It’s finally here – today marks the start of the March bracelet promotion for the US and Canada! This is the first one in a full year for North America, and it is arguably Pandora’s best GWP: it encompasses a whole range of bracelets, ranging from silver to 14kt gold. Furthermore, the timing is just right – with all the new Spring and Disney pieces, it shouldn’t be too hard at all to hit those spends!

pandora bracelet promo event 2016

Just as a reminder, international readers should note that retailers are not permitted to ship outside of their geographical regions – if you want to take part, you will have to find a friend in the US or Canada to help you out!

Pandora Free Bracelet Promo March 2016

pandora promo bracelets b

The bracelet promo is available from today until the 3rd of April and the qualifying spends are as follows:

  • spend $100 USD ($125 CAD) and receive your choice of the Pandora silver barrel clasp bracelet, the Pandora silver heart-clasp bracelet, the Pandora silver bangle or the Pandora Essence bracelets
  • spend $500 USD ($550 CAD) and receive the Pandora two-tone bracelet, bangle or Essence bracelet
  • spend $3,000 USD ($3,300 CAD) and receive the 14kt gold Pandora barrel clasp bracelet

Most franchises will also allow you to pay the difference and upgrade to the Pandora Rose or pavé-clasp bracelets, too!

So, all in all, that’s a pretty fantastic selection of bracelets – and this is a great time to try something new, whether that be Essence, Pandora Rose, or even just a different Moments bracelet clasp.

My Comment

This is always a rather exciting promo, even more so this time around as it’s been so long since the last one. Even though I’m in the UK, I’ll be taking advantage of the promo to pick up some Pandora Disney pieces. :D Last year I got the two-tone bracelet but I’ll be sticking to silver bracelets this time around, haha.

My picks are Maximus and the White Rabbit from the latest Pandora Disney collection, and then the Belle murano and the Cinderella Dream Heart, which are two Disney charms I’ve just wanted for a while. For my free bracelets, I’ll be getting one regular silver and then upgrading to the new Pandora Disney bracelet. Not much idea yet what I’ll be doing with that one, but it just caught my eye in a few photos lately! <3

Will you be taking part in this promo? If so, what are you getting?

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  1. Hi Ellie! Exciting day! I’m off to my local store to score my goodies, the wait is finally over! Wish me luck! Hopefully you get your wishes too. Congratulations on the new job, I started a new job too so it’s an exciting time for us both.

    • Hi Ashley! I see by your later comment that you’ve already got your things, but I’m wishing you belated luck and congratulations both on your new job and your new Pandora goodies :D :D

      • Oh and I also saw more of the collection yesterday. It drives me crazy that these specialty stores only get the collection in drips,and drabs.
        Tje murano glass charms from the spring collection are very nice.
        Especially the Disney charms.
        Now Rapunzel glass murano charm does glow in the dark slightly but I wonder if u have to hold it up to the light in order for it to really glow.
        I saw the light pink droplet and its,super light. Didn’t really care for it. It depends what goes,with whst.
        If I sta t another bracelet after this is will definitely keep them in mind.
        For the Mothers day promotion I would really like to see the hearts chsrms the truth colir. It looks pretty with pink clips in the promo images.That may be my nxt bracelet. I will see.

        • Ah that is frustrating. Stores here tend to get everything in one go. With all the Disney muranos, you tend to have to ‘charge’ them a fair bit before they will glow. I have a light box that I use for reviews that has flourescent lighting, and after a few minutes in there, my Disney muranos glow so so brightly haha.

    • Hi Ellie
      I got my free bracelet yesterday. I had it on hold for the pre-sale. I love it and cant,wait to wear it.
      I bought 3 charms. I bought the new floral charm from the spring collection and put two pink facets,with it from my other bracelet and also added the two clips and the,seashore murano glass charms. Its,really brings out the colors in the bracelet. In two weeks I would like to get the purple facets to add to the bracelet.
      By any chance did you happen to see my review regarding the shimmering droplets? I was looking forward to your response.
      Can’t wait to hear from you!

      • Hi Laura, sounds lovely! Those Shoreline Sea Glass muranos are lovely (I think those are the ones you mean?). I don’t know quite what you mean about the Shimmering Droplets, do you have a link? Did you write a review or do you mean a comment? Let me know!

  2. I’m getting essence and new smooth breslet….and some essence charmes and disney new charmes and new crips! so excited… thank you so much your website, I learned so much(^O^)/

    • Ooh that’s so exciting! I hope you like the new smooth bracelet, I am really enjoying mine :D And thanks, I’m so pleased that you enjoy the blog <3

  3. It’s so annoying that everything is so much cheaper in America :-(. Only $100 for a free silver bracelet when we have to spend £125 to get the same thing! $100 is only £69.69 at today’s exchange rate :-O, so really we should get a free bracelet for spending £70, not £125! Talk about rip-off Britain!

    Anyway, rant over ;-). I don’t really think I need anymore bracelets, it’s free charms I need ;-).

    • Something to think about….as a Canadian…in order fir me to buy your pound it costs me 1.92 canadian meaning that 125 pounds woukd cost me $240 canadian in order to get the free bracelet compared to my $125 here. If converting to the american dollar….it costs approx. 37 cents /dollar extra so the $100 US spend becomes $137 there for me. I think, all in all, with the exchange rate right now, Canada is getting the best deal.

      • This is very true – I do usually get help from a lovely friend in Canada with the North American bracelet promos, and it works out incredibly well for me in the UK! However I’ve been having problems with the post from Canada to the UK lately, so I’m playing it safe and paying a bit extra to get help from another Pandora friend in the US, just for peace of mind!

    • Aha, I know. I don’t usually do our UK bracelet promo, as the US/Canadian promos work out much as much better value. Pandora is so popular here in the UK that they can pretty much set the promo spends as high as they like and they still do okay!

  4. I’m excited to do my pick-up today! I actually did the pre-sale last week. For our anniversary, my husband bought me the gold open your heart charm and the magnificent heart (and added a moneybag to make the $500 purchase – been wanting that for awhile), so I can get the two-tone bracelet. It’s perfect for my two-tone theme, which I have on a heart clasp bracelet now. Thanks for your awesome blog, always love reading your posts!

    • That sounds lovely! Congrats on your anniversary. I just got my first Pandora tiday! Super excited!

      • Thank you, Ashley! Enjoy your 1st Pandora! How exciting! I saw on your earlier comment that you have a new job, I’m starting my new job this Monday too! Congrats to you and Ellie! :)

        • That’s so exciting Donna, congratulations on your new job too! Good luck for Monday, although I’m sure you don’t need it. <3

    • Which 2 tone is it? Is it the rose gold or 14k gold 2 tone bracelet? My store actually never told me about the different bracelets available with the higher purchase. My purchase definitely would have qualified as i avtually ended up getting 7 free bracelets.

      • If you spend Can $550 yup can get a 14k two toned barrel bracelet or bangle not rose gold. If you spend $125 free silver barrel, heart, or smooth bracelet or bangle or Essence bracelet or bangle, you add $5 upgrade to oxidized, $15 to rose gold, $20 to Disney. I spend Can $550 for 14k two tone Iconic set plus $75 to get one more free 14k two tone bracelet, I have friend split the bill, each get one 14k two tone bracelet with 2 two toned Sunburst. I just pick up my own pre order, add $20 upgrade to Disney bracelet.

      • Hi Tammy, the $500/$550 CAD spend is for the 14kt gold two-tone bracelets, as Michele explained.
        It’s a shame that your store didn’t inform you!

    • Ah, the two-tone bracelet – and a 14kt gold charm, how exciting! :D I’ve yet to indulge in a 14kt gold piece, as the UK RRPs are kind of exorbitant, but that one is gorgeous. And thank you – it’s so nice that you enjoy reading the blog. It is a lot of fun to write and to share the Pandora addiction with like-minded people, haha. Have fun picking up your new pieces, and thanks for commenting!

  5. In Canada here….already took advantage of this sale with pre-shopping this past week. Can’t wait to get in the store to pick up my new items. I purchased a few safety chains this time around which aren’t very exciting but much needed. I also purchased the new white rabbit which is quite adorable and some of the new spring collection including the daisy fairy, spring dangle with the pink, pink primrose clips, some of the pre orders of the mother of pearl beads and dangle. I took advantage of the different kinds of bracelets including the new threadless bracelet, pave clasp, heart clasp, essence, and oxidized. Just to note….we just had a free bracelet promo back in September ( i think) and also a free leather bracelet back in the summer time as well where we could upgrade to the silver bracelet for only $15. I have only been collecting for not quite 1 year now and we have had 2 free silver bracelet promos, free leather bracelet promo and a free bead promo. This is however, the first promo i have seen this year which includes and of the two tone or gold bracelets.
    I thank you for your blog since i learn of all the upcoming sales from you including the rue la la ones which i have now taken advantage of 3 times thanks to a relative in the united states who is able to purchase for me since the website won’t accept my credit cards or paypal since they are based outside the united states.

