Today brings yet another post from me with some live shots from the Pandora Spring, Mother’s Day and Pandora Summer 2016 collections! Lots of exciting information is emerging online at the moment, and our clearest photos yet of the upcoming collections have just leaked from previews in Romania & Malaysia. There are some beautiful charms coming out and, as usual, the more I see the more excited I am getting to see it all in person!

pandora spring 2016
Image by pinkwishblog

The Pandora Spring 2016 collection is due out on the 17th of March – check back through the Spring 2016 tag for previous sneak peek and live shots! The Pandora Summer 2016 collection is due out on the 2nd of June.

I’ve divided up the live shots into their respective collections, so that you can get an idea what to expect, and when! I’ve also provided my usual detailed commentary on the new pieces on show. ^^ The majority of these photos are posted with the kind permission of – so please do not reproduce them without credit. :)

Pandora Summer 2016 Live Shots

Firstly, let’s start with some brand new live shots from the Pandora Summer 2016 collection! To start with, we have a beautiful light blue leather bracelet – which looks to be a double-wrap style and to have the circular Pandora clasp. Featured on the bracelet is a teal green version of the new Shimmering Droplets charm and a full-bodied enamel Parrot dangle!

Pandora Summer 2016 preview
Image by

Next up, we have two lovely shots of some red designs, also for Summer 2016. Included here are sparkling red faceted muranos, a red pavé strawberry, an openwork Cherries charm (which reminds me a lot of the existing Family Tree charm) and a red enamel flower pendant.

Pandora Summer 2016 preview
Image by

(Also – this is the new threadless bracelet!)

Pandora Summer 2016 preview
Image by Urban Diva

We can also make out from this other shot that the other red enamel dangle is, in fact, a Sailing Boat.

pandora summer 2016 collection sneak peek
Image by adinanecula

Finally, from the same preview, we have this live shot of some individual Pandora Summer 2016 charms (click to enlarge it)! There appears to be what’s either a sitting elephant or a rhino, a watermelon slice and another unidentified silver charm. :D

pandora summer 2016
Image by petocuri_ro

*UPDATED* We now have a closer shot of the Watermelon charm, also courtesy of! :D

Image by

These following live shots also reveal a brand new double-wrap red leather bracelet! :D

Pandora Spring & Mother’s Day 2016 Live Shots

Next, let’s move on to some more Pandora Spring and Mother’s Day 2016 live shots – with lots of unseen pieces! Firstly, this photo gives us a lovely clear shot of the new Pandora Essence bangle! Slim and lightweight, its clasp should be a lot more secure than the regular Essence bracelet – even if it opened, it wouldn’t fall off your wrist. :D

pandora essence spring 2016 bangle
Image by

Next, we have a closer look at the new pink & purple Spring 2016 muranos. As some people theorised, the glass is threaded with a beautiful shimmer. These are a must-have for me!

pandora spring 2016 preview
Image by

The new Forget-Me-Not pieces are pictured in these shots, as well:

pandora spring 2016 preview
Image by
pandora spring 2016 preview
Image by

Also, just in case you didn’t see this one from the Malaysian Spring 2016 preview – this lovely image offers a live shot of the new floral murano:

pandora spring 2016 floral murano
Image by L’Officiel

The gold Radiant Hearts charm and silicone-lined gold Shining Elegance spacer from Spring 2016 are pictured here – the gold Sparkling Love Knot is a Pandora Mother’s Day 2016 release.

pandora spring 2016 preview
Image by

For fans of the upcoming Poetic Blooms collection, you can get some great bracelet inspiration from these images:

pandora spring 2016 poetic blooms
Image by aleka_sarah
Image by
Image by
Image by
Image by
pandora spring 2016 preview
Image by

I absolutely love this styling, too, which puts the new peachy Dahlia charms with some 14kt gold for a very opulent look!

pandora spring 2016 preview
Image by

Finally, we get another look at the new Vintage letters charms, which are separated off nicely with some spacers in this image:

 pandora spring 2016 preview
Image by

Now for the Pandora Mother’s Day 2016 pieces! :) Here we have a really clear shot of lots of the new pink/floral/feminine charms coming out for Mother’s Day, and I think it’s a really exciting line-up, especially when compared with previous years. I’m particularly thrilled with the new safety chain and the pearlescent heart <3

pandora mother's day 2016
Image by

Next, we have another shot at the new Mother’s Day 2016 CZ barrel clips, a new heart pendant, a CZ charm reading ‘FAMILY FOREVER‘, a sparkling woven heart charm, a heart lock dangle and another Spring 2016 release – a butterfly pendant charm, half in enamel and half in pavé. :)

pandora mother's day 2016
Image by

Finally, we get a lovely shot at a new Mother’s Day 2016 heart ring – on the left!

pandora mother's day 2016
Image by

My Comment

So much news floating around! I’m exhausted ;) Joking aside, I’m excited to see what comes out next, and I’ll keep you posted over the next few days as and when new info emerges. I’m not sure the bright summer reds will be for me (although the red sparkly murano is beautiful!), but I love the look of that baby blue leather bracelet :D I’m not entirely sure what that silver animal is from Summer 2016, but it’s plain silver and it looks cute, and I’m pretty sure that it will be mine. :P

What do you think of these latest sneak peeks? Is anything from Summer 2016 piquing your interest?

178 Comments on Pandora Spring & Pandora Summer 2016 Live Shots

  1. The open works cheery and the strawberry! I love red! And green and Purpl and blue. Oh dear! I love them all but those first two from the summer collection are def my must haves this year.

    • Yay! There’s certainly a lot of red coming up for summer. I only really have red on my CNY-themed bracelet, but the red sailing boat might look nice with them :D

  2. Hi Ellie

    And I thought I was just browsing your Disney preview this morning! Super efficient as usual. <3

    After being disappointed with Autumn/Winter release last year, I am now a happy girl! I can see myself bagging some pink & purple muranos (so sparkly – I hope they will match the Disney Aurora and Rapunzel — I'm going to grab them too!), a floral murano, even a sailing boat. For some reason the boat reminds me of Hong Kong, and yes the boat is going to represent my trip there a few years ago.

    I might be trying (time and again) to love the leather bracelet. I had a couple of them, but ended up not wearing them at all. I am ok with single leather, but double makes me wonder. Since the colour is really sweet and lovely, I am willing to try again!

    Thanks again for keeping us all updated.

    Kelly xx

    • Hi Kelly! Aha, thank you. The previews for Spring & Summer always seem to come out in bits and pieces, which means lots of posts! ^^

      I have lots I’m really excited to see too! The new bracelet, silicone-spacers, the three spring muranos, the disney muranos, maximus… the new safety chains from Mother’s Day, and the pearlescent heart… there’s a lot to love! As Martha said below, the boat looks a lot like a Hong Kong junk boat – if so, it’s great to see Pandora branching out and going for some more original designs. I’m still in love with the Arabian Coffee Pot from last year. It would be great if they could do more like that!

