Today is another big day in the Pandora world, as the Mother’s Day 2016 collection is launched today! It has been less than a month since the Spring 2016 collection launch, and I still have a couple of things I want to get from that release – but that doesn’t stop me from being excited for this one. :D

If you’re in North America, the Pandora Rose Spring 2016 collection is also released today, which is a nice bonus!

pandora mother's day 2016
Image by Mani Jewellers

The UK got some of this release early back in February, due to our Mother’s Day falling earlier in the year. The rest of the jewellery coming out tomorrow is being marketed as the Pandora Spring 2016 Drop II as a consequence.

As usual, I’m celebrating with lots of live shots of all the new pieces and a couple of small updates! <3

Pandora Mother’s Day 2016 Release

This year’s Mother’s Day collection offers a sweet mixture of flowers, maternal pieces, hearts and other fun charms, such as a cupcake or a perfume bottle. For a full overview of the new charms and the new jewellery, follow the links!

For this year’s Mother’s Day campaign, Pandora North America seem to have opted for a slightly counter-intuitive red that manages to clash with most if not all of the new pieces, haha, but for the most part I do like the way they shoot their campaign images.

pandora mother's day 2016 art of you

Live shots uploaded by various stores show off the new pieces in more natural settings:

I particularly love the Glittering Heart enamel heart. And how beautiful do the new MOP florals look – the opalescent quality to the finish is so pretty! I haven’t found many good photos of the new safety chains though, which are what I am most interested in.

Pandora Mother’s Day Gift Sets for North America

I previously detailed the gift sets in my April news round-up, but here they are again for reference! The individual pieces will available for purchase on their own from the 9th of May.

The Flowers from the Heart gift set includes the heart-clasp bracelet, 2 x White Primrose clips and the Spring Time openwork charm for $195 USD or $225 CAD.

pandora mother's day 2016 flowers from the heart

The Wishful Heart LE bangle for Mother’s Day 2016 is only available as part of a bundle in North America this year, which I anticipate will garner a mixed reaction from collectors. I know that I always prefer to be able to buy my jewellery individually and to pick for myself what goes with what. In any case, this gift set is $125 USD or $145 CAD.

pandora mother's day 2016 bangle gift set

Finally, the LE Bound by Love charm will be $90 USD or $100 CAD.

pandora mother's day 2016 bound by love na

As usual, they come with cute gift boxes. Pandora NA nearly always get it right in terms of presentation. I already got my Bound by Love here in the UK, but we didn’t get offered a nice presentation box with it here!

Pandora Rose Spring 2016 Release

North America has also received the Pandora Rose Spring 2016 collection today (we in the UK will have to wait until Summer 2016, from what I understand). This is a relatively modest collection, with a handful of sparkling floral designs for the most part. For a full overview of what’s out today, check out my preview here.

pandora rose spring 2016

While I am a big fan of the Pandora Rose line, and spent last year happily finishing up my Pandora Rose bracelet, I find these new pieces too similar to what’s already on offer and so I won’t be indulging in any of them this time around. The flowers are very pretty though!

My Comment

As I’ve said a few times now, this year’s Mother’s Day 2016 took me surprise a little. I like it overall much better than those of years, mainly because of its wider appeal – alongside all the usual mums-y jewellery, there are perfume bottles, cupcakes, two safety chains (two!), flowers and a beautiful use of pearl and mother-of-pearl. My must-haves are the two safety chains (I have already indulged in the two-tone one!) and the gorgeous Glittering Heart enamel charm.

If you’re in the UK, the Pandora Spring collection, with all these new pieces, is available from authorised retailer John Greed.

Will you be purchasing anything from this collection? Are you excited for this release?

103 Comments on Pandora Mother’s Day 2016 and Rose Spring 2016 Collections Debut

    • Hi Ellie
      I sent u some pics of some charms I added to one of my bracelets.
      Hope u like them.
      Also i saw the pink shimmering hearts for the Mothers Day Collection and most likely will get two of them.
      Probably going to get the punk murano glass with r I session to.
      Looking forward to hearing from you

      • Hi Laura! Thanks for all the pics – I will reply to your emails as soon as I get the chance :) Saw the enamel hearts for Mother’s Day too and they are lovely! I will definitely be coming back for them soon, once I’ve recovered from my promo spending a little. ;)

  1. Beautiful collection!!! Even though I’m not a mother yet but I love this collection much more than Spring collection. Will get the glittering heart set which come with smooth bracelet, 2 silicon clip and 1 glittering heart charm. I saw it in Pandora Australia website today.

