Today’s post brings my first review from the Pandora Spring 2016 collection, with an in-depth look at Pandora’s newest charm bracelet concept, the Smooth Clasp threadless silver bracelet. This is Pandora’s latest twist on their classic charm bracelet, replacing the traditional barrel clasp with a smooth spherical one and removing their signature bracelet threads as well. :o Being the dedicated Pandora collector that I am, I of course had to road-test this intriguing new bracelet as soon as it came out and it was my first buy from the new collection last weekend!

pandora spring 2016 campaign

I am sort of going to do this review in two parts – one now, and one on Easter Sunday (if all goes to plan and I don’t run out of time! :P). This first part covers the bracelet itself, and the second part will go into more detail about the silicone clips that go with it.

This first part will be more about the technical aspects of the bracelet itself, and I’ll look more into styling ideas and different charm/clip combinations in the second part. :D

Update on issues with this bracelet

To begin with, I just want to clarify the production issues that have arisen with this bracelet. You may well have heard rumours about this new bracelet being faulty and recalled in some regions. Well, being Pandora, they can’t launch a new ambitious concept without running into some production issues (:P) and it is true that some examples of the new threadless bracelets have had an issue where older, threaded charms are not compatible with it and won’t thread on to the bracelet.

However, this is only an issue with a faulty batch of the bracelets, not all of them. Pandora France seems to be one of the only regions who have just recalled all their stock – most other regions are just asking their stores to test all their bracelets and to send back any faulty ones.


This does mean that some stores are running low on stock – I went last Saturday, only two days after the collection’s launch, and snagged the store’s only 19cm bracelet! I would advise buying this bracelet in person, if you can, as that way you can test in-store and make sure that you have one that isn’t faulty. :)

Pandora Smooth Clasp Threadless Bracelet Review

So, first of all, let’s go through the technical stuff – stores in North America were originally telling customers that you can only put 5-7 charms on this bracelet, just like a leather or bangle, but that advice has since been superseded – current advice from Pandora is that you can fill up your threadless bracelet (yaaay!), but that they advise you use silicone clips to stop your charms bunching and putting stress on one particular part of the bracelet.

Sizing works in exactly the same way as it does for the regular bracelet, and you can opt for your regular size when picking out this new one.

pandora spring 2016 smooth clasp threadless bracelet

Now, on to the actual review itself! The first thing that struck me about this bracelet is that it is super shiny and very clean-looking in person – it looks far more elegant than the regular Pandora bracelet without any charms on it, as there are no thread stations. I can’t look at empty thread stations on a regular Pandora bracelet without thinking that they need clips on them. A regular Pandora bracelet looks unfinished to me, without clips – this one is instantly wearable.

pandora smooth clasp threadless bracelet review

Someone mentioned that they were worried that the bracelet would feel flimsy, or that the clasp would be insecure. I don’t find this when I wear it. It just feels like a regular Pandora bracelet to me – the chain is as thick as the regular Moments chain,and it feels exactly the same to wear. The clasp clicks shut just as efficiently, from what I can tell – it is identical to the clasp on the Pandora bangle (and not the one on the Essence bracelet), and I have never had a problem with a Pandora bangle’s clasp.

pandora smooth clasp threadless bracelet review

The other great thing about the fact that this bracelet has no threads is that rearranging your bracelet is now a piece of cake. Gone is the need to spend ages screwing all your charms on and off, only to be unhappy with the design and to have to start all over again. All charms just slip straight on and off the bracelet, no threading necessary.

Compatibility – clips, safety chains and threaded charms

If you have a bracelet that works as it should do and isn’t faulty, then threaded Moments charms will go on it fine. They simply slide over the smooth thread at the end of the bracelet, as you can see with this new Shimmer murano. It’s fully compatible with all existing Moments charms. :D

pandora smooth clasp threadless bracelet review

The only thing that I’ve noticed, however, is that the threaded charms do scratch up the smooth thread at the end of the bracelet (I’m not sure what else to call it!). A bit like threaded charms on the bangle. The bracelet was gorgeously shiny when I first got it last Saturday, but the thread is already looking a little scratched and dull:

pandora smooth clasp threadless bracelet review

Clips will not slide over the end of the bracelet, however, so you can still use those to block off the end of your bracelet and to keep threaded charms from sliding off. If you’re not using the silicone clips, then I would advise this, as charms will just fly off the bracelet when you unclasp it, otherwise.

