Happy Easter everyone! ✿ Today’s post brings my next Pandora Spring 2016 review, with a closer look at the new silicone clip concept that debuted with this collection. I went for the Pink Primrose clips, and those are the ones that I’ll be featuring today. This is the second part of my Pandora Smooth threadless bracelet review, which went out earlier this week, so I advise that you read that post before this one. :)

pandora pink primrose clip

As it’s Easter, I’ll also be offering some Easter inspiration in the stylings at the end of this post! ^^ The Pink Primrose clips I chose would be great for any spring or Easter-themed bracelet design.

Pandora Silicone Clips Concept

These new clips work pretty much like a Pandora Essence bead – they are lined with silicone inside and, once you clip them on your bracelet, they will stay in place. The silicone is clear and you’d hardly know it was there, just to look at it. You can use these to section off your bracelet, just like you would regular clips, but this time you’re not limited as to where you can place them!

pandora silicone clips

The grip seems good so far – in the week or so I’ve been wearing my bracelet (albeit with just one bead), they pretty much haven’t shifted from where I placed them.

These are narrower than regular clips, and in style look much more like spacers. This means that, while you can use them on the chain of the regular Moments bracelet, they won’t fit over the threads themselves.

pandora silicone clips

The other great thing about them is that their utility isn’t just limited to the new threadless bracelet – they’re also perfect for keeping your charms in place on the bangle or leather bracelet. Pandora fans for years have been buying silicone stoppers from eBay, or putting rubber inserts in clips – these new silicone clips offer a great Pandora-endorsed alternative.

pandora pink primrose clip bangle

pandora pink primrose silicone clip leather

Now, to start with, Pandora have released two styles of silicone clip – the pavé Shining Elegance, in various colours, or the Pink Primrose. I found the Shining Elegance to be a bit too sparkly, and I have a weakness for florals, so I went with the Pink Primrose. I was initially afraid that the pink would be a bit garish or bright in person, but it’s actually nicely delicate without being too pale.

pandora pink primrose silicone clips

Each flower is studded with cubic zirconia, which is a detail that I could have done without (I’d have preferred something more in the style of the original Cherry Blossom bead). But overall, the effect is reasonably elegant and you really don’t notice the cubics too much.

pandora pink primrose silicone clips


For my stylings, I decided to do one leather, one bangle and one threadless bracelet design, to showcase the clips on each! :) First of all we have this woodland design on the brown leather bracelet. I have a weakness for pink and brown together – the centrepiece of this design is the new Poetic Blooms pendant, which is tiny but very pretty.

pandora pink primrose silicone clips

Next up, we have a simple nature-themed mini design on the bangle. One of my first Spring 2016 purchases was the Purple Shimmer murano, and it goes surprisingly well with the new clips!

pandora pink primrose silicone clips

This last styling fully embraces both the primroses and the Easter spirit, with a styling made up of the Primrose Meadow charms and three cute little animals – the Cow, the Duck and of course the Easter Bunny himself!

pandora pink primrose silicone clips


All-in-all, I think that these silicone beads were a great move from Pandora. Even if you don’t buy into the new threadless bracelet concept, these are so useful for building bangle or leather bracelet designs. The only caveat for me (and, of course, it is early days) is that the range of initial designs is a bit limited – we need a few more neutral styles, I think, as the only options right now are full-on pavé or full-on enamel. I happen to love enamel designs, so the Pink Primrose worked for me, but I know that’s not true for everyone.

The Pandora Pink Primrose clips are $40 USD or £35 each. If you’re in the UK, you can buy them alongside the rest of the Pandora Spring collection from authorised retailer John Greed. 

Have you tried out any of the silicone clips yet and, if so, what do you think of them? Are any on your wish list?

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  1. I went for the Pink Primrose clips and use them on my bangle, and I love them. On my bangle, I paired the clips with the Sparkling Butterfly (silver), the pink petite facets, and the Rose Gold Sparkling Butterfly. The shining elegance ones were prettier than I had expected but still a little too shiny for me. I am also hoping for some more of the silicone clips in future releases. :-)

    • Sounds gorgeous – I love pink and Pandora Rose together. I quite liked the light pink Shining Elegance, but ultimately they are not quite my style. Fingers crossed that they come out with some more designs for us – and a safety chain in the same style would also be good!

