Today’s post brings one of my final Pandora previews for the season, with an in-depth look at the Pandora Mother’s Day 2016 jewellery! This year’s Mother’s Day collection offers a welcome return to the use of pearl and mother-of-pearl, with some lovely floral designs. I’ll be offering some HQ images of the new jewellery, plus a closer look at campaign imagery for the whole collection!

pandora mother's day gift packaging

If you’re looking for a preview of the Mother’s Day 2016 charms, you can find them in my separate preview here.

On a slight tangent, in case you missed it, I posted a little sneak peek on Instagram of my first indulgences from the Pandora Spring 2016 collection! I’ll be reviewing the bracelet later in the week. :D

Campaign Images

I love these campaign images for this year’s Mother’s Day collection. They are surprisingly low-key and natural, given Pandora’s usual Mother’s Day campaigns. They really emphasise the prettiness of each set of jewellery (the Luminous Florals, the Sparkling Love Knot, that lovely pearlescent heart).

Necklaces & Pendants

The Luminous Hearts set features a mother-of-pearl heart & 14kt gold heart combined – it’s been some time since Pandora used genuine materials such as pearl or mother-of-pearl, and it’s refreshing to see that here!

pandora mother's day 2016

The Family Tree necklace is a stand-alone piece, with no matching ring or earring – it will come on a 80cm chain.

pandora mother's day 2016

There are two lovely pendants coming out, too – the mother-of-pearl Luminous Floral pendant is particularly gorgeous, and it would be great on a bracelet as well as on a necklace.

pandora mother's day 2016

The Sparkling Love Knot pendant already came out in February in the UK – it’s very sparkly in person, but smaller than you’d maybe imagine.

pandora mother's day 2016 sparkling love knot pendant


The Infinite Shine ring offers a simple plain silver design, with the infinity symbol looping over again.

pandora mother's day 2016The Luminous Floral ring has a puffy, mother-of-pearl flower design, with a cubic zirconia centre. This one should be lovely in person, and I like that Pandora have gone with some pretty flowers for Mother’s Day, instead of the usual ubiquitous hearts.
pandora mother's day 2016 Speaking of hearts, we have the Luminous Hearts ring to match the necklace. pandora mother's day 2016

The Delicate Sentiments ring offers a statement twist on the Winter 2015 ring of the same name, which had a gorgeous pearl accent. This version is all pavé, and has a thick, interwined band.

pandora mother's day 2016 release

Finally, the Sparkling Love Knot ring is another rather sparkling affair. I like the central knot design, but wish the band itself wasn’t quite so thick.

pandora uk sparkling love knot ring


As I mentioned previously, Pandora has dubbed 2016 ‘year of the earrings’, and these new offerings are rather pretty. I have yet to indulge in any Pandora earrings – I have a more eclectic taste when it come to earrings, for some reason – but I particularly like the use of pearl and MOP here.

pandora mother's day 2016

The Luminous Florals earrings come both as studs and as a larger, tendril design.

pandora mother's day 2016

pandora mother's day 2016

The Luminous Hearts are also available as earrings.

pandora mother's day 2016Finally, we have the chic Sparkling Love Knot earrings, offering a more compact version of the ring and pendant.


My Comment

I’ve said it before, but I think this year’s Mother’s Day 2016 charms are particularly great, with lots of designs that also appeal to those who don’t have children yet – we have pearls, flowers, cupcakes and more! Here, the jewellery is also notable for the pearl and mother-of-pearl, I think, and the Luminous Florals jewellery set is particularly nice.

What do you think of these jewellery pieces? Will you be getting anything?

97 Comments on Preview: Pandora Mother’s Day 2016 Jewellery

  1. Sooooo pretty! I think I like these pieces better than the charms for some reason. Did you endulge in any jewelry piece other than charms yet?

    • I actually have a small selection of Pandora rings – five in total. :) I also have the New Beginnings butterfly necklace and a regular necklace chain, on which I wear my Pandora Disney Frozen pendant. So I do dabble a little bit outside the charms & bracelets, haha.