pandora smooth clasp threadless bracelet review

Now, I have had a lot of questions about this bracelet’s compatibility with safety chains and this was one of the first things I road-tested. In actual fact, screw-on safety chains just slide right over the end thread and right off the bracelet, and I have no idea why Pandora have featured them in their campaign images like that (see the image at the top of the post), as screw-on safety chains on their own will be useless with this bracelet. If you want to use a screw-on safety chain, you’ll need to add a clip between the end of the bracelet and the safety chain like this:

pandora smooth clasp threadless bracelet review

Or to use a clip-on safety chain – one of these two designs:

Silicone Clips

Now, the idea with the threadless bracelet is that you get a couple (or more) of the new silicone-lined clips to go with the bracelet to space out your charms. It’s effectively a scaled-up Essence bracelet in design, and these new silicone clips work exactly like Essence charms, and stay in place on the bracelet chain wherever you put them. I’ll go into more detail on the clips themselves in the second part of my review later this week.

My SA told me that they don’t advise filling up the bracelet without using the clips to space your charms evenly. If you don’t like any of the silicone designs that Pandora have done so far, you can always go the traditional route and use a pair of regular Pandora clips with rubber inserts.

I was initially a little sceptical on hearing that – because, really, if that’s the case and you have to use the silicone clips in the same way you would regular clips, how does it really differ to the regular Moments bracelet? But it does allow you a lot more freedom in design – you don’t have to fill up each section exactly, you can place the clips exactly where you need them. Also, when you’re just starting out with your bracelet you can use the silicone clips to keep a particular charm in place, as a centrepiece:

pandora smooth clasp threadless bracelet review

Or have them further apart, as I did here.


So, to conclude, this bracelet is not revelatory or a huge new concept, but it’s fun and offers something a little bit different if you’re a dedicated Pandora fan. The smooth spherical clasp is also probably enough of a change to excite many a dedicated Pandora collector – you can always use regular clips with rubber inserts if you’re not keen on the new silicone clips. I love the neatness of it, and how nice it looks when worn with even just a few charms.

If you find it a pain to have to stick to Pandora’s pre-set sections on their regular charm bracelet, you’ll probably relish the freedom of being able to put the silicone clips exactly where you need them. It may seem counter-intuitive to remove Pandora’s signature threaded system, but I expect there’ll be many people who will relish being able to rearrange their bracelet without having to endlessly screw their charms on and off the bracelet, haha. I’ll be following up later with the second part of this review, focusing on the silicone clips themselves!

The Pandora Smooth threadless bracelet is $65 USD or £55. If you’re in the UK, you can buy it alongside the rest of the Pandora Spring collection from authorised retailer John Greed. 

What do you think of this latest bracelet from Pandora? Are you tempted by one?

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  1. Thank you so much for this review! I’ve been debating if I want to buy this bracelet or not and am actually relieved to know that you can fill the bracelet up! This bracelet sort of reminds me of the bangle bracelets, which I cannot wear because my wrists are too small, but it has the freedom of a bangle bracelet. I am definitely considering buying this bracelet. I wonder if it is part of the free bracelet promo?

    • I was told that I CAN get the new bracelet free with the promotion… I called the nearest Pandora store a few days ago to ask if they had them in stock, and when I mentioned I plan to go in this Saturday (tomorrow), the SA told me I could take advantage of the pre-sale. She also gave me the same info about the defective batch of bracelets, that some were made with too-large ends which would not let charms slide over (she assured me all the ones they have currently are good). I’m very excited to read a positive review – I’ve been anxious to get the new bracelet since I first heard about it!

      • Awesome! :D It is weird that they made faulty bracelets that actually made it out there. You’d think QC would pick up something like the bracelet ends being too large! Anyway, glad to hear that you’ll be able to get one yourself – I am really enjoying mine, much more than I originally thought. <3

    • You’re welcome, glad it was useful! I think it depends on the store when it comes to whether it’s included in the bracelet promo. I have heard from a few stores who are allowing it, and some who aren’t including any of this season’s new bracelets. It’s worth checking with your local to see what they will allow :)

    • Good morning Ellie! Thank you for reviewing the new Pandora bracelet.
      I like the concept that it has no threads n that u can change the charms fairly quickly it seems like.
      I was reading your review on your blog and I have a question for you.
      You suggested that the threaded charms can ruin the bracelet. I thought the majority of the charms were threaded.
      How do u know if it’s threaded or not? Would u suggest going to the store itself to ck?
      Personally I do find it a pain to take everything off the bracelet if you want to add a charm in a certain place.
      Looking forward to your response.
      Also will send u pics as soon as I get a chance and can’t wait to review the shimmering droplets with you and the clips.
      I love the new clips. It’s the best thing they have come up with. I think they are great.
      Have a Good Day!