      I never used to like the leathers that much, but I now wear mine all the time! I like to stack them plain with my silvers or to create little mini designs in colours that I couldn’t fill a bracelet with. They’re nice and casual and easy to wear. I hope you have a better time with them this time! ;)

      Thanks for commenting Kelly! xx

  3. wow tons to discuss in the above post, where do we begin? ok although I love the fact that Pandora went to the left and did something totally crazy with the red collection I don’t think I will be getting those pieces either (although the strawberry is my fave from that bracelet…at first when you said “pave strawberry” I was like no no ellie my dear those are the apples then low and behold I spotted it and find it rather cute) I too agree that I like love the round clasp leathers and think I will end up with one or two colors by the years end. I am liking those classy looking letters more and more and perhaps may end up with one but would need to see it in person. OMG classic silver animals are back, that’s a highlight for me I think it looks more like a rhino than a elephant (but then again it could be neither). I actually dislike the watermelon as it looks long and huge (sorry watermelon fans). The green dangle bird is gorgeous (are we sure its a parrot??)
    I love both the heart that says MOM on it and the dangle 2 hearts that say beloved mother, those are a hit for me. the new looking dangle butterfly is very lovely (although I am normally not a butterfly girl) basically I love the silvers and most dangles but will stay away from anything flower related this time around, all in all I am very happy with the 3 new collections and as so excited to begin my shopping spree in March. Quick question, for some reason I thnk I confused the new threadless bracelet with an essence bracelet (not sure how I managed that) so to make sure I am not confused will there be a moments bracelet released this year that has the same ting ball type bracelet design that the essence silver bracelets have?? sorry if that was confusing :/ bravo to a great collection this year Pandora!

    • Lol I know! So many new interesting pieces :D I love that Pandora decided to do red as well, even if I doubt I’ll be getting any myself. They’re lovely to look at in any case!
      Yes I thought you’d be excited for the silver animals!! What are your two cents on the unidentified silver animal? I’m leaning towards deer or some kind of animal like that. It looks really cute when you zoom up close! Lol I love your reference to ‘watermelon fans’. Do you think there are any out there? ;)
      I like the butterfly as well, although it’s very similar to previous collections.. especially last year’s Petite Butterfly pieces. Overall I have enough I love without any of the new floral/butterfly pieces from Spring. The muranos, new bracelet and spacers are exciting enough – and there’s the new Club charm as well!
      It’s very easy to confuse the new Moments bracelet with the Essence bracelet – as it is essentially the Essence bracelet, but just scaled up haha. The new Moments bracelet is this – it has no threads or clip stations, and it has the spherical clasp:
      pandora spring 2016 sneak peeks

  4. love that new tinkerbell charm is coming out FINALLY. no star wars though im kind of disappointed was waiting to see if disney did darth vader or tai fighter charms.

    too many to love

      • Star Wars is now owned by Disney, so do Pandora not have the rights to do Star Wars charms based on their contract with them? It’s interesting because Chamilia have the Disney contract over here in the UK and Europe and they have released a Star Wars range :)

        • I would love to get Star Wars charms, but I ‘ll wait until Pandora makes them, I just can’t stand the Kay ones!!

        • I don’t think I’ve seen the Kay charms, I will have to have a look!
          The latest range of Chamilia ones look pretty great! They’re on :)

    • Glad to hear you’re enthused :D I’d like to see some fun Star Wars charms too. Chamilia did a collection but it was mainly based around logos and not characters!

  5. I too am not crazy about the double leather bracelets does anyone know if a jeweler can shorten it to be a single I just don’t think the double looks good on my wrist but I love pale blue :-)

    • Good question! I asked Pandora a while ago if they would be able to shorten a leather bracelet for me as I’d only been able to get a large in the sale. The store said yes, but in the end I left it and just wore it a bit looser. So if they can do that, I imagine it might be possible for them to shorten a double to a single..?

      • You could always try tying knots on the double too to make it into a single, just do it on the back so it doesn’t show as much! I’ve done this on leather necklaces (not Pandora) to make them shorter. 1 knot actually shortens it quite a bit.

  6. I think there is way too much pave and bling on the charms now. They would be more prettier if they were plain silver. The red sparkly murano and the essence bracelet are nice though.

    The animal looks like a rhino to me because i have the ‘newer elephant’ so I don’t think they would release another plain silver elephant that ‘quickly’ after ?? Could be wrong. The watermelon is the strangest concept for a charm I have ever seen – why would you hang a slice of watermelon hanging off your wrist?! Each to their own :) I am still waiting for that all silver sewing machine and typewriter charm.

    • I think the watermelon is a similiar theme to the ice-cream dangle – I associate both with summer :)

      My wild guess on the third silver charm is a frog. It seems to have googly eyes.

      • I really can’t make out that last silver charm at all! I’ve zoomed in very close and don’t even have any sensible guesses haha.

    • I agree for the most part – I’d like to see more plain silvers too (a typewriter would absolutely make my day!). Which is why it’s exciting to see those two plain silver summer charms amongst all the colour and glitter! The animal does look more like a rhino to me too on another look. Which is cute!
      Aha, the watermelon maybe isn’t for me but I do kind of like it – I can imagine it going well with a fun summer leather bracelet or some kind of tropical paradise theme. It’s kind of refreshing and summery!

      • Hi, I’m very very new to this and only found it by accident, but I’m soooo very glad I did. My head is now in overload.
        I am getting a Pandora bracelet, from my hubby, in about 3 weeks, for my 60th birthday, and can’t wait!
        Trying to decide on the bracelet, charm, clips has been fun but also stressful as there are so many to choose from. Like you, I would love to see a typewriter, that would also make my day.

        • HAPPY BIRTHDAY Anne!

          Just had to comment after reading your post. I received my first
          Pandora as a birthday gift from my husband. It was a total surprise.
          In fact, I really didn’t even know what Pandora jewelry was.

          When I asked my husband how he knew about Pandora, he said he
          would always hear men at work talk about buying it for their wives
          and thought I might like it too.

          I was drawn to your post most of all when I read you were getting
          Pandora for your 60th birthday. Even though I have a couple of years on you, I was glad to find out Pandora is not just for the younger girls.

          Selecting your bracelets and charms can be a little overwhelming in
          the beginning (or it was for me). That is one reason I was so happy to stumble across Ellie’s blog. Now I’m much more informed and
          pretty much know what I want when I visit the store.

          During events our store is so packed with customers it’s not unusual to have to wait in line for an hour just to get your turn at the counter.

          Hope you enjoy your Pandora!


  7. Hi Ellie,
    I am not gone down again yet of my cloud, that you post another one !
    I don’t change my mind, I will even say that I am comforted in my choices, I will probably make a romantic bracelet a little with the manner of the English porcelains, a little old fashion, do you see what I mean ?
    The color red is not for me, ouf ! But the green charm with starfishes hmmm…
    With all that it will be necessary to buy a little patience aha
    Nice day Ellie

    • Hi Isabelle! Aha, the pictures just keep coming. Hopefully fuller previews soon too :) The summer reds are really lovely and vibrant, but probably not for me. I like the look of the pale blue leather though!
      A romantic old-fashioned bracelet sounds delightful! I love the sound of that. What are you thinking for it?
      I’m going to have to be patient as well! I think there’s a lot from Mother’s Day as well as Spring that I’d like this year :D Have a nice evening too Isabelle!

