wonder if they are not selling well in that store.

    • Ooh you picked such cute charms! I do love the animals, and the Ladybird was my first purchase from the Spring collection :D It’s one of the particular charms where I think I prefer the new pavé version to the original silver one. I just got the new Swan myself, and it is really beautiful. Doing the review for it has been very easy, as it’s just so pretty! <3
      The Robin has been growing and growing on me, and now I think that I have to have him at some point too. I think he'd be really cute on my Christmas bracelet design, which could use a little sparkle. :D So I'll probably be coming back for him too at some point, haha.
      That's weird about your store. You'd think that Pandora would want to keep them topped up just before a big promo – they lost another sale from you, for example! :S

      • Thanks Ellie! I love the ladybird after seeing it in person, I remember your review and now I am going to go back and read it for some styling ideas! I wore her today on my bangle, next to the clasp with Miss Hedgehog on the other side as I was also wearing a full bracelet with a magenta enchanted tea party theme!

        Yeah, I am not sure what it going on at that store…I went the first day of the promo and I am friends with my SA and she said they hadn’t really had too many customers yet when I went. It will only get worse as the weekend goes on!

        • Aw, thank you! I do love my Ladybird and I still have it on my pink oxi bracelet, as per the review. :D Your magenta tea party bracelet sounds rather fantastic – have I seen that one before?
          Yes, I don’t envy the poor SAs having to tell a lot of excited customers that they are missing a lot of stock :(

      • I went back and looked at your review, I love the ladybird on your oxi bracelet! I posted a couple pics on your Facebook, I wish they were better quality but at least you can get an idea :-D

        • Thanks Natalie! I just saw your picture, you have such amazing bracelet designs :D Those iridescent beads are rather beautiful, it’s all very ‘through the looking glass’ in tone.
          Btw, I think I’ve decided to do a mini Halloween design this year on my black leather! :D I’m considering whether to add beads from other brands to it, as Pandora’s spooky offerings kind of pale in comparison to what else is out there :/ I have the pumpkin, ghost and curious cat marked out to go on it for now!

      • Thanks Ellie, I love that set of glass, I got it at a craft/bead store for just a few dollars, but sometimes I like those the best!

        I can’t wait to see your mini Halloween bracelet! :-D I need to wear my Halloween beads again. Your start sounds really good! I’m excited to see if you may take the plunge and mix brands, that would be really fun to see what you make :-)

        • Yes, they look great! Kind of like oil in the light.
          Thanks! The one I’d most like to get is that amazing new Trollbeads glass bead, the Trick or Treat, but it’s not compatible with my Pandora leather bracelet from what I gather :'(

      • Oh, that Troll Trick or Treat glass is fun, kind of expensive though…yeah, Troll glass will not fit on Pandora bracelets. Even their silvers are hit and miss, I have only 1 Trollbead, the Wings of Freedom bald eagle silver, and it actually does fit Pandora which was a nice surprise as I didn’t expect it would when I ordered it. I have a couple non-Pandora bracelets so I just wear my small cored charms on those.

        • Yeah, I noticed the price, but Perlen had them a little cheaper. I’m really tempted to get a Trollbeads chain at some point, as I do love their glass beads. :) And then maybe add some Ohm silvers (they have so many great ones at the moment! I love all their quirky geeky pieces). Which brands do you buy most from then? The ones that tempt me most away from Pandora are probably Ohm, Redbalifrog, TB and at times Chamilia.

      • I haven’t ever ordered anything from Perlen yet, I’ve heard they are a good retailer though and have better prices on many of the brands, even considering I’d be ordering from the US.

        I buy the most from Pandora and Individuality Beads (Kohls). I think because those are the most risk-free for me, Pandora I always buy in person as there are plenty of stores around, except on Ruelala, but at least I’ve probably seen the charm in person and know I’ll like it. If I buy Pandora at a store (or even if a store has to order it and ship it to me because they are out of stock) at least I can easily return it if I end up not liking it. Same with Kohls, they have far more selection online than in stores but if I order online shipping is free and if I don’t like it I can return in-store. I’m also clearly a sucker for promotions, Pandora I can usually find something to buy if I want the free item :P And Kohls have so many sales where everything is like 65-70% off plus an extra 30% off plus they do coupons like $10 off $50 or spend $50 and get $10 off future purchase on top of that.