      • Hi Laura! So, I assume you have a regular Pandora bracelet – threaded charms are the ones that screw on to the bracelet over the threads, and unthreaded ones are openworks that just slide over them on to the bracelet. You have to twist the threaded charms on and off.
        I don’t mean at all that threaded charms will ruin your bracelet. That is vastly overstating it! Just that they dull the smooth threads of the bracelet a little, just like threaded charms on a bangle. :)
        Look forward to seeing your pics! Have a good day too!

  2. A great review Ellie. I look forward to reading the second part.
    On my pandora bracelets I usually just wear charms in between my clips, as I find this most comfortable with having small wrists and then it doesn’t make it too heavy.
    I liked the idea of this bracelet when I first heard about it, because with the original bracelet, you are restricted to where your clips need to go and this one your not, so it just gives that bit more space if needed. When I started to hear mix reviews, I decided to wait and see, as I wasn’t sure. After reading your review, I might get it at some point in the future. I will wait till they bring out some different designs for the silicone clips, as I don’t really like the crystal ones and I’m buying the pink primrose ones to use as a spacer on my original bracelet, so need some different ones. Hopefully they’ll bring some out with the Autumn and winter collections.
    I do like as you say that if your just starting a design, it will hold your charms in place, save them moving around. Also they will work well on the bangle as well, to keep them in place.

    • Thanks so much, Sarah! It was fun to write this one, especially after having done so many heart charm reviews for a little while lol.
      Ah, this sounds like it could be a great alternative to the regular bracelet for you then – it really would be good for arranging a few charms just in the centre, as you can put the silicone clips wherever you want and you don’t need to worry about filling up the whole middle section or going past it a little bit. :) They definitely need to up the range of silicone clips as well, I agree! I’m relieved that they opted to go for the pink enamel primroses as well as the pave silicone spacers, as those don’t match my personal style at all.
      I’m sure they’ll bring out some more throughout the year. I just hope they think beyond recolouring the Shining Elegance spacers and bring out some brand new designs for the silicone clips as well!

  3. I bought this as soon as it came out but had to return it as one of the new spring charms woulded go on took it back and got a new one this one the end is smaller so they fit in better that must have been the problem I love it and like you said love how you don’t have to make a centre piece just hope they bring a new safety chain out for it in the future I also love all the new silicone clips too can’t wait for more now

    • Ah, glad you got that sorted then! The issues with the bracelet do seem to be quite widespread, a lot of faulty ones must have made it into circulation. :S
      A new safety chain for it would be excellent! They could do more clip-on designs, or a special silicone-lined version, like the new clips :D I’m looking forward to more silicone clip designs as well, I need some plain silver ones in my life!

  4. Ellie,
    Thanks do much for this post on the technical aspects of this bracelet. This week I was able to take advantage of the pre-sale for the free bracelet promo & put on aside. I didn’t know about the thread glitch. I pick my bracelet up next week when the promo comes into effect, I will test it before taking it home for good. I am glad to here that it can be loaded up like the barrel clasp bracelet. Our store did not get the selection of silicone clips I expected, we just got the flowered ones not the silver & pave I was hoping for, however, thanks to you lovely posts I have bought more enamel so I did buy one of the same silocone clips that you purchased. I thought I could mix in the pink with my white flower spacers. I will be sure to use my regular clips in the mean time to balance out the weight.
    The safety chain is important to me, I have invested a lot in my bracelets & can’t imagine not having the safety chain. I am a little clumsy and without the chain I’m sure I would have damaged my muranos by now. I have one of the safety chains with clips that open on both ends.
    Interesting about the wear on the ends of the bracelet. Still I am excited to be able to load & unload my bracelet. I change things up several times a week. Perhaps they will do the same design for the necklace.
    Did you buy the blooming Dhalia charm? Can’t wait to see more of your new designs & part two of the post.
    Happy Easter Ellie!!