      • Hi Ellie,
        For answer at your question : I think that on the new bracelet (so no clip) I will take 4 or 5 flower murano, 2 but probably 3 of the charm with the flower in mother of pearl (my best) and 2 with the heart in mother of pearl, in addition some pink and white enamel charm.
        And in the middle the silver flower charm for a master piece. I have saw a fairy charm : I need two or sure !
        The new charm club is gorgeous, I think that it will be nice with…
        I should wait ( too hard ) to see in real but it’s the first time that I could make an entire bracelet with one collection.
        So I really hope that they will be not so expensive : I gave me about 700 euros to make it, hope that will be enough !!!
        And I am waiting the delivery for the pendant dragonfly that I will with some geometric facets surrounding the new flower murano.
        I hope that you will understand, I know that I make some mistakes with my poor english !
        Nice day ! J-45 aha

        • Hi Isabelle! Sounds beautiful, especially with all those floral muranos and the mother of pearl. Just the kind of thing that I like! <3
          I like that you have actually budgeted for your bracelet! I prefer not to think about cost and to surreptitiously add charms as I go. Bracelets get finished before I've even realised what's happened ;)
          Oooh the pendant dragonfly? That one is a beauty!! Hope it arrives soon, that is one of Pandora's finest I think.
          Your English is great! You never need to apologise for it. Your comments are always so interesting and detailed.
          Have a nice day too Isabelle!

  8. This is the first time I’m commenting! –I literally jumped out of my chair when I saw the parrot (I was just telling my husband they needed one) and the sailboat. I’m always a huge fan of the summer charms, also I’m a sailor so anything nautical/tropical has my attention! I cannot wait to see more! The spring flowers look to me just look like an extension of last years spring release so I can’t say I’m over the moon about any of them. However I did love the bride and groom charm, having just gotten married in August I think they would make the perfect start to a “family” themed bracelet :)

    Im just going to throw it out there and say the watermelon charm is a cutie, I would have to see it paired with some stuff before dedicating my small allowance to it but I think it’s fun!

    Exciting times! Thanks for the great sneak peak!

    • Hi Mallory – thanks for jumping in, it was nice to hear your thoughts! Pandora’s summer collections are always so refreshingly tropical and it’s fab to see some more animals. The parrot is cute and such a great use of that teal enamel! I’d love to know that those other silver animals are too.
      I agree that the spring collection is not very original, to put it mildly. :P But I love the muranos from that selection and the whole new bracelet concept! On the other hand, Summer 2016 looks like it has some really unique pieces, as you say, so I’m excited to see more of that!

      I think the Watermelon is fun too! I can’t see myself indulging in it but I do like it when Pandora does something a little bit different ^^

      Thanks for commenting – and congratulations on getting married last year, too! ^^

  9. Love the look of the pale blue bracelet! It’s a must have for me! I will reserve judgement about the rest until I see it in person. I agree with a previous commenter that the red boat looks like a tradional Hong Kong junk (I’m not saying it’s junk, that’s what they are called, ha ha!) Thanks for all the previews today!

    • I like the look of that pale blue leather too, especially as it has a different clasp to the usual leathers – I’m so easily won over ;) I Googled the Hong Kong junk boat and it looks like you could be right! It’s nice that they’d go with something that original.

  10. The Sailing Boat would be perfect piece for Chinese New Year bracelet or Oriental theme bracelet. Lucky Piglet, Chinese Doll, Chinese Lantern, …etc. There are still some Sailing Boats floating in Hong Kong harbour create a very special scenery.

    • That’s a good idea! When all the Chinese charms came out I thought they were really tacky because my mother has them (the real life itema) plastered all over the house, and I’ve always seen them as junk items in the Asian store. However, after seeing more Chinese New Year’s bracelets (including Ellie’s), I might want one as well (easily persuaded, I am ….. all the Chinese new year looking charms match so well together on a bracelet.

      • It’s funny that your real life association with Chinese New Year memorabilia affected your perception of the CNY charms. ^^ I didn’t really have much knowledge of it or its customs before I got into Pandora, so all the CNY charms seem interesting and exotic to me haha.
        The CNY charms do look great together! I have the Piggy in with them and that’s kind of finished off my CNY bracelet (I’m glad you like it!). I don’t think I can get much more on to my red leather without breaking it haha. Perhaps I’ll have to upgrade it to a silver design at some point!

    • I second that! They should have released it with the CNY charms. It’s representative of HK and CNY at the same time. :)

    • Agree completely Michele! The sailing boat would be so great with the other red enamel pieces. I’ve just updated the post with some shots of a red leather bracelet – so you could always put the CNY charms on that to complete the look as well! <3

  11. I’m liking the parrot dangle but it doesn’t really look like my parrot, so i might get the dove dangle charm instead. Also, it looks like star fish on the green pave charm (pictured with the parrot dangle). I might want that one as well. I was planning on having a purple-pink-red theme but there are quite a few green and blue pieces that I’ve been liking…. So I might just not have a theme at all ?

    • How cool that you have a parrot! ^^ I do like the charm, although it doesn’t really fit with any of my designs. You could put with the retired treasure chest, the money bag and maybe the boat charm and do a piratical theme haha.
      You’re right about the Starfish! I just found this pic from another Romanian source and it shows the charm more clearly:
      There also looks to be a teal version of the Shining Elegance silicone spacers!
      Aha, throwing all the colours together can look good! :P Or you can just make two different bracelets haha.

      • Parrots are cool but if they are pets they do require quite a bit of work and noise tolerance. But that goes with pretty much any pet really.
        I do love The Pirates of the Caribbean movies… So, maybe I shall do a pirate theme! I definitely want to add that new 2016 Starfish charm to my bracelet, it looks different and unique compared to the other charms. Maybe Pandora should do an open-work ocean-sea themed charm!

        • Haha, that’s true. My puppy and my cat both require a lot of patience from me at times ;)
          I loved Pirates of the Caribbean too! It would be cool for a mini-theme at least. I like the Starfish too, although I’d like to see a better live photo of it!

  12. I’m a passionate bird lover, especially parrots, but I’m disappointed in the dangle. I’m not an enamel fan and it just looks weird to me. I do hope it looks better in person but I’m not holding my breath… As for the charm next to the watermelon slice, it looks like another bird from what I see. It looks like it’s laid on its back, talons facing the camera and it looks like a beak behind the talons. I really do hope it’s a bird – a cute one.

    • Aw, I’m sorry to hear that – especially if you’ve been waiting for a bird charm. I like the enamel detailing on the parrot, and prefer it to pavé as a means of capturing a parrot’s bright colours – but I appreciate that it’s hard to style and to match with other charms.
      I zoomed in on that charm after replying to some comments earlier. My friend happened to be looking over my shoulder so I asked her what she thought. She said a deer. That might not be quite right, but looking at it I think I can see an animal head and some kind of tail at the back:
      pandora summer 2016 mystery charm
      I have no idea what it actually is, but it doesn’t look like a bird when I zoom in… but I could be wrong! ^^

    • I have been waiting for a parrot charm too! There’s one called “Dove” (?) pandora charm that’s still available, it doesn’t have the proper beak but it kinda looks like my lovebird compared to the dangle. I’m not sure about the summer 2016 parrot dangle either. I would’ve preferred bright colours instead of forest-ish green enamel.

  13. You are so on it!! Good to see so many pictures.
    There are so many button style charms. Where are the lovely unique silver ones? And the two-tone??! Frustration! It does look like the white murano in the first picture has a shimmer to it? Other than that and the blue leather (although I just don’t wear my leather bracelet I already have), nothing really catches my eye from either the spring or the summer collection so far. I’m a girl who likes my sparkle, but not just for the sake of it. I see a lot of Chamilia influence in these styles – is that just me?