    • Hi Ellie
      I have a question for you. Is it necessary to get a safety chain with the new bracelet? If u have the new clips at the end then you would not need one right?
      Looking forward to your response.

      • Hi Laura! The only reason you need a safety chain, for this bracelet or for any other, is to keep the bracelet from falling off your wrist and charms coming off in the event of the clasp failing. If you want a safety chain for this bracelet, you will need either the clip-on safety chain or a clip to go between the safety chain and the end of the bracelet, as demonstrated in my review of the threadless bracelet. :)
        If you are not immediately concerned about the clasp, then you don’t need to worry about getting a safety chain for this bracelet. I would advise getting a clip of some kind to go on the end of the bracelet – otherwise, you will get charms flying off the bracelet when you take it off, which is a bit risky.
        Hope that helps!

  2. I’m rethinking my designs now that I love these clips. I wish however that Pandora could come up with more original designs with these clips. The ones you picked out are very nice for Springy designs. I love Spring, but this is when teachers pack on the homework and it sucks. :( I missed a week of school and I had to make it all up. The bangle design is my favorite! :)

    • Hi Ellie
      I just finished reading your review regarding the clips. I have the light pink shining elegance.
      I agree,with u. Pandora has out done themselves with these clips. They hardly move,at,all. I love them. Just wish the colors were a little deeper as the picture is shown.
      I hope they come out with more clips like these in the future.

        • Shimmering Droplets I was,a little disappointed. They are much darker in person if that is what u r looking for. I guess it depends. I will be getting my free bracelet this Thursday. Can’t wait!

      • Hi Laura! The pink Shining Elegance was my favourite of the three colours. :) I’ve found that they pretty much stay in place where you put them as well, which I was pleased with – but then, I haven’t put too many charms on my bracelet yet, so I haven’t put too much pressure on them.
        I’m also keeping my fingers crossed for more designs soon!

    • I agree, and I hope that they expand the range soon! I would predict that they will mainly get Shining Elegance re-colours for the rest of the year (I have no info to back that up, though, it’s just my speculation!) but perhaps next year they’ll think of something new.
      Eugh sorry to hear about all your school work! I just finished my last year of university last year and it is not something I’m missing right now. Good luck with it all! :)

  3. I will probably continue to buy bracelets with clip stations, but I really like that the new bracelet allows putting however many charms are desired in the middle section. Currently I buy 18 cm bracelets because I can fit 2 muranos and 3 other beads in the middle section. A 17 cm bracelet would fit my wrist better, but it doesn’t have the room I “need”. At some point I think I’ll get a 17 cm bracelet to try it out. Although the bracelet with clip stations makes Pandora unique, I think it’s good for Pandora to offer this alternative. I, too, hope they come up with some plain silver clips soon!

    • Yes, exactly – I think that’s a big benefit to this bracelet. You don’t have to worry about something not quite fitting into a section, you can put the clips exactly where they’re needed. :D I don’t think it hurts for Pandora to offer an alternative to their classic threading. The charms just flying straight off the end when you take it off is a problem, but easily rectified by just popping a clip or one of these silicone spacers at the end of the bracelet. :)
      You should really try it out! I’d love to hear what you think of it when you do get it! <3

  4. Thank you for the great review! I too like these enamel clips but could do without the CZ’s. I love your designs and I’m thinking several clips on a new threadless bracelet might be a nice look.

    • Thanks, glad you liked the designs! :) I also don’t like the CZs particularly with this design, I just don’t think it needs it. I’m hoping they’ll bring out some plain silver or even just plain enamel designs with no CZ soon…!

  5. As I’ve said before I like the pink primrose clips and will be purchasing them, hopefully soon. I’m hoping for more designs before I buy the new bracelet. Also I like how you can use them on the bangle and it will keep the charms in place. If they do some different designs I might get some for my bangle, in the future.
    Your poetic bloom pendant looks lovely, this is on my list for my birthday.
    The lilac murano goes really well with the pink primrose clips.
    Thanks for another great review, look forward to your next one.