    Lisa K

    • Hi Lisa,
      Yay, I think this one is a great choice for the bracelet promo. Just be sure to test it in the store, as you say – it would be very disappointing to get home only to realise that it needs to be swapped! Oh no, that’s so strange that your store didn’t get the full range of silicone clips. They’re pretty important to the whole threadless bracelet concept, as the primrose ones are a lot less versatile than the pave ones. :S Glad you are getting to like enamel a little, haha – the enamel charms are some of my favourites, as you know! I just love the different effects you can create with the right enamel charms – delicate blossom colours, or quirky vintage reds, etc.
      Yes, I think they need to get on sorting a workable safety chain for this bracelet! Here in the UK, they have just retired both the clip-on safety chains so we effectively have no options when it comes to safety chains for this bracelet. I would be surprised if they didn’t make a silicone-lined safety chain at some point. I was considering getting the plain silver Dreamer clip-on safety chain for this bracelet, but am not sure whether it would look a bit chunky compared to the delicate charms I am envisaging for this bracelet…
      I have not bought the Blooming Dahlia charm – so far, my purchases include the bracelet, the two primrose clips, the purple shimmer murano and the Poetic Blooms pendant. I’m about to add four Disney charms on to that total with my bracelet promo spends too :P After that, my must-haves include the Pink Shimmer murano, the Essence safety chain and the Dazzling Daisy Fairy. And there I’d better stop, aha. ;)
      Thanks for commenting Lisa, it’s always a pleasure!

      • Will you be reviewing the poetic bloom pendant? Love to see what you put it with. When I get mine I’m going to put it with my pink primrose enamel charm, dragonfly meadow charm and lace clips.
        Which Disney charms have you decided to buy? I remember you said maximus and the white rabbit.

        • Definitely! Your combination sounds lovely. I have been wearing my pink oxi bracelet with the pendant all week, sometimes stacked with the new threadless bracelet. :D
          Yep, Maximus and the White Rabbit – and then two older ones, the Belle murano and the Cinderella Dream Heart as well, to go on other designs. There were others I was very tempted by, but at least I know for sure I will use those! I still don’t know what I’ll do with the White Rabbit for now, haha.

    • Lovely photos in your blog post! The classic Pandora bracelet is still top for me, but I very much like this new one, too.

      Happy Easter too! <3

  5. Great post Ellie, thanks for the info! I think I’m going to wait on getting this bracelet, I want a pave bracelet more :-P so I’m going to try to upgrade for the promo if they let me. I’m also nervous about charms not fitting over the ends, that worries me if the ends on some of these bracelets are bigger than the old threads even! I really think it should have ends that are the same diameter as the bracelet chain so it could accommodate charms with smaller cores, but I know Pandora frowns upon putting other branded charms on their bracelets so I can see why they would still try to limit this.

    • Thanks, Natalie! <3 Haha, I like my heart-clasp pavé bracelet very much. I've not been too tempted by the regular pavé barrel clasp bracelet, for some reason. For my bracelet promo, I've gone for the regular silver bracelet and then the Disney bracelet for my second purchase.
      You don't need to worry about charms not fitting on this bracelet, as all stores have been warned about it and they're pulling faulty examples from the shelves. Just give it a test in store if you're considering it, and you should be fine :) It is such a shame about the bracelet still being too big for other branded beads like Trollbeads. I was so hoping I might be able to start a special bracelet to put some TB glass on. :(

      • Yay I’m glad you went for the Disney bracelet! I presold today for the promo, Locked Hearts and Picking Daisies, and upgraded to the barrel pave bracelet :-D I might buy more stuff next week, but I got the pieces I most wanted so I’m happy. I just saw the email (and then your post) about Rue too so I’ll be looking at that tomorrow <3

        • Yay!! You will have to keep me informed as to whether you decide to get anything else ;)

  6. Hi Ellie,

    I went to my store yesterday for the bangle pre sale. The sales azsociate told me that in her training for the bracelet, they told her you can indeed fill it with charms. However, I’m still not crazy about getting it. I did buy the new Mickey bracelet, because it too has a spherical clasp, and I will be putting some Disney charms on it. I may also try a pair of silicon clips on the bracelet, to divide it into 5 section rather than 3. We’ll see!!

