Today’s post brings my monthly Pandora news round-up, featuring all the details on what’s coming up for April 2016! This month’s feature includes details on the North American gift sets for Pandora Mother’s Day 2016, live shots of the new Pandora Rose Spring 2016 collection, updates on the Pandora Summer 2016 release and more.


Going forward for this month on the blog, I have more updated SS16 previews coming your way – there are also more Pandora Spring reviews in the works, too, so keep an eye out for those! :)

Pandora Mother’s Day 2016 Launch

The main event of the month has to be the launch of the Pandora Mother’s Day 2016 collection, which is scheduled for the 14th of this month. I’ve said a couple of times how much I like this year’s Mother’s Day release – although it has plenty of the usual explicitly maternal-themed charms, it also has lots of charms with more general appeal. Flowers, cupcakes, hearts (of course) and two new safety chains – plus the use of pearl and mother-of-pearl! :D

pandora mother's day 2016 enamel heart

For a full preview and live shots, have a mosey through the Pandora Mother’s Day 2016 tag.

The UK already received part of the Mother’s Day collection back in February, and we will get the remainder of the charms and jewellery on the 14th – it will be marketed as Pandora Spring 2016 Drop Two.

Pandora Mother’s Day Gift Sets for North America

As usual, there will be some Mother’s Day gift sets for North America (hat tip to my reader, Michele, who gave us this info!). These are a bit more unusual this year, in that they include some Pandora Spring 2016 pieces.

The main bracelet gift set includes the White Primrose clip and the Spring Time openwork charm, which have been delayed until Mother’s Day in North America. This is $225 CAD (no USD price yet) and comes with a jewellery box.

pandora mother's day 2016There will also be a gift set including the new Mother’s Day bangle and the Beloved Mother dangle, retailing for $145 CAD and packaged in a large bangel box:

Finally, the Bound by Love charm will be another limited edition special, with its own gift box. It will be $75 USD or $85 CAD:

pandora mother's day 2016 release

Pandora Rose Spring 2016 Release

Making its début in North America alongside the Pandora Mother’s Day collection is the Pandora Rose Spring 2016 collection. I updated my preview with prices some time ago, so do check back there if you’re wondering.


However, I have heard that the UK will not be getting these new Rose pieces until Summer 2016. They’re not in the Spring/Mother’s Day 2016 catalogue that I just picked up from my local Pandora shop so that is looking increasingly likely :)

I found some live shots on social media from a Pandora preview in Ireland that show off the new Rose pieces really nicely. I love the Rose Primrose Meadow, but unfortunately my Pandora Rose bracelet is all full up now!

Pandora Summer 2016 Updates

Just a couple of brief updates for the Pandora Summer 2016 collection!

pandora summer 2016 teals

First of all, what I thought at first was going to be a new white Shimmer murano is actually just a very pale of Frosty Mint. I think I’d have preferred a new option of white murano glass, to be honest, as I love to contrast colours with plain white glass, but ‘frosty mint’ does sound potentially quite nice.

pandora summer 2016

Second of all, the Pandora Club Charm 2016 will be coming out for Summer 2016 on the 2nd of June also. More info/pics on this soon! :)

Pandora Limited Edition Club Charm 2016
Image by Elle Romania

Pandora Promotions

The free bracelet promo for North America finishes today, but you’ve still got just under a day left to indulge in the Pandora sale running currently on Rue La La. If you need an invite code, you are welcome to use mine.

I indulged in both promos – of course. These are some photos from my helper in NA showing off my new pieces. :D For the bracelet promo, I went all-Disney and got both a Disney bracelet and a regular silver as my freebies. From Rue, I got a few classic silvers I’ve always quite liked and a floral necklace. I have to wait for them to make it across the pond to me in the UK still, but it’s fun to look at the photos in the meantime.


There are rumours about a UK Essence promo circulating as well, potentially happening later this month – if I hear more about this, I will update you of course! :)

My Comment

I am still recovering from all my Pandora promo spending, but I am nevertheless so looking forward to the launch of the Mother’s Day charms on the 14th. It does seem very soon after the Spring 2016 collection – but I already have my eye on those two new safety chain designs, and that lovely new pearlescent enamel heart charm! I will probably pass on the rest of it, but there’s enough still on my wish list from Spring 2016 to keep me busy until Summer. ;)

What are you looking forward to this month? Are you going to get any Mother’s Day 2016 pieces?