    • There are so many I like in Mother’s Day collection. Only one or two items I like in Spring collection.

    • I like both collections! Ultimately I’ll end up getting more from Spring, but this one is lovely compared with those of previous years. Ah, I didn’t realise it was a set for Australia. That’s a nice combination!

  2. Ellie,

    First, thanks for the post & release reminder. You are right about the bangle, I would love to have it but not part of a bundle. I like the family forever sentiment & I don’t think one has to be a mother to appreciate family. It is nice to see the special mom charms, they are certainly deserving. So if I’m reading you correctly, the bangle will not be available after Mother’s Day for individual sale, shame about that.

    I will pass on the Pandora rose, I have enough at the moment & unless Pandora comes out with something really unique I think I will put my $$$ on other parts of the collection.

    I purchased the new pink enamel heart & perfume bottle last week. The enamel heart or at least the one I chose is a subtle pink. There was some variation but not much. The perfume bottle is my favorite item in the spring collection..

    Having found a new love for enamel I might go for one of the primrose clips you featured above.

    Have a great Day.

    Lisa K.

    • Hi Lisa!

      Absolutely, I really don’t like bundling popular items as a marketing tactic – I usually source whatever item it is that I’m wanting from overseas to work around it. It does seem limiting to add the motherhood-themed charm to the bangle, too, as ‘Family Forever’ does not necessarily mean motherhood! That is actually a good point about the bangle being available afterwards individually. I don’t know about that. I guess it would depend on how well it sells – some outlets might still have some or stores might be willing to split bundles if they still have some left after Mother’s Day. So that’s worth considering.

      I’m excited for the enamel heart – I can’t quite tell what shade it is from photos. I’ll probably be seeing it all on Sunday. :D

      Have a great day, too, and thanks for commenting!

      • Hi Ellie,

        Not sure if you got to see the pink enamel hear today. If so did you like it? The one I bought is very subtle almost a mother of pearl hue. One of my co-workers is wearing one on her necklace. I liked it a lot more than expected. I tend to go for the darker jewel colours, such as the relish enamel heart released for Valentines. I think this light pink will blend nice on many of my summer bracelet designs. I would like to get the luminous heart charm with the gold heart but my mother of pearl silver and white love me charm has not worn well. On some of the hearts the mother of pearl shell has chipped off. So I am hesitant to go down that road again.

        Hope you had a lovely weekend and were able to make the trip into your Pandora Store for a look around. I have yet to go into one and just window shop.

        Lisa K.

        • Hi Lisa! I did get to see it, and I loved it! It was a much truer pink than I was expecting, and very pretty. I really don’t know where I would put it, but I will have to come back for it. <3 I would like a lighter one, like you describe - the reason I liked it so much in the first place is because of how much it looked like pearl in the picture.
          Oh no! That is not good at all about your MOP charm. I have that one too and it was one of my earliest charms (my fourth, I think, a spontaneous present from my OH). So it's one of my most worn charms, and the hearts all look perfect on it. The only thing is the smooth silver around the hearts, it's looking pretty scratched these days. I'm very fond of that charm! ^^

          I did have a lovely weekend thanks and hope you did too. It is nice just to browse sometimes and not come away feeling guilty ;)


        • I put my Glittering Heart directly next to my White Abundance of Love charm. I think they look great together! It’s also across from from the In My Heart/Heart Beat Charm, and I really like the symmetry of the two charms, as they are the same size and shape but both enamel. Originally, my heart bracelet was going to focus on pale pinks, but it now includes pale pink (Glittering Heart, Pink Hearts Murano, Sweetheart Charm, the new Cupcake, and Asian-exclusive puzzle piece heart dangle), a deeper pink (In My Heart and Wild Hearts Murano), red (Sweethearts Murano, Piece of My Heart Daughter dangle, and a little bit of red in the Minnie & Mickey Kiss Charm), a bit of white (Abundance of Love and Wild Hearts), and silver. It’s a surprisingly pleasing combo!

