This post brings another Pandora SS16 sneak peek (just a small one this time :P), with a look at the limited edition Pandora Club charm 2016! For the uninitiated, since 2014 Pandora have taken to releasing a limited edition ‘Pandora club’ charm each year, designed to celebrate dedicated collectors’ love of Pandora.

pandora club banner

The charm usually features a diamond and the Pandora logo in some way – follow the links for reviews of the previous Club charms for 2014 and 2015! :) Otherwise, read on for a sneak peek at this year’s!

Pandora Club Charm 2016 Sneak Peek

The following image also emerged from the Pandora SS16 previews held in Romania yesterday, and it looks like a still from an upcoming Pandora campaign video. The charm pictured features a pretty openwork heart design, the year engraved on it and a diamond on the reverse side. It looks like a limited edition Club charm to me? :P

Pandora Club Charm 2016
Image by Elle Romania

I am not sure of pricing or a release date for this one – in 2014, the Club charm came out for Spring, but last year it was released with the Summer collection. I’ll update when I know more about this charm!

My Comment

Although it’s another heart design, I quite like this year’s Club exclusive. The patterning reminds me of the hearts suit in playing cards, and it strikes me as a charm that would go well with the Alice in Wonderland pieces, for that reason! I ended up getting the Club charms for the past two years, so I’ll probably end up with this one as well. :P

Hopefully the fact that it’s an openwork will bring the price down too!

What do you think of this year’s design?

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  1. Hi Ellie I really like this one I think it’s my favourite about of all the club charms it looks very vintage. One question Ellie is the 2015 club charm still available?.

    • Hi Nicola! Vintage is a good way to describe it – it’s tied with the first one as my favourite I think. The 2015 Club charm is technically retired, but a lot of stores still seem to have stock of it!

  2. I like this charm with all the detailing. It’s my favourite one of all the club charms. I need to see a better picture, but it might possible be one I’d buy. I could see it matching in with my collection.

    • I like it as well! I much prefer it to the 2015 charm – the detailing is much more intricate and interesting.

  3. Best of the three so far. Read elsewhere that there is s diamond on this charm. Hope it doesn’t hike up the price like the first one. Will definitely buy it if it’s not too pricey. Too pretty to resist :)

  4. I’ve sat out on the past two club charms because they didn’t really appeal to me, but I absolutely love this year’s design. I think I’ll be getting this one since it’d be a nice way to mark my final year of school.

    • I got the first two Club charms – I loved the first one (even though it’s quite large!) and liked the second. This one I love, and it will be the easiest yet to style with other charms I think!
      It would be a lovely way to commemorate finishing school, too. That’s the nice thing about the Club charms – as they have the year engraved, they double-up as a nice way to celebrate a special year!

  5. I’ve not indulged in the past 2 club charms either, but I really like the style of this one! The suit of cards analogy was lovely, it’s a perfect description of it! :D I think it should be nicely priced, as it’s an openwork, fingers crossed, I have a lot to save up for this season :P

    Thanks for all these back-to-back posts Ellie! Such a star :D xxx

    • Thanks, it really does remind me of a playing card! ^^ If the Alice in Wonderland charms were nicer, I’d definitely be considering putting them all together.

      You are welcome! <3 Glad you're enjoying xxx

      • I so agree Ellie! The charm is lovely and the first thing that came to my mind was the Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland. I think that it would be lovely on an Alice themed bracelet with the retired Mouse in Teacup! I am not particularly fond of the Disney Alice charms that have been released thus far, but I am sure that more will follow! ; )

        • I’m still quite tempted to get this one and put it with the Alice charms… if the Alice beads prove to be nicer than they look in the previews! Or if not, to mix a couple of Alice-themed charms in to the nature-themed bracelet I’m planning ;) I still quite like the White Rabbit!

  6. Hi Ellie!
    Oh, my girl you are a treasure! You’ve spoiled us so much, I now check your blog for new posts every hour! :-)
    I love this design and totally agree with everyone above: it’s by far the best out of three club charms! It will go straight on my baby pink-purple bracelet! :-)
    Thank you for the wonderful news Ellie! You’ve made my day (again)! ♡♡♡

    • Hi Chrysa! Haha, you are lovely! I’m glad that you’re enjoying the updates – lots of information coming out of these previews in Romania, it seems. :D Its cute design is perfect for your pink-purple bracelet and, as it has the year on it, is perfect to celebrate the year of your niece’s birth too!

      Thanks for commenting Chrysa <3 A pleasure as always! ♡♡

  7. I didn’t like the previous club charms but this one is so lovely! I’ll need to see it in person first but I’m sure I will purchase it. Thanks for all the posts!