    • I have just been to Pandora and bought some more from the Spring collection. I got the poetic bloom pendant and shimmering bouquet ring, which are for my birthday. I also got the spring garden charm for my centrepiece, then 2 of the pink primrose silicone clips to go either side, then either side of that 2 of the dazzling daisy fairy charm. I’m going to use my lace clips I’ve already got with them. it looks just as I imagined it would. The silicone clips are great, look forward to them bringing out more designs, some plain silver ones like the lace clips would be great.
      I’ve decided I’m not getting the forget me not ring, as I wanted to be able to stack with it, but it doesn’t look right stacked and I’m not getting the forget me not button style charm, I’m just going to get the forget me not spacers.
      Next on my list is 2 of the forget me not spacers and the dainty bow bangle for them to go on.

      • Oooh great haul! Happy Birthday, for whenever it was exactly. :) Sounds like a gorgeous design, very coordinated and symmetrical! My next acquisition will be the Pink Shimmer murano, and I still want the Dazzling Daisy Fairy and the Essence safety chain. Then I’m done with the Spring collection I think..!
        I also love your idea for a Floral Daisy Lace silicone clip. That would be so perfect! We just need some plain silver abstract/pretty designs like that.

        • My birthday is the start of May, so not too long to wait, till I get them.
          Yeah I like my designs coordinated and symmetrical. The only one that isn’t is where I have got pooh bear and eeyore, as I have just one of each.
          Look forward to reading your reviews.

        • Oh okay, not too long to wait – although I admit that I find it hard to be patient when it comes to Pandora. ;)
          I like to keep things vaguely symmetrical, but I don’t usually get duplicates of charms – I tend to go more for charms that match each other in shape, size, colours etc. Muranos & spacers I sometimes buy more than one of, but that’s about it. That’s mainly a money thing, though, and trying to get all the pieces I want! ^^
          Thanks, Sarah. Looking forward to doing the next one!

    • Thanks, Sarah, glad you enjoyed the review! <3 I'm sure they will do some different designs - sooner rather than later, hopefully. :D
      The Poetic Blooms pendant is lovely, although rather small. I'm glad to hear that you did get it! It looks perfect on my pink oxi floral bracelet, and I'll showcase that when I review the charm. :D

  6. I don’t have the threadless bracelet right now and I’m not sure if I’ll get one in the future, but I do have tons of leathers and bangles, so as you said, these silicone-lined clips are great for that! I hate charms rolling around on my bracelet, so I am one of those people who buys the silver stoppers with the rubber inside them on Amazon or eBay (I don’t like the look of just the clear stoppers by themselves, so I have to buy the silver ones, which are more costly). They are also such a struggle to get on and off the bracelet, but these are obviously must easier! I do agree with you that I hope there are more designs in the future. I don’t mind pave, but I also went for the floral design this time. Although, I plan to buy two of the teal pave clips when they come out in the summer collection for my teal leather. I also hope they come out with some bigger (non-spacer-like) clips with the silicone, if that’s possible.

    • I did buy just some of the silicone stoppers (not the silver ones) from eBay and have never got on with them. They were just so hard to get on and off, as you say, and I’m always having to take bracelets apart to do reviews, so they just didn’t work for me! I think I was at risk at actually damaging one of my leathers in trying. So, before these new silicone-lined clips came out, I have tended to just choose a couple of neutral Pandora clips and used the rubber inserts with them.
      Feedback everywhere seems to be that people would like more versatile designs in these silicone clips so hopefully Pandora will make soon soon…! :D

      • Yes, that would definitely with be quite a pain to get those on/off the bracelet with how often you are rearranging and putting reviews together! I also have some rubber stopper/clip combos on some of my bracelets, but with how many bangles and leathers I have, I can’t afford to buy so many clips for all of these! One other thing I’ve been trying out lately–as it seems to be in style at the moment–is tying knots in my leather bracelets to keep charms in place. I can’t quite get them to look as nice as some of the pictures I’ve seen though. Regardless, there are more options now.