        • Also, the Glittering Heart and Cupcake look great next to each other! The SA showed me these two with the Pink Inspiration Within Spacer in-between the two and was trying to persuade me to purchase the spacer. It was a lovely combination, but I didn’t budge on the spacer. ;)

  3. Thank you once again for the awesome photos. I will only have time to see them at the shop next week. Can’t wait.

  4. Yay, another release day! Thanks again for the reminder and for all the lovely live pics. I plan on going to my store today to check everything out. I love all of the pearl and mother of pearl pieces. I have always been a pearl lover and I appreciate when Pandora uses natural gemstones. I only plan on getting the mother of pearl flower pendant. I bought too much from the Spring collection so my wish list is short for this one lol. I also want to get the Pandora rose pink heart pendant. I was hoping you had a live shot of it but I will be seeing it in the store in a few hours! Happy shopping!

    • You’re very welcome! Hope you had fun seeing all the new collection, and the Rose heart pendant. I’ll be doing the same on Sunday, although I already went ahead and got the two-tone safety chain. ;)
      I love the use of natural materials as well, and I hope that continues! I don’t really have much hope of seeing real gems again but pearls are still lovely to see. I’d love them to make a charm for the Moments line like the Essence Dignity pearl!

    • I saw the Pandora Rose “Sparkling Love” pink heart pendant today and it’s really pretty. I don’t have a Pandora Rose bracelet yet, but if/when I get one, I’ll probably get that pendant.

    • It is weird that Australia haven’t received the Rose line, seeing as they were one of the original test markets – I hope you get it soon!

  5. I was so excited about the Mother’s Day release…. then I over-indulged during the bracelet promotion… :( The pieces are lovely, though. I may finally get on rose gold charm for a focal point on a bracelet I am starting. Thanks for all the work you do to get us updated!

    • Aw, I did too – so I have just (!) got the two-tone safety chain for now. I’ll be back for the other two soon though! A Pandora Rose charm would make a great focal point – and that way you don’t have to commit to a full Rose bracelet, either. Thanks for commenting! <3

  6. I have gotten the Signature Scent, and will get the White Primrose clips when they are available for individual purchase. Otherwise, I am waiting (rather impatiently) for the Summer release.

  7. I got 2 Mother of Pearl Floral & dangle, Glittering Heart, beautiful. I am very disappointed for LE bangle with Beloved Mother dangle set, the dangle is thin & the box is simple. I don’t mind to get LE bangle only but not with the dangle for Can $145.

    • Michele, I spent 185 US during bracelet promo, if I wanted to do an exchange for the filled with love gift set that is 185 do I still get the free bracelet? I understand i may have to pay tax or any difference.

      • My shop let me do the exchange & keep free two tone bracelet. If you exchange to equal value no need to pay tax and difference. If you buy more than you have to pay tax and difference. Some shop let you exchange to the gift set and keep your free bracelet but some not let you double dip the promotion. I just returned my 1st promotion Forest Fairy & 2 Primose clips Can $130 ( free Disney bracelet $20 extra ) to LE bangle $145, I pay $15+13% tax. One concept store don’t allow double dip promotion then I went to the other one. At first I don’t want 2016 bangle set if I have to pay but now I just pay $145 get the LE bangle set and Disney bracelet free, such a good deal then I don’t mind.

        • I like Mother’s Day collection more than Spring collection but I want Free two tone & Disney bracelet. I just buy more to exchange after promotion to get I really want.

    • I was sort of disappointed with the way the rose murano looked in some of the posted images, I have yet to see in person.

      • I found the rose murano to be an odd pepto bismal pink. It’s a very disappointing bead in comparison to other recent Pandora muranos.

        • Lisa– your pepto bismol comment made me laugh ( and although you bring up a very valid point) wouldn’t you agree that pepto bismol pink is a kinda pretty shade of pink? lol :) :)

        • Ashley: The design of the roses is indistinct and very lacking in any detail. I think that’s what you are seeing.
          Alex: I guess I found this shade of pink unpleasant:) lol

        • Lol that’s a great description of it. It was too deep a pink for my liking as well – although some individual beads are lighter than others!

