Today sees the surprise start of the Autumn 2015 3-for-2 ring promotion for North America! It was originally scheduled for the 1st of October, but for some reason it has been pushed forward to start today. I’m not sure whether it will still be continuing through October (the poster below states that the promo will finish on the 30th of this month), however.

pandora 3 for 2 rings 2015

*UPDATED* The promotion will run until the 25th of October:


The promotion rules are very simple: buy two Pandora rings in a single transaction and get a third of equal or lesser value for free. The promo is not available online, but most of the major retailers will accept phone orders. Pandora retailers are not allowed to ship outside their region, so international readers will have to find a friend in the US or Canada to help them.

I did the UK’s ring promo back in July and picked out these lovely stacking pieces:

pandora 3 for 2 rings haul

My next ring purchases won’t be until the Winter 2015 collection’s launch (I love the two new bow rings coming out!) so I’ll give this promo a miss, but it is a great opportunity to stock up on the new rings out for Autumn or to kickstart your Pandora ring collection.

Are you planning on taking part?

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  1. Hi Ellie!
    How wonderful for US friends, there are several promos so often! Yesterday Rue La La sales and today this one! Lucky ladies!
    I love your rings! A mix of love and spring, so lovely!
    Next week I’m getting my first Pandora ring, the “Hearts of Pandora” silver one, and I’m really excited! :-)
    I hope I won’t get addicted to rings too, as I’ve become with charms! :-)
    Thank you for keeping us always well informed! ♥♥♥

    • Hi Chrysa! Aha, I know. Pandora NA are fab when it comes to making buying Pandora feel special. They always lay on special gift sets and boxes for the big occasions, and they do loads of promos throughout the year as well. <3
      Thanks Chrysa, I only have a small Pandora ring collection but I'm definitely planning on expanding it ;) The rings can definitely be a little addictive, too, haha. The hearts of Pandora is a great one to start with!
      Thanks for commenting Chrysa! <3

  2. I was really surprised by this promo. We just had the ring promo in June! I took advantage of it then and I’m tempted to take advantage again! So many of the new Fall rings are growing on me. Especially the majestic feathers! I will have to do some serious thinking for this one. My bank account already took a hit after last week’s bead promo, lol!

    • I know, it’s come around again quickly, and so soon after the charm promo too! Even the original date of October was quite soon after. The Autumn rings are lovely, but I’m being good and waiting for the new Winter ones I want! :D

      • Yeah I already bought a few of the Fall rings. I bought the crystalized floral fancy ring after seeing how gorgeous it was in person. I get compliments on it every time I wear it. My friend actually asked me if it used to be my grandmother’s ring!! I also got the sweet petite luminous leaves ring I wear as a pinky ring. Too bad the promo wasn’t in November so we could take advantage and get some of the new Winter rings coming out!! Which Winter ones do you like? I think the radiant embellishment sky blue crystal ring looks very pretty and would look lovely with my sky blue Cinderella themed moments bracelet!!

        • Oh yes, I saw the Crystalised Floral Fancy in person the other day and it is beautiful! I also really have a weakness for all Pandora pearl rings, so the Petite Luminous Leaves is another one I really liked.
          Eugh I know, Pandora are mean sometimes with their promo scheduling! ^^ There’s a Children in Need limited edition charm coming out on the 5th of October here in the UK, and I was planning on getting it – however, our bracelet promo finishes on the 4th. Just plain awkward! ;)
          I love the two new bow rings the most from Winter 2015 – the two-tone bow, and the one with the pearl. I’d love to wear them stacked together. I also really like the blue crystal rings – in all the promo pics, the frozen quality of the colour just looks so beautiful. And you’re right, they would look great with your Cinderella bracelet!

  3. Oh! I am not a ring person, wallet need a break. My friend got one of my Pandora free charm transaction because she missed the promotion. I gave her my charm in order her to exchange what she like. I use that money to buy Thomas Sabo Amethyst, Heliotrope, Dumortierite, Hematin all faceted cut to get the free oxidized bracelet plus roll up travel pouch. Very beautiful! That day I just went into a small jewelry shop with very few dusty stone bead which is not impressed me. This morning, I met my friend for coffee and see this new grand opening concept store, I like it more than Essence.