        • That’s the other thing! Plus leather bracelets are limited as to the number of charms you can have on them, and having two clips immediately takes up two spots I usually want for something else…
          I saw a few pictures of knotted leather bracelets online and they do look great like that! I’m not adventurous enough to try it myself, as I’d just be afraid I’d break them in some way, haha. But definitely a creative way to get around the whole clip/leather issue :)

  7. Hi Ellie the clips look really pretty I like your little Easter design. The purple murano looks really pretty to will you be a review on that one. What design do you plan on with your new bracelet.

    • Hi Nicola, thank you! I very much liked your purple Easter bracelet on Instagram too :D I will definitely be reviewing the purple Shimmer murano, but I was thinking I’d get the pink one and review them together, perhaps.
      I’m actually not sure at all on what I’ll be doing with the new bracelet! I had planned to add two of the Flower Garden muranos that got delayed and the Olive Facets CZ bead as well. The Olive bead looks a bit weird with the Pink Primrose clips on its own without the Flower Garden muranos to pull it all together. So I don’t know for now! ^^

  8. I have a pair of the pink primrose clips and a threadless bracelet. I really like the look of them, including the clasp on the bracelet, but have found that the clips can slide on the bracelet during wear. This has not worried me very much as I don’t mind my charms moving, but they aren’t that snug a fit.
    In the past, I have found the Chamilia clips to be a good fit to my Pandora bangle and bracelets. There are quite a few available.
    Hopefully Pandora will bring out more of these clips though because I prefer not to have to fit in with the size of the middle section on the regular bracelets, and I like not to mix my Pandora with the other brands.

    • Ah, that’s interesting – my clips seem pretty much to stay where I put them, but I haven’t put too many charms on my threadless bracelet yet, though. I have found that Pandora Essence charms with silicone move a bit while you’re wearing them, so I’m not too surprised to hear that.
      I have started to dabble with other brands – last year I put a couple of Chamilia Christmas charms that I just couldn’t resist on my star bangle. But for the most part I don’t like to mix and match my Pandora! ^^ So I’d love to see more official Pandora designs for the silicone clips as well. :)

  9. Thank you for sharing these with us. They are really pretty and I especially love the fact that they work really well with the bangle and leather bracelet, which I adore. I like that these can double up as spacers. More versatility is always good. Love all your stylings, my favourite being the bangle as the purple murano is my favourite in this Spring collection.

    • Yes that’s the great thing about the threadless bracelet – even if you don’t get on with that, the silicone spacers that go with it are so great for the bangle or the leather. We just need more designs so that they’re more versatile! Some abstract silver designs would be perfect.
      Thanks for commenting, Ariane – it was nice to hear from you! <3 The Purple Shimmer murano is one of my favourites, too, if not my favourite.

      • It is good to be back. I have so much to catch up with your blog. Been busy with my child’s school and a recent vacation to Melbourne. Sadly, the only boutique I managed to find was closed for renovation. There goes my list of items to get from Australia. Oh well, till next time someone visits Australia and willing to help me with it. I will love more abstract designs too as I find them easier to work with but these primrose ones are so pretty. I intend to get a pair of these too, and use them with my purple leather bracelet.

        • Mm, it was nice to see your name pop up again! But happily it sounds like you’ve been busy in a nice way, and not a stressful way, haha. ^^
          These clips look beautiful with the purple leather bracelet (it was one of the first combinations I tried) – that should look gorgeous!

  10. What ever happened to the Disney Parks new 14k gold Mickey swirls bracelet & the new clip? Or maybe no ones really buying them cause their too expensive but what they should do with the clip instead have just the all gold one they should make another one the exact same as the gold one but make it silver & of course add in the stones like they did for the gold one cause it would honestly look just as pretty & sense Disney Pandora is really lacking for options of clips & if they just made that same clip in plain silver not only will it be just as pretty as the gold but also WAAAY less expensive & will most likely meet up to most people’s budgets cause I know my budget doesn’t meet up with gold lol I wish they really need to have it in silver too cause that’s not fare that they only came out with the option as gold & even if it is pretty no ones gonna buy it cause it’s just not worth it & its exlussive at the Disney Parks & of course you can not spend 300 some dollars on 1 item at Disney World cause there’s so much more to buy there then just a single charm & aside from that a lot of people go to Disney with really tight budgets unfortunately & go with big families & can only afford the minimum including having to buy food & don’t even get me started on the food but it’s an necessity to buy food so they can’t just blow their money on a 14k gold Disney Pandora charm