    • Lovely! I don’t particularly like that gift set either. I think special items like the bangle should really be sold on their own. :/

        • Hi Michele, I am going to Pandora to do an exchange today. I was wondering what has been your experience if the exchange is for less than what you originally spend? Will they do a refund or would you have to accept store credit?

        • Hi Ashley. I’m not Michele, but I believe if you have a receipt and you are returning to the same store you purchased from, you can get either a refund or store credit. If it’s a different store and they will do the exchange, you would likely get store credit.

  8. Hi Ellie! I just checked out NA Pandora e-store, and I noticed there was no luminous hearts necklace. Will this one not be coming out in North America, do you know? I was planning on getting the earrings, the charm, and the necklace :( The earrings and the charm are on the website though…

    • There is also a Luminous Hearts ring, and it doesn’t appear to be out in North American either. Neither the necklace nor the ring are listed in the U.S. catalogue. Ellie speculated these might be part of a gift set, but that doesn’t appear to be the case. It’s so strange that PANDORA makes only certain jewelry pieces from a collection available in a specific region. I recall this happening with one of the star collections as well.

      • Yeah, it’s weird. The gift set idea was the only plausible explanation I had for them not being released in NA. :S The star collection pieces were at least Asian-exclusives, whereas these pieces just seem to have not been released in North America, for whatever reason!

    • Hi Donna! As Joanne says, we had noticed that those Luminous Hearts necklace and ring were missing from the NA catalogue before – it’s weird. I can’t see why they wouldn’t be released, as they are fairly generic and pretty and would probably sell. :S I don’t know why North America has missed out on them in this case. They’re out here in the UK and everywhere else, it seems…

  9. went last Saturday and picked up a few things they had out early .enamel heart pretty pink color the infinity openworks and the perfume bottle which is one of my favorites will be going back again this weekend to see more

  10. I have bought the glittering heart enamel today! It is absolutely gorgeous, I could not resist. I actually went into the shop to buy the dahlia charm and ended up with both! I was also given as a promotion here in Spain a beautiful gold coloured jewellery case, totally in love <3

    • Yay! I am very envious :D I have the two-tone safety chain from this collection so far, but I’m sure I’ll end up with the heart soon. Yours will look great with the Dahlia, they’re both quite a soft pink. The jewellery box for Spain is lovely too – although I did like the travel box that we got offered in the UK, too, so I can’t complain! ^^

  11. Hi Ellie I excited to see the new pieces especially the perfume bottle and cupcake. I really like the new open work charm to and matching ring.

    • Hi Nicola! You’ll have to let me know what you think after you’ve seen them. I’ll be going this weekend, I think! :D The Cupcake is one I’m particularly looking forward to seeing in person.

  12. Hi there, this really is an overall beautiful and versatile collection. I agree with it you that it is very diverse for a Mother’s Day release and appeals to everyone not just us moms ;) I would like to mention all the charms that I love ( which is many) the best mom heart, the pink cz mom heart, the cupcake, the live knot dangle , the beloved mother and the glistening heart. One charm which at the moment is my fave that I did not pay much attention to earlier on is the lock heart dangle ( I am loving it at the minute and may use it at a centerpiece for one of my leathers) obviously I won’t get all the charms I like but it’s nice to have option for down the road if there is nothing I want in the future releases. Sorry for asking this while you just posted a release update today however with summer right around the corner, I was wondering do you have any ideas of what theme or what kind of charms will be released in the pre autumn release ( the one that is usually released in July)
    Thanks !!! <3

    • Hey Alex! Aha, that is quite a list :D At least you can be sensible and resist the urge to get every single one that catches your eye. I am doing the same (well, sort of) and limiting myself to my two safety chains and the enamel heart.
      I have heard very little about Pre-Autumn so far tbh! I heard some time ago that there would be a firefly-esque charm like the Dazzling Daisy Fairy but have not heard anything further to substantiate that. If I hear more I’ll let you know. <3

  13. Does anybody know if Pandora allows you to exchange promotional gifts for different items? In my case, I paid $500 to receive a gift from a tower event, and I would love to exchange the bangle (I don’t need another one!) and the earrings (don’t care for them too much) for the glittering heart, cupcake, and another charm. I have my receipt, which indicates they are promotional items. TIA.

