Today’s post brings my next review from the Pandora Spring 2016 collection, with an in-depth look at the new Poetic Blooms pendant! The Poetic Blooms pieces were Pandora’s signature pieces from this release, and pay homage to Pandora’s popular daisy and cherry blossom design, among others.

I went with just the pendant, as, being a long-standing collector, I already have a lot of Pandora’s floral designs and I don’t really need too much more of the same!

pandora poetic blooms

It’s been longer than I meant since my last Spring 2016 review – so apologies for that. I will have a lot more to do when my package from the US March bracelet promo turns up, including some Pandora Disney! ;) In the meantime, read on for close-up shots and my thoughts on this new design.

Pandora Poetic Blooms Pendant Review

The colour of the pink flower is very delicate and pale, which is gorgeous in person, but a little hard to photograph properly!

pandora spring 2016 poetic blooms review

Although it is the same shade of enamel as the famous Pandora Cherry Blossom clip, it’s not as thick and the area of enamel is a lot smaller so it doesn’t seem as vibrant. This pendant is helped a lot if you put it with other similar pinks, so as to bring out the colour!

pandora spring 2016 poetic blooms review

One thing I like about this pendant is that there are no cubic zirconia on the bail! This is one of my least preferred ways that Pandora add CZs to charms, and I much prefer it when they are integrated into the design. The little sparkling daisy looks really sweet and not at all blingy when contrasted with the white daisy and pink cherry blossom.


The thing that you don’t realise from the stock image, however, is just how tiny this pendant is! It has a fair bit of detail, what with the different flowers, but it is small, even compared with other Pandora dangles. I’d say too small to wear on its own as a necklace pendant.

pandora spring 2016 poetic blooms review


One obvious styling is to put lots of flowers together – here we have primroses, daisies and cherry blossoms! I don’t have any dahlias or forget-me-nots. The Rose Darling Daisy Meadow is one of my favourites and makes a nice centrepiece.

pandora spring 2016 poetic blooms review

For my spring bracelet design this year, I originally wanted to put the gorgeous Olive Facets with two of the delayed Flower Garden muranos. Seeing as Pandora has now delayed the Flower Garden to Summer 2016, that kind of put paid to that idea. ;) In the meantime, I want to use my Olive Facets – so I tried it with some soft enamel florals for something a bit different. What do you think?

pandora spring 2016 poetic blooms review

If you read my review of the new Pink Primrose silicone clips, you’ll have caught this Poetic Blooms styling with the Blush Facets. The warmer pinks bring out the paler pendant a little bit, and I love the contrast of the pinks with the brown leather bracelet.

pandora pink primrose silicone clips

I will be wearing my Poetic Blooms pendant on my pink oxi floral bracelet, which does have the Cherry Blossom clips to match it. This is one of my favourite bracelets, as I have a real soft spot for pastels & florals paired with the oxidised bracelet. Plus, it has my beloved Eeyore in pride of place, too! ^^

pandora spring 2016 poetic blooms review

The fact that this pendant is so petite fits in well for me in this case, as I didn’t originally want a dangle in the middle that would distract from the beautiful Butterfly Kisses murano – this softly complements the other pieces.


So, all in all – this is a very sweet design, paying tribute very nicely to some of Pandora’s most popular floral charms. However, it’s worth bearing in mind that it is rather small (especially for the $50 USD/£35), and that the colour is quite delicate and not very vibrant. This doesn’t matter too much as the flowers all complement each other, and you can bring out the pink a little more if you want to by putting it with other pinks, but just FYI!

The Pandora Poetic Blooms pendant is $50 USD or £35. If you’re in the UK, you can buy it alongside the rest of the Pandora Spring collection from authorised retailer John Greed. 

What do you think of the Poetic Blooms designs? Did you purchase any?

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  1. Hello are u in the UK? Want to order from John Greed doesn’t ship to US! Can u help me with a solution? Plz plz plz.

  2. I have to wait till my birthday at the start of May for this, as my Mum has bought it for me, so can’t wait to add it to my bracelet.
    I decided to go for the pendant over the heart charm as well, the pendant just won me over. It is very petite and delicate, which I love. It looks lovely with your other pink, white and oxidised pieces.
    The earrings they’ve brought out to match are cute. It’s a shame they didn’t do a ring, as I would have loved that.
    Thank you for a lovely review. Looking forward to more reviews. Hopefully you’ll have your promo items soon.