        I do buy some random charms off Amazon too and have always been pleased with them. I mainly started looking there because I had some Amazon gift cards to spend :-D There are a lot of nice sterling and gold plated over sterling charms on there for very good prices.

        I like all the other brands you mentioned too, I have something from each except for Chamilia. All of those brands except for Redbalifrog cost about as much or more than Pandora on average, unless bought on sale or during a promotion, so that’s probably why I haven’t bought as many.

        Redbalifrog has very good prices I think for silvers and they are a good size. I just have Cherub Dreams and Baby Dragon Frankie, but they are 2 of my favorite beads out of all I have and I wear them both all the time.

        Ohm have fun quirky designs and they are threaded and nicely detailed, they do tend to be small. I got most of my Ohm during one of their retired sales where it was 50% off, so I am fine with what I got for the price but I don’t know that I’d pay the full price for many of them. They will fit on Pandora bracelets which is a plus, although my Tom the Turkey won’t for some reason, all my others do. I do really like following Ohm on social media, they are a great group of people :-) My favorite Ohm charms are probably Lil Devil, the pave watermelon, baby rhino, and baby reindeer.

        Elfbeads are nice too, they emphasize glass more than silvers, I have 5 silvers and 5 glass as well as their bracelet chain with the treasure chest lock. I first bought from them last year when they had their US launch, if you bought 4 beads you got a free glass bead and free bracelet chain and lock which was a great deal, they haven’t had anything that good since. I mostly bought my set because I liked their Seahorse beads, I have 2 of those. I did buy again then when another store in Canada, Bead Billboard, first opened and had 20% off 4 beads or more plus a free glass bead. I really wanted the Guardian Angel (she’s on my fairy bracelet I just showed you) so I found a few glass to buy too. I want to eventually get the new Frog Prince, but I am going to wait until I see more stuff I want as they always have buy 4 get 1 free.

        • I’ve ordered a few times from Perlen, and they’ve been great each time. Really speedy delivery and nice packaging. :)
          Thanks so much for that breakdown of your ideas on all the different brands! Lots to think about. :D I always think of other brands being cheaper than Pandora, but reading your comment sent me off to investigate – you’re right in that they are actually as expensive or more so a lot of the time! Trollbeads are really pricey. I’m always so tempted by Chamilia, but their quality just doesn’t seem quite as good as Pandora’s, despite their prices being as high or higher. Their pavé beads, despite being Swarovski crystal, just don’t look as finely made. I do absolutely love their cuter, quirkier beads though – In the Kitsch is amazing (I do love baking) as are some of their Christmas charms. I recently helped someone acquire some UK exclusive Chamilia beads and was very tempted!
          I agree with you regarding Ohm – they seem like such a great, fun bunch of people and their charms really reflect that. They are not at all afraid to do something out there and quirky and fun. I love the bead of the month thing they’ve been doing this year, I think they’ve really come into their own as a brand.
          I kind of want to buy a Trollbeads chain and lock and then add on my favourites from other brands. I’m just always a little afraid that once I ‘go there’, I’ll never stop spending my money on charm jewellery lol!

      • Great to know about Perlen, I’m definitely going to look at buying from them if I see something I must have from any of the brands they carry!

        Yeah, when I first heard of and saw Chamilia pictures online, I thought they were another of the cheaper brands, kind of on par with Individuality or Kay Jewelers or that type. I was shocked to actually see that many of their prices were the same of even higher than what Pandora would charge for an equivalent charm. I do think they have some really cute designs, In the Kitsch especially like you mentioned. I’ve never gotten to see them in person, I do think they look better in live images I’ve seen vs. stock photos. Most of their stock photos are probably not doing the charms justice, they can come off looking really cheap I think. Those Disney Princess face charms were also not helping their image IMO. I’ve tried looking online during some of their retired sales to try the brand out (I usually try new brands during sales or promotions) but I’ve never seen anything I wanted to buy. Their bracelets don’t appeal that much to me either with the “C’s” on them so I haven’t been tempted during those promos either. I did think their new Oval Touch bangle looked really nice.