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  1. The ring promo (3=2) just ended today I believe in Holland, and I got the 2 rings I have wanted for a long time! Still waiting for those! Now I really need a Earring promo ?
    In June there hopefully there will be another Estore sale, and I always indulge in that, as I am much more into the older charms and two tone!! Already saving up!!

    • Oh, lovely! I didn’t know that was going on :) I don’t think I’ll do another ring promo for a while as I still love and wear the three I got last year all the time. I can be a little (just a little) bit sensible about Pandora rings, if not the charms or bracelets haha.

  2. am so curious about what the diff gift boxes looks like… bec i have the ceramic round one fr mothers day 2 yrs ago and i loved it…do u have any pics of the new gift boxes? tnx

    • I’m sorry I don’t have any pics yet! That part will have to remain a surprise for a little longer :)

  3. Hi Ellie,

    Well, I too am recovering from this past weekend promo. I went to the trough not once, not twice but three times! This is above average for me, The gals at my shop must think I have nothing else to do but to shop buy Pandora, if only they new the thought and planning I do put into most of my visits. I

    It meant tapping into what I budgeted for the mother’s day release but I thought it a great opportunity to buy into the Essence line, yup, you have read correctly, I took the Essence plunge. I pondered the Essence purchase for the first three days of the promo. When I got there they had one bracelet left in my size, so it was meant to be. I have been reluctant because I thought the original bracelet too dainty, and I still do but the bangle is a slightly different story, dainty yes, but I thought I wouldn’t need a safety chain with it. Also, I could mix it in with my other bangles.

    Now that I have it I’ve decided to wear it on special dress occasions, where a subtle more elegant bracelet works best. I have to say it it lovely. I went with the new caring charm, the original freedom. and friendship to start. I know the idea is to capture the essence of yourself, and in some ways I have but to be perfectly honest I went with the charms I liked the best. I love that these charms do not slide around! I had hoped the price point would have been slightly lower because they are smaller pieces, but I didn’t let that get in the way of my purchase.

    As part of one of my other bracelet promo picks I purchased the new Floral Lace dangle, very, very dainty and the bail is so light. I added it to my essence bangle for that extra bit of interest and even though it is technically not a designated essence charm it looks great on the bangle!

    Now that I have blown my budget for the next release I will have to limit my purchase to the perfume bottle and whatever my birthday brings. I rarely wear my rose gold because I am scared of it turning, which is a cue for me to set my sights on the regular collections.The new teal shimmer looks amazing! I have several teal pieces so I think that will be a definite.

    Ellie, I love your Disney charms, even though I am not into Disney I can appreciate your selections. Who knows I have taken the enamel, and essence plunge, perhaps Disney is next.

    Look forward to your next round of bracelet stylings!

    Lisa K.

    • Hi Lisa! Three times – I heartily approve. :P But of course you knew that I would! And you got an Essence bangle, that’s exciting. I also find the Essence snake chains quite dainty, and I tend to wear two at once, often with a regular Pandora bangle. Essence is definitely a lot more sophisticated and streamlined than the Moments collection so a lot of people, myself included, tend to dig it out for more formal/dressier occasions. I think that’s a good plan :) I wore mine to my graduation last year for example!
      You picked some very pretty first Essence charms! I also pretty much go for the ones I like most. I don’t buy into the values concept that much – I find the marketing that goes along with it a little cloying, but the charms themselves are very pretty colours and designs.
      You should wear and enjoy your Pandora Rose! :) Mine is one of my most-worn bracelets and it is all still looking lovely. It has proven rather resilient so far and it would be a shame if you didn’t wear yours ^^
      Thanks, I’m glad you like them! I am not a super Disney fan or anything but I like that the Disney collection often prompts some more original designs from Pandora, like the White Rabbit or all the different coloured muranos. Perhaps you will end up with some, you never know! ^^
      Thanks for commenting Lisa! <3 Enjoy your lovely new purchases.

      • Ellie,

        Thanks for the info on how your Pandora rose is wearing. i really should enjoy it. I rarely spen money on things just to leave them sit in a box or on in a closet. I love the rose pieces with teals & black muranos.

        Lisa K.

        • You are welcome! The Rose pieces do look great with a surprising range of colour combos. Teal is one I particularly love!