    • Hi Lisa! Yep, from what I hear most stores are saying that you can fill this bracelet up now – which is a big relief. This review would have been a whole lot more negative if you couldn’t fill up the bracelet! ^^ I’m also getting the new Mickey bracelet in the promo, although I’m yet to decide what to do with it. :D I just like getting all the bracelet variations really, haha.
      Aha, I didn’t think of using the silicone clips to break the regular Moments bracelet up further. That’s a fun idea! ^^

  7. Hi Ellie!
    I love the whole idea behind this bravelet, actually I remember when I purchased my first Pandora bracelet I was actually turned off by the silver bracelet because of the threads ( I didn’t understand clips and all that at the time) now obviously I like silver bracelets since I understand how to build them however if this bracelet would have been Arround back then I would have Purchased this rather than the leather. Now I have and love all the different types so it doesn’t matter. Lovely bracelet and I am sure nobody will go wrong weather they fill it up with silicone spacers or weather they wear just a few charms like the leathers. The purple shimmer Murano is so beautiful and looks so nice on your shiny new bracelet!!

    • Hi Alex! Yeah, I was kind of the same when I first started with Pandora – I remember my OH showing me all the different kinds of Pandora bracelet online before we went to the store, and I originally preferred the multi-strand bracelet as I thought the regular bracelet was kind of unattractive on its own. Then I saw the clips and charms and got into the whole idea, but the plain bracelet itself didn’t grab me! ^^
      I’m sure you’re right – my aim is to fill mine up eventually but for now it looks so nice with just a couple of charms! I haven’t decided what design I’ll be doing for it yet. Glad you like the Purple Shimmer murano, I’m a little in love! :P I’m going to try and get the Pink Shimmer murano when I’ve recovered from the promo a little ahaha.

  8. Such an informative article, Ellie! I think the bracelet looks very pretty even without any beads on it. I considered it for the bracelet event, but decided to go for my first Essence bracelet instead.

    • Thanks, Martha! It does look great just worn plain, more so than the regular Pandora bracelet with its clip stations (I can’t see those without thinking that they need clips on them, haha). And yay for your first Essence bracelet! I look forward to seeing which charms you chose :D

  9. Quick note, Ellie, my husband was in Malaysia last week and he was told that there was a recall on new bracelet. Not sure if they have already restocked.

    Dang, I thought I could “con” hubby to grab me some “souvenir” from his trip for me. :D

    • Ah, so they recalled them all in Malaysia too? Maybe some regions received more faulty bracelets than others! Thanks for the info :D

  10. I won’t get thread less bracelet yet, I have 2 Thomas Sabo Karma bracelets which I love to wear. I still like Pandora signature thread bracelet to put clips. One of the big reason I buy Pandora is I like their beautiful CLIPS, I have a good collection of clips to play with, I like simple style just put charm and dangle in between 2 clips. I will go for Disney beautiful bracelet even though I am not a Disney’s fan, I still can style it with my exciting clips.

    • I love the clips as well! There’s no reason that you can’t use the clips on this bracelet too, though, if you like the clasp or want a little more freedom as to where to put the clips. You can just use rubber inserts to keep the clips in place. :)

  11. I think the new bracelet is lovely but I don’t feel there is a significant difference to the original moments bracelet that makes me want to buy it. When I first purchased the original moments bracelet, like Alex V, I was put off by the thread parts but now I love them bec to me, that’s what makes them a pandora bracelet. I also prefer the barrel clasps than a spherical clasp. And also like Martha, I want another essence bracelet because I have 5 beads but I think the essence bracelet looks best with with 4 beads as I wear the smallest sized (16cm) bracelet.

    • I have the same feeling without thread is not Pandora’s bracelet anymore, thread system makes Pandora different to other brand snake chain. I like the look of thread at both end and at the two fixed station which is Pandora signature look.

      • Yeah, it’s funny, as Pandora’s threading system was part of its USP for years and it was their signature thing – and now they’ve released a bracelet that does away with all of that! I guess it’s just so that they offer both styles of bracelets, and so that other brands don’t really have anything to offer that they don’t themselves.