  2. Hi Ellie. There are many lovely pieces here! I don’t see the Luminous Hearts necklace and ring in the new catalogue–only the earrings and the charm. Do you know if the necklace and ring will be available in North America? Also, I know the LE bangle isn’t listed here, but I was wondering if you know what the price is? The bangle is also not listed in the catalogue–I guess because it is LE/part of a gift set?

    • Hi Joanne! I don’t know for sure about the necklace & ring in North America, they weren’t listed in the catalogue I saw either. But I wonder if they will possibly be a Mother’s Day gift set, as well as the bangle, which would explain why neither these pieces nor the bangle are listed in the catalogue.
      I’ll let you know if I hear any more about that. I don’t know why they wouldn’t be released there!

        • I don’t know why they wouldn’t be coming out in the US or Canada, so that’s my theory for now! ^^

  3. While many of the pieces are pretty, I’m just planning to get the light pink enamel heart bead and perhaps the infinite shine ring. I don’t have any Pandora rings yet. (I spend enough on beads!).

    • Aha, I also spend enough on beads! I have five Pandora rings – three of which I got in a promo last summer and another for Christmas. But that’s pretty much enough for me, I don’t feel the need to collect the other jewellery like I do the charms and bracelets.
      That pink enamel heart will definitely be coming home with me, along with the two safety chains. It’s funny that there’s not actually that much time until the Mother’s Day 2016 release!

  4. They are very elegant and subtle beauty. Can’t decide yet out of these. I am new to Pandora. I plan to hopefully indulge in the free bracelet promo. I told my hubby I would try not to go overboard. It’s my first bracelet! Plan to start with maybe 3 charms. I have a question for those of you that have collected awhile, how important are the clips when first starting to build? Was maybe going to get clips a few weeks later on. Any advice?

    • Hi Ashley. I would recommend getting a pair of clips. If you don’t have clips, the beads will slide around which will likely bug you! Since you told your hubby you would try to not go overboard, it’s probably a good idea to get the beads and bracelet now and get the clips a few weeks later, as you are considering.

    • I’d suggest maybe getting 2 charms and 1 clip to start off with. You can place your two charms on the very end section closest to the clasp and then place a clip on the first thread so your charms aren’t sliding everywhere. Then once you fill that section you can get a second clip :)

      • That’s a great idea I appreciate the advice from all. I am probably going to stay around $200 to start. Then build on that. I plan to hopefully get one or two charms a month if possible.

        • If you can spend $200 now, I would recommend doing the $200 spend during the bracelet promo so you can get two bracelets. Just check with the retailer to see if the store allows more than one bracelet per customer before you purchase your beads and clips from that store. (You will likely want a second bracelet down the road!).

        • You can start from Iconic bracelet gift sets Can $175 with 2 clips and one charm of your choice value up to $50. It is the best deal, the whole set save you $20 or $30 depend which set you pick. Then you can spend a little bit more add up to get TWO FREE BRACETS during promotion. In U.S, the price will be lower than Canaca, now it is the best time to start collect Pandora.

    • The clips are pretty important, as you should use them to distribute your charms evenly across your bracelet, which helps to prevent the chain stretching or kinking – they also stop charms from getting stuck on the threads and weakening them. If you don’t have any many charms on there yet, I personally don’t think it’s super super essential that you get them right away ASAP – but I wouldn’t add a lot to your bracelet or wear it for an extended period of time without them.
      When I first started collecting Pandora, I wasn’t told about clips especially and I wore my bracelet for a few months with maybe four or five charms or so without any ill effects. I also wore it to bed for all that time, I basically never took it off. How little I knew then! :P

    • I think clips are essential for a bracelet with threads, especially if it is not full. I don’t like the look of the threads showing in the middle, it kind of looks unfinished. I do wear my bracelets without clips sometimes when I have it completely full, I just position openworks charms over the threads because then I can sneak an extra charm or 2 on the bracelet.

