Today is Mothering Sunday here in the UK, and to celebrate I’m reviewing the limited edition Pandora Mother’s Day charm for 2016, the two-tone Bound by Love charm. :D I’m sure there are many lucky mothers around the country who have received this charm, or others from Pandora’s latest collection. ^^

pandora mother's day 2016 cover
Image by Pandora

This charm was released early in the UK to coincide with our Mothering Sunday – it will be released in most countries in April. In the meantime, you can get a sneak peek at this charm through this review! ^^

Pandora Bound by Love Review

Yes, this is yet another heart charm from Pandora that I’m reviewing – but it seems like hearts make up the bulk of what Pandora have released so far this year. However, the striking thing about this particular one is the 14kt gold bow detailing, which is gorgeous in person. The openwork design really allows each bow to stand out, as well.

pandora mother's day 2016 bound by love

However, I would have much preferred something other than pavé detailing around the edges of the heart. I am quite fussy about putting gold and pavé together, and I think this charm would have looked nicer with some ornate oxidised detailing (like the Filled with Romance) around the edges instead.

pandora mother's day 2016 release

Nevertheless, this wasn’t a deal-breaker for me with this charm. The gold bows are very striking in person, and the pavé fades mostly into the background of the design. (Btw, that’s a yellow rose you can see in the background. I was using it as a background to some of the pictures and then discarded most of them – I liked this one so kept it in!)

pandora mother's day 2016 bound by love

It’s another 2D-style heart; the sides are smooth and plain, with a gold bow on each. It’s an openwork, so you can see the chain through the bow design when you put it on your bracelet.

pandora mother's day 2016 bound by love

It’s a limited edition charm, and will be sold while stocks last. This has become something of a tradition from Pandora for Mother’s Day, and this charm follows a series of two-tone Mother’s Day limited edition pieces: the Bear my Heart in 2013, the Vintage Heart in 2014 and the Always in my Heart in 2015. I have the first two, but gave the 2015 edition a miss as I wasn’t keen on the design or the script.

vintage heart bear my heart b


I have reviewed a lot of hearts so far this year, or so it seems – so I wanted to do something a bit more creative with this review! There’s a fair bit of excitement for the Alice in Wonderland charms coming out this season, so I thought I’d do a Queen of Hearts Alice-themed bracelet to start with!

I had to go with what I had already in my collection, so this design and its Alice motifs are inevitably a little abstract. The Heart Beat pink enamel heart charm is perfect for the Queen of Hearts, and the Bound by Love and 2015 Club charm complement it well – the two-tone bow and silver crown detailing add to the sense of royalty, too!

pandora bound by love review alice in wonderland

The Teapot, Celebration Cake and Tea Cup charms represent the Mad Hatter’s tea party (the Celebration Cake also towers over the other charms and in this context works quite well in terms of things being topsy-turvy sizes in the Alice world – plus it has another big heart on top!) and the Easter Bunny is the closest I could come to the White Rabbit. The Butterfly Kisses also indirectly represent the caterpillar and simply the vibrant colours of the world in Alice. Finally, I bracketed the whole design with the moonstone cabochon spacers – to represent the whole thing being a dream at the end. ^^

pandora bound by love review

Next, we have two designs from my own collection. I asked people in a previous post whether they thought this charm would look nice on my two-tone bracelet, which has no pavé on it so far. Opinion was pretty evenly split, not giving me much to go on, haha.

pandora bound by love review

It was nice, but I am still fighting a desire to hold on to that really classic, pavé-free feel that the bracelet had before. So the other possibility is to add it to this bracelet design, which you’ve seen a lot of in recent reviews. The gold makes a nice complement to the Cinderella blues and it seems fitting to have a dash of opulence for my centrepiece.

pandora bound by love review

You’ll also notice my rather lovely Vienna Opera Ball charm on this bracelet – obviously it will need another dangle on the other side to balance it out, although I haven’t decided what yet!


The limited edition aspect of the charm doesn’t particularly add to its desirability for me, as its design is a bit too generic to make it feel truly collectable. Nevertheless, it is another nice, pretty heart design from Pandora, and there’s a good amount of gold in it, too.

The Bound by Love charm is £70 in the UK. If you’re in the UK, you can buy it alongside the rest of the Pandora Mother’s Day collection from authorised retailer John Greed. 

Are you a fan of this design? Have you purchased it, or is on your wish list?