  4. Hey Ellie, great sharing again… I also indulge in US free bracelet promo via a friend there, i got a pooh charm and two falling leave charms which i cannot get it in my own country or Australia. I also purchase 3 items from Ruelala, all twotone charm-purse, Daisy field and hawthorn. So,,, I’m having big hole in my pocket as well. For mothers day collection, i will definitely get the LE bound by love charm and the rest may need to continue remain in my wish list until i recovered :( most probably get the Pearl dangle charm, white shimmering murano, flower garden murano in Jun.
    Btw, i hope the GWP with LE bangle is confirmed in Aus, anyone knows?

    • Hi Shirleen! Ooh yay, glad to hear you did both promos too haha. I have a little list of three to get for the Mother’s Day launch – the two safety chains and the heart. I already have the Bound by Love! As far as I know, the GWP for Australia is still going ahead, I’ve not heard otherwise :)

  5. Ooo! You got the Belle Murano, yay! I just love mine and I’m sure you’ll love yours, too!
    I bought my first Essence bracelet with the promo and really like it. I will probably mostly wear it when I want to be slightly dressier or to take a break from other bracelets. ?

    • I did! I’ve been wanting it for a long time for a centre piece for my two-tone bracelet (I posted the pic on Instagram, I think you saw) and have been patiently waiting for this promo to come along. ^^
      Ooh you got your first Essence! I’m actually a little surprised to hear that you haven’t had one before now. ^^ That’s pretty much how I wear my Essence – when I want something a little lighter than my regular charm bracelets or when I’m going somewhere formal. I have two that I wear together, they are lovely stacked!

  6. I want a bound by love as well as the Infinity bead. I am sure I will want more as soon as I see them all in person.

    • Ah yes- going to see them in person is always dangerous! I’m hoping that I will stick to my list of three haha.

  7. Hi Ellie!
    I skipped out of the free bracelet promo since I got a rue bangle and can I say I am kicking myself in the butt now! Since I didn’t do the promo I will most likely just buy one charm at a time from the spring and other release every few weeks until I get everything I need and want!
    Your Disney charms are so awesome! Gimme your honest opinion, what do u think of WR? I hope u find him as cute as I told u he would be! The Disney belle Murano is very unique and would look good paired with the white rabbit, too bad u r using him elsewhere. Any ideas on what u will do for a spring bracelet ?
    I decided I am getting the dazzling fairy soon even though j so didn’t care for her at first but now I luv her and have a nice idea of where to put her. Btw I luv ur new lighthouse <33

    • Hi Alex! <3 Ahh I wondered if you'd regret that! The bracelet promo is a lot of fun. Although you did get your cute star bangle so there is that. :) I have almost got everything I want from Spring now - there's just the Dazzling Daisy Fairy, and the Essence safety chain left to go. Although I am considering my initials now... (ack, stop me! :P)

      I haven't got a hold of my WR yet! From the pics he looks cute. My helper tells me looks cute (at least I think she did!). He just needs to hurry up and get here so I can decide properly. ^^ The Belle murano would be cute with the rabbit, but I have been planning on using that on my two-tone bracelet for months now so I can't deviate from that plan haha. I was going to use the Flower Garden muranos with the olive facets for my spring bracelet, but well. Pandora has wrecked that plan haha. In the meantime, I might try the Olive facets with some of the new flowers. I'm not sure!

      You should definitely get the Fairy! It's next on my list :D I love that she's tucked away amongst all the daisies. The Lighthouse is adorable but another impulse buy! I'm sure inspiration will strike. Maybe it and the White Rabbit can both go on a design somewhere. They both have red on them after all...

  8. Will the Mother’s Day gift set with the primrose clip include 2 primroses charms and one springtime charm? It just a single primrose clip? Thanks

        • I want the primrose clip and the spring time charm, I don’t need 2 primrose clips but it is a really good price. I mean your paying hardly anything for another bracelet and getting a free jewelry box. Its a really good deal…I will have to think about it…super tempted.

      • I think that’s probably what I will do, buy them after May 9th since I just spent a lot during promo.

        • If you are not in hurry, wait until 8th June for Free leather bracelet promotion. Light Blue and Honeysuckle round clasp thread less leather bracelet will be free with Can $125 spend. I will get LE Club charm and Flower Garden murano for free leather bracelet, I only spend during promotion for free gift, why not?