    • We only have free 14k two tone and 14k gold bracelet in March 2015. In Sept, only free charm promotion. This is the best time to get 14k two tone or expensive 14k gold bracelet free.

    • I am just like you collect Pandora since March 2015. There are 2 Pandora outlet in Toronto area so I don’t need to order from Rue La La, the price is even better and more choices, I just give my list to SA, they will call me when the retired item in store.

      • Hi Michele, are you on any of the pandora selling pages, would love to buy some retired two tone pandora charms from the outlet stores :)

    • Ooh, I don’t know, I get quite excited about safety chains lol. I’m very much looking forward to the new Mother’s Day ones to start with! ^^ Glad to hear that the White Rabbit is cute, he’s on my promo shopping list – I’m hoping that I love him in person, as he looks alternately cute/a wee bit evil in the various photos I’ve seen, haha. It’s cool that your store let you pre-order the Mother’s Day pieces as part of your spends, that is really handy!
      Wow, that is quite a list of bracelets! :D That should keep you going for a little while, haha. You really did pick a wide range there – I particularly love the oxi bracelet and the new threadless bracelet at the moment! There actually wasn’t a free bracelet promo back in September, that was a free charm promo – which a lot of people didn’t like very much, so it’ll be interesting to see what they decide to do this September. :)
      You are very welcome! Thank you for commenting and for taking part, one of the most fun parts of blogging is hearing from other collectors and hearing about what they’ve been buying too. ^^

      • You’re right. The bracelet promo wasn’t last september. I got a bit mixed up. I knew this wasn’t the first free bracelet promo this past year since i already have 9 bracelets and haven’t paid for one yet. I rec’d a few during the free leather bracelet promo with a $15 upgrade on each and then i got my other ones during the free dainty bow bangle deal which i traded and upgraded to other bracelets since the bangle doesn’t really come in the larger size.

  6. Hi Ellie,

    I was planning on buying more than I did. The Shimmering Droplets beads in pink, clear and purple were on my list, until I saw them. I found that they looked quite a bit smaller in real life with little differentiation between the stones.

    I originally didn’t care for the pave, but needed to buy two more dangles- the filled with love dangle for my depart bead Pandora and for the free bracelet got a pave heart clasp Moments. I don’t plan on filling it up, I have two “open my heart” clips that I will wear on the stations and that will be it for that bracelet. It will be simple with a bit of sparkle.

    Can’t wait to see your Disney bracelet, I like many of the charms, especially the bracelet itself!

    Have a great Thursday,

    • Hi Snapdragon! Aw, that’s a shame. :( I wasn’t expecting much of the Shimmering Droplets when I went to go and see the Spring collection in person, so I was actually quite pleasantly surprised by them. I quite liked the variation in texture, even if they weren’t quite my style. Sorry to hear you were disappointed!

      The Filled with Love bead is a gorgeous choice, and the pavé heart clasp bracelet is a great one to wear plain. It is quite the statement piece! I am still working on filling my pavé heart clasp Moments bracelet and really I should not be getting more bracelets – but I just see it as stocking up until next March, haha.

      Thanks, I really do have no idea what I will be doing with that Disney bracelet yet haha. For now I think I will probably just stack it plain with other bracelets. Its clasp is cute enough to stand out on its own I think!

      Have a great day too and thanks for sharing! <3

  7. My Pandora store opened an hour early today, when I called to make an appointment for today they told me about the early opening. I was actually the first customer and the store was empty so I got first pick. I got the signature cz clasp and two lazy Daisy clips, I originally wanted the new floral lace clips but they didn’t have. I got a Rapunzel murano and the filled with romance heart. I love it! Can’t wait to go back. I was originally going to do the heart clasp but did the 15 dollar upgrade to get the sparkly cz clasp.

    • Great choices! The Filled with Romance heart is one of my favourite charms they’ve done so far this year, I keep using it in all my reviews haha. The Rapunzel murano is another charm I keep umming and ahhing about, but for now I’ve decided to leave it. It’s so hard to try and order the Disney murano beads from abroad without having seen them in person! In any case, enjoy your shiny new Pandora – and you can get planning as to how you’re going to fill it up, too :P

      • I think my next charm will be bear hug or one of the mothers day charms. Like the new mothers day pearl, infinity and rose murano. I like the perfume bottle too ☺

        • You can add $15 to get one more free bracelet since you spend U.S $185 , I usually get earring hoop or barrel or cleaning clothes to add up.

        • There will be free bracelet promotion in June, you can pick up some charm and pay extra upgrade fee to any bracelet you like.

        • Michele, I may go back and see if I can spend 15 more and get another bracelet. I had to go on my lunch hour so I didn’t really think too much into it.

        • Open work butterfly Garden, Wildflower Walk, Ocean Breeze is Can $29, Picking Daisies, Autumn Bliss, Roses is $30. You just pick one then can have one more free bracelet.

  8. I love this promo, the US always gets a better choice on bracelet here in the uk it just out of 3 not even the rose bracelet was include last time. I love your choices Ellie I hope you do a haul or a review.

    • I know, the UK promo is nowhere near as good, unfortunately. The spend is a lot higher and the selection is much more limited – which is why I usually do the US bracelet/charm promo and ignore the UK ones, lol. I will definitely do reviews for my new pieces and maybe I’ll post some haul photos on Instagram, now that I have it for Mora Pandora haha.:D

  9. I originally wasn’t going to take part in this promo since the Floral Garden murano didn’t come out on time, but I am deciding to treat myself to the Dragonfly Meadow charm (finally :D) and then I’ll get the Ducky silver charm as an early Mother’s Day purchase for my mom :) For my free bracelet, I’m going to get the silver bangle to wear with no charms on it as I’ve always wanted a simpler alternative to wearing my charm bracelets. Luckily my second bracelet is only half full, so I don’t need another moments one…yet :P

    Funny little side story; I said to my mom recently that her bracelet is almost full and that she’d need another one. Her response: “that’s true, I’ll have to figure out what to do for my next one.” :O I was expecting her to say she doesn’t need another one! I think I’ve created a monster haha! She’ll have to start thinking of ideas when I give her the Ducky since that will fill her first bracelet :)

    • I knowww, I’m still a bit grumpy about the Flower Garden murano haha. Especially as a handful of people managed to get hold of some early and I keep seeing such gorgeous photos of it online. June seems rather far away! :P
      Love your promo choices, I like that you’re getting something for your mum too. I got the Ducky recently and it’s such a cute charm. The Dragonfly Meadow is also beautiful, and I’m sure it’ll live up to the wait! ^^

      Oh no, you’ve totally passed on the Pandora bug! Good work! :P I have to say, I do wish that my mum liked Pandora even just a little bit so I could get her a bracelet, but she’s just not interested. I would have a lot of fun buying her charms for her bracelet!

      • Ah, I’ve tried to get my own mother interested in a Pandora bracelet too, but at this time she doesn’t want one. Maybe if I have her look through one of their catalogs someday…hmm…

        • I have tried on a number of occasions and she just sees the prices and runs in the other direction haha. I think she has enough of Pandora buying for me for birthdays and Christmas lol. Maybe one day we’ll get them! ;)

      • Aha Ellie! It was my 14 year old daughter that became interested in Pandora six years ago. I was always buying charms for her and wasn’t interested either at first. My daughter, however, lost interest after one bracelet. But, once I started collecting Pandora, I never stopped! Here I am, five years later with 13 bracelets and so many charms…..I need to invest in a larger jewelry box. Pandora is very addictive. Lol!

        • Aha it is so addictive! I feel like if I could just reel her in, the rest would take care of itself. But she refuses to be reeled haha. I have the Stackers jewellery boxes, which you can just add more layers to whenever you need more. I’m up to five layers currently…!

  10. My brother and I are starting a Pandora for bracelet for our mom for Mother’s Day. We are getting her a silver barrel clasp Moments bracelet with the Pink Flamingo charm, and the silver heart charm with the silhouette of Mickey and Minnie kissing.

    I am getting the teal lattice murano and midnight effervescent murano for my bracelet and giving my free bracelet to my brother to gift to his wife for Mothers Day

    • Aw, that’s lovely, and very generous of you to give your bracelet away to your brother’s wife as well! I would love to start a bracelet for my mum, but she’s just not interested in Pandora at all. So I am a little envious of you! ^^ The Midnight Effervescence murano is a beauty, I’m sure you will love it.

      • My mom is not big on jewelry but she loves Disney and I think she will like this. My sister in law was hinting that she wanted to start a Disney bracelet so I thought I’d give him a start. Im still trying to fill my first Moments bracelet so I can wait til the September promo for another free bracelet.