    • Ooh so you did go for the Sabo in the end then? Sounds like a great haul and a very nice intro to the brand :) I do like that the Karma range has such a variety of different styles in it, the new animal beads are particularly cute I think!

  4. Pandora charm promotion was good here in Toronto. I usually see less customer for ring promotion, shop is empty. You know what? Thomas Sabo, Trollbead… all have promotion now. Pandora has to do something to keep customer. We are spoiled here with so many brands and promotion, GWP …

    • I’m not surprised that the ring promo has seen a slightly slow start tbh. I should think most people probably feel quite shopped out after the charm promo, and the last ring offer was only back in June! You do get a lot of very nice promos in North America haha. We’re still waiting on our first bracelet promo for the year here in the UK!

  5. I received an e-mail from authorized retailer Reeds Jewelers that says the promo runs until October 25. This is disappointing because the Winter collection may not be out yet, and there are about three rings I want from that collection.

    • Lol I know! I end up taking part in most of the good overseas promos anyway, so I still end up spending my Pandora money :P At least we are getting our free bracelet promo at the beginning of October though!

  6. North America seem to be having lots of promos this year, whereas here in the UK they have cut ours down. I’m looking forward to taking part in the bracelet promo next weekend, I’ve worked out what charms I want to get my free bracelets.
    I took part in the ring promo in the UK. I do like this promotion. I have bought since the promo, two rings from the autumn collection and have seen one from the winter I like. My ring collection has grown loads this year. I do love pandora rings.
    I’m going to my local pandora store tomorrow for there launch event. I’m going to buy the new bracelet with the crystal clasp. I wonder what free gift I’ll get from the tower.
    What rings have you got on your list, that you’d like to get eventually?

    • Yes, I know – they seem to have something on the go most months! I think Pandora sells so well here in the UK that they have stopped trying so hard with the promos. :/ Which charms have you picked out though? :)

      Oh, have fun! I’d love to go to one of the tower events, I’ve never been to one before. They’re opening a new store in the new Birmingham New Street shopping centre and there’s a tower event for that tomorrow, as well. I’d have loved to have made it up for that but unfortunately I am working. :( I hope your free prize is something exciting!

      I have really come to love Pandora rings as well – they definitely have the potential to be addictive, too. ;) I have a couple of two-tone rings that I would really like to get eventually – there’s a two-tone heart ring, and then that lovely silver rose ring that has another tiny gold band with a heart round it too. I would also like the Asian exclusive pavé butterfly ring at some point:
      And then just the two new bow rings from Winter 2015, as well ;)
      Which do you have your eye on?

      • This butterfly ring is also high on my list, for some reason I am not sure why I didn’t get this one yet. I have the ear studs, though. Very cute! I actually want to get this ring to compliment my floral bracelet. I am having 2 ladybugs muranos ‘flying’ my way to stay with the flowers too. x

      • I’ve got my bracelet with the crystal clasp and love it. I’ve put my charms on. In the tower event I got a free moment bracelet, so I was happy. I do like this event and it was really busy. I will be keeping an eye out for these events at my local stores next year. It makes up a bit, for us not having all the promo events. You should definitely go to one of you can.
        I have put charms on both my new bracelets and the charms I’m buying in the promo next week, will go on these two bracelets. I going to get two free bracelets in the promo and save them for the charms from next year to go on.
        In the bracelet promo event, I’ve changed my mind slightly from what I originally was going to get. I’m wanting to get two of the pink rose clips, two of the pink primrose meadow flower charms and two of the new lace clips from the autumn collection.
        I like the radiant embellishment ring from the winter collection and the abundance of love charm as well. I’m sure I will want more from the collection, once I’ve seen it, as that has happened with the autumn collection.
        Yeah there are some nice two tone rings. I’m addicted already to the rings, as well as the charms. My collection has grown so much.