        • I was thinking about that but I’ll have to see if my brother will be back in Lethbridge during that time -vacation. ( it’s the closet store near me that does promo…2hrs away) if he’s not then Im outta luck.

  9. Ellie, you will feel Disney bracelet is more comfortable on wrist than barrel bracelet, I like it. The snake chain stay as a perfect circle because of the round clasp.

    • I am intrigued! I haven’t noticed that much of a difference with the threadless bracelet but it’s quite loose and I don’t have many charms on it. I find the least comfortable to wear at the heart-clasp bracelets.

  10. Hi Ellie,
    I’m currently searching for the sparkling starfish charm( with turquoise cubic zirconia on it) unfortunately a lot retailers say it has retired! *cry*
    Do you have any suggestions on how can I get that one? I’m in NZ

    • Hi Belgi! I had a look around the usual suspects online that might have it who would ship internationally, but it didn’t turn up much. There are two places that might do it. First one that’s a possibility is this UK retailer, Mococo, who have it in stock:
      I suggest them as one of my readers from the US told me that they agreed to ship her a charm a couple of months ago, so it is worth trying them.
      The other is the Belgian Pandora eStore, who also have it in stock – albeit with a pretty hefty shipping fee:
      The price might not be right for you, though, as I know that GBP to AUD/NZD is not pretty favourable to you!

      Or, you could always join one of the Pandora selling pages and I’m sure someone would have it there. Pandora’s Angels/Pandora’s Tribe are always the ones I suggest, although it can take a little while to get approved. Hope that helps!

      • And I just saw that the shipping for rest of world from the Belgian eStore is like 30 euros, which is crazy high! I didn’t realise it was quite that much :S

    • Hi Belgi!
      It is still for sale in Holland if you need help. €49 and I could check shipping if you want!
      Let me know!!

      • Omg that’s quite expensive >.<!!
        Do you think Pandora will sell it again on boxing days? I've friends in Malaysia and Singapore who I could ask help from them, but I'm not sure if Malaysia and Singapore still have it.

        • The €49 is (for Holland, Germany and Belgium as I know) normal retail price. I’m not sure if there is a difference in price in different countries. I know the UK has almost the same prices as in Euro’s. But maybe Exchange Rate is better with other countries. I know Holland-Australia and Holland-Canada are very good at the moment, not the other way around I believe

        • Hi Ellie, can you kindly help me to check the shipping from Holland?
          Hi Marikaisa,
          I’ve checked the Singapore’s pandora website it is retailed for sgd 88, after converting from 49pound it would be 100+nzd, and the shipping fee is not included yet >.<!

        • And also, the retailer from Pandora advised me to not purchase Pandora online as there’re many Pandora’s counterfeit now. Fortunately I’m able to seek advice from you!

        • Hi Belgi, sorry I live in the UK and I don’t know Holland’s postal rates – did you mean to ask Marikaisa? :) I see she’s left you some contact info anyhow!

      • Thanks Michelle, Marikaisa, and Ellie for being so helpful!
        I’ve asked my friend from Singapore to buy and it costs for sgd52, she purchased it from the Pandora shop. :D

        • O wow!!! That is less then €34!!! And what about shipping? Is that reasoble?

        • My friend hasn’t find out about shipping to New Zealand but from the Singapore post’s website we estimate it to be around sgd10, cheers :D

      • I was looking around for the limited edition bear my heart charm. I have found a few on poshmark or eBay but I’m hesitant because I don’t feel I am experienced enough to spot a fake. Any advice?

        • I won’t take the risk, I got LE Bear and Flower Basket 30% off last summer from Pandora outlet store when I was on the way to Niagara Fall. I only buy jewelry in actual store during promotion for fun. If Inchange my mine, I can exchange or refund.

        • Michele, I am hesitant because I don’t want a fake bead to compromise my bracelet. I will probably get bear hugs from the Pandora here, it is similar enough. I will have to make sure to catch all the LE while they last.

        • I think we are very similar type of person, purple, LE items. I bought 2015 LE Mother’s Day bangle , 2015 LE Club charm LE Black Friday Snowglobe and LE Bow bangle. I only skip 2015 LE Mother’s Day charm, I returned it. There will be 2016 LE Mother’s Day two tone charm, 2016 Club charm, LE X’mas bangle, LE Black Friday charm for you to collect. I will purchase LE Club charm and Flower Garden in June for free Honeysuckle free bracelet.