        I’m glad I took the plunge early on in my charm collecting days to get a non-threaded bracelet so I wasn’t limited because I would have missed out on a lot of great charms! It all started with a two tone seahorse bead I ordered from Individuality that wouldn’t fit my Pandora, but I loved it too much to return it so I bought the Individuality bangle which basically looks like a Pandora bangle except no threads and has a plain barrel clasp. Actually it has turned out to be one of my favorite bracelets because it is so fast to load and unload without the threading and the 7.85 inch size is perfect for me (I wish Pandora would make bangle in between sizes but I can get by with 7.5 inch full too). Having other options than Pandora bracelets took a lot of the worry off ordering from online as I knew the charm would fit at least some of my bracelets even if it wouldn’t fit Pandora. I have the Elfbeads bracelet too now which fits everything, it is basically a Troll chain with a different lock system, I actually like it better than Troll as I find the lobster clasps a pain to do up myself. I have noticed that some beads will fit on the Pandora bangles that won’t fit the snake chain or leathers. Bangles have the thinnest threading, snake chain in between, leathers are the thickest threading and least likely for a borderline bead to fit.

        I will say that once I bought charms other than Pandora, I did probably become more charm obsessed as the possibilities are then endless. It’s no longer “I wish Pandora would make a squirrel bead.” It’s “let me see what squirrel bead I can find.” But it’s a fun hobby, so I don’t care! You would have fun with a Trollbeads or mixed beads bracelet :-D

  16. I am very happy with my 3 free charms. One pair of Tumbling hearts as a pair of earrings ( I have the heart posts ) , this two free charms are from my gift to niece. Moon and star cz is free from June moonstone heart and Love & guidance, I put this 3 charms on my heart clasp bracelet with 2 Love of my life clips. Very beautiful! I am done for this promotion, wait for the winter round.

    • You have picked some lovely things, and I’m particularly in love with the bracelet your niece put together as well. :) I think I am also pretty much done with the Autumn collection now – although I am still tempted by the new blush and olive facets charms… ^^

  17. I bought myself two Wildflower muranos, and got a Queen Bee for my free charm. I tried for the Family Heritage dangle and the new Dragonfly, but struck out. My bee is quite cute, though, and I’m happy with her. For one of my daughters, I purchased 2 Pink Hearts muranos with the little CZ’s in them, and the new Autumn Daughter’s Love charm. She won’t get them all at once, but I’m stocked on gifts for her birthday and Christmas. This free charm promo worked out well for me. And it seems that if you need a bracelet rather than a charm, you could put that into your $100 spend. It works out, I think.

    • Yay, I love the Queen Bee – she’s one of those lovely charms that I really associate with classic Pandora. :D The Wildflowers muranos are beautiful, as well!
      Yes, I was quite happy with this charm promo – it’s nice for a change, and I have enough bracelets for now anyway! ^^ That’s true about being able to include the bracelet as part of your spend – although with the bracelet promo you did have all the various options of getting a two-tone or a gold bracelet. There are fewer options with this one.

      • I’ve really only gone for the silver bracelets, either the regular clasp, heart clasp, or bangle. But I actually already have a completely empty heart clasp bracelet from my hubby, so I’m good on bracelets for a bit, so the timing of this works well for me. I am hoping that if there is a bracelet promo next year, they may include the pave clasp bracelet with it. I guess we’ll see!

  18. I bought the angelic feathers charm and the bangle so I could make a mini bracelet with the feather and Indsamling feather charms.

    My store was weird though & presented a tray of the charms and said these are the charms included in the sale, which were mostly older, or less popular charms. I’m not sure if it was because I went during the pre-sale, if my sales assistant was new & didn’t know better, or if they were suggested charms, but if you pushed you could get something else. It wasn’t a crisis, because I got the cupcake, which I’ve liked for a long time, but it wasn’t at the top of my wishlist. If I had unlimited choice, I would have gotten the Minnie’s Signature Look murano.

