Today’s post brings some exciting news, as we have a full look of the upcoming Pandora Disney Spring 2016 collection! This latest release introduces two new princesses to the Pandora Disney collection, amongst some other new characters. It’s a reasonably substantial collection, much more so than the AW15 release, and it includes something to please everyone I think! ^^

A still from the Alice in Wonderland 2010 film
A still from the Alice in Wonderland 2010 film

These new pieces will be available from both Pandora concept stores and the Disney Parks locations. They are due out on the 17th of March, and all of them will be available in North America. Although Australia & Asia both carry the Disney line now, I’m not sure which regions will be getting which charms just yet. :)

Pandora Disney Spring 2016 Full Preview

These first two collages are my own stock images – first up, we have an HD look at the new Alice in Wonderland charms (click to enlarge the image)!

pandora disney spring 2016

Prices for the US are as follows:-

White Rabbit – $55

Alice in a Bottle – $65

Alice’s Tea Party openwork – $65

Next up, we have a look at a brand new film entering the Pandora Disney range – Tangled! :D This is one of my favourites of the newer Disney films, and I’m so thrilled to see a selection of charms for Rapunzel. I also have a stock image for one new Ariel charm, with some iridescent green enamel detailing.
pandora disney spring 2016

Prices for the US are as follows:-

Rapunzel’s Signature Colour – $50

Rapunzel’s Dress – $65

Maximus – $50

Ariel in a Shell – $65

These next images are courtesy of the Fit Disney Mom blog (also available on Instagram: @FitDisneyMom). I’ve also done my best to edit them so you can see them a little clearer!

First, we have another new Disney Princess entering the line-up: Aurora! She has her own signature dress, murano and an openwork charm featuring her three fairy godmothers. I guess Pandora have decided to discontinue the princesses’ signature crowns!

pandora disney spring 2016 sleeping beauty

Prices for the US is as follows:-

Aurora’s Dress – $65

Aurora’s Fairy Godmothers – $65

Aurora’s Signature Colour – $50

Finishing up the charms, we have an adorable new Winnie the Pooh charm and a new Tinkerbell charm, too. I am so pleased to see a full-bodied Pooh charm, although I’m surprised they didn’t opt to include some other animals from the Hundred Acre Wood too (Piglet & Tigger seem like a must!).

pandora disney spring 2016 winnie the pooh tinkerbell

Prices for the US are as follows:-

Honey Pot Pooh – $55

Tinkerbell Star – $80

Finally, we have the Mickey Moments bracelet, which is retailing at $85 USD:

pandora disney spring 2016

My Comment

While it’s great to see Aurora added to the Pandora Disney Princess line-up, I am most excited to see charms for Tangled – Maximus is undoubtedly my favourite charm of the bunch, and his expression is just the perfect degree of mullish. ;) I will definitely be getting that one! The Rapunzel’s Signature Colour murano also looks to be a nice pastel purple, and I am very tempted by that one – especially as it would match the new Spring 2016 muranos rather nicely!

I’m afraid that, based on these stock images, the Alice charms don’t pass the miniature-human-faces-can-be-creepy test for me. ;)  On the other hand, the White Rabbit has a suitably anxious little expression and I rather like him! I just wonder how his bright red/yellow enamel colouring will fit with other pieces I have.

Are you excited for these new Pandora Disney charms? Which characters are going on your wish list?

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  1. Thanks for this! How exciting! I can’t believe they almost went all chamilia type beads on us and did so much enamel and Cutsey stuff but I am impressed. I am most excited for Maximus as I love full bodies animals and was itching for a disney horse. The papunzel and aurora pieces are so cute as well–both Muranos are stunnjng in color. The pooh is the cutest overall I think pooh and Maximus for sure for me :)

    • Pandora do like their enamel detailing these days! And I usually love enamel, but my favourite charm of these here is definitely Maximus. I love Tangled and that chase scene with Flynn is one of my favourites from the film ^^
      I think I like the Pooh charm, I’d just like to see a better photo of him! I love the colour of Rapunzel’s murano, and her dress as well. :D

    • Hi I’m new here and only been a Pandora addict for a few months! I am in the uk and Was wondering where are these charms released I know it’s not here. I’ve desperately been trying to find a trustworthy seller to ship me some of these Disney charms over but I have been sold several fakes. Does anyone know a trustworthy seller or how I can determine the fakes? All the imitation charms I have received so far have had the stamps and makers marks but just didn’t seem right, are weights of charms published? or is there another way to tell the genuine ones for sure?