        • Michele, we are very similar. I planned to get the club charm and two tone mothers day. I like the elephant that comes out this summer. I didn’t care for the rest of summer collection. Flower garden is a must too.

    • Hey Belgi, I’m in NZ too & I have found that the Walker & Hall jewellery store website sell some retired Pandora. I think I have seen that charm still in stock so you should have a look as they have limited numbers available.

  11. Hi, Ellie!

    Congratulations on your purchases! Your White Rabbit looks so cute. I still have not yet seen that charm in person. I hope our shop-in-shop will get it soon.

    I want the White Primrose clips, but not that bracelet or charm, so I’ll be waiting until after Mother’s Day to make that purchase.

    • Hi Angie! Thank you, I technically haven’t seen him in person yet either haha. I am excited for them all to turn up on my doorstep! ^^

      It is annoying when Pandora bundle popular charms up into bracelet gift sets. I usually just get them from overseas if that happens, as it usually works out cheaper than UK RRPs haha.

  12. Hi Ellie, your disney selection looks good. Just off track, i received a call from mum asking me if i got a spare pandora bangle to give her. I’m so excited that she is finally interested in it. I’m thinking should i just do two GWP bangle or give her one of my least wear bangle and get a few charms for her to start with as she said she wants 2-3 charms only and see if her interest continues. She is usually not a jewellery type of person. What you think?

    • Thanks! :D Ooh now that’s an opportunity, haha. A lot of the fun of Pandora is going to the store and seeing all the pretty charms around you, or going through the catalogue and seeing which ones mean the most to you or catch your eye. You could maybe try and persuade her to pick a couple out herself, to start a design – and maybe the fun of it will reel her in! Like something fun you could do together. I think starting small is a good idea. If you only have a few charms on your bracelet, you usually start thinking about how it needs more and how you might go about filling it up haha.

    • Hi starlight, any idea if pandora concept store control number of free bangle per customer during GWP in Aus? I probably will be there if schedule can be adjusted..

      • Sorry, I’m not very sure about that flying piggy. But you can always ask them to churn out two receipts I suppose or buy a batch first then come back later for another batch to get two bangles.

  13. Hi Ellie, first time posting, absolutely love your blog. So much information and news on my addiction Pandora. Thank you so much for all you do, I am sure it takes you many hours to add all the content, but it’s so very much appreciated..

    Just a quick question, does anyone know if you will be able to buy the new 2016 Mother’s Day Bangle on it’s own? I see it listed in a gift set for North America. But do not see any other listing of it separately.

    • In North America. Bangle is LE with dangle as a set, bangle won’t sell separately. I know Hong Kong usually sell our LE bangle or LE charm as a regular item but the price is 30% higher in Asia.

    • Hi Stephanie! First of all, thanks so much for letting me know you enjoy the blog, it’s really nice to hear that it’s appreciated. :D Michele is the gal with the answers in this case, as my NA source didn’t have the info on the gift sets this time around. From what I understand, the bangle may not be available on its own in NA – which would be a weird marketing tactic I think.

  14. Does anyone know is the beloved mother dangle gift set the one coming out with the bangle for 145 in Canada does anyone know if the US will be offered this same gift set? Thanks !

    • U.S. and Canada are under same management, I forgot U.S.$ because I only remember Can$ . U.S. has same gift set.

    • Deals for the US & Canada are pretty much always the same – Pandora North America sets the promos for both of them. So you guys will get the same gift sets, just at different prices.

    • There are indeed! If you follow the link in the article I posted above, and then scroll down to the Mother’s Day preview, you will see them. :)

  15. everytime I see those pale pink hearts I can hardly wait to get them. maybe two.will exchange from the promo to pick them up with a couple of other things.

    • I love that one too! I have zero idea where I could put it, but it’s just too pretty to resist. It looks like pearl in a lot of photos :)

  16. Hi Ellie I’m excited for this release I really like the perfume bottle and the safety chains. I am very entrigued about this essence promo I have an essence bracelet but with only one charm on I have had the bracelet and char since September I get distracted with the moment charms lol. I do like the essence range and a lot of the charms are really nice to. I hope this promo goes ahead what do you think we will have to do lol. Will we get a free bracelet do you think.? Also your new Disney pieces look lovely.