    & Harry Potter is just growing more & more each month they actually really should come over with Harry Potter Pandora charms at Universal Studios they would definitely sell out super fast though & the new Harry Potter book is coming out this July AND the new Harry Potter theme park at Universal in Hollywood, California is the big grand opening this April so what better way would there be to celebrate those two things this year than to start a H.P Universal Studios exlussive Pandora line & there would honestly be no better time to start it actually

    Sorry this is way off topic about this post about these charms

    • Lol, no worries about going off topic. You are more likely to have me see your comment by commenting on the most recent post than by going back to an older one! :) I asked someone about this recently and the current theory is that they will be out later in the year, perhaps June, when the Shanghai park opens. I’m not 100% to be honest. I don’t know how much the new gold Disney Parks charm & two-tone bracelet are going to be yet, but I imagine it will be a heck of a lot. I guess they’re betting on tourists coming in and wanting something super special to remember their trip? People do get crazily over-excited about Pandora here in the UK (which I know sounds rich coming from me :P) – all our SAs seem to have Pandora Disney bracelets and charms and I’ve heard from several who have gone to a lot of effort to get it! So I can imagine people wanting to get something extra special, I guess.
      Haha, Harry Potter charms would be a lot of fun! I was never a Harry Potter fan proper, but I used to read each book that came out within a couple of days if I could. I’d love the Sorting Hat in particular, and maybe a Hedwig charm…!

      • Ya I mean they would be able to come up with SO many H.P ideas for different character & characters & your right the sorting hat would make an awesome dangle I love the way the hats designed like all wrinkly & squished kinda & the charm would also have to have like an ancient look to it like a rusty old hat & symbols of the 4 houses in the movies like Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw & Hufflepuff & hedwig would he really awesome too

        So far all I have is the Pandora sparkly snake charm & I pretend it’s a Slytherin snake lol & put it on the green leather Pandora bracelet to go with my Harry Potter Slytherin robe that I got at Universal Studios which I love so much even though the robes were a lot but if your fan their so worth it cause you even think about what your really truly gonna do with it I wear mine in public outside all the time lol & get everyone starring at it & loving it haha

        • Pandora has to pay licence fee to Universal Studio to produce Harry Potter product. Universal Studio is competitor to Disney Park, Pandora should has agreement with Disney, I really doubt Pandora will have Harry Potter product. I love Snoopy and Woodstock charm so much since college year but Personnal has the licence. :( the design is not what I like.

        • Ya it is true that Universal Studios really competes with the Disney Parks but honestly I think that as good & fun Universal Studios may get & hey it might even beat Disney Parks to a point where Disney Parks can’t complete with Universal anymore but I think both parks are an equal tie breaker I mean they are two totally different parks as Disney Parks is more fantasy fun & Universal is more action packed fun Disney is more kinda relaxing as Universal is more the opposite as guest would get more hyper at Universal than at Disney at Disney they can be very relaxed more but still both parks are completing & Universal is a completely like non Disney place which is also awesome

          & they could have H.P Universal Studios Pandora charm cause Universal also already has like the little dangle charms that Disney has except of course their not Disney themed charms their universal themed but it’s the very same idea Disney will have Disney characters & Universal has their own like Despicable Me charms, The Simpsons, Sponge Bo, Betty Boop, Shrek, at Christmas time they have the Grinch & so on they have a lot though as much as Disney & SeaWorld too though SeaWorld is kinda the least visited theme park in Orlando Florida cause some people have mixed feelings about it & just don’t believe in it or agree with it but Disney & Universal are the most visited & Disney World is suppose to be building a WHOLE new park as part of their theme park package so there’s 4 theme parks now & their suppose to build on a 5th to join in the 4 they already have & so that’ll definitely bring in a lot of people to Disney World after all Disney Parks are known for doing the impossible

