Today’s post brings another Pandora Autumn 2015 review, with some close-up shots and styling inspiration for the beautiful Majestic Swan charm! This is one of the collection’s signature pieces, and has featured prominently in Pandora’s advertising. It’s not surprising, as it is notable for its elegant style and statement pavé detailing.

pandora autumn 2015 majestic swan

The Pandora free charm event has just been and gone, and I’m sure some of you will have chosen this bead as part of your purchases! What follows is a closer look at the charm itself, and ideas as to the different bracelets and charms with which you might like to style it. ^^

The charm

The lines of the Swan’s neck are slimmer than the stock image suggests, and make a nice complement to the full and beautiful detailing of the bird’s wings. Its weight is pretty evenly balanced, so it doesn’t flip like the equally lovely Forest Fairy charm.

pandora autumn 2015 majestic swan

Pandora have done a couple of swan designs before, but nothing so elegant or refined in tone. The Ugly Duckling has lots of beautiful shading but is quite heavy and cartoon-like in its details (which is not a bad thing at all, I love my Duckling!), while the Swan Embrace is more on the cute side.

The Majestic Swan, on the other hand, rather lives up to its name and offers something a little different! A few people have compared it to the Swarovski logo, and it is a little like it, haha.

pandora autumn 2015 preview

However, for me, the Swan’s pose has rather a lovely feel of serenity and tranquillity – the stillness of the lake. I’m sure this charm would have worked really well as a plain silver design, with some oxidised details delineating the wings instead of the cubic zirconia, but the sparkle does add that extra touch of majesty.

pandora autumn 2015 majestic swan

The other thing that I really love about this charm is that, despite it’s pavé detailing, it has a threaded core! Often Pandora’s pavé charms are unthreaded (such as the Spring 2015 Graduate Owl), but this Swan offers a pavé design that also feels nicely substantial.

pandora autumn 2015 majestic swan

The detailing on the top of the charm is one of my favourite aspects, just where the wings come together. This charm isn’t full of the little cute details that you might see in other Pandora animal charms, which are often notable for their claws or pawprints, but every part of it is elegant.

pandora autumn 2015 majestic swan


My first styling idea is based on a wintry ballet design I created last year, mixing delicate pavé charms (such as the Ballerina and the Swan) with some classic fairy-tale silver pieces, such as the Fairy-Tale Book. I just thought how beautiful this charm would be for a Swan Lake ballet-themed bracelet!

pandora autumn 2015 majestic swan

I like the contrast between the delicate white muranos and the darker oxidised chain – it makes the whole look a tad more contemporary and really sets off the glittering charms as well. You can just spot the new Asian-exclusive starry safety chain in the background too!

pandora autumn 2015 majestic swan

If you want to up the sparkle a little bit too, this lovely Swan charm would be a good one to pair with the new Pandora pavé clasp bracelet, pictured below. I probably would never invest in the amount of pavé charms needed to make this sparkly bracelet, but I do quite like it!

pandora autumn 2015

My next styling returns to the idea of nature, with a purple leather design featuring the Blue Butterfly Kisses murano as a centre piece, and the newly-retired lapis lazuli Birthday Bloom. I’m actually planning on putting the new Dragonfly Meadow where the Swan is now, but the Swan works just as well!

pandora autumn 2015 majestic swan

The Swan is something of a statement piece, and more than capable of carrying a simple bracelet design – here I’ve simply added the Swan and two Cherry Blossom clips to the retired charcoal leather bracelet. I love the softness of pink enamel combined with a little hint of delicate clear pavé.

pandora autumn 2015 majestic swan

(You can really see what I mean about the lines of the Swan’s head and neck being quite slim and stylised in this next picture, too!)

pandora autumn 2015 majestic swan

Finally, this is how I will be wearing my Swan – on my Pandora Rose bracelet. I already added the Forest Fairy from the Autumn 2015 collection to this design, and both pieces go really nicely with the Spring 2015 florals, and other nature-themed beads. This design is almost finished; it just needs a Pandora Rose Sparkling Butterfly to fill in the last gap. I would love a Pandora Rose safety chain to finish it off as well, so my fingers are crossed that Pandora release one soon! ^^

pandora autumn 2015 majestic swan


I don’t really have anything bad to say about this charm – it is not the most original design or concept, but it is beautifully executed and made writing this review very easy! I liked this piece from the very first stock images, but it takes seeing it in person to really appreciate how pretty the details are, I think. It’s a little pricier, but it will work pretty much as you want it to, whether that is as a centre piece or as part of a larger bracelet design.