    • Hi Nicola! I have the original perfume bottle, which I love, so I will hold off on the new one. The safety chains, however, I have to have! I can never have too many safety chains, there are always bracelets that need one. ^^
      I would have thought that we will get a free bracelet promo as well later in the year. I usually do the US one anyhow, so I don’t tend to bother with ours haha.
      Thank you! <3 I'm so excited to receive them :D It feels like I've been waiting to get the Belle murano and that silver bracelet forever. I've been collecting the charms to put on the bracelet since last year!

  17. I don’t think I’ll be getting anything from the Mother’s Day collection, but next time I go shopping I will have a look and make sure.
    I took back a couple of charms I bought the other month, as they didn’t fit as I wanted them to. I got my money back on a gift card, so I can use this on my next purchases.
    Your new buys look great, looking forward to your reviews on the Disney ones. I love my Cinderella heart, it would go nice with your Cinderella muranos and your other charms on the bracelet. The white rabbit would look nice with some of your silver pieces. Have you decided where your going to put them yet?
    The white rabbit looks nicer, than it’s stock image. I look forward to seeing better pictures when you do your review.
    I like the Disney bracelet and after hearing everyone talking about it, I would definitely like to get one. I’m going to save my money up and then see if someone on the Facebook pages can help me get one.
    I bet you can’t wait for all your new pieces to come. Hopefully you won’t have long to wait.

    • Oh really, you took some back? I have only ever taken back two charms and neither of them were charms I wanted in the first place (the airplane from the I Love to Travel set and the Cherries clip – I asked for the Cherry Blossom clip and my mum bought me the wrong one lol), I’m not sure I could ever persuade myself to give up a charm that I’ve intentionally bought. ^^
      Thanks, Sarah! The Cinderella Heart is going on that blue and pink bracelet, opposite the deep pink In My Heart/Heart Beat charm. The White Rabbit… I’m not sure yet! ^^ I’ll figure it out, I’m sure. The Disney bracelet does look rather gorgeous. I’m thinking that the Jasmine muranos might look rather nice on it, and it would be a bit different to the usual Disney red-and-black or the multi-coloured Disney Princess charms. I’m going to get down to thinking up some new designs when everything arrives! Which will hopefully be soon. ;)
      Thanks for commenting! <3

      • I’ve never took anything back before, this was the first time. It was my own fault, I forgot to take my bracelet with me, which I was trying to match the charms to. So I was trying to make a decision, without knowing for definite. They just don’t fit as I wanted them to and decided it was best to take them back and use my money for something else.
        The more I see the White rabbit, the more I like it. It may be one I get in the future. Look forward to seeing your pictures of him.

        • Very sensible of you! :) I have done that once or twice before but have just ended up finding other places for things to go. There’s usually something, haha.
          Yeah, he does look fun, doesn’t he? Hopefully the post will be quick and I’ll get him this week or next. The post between the UK & the US seems pretty reliable for the most part!

        • Hopefully the post is quick for you. I always look forward to your reviews and the White rabbit, is one I’m looking forward to the most.

        • Yup, fingers crossed! And thanks – there should be a new review coming at the weekend, even if it isn’t the White Rabbit. ^^

  18. Hi Ellie!!!
    Do I see Cinderella’s Dream among your new treasures?? Oh, it’s one of my favourite charms and I’m sure you’ll love it! You picked some lovely staff there! Belle’s murano looks like gold! Are you putting it on your two tone bracelet or it will accompany your new rabbit? :-) I imagine how excited you must be to see them all! I’m waiting for my Rapunzel’s murano impatiently! :-)
    As most people I suppose, I look forward to seeing the pink enamel heart from Mother’s Day release, and the Club Charm from the Summer release! For me the frosty mint colour instead of a white one was a pleasant surprise! It may match nice -in an unusual way- the spring purple murano! We shall see soon!
    Thank you so much for the latest info and this lovely (as ever) round up Ellie! ♥♥♥