    • Aha thanks! :D I don’t particularly care for all the button-style charms, either, if only because they look similar to each other from a distance and they aren’t so distinctive as the proper silver characters. I was wondering that about the white murano as well! It does look like it shimmers doesn’t it? Perhaps they are doing a whole range of these shimmering muranos in all the colours :)
      Yes, I see what you mean with the Chamilia analogy (and someone on Facebook pointed out that the new Starfish charm pictured here looks very like an existing Chamilia charm :S). I like a lot of Chamilia’s charms, and I don’t mind seeing some similar pieces from Pandora – but I would like that to be counter-balanced with some of Pandora’s classic, beautifully-detailed silver pieces!

  14. I’m so excited that the live pics are flooding in now for Spring and Summer!! I was especially excited to see some of the new Summer pics. I agree with you in that the light blue leather bracelet looks very pretty. I love how they styled it with that adorable parrot!! I will probably make myself a Summer bracelet and get one of the leathers for free during the leather promo. I already have the palm tree dangle I wear as a pendant but he needs a parrot friend for a bracelet, lol!! I wonder if Pandora will be coming out with other colors of leather? I like how they are making the clasps rounds also for those. That Essence bangle is very pretty also and I love the red and blue facet charms coming out for those!! I may need to pick one of those up also. My wish list just keeps growing and growing!!

    • I also noticed that two of the shimmering droplets charms on the parrot leather bracelet have star fish on them! Those are a must for me! Also, do we know the values yet of the new essence charms?

      • Yep, Essence values are as follows:-

        Pink – happiness
        Blue – friendship
        CZ charms – loyalty & compassion

        • Great thanks! I might have to get the blue for friendship. It is such a pretty color! I see the red leather in those pics. It almost looks like a raspberry color. I might have to get that watermelon to put on it because it’s so cute!

        • Yeah, I was finding it hard to work out what shade that leather was exactly. In some shots it looks pillar box red, in others more pinky. I’d prefer it a little more raspberry!

    • Me too! :D I got the light green leather from last year’s Summer collection, and I think it might look quite nice stacked with this year’s light blue leather. I expect I’ll end up with it too ;)
      I just updated the post – there’s also a red leather bracelet coming! I expect they’ll do some more leathers with the new clasp. A lot of people prefer the spherical one, as it looks more like an actual charm. I wonder if they’ll keep these two new leathers as part of the permanent collection, or whether they’ll just be temporary seasonal items like last year’s leathers!

      My wish list is steadily expanding too! :P We’re in trouble haha.

  15. Pink, purple and red murano are must have for me, OMG.. Pearlescent heart is another one catch my eyes too but i need to see how it fit into my existing collection… Is the new safety chain two tone materials? I would love to grab it too, something match my valentine bracelet..

    Spring collection, new disney spring collection, now summer and mother’s day collection.. I’m concerning on my pocket now, need to work out a list carefully prior visit to the shop.. But always, fail to control when i see the items in person… :(((

    • Yay! I will find a place for that pearlescent heart, I know it ;) I just love that pretty pearl colour, although I suspect it is enamel like the In My Heart charm. The new safety chain is two-tone yes – it looks so nice!

      Aha, I need to work out a list too. I don’t care for quite a few of the new pieces, but the ones I like I like a lot so I’m happy ^^

      • Sure sure… I’m looking forward to see the real stuff in person but i’m more looking forward to hear from you on your new post new review new update.. It makes me feel great every single morning i wake up (due to timezone different)
        I love how you style your bracelet, i always got new idea from your blog :)

        • Aw, that’s such a lovely thing to say! Thank you – I’m so so pleased you enjoy the blog and the stylings. I love reading your comments too, you are a great new addition to the community here!

        • Ya, I’m new to this amazing Pandora blog and i enjoy reading the update from all Pandora fans around the world… Sometimes i browse through your old review and i really hunt all the way when i see something i like.. Recently i just purchased the red and white flower murano together with cherry blossom murano after read your review on them. I wanna match them with my piggy bank charm. I hope they match. :)

    • It doesn’t have to fit into your existing collection :P You can always start a new bracelet :D! I plan on getting that one too, and I think it will look great with the pinks, or white enamel based charms, like the daisies!

      I need a wish list and plan too! I always enter the store and end up buying other items I want too….

      • Hi Suzy, that sounds a good idea but i have take a good care of my pocket :(((
        Btw are you based in Australia?
        I always bought my Pandora from Australia unless i couldn’t find then i will get it from my own country.

        • Awww!!! I’d love to buy from Australia, but I don’t have any friends there. The exchange rates work so well to the Australian dollar! I’m trying to be good by waiting for promotions now..I usually overspend when I physically go to a store – I’m trying to limit store purchases to muranos-only now, as they are definitely better to pick out in person than online.

          I’m in Hong Kong btw :) The price points and spends are a high here, but what you do get is peace of mind with a one year warranty for most bracelets and charms – and that’s about the only reason I would purchase anything here. Regardless… charm collecting is addictive either way :P

        • Wow, you can get the disney park exclusive items easily then! I’m so envy…
          Recently i managed to get disney park bracelet, sorcerer hat and fantasia beads through a friend who visited HK Disneyland. Otherwise i don’t think i can have them…

        • I’d have to go to Disneyland to get those … The Pandora stores outside of Disneyland don’t have the Parks-exclusive charms and bracelets – they just have the normal Disney collection (the muranos, crowns, etc.) Plus, they’ve only just started importing all the Disney charms, and are still quite behind compared to the US. I’ll have to see what they release in March over here. If you want anything, let me know ;)

  16. It’s so nice to see more pictures. I was so excited, I’m loving the Spring collection. Seen the odd piece from Mother’s Day and Disney collection. I don’t see anything I like from the summer collection, which I don’t mind, as I have a huge list from the other collections. I don’t usually buy anything from the summer or pre Autumn collections, which is a good thing, as I always find enough from the other collections and it gives my purse a break.
    I’m loving all the floral and butterfly items. I love the forget me not button charm and spacers. I could just go on naming what I like, my list seems to be growing, the more pictures I see.
    Thanks for keeping us up to date with all the new pictures and information. You’ve had a busy week. Love reading your blog.

    • I noticed on urban diva’s site there is a video and it shows you some of the new charms. On the first bracelet that’s displayed, I’ve noticed a round charm which is in the middle of the shot, that I haven’t seen before. It’s got an enamel butterfly on, the crystal daisy (same design as last years) and a fairy on. There’s another charm to the right, which has the crystal daisy and enamel butterfly on, can’t tell if it’s the same one or not. I really like the look of the one with the fairy on.

    • Yes, there has been so much information from that Romanian preview! Everyone who attended did quite well and didn’t just take pictures of the floral arrangements haha. I am intrigued by the silver animals from the Summer collection and the blue leather bracelet – otherwise, my main focus is the Spring and Mother’s Day collections!
      So pleased to hear that there’s so much you like :D that should keep you going through summer and beyond!
      You are welcome. It’s been busy but a lot of fun – thanks so much for reading and commenting! <3

  17. Too much enamel and pavé for my taste. With that said, I do like the strawberry and the woven heart. Also, isn’t that bow ring also new? It doesn’t have the pearl in the center. I like that ring , but I’m not sure I’ll get any of it. Forget-me-nots are still beautiful though. <3

    • To me, the ring looks like the Entwined Ring with the bow from the Delicate Sentiments Ring–minus the pearl–in the center of it.

    • Yes, well-spotted! That bow ring is new :) I would like to see some more plain silvers as well, although I’m excited to see better shots of the new summer animal charms. They look like they could be nice!

