Today’s post brings an updated preview at a very anticipated upcoming Pandora piece – the limited edition Pandora Club charm for 2016! Pandora first introduced the concept of releasing an exclusive charm to honour its Pandora Club members back in 2014. Each charm comes studded with a diamond and is engraved with the year of its release.

I love the campaign image below, which showcases all three Pandora Club charms from 2014 and to 2016.

pandora club charm 2016

To read more about previous Club charms, check out the Pandora Club charm tag. Otherwise, read on for all the details on this year’s edition!

Pandora Club Charm 2016 Preview

This year’s Club charm features a rather gorgeous openwork design, with lots of smaller hearts all connected to one another. This might be meant to invoke a sense of the connections within the Pandora community, perhaps – it also looks rather like the suit of hearts from a deck of cards, which is an effect I love.

The charm is engraved with ‘2016’ on one side, and is studded with a diamond on the other.

pandora club charm 2016

The Club charm will retail for $65 USD or 59€. I don’t have prices in GBP or AUD yet! It is due out with the Summer 2016 collection on the 2nd of June, so there’s still a little while to wait.

My Comment

This is a design that I know I’ll be getting – I love the suit-of-cards effect, which fits in nicely with the Alice in Wonderland releases we’ve been seeing in the charm world recently. It’s a sophisticated and elegant little design; the 2014 Hidden Heart club charm is my favourite, if only for its cute originality, but this is a close second. It’s an interesting design and yet still a lot more versatile than the Hidden Heart.

So, all in all, I have so much to look forward to from this year’s Summer collection! This is unusual for me, as I don’t normally go for the brighter summer colours – but with this charm, the leather bracelets, the silver animals and the Flower Garden murano, I am all set this year. :D

What do you think of this year’s Club charm? Is it on your wish list?

60 Comments on Pandora Club Charm 2016 Updated Preview

  1. Lovely. Your summer list is similar to mine. Club charm, flower garden murano and the reddish leather bracelet. Mother’s day collection not out yet and I’m looking forward to the summer’s. The campaign photo looks nice. Wonder if I should get the 2015 and have a collection of club charms on a bangle or bracelet.

    • I love that photo, too. I have my first two Club charms on a bracelet together, but that one is full – i will have to find somewhere else for it! Perhaps on my new Disney bracelet.
      I’ve actually been excited for pieces in each of the SS16 collections this season. The Spring threadless bracelet, the Mother’s Day safety chains and then this and the Flower Garden muranos for summer. It’s been a good season so far!

    • I like it too! I think you could make a nice combination using this, and the new Pandora and Chamilia charms. <3

    • Yeah, I love the leather bracelets this year! I was going to make myself just stick with the honeysuckle, but my parents just brought me back the Evil Eye pendant from a holiday in Greece and I keep thinking how nice it would be on the new mint bracelet..!

    • Mine too! :D I like the photo with all of them together. It’s nice to see the progression of the designs xxx

  2. Ellie, this is exactly I told you many times I will build a Club charm only bracelet. I will get Club charm & Flower garden to get free Honeysuckle leather bracelet in June.

  3. I got Mother’s Day collection, 2 Mother of pearl Luminious Floral & dangle, Glittering Heart, Heart & Crown safety chain.

    • Oooh! I am very envious :) great haul. I am getting the two tone safety chain for my very first purchase, but I am sure the other safety chain and the heart will follow soon!

  4. I like Club charm much more than LE Bound by Love, 3D heart with DiAMOND for $65 ( I think will be $70 or $75 Candian ), such a reasonable price.

  5. I do like it as well! Can’t wait for it to come out, it will look great on my heart themed bracelet!

    • Glad to hear it! This is certainly one of the nicer Pandora hearts and the diamond is cute too :D

  6. Do you like the diamond addition? Or do you find it a bit overboard? I love diamonds, but I thought the design was intricate enough without it. But it’s still a great charm I will be buying.

    • I do quite like the diamond! I don’t think it detracts from the design and it adds a little extra dash of luxury that elevates the design and stops it from being just another openwork heart, if you know what I mean. If it was a CZ, I’m sure I’d be saying otherwise though lol!