The Majestic Swan is $75 USD or £50. If you’re in the UK, you can purchase it alongside the rest of the Pandora Autumn collection from authorised retailer John Greed. 

Have you bought this charm, or is it on your wish list? ^^ How does it compare to the rest of the Autumn collection?

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  1. Hi Ellie,
    No I haven’t bought this charm and haven’t the intention of it. The swan don’t talk to me like the fairy… And I think it’s too bling bling for me. Actually I’m waiting the new abundance of love in white, hurry up october ah ah !
    Always a pleasure to read you ;)

    • Hi Isabelle! I don’t find the Swan too blingy in person, myself – the sparkle on the wings is quite nicely offset by the rest of the silver design for me. But it certainly doesn’t have the simplicity of the lovely Forest Fairy! <3 I'm also hankering for some of the Winter 2015 pieces (particularly the Holly murano and the Dainty Bow safety chain) – so yep, roll on October! ;)
      Thanks Isabelle <3 It's always a pleasure to read your comments too!

  2. Beautiful stylings, Ellie! I especially like it on your Rose bracelet, I think the silver white pave charms are so pretty mixed with the Rose charms. The Sparkling Butterfly is a standout, that was the first Rose charm I bought <3

    The swan can look great on almost any design though, I like it on your grey leather bracelet with just the 2 clips for something simple as well. So far, I wore my swan on my bangle with the Forest Fairy, and then stacked with a white and grey fairy/angel themed bracelet.

    I love the swan charm, this is the right use of pave for me! I think I will wear this charm a lot :-D

    Great review and beautiful photos as always!

    • Thank you Natalie! <3 Yes, I keep seeing the Rose Sparkling Butterfly in the shops and it's absolutely beautiful! It's been on my wish list for ages, but it's so pricey in the UK (£75!) and there has always been something else from the new collections to get. ;) I'm going to put it next to the Swan, with the white Darling Daisy spacer in between I think!

      I agree with you – I think the Swan works really well in almost any way you want to use it. It's definitely pretty enough to carry a very simple styling, but it will also blend it to full bracelet designs really nicely. <3 Your styling sounds lovely – I put the Swan on a bangle for the first picture, and noted how effective and pretty it looked, even on its own! You have a lot of very original bracelet concept, it's always fun to hear about, and of course to see what you've come up with. :D

      Thanks so much for commenting Natalie! :)

  3. I purchased this charm and I love it. I am planning on putting it on my forest charm bracelet along with my forest fairy, the fairy sitting and other woodsy charms and the new olive color murano charms and whatever else I come up with.

    Your rose bracelet is beautiful and I really like it. I really like my rose bracelet now that I have gotten use to it.

    I really enjoyed your post today?

    • That sounds beautiful! Exactly the kind of styling I like. :) I’ve seen a couple of designs that have mixed the olive faceted bead with the Spring 2015 Wildflowers murano (pictured on my Rose bracelet) and has worked really well for forest designs as well. :D

      Thanks, Cheryl! <3 I really love the Rose line. I think it's beautiful, and incredibly versatile. Did you not get on with yours at first, then?

      Thanks for commenting! :D

      • Thanks for your reply. I like that idea of the spring wild flower. I have 2 of them on my daisy bracelet but I may try those on my woodsy bracelet once my new green ones come in.
        As for the rose, I have had my rose bracelet about 6 months. I couldn’t get past the mixture of rose and silver but now I love it. I’m like you, my charms lead an easy life too. I have 18 bracelets ( I’m an addict, what can I say?:D) so I rotate mine according to season and my favorites. As for durability, all mine have the CZs and the rose looks great. I started wearing it a lot. No problems!!

        • Aha, eighteen bracelets is good going! <3 I have 21, including leathers and bangles haha. I have no idea how it even happened, they just seem to accumulate ;) I also rotate mine according to the time of the year and whichever I'm most enthusiastic about at the time. My Rose bracelet has seen a lot of wear this year, as it really clicked for me as soon as I added the white daisies. I'm really pleased with it! <3

  4. Ellie, I was hoping you would decide to add this charm to your collection. And you did!
    I liked the charm the moment I saw the very first promo photos. Though I admit it immediately reminded me of the Swarowski logo but I don’t care. Haven’t bought it yet but I definitely will. I was surprised to realize that I also liked the new pave clasp bracelet! I will be wearing the Majestic Swan on the new bracelet, for sure. Haven’t yet decided what will accompany it. I was also thinking of wearing it on my dark blue leather bracelet. And I am glad to see that you have also styled it in this way.
    Your photos are beautiful, as usual. And I will have a closer look at them, looking for inspiration, as usual.
    Many thanks for the post!