    • I like this one a lot as well and it’s very likely that I will end up with it ;) Although I am possibly one of the few who really liked the first Club charm. It is so hard to style, but the concept is so fun and original. Glad you’re enjoying the posts!

  8. This is a must buy for me, I like the design even though I’m kinda of tried of hearts. I didn’t like last years design at all.

    • I get tired of hearts too, but Pandora do manage to knock it out of the park with some of them still – even after all the heart designs they’ve already done! ;) I liked last year’s design, although it didn’t wow me. The first one I still love for its originality!

  9. Very cool design! I don’t have either of the previous club charms, but I will consider this one if it’s not too expensive. This is definitely neat for anyone celebrating a milestone event this year (wedding, baby, graduation). (It’s still neat even if you don’t have a big event coming up!). I agree that it would go well with the Alice beads. Maybe the Alice openwork bead really doesn’t look as bad as the picture makes it look. I guess I should hold judgment until I see it in the store. Thanks for yet another post!!

    • Yes I agree – having the year engraved does make them perfect to celebrate your own special milestone as well! I just like the concept of celebrating Pandora collectors with a special charms as well. We will have to wait and see regarding the Alice charms! Based on the stock images, the Rabbit is the only one I’d consider right now. Maybe the faces aren’t so freaky in person ;)
      You are welcome! :P

  10. i got the 2015 club charm since it fits my collection of heart charms. but this 2016 club charm is truly much nicer! i’ll get it! thanks again for your regular blogs for us to be updated ??☺️

    • Yay! I agree, this one is much nicer than last year’s. :D You are welcome, I’m pleased you’re enjoying the posts <3

  11. I agree with what’s already been said. While it is another heart, it’s a departure from previous designs, and I quite like it. I’ve bought the last two, and my least favorite is the 2014 box, as it just doesn’t flow well with the rest of the charms on my bracelet. This one looks like it does, and I’m looking forward to seeing it in person.

    • The 2014 Hidden Heart is really tricky to style (I think I made a whole post just with styling ideas when it came out) but I love it for its originality anyway. I have it on the end of one of my bracelets and it works reasonably well as a kind of end-stop, haha. I’m looking forward to seeing a live shot or clearer stock image of this one too :D

      • I agree. I bought the 2014 one for exactly that – it’s originality. I currently have it cozied up next to a murano, which seems to be the best place for it for me. I tried it on the very end, but found it difficult to get the clasp fastened.

        I think I could deal with Pandora sticking with hearts in general for their club charms, so long as they’re as pretty and unique as this one. I’ll look forward to seeing more pictures. Any word on the rumors of a new fairy charm, Ellie? You KNOW I’m looking forward to that one! :-)

        • I have mine next to the pavé star safety chain, which is quite large in itself – and it seems to offset the Club charm quite nicely! Next to a murano is a good idea, though, as those are probably the only style of beads that are going to be larger than it!

          I see that you saw the fairy charm in the Urban Diva video! It’s rather sweet isn’t it? Even if there is a little bit of pavé ;)

  12. Pretty! I kind of like this one even though the first one was my favorite. Like lot people said, I’m really tired of the overwhelming hearts, but this one is cute. The dotted pattern is really nice like some of the recent valentines designs. I’ll probably get this one! Thx for all the news, it must be a lot of work to update your blog so often. :)

    • Yeah, in some ways it’s a shame that they defaulted to another heart design – but it is pretty great! And I love the vintage styling of it, it does remind me of a playing card. So it is still something quite distinctive, even amongst all the Pandora hearts!
      It is a lot of work (especially with all those live shots :P) but I get too excited about all the new info not to! Glad you’re enjoying the posts anyhow :)

      • I hadn’t thought of a playing card, but it sort of reminded me of one of those paper lace heart doilies. I always loved crafting with those things for Valentine’s Day as a kid.

        • Oh yes, I like the doilie analogy as well! My grandmother had lots of them around her house, and I would like to have another charm that reminds me of her.

  13. I am building a LE diamond Club charm only bracelet for fun, I was lucky to get the 2014 Can $40 from outlet. 2016 is delicate & classy, I like this much more than 2015 one. Pandora only has Club charm with tiny diamond on, even though is a tiny tiny diamond, ha! ha!

  14. Hi Ellie,

    Love the new club charm. Not so keen on the spring and mothers day collections. Far too much cz and button style charms. Here in Holland we have a wonderful sale 50% on a lot of items. I bought 2 lovely 2tone pieces with beautiful details: the carousel and the jewelbox. I put them between 2 clips together with the vintage heart and the golden nightingale to build a mini 2tone bracelet. It looks lovely!
    Greetings Nellie

    • Hi Nellie! Glad to hear that you love the Club charm. Even if you don’t like too much from Spring/Mother’s Day, at least you will have something to fall back on. There are a lot of button-style charms, but there’s enough that I’ve seen to keep me occupied! The new bracelet, muranos and safety chains are all excellent and are perfectly in keeping with more classic Pandora pieces, so those will all be mine haha ;)
      Sounds like a fantastic sale haul! All the two-tone pieces you mention are among my favourites – they all have such lovely oxidised detailing, and the little touch of gold is perfect. Enjoy your new charms – I’m sure your bracelet looks lovely!