    • As I know the free gift can’t exchange to something else, you can exchange the item you bought. SA told me the free gift is from Pandora.

      • Thanks Michele, that’s what I was thinking. Then, I may try to say I received the items as gifts and that I don’t have a receipt and try to exchange them that way. I’ve been able to do this before, but some SAs are stricter than others. Also, I have been told that some stores do not allow you to exchange earrings because of hygiene reasons, but we will see.

        • I ended up just saying I got the items as gifts but didn’t have a receipt for them and crossed my fingers that they would let me exchange them. The manager at my store is very nice and she allowed it! So, I exchanged the bangle and earrings for the new Glittering Heart and Cupcake for myself and the Poetic Blooms heart for my mom. The prices of the exchanged items ended up matching up exactly!

          The Mother’s Day collection is so beautiful! I ended up loving pieces that didn’t strike me from the stock images, such as the Luminous Floral charms.

    • Glad to hear that you got your items exchanged! I think officially the answer is no, but there is always the loophole that you discovered – saying that something is a gift.

      • Yes. I appreciated the gift and I wouldn’t normally exchange promo items, but I really didn’t need all three bangles that came with it, and the earrings weren’t my style at all. I still kept two bangles, the clip, and the ring from my gift. Plus, I desperately “needed” theses pieces from the Mother’s Day collection, but I have gone way over my Pandora budget lately, so this allowed me to get them without having to feel guilty about spending more money!

        • that’s fair enough! Especially since I think most of us here are very good customers with Pandora, and they definitely get a good deal out of us ^^

  14. :-) So many pretty things. I love the baby pink heart. And my mom will too :-)

    Sorry, still haven’t emailed you – will get in touch over the weekend, dear Ellie xo :-)

    • Aw, lucky mom! It is a beautiful charm. :D Hopefully I will get mine soon.

      No worries, Claudia! Look forward to hearing from you whenever :) x

  15. I’ve caved into the enamel heart too! I was initially worried about the pearls scratching, but I ended up with that too…. just because :P The colours are so soft and blend well together ^^. I just saw a live shot of the MOP two tone openwork (hearts) and it’s gorgeous! I’d love to see it paired with the Abundance of Love from Winter, it’d make beautiful symmetry on a bracelet (I think!)

    I’ve been excited about this release too for some odd reason! I usually stop after Spring… (no such luck this year….:P haha.) I hope you have a lovely weekend Ellie, and will look forward to your remaining reviews. Will come back to write later! Miss ya lots haha :P <3 xxx

    • Aha, I’m glad to hear that you went ahead and got them! I don’t worry too much about things scratching etc these days – I just wear and enjoy. I love pearls too much not to wear them! The MOP pieces are sooo pretty from the photos I’ve seen. I can’t wait to see them in person for myself!

      Haha, same – Spring usually kills me and then I only get one or two things from the subsequent collections. This year is going to be tough lol. Have a lovely weekend too Suzy! Always lovely chatting with you <3 I have some more reviews planned (all my US bracelet promo charms arrived yesterday!! I was in Pandora heaven), it's just a matter of finding the time to do the photography mainly xxx

  16. I haven’t seen this collection yet in store, but there’s nothing standing out to me at the moment, which is probably a good thing as I’ve spent quite a lot on the spring collection.

    • Yes you got a lot of lovely things from that collection! I still have a few things to get from Spring (the Fairy and the Essence safety chain for starters) so I’m glad that I don’t want too much from this release either.