    • The Swan was also one of my initial favourites :D It does remind me a little of the Swarovski logo, but it doesn’t detract from the charm for me either. The pavé clasp bracelet has really grown on me, as well, inevitably! ^^ I didn’t think that I would really like it at all from the first pictures, but it is very pretty and sparkling in person. I haven’t purchased one, as I have more than enough bracelets for now :P, but I have been admiring other people’s pictures of it! I do love that styling that I’ve included in the review by Pandora, which features the pavé bracelet with the Swan as a centrepiece. Really pretty! It would look great on your darker leather, as well.

      Thank you very much Natalie! <3 Really glad you enjoyed the post, and thank you for commenting!

  5. Hi Ellie,
    Thanks for the review. I think the swan looks nice on all the bracelets but I especially like it on the rose gold design. The majestic swan didn’t make it on my wish list but it is pretty and I think the pavé adds to it nicely.
    On a side point I have just joined Facebook (Hazel Mason) to try to join the Pandora’s Angels group. I’m still ‘pending’ though :(

    • Hi Hazel! Thanks, I agree with you – I think the pavé really works well on this one. It helps that it’s complemented by such a solid silver design. Often the pavé charms can be a little lighter or flimsier compared to their plain silver counterparts, so it was really nice to see a charm that offered both pavé detailing and a substantial design. <3
      Oh good! Pandora's Angels can take a little while to get approved, as they have a pretty thorough vetting process, but you can speed it up. They have some instructions on their public page, which include getting in touch with one of the admins:
      I'd try Pandora's Tribe as well – they are also very good. :)

  6. I love this charm it’s beautiful i love all your styling especially with the rose gold bracelet. Will you be doing a review of the star safety chain. Also do you know when the Pudsey charm is out.

    • Thanks Nicola! <3 I was planning on doing a review of the star safety chain, yep, but perhaps a little closer to the launch of the Winter 2015 collection, seeing as its starry design seems quite appropriate for that. :D Pudsey is due out on the 5th of October, do you think you will get one? I think I most probably will – it is for charity after all, haha. ;)

    • I think I will get it to its very cute and for a good cause. I can’t wait for your star safety chain. I have been like you recently dong some impulsive buying I got the Snow White off eBay which was a very good price. I then got the olive murano and the dark blue petit faceted. Then off a Facebook page which I have never brought from I got the dark purple petit faceted and the blue and green eternity space. I got Snow White yesterday but I’m waiting for the rest to arrive.

      • Ooh that’s a great haul! Which Snow White bead did you get, the murano? :) I’d love to get the olive facets myself – I just ordered the blush version and will hopefully be reviewing that one soon. Hope your other beads arrive soon – I’m waiting for my pandora post from Canada as well :D it’s always nice knowing you have pandora on its way, haha.

      • It was Snow White dress I have had Snow White murano for a while. I love the blush murano it scares me that they might not be making any more which makes me want to get it sooner rather than later. I was thinking about getting it at the bracelets promo but I’m also tempted by the cut glass dark green murano and the red murano which was realesed last Xmas for my Christmas bracelet lol.

        • Oh right, they’ll look great together then <3 Yeah I know, it would be a real shame if they do discontinue the olive and blush facets. I don't think you're in danger of them running out soon though as you're in the UK – the Jewel Hut are still listing over 100 of them in stock! ^^ It would be a great bracelet promo pick.
          The red fizzle murano is great! <3 I went with the faceted red murano for my christmas bracelet this year.

  7. This is one that caught my eye in the early preview pictures, so I’m happy to see a review of it. I have a “Midsummer Night’s Dream” theme I’ve put together on an oxidized bracelet with my floral lock charm, 2 fairy charms, 2 evening floral charms, and a black pave heart. I’d like to add the new fairy on her mushroom, the pave swan, and perhaps the new dragonfly. I really like how nicely your swan shows up on the darker bracelet.

    I’m hoping you’ll review your dragonfly also, Ellie. It looks gorgeous in pictures, but I haven’t seen it in person yet.

    • It was one of the charms I liked best from the initial leaks as well, and it does look great on the oxi bracelet; the contrast between the darker chain and clear pavé is always really striking. The Swan would be perfect for your Midsummer bracelet, I think – I should have thought to put it with some of last year’s mystic florals for this review! ^^

      Yes, I’m planning to review the Dragonfly! It just has to get here first from Canada. ^^ I love the little silver flower detail I’ve seen on it in pictures.