    • That sounds gorgeous! The silver feather Indsamling charm is one that I would love to own, but I wasn’t a big collector when it came out and so I missed out. It goes for a little too much money for me these days, but it is absolutely beautiful. :D
      That sounds rather unfair of your store to me. The promo clearly says that you can pick a charm of up to $65 USD value, so you should have been able to pick any you like – not just the cheapest. It sounds like a few stores have been twisting the rules a little – I hope Pandora corporate sorts it out. :) At least you got your Cupcake, which is an absolutely beautiful charm – another Pandora ‘classic’. <3

  19. You should go back and ask to exchange it for the one you really want. My store was weird too, and said at first that the least expensive charm would be free. I said no, I am allowed to take a charm worth up to $65. They backed down.:). I also made another transaction for $95 and the manager allowed me a free charm with no problem, as I’m a good customer. It was the sales associate who kept rearranging the charms so I would pay more and get a cheaper one free. Again, I just insisted upon what I was due. Very strange. I didn’t have to make separate transactions for the beads, but no upgrades. I ended up w 5 free beads, most at the highest price point:). I like the free bead promo as it does provide more flexibility!

    • If I had more time, maybe I would have. But I’ve always wanted the cupcake charm, it was just in 3rd or 4th place on my wishlist, not 1st. So I still got a charm I liked. I was just surprised by the limitation. But that’s the problem with all Pandora stores being franchises. They all do whatever they want. You get some great stores, or you get mine that bends the rules and limits what people can pick.

    • Good for you Lisa! :) I’ve heard of a few issues like this – I hope Pandora sort it out for next time! Stores shouldn’t really be allowed to try and bend the rules to the disadvantage of the customer.

  20. I decided not to go for this promo for several reasons: 1. We had Buy 2 get 1 free a week ago. (I got grey, pink and purple leather bracelets :) – I stacked them and put all the charms that don’t fit on my primary bracelet) 2. The prices in USD are not such a great deal for me, especially when I need to include the shipping costs. 3. I am in Pandora so often because of the coffee pots and green olives that I am not in the mood for any more Pandora shopping :D

    • Oh no Jana, I hope I haven’t put you off going into Pandora stores! Im really looking forward to my green olives. Thank you for being a good Pandora friend x

      • LOL, no worries. As you see, I still follow Pandora blogs and stuff :) But my need to purchase Pandora is now fully satisfied by buying for others, which is a good thing. At least I spare my own money for a while. My wish list still has 37 charms on it. :)

    • Oh cool, I wasn’t aware of that promo! Sounds like a good one – I absolutely love the leather bracelets. :D No, the prices in USD aren’t as good a deal for me either – the prices in CAD work out much better, and I save quite a bit more getting help from Canada. :) That might be worth having a look at for next time? Provided you’re not still shopped out from helping people out of course! ^^ From the sound of things, you’ve been something of a star helping out – I hope you get your own Pandora spark back soon. :)

      • Thanks for the tip. I will do the math the next time. :) The promo was nice because it was very flexible and everything was included (rings, charms, earrings…) except the autumn collection. It was part of a big promo weekend where about 100 stores participated (imagine the crowds everywhere!). The limiting aspect was that you needed a paper voucher from a magazine that organized this event so you could not do the promo multiple times. (Unless you wanted to trade vouchers with unknown people in the shopping mall…)

  21. My store was amazing thankfully. They added up the total cost and gave me a free charm for each $100 I spent, and they also allowed me to upgrade and pay the difference to get more expensive charms as my free ones. I got the blush radiant heart and two of the fascinating blush crystals, which pair beautifully with the pink/purple butterfly muranos that I already had for a pretty vintage feel. I also got a few of the new autumn pieces and two olive spacers to go with my olive fascinating and dallah charm (thanks again Jana!) that are all going on a bangle. :)
    I absolutely love this promo and hope they do it again!