      If you have a bangle or the threadless bracelet you can section the bracelet with the silicone o-rings you can buy pretty cheaply online if you don’t want to buy clips. I don’t think they’ll prevent stretching but I’ve personally never had any stretching and I do fill up my bracelets and use several muranos on some of them. What I like about the o-rings is that I can put them under charms to keep them in place and correct side up, I don’t like looking down and seeing my teddy bear’s upside down back for example. I can even cut the o-rings and just put a piece under the charms that have tighter cores. I’m convinced Pandora does this for their photo shoots, as the charms are always perfectly spaced and correct side up which is just not reality without something to hold the charms in place.

    • Hi, in my (limited) experience, I like using 3 clips for my bracelet. I don’t like having the screw-on charms getting stuck on the threads–that gets annoying very quickly. Plus I have a clip on the open end of my bracelet to prevent charms from accidentally slipping off (even the threaded charms have fallen off too!). Although a safety chain I think is helpful for that as well.

      Enjoy your collection :)

  5. Love your new goodies Ellie, I’m excited to read your review of the threadless bracelet!

    All of these pieces are pretty, I especially like the mother of pearl flower pendant to use on a bracelet. Overall I think I like the Mother’s Day collection better than the Spring collection.

    • Me too, I like Mother’s Day collection much more than Spring collection. I only like Rapunzel murano.

      • I really wish I could go and see the Rapunzel murano in person! I wasn’t that wowed from the photos but I keep hearing good things about it from people who have actually seen it.

    • Yes I would agree that the Mother’s Day collection is much nicer than the spring collection. I really like the use of pearls

    • Thanks, Natalie! My thoughts on the threadless bracelet are quite positive so far, which is a nice surprise as I had heard a few negative things about it beforehand. :D

      Overall, I prefer the Spring collection I think, but the Mother’s Day gets a lot of points for having not one but two new safety chain designs, haha.

      • Oh good, glad you are liking your threadless bracelet! I have a few snake chain bracelets from other brands like Soufeel, Ohm, and Individuality that don’t have the threads in the middle (or at all for some) and I’ve not had problems with any of them, full or not, clips or not. I’ve never had a bracelet stretch either, even if I might wish some of them would!

        I think I will probably get a pave bracelet for the promo if my store lets me upgrade. I also like the Essence bangle but I’d have go to a different store as mine usually doesn’t stock Essence. I have to figure out what I want too, the only piece I’m sure I want is the Locket Hearts 2 tone.

        • Yeah, I have had two Pandora bracelets kink, even though I was using the clips with them – I think it was because I built the middle sections first and then only added to the outer sections latterly. So a lot of pressure was put on the middle section. I usually spread my charms out pretty evenly now when building my bracelets and haven’t had any problems since. I’ve found that the older Pandora bracelets seem more prone to stretching than the new ones, too.

          I can’t make up my mind about a second bracelet for the promo! I’m definitely getting one regular silver but am tempted to get another as there are more Disney charms I want…

        • Yeah, I’m sure it helps that I am constantly taking all the charms off and redoing my bracelets. Plus I don’t use the same one everyday, they definitely rotate.

          You should definitely go for a second transaction if you have the funds, and there are charms you want to get anyway! You could get the new Disney bracelet as others suggested, or another silver heart bracelet (I got 2 of those in different sizes during last year’s promo), another threadless if you like it, Essence bangle. Or upgrade for a pave or rose gold bracelet?

          I’m even excited for the leather promo this summer, I want to get the new pink or red leather if available then!

        • I caved – and I am doing two transactions :P Four Disney charms will be coming home with me, plus a silver bracelet and the new Disney bracelet. I saw a really lovely photo of it and was tempted into it! ;)

          Have you decided on your second piece yet?

  6. Hello!!
    Did you ever have any information about the Free Bracelet Event , 31th march ?
    Do you know if can I choose the pandora bracelet with a rose barrel clasp and pay the difference?
    I hope so!
    Kisses kisses!!