  8. Another wonderful review Ellie! This piece is an example of pave done right. My favorite part of the swan is the way they did its wings. Although it’s a nice piece it does not really appeal much to me and so I will not be getting it ( and yes very much resembles that other brand which I happen to not be a fan of). I think it looks good on every single example bracelet you used. I like it most on the bracelet with the rose gold and the flowered murano ( what is that murano called btw!) that bracelet is really nice and the murano and the dangling daisy are my favorite part. Eeek that ugly ducking reared its ugly little head again ;) ;)

    • Completely agree with you – this one definitely goes on my Pandora pavé tick list! :P Thank you, the Rose bracelet is also my favourite and is how I’ll actually be wearing the Swan! :D The murano on it was from Spring 2015 and is called the Wild Flowers murano. It’s really beautiful, although the different examples of it vary a lot and it’s worth picking out the one you like best in person.
      Aha! You’re so cruel to that poor Duckling! ;)

    • It’s gorgeous! It doesn’t actually have any corners or edges that might catch on things, so I think you’d be okay with this one. All the edges are really rounded and smooth. :)
      Have a wonderful week too! <3

  9. Hi Ellie!
    I was really looking forward to seeing your review on the Majestic Swan, as it is one of my favourites in this collection!
    I love its delicacy, its detailed wings and the sense of good taste in the (right) use of pave! Mine has found its position in the centre of my Cinderella bracelet accompanied by the Pumpkin Coach and the Rose of my Heart Pearl hanging charm between them, and looks happy! :-)
    I will agree with all ladies admiring your rose bracelet; the swan is great between daisies! I also adored your Swan Lake styling, with the cute ballerina and white muranos; it made me read the story again, which was amusing this rainy afternoon… We definitely need a prince, now, Pandora designers!!!
    I would really love to see clearly the new starry safety chain, it’s a bit blur on these pictures. Are you going to make a review on it later?
    Thank you for this wonderful post Ellie; I’ ve enjoyed every word! ♥♥♥

    • Hi Chrysa! It’s also one of my favourites from the new collection, and definitely one of the charms on my list of the ‘right use of pavé’ as well! :P I can imagine how beautiful it looks on your bracelet, particularly with the Pumpkin Coach! That pearl bead has been on my wish list for so long, too – it’s lovely, and I must get one myself. ^^
      Thank you! I do love the Pandora Rose collection, particularly with a little white enamel. :D I will admit that I’m most familiar with the story of Swan Lake from the childrens’ film The Swan Princess, which is based on the story of the ballet, but I just loved the idea of a bracelet design inspired by it! :) Haha, yes, the Ballerina definitely needs a prince to go with her! ^^ I did use the new London Guard on my Cinderella bracelet design as a stand-in prince, but it’s not quite the same thing!

      Yes, sorry – I realise that you can’t really see the safety chain at all in the pictures I took! I am planning on reviewing it, but probably a little closer to the launch of the Winter 2015 collection, seeing as the stars fit quite well with the winter season. If I am stuck for content, though, it may well be sooner ;)

      Thanks Chrysa! ♥♥ That’s so lovely to hear!

    • Thanks Lozzie! I always really liked Pandora’s original stylings with the cherry blossom pieces when they first came out and wanted to do something similar:

  10. Hi Ellie!
    I love your review on the Majestic Swan. I am thinking of getting that one myself sometime in the future as well.
    Looking at this review, I’m wondering if you’d be able to provide an updated review on Pandora’s rose gold collection. Or at least a brief one here. I’m thinking of adding a few pieces of the rose gold charms to both my mom’s and my own bracelet but I am not so certain as they are plated. My mom isn’t exactly the most gentle when it comes to bracelets and I wear mine quite often to work where I’m bound to bang or scratch my charms at times. Would I have to be concerned about the rose gold plating and just their shine in general coming off? :<

    • Hi Rina! Thank you, glad to hear that you like the charm as well. It’s a beauty!
      Have you seen my most recent review of the Rose collection? //
      I have a little section on durability on that one :) I have had some of my oldest Rose pieces a year and a half or so now, and the only one to show significant wear and tear is the Big Smooth Heart, which looks quite dull and scratched. The others look great, especially as there is a lot of pavé detailing in them and the finish of the Rose plating is not so prominent itself. None of them look quite as shiny as they did when I first got them, but that is true of any silver charm as well! If you are hard on your charms, though, it might be another story. My charms lead quite an easy life, haha, and I don’t really bang them about too much, so I can’t really advise you on how well they are able to withstand harder knocks on a regular basis. If you go for Rose charms with a lot of pavé or enamel in them (and most of them do), you probably wouldn’t see too much of a different in finish, I imagine.
      Hope that helps! Let me know if you would like any further advice <3

  11. I love this charm. This is my favorite one from the Autumn collection. I only have one bracelet right now so that is where it is. :) Even though it does have a Swarovski feeling, especially since it is sparkly, that makes me like it more. On the same trip that I visited Neue Schwanstein Castle we also went to the Swarovski tourist attraction. The Swarovski place was so over the top and I was with one of my best friends from college and my sister so we had a good time. :) Even though the swan is sparkly, I think it still has an elegant look to it. The different texture on the wings reflects the difference in the feathers on the real bird. I like your swan lake styling! That is a really cute idea.