        • So I got everything I said I was going to today plus I got an Eyore charm for my sister-in-laws bracelet and I got the angelic feathers heart charm and qualified for another bracelet so I got the Smooth moments barrel clasp. Quite the haul. The midnight murano is beautiful. Im going to have to get the faceted blue effervescent too, it was gorgeous

        • Excellent!! And yay that you did the promo twice. Eeyore is one of my absolute favourites, great choice. <3 Have fun with your new pretties!

        • Thanks you too! Hopefully they will do a charm promo again sometime. I’m going to have to get some silicone clips for the smooth bracelet

        • Yes you could probably do with some silicone clips! :) I’m hoping they bring out some more designs soon.

  11. I wish the UK did this promo and especially at this time of the year, as I always buy loads from the Spring collection.
    I have got Cinderella heart charm and love it. The Disney bracelet looks nice. Look forward to seeing your pictures and reviews of your new pieces.
    I know I’ve said it before I wish we could have the Disney collection here. I’d love to see the new bracelet, cinderella’s carriage and rapunzels dress in person.

    • Yes, I know! Everything about it is just a bit more awkward than the North American version haha. I have never done the UK bracelet promo, I just always do the US/Canadian one as it works out so much better.
      It is frustrating, not being able to see the Disney. I can’t decide whether or not I like the Rapunzel murano from pictures, and it would be good to be able to see it in person and try it with a few combinations. For now, I’ll just have to pass on it! I can only hope that they sort out the contractual issues sooner rather than later…!

      • Hi Ellie,

        The rapunzel muranos would be very hard to buy sight unseen. Some lack color at all, some are pinkish rather than purple. They are very inconsistent.:(. I had to search the whole store to find 2 I liked…

        • Oh no! I did suspect as much from the variety of photos I’ve seen of it. Although I do have a great Pandora friend in the US who is something of a murano fiend and she would probably be able to pick me out some good ones if I asked her. ^^

    • You should try one of the Facebook Pandora groups (Pandora’s Angels, Pandora’s Tribe), you might have more luck there :)

  12. I have been debating the Belle murano for a while myself but I am not sure how I would style it? Posting perhaps? ;)
    PS I love your blog my favorite posts are always Disney reviews! My favorite bracelet styling was the teddy bear picnic themed one :) Big fan!

    • I am going to put my Belle murano with some really classic two-tone pieces. The deep yellow should look great with the gold. I will post a pic in one of my reviews when it gets here for some inspiration for you! ^^
      And that’s so nice, thank you! I love doing the Disney posts as well. I haven’t done many Disney charm reviews since this time last year, so it’ll be fun to have something new to play with haha. Hope you continue to enjoy! <3

  13. Hi
    can you tell me if there is a free bracelet promo in Australia and if so when. Also when is it in the UK – I am new to Pandora & love your postings thank you

    • Hi! The next free bracelet promo in Australia will be for the new Mother’s Day bangle towards the end of April. :) More details are in my Promotions for 2016 post, which is linked in the menu at the top of the page!
      Glad to hear that the blog is helpful, I hope you continue to enjoy!

  14. Ellie,

    Wow! A lot of interesting discussion on the promo. Last week I did the pre-Sale for this promo. I went for the new threadless moments bracelet and initials. I just picked up my goodies, and I have to say the new threadless moments bracelet is a winner! Way to go Pandora you nailed it! I also picked up the floral lace pendant very dainty by the way and my final charm was the gorgeous blooming Dhalia Clip. My first real enamel clip. The Dhalia clip makes a great centre piece & creates a nice Victorian look when placed between my two initial charms.
    I remembered what you posted about the threadless bracelet being recalled in some areas so I took an assortment of my older charms in with me and tried them out on the bracelet, everything fit.
    Now here is my wish. I very much want to take advantage of the two tone promo, but having seen & purchased the new threadless bracelet I’ve decided to wait and see if they will come out with a two tone version of this bracelet. I love the charm like clasp more than the barrel. Yes, I could get a two tone bangle but I like the snake chain look and I can put the clips any where I want on the snake chain style which is a bonus.

    My next purchase will be the perfume bottle charm. Not sure about the club charm, when is that due out?
    Well, the Canadian dollar is worth crap, I can understand the purchase envy, but it does make travelling abroad tough. I agree with Pat, the British Pandora promo seems unfair.

    I have decided the bracelet promo is a better value for me, spending $150 to get a $75 dollar charm that they wouldn’t let you upgrade was a poor promo compared to getting a bracelet that you can upgrade. Pandora has some work to do on their charm promo, I couldn’t help to think that their stinginess was an effort to unload some charms that weren’t selling. Perhaps I am being harsh.

    Ellie, your dedication to this blog is to be congratulated. I love coming home at the end of a long day and emerging myself in the Pandora news of the day.

    Take Care,

    Lisa K

    • Hi Lisa! Glad to hear that you love the threadless bracelet too, and that you got a fully functioning one, ahha. It is gorgeous, even if it is a bit of a pain to have to clip the end of it. Love your choices – you’re right, the Dahlia has that gorgeous dusky vintage pink and I can see it going perfectly with the Victorian style of the initial charms. It would go really well with the Blush charms from last year’s Autumn collection, too, to continue that vintage look. :)
      Ah, I hadn’t really thought about a two-tone threadless bracelet but that would be fab! And some two-tone silicone clips would be amazing (no cubic zirconia though please!). I guess we will have to wait and see how well the threadless bracelet does as to whether they do anything else with it.
      Club charm will be a summer release :) I actually have so much that I want for Summer now, which is very unusual for me! Club charm, silver animals, leather bracelets and that elusive Flower Garden murano :D
      Thanks, Lisa, that is so lovely to hear and exactly what I’m going for in putting this blog out there. I get the same feeling logging on to reply to all your comments, or to sit down and write about the latest charm I got! Thanks for letting me know <3
      Take care!

      • I saw the CZ silicone clips today–they were nice but too blinding. :/ For me, my Moments collection is for casual everyday wear, and that amount of bling just doesn’t seem right, at least not for me. I would enjoy seeing some more two-tone clips as well; there aren’t many to choose from anymore.

        Hoping to get the new initial charms someday too. They’re much prettier in person, very delicate and feminine. :)

        • Yeah, that’s a good way of putting it! I looked at them again today and I don’t think the store lighting does them any favours, there are sparkles everywhere haha. I would like to have a look at them in natural light. Two-tone clips in general would be great! And more two-tone safety chains :D

          I was looking at those today too! I think I have finally been won over by Pandora alphabet charms ;) Although I would want to get ‘E’ and ‘G’, and the ‘G’ looks more like a ‘J’ to me…

        • I think the new initial charms are gorgeous, but unfortunately, my initial, the ‘J,’ is one of my least favorites. I just don’t care for the way it looks, and I think in some photos, it can be difficult to tell what it is.

  15. Ellie, I got my free ( add $20 ) Disney bracelet which is so lovely :) . Toronto has a rainy day this afternoon, not many customer in the shop. I talked to my manager about Mother’s Day gift set, she let me look at a magazine size company catalog. LE Family Forever bangle with Beloved Mother dangle Can $145 with large bangle box, Heart clasp silver Moment bracelet with 2 White Primose clips and Springtime Can $225 with jewelry box, LE two tone ribbon cz charm Can $85.

    • Awesome! I’m surprised to hear that there weren’t too many people around today, but then maybe it’ll heat up on the weekend. It does seem like there’s less interest in the promo this year than last year everywhere, but perhaps I’m imagining it.
      Thanks so much for the info on the Mother’s Day gift sets!! That is super helpful. I’ll add that to my round-up for April, whenever I get around to writing it haha.

      • Pandora has officially pre order this year so that we don’t need to squeeze within 4 days. My friend and me will pick up our share Can $550 + 13% tax spend on Sunday.

        • That is a great plan. Sounds like you got a good haul. I am happy with what I got. Spent $185 USD.

      • This was my first time around doing the free bracelet promo, and my local Pandora store was surprisingly busy at 4 pm on a Thursday afternoon…

        This was my first time ever seeing so many Pandora fans clustered together…otherwise, I’m the only Pandora collector I know!

        • Ooh well that’s good to hear! I have friends with Pandora bracelets, but no one I know would really deem themselves a collector like we are :) Mora Pandora is really the only place where I get to properly chat Pandora (although my OH does his best bless him!).

  16. Hi Ellie,
    I’m so excited about this promotion! I want to get a purple radiant heart during this promotion, but I’m really hesitating…. I got a blue radiant heart in mid February as a birthday gift from my mom, and I absolutely love it! It’s just so pretty! But I have been noticing that the crystal is losing its shine, it looks dull now comparing to how it was when I first got it. I tried to wipe outside and put silver polishing cloth through the charm to polish the inside (since it’s hallow), nothing worked. :( I feel like it may have been scratched on the surface since I wear it all the time, and the crystals are curved out. T_T I didn’t expect this to happen at all, and I don’t know what to do. Do you have any ideas? I don’t want to get something that has to be stored always and could only be worn occasionally :(


    • A couple of my old pave charms were really dull even with polishing. You could try taking it to a Pandora store and having them run it through their tumbler machine with the stuff they use to clean customers Jewellery.