  7. Pandora France on Facebook has said that the new thread less bracelet is being recalled because it’s not compatible with some charms… I don’t know what that entails exactly so I hope you’ll do a review of it soon. I wanted to buy one but I don’t really see the point. You have to get clips anyway but I guess you can place them wherever.

    • Hi Melissa, yes I saw that too. From further reading, it seems that the problem with compatibility does not apply to all of the bracelets – there’s a faulty batch of them. My bracelet is fully compatible with all the threaded charms I’ve tried on it so far (and you can see in the photo that there’s a threaded murano on it!).
      It is kind of a weird concept, as my SA recommended that I use the silicone clips to space my charms much in the same way as the regular Moments bracelet. But the spherical clasp is nice and you do have a bit more flexibility!

      • Maybe Pandora was simply looking for a new product to attract fans and new business..just a slight new twist on an old favorite…

        • Oh, I’m sure that’s right. The spherical clasp is different enough in itself, too.

  8. Hi Ellie,
    For me the best is all with the mother of pearl, but I will waiting since june to see in person the new floral murano, I want a sweet bracelet, at this time I would like 4 at least of them, may be 6.
    I will match with the daisy clip and pendant.
    Thus while waiting I will buy myself a little patience aha.
    Nice day Ellie

    • Hi Isabelle, love the sound of that! I am head over heels with that Flower Garden murano, and I’m still disappointed that I haven’t been able to source one ahead of time. :) I will be getting two of them, but I like your plans for four or six! ^^
      Have a nice day too, Isabelle, and thanks for commenting!

  9. Luckily there isn’t much on my wish list for this collection, lol. I plan on getting the love knot earrings, pendant, and ring. I also want the pave barrel clips to go with the pave barrel bracelet I plan to pick up during the promo. I actually stopped into my store yesterday to check out the new collection. The store wasn’t very busy so I talked with the manager for awhile and got to really check out the new collection. The droplet rings were stunning and are on the top of my wish list. I was disappointed because I wanted to pick up the poetic blooms necklace to wear for Easter and she told me it wasn’t coming out until Mother’s day :(. That conflicted with all of the other information I had read in your blog and online. Sometimes I feel like I know more about the new releases than the stores do because of your wonderful blog, lol!! Well I came home and looked online and it is available on some websites like Jared. I’m going to call around today and see if I can find one. I also want to pick up the pink poetic droplets ring and blooming dahlia to wear for Easter also. The dahlia ring and earrings were a little smaller than I thought they would be but still pretty. The manager of the store also let me set aside my order for the bracelet promo!! I guess they are having a presale starting this Thursday and since I asked about it she let me do it early. She also gave me a Spring catalogue so all in all it was a productive visit!! I love your bracelet you picked up too. The purple shimmer murano looks very pretty with the pink primrose clips on the new bracelet.

    • Hmm, it does seem like Pandora NA have selected a few of the Spring charms & jewellery to postpone until Mother’s Day for gift sets. I hadn’t heard that the Poetic Blooms necklace was included in those postponements, but it’s possible! My initial previews were not based on specific North American catalogues – those pieces you mention are technically in the Spring collection, and they’re out everywhere else, it’s just North America who are holding them back :(

      Yay for doing the pre-sale haha! I’m looking forward to finally deciding what I want to get. I’m tempted to do the promo twice, as there are a few Disney charms I want that I can’t get here and it seems like a good time to stock up. :D What did you choose for your pre-sale?
      Thanks, glad you like my choices too haha! I was so tempted by the pink Shimmer murano and the Dazzling Daisy Fairy as well but held off. A rare display of will-power! :P

      • Ellie, if you do the promotion twice, upgrade one to new Disney round clasp bracelet which is very beautiful. You know me, I am not a Disney’s fan but this bracelet with a bit cz on is not noticeable Disney at all. You won’t regret, I try the Smooth bracelet and Disney’s bracelet on this afternoon to make sure what I want for free, I will pay Can $20 for Disney one.