  18. Hi Ellie,

    What an awesome collection of photos! I’m so glad I saw this at work where I have a huge computer screen :) While I won’t be buying a ton, I can certainly admire some of the designs Pandora is doing; the red pieces aren’t anything I’d ever wear but they look gorgeous! Pandora always amazes me with their level of detail in such small pieces. I know a lot of people aren’t a fan of these newer designs, but Pandora really doesn’t miss a thing when it comes to coming up with unique designs.

    I love that they are doing silver animals again! On the big screen, I am almost positive I am seeing a rhino on the left. As for the one on the right, I really think it’s a deer laying down. Call me crazy, but I see the head with little ears, then the threads through its middle, then a little tail in the back. I’d love to be right, especially going on record haha!

    Thanks, as always, for the updates! The new Disney pieces are fantastic too. Keep them coming :D

    • Hi Kristen!

      Yes, a big screen definitely helps! I had them all up on my laptop, and zoomed in so that I could catch everything – it helps with the commentary haha. I feel the same way about the red jewellery. While it’s not something I would probably wear, it’s still lovely and so nice to just look at! I most appreciate Pandora’s attention to detail in their classic silver pieces, so it’s great that there appear to be a couple of new ones for Summer at least :D

      Ah! I hadn’t seen this comment from you, but my friend was just looking over my shoulder an hour or so ago and she said the exact same thing as you!
      pandora summer 2016 mystery charm
      You can definitely make out a little head, and legs tucked underneath it? The only thing is that the tail seems quite long and not very deer-like. But it seems like some sort of deer/horse-like animal. It looks cute!

      Thanks, Kristen – I will do! ^^

  19. Hi Ellie I just want to say thank you so much for all these posts it feels like one each day you are amazing thank you. I really like the Reds which will be coming out I want to make a red bracelet but was struggling which charms to use but with this coming out I don’t think I will have any issues. The light blue leather for summer looks really nice too. Those gold charms look beautiful but way out of my pricing.
    Thank you again Ellie really excited for all the new releases.

    • Hi Nicola! You’re very welcome, it’s very nice to hear that you are enjoying the posts <3 I do enjoy preview season myself as well, haha. There's also a double red leather bracelet coming out for summer, I just updated the post :D I like the light blue leather as well.
      Thanks for commenting Nicola! <3 Glad to hear you're excited!

  20. Judging from the shadow in the second-to-last live shot, I am pretty confident that the woven heart is the clasp of the bracelet instead of a single charm…another limited edition bracelet is coming! :P

    Oh, regarding the threadless bracelet, it looks like the “previously threaded part adjacient to the clasp” (sorry I don’t know how to call that section) is not as thick in diameter as the threaded counterpart. Do you think it would be possible to add smaller-core charms from other brands to the bracelet?

    As a side note, I am really happy to see so many pave charms and flower/heart motifs in these upcoming collections. A big money saver. Duh.

    • On second look the woven heart does not have the joint and small opening for what typical clasps have…I am an idiot :(

      And sorry for the harsh comments in previous post. I am just fed up with Pandora putting pave, enamel or sickeningly blatant heart motifs (or all at once) in every charm they could release. The worst thing is that this trend continued for more than a year yet there is no sign of changing. It looks like all the elegance, quirkiness and delight that once seen in Pandora charms have gave way to simple-minded, blatant cuteness in recent charms; so do the sterling silver and natural stones to CZ paves and synthetics.

      All these things aside, thankyou for posting these detailed live-shots and providing so much information on the upcoming release. It is really helpful since the stores in HK (all but one are concept stores) always kept their mouths shut when it comes to future releases and promotions!

      • I totally understand your frustration with the pave! I am like that as well – but since it sells well, I have a feeling the pave is going to continue in each collection. Well, it saves money, lol.

        HK stores don’t tell you anything! I tried asking the estore online and they just told me to wait for notifications on Facebook! I personally don’t think that helps with marketing – it just makes people turn away to other brands that are willing to give that info. They’re not helpful with repairs of items either – overseas Pandora are much better, it’s awful here :/

        • Haha, Pandora UK don’t tell you anything either! They used to be better in concept stores about telling you about upcoming collections, but now they keep very quiet ^^

      • Hi Ally, you are not going to be happy with the Pandora club charm this year – its a heart openworks covered in smaller hearts. The Pandora design team clearly LOVE hearts! Agree with you re the pave though.

      • Hi Ally! I wondered that myself about the threadless bracelet. I am hoping that we might be able to put some smaller-cored brands on it, i.e. Trollbeads. That is one thing I will be looking into as soon as I get my hands on it. :D

        No need to apologise! There’s no right or wrong opinion :) It does seem like the pavé and enamel and colour is selling very well for Pandora, or they wouldn’t keep producing them. At least we do still get the occasional lovely plain silver – last year’s Coffee Pot was amazing and it looks like there are a couple of new silver animals for summer!

        You are so very welcome! Pandora stores in the UK always keep very quiet about upcoming releases too and they are very strict about sticking to the release dates. We dedicated collectors usually manage to sniff out the info in advance anyway haha!

  21. Im so excited to see the spring and summer come in! (i work at a pandora store) so many to add to my wishlist!

  22. Thank you so much for all these recent posts Ellie!
    I see so many pieces that I like that I don’t know how to organize my wish list. Maybe the forget-me-nots will top the list. And, the ring on the right in the last picture is also new, right? I love it!

    • You’re very welcome! And yes you are absolutely right about the ring – I had written it off as the Delicate Sentiments ring. But there’s no pearl at the centre :D Probably a Mother’s Day 2016 release!

  23. Wow Ellie, a big week for you! Thank you so much for all your detailed posts. Appreciate all the effort you put in to provide us with so much great info.

    I think it may just be the photos but at the moment the summer colours look a bit garish to me. I love red but not this shade. Shame Pandora repeat the same things – sailboat, butterfly, strawberry that looks like the apple etc.

    It’s still early days but nothing has taken my fancy yet.

    • Thank you! <3 That's lovely to hear. I so enjoy doing all the posts and I get too excited by all the new info not to, haha.

      I really like the fact that they've decided to go with red for the Summer collection in addition to the usual blues and teals. It's nice for a change! I don't know how much of it I'll get it, but it's nice to look at for me. ^^ I like this version of the sailing boat as well, especially if it is a reference to the Hong Kong junk boat. That kind of specificity is cool to see.

      I do hope something takes your fancy soon though Lozzie! Although it can be good not to have too much on your wish list, you don't want nothing at all. :)

  24. Hi Ellie!
    You did it again Supergirl! Does day have 24 hours for you, too? :-))
    I’m super excited someone heard my wish for red! Well, I was hoping for red Valentine’s hearts, but since they use it for Christmas and summer, I am satisfied! I like the murano and totally loved the cherries, as they have special meaning to me!
    On the blue side, the baby blue bracelet is gorgeous, but this will be a baby pink summer, so I won’t be needing it for now! :-) Speaking of pink, the spring muranos look even prettier on these new pictures! And that pearlescent heart, too! It’s like a candy and has a touch of pink as well!
    It seems the new SC will be a two tone one! I hope it’ll have a reasonable price, because I really adored it! It’s true, it reminds of 2015 club charm or Princess’s heart, but I like it anyway! :-)
    Thank you so much for this great post, Ellie! I almost feel summer breeze! :-) ♥♥♥

    • Hi Chrysa! Haha, thank you! The day does have 24 hours, but when there’s new Pandora info to write about I can make it stretch a little longer it seems ;)

      I thought that about the summer reds! ;) Even though everyone wanted it for Valentine’s, it’s nice that it’s cropping up somewhere for 2016. The cherries are kind of cute and would work with a Valentine’s bracelet too possibly?
      There are certainly so many nice pinks for you to choose from for your niece’s bracelet <3 I look forward to hearing about what you choose in the end!