      It removes the oils and daily grime from your charms, my pave charms came out looking new. Hope it works for you too ? xxx

    • Hi Connie! Oh no, I’m sorry to hear that about your radiant hearts charm :( It does have a highly polished finish, so I suppose it’s possible that heavy wear has scratched it up and made it look a bit duller. Mine is still looking fine but it only gets worn every couple of weeks at the moment. Is the shine on yours entirely ruined? Overall my philosophy when it comes to all my charms and bracelets is just to wear and enjoy – my oxi bracelets have faded, my bangles are looking a lot duller, some of my muranos are a bit scratched up. They still look pretty on my wrist and I still enjoy wearing them – I guess whether you get another one depends on how bad the wear is, and how much it bothers you. :)
      My advice now would be to ask in your local store to see if anyone else has noticed a similar deterioration in their charm and what they would advise. I haven’t had similar problems with mine so it’s hard to know exactly what to suggest. Good luck! :)

  17. I enjoy the free bracelet promotion, but the charm promo last fall worked out even better for me. I picked up my charms and free bracelet this morning, and now I am looking forward to buying the Signature Scent charm in about two weeks. There is always something!

    • Even though a lot of people hated the charm promo and it apparently didn’t do very well, I personally liked it. I don’t really *NEED* any more bracelets, but I have an endless wish list of charms. I think it just gives you more flexibility. Plus, say you wanted to buy two charms and get a $65 bracelet free. Technically, the charm promo would allow you to buy a $65 bracelet and a charm and get a $65 charm free, so it would basically be the same thing. I will say, though, that the way Pandora handled last September’s promo ended up being a bit of a disaster. I recall that, at first, they were only letting customers choose charms that were $65 and under as their free charms (and that was right after the U.S. price increase when many charms were raised from $65 to $70), but halfway through the promo, they started allowing people to upgrade to more expensive charms and pay the difference, which they should’ve done from the beginning.

        • Oh, really Michele? Ellie’s promotion list shows that another bracelet event is coming up in September. Is this in the U.S.?

      • I’d like to see a free charm promo too. As of now I think I have enough bracelets :)

        Michele, did your salesperson tell you that there’d be a charm promo in September? Curious to know!

        • I always think I have enough bracelets, but then another design pops into my head…! Or I see something in a colour that just doesn’t go with any of my existing designs…

      • That’s what I found frustrating about the charm promo, Joanne! I had my heart set on the Everlasting Grace charm which is $75 and the jeweler would not allow the upgrade. The very next day, Pandora changed their tune and decided to allow the upgrade! I went back to the jeweler and exchanged my charm and paid the $10 for the upgrade. If Pandora would continue to allow upgrades with the charm promo, I would much prefer the charm promo too! Currently, I have too many bracelets and have a never ending wish list when it comes to the charms!

        • Yeah, I agree, Carol! I had my heart set on some charms that were over $65 and was frustrated that they weren’t allowing upgrades. I ended up getting four free charms, but I would’ve picked out different ones had upgrades been allowed from the beginning. I never did go exchange my charms, though, because I did like the ones I chose.

      • I liked it as well, Joanne. It was nice for a change and I think the ideal set-up for me is a bracelet promo in March and a charm promo in September. Best of both worlds (provided that Pandora plays it fair and lets people upgrade their charms from the start! ^^).
        I was given a list of promos from someone I know who works in a US Pandora store early in the year, and it definitely listed a bracelet promo, with details TBC, for September. However, last year they changed the schedule around quite late in the year, so it’s possible that they have subsequently changed it to another charm promo. I’ve not been told that yet though…

        • I completely agree, Ellie, it would be great to have one promo of each (bracelet and charm) to give us some variety! That would seem logical to me, but Pandora doesn’t always do things logically. ;)

    • You’re right, there is always another charm to get haha. I like both the charm and the bracelet promo – it works well for me having the bracelet promo in March and then the charm promo in autumn. I stock up on bracelets earlier in the year and get filling them with the charm promo in September! ^^

    • Last Sept with spend Can $125/U.S.$100 get a free charm max Can $75/U.S.$65 your choice, Toronto Pandora allow maximum 10 free charms one transaction.. After Boxing Day with spend Can $150 get a free charm within certain charm decided by Pandora, not as Google as Sept promotion.

    • It ran last year in September, and it basically worked in the same way as this promo – spend $100 USD and get a free charm up to $65 USD (you could pay to upgrade your charm, like with the bracelet promo).

  18. Had a great trip to Pandora today actually

    I was actually so happy that they had all the charms I had been wanting even some new ones & I still have a new Disney Parks exlussive on the way yet (the pink Mickey icon) I got the Minnie Mouse Disney clip, Rapunzal (FINALLY) Tinkerbells star & for the free bracelet I went with the new Disney bracelet & so I was only 5 more dollars away from getting another free bracelet & asked if it could be a charm & they told me only bracelet & I’m actually so happy now & so I took advantage of it & started my first Pandora Essence bracelet so of course I didn’t wanna just have the bracelet on it own so I got 1 essence (faith) charm cause I recently got bit by the essence bug cause both my BFFs have one & I live with them so it was hard not to want the essence I won’t be able to now do a big Pandora shopping trip for a long time now at least not until the next promotion which I think will be charms

    The only charm I’ll be getting in May is gonna be the Family tree one for my mom cause she really wanted it at Christmas time but couldn’t get it for her at that time & in June I’ll be getting her the new cherries charm which will really pop out on her bracelet & she LOVES cherries especially when her mom used to make her cherry pie & she’s seen a pic of the cheery charm & loved it but what she doesn’t know is that I’m gonna be getting it for her once it comes out

    • Yay! That’s a great haul – I went all-Disney for my purchases this time around as well. I’m sure you will love the Essence bracelet – it’s so elegant and simple and it can easily stack with your other bracelets :) the Faith charm is such a nice purple too.

      Ah, that’s quite a restrained Pandora spending plan :) There’s always a hazy list of lots that I want to get at pretty much any point in time. I’m sure your mum will love her charms. Lots of people seem to be buying for their mothers this time around – I wish I could join in! ^^

  19. Hi Ellie! For the bracelet promo, I decided to purchase a pair of the Wild Hearts muranos. I have coveted the Wild Hearts since it was released for Valentine’s Day. However, since I wanted TWO of them, I decided to wait for the bracelet promo! When I went to my favorite jeweler today, however, I found out that the two tone Sunburst clip was on the retirement list and that the store only had three left. So, I decided to get two of the clips as well! I am trying to purchase as many of the classic two tone charms that I can before they disappear entirely. Needless to say, I spent EXACTLY $200 and was able to get a second bracelet! I decided on the new Smooth Moments bracelet and on a traditional barrel clasp bracelet. Awesome deal! I am so pleased with my purchases! (Even though I have too many bracelets!) Lol! :D

    • Carol, perfect deal for you. I pay Can $20 upgrade to Disney bracelet which I don’t want to miss the chance. Next free leather bracelet value Can $55 only, I don’t want to pay $40 for upgrade.

      • Michele,
        So glad I read your comments about the Disney bracelet. It is beautiful just
        like you said. I’m not a real big Disney fan although I do like some of the charms. You really have to take a close look to see Mickey, otherwise all you
        see is a hint of sparkle which I love. I ended up getting two of these bracelets
        during promo!

        • Actually I am not a Disney’s fan also but this bracelet is not notiiceable Disney at all. I try to compare Disney and Smooth bracelet on my wrist very carefully, I love round clasp with a touch of sparkling and still keep Pandora signature thread system. I am happy you like it.

        • Michele,
          I got Cinderella’s Coach along with two Inner Radiance charms yesterday for the bracelet promo. I really liked the golden colored stones with the touch of gold on the Coach. It was my first Disney piece! I had seen it in store before, but chose to pass it by since I already have Royal Coach. When Ellie did a review of it, I knew I would have to have it. My fairy tale bracelet is pave’ free, so I decided to make a mini bracelet using the Coach. I really like it!

        • Michele
          I should have said Royal Carriage instead of Royal Coach in previous comment.

        • Michele
          I have Royal Carriage charm on my fairy tale bracelet which is pave’ free. It’s one of my favorite charms.

        • Both charms, the original Carriage and the Cinderella Coach, are gorgeous! You can’t go wrong with either <3

      • The Disney bracelet is absolutely gorgeous, Michele! What an awesome deal! I’m going to Disney World in June and hope to pick up some Disney goodies. I still need to purchase the lovely Cinderella’s coach!