    • Hi Chrysa! :D Aha, you do indeed! I’ve wanted it for some time, but didn’t have anywhere to put it. It’s going to go on my blue and pink Cinderella bracelet now! :D
      The Belle murano does look like gold, which is why it’s going to be the centrepiece of my two-tone bracelet! I was originally going to keep that bracelet murano-less and pavé-less, but I love murano glass too much – I just need that little pop of colour in the centre. And I think it will bring out the gold in the other charms too.
      I hope your Rapunzel gets there soon! <3 I've been increasingly tempted by one after seeing some lovely photos over the past couple of days. I may have to revisit that one!
      Thanks for commenting Chrysa! Always lovely to chat with you. <3

  19. Aww, your Disney charms are so cute, Ellie, I bet you can’t wait to receive them!

    I want to get the Bound by Love charm but I will wait and get it for the summer leather promo, I want the new pink leather :-D I like some of the other Mother’s Day charms too, like the mother of pearl flowers, but I think the Bound by Love is my must-have.

    • Thanks Natalie! I am rather over-excited to receive this package haha – these are my first proper Disney purchases since this time last year. The only thing Disney that I’ve bought since the last bracelet promo was my Minnie Holiday Wreath, which wasn’t all that Disney-ish really. ^^

      I want the pink leather as well :D I love the sound of honeysuckle pink! <3 It's funny as there is a good amount I want from the Mother's Day and Summer collections this year - usually I am all about the Spring collection and a bit meh about the other two. ^^

  20. Ellie, congrats on your recent purchases! The new Disney charms look so pretty and the white rabbit is too adorable!

    Wanted to let Canadian shoppers know the new Mother’s Day and Pandora Rose charms have made their way to the stores, but might not be out for public viewing. I was lucky that my sales associate asked her manager and allowed me to purchase a few items, but I had to be specific in what I wanted. Picked up the luminous leaves, the rose gold primrose and the pink enamel heart charms. Out of the three I’d say the enamel heart is more beautiful than pictured, it’s a lovely pale pink with a small hint of shimmer which I don’t think is captured in the print or photos. I’m sure if you pick this up you won’t be displeased. :)

    • Thanks, Nico! :D I’m so excited to receive them, the post from the US to UK and vice versa is normally pretty reliable so hopefully this week or next.

      Oooh that’s exciting :D the pink enamel heart is one of my most-anticipated pieces, and I’m glad to hear that it’s even prettier than it looks in photos! I love the look of the Pandora Rose Primrose charm as well – if I hadn’t filled up my Pandora Rose floral bracelet, I’m sure I’d be getting that one. Enjoy your new pieces and thanks for sharing! <3

  21. Hi Ellie
    Was wondering if you received my email. I sent you quite,a few pics of my bracelets.
    Wanted to know what you thought of them.
    Also I sent you a comment regarding the shimmering droplets. Was,wondering what you thought of them also.
    I really love your blog. I am so happy I came across it.
    Looking forward to hearing from you.

    • Hi Laura, I’ve just seen your emails and wil reply in a mo. :) I asked you when you said before about the Shimmering Droplets comment, I’m not sure I’ve seen it – if you have a link at all, send it my way and I’ll have a look!
      And thank you, that’s really nice to hear <3

  22. Good news! Mother’s Day collection will be avaiIlable on 9th April. I like Mother’s Day collection, LE charm, LE bangle set, safety chain, murano, mother of pearl. I am going to exchange some of my promotion purchase

    • That is exciting. I am looking forward to getting more pieces for mine as well. Do you also collect any other brands such as trollbeads? I saw a,few glass trollbeads and thought about starting one also, but the shop nearest me is 2 hours away so I can’t check them out in person just yet.

      • I mainly collect Pandora Moment since March 2015, then Thomas Sabo Karma since they have 5 concept store here. I enjoy shopping in actual shop for leisure, I don’t shop on line except book. I use Karma as a substitute to Essence, I like semi precious stone, Karma is Can $25.5 very reasonable price. I got 2 free Karma bracelet with $250 spending last Sept, then buy 2 get 1 free last month, I have Karma jewelry box with 16 beads now. My Pandora Moment collection is much more, 10 Free bracelet or bangle, 100 clips or charms. Other brand don’t have concept store here so I won’t buy.

    • Hi Ellie
      I thought the mothers day collection would be available April 14th? I am confused. Is that for the US?

      • Sometimes US & Canadian stores sell a little earlier than the official release date, which is still the 14th of April in this case :)

    • Oh that’s nice for you! Here it is still due out on the 14th. US & Canadian stores do often get it early :D

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