      • Hi

        Im not sure if your on facebook but theres a group called pandora and disney addicts. Some of the very kind ladies on there who live in the USA will help you get legit charms x

        • Thank you so much for that :) I’ll head on over. For the charms I’ve stupidly already bought off etsy/eBay is there any way to be sure there genuine or fake? All the fakes and reproductions have the Pandora marks on so I find it so hard to tell :( some are obvious and have been immediately returned but some they really have me scratching my head as to wether they could be the real thing.

      • Charm Junction is a reputable Canadian seller. Just Google them. Not sure if they would ship to the UK

    • It’s hard to say! I expect it’s a quirk of that fuzzy stock image. It’s probably part of the pot or something?


    I NEW IT yay I predicted they were coming at some point & that they’d have to complete the dress line omg I’m like freaking out now lol I’m so excited for this new Disney release & I just realized how sad the Alice in Wonderland charms are gonna be cause of Alan Rickman being in it or in other words voicing for one of the characters who had just died I know it’s not really Pandora related but it is Alice in wonderland related lol & was my favourite character in the Harry Potter movies & thought he was one of the greatest actors I’ve seen

    Omg just imagine Pandora getting inspired to make Harry Potter Pandora charms omg that collection would be awesome there’d be countless ideas they would be able to come up with like four of crest houses & that’s just one idea & example

      • Ya I know
        I’ve been to the Universal Studios in Orlando Florida and went to both Harry Potter areas of both Island Of Adventures & Universal parks & it was really amazing Or I think Universal Studios are the ones that need to sign stuff with Pandora like Disney did I don’t know but I know that it would work the same way for Universal as it did for Disney but I think Pandora are the ones that asked Disney so they should think about asking Universal & Universal should think about excepting the Pandora contract deal cause both Pandora & Universal would get an equal portion on sales of the charms just like Disney does & look how good the Disney collection does so the Universal/Harry Potter collection would do just as good or perhaps even better cause come to think to it now I heard that Universal is really beating Disney so if anything they’d make even more money both Universal & Pandora but I think something should definitely be suggested to Pandora & Universal about this & of course it all starts with us

        • Harry Potter’s theme park is a main attraction to tourists in Tokyo. I would like to see Harry Potter’s charm.

        • True but they probably wouldn’t sell them in Tokyo only cause Orlando Florida is like the top main place to go to for the theme parks & they also have a Disney park there too & that Disney park doesn’t sell the Disney Pandora charms not even the exclusives so no matter what if anything they’ll probably be sold in Orlando Florida ONLY at Universal Studios

        • It would also be hard for me to get a hold of the Harry Potter charms cause I know that if they were to release them they’d be exclusive to Universal Studios in Orlando & it sucks for me cause I would have to pay a fortune online for them sadly cause I’m in Canada believe it’s not easy for anyone who doesn’t live in the USA but yet you wanna get some of the exclusive charms so it’s hard

      • Ya I agree & I’m a huge fan of the movies & Harry Potter merchandise but having Harry Potter Pandora charms would be like omg I’d have no words other than it would be like the best thing ever & omg just THINK how awesome a Wizarding World of Harry Potter Pandora bracelet would be like & the clasp would have the hogwarts crest of it like the Disney Parks Pandora bracelet has the castle just think how amazing it would look but the only thing that would kinda suck is that most of the Harry Potter charms would obviously be Universal Studios exclusive & only where they have the Harry Potter area like they don’t have it at the Universal Studios in California so they’d only be at the one in Florida but who would care people are still gonna buy them no matter

    • Yay I’m so glad to hear that you’re excited! :) I’d forgotten Alan Rickman was in the Alice films. I was so sad to hear about him. I was more a fan of the Harry Potter books than the films but he was a great Professor Snape. I remember him with most affection as Colonel Brandon and in Love Actually.