        • I’m very tempted… I just don’t know if I would want enough Disney charms to fill it? Although I guess it doesn’t have to be all Disney charms if I don’t want it to be!

      • Actually I went to a different store a few days later and they had the necklace. I’m surprised the manager at the other store didn’t know they were supposed to get it. I wore it with the blooming dahlia ring for Easter and they were very pretty. At first I was disappointed with how small the blooming dahlia ring was but now I think it is very pretty and dainty!

  10. Yesterday I went to my local Pandora store, located in the mall. They did not have the catalog so I went to Jared across the street and they had it. I asked Jared if they were willing to do the presale like Pandora is doing they said they could. I may go there. Traffic does not seem as bad as mall location. I’m excited to get the new catalog to plan before the presale.

    • Ooh that’s exciting! The catalogues haven’t come out here in the UK yet, either. I love getting the new catalogues, it’s all part of the ritual of a new collection coming out haha.

      • Hi Ellie, when I went to the flagship Pandora store last week they didn’t have the catalogue but when I went to heathrow airport on 22 March, the tiny Pandora outlet has a mini-catalogue of the new collection. It has pages showing each of the five girls in the new commercial, along with the new collection. Strange that the flagship store didn’t have the promo leaflet but terminal 5 Pandora store did.

        • Hey Judie, that is really weird. I was under the impression that usually the airport stores are a little behind the regular stores in terms of new releases and catalogues etc.
          But hey, at least you got your catalogue! ^^ I’m not that keen on the new paper they’re using for the UK mini catalogues atm though.

  11. I like the pink primrose clips you’ve bought, there on my list. They go well with your purple murano, it’s a nice colour combination.
    I’m interested to read your review on the bracelet.
    I’ve bought the sparkling love knot ring from this collection. There aren’t any jewellery pieces from this collection I want and don’t think I’ll be getting any charms either. I will look at the charms when they arrive in store, to make sure. It’s probably for the best, as I’ve still got quite a bit from the Spring collection to get.

    • Thanks, Sarah! I wasn’t originally intending to put them together, and I still might not, but I was really struck my how pretty they did look together. I’ve been wearing the bracelet like that for the past couple of days :)
      The only thing I got from this collection so far is the Bound by Love LE charm, which is nice but not spectacular for me. I’m much more excited for the enamel heart and the safety chains – which is more than I wanted from last year’s Mother’s Day collection, so I’m happy with that!

  12. Looking forward to this collection I love a lot of charms not so much the other jewellery pieces thought.

  13. Judy S, that is a great thought to break the 200 up into two purchases to maybe get 2 free bracelets. I can do one at jared and one at Pandora if I have to lol.

      • Yes, no need to break the bill. Pandora just want more business, Toronto shops have pre order start 24th to 30th. I just got invited to a concept store VIP event on 23th for pre order.

    • I know the Pandora Concept store lets you get multiple bracelets and I think Jared’s does, too. I have a nearby shop in shop that I think may limit customers to one bracelet, but I’m not certain. I usually do all my shopping at the Concept store because I know I can get multiple bracelets there.

      • Concept store in Canada is under different franchisee so that they compete to each other. They let us have multiple transaction in one bill, maximum 10 free charms or bracelets. We have a large Asian population in Toronto to buy Pandora to bring back Asia ( 30% cheaper ). We will have pre order start 24th to 30th, then pick up 31st to 3rd April to avoid long line up.

  14. Hi Ellie,

    This is not related to the topic but I thought I let you know: I live in the Netherlands and we have a ring promo here. 3 for 2. It runs from 21 march up until 3 april.

  15. I’ve been pestering my jeweler so much about the Love Lines charm in the Mothers Day 2016 collection that he gave me a 2016 book to moon over. In it I noticed a new cz charm called Oriental Fan # 791906cz that looks awesome. A footnote says it will be released in June. I’ve been looking for a bigger photo of it to no avail. Have you seen any pictures yet?