        • I’ve seen a couple of Harry Potter designs – there was one really great one that used the candy-stripe muranos for all the different house colours, that was great. Then there are several owls that could be Hedwig, too!
          Love the sound of your Slytherin bracelet, haha! I’m pretty sure I’d be Ravenclaw if I were in a house so I guess I’d be looking for blues and some kind of bird charm…

  11. I wonder if Pandora will make a bracelet with threads, but no clip stations. I think the threads seem fairly important if you have a full bracelet and they give you the option to use old safety chains or clips. If someone was new to Pandora and got a lot of charms all in one go and the new threadless bracelet, you can see a disaster happening with no clip at the end, but with the old design there isn’t really a way all the charms would fall off unless you had all threadless charms.

    • All one would have to do is put a clip on the end. I have tried a clip without the silicone and one with to test it and they do work keeping charms from sliding off the end. Also a safety chain would work on the threadles bracelet placing a clip at the end. Hope this helps.

      • Yep exactly – I wrote about that as well in the first part of the review – they should really come out with some more clip-on safety chains for this bracelet. Silicone-lined safety chains would just be popular generally, I think!

        • I tried to put a clip after the safety chain just so the chain didn’t wind over the end, but then the bracelet wasn’t large enough to go over my hand when it was unclipped now that it is getting full. I ordered the size based on Pandora’s recommendation. I think they should make all their new safety chains with clips so they don’t spin around the screws and would work with the threadless bracelets so they are covered whichever (or both) bracelet design they decide on for the future.

    • That does seem like another obvious design to make. :) The threads on the end of the bracelet seem rather important, if not the clip stations in the middle – but the problem with charms spinning off is relatively easily rectified with a clip at the end. You just need the SAs to be trained to warn people about it, I guess!

  12. Pandora is testing the market. If thread less bracelet sell well, new silicon clips, open work charm and new safety chains will come. Look at those high price CZ and synthetic charm, everthing is based on profit margin. I have many thread bracelets and beautiful clips so I won’t invest to the thread less bracelet system yet.

    • In that case, I hope it sells well – I want more of these clips and a safety chain with silicone would also be kind of great. People are always saying how much they hate their safety chains twisting off the bracelet!

        • I bought some Essence charms to get a free bangle for the bracelet presale. I changed my mind and returned it all. I think Essence at this point is a bit of a smaller retread of Moments, which was not the case at the beginning. I wouldn’t be surprised to see it disappear.

        • I got Thomas Sabo Karma because I like real semi precious stone, 18K plated bead. Karma bracelet is thread less and very flexible which is very comfortable on wrist.

        • :'( I do see quite a few people wearing Essence here in the UK, but then Pandora itself is so incredibly popular that it’s not surprising that people will pretty much buy most things Pandora put out.

  13. I love your bracelet designs Ellie, especially the ones with the animals, as you know those are some of my favorite Pandora charms :-D

    I’m not very interested in the new silicone clips they’ve done so far, but if they come out with some more designs at a decent price point I’d be interested as I do like this concept (plain silver or 2 tone, I’d even be okay with CZ if there was more design element to it than just a row of the CZ). Currently I’m just putting o-rings or clip liners under the regular clips, or I put silicone (piece or full ring, whatever will fit) under a regular charm to keep it in place in certain situations, basically if I need it to function as a stopper or it keeps flipping and driving me crazy. I can’t believe I went this long without buying o-rings, they have changed my life!

    • could you stop that little forest fairy from spinning around everywhere and settling upside down? I’d be very interested in more details on how you are doing this. What are “O rings”?
      thanks x

      • Hi Helen,
        Yes, I have the Forest Fairy charm and I do put a piece of silicone under it to keep it upright, works perfectly. I have the Pandora clip liners (not many as they are stingy or say they don’t have them usually) and I did cut one of those in half, and one of the halves again (so I have a half and 2 quarter pieces). Under a threaded charm I can fit either half or quarter of a clip liner, I use a toothpick to put it under and to loosen it again when I take my bracelet apart. I am constantly rearranging my bracelets and this method is no trouble at all for a few choice charms. I do this for Bear My Heart also and actually a lot of the animal charms.