      Harry Potter charms would be so much fun and I’ve seen a few great attempts at a Harry Potter themed bracelet over the years. The retired candy-stripe muranos work well as the house colours! The Mickey’s Sorcerer’s Hat charm would also make a good stand-in sorting hat.

      • Yeah

        Sometimes I honestly wish I helped contribute ideas for charms at Pandora cause I know that if I were a famous singer which I wanna be anyways & actress but music has always been my main passion in my life I would definitely wanna work with the designing process of the charms or at least contribute some ideas for charms so I would definitely put the word out on creating Harry Potter charms

        But imagine a plain silver Dumbo charm like Dumbo kinda sitting down or imagine Disney coming out with Disney villain signature mauono charms like they did for the princesses so of course they’d all be dark & imagine Curela’s signature color in black & white & the inside will almost look like Dalmatian dog fur or something & for another one they can come out with like a plain silver Dalmatian puppy like they did with pooh

        I wish they would also come out with the lamp from Aladdin but the problem with I think cause it wouldn’t really make much sense in it being silver it would look much prettier if it were designed in 14K which is what the lamp is in the movie but the problem with it being all gold it would be the most expensive Disney Pandora charm I’m sure it would at least be 4 to 500 dollars

  3. I think the muranos and the color of rapunzel’s dress is pretty. The little Mermaid is my most favorite disney film but I don’t like the Ariel charm. I think it would have been nicer to have an all silver Flounder and/or Sebastian charm. I must be getting old but I have never heard of Aurora (?!)

    • Aurora is Sleeping Beauty. I think most of us “know” or think of the character as Sleeping Beauty instead of Aurora.

    • Aurora is from the old Disney classic movie Sleeping Beauty & not just any Disney movie it’s also an original by Walt Disney himself so it’s pretty old

      It was probably out before most of us on here were even born

      It came out in the 1940’s or 50’s

      & of course the Rapunzal dress is from the movie Tangled which is only from 2011 but of course it’s still an old classic tale Disney just made the movie more into detail I guess

    • & besides don’t feel to bad about not knowing Aurora cause when I used to watch Sleeping Beauty as a child I did not know her as Aurora i thought her name was just sleeping beauty as a small kid I didn’t know sleeping beauty even had a real name & never really found out till I was like 10 years old & was like oh so sleeping beauty’s real name is Aurora I guess cause they mention it that much in the movie

      • hhaha, True! I was thinking, I know I watched Sleepy Beauty (when i was about 6 or 7 years old), and I just thought her name was ‘Sleeping Beauty’ :)

      • All her names in the film have stuck in my head for some reason! When I watched it when I was little, I always thought ‘Aurora’ was pretty and so I think I remembered it because of that. She was also called ‘Briar Rose’ when she lived with the fairies, I think, haha.

    • I agree! I haven’t got any of the dress charms so far, but Rapunzel’s looks very nice. I’d have loved Flounder from The Little Mermaid – I’d love to see more cute animals overall!
      Aurora is Sleeping Beauty – she’s known as Aurora as part of the Disney Princesses line-up. :)

  4. Oh wow! I’m so pleased to see the Aurora and Rapunzel muranos!! I absolutely love the princess signature muranos. After seeing the faceted pastel muranos, I was thinking we might not get these “signature” style muranos, so I’m very happy to see that we are getting them after all.
    Those Alice beads are a let down! It is quite difficult to do faces in silver. Oh well, that’s a bead I can scratch off my list. The Pooh bead is probably cute. I’ll have to see it in person or see a clearer image before I can make a call in that one.
    Thanks for the update!

    • Yes, me too! I am definitely getting the regular Spring 2016 pink & purple muranos, but Rapunzel’s murano might have to join them. ^^ These Disney ones are a nice alternative for anyone who doesn’t like faceted muranos too.

      I was quite disappointed to see the detailing on the Alice beads too. Her face on the openwork charm is particularly alarming to me, haha! At least it’s one fewer thing to spend money on. Thanks for commenting! <3

  5. I always get so excited when there are new Disney charms! I am disappointed that there still is not a piglet charm; I will forever be anxiously waiting for this charm. However, I will definitely be getting Rapunzels dress and Mazimus! Can’t wait!