        • I have Cinderlla’s Coach, Moon & Star clear dangle, 2015 LE Black Friday Snowglobe, Christmas Holly in between 2 S clips on silver bracelet as my mini X’mas bracelet. 14k gold on the top of Cinderalla’s Coach is the same as Snowglobe, perfect match. I only have Chinderall’s Coach, Anna murano and Disney bracelet from Disney line. I put Anna murano, Orchid dangle, Wild Heart murano in between 2 retired silver flower clips on Heart clasp bracelet. I will use Disney bracelet for mini fairytale theme. I like to put max 4 charms and 1 dangle between 2 clips for simple style. Save a lot and look nice.

        • Disney World Parks is absolutely beautiful but also very expensive you’ll pretty much love all the exlussive Pandora charms they have the Cinderella coach is pretty but not exclusive but it’s like the most expensive charm

          I’d honestly suggest you get the Disney World Cinderella castle & it’s less money, it’s beautiful & it’s Disney world exclusive only which means they don’t sell it at Disneyland or any other Disney Parks resort

        • We are all young in heart if we are Pandora’s fan. I was in Orlando Disney 20 years ago with my family. I like anything fairytale or fantasy.

    • Hi Carol! Ooooh I love the Wild Hearts murano. I don’t think I’ve seen a bad one yet, even though they all differ a fair bit! How are you going to wear yours? :D I have mine with the Cinderella muranos, which is quite an usual combo but it works quite well in person!
      And yay, you got the new bracelet too! :D It’s had mixed response from Pandora fans, it seems, but I love mine and I’m glad to hear you decided to go for one too! It’s so pretty and all you need to start with are silicone clips or a clip just to go at the end to stop charms coming off. :D And you can never have too many bracelets…! :P

  20. This was my first time taking advantage of the promo and I was very excited. I preordered the Blooming Dhalia clips to go on my champagne leather bracelet with blush muranos. Looks great together! I also picked up two purple shimmer muranos and the new initial charm in “S”. I put those on an oxidized bracelet and the contrast, I think, is gorgeous. Lastly, I got the love birds charm to go on my family bracelet. I’m so happy and can’t wait to pick everything up this weekend. :)

    • It was my first time too, and my first Pandora. I love it! Can’t wait for the mothers day collection. I want a few of those. The summer collection was not my cup of tea, I love how much variety Pandora offers.

      • I do like the pearl charms coming up for Mother’s Day. I think they’re very feminine and pretty. :) I can’t wait for the primrose clips and charm to be available separately!

        My birthday is in July so I love the new red shimmer muranos and flower pendant for summer. I’m hoping to make a red and white summer bracelet. I also love the new leather bracelets and teal and mint shimmer muranos. Unfortunately for my wallet I can always find something to like. :p

        • Same here. I’m trying to limit myself to one or two new charms a month if I can help it! I have so much to catch up on since I just started collecting.

        • I have collected Pandora since March 2015, I only buy during promotion and discount retired item at Pandora outlet in Toronto. I just drove my friend to outlet this afternoon, she got retired two tone Bow purse Can $40, Love Banquet $40, Tea Pot $30, Silver Turtle $30 get a free LE 2014 Star bangle. ( spend $125 get free Star bangle ). Then she picked up her p

    • Yay! I was also super excited for my first bracelet promo last year – I got the two-tone one for $550 CAD, which was crazy really but it’s still probably the best way to get the two-tone bracelet if you want one. This year I’ve been (a little) more restrained but it’s still very exciting nevertheless. You picked some great pieces – the Blooming Dahlia pieces look at their best with the blush charms I think, they really bring out the pink stones in the Dahlias really well.
      Hope you’ve managed to pick up all your new pieces by now – enjoy! :D

  21. Hi Ellie, hope your week has been going well. I got my new stuff this week at the sale. :)

    My very thoughtful boyfriend got me the new bunny, dahlia clip, and blue Cinderella murano (my first murano–and the color is so lovely and relaxing), and from that we “earned” the heart clasp standard bracelet.

    Then I bought the Twinkling Night(?) clip and the Essence “dignity” pearl, and I selected the standard Essence chain as my freebie. I didn’t imagine I would go for an Essence bracelet, but the pearl bead is very elegant and perfect for special occasions. I’m so pleased and grateful for my growing collection :)

    I hope you are enjoying your new stuff also!

    • Hi Kris! I’ve had a very good week, thanks – hope yours has been good to. I know mine has been brightened up by some promo spending, and I expect the same is true for you! ^^

      Your boyfriend is very thoughtful indeed! Congrats on your first murano bead – they are my favourite Pandora charms. The Cinderella blue one is a particularly beautiful one – ‘relaxing’ is a very good word to describe it. I got two recently, which I’ve put with my Wild Hearts murano from the Valentine’s collection. The blues and pinks go surprisingly well together. Hope you go on to choose some more muranos, as they really are lovely!

      The pearl Essence bead is also one of my favourites. You picked some really classic choices to add to your collection. I’ve not got my things yet, as they have to make their way here from the US to the UK, but hopefully by the end of next week – fingers crossed! <3 Enjoy your new things in the meantime!

  22. Although I said I wasn’t going to partake in this promo after spending quite a bit on the tower event, I ended up caving with a small order. I bought the Radiant Ellegance Ring for my friend for her birthday and the Essence Friendship charm for myself (I love the color). For my free bracelet, I got the Beaded Essence, as I need a larger size than the one I have.

    • Excellent news! :D The Friendship Essence bead is lovely – I love the way the colour ripples like a sunset if you catch the light right.

  23. I got my two tone bracelet today! Since I was getting the locket hearts bead and magnificent heart dangle (which are both really nice!) I decided to take the plunge since those beads will look good on a two tone bracelet. This should be my one and only gold clasp bracelet! Some of my other favorite beads from my big spend include the Jasmine muranos, dazzling daisy fairy, and vintage letter J.
    Like Lisa K. and others, I enjoy coming to your blog to read your Pandora news (and reviews) and chat with you and other Pandora fans/addicts. It’s fun to read what everyone else got! (To those of you outside NA, I’m sorry you guys don’t get the bracelet promo twice a year (or at all). That is really crummy.)

    • I think you picked some really great pieces – everything you picked I now want for myself, haha. I genuinely have added the Locked Hearts to my wish list for my two-tone work-in-progess, the Jasmine muranos to my wish list for my Disney bracelet, the Dazzling Daisy for my new threadless bracelet and two of the initials for my Cinderella blues bracelet! And so it goes on, lol! There’s always another bead to get.
      Thanks, that’s so nice to hear! I love reading comments on promo posts, as the excitement is rather infectious. I just wish that it were easier to upload photos, as it would be nice to see what everyone got as well as hearing about it!

  24. Hi! I just discovered your lovely blog recently; this is my first time commenting. I took part in the Pandora promo by getting some Disney charms I’ve had my eye on. Like you, one of my choices was the White Rabbit (one of my sons purchased him for me as a birthday present). I also upgraded one of my free bracelets to the new Disney Mickey one; it’s perfect for my Pandora Disney charms (I also have a Chamilia Disney bracelet design). Anything Disney, and I’m there! Thanks for the great bead/charm info. you supply in your blog, and take care. – Kim

    • Hi Kim, it’s lovely to hear from you! Sounds like we went for similar promo choices this time – I also went pretty much all-Disney this time around. ^^ I’m particularly excited to receive the White Rabbit, even though I have no idea where I’m going to put him. His red and yellow isn’t going to be easy to blend, haha, but I still like Pandora went with such a fun, quirky design. It makes a change from a lot of their recent charms!
      I’m not sure whether I want to do an all-Disney design on this new bracelet, but I’m thinking if I add the Jasmine muranos to it and make it subtly Disney, that might work well for me.
      Thanks, I’m glad to hear that you enjoy the blog – it was great to hear from you, so thanks for commenting! Have fun with your new Disney pieces. :D

      • If you do decide to make an all Disney bracelet I mean there’s just so many countless ideas & I just got my pink Disney Mickey Icon Pandora exclusive charm in the mail the other day & I was kinda a little worried that it would look a little to girly like bubble gum or Barbie kinda pink but it’s not & it absolutely just pure gorgeous & just the perfect pink colour the pink I had hoped it would be really & it’s not an open work it’s solid & it really looks awesome beside my Disney World Cinderella castle
        I try to divide my charms as best I can like having an enemal charm & a silver charm & I do it in a pattern I like putting silver beside ever enemal charm so that the enemal can pop out more cause if I put 2 enemal charms together than it won’t pop as much however I’m really carful in which enemal charms come to the final cut that go on my Disney bracelet cause I pretty much have all of them lol I usually love pink & blue enemal for my Disney World bracelet & red & yellow for Disneyland so if I end up getting the rabbit cause it has yellow in it it would go on the Disneyland one & i also recently found a love for the pretty murano they’ve been coming out with lately & I love the wild hearts & I love the wild flowers one too the wild hearts one is just so pretty & sparkly

  25. Ellie :D *hugs*

    I popped into store to have a nosey before I decided which items to get with the promotion and I changed my mind on some of them :S! The pink enamel that they’ve used this year is a super light pink – it looks a bit washed out on me, so I stuck to my initial choices of the Rapunzel and Purple Shimmer muranos, with the Mickey bracelet :D

    Oh, and HK have released (almost) all the Disney muranos, Alice, and Maximus! ;) I think I’ll wait for your stylings before I get the White rabbit! I’d love him but I’m rather worried what will go with that yellow/green colour lol! I’ve managed to stay away from the hearts (Poetic blooms) because I’ve told myself to wait for the club charm instead :D We’ll see how that goes when I read your reviews…. :P

    Hope you’re well and that you’ve had a nice Easter break! I’m so excited and can’t wait till you get your goodies!^^

    Suzy xxx

    • Suzy, the Rapunzel murano is my favorite of the spring release. Mine has a lovely purple tint, looks great next to my filled with romance heart.