  17. I managed to see most things today in the UK and it is a lovely collection. I bought my much wanted luminous elegance pearl dangle and really love it, so so pleased with it :) The glittering enamel heart and mother of pearl flower pieces are all very pretty but not for me to buy and I also liked the infinity charm and matching ring. I also wanted to see the luminous leaves charm but was a bit disappointed with that. The pearls are tiny (not unexpected) but they kind of stick out of the charm which I didn’t like and the ones I saw appeared almost grey in colour, making the overall look a bit dull. On the other hand I’ve just added the luminous hearts charm to my wish list, after thinking it was similar to a couple already issued, when I actually saw it I thought it was truly beautiful and definitely a future purchase. Thanks so much for all the work you put into this blog Ellie, I love seeing all the advance previews, live pictures and your review stylings, not to mention just reading about everyone else’s thoughts and purchases x

    • Hi Jennifer, great choice! I love the pearls & MOP in this collection, even if I am not indulging in any myself this time around. I’m sorry to hear that you didn’t like the Luminous Leaves charm as it looks so pretty in the stock image – I’ll be looking out for that one on Sunday to see what I think. ^^
      Thanks very much for sharing your thoughts on the new collection, everyone commenting is helping to tide me over until I get to see it myself! I’m so pleased to hear that you enjoy the blog – it is so rewarding to get comments like yours, so thank you! Hope you continue to enjoy and thank you for reading. x

  18. Hi Ellie! The Mother’s Day collection is absolutely stunning. So many beautiful pearls and MOP! I stopped into my local shop in shop today to take a look. Great job Pandora! However, I was utterly blown away when I looked into the case and saw the LE Vintage Heart from 2014 in the porcelain box. I have been searching for it for quite some time. I was so thrilled to find it and I snapped it up right away! Yay! My Mother’s Day gift to myself! Lol! :D

    • Hi Carol! Oh wow, what a find! And in its original box, too. The Vintage Heart is such a beautiful charm, and by far my favourite of the Mother’s Day LE releases. Yay! :D
      I’m also glad to hear that you liked the pearls and MOP in person! I’m really looking forward to seeing them myself this weekend.

    • Carol, I would like to know your opinion about LE Wishful Heart set, do you like it? Will the bangle available individual after Mother’s Day. If the bangle is not real LE, I will retire it.

      • Hi Michele! The LE Wishful Heart bangle is lovely, but quite honestly, I was hoping for something a bit different this year. I’m also not a fan of the charm included in the bundle. I currently have the Pink Pave Heart, Star, and Dainty Bow bangles. I wish that Pandora had released something other than a heart this time. (I was hoping for something floral!) I think that I will wait for the LE winter bangle. Of course I would REALLY love to get the two-tone bangle. Maybe one of these days…..My wish list continues to grow! :D

    • Ooh the Picnic Basket was a real find! :) I got the Easter Bunny and the Treasure Chest recently as well. I particularly love the chest.

      • I thought I was done my Pandora shopping after Mother’s Day exchange, my next purchase will be June. I went to outlet mall for Coach, I bought 8 coin purses bring back to Hong Kong and Malaysia as gift to family ladies at the end of April. Pandora just next door, they have new retired item, so many. Song Bird, Ring Cluster, Teacup & Saucer, Doghouse,Vintage Allure, Elephant, Giraffe, Cow, Holy Family, Carolers…all 30% now. SA said I don’t need to buy newly retired items, it will reduced to 50%. I told her to keep Song Bird with 50% for me.

        • Nice!sounds like a plan. Are you from Hong Kong or Canada? I seem to think you are from Canada? I would love to travel as much as you do!

        • I love the Song Bird as well Michele! I snapped up the last one from my local jeweler…But, 50% off is a wonderful deal! Yay! Good for you! :D

        • Ah, that must have been very tempting! The Vintage Allure is a gorgeous one, and the Song Bird is one of my favourites. <3

      • I like to collect box, basket, purse, handbag type of charm. I put Chest & Picnic Basket ( even though is not two tone ) on my two tone bracrley next to Flower Basket & Bow Pursr still blend in well, love it.

  19. I am from Hong Kong & my husband from Malaysia. We have been living in Toronto 30 years. After high school, I went to Califinia for college education. We visit family once a year, I usually like to buy small gift for ladies.

  20. I got the Glittering Heart and Infinite Shine beads today. I’m quite happy with them, but it’s annoying how the heart bead flips! But most heart beads do. I considered the Luminous Hearts bead for my new two tone bracelet, but the bead doesn’t have much gold on it. It is a very pretty bead, though, and I may get it later (to put on another bracelet). I really didn’t care for the cupcake or the nostalgic roses murano.