    • I saw Oriental Fan round open work cz charm in my Pandora Catalig Can $75. In Vacation//Travel page, it will be available in June

      • Yes this is a bigger pic and it looks quite lovely. I have two sections done on the pave heart clasp bracelet doing clear cz and golden cz charms (want it to work with yellow or white gold rings both) so am fanatical with cz charms. I sure wish they’d do a golden Inspiration Within spacer btw. What is this free bracelet promotion- is it in the states or UK? I’m already thinking of a pink bracelet and an ocean bracelet so it might be worth while to seize on. Addicted (sigh)

  16. Oh I’m so excited with 31Mar free bracelet event… I am getting a friend help.
    From mother’s day collection, two items will be home with me, bound by love and LE bangle I guess,
    Btw, anyone knows about free LE bangle GWP event in Australia? Is it confirmed on 21Apr?

    • So am I! ^^ The bangle event for Australia is still going ahead on the 21st of April, as far as I’m aware.

      • Hi Ellis, any idea how many days they will be having this GWP in Australia?

        Are you going to get your brother help to make any purchase for this GWP?

        • It’s running until the 4th of May, I hear. I’m not going to get help with this one as, while I love the bangle’s clasp, the inscription ‘Family Forever’ doesn’t really apply to me!

  17. I did my pre order this afternoon with spend Can $550 to get free 14k two tone bracelet, I will pick up and pay on 3rd April, I will transfer all my two tone charms from oxidized to 14k two tone bracelet. After promotion period, we still have 30 days exchange or refund policy, I can secure the free bracelet now then plan for what I really love.

    • I am going to do my preorder tomorrow afternoon at five. The girl working there scheduled me with her for five. Now that I think about it I should have scheduled earlier in the day to avoid missing out. I decided on the heart clasp bracelet, two of the new Daisy lace clips, one Rapunzel murano and the vintage A. I think I will start there. I thought about calling in my preorder as soon as the store opens and going at five to see it and verify that’s what I want.I am so excited!!

      • Rapunzel murano is very beautiful which is on my pre order list. If Ellie has the chance to see it in person, she will love it. Rapunzal colour is perfect blend into Pink Primose silicon clip than Purple Shimmer.

        • Ah, you have my attention now that you mention it goes really nicely with the Pink Primrose clip :P Although I do love it with my purple Shimmer murano too…

    • My Pandora store said I had to prepay for the presale that they have to take my card info today. Jared said they have to take 20 percent down and do it as a layaway to hold. :( so I will go to Jared as they may not get as much traffic and hope they have my size on the 31.

      • Oh! My store don’t need prepay. Don’t worry, if they don’t have your size that day, you can still exchange later on.

        • Yes. I was so disappointed. I asked the sales associate how she can charge me for a promotion that is not in date yet. She claimed I was misinformed. So I may just go to jared. I have to wait because I started a new job and had to wait a while month to get paid

        • Very true. I have a small wrist. I believe I need the 7.1 so I’m hoping they have enough in the heart clasp style.

        • My friend in the US had to prepay both at the concept store and her shop-in-shop. I guess it varies on the franchise!

    • That’s so exciting!! My lovely friend in the US did my pre-sale for me yesterday. I’m doing the promo twice, once to get the regular silver bracelet and once to get the Disney bracelet. The concept store wouldn’t let her upgrade to the Disney bracelet for me, so she had to go to a shop-in-shop instead!

  18. Hi. Do you know if the primrose silicone clip fit the pandora one clip multistrand bracelet. Thank you.

    • Hi Maritza, that is a very good question – and one I don’t know the answer to, unfortunately. :'( My guess would be no, as the silicone clips won’t fit over the regular Moments threads (the clips are too narrow and too small).

    • I enjoy my new hobby since March last year. After you pre order, you don’t need to pay until you pick it up 31st March to 3rd April. I will pick up on 3rd April because I like some Mother’s Day charm release on 17th April, I will exchange some of them.