    • Sounds perfect! :D The blush radiant hearts should be on its way to me soon, as well! And thanks very much for that tip with the butterfly muranos – I’ve been very tempted by the blush crystals (I keep seeing such beautiful pictures of them) but have been looking for ideas as to how I could use them. I have and love the pink butterfly murano, so it’s really good to know that it goes well with the blush facets. :D
      Glad to hear that you enjoyed the promo! I was excited to take part as well. It’ll be interesting to see if the March promo will be a bracelet promo or another charm event!

  22. We all love this promotion. Toronto outlet store even has buy any 2 current or retired charm it get 1 retired charm for free. Amazing deal especially for the 30% off retired charm. Pandora really try hard to squeeze our wallet.

  23. Oh! Many customers bought 14k gold clasp bracelet and even 14k gold bracelet to get many many charms. Shop allow add up everything in one transaction, then one $75 free charm for every $125 spend. Store manager told me there are many $3000 translation.

  24. If anyone live close to a Pandora outlet, they have buy any 2 current or retired bead to get one free retired bead until tomorrow. It is a very good deal if you buy the 30% to 50% off retired bead. I got 2 retired Pave Lights lavender Can $52.5 + 13% tax each and get one more free Pave Lights Lavender, just like half price. This is a extra spend for me but is hard to resist, :)

    • I too love this collection its a beauty. I had purchased a few for myself the majestic feather clear, majestic feather clear dangle, and my freebie was the butterfly. I also purchased 2x fascinating blush beads, the radiant hearts blush pink crystal, the angel wings, and the angelic feathers, I also have the abundance of love for the freebie. Also started a collection for each of my daughters, and daughters in law.

      • Yes, the new feather charms are lovely, aren’t they? I’ve also gone for the radiant hearts in blush, but I think I will have to come back for the blush facets at some point as well. I’ve yet to see them properly in person, but they have looked gorgeous in all the pictures I’ve seen so far. :D
        Enjoy your new charms! You’ve picked some lovely ones <3

  25. I got the peacock charm($60), rose royal crown($45) and path to harmony charm($70), and paid 60+45+(70-65)=$110+tax in total. So at least in my local store they do upgrades for this promotion.

    • Lovely choices! The Peacock is such a cute charm. :D Yes, I’ve heard that Pandora have relented at the last minute and started to allow upgrades. It’s a bit mean to change their minds mid-promotion, as it means everyone who took part earlier is disadvantaged, but at least it shows that they are listening. :)

      • Yes, my store did the same today. They were not allowing the upgrades the first 3 days., but allowed them today.

  26. In Toronto, we can exchange our purchase within 30 days after the promotion period. My shop told me I can add up the bill so that we still can upgrade it after the busy time. 50 customers line up in front of one concept store.

  27. Pandora policy is very good here. We can get no time limit store credit within 30 days of purchase if we don’t like our purchase during promotion. ( have to after 20th because shop is very busy). We can get full refund within 30 days regular time purchase. I have no comment for such a good policy!

  28. No complain not no comment. I don’t know other country policy, Toronto Pandora service always friendly and helpful. As a customer, a pleasant shopping experience is very important.

  29. I went to my store in Maryland and got the Inspiration within spacer and the rose gold love of my life clip and for my free charm I got the rose gold light as a feather charm. At first they didn’t want to let my pay the difference but when I informed them that an employee had called me about the sale and assured me I could get an upgrade, they relented. I feel that one, if you are a loyal customer and on the call about promotions list then there should be no question, as much money as I spend there. Two, when I looked at my receipt all they did was take $65 dollars off. Why didn’t they just say spend $100 get a $65 dollar credit towards a charm? One lady wanted to get two $30 spacers and they told her no. Why Pandora? What difference does it make?

    • I completely agree with you! Pandora and their franchise partners will generate a lot more good will if they appear to be trying to get the customer the best deal they can possibly get, instead of trying to find loop holes in the rules. It sounds like some stores have been better than others – good for you for sticking to your guns! :)
      You picked some gorgeous pieces! I have the Rose Love of my Life clip and the Light as a Feather and love them both. Enjoy your new charms! <3

      • Thanks, I have been looking at the rose gold for a year now and I’m glad I finally took the leap. I wanted to make sure no one had any wear problems. I have it on a bracelet with the seahorse and the teal zen and the gold and teal look great together!