  7. Oh my! I love it! It’s my favorite out of any. I liked the design concept of the 1st one. However, I just didn’t like it on my bracelet. I have a bracelet with all of my hearts on it. I can’t wait to add this one!! Thanks for sharing the picture!!

    • Yay! A lot of people felt the same about the first Club charm. It is quite chunky and hard to style, but I just love the concept so much that I will forgive it that. ^^ You are welcome, glad you’re excited!

  8. I like this one the best, but don’t have anywhere for it in my collection.
    I have got the new Disney mickey bracelet, coming to me shortly. Can’t wait to get it.
    Have your Disney items arrived yet?

    • Neither do I currently, but that doesn’t seem to be stopping me recently ;) My Disney stuff has not arrived yet, but I did get a customs notice today which might be for the Disney charms or for something else… I will find out on Thursday, haha! Hope you get yours soon too!

        • Awesome! :D Mine arrived today and I love mine too. It’s surprisingly lovely. I don’t have anything to put on mine yet really though! What are you doing with yours?

        • I’m going to move my Cinderella’s dream heart charm onto my Disney bracelet, but other than that I’m not sure.
          What do you think of your White rabbit? Is it the same size as Eeyore?
          I’m looking forward to your Disney reviews.

  9. Hi Ellie!
    Thank you for the new pictures! The club charm is a must have for me and I’m pleased it has such a lovely design and a nice price, too!
    I’ve read your parents visited Greece! How nice! Where did they go? I hope they’ve enjoyed their vacation, giving you a motive to visit us too! :-) For some reason the Evil Eye is the best selling charm among tourists in Greece, as I was informed last summer! It will look perfect on the light blue leather bracelet! It is funny that you (the pink girl) have started choosing blue when at the same time I (the always blue girl) discover pink! :-))
    Thank you for the update, Ellie! Have a great week! ♡♡♡

    • Hi Chrysa! You’re welcome – I like this one a lot as well. :D My parents are actually in Corfu, which although an island sort of technically counts as Greece I think? They are loving it, anyhow! The Evil Eye gets pushed in a lot of Greek touristy stores as being something of a charm that’s special to Greece, or so I hear from a few people who have bought it. That’s why my mum chose it for me anyway! ^^ Haha, that’s true – we have swapped! Although I will also be getting the honeysuckle pink leather too… :P
      Thanks for commenting, Chrysa, and have a great week too! <3

  10. I really like the design, I don’t love charms with prominent dates on them but I suppose I could just keep it turned around and have the diamond facing out anyway. I almost wish they just did it as a regular charm without date and diamond so the price would be better, but it really is a nice design.

    I don’t have either of the other Club Charms. I thought the Hidden Heart was really cute but didn’t really care for how it looked on a bracelet and it seemed like it would scratch a lot with wear.

    • I am building Club charm only bracelet, Pandora try to keep Club charm as a reasonable price. I can’t afford gold charm with diamond, I am happy with silver with diamond. I have two tone bracelet and now Pandora DIAMOND bracelet.

    • I didn’t use to like dates on charms, but I don’t mind it so much now – and I like that it adds to their collectability! I can understand why they add the diamond and the date, as otherwise the Club charms wouldn’t have much of a USP or specialness about them (especially now that they are gravitating towards more generic heart designs).

      The Hidden Heart does scratch a lot. I think I wrote my review maybe the day after I got mine and I remember noticing all the scratches on it after such a short time of wearing it! I do love it all the same though, it’s such a fun concept. <3

  11. Beautiful! I will definitely be getting this one! Ellie, congratulations on your blog, its FAB! Your updates are brilliant, dont know what I would do without you <3!!!

    • Yay, me too! And thank you very much – it’s so nice to hear that you enjoy it. :D That has made my evening!

  12. I started my Pandora obsession in 2015 but the design of 2015 did not appeal to me. This heart design caught my heart though. Need!

    • The 2015 design is my least favourite of the three, but I don’t dislike it. This one is gorgeous though!