  12. Thank you for this review and for creating such an informative website! I admit at first the Majestic Swan didn’t catch my eye, but reading your review and seeing it in person changed my mind. It’s really quite elegant and delicate looking.

  13. Hi Ellie!

    I’ve admired this charm since I first saw the stock images, but your review may have convinced me to put it on my wish list! Your photos of its detailing and how you styled it really bring out the beauty and delicateness (is that a word? haha) of the charm. I am making progress on my nature bracelet, which has charms of a nature theme but still have some significance to my life, and I think this might fit in nicely since the bracelet will have a mix of plain silver, two-tone, enamel, and pave charms.

    You should really work for Pandora; you are so good at selling charms that I usually wouldn’t consider :D Thanks for another awesome review!

    • Hi Kristen! Yay, this one is definitely worth a closer look – you don’t really appreciate the delicateness (delicacy? :P) of its details and the page effect until you see it in person! Definitely a great one for your nature bracelet, which sounds intriguing – what else do you have on there? :)
      Aw, thank you so much! :D I love doing the reviews and I can’t tell you how nice it is to hear that you enjoy them. Thanks for your lovely comment Kristen and enjoy the rest of your day! <3

      • No problem! :D The rest of my nature bracelet has the beveled clips, open sky spacers, ladybug, green floral murano, and evening floral right now. I plan to fill the rest of the middle section with the light as a feather and owl charms (the owl with the green eyes). I actually ended up with the purple daisy meadow charm through the promo (bought as an early present for someone only to find out they have it) so I might add that as well because it’s so much prettier than I ever realized and goes really well with the ladybug. I might add a couple of other animals to it as well when I find ones I like :D

        • Sounds absolutely lovely! <3 Just the kind of thing I like, very pretty and natural. :D Which green floral murano? The new wild flowers bead or the classic green flowers for you?
          The purple daisy does go really well with the ladybug! Pandora put them together in one of their preview events, and I always really loved that combination:

  14. Great review! :)
    This is one of the few charms with “bling” that I really like. It looks so elegant. I got it during the promotion but I’m not sure what to do with it yet. :)

    • Thanks, Andrea! :) I completely agree with you – I think Pandora have got it just right with this one. The pave effect isn’t too blingy at all in person – it’s actually quite delicate and elegant instead! <3 it's a very versatile charm so I'm sure it'll look beautiful whatever you decide to do with it!

  15. I love the swan on the charcoal leather bracelet best. I have added it to my wish list and would rank it above forest fairy as it doesn’t flip. Loved that it is cored. Another charm I will have a closer look at is the ballerina. Never thought of getting it until seeing it here! Like Alex V, I don’t get the ugly duckling either. It certainly lives up to its name…

    • Glad to hear that you like this one too! I was so pleasantly surprised to find that it wasn’t an open work, and it’s very pretty in person. I love the charcoal bracelet – it’s really great for showing off delicate pastels or a little sparkle. It’s a shame they retired it :)
      Aha, the Ugly Duckling was my first retired/htf Pandora charm so I have quite a bit of affection for it. ^^ it’s not the prettiest charm in the world, but I think it’s quite cute nevertheless haha. The only thing is that it is terrible for flipping, just like the Fairy!
      Thanks for commenting! <3

    • I absolutely love the wintry ballet design. Beautiful! I love the ballerina, too, even though I really have no reason to get it, as I’m not a dancer at all. I did take ballet lessons until I was about 6 though, so maybe I have an excuse to get it! ;)

      • Thank you so much Joanne! <3 I'm really glad you like it. I had no personal reason to get the Ballerina either (my ballet lessons also stopped around the age of six :P), it's just a really pretty charm :D I think that's a good enough reason haha.

  16. OMG, I just fell in love with your Swan Lake bracelet! The Swan Lake is my favorite ballet – I’m not a dancer or anything but I love the music and think it’s a beautiful story. I was thinking it’d be cool to get both a white and a black murano to represent the white and the black swan – not sure how it’s gonna look but I like it in theory. Sadly the oxidized silver bracelet is not for sale here in Brazil, but I’ll see if I can get it somehow – I loved the contrast between the white and silver pieces and the darker chain!

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