  19. Ellie, I got a free Valentine’s Day wristlets as a appreciation gift from SA because I was helping her makeing a deal for one new customer. She doesn’t speak English and has no knowledge of Pandora, I picked two S clips and Shimmering Rose dangle total Can $130 to get her right size Free Heart clasp bracelet. I am so happy to see her smiling face.

    • That is so awesome Michele! I am such a Pandora addict as well and I have learned so much from Ellie’s blog! I sometimes find that the Sales Associates unfortunately, are not as well informed as they should be about the brand. It’s so nice to be able to help out the customers. They are so appreciative! :D

      • I like Pandora Moment line since last March then discover Thomas Sabo Karma last Sept. I like Pandora two tone, murano glass and likeThomas Sabo silver, rose gold, semi precious stone. I don’t like cz and enamel too much.

    • Aw, that’s lovely! How nice of you to help them, and what a nice gift in reward. I don’t really have a relationship with any of the stores near me as I moved a couple of years ago and don’t make it into an actual store that often. Before, I used to get on really well with my local store’s manager and get invited to all their VIP events and stuff, which was fun.

  20. Ah Ellie! These pieces are so lovely! It is truly awesome to see the use of pearls and MOP again! I focus mainly on the charms and bracelets, but I think that the MOP floral pendant would be lovely on a bangle. I am also becoming obsessed with the light pink enamel hearts! I definitely want two of them to coordinate with the three other heart charms that I purchased for Valentine’s day! I am a bit surprised by the Family Tree necklace though. It looks odd without the inclusion of gold. I much prefer the Family Heritage pendant and the original Tree of Life series because of the inclusion of 14kt gold. The two tone pieces are much more elegant IMHO!

    • Isn’t it great? I was so pleasantly surprised to see more pearls and MOP in this collection – especially that lovely pearl dangle from the charms and the floral charm inset with pearls. :D I just wish they would make a pearl charm for the Moments collection like the Essence Dignity. I’d have multiples of that on a bracelet!
      I agree with you, I think the previous Family Tree/Heritage charms have a slight edge on this one because of that dash of gold. I guess they just didn’t want to make it too expensive, seeing as it’s so large anyway!

  21. :-) I like little heart necklace with mother of pearl and gold included and there’s a cute matching charm :-)

    Did you get my email?

    Happy Friday to you! :-)

    • Hi Claudia! It is cute, and I like the charm as well (MOP and gold in one charm! Yay!), even if it is a little similar to the Abundance of Love in white enamel.

      I was about to say that no, I did not get your email, but then I thought I’d better double-check – and I realise that I just missed it. I’m so sorry Claudia! I’ll get back to you today. <3

      Have a lovely Easter weekend!

  22. Hi Ellie!
    Thank you for all the new pictures! :-) Oh, the more I see that pink enamel heart, the more I love it! Do you know if enamel surfaces can be engraved, without being destroyed of course? I do not intend to harm mine, but I was asked by a friend and told her I know who will have the answer! :-)
    I’m preparing for my London trip today evening and I’m super excited! Will you be doing anything special these days for Easter? I guess you won’t be working until Monday, right? I wish you have a great time! ♡♡♡

    • Hi Chrysa! I love that enamel heart as well! I don’t know yet how I’ll use it at all, but it’s so gorgeous that I know I will think of something :P I did once ask about getting enamel charms engraved, and I was told that it’s not possible without damaging the enamel’s finish. :(

      Oooh Chrysa, that’s so exciting! I hope you have a lovely time :D I am actually off work until Tuesday (soooooo nice!) – I don’t have anything particularly special planned, I’m just relaxing really. Yesterday, I went shopping, tonight I am off for drinks with people from my previous work and then my OH and I are going out for the day on Monday. :D

  23. I really do love earrings and pearls. I have the delicate sentiments (bows on top of pearls) earrings on my wishlist. The only reason that I am hesitating on it is because I sport a pixie cut and somehow find my collection of dangles looking wierd on me. I like the sparkly knot stud earrings as I had always liked the knot design. I like the dual heart studs too, looks simple and versatile.

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