    • I would LOVE a Piglet charm! That would be a day one purchase for me, and Tigger. ^^ Maximus will be coming home with me in the meantime, haha!

      • If they’ll release a hundred acre wood theme, I’ll definitely get them. Excited for another pooh charm ?

  6. Hi I think they are all gorgeous I can’t wait for them to be released. Do you know what it says on the reverse of the tinkerbell star? Xx

    • Hi Sam, glad to hear it! I don’t know what it says, unfortunately. I can’t think of any sayings or phrases that are associated with Tinkerbell either, haha.

      • It could possibly be “Faith, trust and pixie dust” (Peter’s explanation on how to fly) or “Second star to the right” (directions to Neverland)… those are the only two that would be associated with her that I can think of! I’m very excited that she has another charm in the Disney collection, as I was not a big fan of the previous one!

        • Good ideas! ‘Second star to the right’ would be rather nice, I think, and fits with the charm’s design too? And yes, I’d like a proper Tinkerbell charm as well! The first pendant was a bit abstract.

  7. My vote – ah pooh… It is so cute although the picture doesn’t look very clear…
    I may have hard time to select these pink and purple signature murano vs. Spring faceted pink and purple murano… Will need to see in person then decide.

    Btw, you are saying Disney may discontinue the princess crown, are you refering to elsa and anna crown? Omg, they are in my wish list but i yet to get any…

    • I’d like to see a better pic of Pooh, too – from the look of this image, I much prefer him to the portrait head Pooh charm that’s already out! :)

      Oh no, I didn’t mean that they’re discontinuing the existing princess crowns – just that they clearly have decided not to bother making them for the future princesses. Perhaps they will discontinue the existing ones, I don’t know!

      • I see… I’m thinking to get Elsa and Anna princess crown to match their murano but still struggling since i have other wish list on new spring, new disney, new mother’s day and new summer collection… Oh no!!! What do u think? Should i get Elsa and Anna princess crown?
        Again, Ellie, you are awesome, fast and furious in pandora news, keeping all if us (pandora fan) updated with latest news, prepared us on what’s new and interesting stuff to look at… Appreciate it,.

        • It’s a tough decision and one that you can only make I guess! How much do you want the Elsa and Anna crowns? I personally would rather get something new, but if you would really like them to match the muranos then get them!
          Thank you so much <3 Thanks for all your comments too!

        • Thanks Ellie, after consideration, i decided to give it a miss. I rather to get some other collection stuff:))

  8. Hi Ellie!
    How exciting to have news from you so often! :-)
    This Disney collection hits in the center of aunt-Chrysa’s heart! :-)) Both signature muranos have to cross the Atlantic before June! I think they will be perfect on a girly bracelet with those two of spring collection! I’ve become pink-purple addict…
    Alice charms don’t seem so appealing on these clearer pictures, neither the Winnie pot. But since they’ve started, we can expect more designs related to non-princess films! I was wondering too, what’s written on Tinkerbell’s star! Does she have a popular phrase?
    Thank you for another wonderful post Ellie! It’s always great to have Disney news! ♥♥♥

    • Hi Chrysa! And there’s another post up for today as well :P Pandora news just keeps cropping up, haha.

      Aw, of course – this is perfect for you! Soft pinks & purples are just what you need, and they’ll go so well with the regular faceted Spring 2016 muranos too. <3 Pandora's recent love of pink is playing right into your hands!

      No, I'm not as keen on the Alice charms on a closer look either - which is disappointing! But I'm still holding out hope that the White Rabbit will be cute in person and that his red & yellow waistcoat won't be too prominent in person either - I'd like to add him to a nature-themed bracelet I have planned. I don't know about Tinkerbell's slogan, we were discussing that earlier - Jessica in the comments above suggested 'second star to the right', which is from the film, and that seems to fit with the star-design of the charm too?

      Thanks for commenting Chrysa! <3 Glad you enjoyed the post! ♥♥

  9. I’m hoping we get at least some of these in Australia! I spoke to someone at my local Pandora and they said we’d be getting some new Disney charms in March…whether they are these new ones though, or ones already available in the US, I don’t know.