        The silicone o-rings are not made by Pandora. I bought mine on Aliexpress which is a Chinese website that functions similar to Amazon. You will see tons of fake Pandora on there but just ignore it, you can find some decent stuff too, I’ve gotten some great artisan glass beads. Here is the link to the stoppers I bought, the price fluctuates when I bought they were just under $2 now they are $3 something but still a great deal for 500 rings. I bought the clear from the same seller too.


        They seem like especially good ones as they are very squishy so easy to get over threads. They are also easy to cut, I can put a half piece under threaded charms and full piece usually under non-threaded. Another trick it to just cut the ring at 1 part and then you can put it on your bracelet without having to get it over the thread, works well if your bracelet is already made up and you don’t want to take charms off. Then put your clip over the ring.

    • Thank you Natalie! :D I love the animals, as well. Character charms are just my favourite, really!

      Yeah, I’m not madly keen on the Shining Elegance pavé clips either – the pink ones were nicer in person than I thought and I could see the neutral clear ones being useful, too. But they are not quite for me! I can’t get on with o-rings because I change my bracelets up for review too much and I find them sooo hard to get on and off the bracelet aha. Some more neutral silver designs in these silicone clips would be perfect for me! :D

      • Hey Ellie, did you ever try cutting the ring in just 1 spot like I told Helen above? Then it is easy to take on/off, no going over threads! You can put your clip right over it. Mine are really easy to get on/off though even as a whole ring, they are super squishy.

        • …! No, I never thought of that, but that seems like an extremely elegant solution. One of my leather bracelets actually has a little bend in it by the clasp due to me wrestling with those little o-rings. If you cut them, will they stay on the bracelet without a clip over them?

          Also – what great advice as to how fix threaded charms in place (in your comment to Helen). Definitely something I’m going to try out! I need to do a post about Pandora hacks, kind of like life hacks, haha.

        • The rings probably won’t stay if you cut it and don’t have a clip or charm over it, but if you are putting a clip over it anyway it works great!

          Yeah, I like wedging pieces under some of my charms now, to keep them from spinning or to use a regular charm as a stopper. A half ring will fit under a threaded charm, I just use a toothpick to nudge it under and to loosen it when taking apart.

          I’d love to read your Pandora hacks post! ;-)

        • I think Pandora must put silicone pieces under charms for their photo shoots, as the charms are always perfectly spaced and facing the right way, no way otherwise!

  14. Ellie,

    Love your designs! The purple shimmer is lovely, and I love how you displayed the bunny. I will definitely copy your blue leather bracelet design, i love my blue butterfly murano but I have not been able to use it as effectively has I would have liked, you have done a superb job of integrating it with the flower clips! My husband had to travel over Easter and was able to bring me back the new clear pave silicon clips, you are right very sparkly and I think will look great on a Christmas bracelet. They looks amazing with the Olive Green Murano. I am looking forward to picking up my flower clips when the bracelet promo starts this Thursday.
    What I love about the silicone clips is that they help my bangle charms stay in place, much more effective than the regular clips which now seem clunky in comparison to the smaller silicone clips. I think they are one of Pandora’s best innovations to date. I don’t miss fussing over the rubber stoppers. Fingers crossed Pandora puts out more variety of these clips, some plain silver versions would be great.

    Hope you had a wonderful Easter.

    • Hi Lisa! Thank you, I’m so pleased that you liked them. The Purple Shimmer murano is gorgeous, and I will be getting the Pink Shimmer murano soon to go with it. :D Glad to hear you have your first pair of the silicone clips as well. <3 I have an Olive Green facets that I am struggling to use at the moment. I was going to put it with the Flower Garden muranos until they got delayed - and it feels like a shame to keep it sat in the jewellery box until June!
      I totally get what you mean about the silicone clips and the bangle. I don't get on with the silicone o-rings that people often buy from eBay or Amazon, so I have always used regular clips and rubber stoppers - which works fine, but as you say, they are often a bit chunkier than the bangle/leather design called for! These are a great alternative, and even better if they come out with more designs!

