*UPDATED OCTOBER 2015 to reflect new information as to charms’ release date* Today’s post offers another Pandora preview, with a more detailed look at the upcoming limited edition Pandora Disney beads for Winter 2015! We already saw a sneak peek of these charms back in my Pandora Disney Autumn/Winter 2015 preview, but this post has some clearer pictures of them and details on pricing, too. :)

pandora disney black friday 2015 minnie mickey

The charms feature two pavé Mickey & Minnie Mouse designs and would go best with all the other cute Mickey & Minnie pieces that Pandora have previously released, I think! From what I understand, they will be released for Black Friday in North America, which this year falls on the 27th of November. Updated information now confirms that these beads will be released on the 29th of October with the regular Winter 2015 collection – apologies for any confusion! :)

Pandora Disney LE Charms for Winter 2015: Mickey & Minnie

These two charms are limited edition, and will retail for $90 USD each (I expect that this puts the Canadian RRP at $100). As pictured in the campaign image above, they will be sold with a white leatherette gift box.

pandora disney black friday 2015 minnie mickey pavé charms

They feature black, clear and red pavé detailing – although their eyes also puzzle me slightly. I assume that they are crafted from enamel. :S

My Comment

While the idea of an exclusive Pandora Disney release is exciting, these particular designs are not to my taste. I much prefer the existing plain silver portrait charms of Mickey & Minnie, and I’m not sure how well these pavé versions would blend into a bracelet design that wasn’t based entirely around Disney. Happily enough, I love this year’s traditional Black Friday charm, which features a pavé snow globe design, so it’s not too disappointing that these won’t be on my wish list!

What do you think about these two designs? Will they be going on your wish list?

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    • Hi Sabrina I was wandering if it would be possible to purchase a Micky and Minnie limited edition? The only problem is I live in the uk but I’m more than happy to pay the fees , just let me know as these would be a lovely birthday surprise for my partners birthday x

      • Hi Richard, have you taken a look at the official Disney Store for the US? They have the limited edition charms there. It’s a little pricey doing it that way but if you don’t mind paying the extra, it’s an official and reliable way of getting them. Otherwise you could check in with some Disney Pandora personal shoppers to help you.

    • If you’re after North American exclusives, I think your best bet would be to join one of the Pandora Facebook selling pages – try Pandora’s Angels or Pandora’s Tribe. I’ve had so much help through those pages, and the ladies there are so lovely and efficient at getting out these exclusive beads! Otherwise, you could try signing up with a US mail forwarding service? :)

  1. Hi Ellie,
    Oh ! I really don’t like those ! I am not already large a fan of Mickey and Minnie, so I pass my turn. BUT like you I love the snow globe for the black friday and the other one, I definitively I will seek to have both ah ah ! Always a pleasure ;)

    • HI Isabelle! I don’t like these at all either, haha. The more abstract Mickey & Minnie pieces appeal to me a lot more – I have the Minnie Cupcake, for example, which is really cute! Aha, I do like your plan to get both snow globes! That sounds ideal! ^^
      Thanks for commenting Isabelle <3

  2. Hi ellie im not to sure about these they look better in these pictures. About the snow globe is one of them going to be out with the winter collection and the other black Friday. Will one of them be coming to the UK.

    • Hi Nicola! I do think they look a little prettier in these pictures than in that first shot, but they are still not to my taste unfortunately!
      The snow globes are still something of a Pandora mystery, I’m afraid. I have no real concrete info on which will be coming out where, and when. Sorry! :( I will let you know when I find out. I’m keeping an eye out for any crumbs of information ;)

      • That’s a shame I don’t really care for the ornaments I wish we had the promo like they do in the USA. Is the reason why in the UK it’s so popular that’s why we don’t have many promos.

        • Yes, I suspect that Pandora is popular enough in the UK that they don’t feel the need to run promotions as often as they might do in other regions. :( It does do very well here. I see people wearing it all the time!

  3. I agree with you, not a big pave fan. Nice to look at but not purchase. Any date of when the Disney Autumn/Winter park exclusives will be released? I assume since I haven’t seen it here yet, perhaps no one knows yet! ;) TIA!

  4. Hi Ellie!
    Oh, is it my impression or do they look scary? That’s definitely Morbillivirus, though those poor mice look worse than me, at the age of 8 when I had measles! :-)) I only liked their gift box!
    On the other hand, this year’s traditional Black Friday charm is absolutely gorgeous, especially the enamel version! Hopefully it will be released in Europe! I’m sure you’ll let us know as ever!
    Thank you in advance! ♥♥♥

    • Hi Chrysa! Aha, I do find them a little scary as well! :P I really don’t like the pavé effect for their skin and can only imagine that it looks better in person. The white gift box is the one traditionally offered with the North American Black Friday charms (I have two, one from 2013 and one from 2014), so it’s not specific to these beads!
      Yes, hopefully we will find out more soon about the snow globes! I have to have the opalescent version. It looks so pretty from the stock image <3
      Thanks for commenting Chrysa!

  5. Hello, could you tell me if it is possible to order new disneys charms of Belgium? If so how do I do? thank you and good evening.

  6. Lol @ a bad case of acne… =P I agree with you Ellie, the eyes are a bit strange considering the whole charm is pave haha… it looks oddly scary! Like everyone else I’m waiting for the snow globes =DD

    • Haha, yeah, it just looks like they’ve been drawn in. It’s clever but also a bit strange! ^^ But yes, the Snow Globes are gorgeous! I have a space saved for a white one on my Christmas bracelet :)

  7. I would have to see them in person. $90 each is steep. I have the minnie in all silver and love it. It’s huge.

    • Yes, all the Disney charms are priced higher because of the licensing costs involved as well. $90 is a lot! I do think that it’s possible that the pavé effect looks much better in person.

  8. Hi Ellie,
    I just noticed that they released the Chef Mickey charm on the Disney Store Website. It is for the Food and Wine festival at Epcot. I think it is the only charm they released though.

    • Hi Stephanie, I saw that too! None of the others apart from the Sleeping Beauty castle are out early. The Chef Mickey looks adorable from the photos I’ve seen. I hadn’t really paid it much attention before, but it really is cute!

  9. Hi!
    Thanks for the blog — I really enjoy it! I’m rather new to the Pandora world, so am still learning how they do things. Will these Black Friday charms only be available for a short duration around the end of November, or do they become a part of the continually offered collection?

    • Hi Juliane, I did see on FB a poster that advertised a release date for these charms in October. However I had been told by a couple of sources that these were scheduled for release on Black Friday so I will have to double-check this :)

      • My concept store in the US said black Friday release. But others have said end of October in the Pandora’s Angels group.

        • I’ve seen a poster that says the 29th of October on the Angels page, so I would assume that that is the date. But not so long ago all the sources I had were telling me Black Friday as well, though, so it seems possible that perhaps they have moved the date forward?

  10. just purchased the set at my pandora store in the mall on Sunday the 25th of October along with the jasmine dress so the are available already

  11. Hi Mora,

    May I ask how long usually a Pandora’s limited edition items will be sold for? Because I would like to purchase this Mickey charm however I wish to wait for the Valentine’s promotion to get the love shape box as gift!

    • Hi Belgi, they are usually sold whilst stocks last. How fast they sell out depends on how popular the charm is. Some of the LE Black Friday beads are still hanging around in North American stores until the year after! I have seen quite a few of the Minnie & Mickey charms advertised still, so I suspect (although ofc I don’t know for sure) that you would be okay to wait for the Valentine’s promotion.

  12. Hi Mora, hope you are well ? do you by any chance know how many of these gorgeous limited mickey charms were released all ober the world? :)

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