    • Hi Amy, i wish all these will be available in Australia too.. If i not wrong they also don’t carry Elsa Anna collection as i could not see any when i was in the shop couple weeks ago. Any idea?

        • I was told by the ladies in the concept store that they will eventually get the other princesses. Fingers cross…

        • My understanding was that Australia & Asia will receive the whole Disney range, eventually :)

      • Hi, I was talking to the sale assistant today and she said that New Zealand should be getting frozen princesses, Alice in wonderland and Snow White princess in march realease

    • I think Australia should be getting the Alice in Wonderland charms, and the Mickey bracelet, at least – my first Disney Spring 2016 sneak peek (which had those pieces) came from an Australian source. :)

  10. For once, I am excited by a Disney collection! Like you, I adore the white rabbit but unsure of how the yellow bits on him will pair with my existing charms. Rapunzel’s murano looks very sweet. I have the pink hearts murano and this might be a good match for it. My screen shows it leaning towards pink. It will be interesting if it also glowed in the dark. Finally, a full bodied Winnie, my favourite bear, aside from Paddington. I love both of them. I cannot quite make out his expression. Wondering if his honey pot is hiding his mouth? :D

    • Yay! I’m hoping that maybe the White Rabbit’s coat won’t be too intrusive in person, as I’d love to add him to my nature bracelet I’m planning. I want to include the new Spring 2016 floral murano, and I think the brightness and variety of its colour would be great for an Alice-themed bracelet anyway :D
      Rapunzel’s murano does look sweet, and I couldn’t quite decide on what colour it was either. Somewhere between pastel purple and pink I guess. I think it will be another glow-in-the-dark bead too!
      Pooh’s expression is something of a mystery. I’m not sure what that dark patch is – his mouth or part of the honey pot! Hopefully a clearer stock image will come our way soon ^^

  11. Hi I am not liking any of these. They look a bot freakish to me lol. On that note I’m anxiously awaiting more pictures from the Spring and Mother’s Day collections.

      • Funny how Pandora can do faces so well on some charms and not so well on others. Hopefully, they will look better in person.

        • It’s true! I think one of the worst for scary faces was the Three Kings charm. Such a nice concept, but terrifying facial expressions!

      • I also wonder how I’ll fit some of these bright enamels into my collection. Rapunzel’s purples are easy, but the White Rabbit’s red-and-yellow waistcoat poses something of a problem…

    • Hi Linda, I feel the same way about a couple of the Alice charms, but for the most part I am liking what I see here! ^^ The Maximus charm is absolutely adorable :D
      Hopefully there’ll be stock images out for Spring & Mother’s Day soon!

  12. My daughter has all the princess charms and is very excited for these two . . . I am desperately waiting for Meredith from Brave. Maybe mother’s day as the movie is such a touching mother daughter story . . .

    • Excellent! Meredith from Brave would be nice, is she an official Disney Princess? I think these charms are it for Pandora Disney for SS16 – but then of course, we haven’t seen the Disney Parks exclusives yet either! Perhaps there’ll be more characters in that lot. :)

  13. That does it. I need to start a Winnie the Pooh bracelet. :-) I think I need to blow up the photo of Pooh a bit more to get a better idea, but it’s Pooh, so… SOLD!

    Piglet would be my top pick for another Pooh Crew member. Soon, hopefully!

    • Aha, I thought of you as soon as I saw the Pooh Honey Pot! I’m hoping it’s cute, but I already prefer it to the existing one just because it’s full-bodied. ^^ Piglet and Tigger would be my other Pooh must-haves. I’m surprised they haven’t gone for Tigger yet!

    • Perhaps there’ll be some more Mickey & Minnie in the Disney Parks exclusive range (these are the concept store pieces, from what I understand). There usually is :)

  14. Would so love Disney charms for my Pandora bracelet…I bought Minnie clip when in Florida last year…I lost it…fell off somewhere. Heartbreaking and as in U.K don’t think I will be able to get hold of any Disney charms. Have long list of all the ones I would adore especially White Rabbit…might be because I am always late. If ever they were to make them available in the UK I would be first in the queue.