    • Oh well that’s not too far away! And it’ll be all the more exciting for the wait. It’s one of the reasons I quite like ordering pandora from overseas sometimes, the wait for the post can be fun ^^ the charm version is nice but it’s another heart and I didn’t really have the room! The pendant slotted in really nicely.
      I do like it, it’s just very hard to photograph as it’s so pale! This review was not easy to do haha. Glad you enjoyed it though and I’ll be doing more soon!

  3. Hi Ellie this charm is so pretty I love how it’s dedicated to three previous flowers I think that’s really lovely. It is very petit though I love your styling to thank you for the review.

    • Hi Nicola! It is pretty, even if it is little. And perfect to finish off that pink oxi bracelet of mine!

      • I love that bracelet it’s on of my Favorites of yours I love the pink with the oxidised bracelet it looks very vintage.

        • Yay, thank you! <3 Vintage is one of my favourite looks so I'm glad that's how it seems to you.

  4. I just got this one as a belated Mother’s Day present and I love it! I bought the Dazzling Daisy Fairy as soon as the Spring collection came out as it was my favourite piece and this little pendant complements it beautifully with just the same touches of pale pink enamel and delicate sparkle. I love the way it pulls together all the different floral designs, and I’m going to use it for my Spring themed heart and flowers bracelet – I have loads of hearts to choose from! Thanks for a great review and some beautiful styling ideas Ellie!

    • Lovely, I am envious of your Dazzling Daisy Fairy! I keep meaning to get one but last month’s bracelet promo has curtailed my spending a bit and I’m trying to keep some back for the next launch on Thursday! :D
      You are right, this is definitely a great coordinating piece – it really does pull together all the different flowers into something very pretty and cohesive. :) I have only put it with my Cherry Blossoms, but it does go well with all the other flowers. A hearts and flowers bracelet sounds great, and you do have pretty much Pandora’s entire catalogue to choose from for that one aha. Thanks for commenting, Debbie! <3

  5. Hi there ;))
    I love this pendant worn on the first bravelet with all the enamel flowers, I hope u will keep it there it looks perfect, like an amazing enamel meadow :))
    Is the olive facets new? It is so beautiful, can’t wait to see your spring design come to life.
    I must admit I do prefer the pink enamel disc charm to this one though. ;)

    • Hello you! Aha, I did like the sea of flowers styling – I might wear it like that sometimes ^^ (For the most part I keep my bracelet strictly as I design them, but sometimes after doing a review styling I particularly love I might wear it for a couple of days!) Overall it will be staying on my pink oxi bracelet, which is one of my favourites!
      It’s newish, I guess? It’s been sitting on my Stackers charm bar and not a bracelet for a couple of months, waiting for the Flower Garden muranos to join it. And so it may have to sit it out a bit longer ;) I think I used it once in a review before. Aha I do like the Spring Garden disc charm too – but don’t tempt me Alex!

  6. Awww…. this pendant is gorgeous. I love how delicate it is and that it compliments a design rather than overwhelm it by being too big. I did purchase quite a lot of dangles and wear them as a centerpiece due to this purpose. I love how you style it with lots of flowers. I never thought varying pieces of enameled pieces can look so pretty altogether. Love your stylings, Ellie. I cannot pick a favourite this round. Being a floral lover, each of your design speaks out to me in a unique way.

    • Thanks, Ariane! I am also a lover of florals, so I always quite enjoy reviewing a flower charm, no matter how many I get through. ^^ I would have liked this pendant to be just a fraction larger, as I don’t really think you can wear it as a necklace pendant as it is, but you’re right, it does blend into designs very neatly as it is. It was perfect for the centre of my bracelet! Thanks for commenting <3

  7. Hi Ellie, I generally like to use only one or 2 dangle charms and put them at the ends of the bracelet. I have the cherry blossom pendant dangle and the dazzling daisy cz dangle. These are versatile enough for me. This poetic blooms dangle looks rather busy and small for the price. It is rather cute though!

    • Hi Bebe, the Cherry Blossom pendant is a favourite of mine as well. It’s very simple but effective, and it’s larger than this one too! The Poetic Blooms pendant doesn’t strike me as busy in person, but it certainly could do with being a little bigger so as to appreciate all the detail. I like to get at least one dangle for each section of my bracelets as a rule – symmetry is my golden rule, no matter how many I have!

      • Hi Ellie,

        I bought this charm for its colors. Even though it is small in size, it seems bigger because the 3 flowers stand out. It looks important despite its size, I think…

        • Hi Lisa! I think it does hold its own if you put it with the right things on a bracelet- I think it’s lovely on my pink oxi bracelet for example. It is smaller than I would personally go for as a necklace pendant though!