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  1. I wasn’t too into this charm when I saw the promotional pictures, but as usual your reviews make it so much more appealing! I am getting a little tired of Pandora’s pavé on everything but maybe that phase will go out soon! Although, I am not sure how I feel about these button styled charms. Personally, I do not like them but a few like “Filled with Romance” and “Bound by Love” makes me more lenient into getting them! It would be nice if Pandora started releasing more unique designs instead of reusing the same designs or the same shape.
    Thanks for the wonderful review, Ellie!

    • The Pandora + pavé love affair doesn’t look to be easing off any time soon, and I’m a little fatigued with it as well – or, rather, I’d just like more plain silver pieces to balance them out. ^^ Some more creativity and ingenuity in designing new releases would be very welcome, I agree!
      Thanks for commenting, Marina – I’m glad you enjoyed the review <3

  2. I like the Alice in wonderland themed bracelet and you’ve done well just using what you have already got in your collection.
    It does look nice with all your other two tone charms. I think it would look nice with your Cinderella pumpkin carriage, as that’s got a bit of gold& pave the same. Also the Cinderella blue murano to match with it.
    Enjoyed seeing your different designs.

    • Thanks, Sarah! It’s always quite fun trying to make new themes out of what you already have, although inevitably the result is not quite what you’d like in an ideal world.
      I think it would be a great match with the Pumpkin Carriage, I should have thought of that! I’m leaning more towards keeping this charm with the two-tone bracelet right now :)
      Thanks for commenting Sarah!

  3. I think the charm looks great between the 2 colorful muranos. It showcases the charm and makes it stand out more.

    • Thanks, Lisa! I did like that effect, too, but I was wearing the bracelet yesterday and just didn’t gel with it in person. So I’m going to rethink it again haha.

  4. I don’t like LE Always in My Heart 2015 and Bound by Love 2016, 2D heart with paved. I can’t stand 14k gold with cz. Pandora can put plated or fake gold with cz, no need to put 14k already. 14k with cz is totally unacceptable as a jewelry piece. I don’t mind a touch of cz for silver but Pandora is paving everthing for high price, so disappointed! I like Pandora new release murano and retired classic silver or 2 toned charms. Waiting to see spring murano next week,2016 tiny diamond Club charm and LE bangle.

    • I’m not particularly keen on pavé and two-tone in general either. I don’t mind little touches of gold with a predominantly pavé charm (i.e. like with the Cinderella Pumpkin Carriage), but if the gold is the focal point then I tend to not like pavé with it. If that makes sense, haha. But this charm was pretty enough that I overlooked it in this instance ^^

      • Cinderella Pumpkin and 2015 LE Black Friday charms have the perfect touch of gold on a paved charm which I love it .

  5. £70 is very expensive for that charm, I think, the gold bow is lovely though but not the pave. I think you shouldn’t add any pave on your two tone because the focus should be the gold and pave is not a precious stone. I like that you have the teacup and the teapot as your (almost) centre piece of your bracelet bec the teacup and teapot are the centre pieces on my bracelet :) They are my 2 favorite charms and I got them to represent the 10 years I have lived in the UK (drinking tea) as opposed to the UK flag branded charms. I was also thinking of adding them with the Alice charms last week as well! Does your teacup always hang upside down though? Mine does.

    • Yes, I thought that, but there is a surprisingly amount of gold in it. The bows are quite substantial and there is one on each side… So I’m not too surprised at the price point, on reflection.
      I am actually so torn on where to put this charm now ahaha. I have decided against putting it on the Cinderella bracelet, but am not sure where to try it next.
      I love the tea cup and teapot, too! I’m still surprised that Pandora retired them. My tea cup does hang upside down a lot, but I’ve learned not to let that bother me with Pandora charms haha. It’s inevitable with so many of them!

  6. Hiya ;):) I must admit that I love this charm and feel it is a very “you” charm and am glad you went with it! Not sure why everyone hates pave with gold however it is very minut in this case and with that being said I still think it has that classic two tone Pandora feel that we all love and got used to. I was one who voted to keep this charm on your two tone and now that j see it there I love it. If it bothers you, I don’t blame u for moving it to another location where u feel comfortable. The only bracelet I do not feel it belongs is the blue Cinderella Murano one. I feel with the abundance of colors now adding gold bits to it really makes it feel a bit mismatched and even throws this bracelet off balance this bracelet should be cold colors and silver only :) seeing your teapot and saucer cup and hearing you mention Alice gave me an idea for this charm. What if this charm which has the bow( which Alice wears) and the teapot and saucer and a few new Disney Alice pieces all go on a bracelet and u have a full mini Alice theme ( one strong blue Murano could work too maybe a strong heart and cat charm also to represent the rest of the movie ) sorry that was just a tiny idea that came to mind and I wanted to share :)