    • Oh no, that’s such a shame about your clip! I’m also in the UK, but get help from overseas to get the Disney charms. Have you considered joining the Pandora Facebook selling pages and getting help from a personal shopper? It can be a good method of getting hold of the Disney charms :)

  15. How disappointing. I don’t like any of these. I couldn’t wait to see the spring line, so I add to my Disney bracelet. Oh well money saved.

    • Oh no, sorry to hear that Shannon :( Perhaps there’ll be something in the Disney Parks exclusive line you’ll like instead!

  16. Fun, thanks for sharing these Ellie! Out of all of them I like Maximus (I don’t even know the Tangled movie, I just think it’s such a cute horse!) and Pooh (I’m not particularly into Pooh but this charm is just too cute!). I never did care for the enamel dress line, but they look nicely done for those that collect them. Not too surprised about the crowns not continuing, I think maybe they ran out of ideas of how to differentiate each character, and how many crowns do people really need?

    • You’re welcome! You should definitely see Tangled, it’s very cute and rather funny too. The horse is particularly hilarious (well, to me anyway :P).
      Completely agree with you about the crowns. There was nothing very distinctive about each princess’s crown and I can’t imagine the individual versions sold that well!

  17. I like Rapunzel’s murano more than the Spring purple faceted. I am not sure about to get Spring purple faceted when I saw the photo, I like the color but not faceted cut ( very picky ) . Rapunseal murano is just perfect. Usually I don’t like princess ‘s dress, but I like Rapunzel purple dress with movement.

    • Fantastic! I like both the faceted and the regular-style muranos, so I may well end up with both :P I expect Rapunzel’s murano will glow in the dark, too.

  18. The still like the Mickey bracelet. I have no need for any more bracelets but if this is released in Australia, I will be tempted.

    • That bracelet stock image came from an Australian source, so I think you guys should be getting the bracelet :)

      • Oh that’s nice.. I would think this is bracelet that cannot be missed, especially for mickey minnie lover.. The mickey minnie CZ safety chain match perfectly with this bracelet.. Pandora is releasing the design similar to existing collection and this actually help a lot in styling our bracelet but big hole in our pocket too :( it is too addictive

        • Lol it is super addictive! They’ve got the knack of releasing these special bracelets and charms and persuading us to keep adding to our collections ;)

        • AGREED!!! I find I’m getting crazy with more and more collection especially i am considered newbie for Pandora stuff. I will hunt all the way when i see something i really like but always, either retired or sold out :(((

  19. Firsty i love reading your posts!! I rely on your sneak peeks to show me what im getting way before pandora realises its stock :)

    As an avid pandora disney fan im most excited to see maximus and the fairy godmothers!! Im gald to see they’ve freshened up the lines .. Theres only so many princess tiara charms a girl can have!

    Great post as always!

    • Hi Charley! Thank you very much, it’s great to hear that you enjoy them :D I’ll keep them coming, haha.

      Yes I agree with you – this collection has quite a few original and interesting pieces in it ^^ Particularly the lovely full-bodied Maximus and the Alice in Wonderland charms. I’d love to see a better photo of the Fairy Godmothers bead, as I can’t quite picture the detailing on it. It was probably a good move to stop doing the princess tiaras, they all looked the same anyway haha!

      Thanks for commenting! <3

  20. Hi Ellie I love the rapunzel charms , she is my favourite princess lol and I love the film so I would love all 3. I also love the aurora pieces and the Alice tea party charm. And like I said before I love the bracelet. I’m not sure about the white rabbit though he looks a bit odd will have to see what that one looks like when it comes out.

    Also Ellie do you know if any Pandora rose charms are coming out soon.

    • Hi Nicola! I love Tangled as well (it’s got such a cute sense of humour) and I love that they decided to do a Maximus charm. Judging by the stock image, they’ve captured him very well! The White Rabbit looks nice to me (I think they’ve got his expression rather nicely too – it looks suitably late for a very important date) but I don’t know how I’ll fit his red and yellow coat into any of my designs. :S

      I imagine there will be new Pandora Rose releases, but they are the one collection that I’ve not heard anything about so far. :)

  21. I wonder what the new Disney Parks Spring exclusive charm collection is gonna be like but I know I can’t wait for Walt Disney Worlds 50th anniversary in 2021 aha I don’t even wanna think about 2021 Disney exclusive collection yet lol

    • Haha, they usually do Mickey/Minnie designs or something based around Parks events or anniversaries. I don’t know what’s coming up on the calendar even to guess though!