    • Hi Ellie, thanks for your review and photos! I feel similarly to Judie…though the new bracelet looks pretty, I’m not sure how it differs from the original type of Pandora bracelet if you have to buy clips anyway…? However, I’m pleased to hear that you seem to like it overall, and not having to screw charms on and off is a real plus. :)

      • Hi Kris, you’re welcome! It doesn’t differ so much from the regular bracelet, really – it just has the different clasp, a cleaner look and it’s a looot easier to rearrange your charms haha. And you can put the clips exactly where you want them. Those are essentially the differences, as far as I can see. I like mine very much but it’s not a radical change from the regular bracelet :)

    • It’s really not that different to the regular bracelet really – only as much as any of the other variations are. It has a different clasp, and you can put the clips where you like on the bracelet, essentially. But it does look prettier when it’s not filled up and you have a bit more freedom to play around with the spacing of your charms too. :)
      I have a maximum of four beads on each of my two Essence bracelets as well! That’s how I like to wear them, too. <3 I like to keep the look of them quite clean and elegant, especially as I stack them together.

    • I have an Ohm bracelet. it’s fully compatible with Pandora, threadless, and with a barrel clasp. I find myself favoring it over the Pandora for the freedom nt offers without the threads.
      Right now, all my two-tone Pandora beads are on that Ohm bracelet, including my 4 clips ;)
      I don’t like the round clasp, I think it suits the “new” Pandora collections (lots of round charms), but not really the older collections.

      • I like the round clasp, but I do get what you mean about it seeming like a symbol of the ‘new’ Pandora. Around the time the bangle came in is the same time that they started to change things up and go in a new direction..

  12. Hi Ellie,
    I feel the same about this bracelet, except that I have a more marked feeling of freedom. On my first bracelet, I just have put a simple silver stopper behind the security chain that I have buy on eBay. I am sure, that if Pandora make some it would be a big big sell ! I hope that in the futur they will be released.
    May be I will buy the primrose clip, but I am waiting from Pandora some more only in silver and more simple.
    Great day Ellie <3

    • Hi Isabelle! I totally agree with you, they should really make a silicone-lined safety chain or some simple silver stoppers with silicone. I’d love both those ideas :)
      The Primrose silicone clip is the only one I considered from the new selection – I found the Shining Elegance pavé clips just a bit too sparkly for my tastes in store. I’d love some more plain silver ones. The Primrose one is nice though – the enamel is quite a pretty pink.
      Have a lovely day too Isabelle!

  13. Hi Ellie,
    Thank you for a detailed review of the new thread less bracelet. I love the look of it…so much
    prettier than the original one. First of all, I really like the spherical clasp. This will give your
    bracelet a more finished look as the spherical clasp fits in better with the size of most charms.
    Really like the fact that I can place clips where I need them, since I wear the smallest size. This
    makes designing the center much easier. Thread less also appeals to me in that wearing only
    a few charms will still give a finished look. Like the looks of the smooth ends and certainly a
    quicker redesign. Surely Pandora will come out with more clip on safety chain designs, as I can
    see the need for them now.

    Have a Blessed Easter.

    • Hi Emily! You are welcome, glad it was helpful! I like the spherical clasp a lot as well, although I have a real fondness and nostalgia for the barrel clasp, too. I wouldn’t like it if Pandora permanently changed the regular clasp to be spherical. :)
      Yeah, it’s a good point – clip-on safety chains seem like a must for this style of bracelet. They’ve just retired both the clip-on safety chains here in the UK, as well, so we effectively have no safety chain options for this bracelet! They should make a new silicone lined design, as a big pet peeve for many people is the safety chain slipping around the bracelet anyway. It would be good to have a safety chain that stays in place!

      Thanks for commenting and a happy Easter to you too. <3

      • Hi Ellie,

        This is going to sound strange, but I use white plumbers thread tape. I wrap it around the free end of my bracelet and when I twist the safety chain on last, it stays in place!!! No unwinding!!! You can find them in any hardware store!


        • Hey Snapdragon, what a cool solution haha! I think a lot of people would love to know that little trick (it’s one of the most common questions I get asked, how to keep a safety chain in place). Thank you!! ^^

  14. I did a pre-order at my Pandora store today. I bought 4 muranos for $200 which allows me two bracelets. I got two of this threadless bracelet in the 9.1″ size and plan to wear them as a necklace. I can wear with the clasps along the sides and charms in the center; one clasp in the front, no charms; or one clasp in the front surrounded by charms.

    • Which muranos did you get? My favorite is the Rapunzel murano. I tried to do a preorder and my store makes you prepay. I started a new job so got to wait for payday on the 31. I was sad!I plan to go when the store opens that day so hopefully I won’t miss out.