      The two-tone safety chain is adorable! It will be mine, even if I have to save a little for it ;) I'll be starting now! I don't mind that the design is similar to the previous Club charm - sometimes it's nice to have things matching or calling back to each other. :)

      Thanks so much for commenting Chrysa! I am also now feeling weirdly summery on this rather cold January day ;) ♥♥♥

  25. Thanks for sharing these pics Ellie! <3 I like the pave strawberry, as you know I'm a collector of fruits ;-) The watermelon slice is cute too but I already have the Ohm pave watermelon slice which looks just like this. I like the Dahlias better in these pictures than the other ones I've seen, the color looks softer for some reason when shown with gold charms. I'm looking forward to seeing stock images, I always get a better idea of what charms I want when those come out.

    • You are welcome Natalie! I did think of you and your fruit bracelets when I saw the Watermelon :P I’ve updated the post with a clearer shot of it as well! Stock images will be handy, it means that you have a better sense of what exactly is coming out when – even if they often don’t do justice to the live jewellery.

      • Aww, thanks, you remembered my fruit bangle <3 I went and had a look at the fairy charm, I was hoping for another full bodied fairy but I guess they have already done a few of those. I took another look at the silver animal charms, no clue what the mystery one on the right is, but more and more I think the left one is an elephant, the ears look too big for a rhino. I still love the old elephant best (not the sideways one, but the one in the current collection that is older), I'm so glad I got so many of the classic animal charms when I had the chance!

        • Aha I did! It’s one of the more original bracelets I’ve seen in my time ;) You’re right about the charm on the left I think. From an updated Urban Diva photo, it looks like a sitting baby elephant.
          I have the older African Elephant (it was my first Pandora charm!) and I love elephants. So I might end up with this little baby one too as a homage to that one aha.

  26. :-) Oh, my – now I want to go to the store and start shopping :-D
    Can’t wait to see these in the shops…
    We’re having a Vienna Opera Ball special!!! Will do a post shortly!
    A very HAPPY weekend to you :-)

    • Aha, me too! March seems far away ^^ At least here in the UK we will get some of the Mother’s Day 2016 jewellery next month!
      Oh I just saw a post from you about the Opera Ball! Looks very glamorous!

      Happy weekend to you too <3

  27. Ellie,

    Wow! Wow! Wow! I will be sooooooo broke! This is the first year that I am absolutely enthralled with the Spring/Summer collection. Am I imagining it or are there pave blue & purple silver pave silicone spacers? The reds are wonderful, especially the open work cherry charms. The threadless bracelet is a must for me. I will definitely purchase the silver animal if it is a rhino for my safari themed bracelet. Some year I might actually go on Safari.
    The sparkling threaded muranos are lovely. The dahlia is still tops on my list. The monogram charms have exceeded my expectations, I have always wanted to have both my husband & my initials on my valentines & anniversary bracelet.

    I am hoping for some good promos so I can maximize my purchase power.
    On the second photo in your post, the one featuring the blue leather bracelet I noticed an interesting charm, it is placed on either side of the white muranos, it looks very elegant and new. Wish I could make it out because it might go with my Dallah Coffeee pot. Also the second last photo has a lot of fantastic charms especially the one charm with the baguette style crystal situated next to the butterfly charm, is that also new?
    Honestl, I am vibrating with excitement. Thanks for this sneak peak!
    Wow, can’t wait to see these pieces in person.

    Cheers Ellie!

    • Hi Lisa! Your comment was so much fun to read! It’s so nice to hear your enthusiasm. :D There is definitely a purple version of the silicone spacers coming out for spring, and there’s also a teal version coming out for summer too – so yes I think you’re right about that :D
      The letter charms are growing on me the more I see them! I was never tempted by my initial or my OH’s before, but they are really nice and not at all tacky. I was never that keen on the CZ letter pendants. The sparkling muranos look amazing from these photos – I will definitely be getting one of eeach for a bracelet I’m working on currently ^^
      The charm either side the white muranos is a pavé charm with silver starfish studded around it:
      It’s cute! And the other rectangular CZ charm you mention is a perfume bottle I’m told. <3
      Thanks for commenting Lisa! It was great to hear your thoughts and enthusiasm :D

  28. Hi Ellie,

    Great article! Your blog is my new guilty pleasure :) Even though not everything appeals to me, it’s fun to see different styles (and oddly relaxing, except for the odd obsession with a bead I must have.

    I love the new collection- particularly, the floral beads. I also really like the new thread-less bracelet, with the sphere bead clasp. When I got my Essence, I loved the clasp and wondered why they didn’t use this design on the Moments bracelet. And now they have. Yikes! But alas, I will have to admire it from afar while I toil to try to fill my new heart beads Moments ;)

    Why are these darned things so addicting ?!?

    Have a great weekend!!!

    • Hi Snapdragon! Haha, I’ll take being a guilty pleasure! I’m so pleased to hear that you enjoy it – thank you for letting me know.

      I like some of the new florals as well, but am held back by the fact that many of them are so similar to those of previous years. I think I will probably focus on the new bracelet and the murano glass beads instead! That is very sensible of you – I am probably going to have about four different bracelets on the go throughout this year :P

      I don’t know why it’s so addictive! I just like a) collecting things and b) pretty trinkets, and Pandora ticks both those boxes I guess ;)

      Have a lovely weekend too and thanks for commenting!

  29. Hi Ellie (thats my daughters name too! ?) Ive been reading your blog for quite a while now and love it! But this is the first time I’ve commented! Thank you for your updates they are just fab!

    I really like the pink cupcake charm and the parrot! Like you, I deffinately wamt the sparkly faceted muranos. And I deffinately, deffinately want the threadless bracelet! I also have a chamilia bracelet (which is threadless).. you can actually fit slightly more charms on this style of bracelet.

    I have recently bought the pandora bangle (after reading your great reviews you convinced me! ) I love it! For people saying they have difficulty finding the o rings or c stoppers, I’ve come up with an alternative.. loom bands!!!! Having recently got the bangle and no stoppers, I really wanted to pop a couple of charms on but didn’t want it to scratch, so I came up with the idea of raiding my daughters loom band kit until I can get my hands on some c stoppers lol. I wind the band around 5 times and pop a clip over the top. Works perfectly! ;-)

    I also have 2 moments bracelet, and an ever growing collection of charms! I have recently been able to get hold of the Eeyore and he is just lovely. Would love to add a picture here of my completed bracelet, is there any way I can do this? Would love to hear your thoughts on it. It has a lot of meaning for me.

    Love so many of the new charms that will be coming out. Ouch on my pocket from March! Haha.

    Thanks Ellie for all your updates. Whenever I’m thinking of buying a new charm I always come here first to see if you have any reviews on it and love to look at your style ideas!