  15. I don’t like button style charm which look like dessert cake, the wrap around side way look very odd on bracelet. My pick is Club charm, Floral Murano, Rapunzel Murano for sure.

    • I have the Radiant Hearts button charm, but I’m not too tempted to get any more… They are pretty, but I don’t want all my charms looking too similar to each other!

  16. Ellie, i saw an update from another blogger saying this will be released 17Mar together with Spring collection… I really cannot wait to get this!! Must have in my collection!!!

    • Good! I can get the Club charm, Floral & Rapunzel murano or one more charm to get 2 free bracelets. At first, I am thinking to spend for one transaction spend Can $125 only.

    • Well I would certainly love it to be March! ;) Although it’s looking like I’m going to be breaking the bank on the 17th at this rate…

  17. I bought the 2014 club charm during their mid year sale last year for half price but did not get last year’s. Might get it if I can find it somewhere for half price too. I really love this year club charm. Classy and vintage, the style I like. It will b a good one to commemorate our 10th year wedding anniversary on my marriage bangle. Will have to replace the 2014 club
    Charm that is sitting on it with this 2016 charm which is more meaningful. The thing with 2014 club charm is that it just doesn’t seems to fit anywhere though I really love it and was thrilled to find it during the sale as a last piece item. Will have to keep it away till I can find a spot for it.

    • Yes, I love this one’s vintage look as well! It’s what I liked about the Filled with Romance charm too. And it’s nice that it can commemorate your anniversary too! <3
      That is the problem with the Club charm from 2014. It took me a while to find its forever home - it's so chunky that it's hard to make it blend into bracelet designs. It can easily look inelegant. It's a bit less boxy if you have the lid open, but that can get a bit irritating! I still love it for its originality though, and it is a charm I treasure.

      • I used to wear it with the lid open so that the inside can be seen and look not so square. I’ve got the new filled with romance too. Beautiful piece with all the intricate design.

        • I do that as well, although I find the lid flapping open and shut a bit annoying sometimes. It does look a lot better that way though! Otherwise it really is just a box for anyone just looking at your wrist, haha.

  18. I love the design of this charm, but I wish the 2016 was not as prominent! I also hope it will not be too expensive with the diamond, but such a pretty design!

    • Yeah, I think the date issue is a bit tricky for Pandora. Some people love having the date engraved & obvious, and some people don’t… There were complaints when they didn’t put the date on the 2012 Black Friday charm and they’ve added the date ever since :) I quite like having the date on them, as it makes them seem more collectible. In any case, I completely agree – this design is lovely!

  19. Hi Ellie! I have the other two club charms, didn’t like too much de little box but bought it… But I really loved this new 2016!!!! This is a must for me…
    Thank you for showing them!!!!

    • Hi Carla! I really like this one as well :D The design is definitely more interesting than last year’s heart charm!
      Thanks for commenting! <3

  20. Hi Ellie-just need to tell you- I got the Arabian Coffee Pot in Evian!!!! I didn’t belive when I saw they had it!

    • Hi Carla! That’s such great news :D That one can be tricky to find, but it is well worth the effort. Enjoy your new charm!

  21. More hearts. :-( But on the good side, I can make myself believe in the continuing theme of unboxing charms and that way talk myself into buying yet another heart!!!!

    Next year I’d love to see a Pandora Concept store as the club charm, then it would be easier to fool myself for all the club charms after. LOL.

    • Hi Lola, it’s nice to hear from you! Aha, it is yet another heart charm from Pandora – but it’s such a nice one. ^^ At least they’re getting a bit more creative with all their hearts!

      Aha, a concept store! What a funny… concept. :P

  22. Can anyone tell me how long a club charm is sold for in stores? Throughout a specific year or until they run out? Do club charms sell pretty quick? Thanks in advance!

    • I think it’s for a year, give or take. The 2015 Club charm is still available here in the UK and I think the plan is for it to retire once the new one comes out. :) I don’t know about other territories, but it hasn’t sold out here. They seem to be in plenty of supply :)

  23. Is this charm still available? Where would I buy it? I just started collecting Pandora charms. I was able to get in on the spend $100 get a free bracelet offer. Well two heart pave clips and two charms later, I have two bracelets. LOL. I picked up the Limited Edition “Bound by Love” yesterday. Anyway, I am a real newbie who loves this blog.

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