    • Hey Alex! I actually like it on my two-tone much more than I thought I would. It does blend with the other charms quite nicely and they make the pavé stand out much less. I’m still not sure if it’ll stay there, though…
      It’s funny, but I actually really agree with you about the Cinderella bracelet. I put it together for this review and quite liked it. I took the picture and still liked it. Then I wore it all of yesterday as a test drive and by the end of it, I really didn’t like all the colours together at all and it just looked messy to me. So I took it apart and put it back to how it was. And the Bound by Love is homeless again lol. I think you’re right about cooler colours only!
      That’s a great idea for an Alice theme! The bow is very apposite, I hadn’t thought of that. I should have put a cat charm on my bracelet design to represent the Cheshire cat. I’d forgotten him, I must admit!

  7. Gold should go with paved tiny diamond but not cz. I would rather Pandora makes everything cz, fake stone, synthetic, played gold to lower the price. Cz is not real stone which can’t claim as a real jewelry piece, Pandora’s fan is already very tolerate with some Czech, synthetic stone for high price. If Pandora want to keep them as a real jewelry, they have to make good quality product to keep their fans.

    • I do feel the same as you in many respects, although perhaps not quite as strongly. I miss the real gemstones Pandora used to use so much – the cabochon spacers are gorgeous. I have the moonstone ones and I’d like to collect more of them. They were expensive, but at least you were getting genuine stones! ^^

  8. Cz not Czech above. I vote for no cz on your bracelet as a REAL JEWELRY bracelet. I keep my two toned strictly silver, two toned ( club charm ).

    • No, I don’t have any CZ on my existing fairy-tale two-tone bracelet. Although I d have some pink enamel on it, and I think that looks okay!

  9. Hi Ellie I really like this charm I didn’t realise that it was limited edition I really liked your Alice in wonderland theme. Did you get the Mother’s Day murano I really like that one to but haven’t got it yet.

    • Hi Nicola! Yeah, it is a limited edition, which probably influenced me to get it a little bit haha. I was so tempted by the Mother’s Day murano but have decided against it for now. I just don’t have anywhere to put it right now. I might come back for it in the future!

      P.S. Your new avatar is cute! :D

  10. Cute pairings! Maybe you could even wear all of them together on a bangle and put a murano in between each of them. It could be a cute look.

  11. I’m in Australia and am loving these previews as our Mother’s Day isn’t until May. I know not all countries have the same releases but it’s still insightful to see ideas for themes and such.
    New to Pandora , I love lots of the button style and floral charms. I’m planning several stacks. So many charms to love. Don’t know why it took me so long to fall in love with Pandora.

    • I know, it is fun that the UK gets these charms a little earlier than everyone else. ^^ Normally I get the limited edition Mother’s Day bangle from this early release, but this year’s was too family-orientated for me.
      Welcome to the rather addictive world of Pandora, in any case! If you like the button-style charms and the flowers then you are in luck with the upcoming Spring collection! ^^ Hang on to your wallet, haha.

      • Haha I’m addicted after only a month of collecting. Mum and daughter have also followed me … local Pandora stockist is wonderful and very helpful. All 3 of us are very happy with the new spring collection as well as the Mother’s Day bangle coming soon. I’ve already completed my pink and silver bracelet. Going to start a TT themed one now. I have been lucky enough to pick up a 2014 LE TT heart charm which is absolutely divine

        • Aw, I hear you! I think I finished my first bracelet in about six months and it only went downhill from there ;) Congrats on finding the LE Vintage Heart from 2014, that one is a gorgeous charm and quite sought after!

  12. The Alice in Wonderland bracelet is cute. That was a good idea to put the enamel heart and butterfly charms in there, but I can see how you think the new Disney charms wouldn’t fold into it easily because of all the bright enamel. I like your new charm on the two-tone bracelet the best. In the picture I don’t think the pave stands out too much.

    • Thanks, Stephanie! I would quite like the White Rabbit, but that red and yellow enamel is going to be super hard to style. :/ I do like it on the two-tone bracelet as well, more than I thought I would, but I’m still indecisive as to where it should go ultimately. Hopeless! And everyone here has a different opinion haha.