    • Ah, the eternal bead flipping – I have kind of given up worrying about it at this point! ^^ I saw the Glittering Heart as well today and it is such a pretty colour. More of a true pink than I previously thought. I will definitely be coming back for that one :) I didn’t see the Cupcake, though, which was disappointing! Glad to hear you got the beads you wanted though! I have my two-tone safety chain, which is so gorgeous. :D

      • Yes, the heart-flipping comes with the territory, but it does annoy me on the charms that only have the design on one side, which I have many of.

  21. soo excited! my friends and I are going shopping next week and I totally want to see some of the Mother’s Day stuff. The earrings they are coming out with are adorable, and I really want to check them out. I really hope they are small though because I want to wear multiple earrings next to each other. I never really thought of trying it until I saw this girl in the store wearing like a lot of Pandora earrings at once. ;)

    • Awesome! :D I’m sure the multiple earrings would look gorgeous with each other, particularly the simple studs. I don’t really go in for Pandora earrings – I have quite long hair which I don’t wear up too much, so my ears are often hidden. The earrings are pretty, I just don’t think people would see them often enough to justify it!

      • I have the same problem with the hair, and the only time I wear it up is for figure skating. I just have a thing for earrings. :P I’m also getting the Bound by love for my mom for Mother’s day. It really is a pretty charm! <3

      • I am starting to get into the earrings as well. I, too, have very long hair, but I tend to wear it up a lot, so my collection of stud earrings is growing. I have a few pairs of Pandora earrings, and I suspect I will be getting more, especially with the upcoming promo. I don’t care too much for Pandora’s longer earring styles, but they have such cute studs! I saw beautiful pictures from the most recent Pandora Magazine with the model wearing multiple studs next to each other. I’d definitely like to replicate that style.

    • Hi Laura, thanks for the pictures! Great quality. you say in France – is that a typo? I didn’t think Rose was available in France?


  22. Hi Ellie,
    Have you seen the limited edition gift set in Australia? It has a nice gift box and the new unthreaded bracelet. I thought you would like to take a look at the box. :) It is up on the Australian Pandora site.

    • Hi Stephanie, I didn’t know it is limited set but I will get it soon .. Will share it on my IG(flying.piggy.28), feel free to check it out later???

    • Hi Stephanie! I had heard about it, but I hadn’t seen the box! It is super cute! I wish we’d had something similar in the UK. Are you getting one?

  23. Hi Ellie!
    I finally got the chance to see in person the new collection today! It was about time; I was so jealous everyone in Pandora world were already chatting about it! :-)
    Unfortunately I had to behave myself until next week I get paid, as I still try to recover from my recent trip, so I only admired the new beauties till we meet again on Wednesday! :-)
    Ok, the pink heart was my favourite and will be my first purchase, as I had expected and the two tone safety chain gets into my wishlist as well, but it turned that I liked more than I thought! Most of the pearl and MOP pieces were gorgeous! I particularly loved the luminous floral and I think it is perfect for an elegant, classy look! People often tend to believe pearls are for older ages (perhaps that’s why Pandora chose a pearl-collection for mothers!), but I believe every girl, whatever her age is, should have such a key-piece in her collection!
    Thank you for the wonderful photos Ellie! I look forward to your thoughts and reviews on the new pieces! ♡♡♡

    • Hi Chrysa! Aw, I’m sure all the new pieces will be all the better for waiting! I’ve been buying a few more clothes than I should have been so will have to wait for pay day to get any more Pandora too haha.
      I liked most of the same pieces as you – I was really struck by how gorgeous the MOP floral charms were. I hadn’t planned on getting any of them, but I was so won over in person. I might get the ring as a compromise, as I really don’t have anywhere to put the flowers right now! I think pearls are definitely not just for older people, at least they aren’t over here – there was a phase a few years ago when everyone was wearing chunky pearl bracelets here. I think they’re gorgeous and I would not hesitate to wear them on my Pandora <3
      Thanks for commenting Chrysa! It was great to read your thoughts on the new collection. <3

  24. Do you know if there are any more bracelet promotions before Christmas? We’ve got the Mother’s Day one here and I’m trying to decide if it’s worth buying charms now so I get the free bracelet or not :)

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