      Thanks for commenting Lisa! Hope you had a lovely Easter, too.

  15. Hi Ellie, thank you for the beautiful pictures and styling ideas. I did not give much thought about this new clips. But you change my mind about them. I think I will get one to put on a bangle like what you did with the first picture on the circle of love bangle.

    • Hi starlight, thank you, I’m glad you enjoyed them! You definitely don’t need to get them in a matching pair, this clip works great on its own too. I would like to get a silicone clip for that bangle design, but think the Shining Elegance might be a bit too sparkly seeing as there’s a lot of pavé on it already…

  16. Hi Everyone, does anyone know what, if any exclusions are there for the March bracelet promo? I was thinking of possibly getting one of what they call the iconic bracelet gift sets, it comes with bracelet, two clips and charm of choice up to $45.00. It cost $150 so if I get that I could get a second bracelet free since I spent the 100 or more? Not a bad idea seeing how it is my first Pandora. Any thoughts about this?

    • Should be fine, but stores can set their own rules (they don’t have to participate at all actually, more an issue at small privately owned jewelry stores) so I would just ask at the store you plan to buy from.

      • My Pandora store in the mall is participating and said this was possible to do. So not bad deal at all.

        • I pre order two tone 14k Iconic set Can $475 come with 2 two tone Sunburst clips and charm of your choice $50 ( value $555 ) and spend $75 in order add up to $550 to get one free two tone bracelet. My friend want to split the bill with me now. Each get one two tone bracelet and 2 two tone Sunburst clip for Can $310 tax in.

    • Hi Ashley! I don’t think there are any exclusions as to what you can spend your money on, as long as it’s Pandora – I think some stores exclude gift cards, but that’s about it.
      Sounds like a good plan to me! <3

      • It’s so hard to decide on what to get. I’m very excited about my appointment tomorrow. I made one for right after opening time.

  17. I love these clips and I love all the designs you have made with them. I saw the pearl Dignity Essence bead in the store and I just had to have it. In order to stay around the same price point for the promo I have changed my whole plan lol. I want to get the dazzling floral charm and add two of the pink primrose clips to the new thread less bracelet. Then I am going to get the Dignity and Friendship Essence charms and purple poetic droplet ring to wear with the pink ring I got last week. I should get three free bracelets then!! I’m going tomorrow for the presale for the promo. I’m so excited!!

    • Thanks, Jackie! :D Oh I don’t blame you about the Dignity pearl. It’s easily my favourite Essence bead, it’s just gorgeous. Mine is quite pinky in shade, which is even nicer to me! ^^
      Sounds like a great bracelet promo plan! I have paid for all my pieces and they are ready for my friend to pick up :D I have gone for Pandora Disney pieces, seeing as I can’t get them here. Hope you enjoyed your shopping today and that you were able to get everything you wanted!!

  18. I went to the pre-sale today – picked out the threadless bracelet, 2 of the Pink Primrose clips and tentatively, a pink CZ clip. The clear CZ clips are being delivered to my store tomorrow so I may change my mind and get the clear. I didn’t like the OVERABUNDANCE of pave in this release. The pave on the new clips isn’t “too much” and will look nice on my bangle. ?

  19. I was trying to be good in a way but I subscribed to your mailing list Ellie and it is so hard not to go wooh and ahhhh at your stylings. ;) I had been collecting a few Trollbeads muranos and completed my abstract black and white Trollbeads bracelet but I find myself craving for some delicate Pandora designs again. Haha! The draw of charm bracelets!

  20. Will these work on the Essence Bangle Bracelet? I have them for my bangle bracelet and I like them. The do hold mt charms in place,

    • Hi Wanda – I don’t actually know for sure, but I would imagine not, as the Essence bangle is so much thinner!

  21. Hi! There is a free Chamilia bangle promo today. I have 2 of these new rhinestone silicone Pandora clips. Will they work on the Brilliance bangle as well??? Or are Chamilia charms smallerand there clips might be better for Chamilia size charms? Right now I have zero Chamilia but may do the Halloween charms and get the new bangle.

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