    • Suuuzy! <3 The pink enamel is really light on some of these charms, you are right – I was trying to do some photography for my Poetic Blooms review on Thursday, and the pink enamel on it was really hard to photograph, it’s so light. It’s the same enamel as the Cherry Blossom pieces, according to the item number, but I wonder if they’ve used less or something as on mine it shows up much paler. I’ll get the pictures right eventually but I’ve had to postpone it for now as I’m not happy with them!
      Love the purples that you picked anyway. :D I was going to get Rapunzel but then changed my mind as I didn’t like the way it looked in photos. Apparently it varies quite a lot though so now I’m thinking that I could just ask a friend to pick me a really gorgeous deep purple one. Hope the one you’re getting is pretty! <3
      Aha I currently have given no real thought to how I’m going to use the White Rabbit – so it could be a bit interesting :P I’m sure I’ll come up with something though. Aha, good luck trying to wait for the Club charm in the summer release - I’ll try and make all the charms in my reviews seem as unappealing as possible for you :P
      I’ve had a lovely time off for Easter, although work was a struggle this week because of it ;) Hope you’ve had a lovely time too Suzy! I’m excited for my goodies to arrive too… there’s going to be a lot of rearranging and bracelet designing soon. ^^

      • I like Rapunzel over Shimmering Purple murano, the purple of Rapunzel can match my Spring and Winter fashion. shimmering Purple has a shinny and bring purple is for Spring and evening.

  26. Hi Ellie, I’m back!!! ♡
    I returned yesterday from London full of great pictures, experiences and memories! This was a trip I’ll never forget and the truth is I should definitely come back someday, as those five days were so few to enjoy all London’s beauties! I was out early in the morning till late in the evening and still time wasn’t enough!
    I enjoyed reading your latest posts this afternoon! Thank you for all the new info on the new bracelet and clips! Can’t wait for the purple murano’s review! :-)
    I wish there was a bracelet promo in UK, too, as I had to spend a small fortune (translated in €) to get my first Pandora Rose pieces, which I’ve desired for so long! I got the bracelet, two Dots and Ridges clips and the Darling Daisy Meadow! Good start I think, right? :-) I’m really in love with my minimalistic new bracelet and can’t get my eyes off it!
    Forgive my disappearance, Ellie; I still wonder how you combine vacation and this great devotion to your blog! :-) Thank you once again for your great work here! ♡♡♡

    • Hi Chrysa!! I’ve missed you but I’m so glad to hear that you had such a wonderful time. London is a lot of fun, and I imagine even more so for the overseas tourist ^^ Haha, buying Pandora in the UK often translates into a small fortune in £ too, let alone euros or $ :P I’m pleased to hear that you got some Pandora Rose pieces though, it’s a shame that availability is so limited still. You picked out some great ones to start with, the Darling Daisy Meadow in Rose is one of my favourite Pandora charms I own, full stop :)
      Haha, there is no need to apologise! I just can’t quite switch off Mora Pandora mode, even when I’m away. It feels weird to leave comments unanswered or to not post something if I have news. Glad to hear that it’s appreciated anyhow – thanks for commenting Chrysa! <3 <3

  27. Ellie, I drove my friend to outlet this afternoon, she got two tone Bow Purse Can $40, Love Banquet $40, Tea Pot $30, Silver Turtle $30 and free 2014 LE Star bangle. She was so so happy! Then she picked up her preorder, 2 2014 LE Vintage Heart, 2 charms and 2 free Rose Gold bracelet with $15 upgrade.

    • Could you tell me where the pandora outlet store is. Toronto is about 4 hours away but may be worth the drive for me.

      • Pandora Tanger Outlets Cookstown at Hwy 400 , phone 7054584222, I used to go there for shopping. It takes me 40 minutes driving from Markham. They carry regular item and retired discount item except Rose gold & Disney. During promotion period, outlet store has different promotion. I drove my friend there this afternoon, she got 3 two toned discount retired charm over $125 get a free 2014 LE Star bangle, she was so happy. Last Boxing week, spend $125 for the discount charm or regular charm get a 2014 X’mas ornament Sleide, I got 3. Last month, I got 2 free purple multi strand with any two retired charm purchase. Then last month, I got 2 Two tone Lasy Daisy clip each $80 then 1 free 14k Brown Mystic free. I always get some surprise free gift there, 30 to 50% off retired item. You can call to check what they have before you go, Second location Niagara on the Lake Premium Outlet, I was on the way to Niagara Fall, I got two tone Flower Basket and 2013 LE Bear 30% off. You can google their address and phone #. I don’t need to shop from Rue La La, Pandora Outlet is much better price and more selection. Go there when they have promotion for the best best deal.

      • I think Mother’s Day weekend, they might have special promotion again, call to check out. Oh! monthly Birthday Bloom is $40, other is $50. Pumpkin, Present Box $30, murano $20 to 30, Mouse inside a Cup $30, Flower Pot $30 …etc .I will give them my list, they will call me when retired item in shop. A lot of fun, you will like it for the big saving.

    • Ooh she got some real classics there! The Teapot, Vintage Heart and Love Bouquet are particularly gorgeous. I bet she was over the moon! <3

  28. Hi Ellie,
    I finally got to Pandora Shop this week and did my pre-sale. Picked up my goodies yesterday. Ended up changing my mind on a few things once seeing the Spring charms in person. My choices included two Primrose Clips, two Poetic Blooms Hearts and the Poetic Blooms Dangle. I also decided to get the Forget-Me-Knots since they matched an outfit perfectly. From this collection I chose two button style charms, the dangle and two spacers. Also got two of the clear Shining Elegance Clips. I have wanted Cinderella’s Pumpkin Coach for a while now, so I got it along with two Inner Radiance charms. Thought the golden stones looked real nice with the touch of gold on the Coach. For my free bracelets I was able to get the two tone bangle, two Disney bracelets and two of the new thread less bracelets. Before I left I started designing a new bracelet just for fun and ended up getting the Sentimental Snapshots for that bracelet. I’m happy to say the least!

    I would still like to have the Dahlia clips along with the matching dangle since I already have the Blush Radiant Hearts.

    Thank you, Ellie, for your review of the new silicone-lined clips. I enjoyed seeing all of your Easter designs. My favorite was the one with the Easter Bunny.

    Looking forward to seeing all of your new Disney buys for the bracelet promo.

    Have A Nice Day!!!

    • Ellie
      Forgot to mention how much I like the new thread less bracelet. It is very shiny and elegant looking in person. Job well done Pandora!

      • Agreed! I hear mixed things about it, but I really like it. It’s nice to have something a bit different :)

    • Hi Emily! Aw, that’s a nice Spring haul you’ve picked out there – I did an even split of new Spring releases and older beads. The Poetic Blooms charms are gorgeous, although I have just stuck to the pendant so far – I have so many flowers already that I don’t have room for many more in my collection. The pendant was able to sneak into an existing design. I’ll be reviewing it soon, once I can figure out how to photograph it so that the pink enamel doesn’t look too washed out. ^^ The Pumpkin Coach was a particularly great choice, it’s one of my favourite Disney beads so far – that one, and Eeyore of course!
      Thanks, I’m glad you enjoyed the review! <3 Easter is always an easy one to do with Pandora, they have so many flowers and cute animals and pastel colours that it is easy to put together an Easter-themed bracelet. I will definitely be posting about my Disney purchases, so you should look out for those in the near future (providing the post from the US is timely!).
      Thanks for commenting, it was really fun to hear about all your new buys! <3 Enjoy!