  13. Hi, i love this charm the moment i saw the preview from the blog. I am late in collecting Pandora therefore i couldn’t get most of the classic TT charm so I’m building my TT bracelet with TT cz charms. Although it doesn’t give me the classic vintage look but it looks beautiful and i always get compliments from people around. I would think it is still good to go (but i do agree that pave detailing make the price sky high)…
    Anyway, well done Ellie for another marvelous post with super creative styling for Alice theme bracelet. You have never failed us with tons of surprise and new idea into our mailbox. Thank you so much. Any idea when will this LE charm be released in Australia? I mean the exact date.

    • Hi Shirleen, it is a shame that you’ve missed out on a lot of the two-tone classics! It might be worth trying to track some down, if you get the chance. <3 Although a lot of the fairy-tale two-tone classics are still around, and they are just as lovely!
      Aw, thank you! Glad you enjoyed it. This charm will be out in Australia with your Mother's Day release on the 14th of April. :) So you've a little while to wait!

  14. My thoughts are just like those of Alex V. I think the bead looks nice on your two tone bracelet and if the pave bugs you, you can move the bead to another bracelet. I don’t really like the bead on your Cinderella murano bracelet. I strongly prefer the Ribbon of Love bead you had on it. I think the muranos look nicer with silver.

    I’m not a pave fan, but pave around the edges (instead of the whole bead) is okay with me. I’m sure you have more bracelets in your future, so Bound by Love can move to another bracelet later to keep your two tone bracelet pave free as you prefer.

    • I agree, I’ve decided against the Cinderella bracelet design for sure. I like the cooler colours on it as well, and I don’t want it to look too messy. I’m undecided about the two-tone styling still though! I could always put it on the Dainty Bow bangle, as Chrysa has just suggested, too.

  15. Hi Ellie, while I initially said your two-tone bracelet should be pave-free, seeing the photo of your new charm on that bracelet has kind of changed my mind. It looks beautiful mixed in with the other touches of gold and not out of place.

    Thanks for your lovely photos… The Alice stylings are very cute.

    I was wondering–and sorry if this has been asked before–but have you ever mixed the rose and yellow gold charms together? I’m playing with the idea of a very simple pairing of a rose clasp bracelet with a two-tone charm. However, I’m unsure if the pinkish and yellow colors would clash…

    Have a happy week :)

    • Hi Kris, this is really good idea! I have not own any rose collection yet but would keen to get few of them during bracelet promo in US on this 31st Mar. Do share with us if you have done some styling. My instagram flying.piggy.28
      Mind to share yours?

      • Hello there :) I do have an account but haven’t posted any Pandora stylings as of yet (plus, my collection is still quite small).

        I have posted some of my travel photos, though, including a few from my UK trip last year. I just followed you and sent you a private message at IG…you’re welcome to follow me if you’d like :)

    • Hi Kris! Thanks, I was quite won over by the combination of it with the two-tone bracelet when I actually tried it. I don’t know if I’ll keep it that way, but it looked nicer than I expected. :)

      Yes, I have tried some Rose and two-tone combinations! If you take a look at my Club charm 2015 review, you’ll see a styling based on that idea:
      It looks rather nice, I think, but I think it depends on how you do it and what colours you put with it.

      Have a lovely week too and thanks for commenting!

      • Hi Ellie, thanks for sharing the link. The rose and yellow combo is really lovely. I’m pleasantly surprised :)

  16. I tend to think of Pandora charms as fashion jewelry, rather than investment pieces, so I am not hung up on precious metals and natural stones. As long as it is pretty, I may choose silver, two-tone, CZ, glass, semi-precious stones or any combination to get the look I want. What I enjoy is the ability to express my personality and creativity by combining varied elements. I like having choices. If they were all the old-style charms, I probably would save a lot of money. Thanks for your imaginative stylings, Ellie.

    • No, I’m not particularly hung up on the idea of my Pandora being forever jewellery either. I do prefer the precious stones and genuine materials, and I’m sometimes hesitant to mix them with the newer CZ pieces, but I won’t not get the new CZ charms because of that, if I like them. You put it very nicely! :) Thanks for commenting!

  17. I love this charm too Ellie, and your stylings all look great! I’m a sucker for bows and 2 tone, so I’m sure I will end up getting this when it comes out here in the US. I think the pave is pretty on it, just a little frame, and fairly subtle. I like it better than most of the recent Pandora charms.

    • Thanks Natalie! I love bows and two-tone, too, and this charm would have been perfect for me if not for the pavé. It’s not quite subtle enough for me, but the two-tone and the bows are cute enough to persuade me to get this charm anyway. ^^ I look forward to seeing it on one of your bracelet designs if you do get one!