    • Hi Jess! Thanks so much for your kind comment, I’m so pleased that you enjoy the post – and that you’ve decided to comment. It’s nice to hear from you!
      Oooh, I’ve not heard loom bands mentioned before! That’s a new one. ;) I will have to look into that myself. I think the silicone-spacers coming out this year will work really well too, but your way is certainly more cost-effective. I’m sure a lot of people with kids will have those loom bands lying around too, haha.
      Aww, Eeyore is one of my favourite Pandora charms ever. He’d definitely make the top five at least ;) It’s slightly tricky posting pics into the blog comments these days – do you have a Facebook account? If you post to the Mora Pandora Facebook page, I can then post the picture into a comment here for you :) and of course the people who follow on Facebook can see your bracelet anyway if they visit the page! I’d love to see your bracelet, I’m always looking for inspiration. ^^
      Thank you again – both for reading and your kind words! <3 The reviews are so much fun to do, I’m glad they’re useful!

  30. I am looking forward to the Spring collection, but I am even more excited about the Summer preview. I love the reds and greens! How will I ever stick to my budget!

  31. Morning Ellie! =D

    What a treat! So many posts this week! I’m so excited now as I’ve seen a few things I want from this post as well =D. The new round clasp leather bracelet is so sleek! I love that light blue colour, alongside the Essence bangle, and of course, the thread-less bracelet! :P

    I saw your Disney post as well, and I think that the new murano colours are lovely! We are being spoilt with pink-y glass charms this season :D Again, I agree completely with you about the scary faces on Pandora charms as seen with the Alice openwork – I only really liked the rabbit amongst those. It must be bracelet year for me, I want so many! More so than the actual charms, I think the different clasps on bracelets seem more appealing to me – as I could get away with wearing them fairly empty as the clasp could function like a charm ^^.

    Next up are (ALL) the muranos :P Have to have them, they are so pretty! The pearlescent heart as I mentioned in your previous post is a gorgeous shade, and I just spotted a similarly coloured enamel butterfly dangle with some CZ. Although I’m not really a fan of enamel, I just love that elegant colour! The reds are a bit blingy for me, but when styled properly, I think they could look quite pretty =) (and not a whole bracelet made of pave stones…..)

    I’ve been looking at their older charms recently, seeing if I can mix their new styled charms with some older pieces for a bit more character… Pandora’s lack of new silver charms etc has lead me to look at other brands a bit more now. Not saying they don’t bring out nice collections, it’s just bling-overload now, and every other bracelet looks the same… if you know what I mean. :/

    That being said, I absolutely enjoy every single post you write, and all your lovely stylings ^^. It’s great to be able to talk to people who are just as addicted to collecting Pandora/beads/ etc :P.

    Hope you enjoy your weekend after working so hard on all these posts this week! Speak to you soon! (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ. xxx

      • It does look like a few pre-existing Pandora designs! It reminds me both of the Dahlia coming out and the existing red foxwood dangle clip…

    • Hi Suzy! :D Glad to hear that you’ve added a few things to your wish list. The baby blue leather looks beautiful and even if I’m not sure what I’d add to it yet, it would look great even worn plain :D
      I was also disappointed with the Alice charms. The faces were just not there for me. And I am holding judgement on the White Rabbit charm until I see how bright the red & yellow enamel is in person. It’s not going to be that easy to style otherwise! I’d like to add him to my nature-themed bracelet, just to interweave a little bit of fantasy into it. <3
      I love the muranos as well. Especially as they are perfectly in keeping with classic Pandora silvers as you say. My favourite way to wear the newer charms is to mix them all up with the older ones and create a bracelet that’s a mix of both styles. My Pandora Rose bracelet has lot of the new Rose pave charms and some white floral enamel – and yet the original silver retired Mouse charm and the retired Perfume Bottle still look lovely with them. :) And there do look to be a couple of new silver animals pictured here too! I’d love a closer look at them!
      Thank you so much Suzy! I do appreciate the way you always write such lovely thoughtful comments in response to everything. They are a pleasure to read! It’s fun to be able to ramble to lots of like-minded Pandora-addicted people ^^
      Speak soon! xxx

      • Do you remember when we were discussing one of the muranos? It was one with a pink flower – I can’t remember which post it was, but I saw a shot of someone else’s bracelet, and I think it’s the “Field of Daises” murano that was used in the campaign shot :P The side view of it looks the same, so I think you’re right, they are totally different muranos! Excited :D Another murano perhaps?

        • I’m baffled then! As I have not seen any stock image for it… the mystery deepens ;)

  32. Hi there Ellie! I am so excited to see some pieces from the Summer collection. I have to admit that the Pandora Summer collection from 2013 was one of my favorites. Summer is my absolute favorite season and I just adore tropical shades of blue and green. Currently, I have my Summer charms on bangles and leather bracelets, but this year I am determined to complete a dedicated nautical bracelet. I really like the soft blue leather bracelet and am very curious about the charm with the starfish. It looks lovely! I am so anxious to see more Summer charms! In general, I am quite thrilled to see so many new charms! I adore the shade of the pearlescent heart and I think that would be a very versatile charm. I initially liked the Valentine’s enamel heart, but thought that the color was a bit bright for me. :P

    • Hi Carol! The Pandora Summer 2013 collection was lovely – but then 2013 was such a great year. That year’s Spring collection was just wonderful to me, with all those cherry blossoms and two-tone fairy tale pieces :D I couldn’t believe it when those pictures first leaked. It was like they had made a collection just for me!
      A dedicated nautical bracelet sounds lovely, and there are certainly some interesting new pieces that could go on it judging from here. There’s a better pic of the starfish charm here:
      It looks nice!
      I adore the pearlescent heart as well! It would look great with some two-tone, I think. I’ll have to think how I can use it!

      • Oh thank you Ellie! The starfish charm will be perfect on my nautical bracelet. You are so right about the 2013 collections. I adored the Spring collection too and I have the cherry blossom muranos, clips, and the dangle and most of the two-tone fairy tale pieces as well.! It was at that point that I become literally obsessed with Pandora and my collection began to grow and grow! Lol! :O

        • You’re welcome. 2013 was like the Pandora renaissance lol! So many beautiful designs – I think that was what really cemented my obsession as well. Beautiful florals and blossoms, fairy-tale charms, a book charm, and then the fun summer pieces… and then all the beautiful charms for Christmas well (Mittens, two-tone sleigh, the reindeer pendant). It was a great year!

  33. Omg such pretty charms this spring first the Disney collection & now these

    I love the cherries but I think my mom would love them even more for a Mother’s Day gift cause she loves cherries so it wouldn’t make sense for both of us to own the same charm but I’m also loving the watermelon for myself & get my mom the cherry one those are definitely on my list of charms i plan on getting

    Now that one watermelon charm is actually inspiring me to make a whole new summery themed bracelet & I also love the little sail boat & I already have the dolphin charm, palm tree, Hollywood charm & red apple one so I’m gonna make it summer Hollywood themed from the summer I went to Los Angeles
    I normally don’t really go for the murano beads cause they take up a logic room & kinda hurt the bones of my wrist but lately I’ve been seeing Pandora releasing such pretty ones that it’s now harder to resist them I’m liking so many of them so I’m just thinking that if I really really like them I might just get a size or two bigger bracelet this time like I did at Disney Parks cause Pandora tells me that I’m originally a 6,7 size but decided to get a 7,1 instead cause I had a lot of Disney charms that I really wanted to have on so I just went two sizes bigger than my normal size

    If you wanna have all your favourite charms on your bracelet you may wanna go 1 size bigger at least

    Thanks so much for posting so many amazing charms up

    • Yay, glad you like! Your summer bracelet theme sounds great :D light and fun and bright, just like the Disney collection itself. I have to say that I love murano beads. It’s true that they make your bracelet a lot tighter if you have a lot of them, but, as you say, you can always size up if you know that you’re going to want to do a design with a lot of glass in it. They’re just so pretty and I love the pops of colour they add. They’re also great for adding symmetry to your design and dividing it up neatly <3 I usually wear a 19cm, which is about right for me to add about 4 muranos. Any more and I think I'd size up!