  8. It’s a lovely piece. I wanted to get it initially and brought my pink bracelet along to try it on. However ended up with the dahlia dangle because it seems more suited for my bracelet. This petite dangle seems to get a bit lost among my other pieces in the bracelet. Nevertheless it’s a pretty piece. I’m thinking of getting the heart version to go with the to be release garden flower murano, my red lantern that I can’t resist and bought before the GWP, piggy bank and cherry blossom murano for a pink and red theme on a bangle. Initially wanted a oriental theme but change my mind and decided that pink and red looks really good together. Thanks for the post, looking forward to your Disney pieces review. By the way, I think Pooh red and yellow colour scheme will look good with the white rabbit.

    • Yes, I can imagine this pendant getting lost in a design quite easily. It’s just so little and delicate! The heart would probably stand out more. I really like the idea of putting the heart with the red enamel charms – I do love red and pink together, especially with the oriental theme (although I know you are moving away from that). With the idea of cherry blossoms and Japan and Asia, it works quite well thematically as well.
      Thanks, hopefully my Disney pieces will be here soon! Pooh would definitely go well with the WR in terms of colour – I only have Eeyore though! I will have to try and make the Rabbit work in some other way ^^

      • Hi Ellie and Starlight, I got the new pooh charm via a friend stay at US (yet to receive) I would think it will match nicely with disney red and yellow murano. May be it suits the rabbit too???
        Ellie, same thing happen to me and I started to collect dangle charm lately

        • Hi Shirleen! I’m yet to receive my Disney things as well, but it should turn up any day in the post :D I’d have thought it would go great with the Rabbit!

          Yeah I love the dangles now! I’m a complete convert :D

  9. Ellie,

    I really like this pendant. I think it will fit in with so many designs. Wedding season is around the corner, and what a pretty design for any outfit. I have to say, didn’t find the poetic blooms heart as engaging in person. Perhaps I am a little tired of hearts. Like you I like to put small dangles off to the side on my bracelet & my necklace, my Eiffel Tower is the only exception thus far.

    Using the poetic blooms as a centre piece on the leather bracelet is lovely. Okay, I have to say that little hedgehog so sooooooo cute. A while back I picked one up at a shop that holds on to retired charms & really haven’t used it as much as I could. I’ve noticed used it several time now. I am pulling that fabulous little critter out and using it. I love these charms, wish Pandora would ease up on the pave & do more charms like the hedgehog.

    Again your designs are inspiring. This pendant looke like a solid investment. Best Pandora spring collection in years!!!

    Lisa K.

    Picked up the new perfume bottle charm on Friday, it did not dissapoint. I think it could become a really good Paris souvenir. I could see it on a travel bracelet.. The price point was amazing, $55 Cdn.

    • Hi Lisa! I am also a little tired of hearts, so I was more excited by the pendant than the proper charm. Plus, it slots so well into my pink floral bracelet, which I needed an extra little dangle for. The Eiffel Tower is a great dangle, it was actually my first one! I didn’t liked the dangles when I first started, as I thought they would make my bracelet look messy – I now add three or four to most designs, making sure they’re symmetrical and evenly spaced. I don’t think they look too cluttered :)
      The hedgehog is adorable! And you’re right, the plain silver animals are so lovely. It’s why I’m quite excited to see the Kangaroo and the Elephant for Summer, not a CZ in sight. It seems like a slight return to the classics!
      Aha, it is a nice collection – but my very favourite is Spring 2013. Cherry blossoms, fairy-tales, some cute animals and plenty of two-tone! A very winning combination. <3 I was collecting charms from that collection for practically the whole year afterwards.
      Glad to hear you like the Perfume Bottle :D I’m sure it’ll do well as a travel souvenir, it’s very chic and great for Paris.
      Thanks for commenting Lisa! <3

  10. I still really wish I had a way of getting the pink sensitivity charm but it’s not sold in North America which doesn’t make sense cause we only have the 14k gold one but we don’t have the pink or the green creativity charm either we only have the one in gold too

  11. Hi there Ellie! The Poetic Blooms pendant looks lovely on your oxidized bracelet. The soft pinks and whites look very vintage and are absolutely stunning. I adored the original Cherry Blossom collection. I have two of the clips and two of the muranos on a mini bracelet with the Pink Celebration Bouquet. I would still like to get the original Cherry Blossom pendant as well. Even though I am not a huge fan of cz, I definitely like to incorporate some bling into my bracelets. I purchased the adorable Dazzling Daisy pendant last Spring. However, I really wish that Pandora had not added the cz to the Cherry Blossom. I realize that it is only a minor change and very much in line with the new Pandora, but I prefer the original.