        • No, I’ve heard almost exclusively good things about the Rose line so far! Mine are certainly still looking beautiful (with the exception of the Big Smooth Heart, which is showing up scratches). Your combo sounds great, really original :D I love gold and teal together, it’s such a great combo!

  30. Hi Ellie

    I have been missing but here I am again! Hope you are doing well in everything. :)

    We actually had a promotion in Singapore over the weekend, free bracelet (only heart clasp and bangle) with every S$250 purchase. Apparently I am now also a good friend with a couple of the SA there, thanks to helping a few ladies here grab some charms. :D In this promo, I grabbed a couple of birthday blooms and speaking of which, my dear husband was finally (reluctantly?) persuaded to get me 2 charms as my birthday present. xxxxx

    For the USA promo, I got help from both Canada and US side, why oh why?? I’ll be ending up with Rose dots and ridges clips, Rose forever love ring, Rose interlocking love, Rose petite heart studs, Rose sparkle of love, Olaf (finally!), Snow White murano, and Belle’s enchanted rose (for this I have been wanting it for the longest time) and a couple more Rose items, see I go crazy on Rose collection this time!

    I caved in on Belle’s rose because I am hoping to do a red-theme bracelet for Chinese New Year. I have a few red muranos to start with. Besides, I can add some red to the Christmas bracelet too. ^^

    Enjoy your blog as always.

    Kelly xx

    • Hi Kelly! It’s very nice to hear from you :D I hope you’re doing well, too, and that you haven’t been busy for stressful reasons too!

      I heard about that great Singapore promo! Which did you go for, heart clasp or bangle? My OH doesn’t really buy me Pandora anymore as I get so much myself that he doesn’t know what to get me these days ;)

      Aha, that is quite a haul! :D I always get help from Canada, as the exchange works out a little better for me. I love all the Rose charms you picked, especially the Interlocking Love and the Dots and Ridges clip! If my Rose bracelet wasn’t almost full, I’d definitely have gone for the clip as well. My Rose bracelet is almost finished, but I expect that I will probably have to start another one at some point :P

      Your CNY theme sounds like a nice idea! I have a mini Asian bracelet on my red leather, with the Wild Flower Tribute murano and the red enamel Chinese Lantern. The Belle rose would look great with that kind of design, and would add a little delicacy to offset the other charms. :D I’m excited to see what they bring out for CNY 2016 too!

      Haha, I always enjoy your comments as well Kelly. <3 Hope you're not too busy in the future! xxx

  31. From Canada here. New to pandora and have quickly become addicted! I recieved a couple of the bracelets earlier when i upgraded from the free leather bracelet promo a few months ago and purchased the beads this time around to fill them up. All in all, i purchased enough to get 15 beads free of which 2 sets belonged to my son who purchased for his girlfriend for future gifts. 10 purchases on 1 bill spending a mere $1 over the required amount to get the 10 free beads and 5 purchases on the next bill spending exactly what i needed to get the 5 free beads. I made sure i purchased all the discontinued ones that i really wanted before they were gone. All my free beads were the $75 value except for 1 which was $70. All in all it was a promo i took full advantage of and would be in trouble if they did this one each year! I liked the fact that the purchases could be combined together on the bills because most of my individual purchases would have been the $135 purchase because of the price increase on the beads so that saved me money. Also, loved the fact that i could pre-purchase because i was unable to get to town on the weekend of the sale. Also, the pre-purchase option really helped with the crowds in the store. I went in with my list and it still took about an hour ….i cant imagine how confusing it would be if i did that when the store was packed.

    • I should of also mentioned though that it would have been nice if pandora allowed the upgrade of the free bead , especially since the pave bead qualified for the free bead until the $5 price increase just before the sale. I think that was kind of crappy on pandoras part.

      • Hi! :D I’m glad to hear that you got such a great promo haul, and that it all went smoothly! It was a bit rubbish that Pandora initially were not allowing upgrades, but they did change their minds on the last day apparently. Hopefully if they run it again next time, they’ll allow upgrades from the start, as it offers so much more choice!

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