    • Emily, I got my free two tone bracelet this afternoon from my second pre order but I might exchange to two tone bangle. I like to ask your opinion for the two tone bangle.

      • Hi Michele
        I really love my two tone bangle! There is just something about the spherical gold clasp that grabs my attention over the gold barrel clasp, not to mention how great the two tone bangles would look stacked. I do have the two tone barrel clasp bracelet which I got during last bracelet promo that I’ve reserved for my fairy tale charms, most of which have tiny gold hearts on them. Since you love the spherical Disney bracelet, I don’t think you would go wrong with the two tone bangle. The bangle also looks nice with only a few charms. Hope my opinion helps.

        • You know my taste already, yes! I like spherical clasp more than barrel clasp. I have 8 two tone charms and 2 clips on oxidized bracelet now. I treasure two tone a lot, I will get the new two tone safety chain to keep it safe.

  29. I’m so envious of this free bracelet promotion in the north America. I’ve got a friend in California but do not wish to trouble her as she has a young baby to look after. Hopefully Australia will have such promotion in the future. I went to look at the Disney collection downtown today. The Disney bracelet looks nice but found that the tiny pave mickey doesn’t stand out much. Would have be better if Pandora uses coloured CZ like red or black. I think I will get the pave heart bracelet instead of it.

    • My big complaint about some of the Disney charms, specifically the park exclusives, has been lack of color. My bracelet of park charms to commemorate trips ti WDW is basically a strand of round silver beads. Much as I loved the 2015 Disney annual charm, I was disappointed the 2016 was also blue.

      • Mm, that’s true of the Parks exclusives – I think there’s quite a lot of colour in the regular collection, with all the signature colour muranos. I tend to blend my Disney charms in with other bracelets and themes, so I guess plain silvers/beads with minimal colour work quite well for that – perhaps with the Disney Parks charms they’re thinking of people who might buy one or two as souvenirs and not as much for people who might want to build a whole Disney bracelet? I don’t know really!

      • part of the reason why the Disney Parks 2016 charm is as blue as it is it’s not that Pandora choose to make it that blue it was Disney who did
        & you’ll also notice that it has to match up with a lot of the other Disney 2016 merchandise & a lot of it happens to be dark blue & theme is Music, Magic & Memories so that’s why the charm is the way it is I mean everything I have of 2016 from Disney it’s main colour this year is that dark midnight blue & of course all my 2016 merchandise has little music notes on it & so does the 2016 Pandora charm the colour isn’t the best that Disney choose for this years theme of 2016 merchandise but it is workable I mean I have mine beside the Disney world castle cause it’s plain silver so it works really nice & also which helps a lot actually is that Mickeys Fantaisa dangle hat is also a dark blue with sparkles

        & also another issue is that having all the Disney parks exclusive charms together on one bracelet never looks good they definitely have to mixed up with a bit of the non Disney exclusives cause most of them do have a lot of colour to them but if you put the 2016 charm with a bit of Disney blue charms & some silver I’m sure it’ll look really nice I hope the Disney 2017 is any colour but please Disney do not make it anything to do with blue cause 2015 was blue & so was 16 so they should make 2017 a very pretty soft peachy colour I think it would look gorgeous & totally stand out from all the other colour Disney charms they have & they’ve never had peach but I personally love the 2016 charm cause it has music notes on it & since music is pretty much my life

        • I am somewhat afraid blue is Disney World’s signature color.with the castle having blue ramparts. I may eventually do a princess bradelet, but for now I buy their charms as souveniers when I go to the parks so I stick to the exclusives that remind me of park memories. I wish they would do them for the deluxe resorts too.

        • Ya I guess Disney’s main color is blue especially at Disney World & the after all the Cinderella Castle is blue mainly & so is her dress so it kinda makes sense

          Ooooh that’d be so awesome if they made charms of the Disney World resorts but sucky thing about that idea is that they probably most likely only be available to guests that are staying at that resort cause I know that a lot of Disney’s resorts will sell very like unique merchandise that has the resorts logo on it that won’t be sold anywhere else on the Disney World lot but only at example at the Animal Kingdom lodge resort cause I’ve heard that some of the Disney resorts do sell some of the Pandora charms too but of course their hidden meaning no one really knows which resorts sell them cause Disney doesn’t reveal them unless you stay at one of them & you have to ask the works there so it’s always like a secret surprise which is typical of Disney to do
          cause I’ve heard of from some guests that have stayed at a Disney resort before & they’ve found the charm they’ve been looking for but a lot of them don’t reveal which resort exactly they got it at so its a huge mystery

      • I actually quite like the blue. Goes well with my cosmic pieces and those darkblue muranos. But I agree that they should go with another colour next year.

    • It is a great deal! Luckily I have made some Pandora friends who help me out on a regular basis :) I get why you don’t want to trouble your friend. Australia are going to have a GWP with the Mother’s Day bangle but I haven’t heard of a proper bracelet promo as such.
      I quite like that the Disney bracelet has clear CZs and doesn’t stand out so much – that way you can do your own colour schemes. I’m thinking the Jasmine muranos that I’ve wanted for some time would be great to put on mine!

      • I understand why clear CZ are used for it to be versatile. It’s still pretty, just not love at first sight for me. Haha… It might grow on me eventually. But right now I will get the pave heart bracelet for the GWP here. Once I get that, disney bracelet might be next. Unless they come out with more interesting clasp bracelet that I like better. Two tone bracelet is also something that I would hope to get. Just that it’s too pricey. If there is a free bracelet promotion, I will make the spend to get it free.

  30. My store had the new catalogues in eventually in the UK. It’s a full catalogue with all the collections in, including the Mother’s Day pieces that are releasing later this month. If you need any prices, it you haven’t got it, let me know. It didn’t have any of the new rose gold pieces that are still due out in.
    It seems to be better set out as well.

    • Hi Sarah, would you mind posting the price for the new pearl pendant charm, looks like it has a small crystal attached and perhaps a CZ bail too? I’m eagerly awaiting it’s release! Many thanks x

      • In Canada, the cultured pearl dangle is $85 which means it’s either $75 or $80 US. Hope this helps.

      • Hi Jennifer of course I don’t mind. The one you asked about is called luminous elegance and is £55. The matching earrings are £60. Hope this helps you, not long to wait now.

        • Thanks so much for that Sarah…and everyone else for $ prices, I’m in the UK but realise I didn’t actually say! I’m really looking forward to this piece and the delayed flower garden murano, definitely both on my “to buy” list :)

    • Thanks for the offer of prices Sarah, that’s nice of you – as it happens, I got mine today as well, Sarah, and was very pleasantly surprised! Our new catalogues are gorgeous. Not as nice as the US or European ones, perhaps, but still so much better than what they’ve been doing lately. I had a lot of fun going through it.
      I’ve heard that the UK may be getting the Pandora Rose pieces for Summer, not Mother’s Day – which would make sense I guess, seeing as they’re not in the catalogue.

  31. It was so tough deciding what to get when the wishlist is so long and just keeps growing. I read so many reviews on your blog to decide Ellie… finally I nailed down a set of the new Primrose pink spacers, the new purple shimmer murano, the filled with romance heart, the spirituality essence bead. It seems that I will get two complimentary bracelet and I decided on the oxidized Moments bracelet and the snake chain Essence bracelet. I plan to stack the latter with my Essence beaded bracelet. Thank you for sharing about this promo!

    • Ah, it sounds like you do a lot more research and careful thinking before purchase than I do! ^^ You picked some lovely ones, though, those Primrose clips do go so well with the Shimmer murano. I’m also so glad to hear that you went for an oxi bracelet! It doesn’t get as much attention as the other silver designs, but I have as many oxi bracelets as I do the regular silver barrel clasp – I just love how dramatic and stylish it is. In any case, enjoy your new Pandora goodies – I can’t wait for mine to arrive!
      (Btw, I have seen your other comments and will respond to them tomorrow – it’s a bit late here currently! :))

      • Oh, no worried about replying Ellie. You have so many comments and I can’t imagine how overwhelming it is for you to reply each one. I know you read each one and try your best but you are human after all and there is so much other things to do. My order shipped. Cannot wait to receive them. Actually, I only came to know about the Oxi through you. I had only seen it once on a lady and another on my friend. It is true it does not get much love. I just love how edgy it looks. I did purchase the Lazy Daisy (?) Clips that ar darker and wanted to pair them with the Oxi. Wonder how it will look. Of course, I can also contrast the edginess of it with the feminity of the Lace clips too. I did it is a wonderful addition to my collection. I did overspend this round but it was too hard not to.

        • Thanks Ariane! <3 It has been particularly busy over the past few days with the promo etc. My phone has been pinging a lot ;)
          Which Daisy lace clips do you mean? I get so confused with all the similar Pandora names haha. The new ones? Or the two-tone older ones? Or the older silver ones lol? To be honest, any of those choices would look great with the oxi bracelet. They are all quite oxidised and detailed, and their femininity and delicacy will contrast with the more modern chain nicely too, just as you say!