      • I managed to save my gift cards from Christmas for this offer, so the hit wasn’t so bad. ;)

        I got two of the Shoreline Sea Glass charms and two of the Fascinating White. I may go ahead and get two of the Fascinating Black charms on Friday when I pick my stuff up; I’d like to start on a b&w bracelet.

        • The shoreline are pretty I have yet to see them in person though. I’m debating on a color scheme for mine. Pink purple and silver I think.

    • That’s such a great idea, the threadless bracelet would make such a great necklace! I bet they do make one officially at some point as well. ^^ I went for all Disney charms for my bracelet promo orders, this is the time for me to stock up as we don’t get them in the UK!

      • I add Can $20 upgrade to Disney bracelet, I don’t want to miss free bracelet promotion. We have only one free bracelet promotion last year.

        • I did the same for my second bracelet promo purchase :) I don’t know what exactly I’ll do with it but it looked pretty in some photos I saw and I need somewhere to put my White Rabbit charm ^^

        • You won’t regret for Disney bracelet, very very beautiful. We still can play with our good collection of clips to style it, I can’t resist this bracelet even though I am not a Disney’s fan, I will make a fairytale bracelet for it. This is my second pre Oder as well, I love this bracelet.

        • I like a lot of the Pandora Disney, but I’m not enough of a Disney fan to want to make a whole bracelet dedicated to it (although I am often admiring other people’s!). I will probably end up having an even mix of Disney and non-Disney charms, I expect. ^^
          A fairy-tale theme sounds like a great idea! I have a fairy-tale design already on my two-tone so I will have to think of something else. ;)

  15. Hi Ellie I really like this bracelet, and would like one one day. I got the bow bangle about last month and went to put the old bow charm on but the charm wouldn’t screw on for some reason. My mum told me to send it back but all my other charms fit on the bracelet and anyway I brought the bracelet off line and I couldn’t be bothered with the hassle. I didn’t plan to put the bow charm on the bangle anyway.

    • Hi Nicola! That’s so weird about your bow charm :S does it screw on your other bracelets fine? It kind of sounds more like an issue with the threading on the bow charm to me, but who knows. I once had an oxidised bracelet that some charms didn’t want to screw on to and my store just swapped it straight away, no questions asked. I hadn’t even asked them to, the SA just noticed that some charms were sticking on it as she tried them on the bracelet. Sometimes they surprise you by making things easy! ^^

      • Yeah the charm fits fine on other bracelets I got the charm with my necklace for Christmas and had it on there for a while and I wanted to swap charms so tried it on the bangle but it wouldn’t go on so at the moment it’s on my leather bracelet.

  16. So fun to see an unthreaded bracelet and I agree with you, Ellie, that one can almost wear it on its own. It looks very minimalist and chic. I especially love how you had placed the purple murano as centerpiece and just two primrose spacers with it. The result is a stunning elegant look which I adore.

    • Thanks so much, Ariane! I’m really pleased like you the look. I’m seeing quite mixed review of this bracelet online, and I get why people feel reserved (you pretty much can’t wear it with charms without a clip on the end of the bracelet) but I personally really like the look of it. I don’t know whether I’ll keep the purple murano and the Pink Primrose clips together but they do go really beautifully!

      • Oh, do keep it together. You had convinced me to get both these clips and the murano and you know I rarely have the impulse to buy from the new releases. Usually I note the items I want, ponder over them in terms of styling before getting them. But these… I just went with impulse. I was really tempted to get the smooth bracelet with the current promotion but thought I can perhaps wear the clips and murano on the Bow bangle instead. It had been left unworn since I got it last year. Shame on me. I went with the Oxidized bracelet and Snake chain Essence this time round instead.

  17. I got the smooth bracelet as part of the free promotion on Friday, and was very disappointed that the sales lady did not mention anything about the necessity for the silicone clips. I also purchased four new charms and a safety chain. You can imagine my irritation when I opened the bracelet out of the box to put it on and all of my charms, and the safety chain, went flying across my hardwood living room floor! They did not mention that the safety chain would be rendered virtually useless without the clips! I’m very happy to see what you posted here… I will be purchasing some clips before I wear that bracelet again!

  18. this end up is identical with soufeel range of bracelets… haha. seem liked they r a step in front except for the stopper with silicon part
    but will the normal stopper ok to be used here as a normal charm?

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