      Thanks for commenting, glad you're excited <3

    • Hi urbandiva,
      thanks for the better more clearer pic of that animal (to the left of the watermelon slice) I think it is a baby elephant but I can still not make it out for sure, can you confirm for us what that animal is. Also the much less clearer charm to the right of the watermelon, some have speculated it is a sitting deer, do you by any chance know what it is? Thanks for your help!!

  34. The general style of the spring collection isn’t my thing. Lots of flowers, glitz, and button charms. But there are some individual charms that have caught my eye. I like the red murano, and I think that might look very pretty with the holly murano for my Christmas bracelet. I like the heart lock dangle, and the butterfly dangle. Both are very pretty. And I definitely think I’ll be buying the new heart safety chain at some point. I’m also looking forward to those initial charms. I recently bought the “C” dangle from the current letter collection, and though I like it well enough, it catches on sweaters and such. This new letter collection looks very pretty, and I’ll likely get myself my initial. What DOES the bracelet in the photo say, anyway? Can’t seem to make it out.

    I’m liking the fruit charms. It’s a LOT of pave, and not a theme I think I would actually purchase for myself, but they are unique, and I’m glad to see Pandora stepping outside the box a bit. The parrot is also quite cute. He would be so fun to add to a travel bracelet to represent somewhere tropical. I have NO idea what the mystery animal might be. Did you see the animated movie, “Home” with the guy that plays Sheldon Cooper in Big Bang Theory? The photo makes me think of one of the sky bubbles that collects the stuff the aliens have determined to be useless. :-)

    • OOOOOoooo, I saw the fairy! NOW I’m excited for this collection to come out. That’s my top pick for this round! And Pooh, of course. And my initial. And… crap. I think I need another job. :-)

    • My thoughts are similar to yours Clair! There’s a lot of charms that are mainly riffing on the floral charms from previous collections and I’m not that inspired by them. However, the pieces I do like, I really like! I have to have all three of the Spring 2016 muranos and that lovely safety chain. The new bracelet is very intriguing as well!
      I think the Mother’s Day bangle is engraved ‘Family Forever’. From what I can remember! :) It’s a family-themed motif anyway!

      Lol yeah the Watermelon charm is cute! I don’t think I’d buy it myself, but I love it whenever Pandora do anything that’s on the quirkier side and a bit outside their usual remit of hearts, flowers, etc. I never saw that film although I do love Jim Parsons in Big Bang whenever I catch it haha!

  35. Ellie,
    I heard you mention the UK will release the mother day release in Feb? will this be the entire sale that will be released in may for the US? are any of the new muranos getting released with a mothers day collection or is everything for spring and summer release??
    when in feb is it released (and why??) <33

    • Hi Alex! The reason is that the UK celebrates Mothering Sunday earlier than other regions generally celebrate Mother’s Day. It’s on the 6th of March this year.
      I don’t know when exactly we’ll get it, but it’s usually mid-February some time :) and it’s not all the Mother’s Day pieces, just some of them! The matte pink floral murano is a Mother’s Day release, the other three muranos are Spring.

    • Hi Lyn! I would have thought it would be out for Spring 2016, which is set for the 17th of March. There’s a possibility it might be in the later Mother’s Day release in April though. I’ll post when I know more!

  36. Wow Ellie! What an informative blog post, thank you! I am hoping there will be some pretty light blue charms to go with the gorgeous leather bracelet. It is super pretty.

  37. Thanks Ellie for your prompt reply! I have been putting off buying the Essence bracelet for a very long time as I have heard the clasp can open unexpectedly. I have read your other post on the Essence bracelet and realised the bracelet you have is the modified Essence bracelet. Can you explain how the modified version of the Essence bracelet came off your wrist?

    • Hi Lyn, I do apologise – I completely missed this comment amongst the flurry at the time! Do you mean that I have the new-style Essence clasp, the one that’s meant to be sturdier?
      If so, I’m not entirely sure how it came off my wrist to be honest. I was baffled at the time. It was late in the afternoon and I’d been wearing it all day without a problem. I walked out of a shop and literally saw & felt it fall from my wrist. I picked it up, the clasp looked fine and it snapped back on with no problem and seemed fine. Which was a bit alarming and I’ll be honest I haven’t worn it since as it was my two-tone that fell and it would be an expensive piece to lose!
      I will mention that I did hit that bracelet quite hard in a fall a few months previously (I slipped on some slippery wooden steps – luckily no one saw :P). I hit the Essence bracelet on the banister and it flew off my wrist at that time. So perhaps I’ve weakened my clasp in that fall. :) It might be that mine is now faulty… either way – I want that safety chain! ;)

  38. Hi Ellie,
    Thank you for always sharing firsthand Pandora news with us! I’ll admit that I visit your website on a daily basis (even if there is no new article I’d still re-read the old ones :p) — yes I’m a Pandora addict!
    I’m surprised that not many people are talking about the two mother-of-pearl and pearl openwork charms? To me they are the first ones that caught my eye! I never thought of getting an oxidized bracelet, but these charms make me think that they will look so pretty on a black bracelet, together with the white abundance-of-Love charm and spacer from last season ;)
    The other charms, i.e. all the flowers and bling-blings, are not that attractive for me, so I guess I need to think of what other charms from the past seasons should go on my oxidized bracelet — although who knows when I can start my next bracelet :p

    • OMG, it sounds like me. It becomes a routine task for me to check my email about mora pandora new post, new comment etc every single morning. Yeah, completely agreed that Ellie always keep us the very first hand information bout Pandora..
      Good job Ellie!

  39. I can’t resist not to comment and declare how many times I’ve gone back to admire the pearl heart charm:) I’ve held on dearly to the mother’s day vintage heart and now will be adding this and likely the 2016 club charm in my casual bracelet..which looks to be 40% hearts by the end of the summer..didn’t think I was a “die-heart” fan, though I am girly enough to follow and collect Pandora!

    • I love that heart one too! It’s enamel, but it looks very much like a pearl.
      ‘Die-heart’ is a very good term to coin ;) it summarises Pandora’s own obsession with heart charms very neatly haha.

  40. Dear, I am disappointed with the current posts of Pandora, low quality pictures, low light, small picture and parts positioned to the contrary as the bracelet with vintade letters from collection spring 2016 you could have done something better, the height of a jewelry renowned and world famous.

  41. Dear, I am disappointed with the current posts of Pandora, low quality pictures, low light, small picture and parts positioned as opposed to the bracelet with vintade letters of the spring 2016 collection, Pandora could have done something better, the height of a renowned and world famous jewelry.

    • Well, the quality of the pictures to some extent depends on the people taking them (i.e. not Pandora) – these are from bloggers’ lunches and media previews, and are often hasty shots taken on a mobile phone’s camera. The lighting depends on the venue and the PR company hosting the event.
      On the other hand, it’s still fun to get glimpses of the jewellery before its official release, when you can go to store and see it all for yourself. There are stock images for a lot of these new pieces available too now.

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