  32. I got several of the new floral charms and LOVE them. The Remarkable Rabbit is so cute. I did one in store presale and one via phone from an online shop I have used before. The mailorder ones arrived with a new booklet that does not describe or list the white primrose “clips” due out for Mothers Day as clips. Are we sure they are actually clips?

    • The white primrose beads are definitely clips. Depending on your region, they will be offered in a mother’s day set with a spring garden charm and bracelet, supposedly with jewelry box.

      • That’s right! They’re quite an usual choice for the US Mother’s Day gift set – I wonder what made them decide to do that!

    • Yay! The White Primrose clips are definitely clips. They are already out here in the UK and I’ve seen them in person – they are also listed as clips in our booklet :)

  33. I went on Thursday and picked up my bracelets. I have the beaded essence bracelet and I picked up two of the smooth essence bracelets. I am loving them with the pretty pearl dignity bead and the blue friendship bead. Wearing three essence bracelets together is such a pretty look! I also picked up two of the thread less bracelets and I love them also. I put a single blooming dahlia clip on one then two of the new purple shimmer muranos, two of the pink primrose clips, and the dazzling floral barrel charm on the other. And, surprise, I picked up the new Disney bracelet! The thought of that one didn’t even cross my mind…until I saw it in the store. It is so pretty in person and the little mickey ears really sparkle. I put my Cinderella charms on it and it is so cute. I’m excited for you to get it too! I bought a little more than I anticipated but the deal is so good it’s hard to not do that, lol!

    • Essence bracelets are great to stack – I wear my two together always. I feel like they don’t quite stand out enough for me on their own, but that is also probably because I am used to a chunky Moments charm bracelet these days haha.
      Ah, so many people are saying that about the Disney bracelet – that they hadn’t thought about it, or that they didn’t like Disney especially, but had to get the Disney bracelet when they saw it in person as it’s so pretty! I’m extra excited for mine now. :D The Cinderella charms are a good choice to put on there, as I love that periwinkle blue with a little clear pavé. I don’t blame you for overspending haha, mainly as I did too – I didn’t intend to get two bracelets, but somehow it just happened ;)

  34. Whatever happened to the pink essence sensitivity charm that was suppose to come out in winter 2015? I really wanna get that one since I only see the one that I can’t afford which is the one in 14k gold

    • They didn’t release them all in North America for some reason… not sure why! Maybe they’ll come later or they decided that they wouldn’t be as popular.

  35. Aww damn! apparently I just found out that they only have the pink sensitivity essence charm I’m talking about in the U.K & the green creativity essence charm too which I have absolutely no way of ever getting since I won’t be traveling to the UK anytime soon I wish I had a way of getting it though still cause in North America they only have the gold the one I can’t afford I can’t believe that North America didn’t get those 3 charms oh & including the spirituality blue charm as well & I know absolutely no one in the U.K that can send me those charms especially the sensitivity & creativity ones

    • Ellie has mentioned, in posts before, a jewelry store called Republic of Jewels. They ship internationally for €9.95. They don’t have creativity, but they do have sensitivity and spirituality. I’ve never ordered from them, but I know Ellie and others have. Maybe they will restock creativity. They had it earlier this year. (I know because I thought about ordering it but didn’t, figuring the U.S. would get it in the spring).

      • Ya I know it’s really weird why wouldn’t all Pandora stores wouldn’t get all the same charms in I mean it’s not like any of them are exclusive or anything they’re just regular charms & more so especially they’re only essence it’s not like any of them are extra special or anything like some of the exclusives happen to be like some in Asia, Disney ones etc… & besides on the Disney exclusive charms on all of them it has Disney Parks S925 written on them on one side of the charm in the hand writing Disney logo & on the other side it’ll say Disney Pandora in normal printing but there’s no such thing as exclusive essence cause there’s not very many essence charms to begin with there’s not enough normal regular essence charms for there to ever be any exclusive ones for that collection

        However I am really surprised that they came out with their first Disney Parks Exclusive murano bead in pink but Pandora mentioned that that was to be exclusive they’ve never said a word about anything in the essence collection being exclusive I’m actually quite disappointed a little with Pandora about this one & of course this is just when I started to collect essence charms it just doesn’t make any sense at all that North America only has the essence charms I want in gold that I’ll never be able to afford well not for a little charm anyways

        & really you just don’t normally buy yourself a gold Pandora charm it’s just simply not done the gold Pandora sells is simply there for husbands to buy for their wives & for boyfriends to buy for their girlfriends

        Like everyone I know of & my friends that have a gold Pandora charm they all said that they didn’t buy them at all that they were given to them by their boyfriends or husbands other wise they’ve all said that they’d never just buy the gold piece or pieces for them selves

  36. I just called several Pandora stores in my area. They have the mother’s day charms but can’t sell them with the promo!! Very disappointed in pandora’s decision.. If they didn’t have the merchandise yet I could understand, but it’s sitting right there, pandora has become very expensive, and they could really sell the new products during the promotion. Pandora values itself on it’s relationships with it’s customers. Bad decision, pandora!

    • lisa I heard the same thing and agree with you.I bought a couple of things that I will exchange for mothers day charms this week.

    • I purchased some of the mother of pearl charms during the promo to be picked up later after the release. It’s a good idea to do an exchange which is probably why your store should have just sold them in the first place to avoid an exchange later.

      • Pandora concept store is under different franchiser, they allow exchange or refund after promotion within 30 days of purchase. Small jewelry shop only allow exchange but not return within 30 days of purchase.

    • You can buy something during promotion then exchange to Mother’s Day charm. My store told me I can exchange to anything within 30 days. I will exchange after April 14th for 3 Mother’s Day new collection.

    • Oh no, and some people were saying that their stores were letting them pre-order Mother’s Day charms, even. It is a shame that the rules vary so much between franchises!

      • All Pandora concept store and jewelry shop in Toronto not display Mother’s Day collection yet so we can’t pre order within free bracelet promotion period.

  37. I finally decided to take part in the promo and went crazy!! I did 2 x C$550 and got the TT bangle and bracelet! I got all 10 Disney princess muranos and got both pave bracelets and 2 new Disney bracelets. MY bank balance is not very happy :( I may have to sell on some of the charms but I am really excited to get my TT bangle and bracelet.

    • Omg big spender! :D But the RRP translates so well into GBP, you just have to think of it as a wise investment, haha (I am right in thinking you’re in the UK too aren’t I?). Getting all the Disney princess muranos – they are so versatile and such gorgeous colours. They are the Disney charms I miss most over here! You will have such fun arranging all those new pieces :D

      • Yes I’m in the UK!! I can’t wait to get it in the post. It really works out as great value. Although I already know I have to let go of some of the Disney stuff ? I think there will be some happy UK ladies on the pages. Especially with the Canadian prices.bits only £35/murano!!! I know I can get them again soon, hubby will be going to US soon ?

  38. Now I have some questions.
    I’ve been feeling hurt and squeeze from charms my right size which is 6.7 inches bracelet.
    I did try the 7.1 inches bracelet with charms also.

    That’s the picture (middle one is my 6.7 inches, right side is 7.1 inches).
    I feel the 7.1 inches one is comfortable and easy to put myself.

    So I try to buy bigger size from store, but people who work there check my big size bracelet and put 4 fingers then told me that is too big and not good for the bracelet.
    I understand what they’re telling me.

    I think wearing different sizes bracelets are better for me. They can’t scratch each other and can stay different places.
    Anyway, because of my job, I don’t wear pandora everyday (that’s sad).
    My questions are…
    Is that okay to wear bigger size bracelet?
    What should I do?

    Thank for your time!!!
    You’re awesome blogger!!!
    Very helpful thankful blog!!!
    Thanks again and share with us!!!

    – [ ] Mia

    • I say it is your money if you choose to wear a bigger size just be more careful, I am new to pandora but I often take mine off and put it in its,box if I am typing for long periods of time so I don’t bang it on my desk. I have noticed it will pull the peach fuzz on my arm too. Just do what works for you. It’s your money and I guess if you are comfortable with a bigger size go for it.

      • I know right… !!!
        anyway thanks so much your comments Ashelly… i will exchange and get the big one soon! i still love pandra breslet so much!?

  39. I am so sad ! I missed this by two days! I really wanted to get one ! Any way I could still get this promotion?

  40. Thank you Ms. Mora, I already did the free bracelet promotion and I got the free bracelet in Honeysuckle Pink !!!! Amen!!! But for the others who missed the offer, don’t be disappointed, just keep looking at your email for anything with Mora Pandora and or go to your nearest Pandora store and sign up for Pandora’s mailing list they will give you the latest promotion from the Pandora store.

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