        • Oh yay! That’s so exciting! What types of charms have you put on there? I think they often put the bracelets in the tower boxes, it’s like an extra free bracelet promo but with a little extra possibility of something else as well. ^^ My aim is definitely to go to one but they seem to always be on a Saturday, and I’m always working. Hopefully soon!
          Lovely pics for the promo! I particularly love the rose clips, and the two lace clips from Autumn are top of my wish list as well. They are lovely for the winter season, too – they do look like icicles, or cobwebs. :)
          Yeah, so many pieces are that much more beautiful in person. :) The Autumn collection has really done a number on me – I never intended to get the blush pieces and yet I’ve ended up with both the radiant hearts and the faceted charm haha.

      • On one of my bracelets are two of the dragonfly meadow charms and then I’m going to add the lace clips and pink primrose meadow charms. On my crystal clasp bracelet I have got eeyore in the middle, then on either side the rose charms, then crystal round charms and then I’m going to buy the rose clips.
        Yeah the tower events are only on a Saturday.

  7. Love pandoras rings but disappointingly they only come up to a size 9 and i wear an 11! Wishing they would soon see that not everybody is tiny. I love the essence bracelet too but discovered that also does not come in the larger size unlike their standard bracelet but i can take a necklace and wrap it around twice which looks very nice.

    • Oh no, that’s a real shame that you can’t find your size. :( I’ve heard from a few ladies who say the same so hopefully they will increase their range of sizes at some point in the future. That’s a great solution with the Essence necklace, though, I do like that idea!

    • I have trouble finding my size as well! I wear a size three or a size four for rings and they only go down to a five!!! I have to wear giant rings now. :( I have the smallest size for bracelets but thy are just too big for me. :( oh well. :(

  8. Hi Ellie,
    any news on the bracelet promo in UK? Is still planned on the first days of October? I have a long wishlist from fall collection so far!!!!! :)

  9. North America Winter promotion 29th Oct, 2 beautiful gift sets. Glistening Wonder bracelet U.S. $195 with paved barrel bracelet, 2 lace clips and Radiant Bloom. Delicate Sentiments earrings and necklace sets for $150. X’mas promotion 27th -30th Nov with spend $125 get the LE Dainty Bow bangle free. 1st Dec spend $125 get the ornament free. What a long list? I am glad that I did’t spend much for the Sept promotion, I am waiting for either the paved barrel bracelet set or the LE Dainty Bow bangle. I have to see it in person to make the final decision.

    • Thanks for that, there are some great promos coming up for the US & Canada! You guys do get treated, haha. I love all the special boxes that Pandora NA lay on with their gift sets, as well. <3

    • I’m sooo excited about these promos, I will definitely do the free Dainty Bow Bangle (I can get some of the charms I wanted that I didn’t get last promo, like Everlasting Grace and Red Robin) and I’m even contemplating the Pave bracelet set, and I never buy the sets! For once though I actually like everything they’re offering in the set so maybe I will go for it!

  10. Hi Ellie! I’m from Germany and I will visit London in the end of october. Could you tell me if there is any promotion in the UK from 27th to 30th october? :)
    btw your hompage is amazing !

    • Hi Kathi! How lovely, I hope you have a nice time in London :D I’m not aware of any promos running at that time in the UK – we have very few here, even coming up to holiday season. If I do hear of any, however, I’ll post it on my promotions list. :)
      And thank you! <3 xxx

  11. Quick sizing question about Pandora rings, and it is for anybody who knows. I have read in places that Pandora rings run big? Is this true or are people overreacting/don’t know their size? The finger I am stacking is strictly a 4.5 (so hard to find this size at Pandora retailers btw).

    Anyways, I found the Sparkling Leaves ring in 4.5 online (for an amazing $20 including shipping!) But now I am not sure it will fit :/

    • I’m not 100% on how Pandora rings compare to other brands’ in terms of sizing, but I have found that the statement rings, like the Sparkling Rings, run smaller than the stacking rings. The stacking rings seem to sit looser than my thicker bands. Maybe someone else can advise you better! :)

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