  22. My pick will be the tinkerbell star and repunzel murano. Love the purple pink colour. Tough choice between this and the new spring pink and purple facet murano. Is tinkerbell pink? Looks pinkish in picture.

    • Yes, it’s funny that they’ve released two sets of pink & purple muranos that are so similar at the same time! I think a lot of people will be struggling to choose between them. ^^ Tinkerbell is silver & not pink – I think that’s just a quirk of the stock image!

      • Thanks for the confirmation that tinkerbell is silver. I intend to put her on my blue starry theme bracelet with most of 2014 cosmic pieces, mickey mouse sorceror, fantasia charm and last year blue iridescent murano. They are right now all on a bangle, but too much charms(13 of them) on it. Have to upgrade them onto a bracelet. Can’t decide to get the pave heart, new threadless or mickey mouse one. Any suggestion to help me out?

        • Wow, that’s good idea to have blue starry bracelet as I’m still strugglig how to style my sorcerer and fantasia charm…. I’ll be getting iridescent murano since i almost giving up in hunting aventurescent murano:( the tinkerbell looks cute especially the fairy inside, love it after look at it again…

        • Yes, the tinkerbell charm is really cute. I think it will goes well on the opposite side of my pave star charm from 2014. They are such a match.

        • Ops, i will have hard time to blend the green color bead into my collection then.. May be my floral fairy theme.. ? I will wait to see the real stuff first

        • I took a look at it again and realise that it has green CZ. Oh no, the colour scheme doesn’t match. Will be kind of hard to style it. Maybe in xmas theme bracelet.

        • I’m thinking to get two to match the Spring 2016 beads, the one with fairy surrounded by flowers… I guess they will match nicely

        • Ooh that’s a fun decision to make! I’d be tempted to get one of the bracelets with pavé, as the sparkle would look so beautiful with those deep cosmic blues. The Mickey Mouse one would match with your Disney charms, but the pavé heart clasp has more pavé and would bring out that contrast between the deep blues and the glitter more. Depends on which aspect you’d like to bring out more :)

        • I think I will get the Disney one. A touch of sparkle, not too much pave. Will go well with the new heart shape safety chain. The pave heart clasp might not go so well with the heart chain. Too many hearts together.

        • Sounds good! <3 Although I have my enamel heart-shaped Disney safety chain on my plain silver heart-clasp bracelet and they look great together!

  23. Hi Ellie !
    I can’t stay quiet since the review for the spring and mother’s day, and it’s worse since the updated.
    But this review don’t make me crazy : I have a two tone with the gorgeous Cinderella’s pumpkin coach, the unicorn, frog prince charm and fairies, I can’t see wich one I can add except the excellent Maximus aha.
    No matter, with your updated my list nothing but does lengthen, so I took one return with my banker, we must discuss it seriously ! LOL
    I am waiting the different prices to know how much I should borrow aha…
    Nice day !

    • Hi Isabelle! Ah, well, it’s good that you’re not mad about these charms in a way – at least you can scratch these off your wish list haha. The Maximus charm is amazing (plain silver, and with a delightfully mischievous expression too) and will be the one I get, if nothing else too!

      Ahaha! I expect my banker has given up on me ;) I am hopeless when it comes to Pandora, as you can well imagine!

      Thanks for commenting Isabelle! Have a nice evening too :D

  24. I’m surprised this collection isn’t bigger and there’s no Minnie and Mickey charms, unless there saving them for the park exclusives.
    I wanted a tigger charm, a different Olaf charm and some different princess charms. Hopefully these might be future releases.
    I do like the Mickey bracelet and the tinkerbell charm. I’d like to see a clearer picture or live shot of charm to see it better.