    • Hi Carol! Thank you, I’m glad you like it! I also loved the Cherry Blossoms when they first came out. That entire collection was amazing! The murano is my favourite, followed very closely by the clips and the pendant.
      I don’t particularly like the new CZ’d cherry blossoms either. The popularity of the original design shows that it really doesn’t need it! I don’t mind it so much in the Poetic Blooms pendant, but the new CB clip is not as nice as the original IMO.

  12. hey how do i send you a high resolution picture of 2016 club charm? i have it in my computer but i dont see how to attach it in here

  13. Hi Ellie
    I also got the Poetic Blooms Pendant. I went a little crazy and got two of the Poetic Blooms Hearts. Placed my pendant between the hearts and added the Primrose silicone lined clips. Would like to have the white Primrose Meadow from last year to go with this bracelet design.
    Actually, I never bought into all the spring flowers last year, so there are still some I would like to have including Wild Flowers murano. Your designs are lovely. I especially like all the flowers. Every time I see the Pandora Rose Primrose Meadow charm, it makes me want to start a Pandora Rose bracelet. It’s lovely. No end in sight! lol

    • Glittering Heart soft pink look nice with my rose gold bracelet. I have 2.rose gold bracelets wear without any charm on as a set with matching rose gold Light as a Feather as a pairing of earrings. This is my small rose gold collection for trail.

    • Hi Emily! Ah, you should definitely indulge in a few of the past floral designs too – they go so nicely with the Poetic Blooms pieces. The Wild Flowers murano is particularly gorgeous, although I think it goes best with the white enamel – I find that it clashes a bit with the pinks. You might think otherwise though! :) The Pandora Rose Primrose Meadow is beautiful, but the Rose Darling Daisy Meadow from last year is even more gorgeous IMO. As you have probably noticed, I still use that one as my banner photo when you log on to the blog’s homepage!

      • Hi Ellie
        One reason I wanted white Primrose Meadow is the fact that it would go well with the pinks and also looks super with Wild Flowers murano. I have lots of charms on my list to go with Wild Flowers murano. That particular bracelet would be titled “April Showers Bring May Flowers”. Lots of ladies see purple in this murano, but it always looks brown in the ones I’ve looked at closely. Still love it tho! Maybe one day I’ll start working on building this bracelet.

        • Hi Emily! The White Primrose Meadow would definitely go with the pinks or the Wild Flowers murano. :) And I LOVE your bracelet title, how cute! My bracelets have such boring titles in my head – it’s just pink-and-white or ‘travel’ or Christmas, haha.
          Mine has a little bit of purple in it. I think it probably depends on what batch your store got! It’s gorgeous, and I like the fact that it varies so much.

  14. Looks lovely Ellie, your stylings are divine as usual! I especially love the one including the hedgehog, I just love that little guy!

    • Thanks so much, Natalie! <3 The Hedgehog is sooo cute - one of my favourite classic Pandora animals. Although I wouldn't be averse to seeing them do another hedgehog, I'm sure they could come up with another cute design!

      • Do you have the Miss Hedgehog? I can’t remember. I love her too, I seem to wear her a lot on my Pandora Rose for some reason, I guess because it seems girly! I wear the Hedgehog with my other woodland animals and nature type charms, or for autumn.

        • I don’t! She’s been on my wish list for a long time, but I haven’t got around to getting her. I’d like to put her on the new spring design I’m planning. She’s very Beatrix Potter!

        • Aww, you should totally get her sometime! Maybe if you do another bracelet promo and need a cheaper charm to fill out the spend ;-) I wish Pandora would go back to charms like these!

  15. Hi Ellie,

    I only recently discovered your blog and I’m loving it! It’s not too good for my wallet, though ?

    Sorry if I missed it somewhere but what is the floral heart shaped locket charm (it’s on the picture with the Olive Facets charm – to the left of it)? I’m wondering if I can still buy it.

    Thank you ?

    • Hi Stella! Glad you found the charm, it’s one of my favourites :) just in case anyone else is wondering – it’s the Floral Heart Padlock charm.

      Hope you continue to enjoy the blog! <3

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