      • Oh yes, will definitely have to show you if I get it! Will probably be a little bit of a wait as Mother’s Day collection won’t come out for awhile here in the US, and I’ll try to wait for a promo unless the shop I go to does their own gift card promotion. I’m sure I will end up with it though! Do you know how much it will be in the US?

        • I don’t have the price for that one, I’m afraid – I just looked and it’s missing from the rest of the list. Sorry. I imagine the same price as the Always in my Heart from last year but I don’t know for sure!

  18. Ellie, be honest, you have a expensive two toned flower with 3 diamonds on your bracelet, I don’t think should mix with cz charm, cz and diamond charm together?

  19. Hi Ellie, I really like your Alice theme bracelet. As I only started collectingcollecting since autumn 2014, I missed out on the vintage heart and bear with gold heart. Love those two charms of yours. The teapot and teacup are also like lovely pieces. Too bad they are all retired. The Easter bunny is something on my list but have not gotten. Think it’s on the new retirement list too. Hope can find it somewhere.

    • Hi! Aw, that’s a shame. The Vintage Heart in particular is gorgeous. You should keep an eye out for one! I can’t believe that they retired the teapot and the tea cup. They were Pandora staples/classics for a long time, and it’s a shame that they’ve been discarded to make room for the new pieces.
      The Easter Bunny is newly retired, so you should be able to find one without too much of a problem! :)

  20. Hi Ellie!
    To beginn with, my best wishes for your mum and all mothers in UK, since they were celebrating yesterday! ♡
    After the 2014 LE Vintage Heart, which I unfortunately missed and still try to find, the next 2 Mother’s Day’s LE hearts just don’t seem so special to me. I like the gold bow detailing but if that was on a vintage openwork, instead of the 2D shape, I think it would look just perfect! That’s why it seems a little out of theme (imo) on your gorgeous 2tone bracelet. It’s not only the pave, it’s the total modern look, that makes me have second thoughts.
    On the other hand, I find it perfect on Alice’s bracelet; in fact I find the whole bracelet perfect! The combination of colours you used, as well as the explanation of each charms, literally made all scenes of the story appear in front of my eyes! :-)
    Did you try it on the bow bangle, as you had mentioned the other day? Was it overbow-y? :-) I could easily imagine it on a Christmas bracelet, as well, but we need to be a little patient for that! ;-)
    Thank you for the lovely review, Ellie! I look forward to the next one! ♥♥♥

    • Hi Chrysa! First of all, thanks very much! My mum got spoiled yesterday, although unfortunately not with Pandora. She doesn’t get on with it. ^^
      I hope you find the Vintage Heart! It is a gorgeous piece, and one of my favourite two-tones. The 2015 and 2016 versions just aren’t as special, I agree.
      Thanks Chrysa! I’m so pleased that you liked the Alice theme haha. I was just musing on what you could do to create an Alice bracelet if you couldn’t get hold of the official Disney versions, or if you didn’t like them. You can be quite creative with the charms you already have sometimes :)
      I’m glad you mentioned that about the Bow bangle as I had forgotten it entirely! I will try that next – I don’t imagine it’ll be ‘overbow-y’ haha. But we’ll see! :) That could be a good temporary home for it at least.
      Thanks for commenting, as always, Chrysa! ♥♥♥

    • I try very hard to find the Vintage Heart and Bear, you can call different concept store and independent jewelry shop to find it. Pandora shop in Upper Canada Mall at Newmarket Ontario Canada has Vintage Heart last month, but I don’t know now. I was lucky to get both of them last summer, very beautiful!

      • Hi Michele! I’ve tried hard to find the Vintage Heart, by calling in different stores around Greece, but no luck. Unfortunately, the Mall you mentioned is too far from me! :-) If you get there, would you mind ask if it’s still available? I would really appreciate it if you could help me with that! I’ve seen it on ebay, but I don’t trust they’ll sell me the authentic one, to be honest…
        Thanks for letting me know, Michele! ♡♡♡

  21. Please can you tell me if the pale pink pearl coloured enmamel heart bead from the love & family collection is for sale in the UK I can not find one for sale hear! Thank you.

    • Hi there!
      If you check Ellie’s previous post for Mother’s day release in UK, you’ll see they haven’t concluded the pearlescent heart between the “early released pieces”. That means it will be released with the rest of the collection on April I think. Hope that helps! ♡

    • Chrysa is correct – it’s not out here until April. :) We only received part of the Mother’s Day collection early, not all of it.