    • Well at least it’s bigger than the AW15 collection, which was tiny and disappointing to quite a lot of people I think ^^ Mickey & Minnie will probably crop up in the Parks exclusives, as you say!
      Tigger and Piglet would be amazing! I’d definitely get those. It’s funny – as much as I love Winnie the Pooh, he’s not the character I find cutest. Eeyore, Tigger and Piglet would all make very sweet charms!
      Hopefully some clearer pics will come out so we can see the detailing a little better :)

    • Me toooo! That scene where he and Flynn chase each other is fantastic, just for the horse’s facial expressions. ^^ You should be able to get one in May! xx

  25. I am so excited for this release! I LOVE that they made princess charms that are more relevant to the movies. I will probably get the fairy godmother charm and the Maximus charm even though I have been avoiding dangle charms. I’m just so happy they finally made an animal sidekick from a princess film. I will probably get the tea party charm as well. I think Alice’s face may look different from a different angle. I like and want all the Alice charms and the Ariel charm also, but I do need to be reasonable. :) Maybe I can collect them over a while.

    • Yes that’s exactly what I love too! These charms aren’t so generic – they really represent the films themselves as well as the princesses. No more of those generic crowns :)
      Maximus is an amazing charm, I love that they did him – and, from the look of the stock image, they got his stubborn expression bang on. I’m hoping that the Alice charms are cuter in person. I find Alice’s face rather alarming in the tea party charm from that picture. I’d like to see a live photo of the White Rabbit to see how bright his enamel coat is!

  26. Hi Mora!

    Thank you for the post! I am a huge Tangled lover and I am SO excited to get these charms!! I love Maximus, but Pascal is my favorite … I hope they make him soon!!

    Do you know if the charms will only be available for purchase at Disney or can you buy the charms online on Pandora’s website? I was at Disney World for Christmas and I don’t know when I can be back again :(

    • Hi Lauren!

      You are welcome. Maximus is my favourite, so I’m thrilled they made him – but Pascal would be a great addition too! I just love the Disney animals in general – the more the better! ^^

      These charms should be available from both Pandora and Disney. :) They are not Park exclusives.

      Hope that helps!

    • Good question – but one that I unfortunately don’t know the answer to yet. I’ll update the Promos page when I do :)

  27. I love the crowns, and they must have sold well. Several of them are out of stock on the website currently. I even went to an official Pandora store, and they were also sold out of two of the versions of crowns. I’m bummed they didn’t keep it going. Sleeping Beauty should have had a solid gold one with a point on top :(. I’ve been doing the 4 for each princess, but with only three for Aurora what will I do?

    • That’s interesting! Although I suppose that could also be because Pandora aren’t making so many or are discontinuing them… That’s a shame that you won’t complete the princess set, though. Perhaps you could get the generic My Princess dangle and use that for Aurora?

      • That’s a great idea. I also loved that the crowns had the princess’ name written at the top of the charm. When grouped with the same princess beads, it looks great (and identifies the them for non-fans). But such is life :).

        • Glad to help! It is a shame that you’ll be missing Aurora’s name on the charm, but at least you’ll have four different ones :)

  28. Hi Ellie,Understand from your latest review his disney release will be on 17th Mar, will it be launched in Australia? Do u have the price list?

  29. Hi,

    Can anyone tell me how much the Disney Princess dress beads should weigh? My daughter is a huge DP fan but we can’t get the Disney range over here in the UK?? so have had to buy one from eBay and although it says Pandora I’m worried it maybe a fake. How can you tell?

    • Hi Sara, I’m afraid I can’t help you with those as I don’t own any! There are a lot of fakes available on eBay and it is hard for us to tell in the UK as stores don’t sell them. You could try taking it into store and they might be able to check for any obvious defects in quality?

  30. When will the next Disney charms be released? I am a huge tangled fan and would really love to have her crown. I am a big Disney fan in general and would love to know if they will be releasing more Disney this year.

      • Hi Avaly, you can purchase exclusive disney charm online, I did mine once:) but for those normal disney charm which you can get in Pandora concept store, please do not purchase from disney store as it is more expensive:)

  31. Hi! Wondering if anyone can help to clarify this for me. I’m looking to get the Tinkerbell Star Charm. Wondering if it has the S925 ALE stamp on it located next to the Pandora wording, as I don’t see it from the website photos but charms from other websites appear to have that stamp located there.
    Would appreciate if anyone who has gotten the actual Tinkerbell charm could help to clarify this for me, would be much appreciated! Thanks!

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