  13. Hi Ellie!
    The club charm is lovely and fairly priced. The addition of the diamond makes it extra special! I was also thinking of adding it to my Disney mini bracelet. I’m also picking up the Oceanic Starfish and mint leather bracelet from the Summer collection. Can’t wait! :D

    • Hi Carol! I don’t think it’s a bad price either, especially considering the diamond. It would be a really cute addition to your Disney bracelet – it might offset the Disney pieces and lend them a little extra elegance! I also want the mint leather bracelet – I was going to stick to the honeysuckle, but my parents just brought me back the Evil Eye pendant from Greece and it would go great with the mint. :D

  14. I almost forgot about this charm since it’s not part of the Mother’s Day release and isn’t really a summer release. Even though I have plenty of Pandora heart beads, I’m a sucker for hearts, so I’ll probably get this one.

    • It is lovely – and it’s quite elegant, and I could see it slotting very well into one of your mini-designs!

  15. Ellie, I am glad you like Disney bracelet which is very lovely even without any charm. When I saw it, I really want you to have one for your styling to give me some idea, ha! ha!

  16. Ellie, I do like the club charm this year! The diamond is a nice addition for the club charms, I think, which makes them special, as they should be. Looking forward to seeing this one in store. It does give the effect of suit-of-hearts from a deck of cards. With that said, it reminded me of the dice charm I happened across one day while browsing the internet. Still being fairly new to Pandora, I marked the dice charm up to being before my Pandora days.

    I realize this is off the “beaten path” a bit, but have you ever seen the Las Vegas exclusives? Although I’m not a gambler, nor have I ever even been in a casino anywhere in all my days, I find the Las Vegas charms striking, especially the playing cards suits, the dice and black murano with engraving. If my memory serves me correctly, the gold dice with 12 small dia-monds was priced at $770! Would have to win the jackpot (which they do have a charm for) to afford some of these charms!!! Just saying…lol

    Hope your day is great and looking forward to seeing your new Pandora!

    • I’ll probably never make it to Vegas, but for those who vacation or travel a lot, these LV Exclusives would make great souvenirs!

    • Hi Emily! Glad to hear you like them – I like that they have diamonds as well. It’s a nice little extra. This one would be great with the Dice charm – I think it would be cool if they did some more openwork designs like the other suits!

      Yeah, I have seen them! They are fun, although the regular dice is available as normal in other countries. <3 I wouldn't chase them as I haven't ever been to Vegas either and I don't gamble lol (I have an addictive personality of sorts so that would be a recipe for disaster!).

      Hope your day is great too! My first review from my Pandora promo haul went up today and there are more to follow :D

  17. I purchased a separate bangle just to put my Club charms on…. I’m definitely getting this!!!

    • Ah, just like the campaign image! :D I am getting this one too, but there’s no room for it on the bracelet has the two previous ones. So I’m going to have to split them up, haha.

  18. Hi Ellie,
    I absolutely love your blog and so appreciate your reviews and photos. I must say I am tryst addicted to Pandora and am glad to be in such great company! I am looking to get the new club charm , the honesuckle leather and maybe the new
    floral. It’s so hard to choose and hard to stop buying! Loving my addiction !

    don’t want to start a third bracelet

    • Hi Marsha! That’s so nice to hear, thank you for letting me know! You are definitely in the right place if you love Pandora ^^

      And you should definitely start that third bracelet! :P

  19. I purchased the 2016 Club Charm and am very pleased with it. I placed it with the 2014 and 2015 club charms then added the black Friday 2014&2015 snow flake and snow globe to the center section only with the heart pave clips. I thought it would be cute. Snagged the free bracelet and upgraded it to the bracelet with the pave barrel clasp. Fancy right. The chipboard actually on loan from my love and family heart themed bracelet until I get the matching pave barrel clips ?. I told myself no more but couldn’t resist the Eau De Pandora perfume bottle when purchasing my club charm. Yayy! In love with Pandora even more…This year’s club charm is very elegant and I love hearts so it’s perfect!

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