  22. Hi Ellie, I received this charm yesterday as a Mother’s Day gift. I was undecided if I should keep it since I have so many heart charms lol. However I decided to keep it after all. It is quite nice. I’m looking forward to your next review. I already ready the review of the safety chains lol. I’m also looking forward to seeing the summer collection. The frosted mint murano and the watermelon slice are on my wish list.

    • Hi Linda! I’m glad you decided to keep it, especially as it was a gift ^^ I love the gold bow on it, even though I’m not so keen on the CZ.
      More reviews are coming up! I’ve got try and get them all in before Summer launches at the beginning of the next month and I still have quite a lot to go :D
      I’m considering the frosted mint murano as well! I have an idea for a bracelet styling that I think it might look quite good with. We shall see!

  23. Hi Ellie! I love your blog and the stylings that you share with all of us! I’m new to collecting Pandora and wouldn’t you know my first purchase was a fake! :( Your LE Bound By Love review inspired me to buy the LE Vintage Heart 2014 and I purchased it in May through an online Etsy dealer. It was sold as Authentic Pandora. I was so happy when the charm arrived I didn’t really notice that the gold looked a bit muted. Over the last several weeks the gold has begun to look more like silver than gold. Woops! Thankfully, a few days ago I found the charm at an authorized online dealer and I’m now waiting for it to arrive. I’ll be in contact with the Etsy dealer about the fake soon enough. If they balk about a refund I’ll contact Etsy. Live and learn, eh? My hubs and I were at the Pandora store yesterday and saw the Bound By Love charm. I agree with your thoughts about the pave and I typically prefer charms without it, but I thought this was quite stunning. We will be celebrating our 30th wedding anniversary next month and I got the feeling that I’ll be seeing that charm soon. :) Which brings me to a couple of questions… I would like to find the LE Bear My Heart 2013 to complete the Mother’s Day LE set, but also because a Teddy Bear was the first thing that I got for my son – when I knew that he was going to be ours. Hubs and I adopted our son in Russia when he was 2 years old and it was quite the momentous event in our lives. He’s now 21. I recently saw the little Russian Doll charm and the Saint Basil’s Cathedral charm online. I have a favorite picture of the 3 of us on a freezing October day with Saint Basil’s Cathedral in the background. I would so love to have all 3 of the above mentioned charms, but I have no idea how to go about it. I’m more than a bit skittish after the Vintage Heart blunder… I’ve been searching through the authorized dealers to no avail. Do you have any thoughts about how I might find them? I’d be most grateful for any ideas. Thanks so much, Katherine <3

    • Hi Katherine! Sorry for the delayed response – I often miss things when they’re on older posts. I just checked back through the comments and saw this one.

      Oh no, I’m sorry to hear that you got sent a fake charm! :( It is so hard to sift the genuine from the fake on sites such as eBay and etsy that I don’t recommend anyone shop there at all. I really hope that you got it sorted and your refund?

      Congratulations on your 30th wedding anniversary! What a wonderful achievement. :D And I love the reasoning behind your wanting the Bear My Heart; how lovely that you adopted your son. I assume that you are in the US? (If you’re not, tell me and I’ll have a look elsewhere too!) I had a little look around online and found the Bear My Heart at Jared online:
      It certainly says that the Bear My Heart is still in stock, so that looks promising.
      Pandora Las Vegas have the St Basil’s Cathedral:

      And Tekla Estelle have the Babushka/Russian Doll charm:

      All of those retailers are on the authorised list of Pandora retailers for North America:

      If you’re not in the US and all these links are no good to you then let me know and we can think again! You have such special reasons to want each charm – I would love to have helped you find them! Let me know how you get on :) Good luck!

      • Hi Ellie,

        Oh, thank you so much for finding the charms for me! I checked all of the links and I’ll be ordering soon. I’m thrilled! And thank you for sharing the authorized Pandora dealers list too. That will come in handy.

        Yes, all is well with regard to my Etsy purchase. The Etsy store gave me an immediate refund. :) They said they get their Pandora from a local jeweler – they don’t want a bad comment on their site so…..

        A funny thing happened to me recently on Rue La La. I had a bunch of charms in my cart as I like to pile them all in there and think about what I really want. I’ll take one or two out, put something else in, etc… I was viewing them on my phone and all of a sudden I discovered that I had checked out. My finger didn’t touch my phone! I’m expecting a fairly large order at the end of this week. Hahaha! A few charms are going back, but it will be fun to see them. I told my hubby and he thought it was *funny* too. :D

        Thanks again so much for your help. I love, love, love your blog. ❤

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