On to our next Pandora AW16 preview today, with a full look at the Pandora Rose Autumn/Winter 2016 collection! It’s a small set of new pieces, but there are some exciting things – including two new Pandora Rose bracelets!

pandora rose autumn 2015

Currently Pandora Rose is only sold in North America, the UK and Brazil, but the other exciting rumour floating about is that Pandora Rose is set to hit more territories next season, including Australia – when I hear more about that, I will be sure to let you know!

In the meantime, read on for a preview of the next Pandora Rose collection! :)

Pandora Rose Autumn/Winter 2016 Preview

There are just three new Pandora Rose charms making their debut – but, excitingly, we have two new Pandora Rose bracelets to go with them! A Pandora Rose bangle has long been requested by collectors, and a Pandora Rose heart clasp bracelet is also a very welcome surprise!
Pandora Rose Autumn 2016 Preview

To round off this set, we have two new pairs of earrings and two new rings. My favourite of these is the My Princess Tiara ring, which looks like it’ll work really prettily as a Pandora Rose piece.

Pandora Rose Autumn 2016 Preview

My Comment

The Shimmering Sentiments bow design should work really nicely as a Rose charm, but overall it’s the new bracelets that steal the show for me in this release! AW16 really is season of the bracelets, and there are so many great new designs coming out.

I really had no plans to start another Rose bracelet (the charms are quite pricey and I’d need to think of another colour scheme), but my oh my that Pandora Rose heart-clasp bracelet is tempting! It’s definitely on my list for consideration. ;)

Have you spotted anything that you think you might need? Are you a fan of the Pandora Rose line?

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  1. Hi Ellie,

    Can’t wait for the Rose Gold collection to hit Australia, should be either the 6th or 13th October ( can’t remember exactly which date the regional manager told me ) was too excited in the fact we where getting it :) concept stores will be the only ones getting the collection!!

    • Wow, seems like it is confirmed to be launched in Australia, this is really exciting news for me. I have never indulge in any rose collection yet, may be this is good chance.

      Thank Ellie and UrbanAngel for the update!

    • Hi! Thanks so much for the info :D :D that is such great news! I hear that it will be coming to other regions than Australia as well so look forward to hearing more.

  2. I can’t wait until Rose Gold comes to Australia! I was going to get some from the US but will wait to see what happens, I’m hoping it will be here for Xmas! The bangle looks great.

    • From UrbanAngel’s comment, it sounds like it should be there before December :D it would make a great Christmas present!
      I’m thinking I’ll get the heart clasp bracelet from this set, but the bangle looks so good as well!

  3. I haven’t started a Pandora Rose bracelet yet, but I plan to. I’m surprised to see the Infinite Shine bead (because it’s not a heart or flower bead), but pleased because it’s one of my favorite openwork beads. So when I start my Pandora Rose bracelet I’ll definitely get the Infinite Shine bead. Also, that’s great that Pandora is expanding its Pandora Rose market to include Australia.

    • Yes, I thought you’d be pleased to see that one. It’s so pretty and shiny as it is, I should think it’ll work really well as a Rose bead. I like that ‘if’ you start a Rose bracelet has become ‘when’ you start a Rose bracelet! ^^ I think you’ll really enjoy Rose if you start a bracelet with it.

  4. I’m also very excited about the release in Australia. I’m in love with the heart clasp bracelet. Will start a Rose gold with that. This addiction is making me so broke.

    • I love that one too! I already have a full Rose bracelet and had no plans to make another… but that is just too tempting! ^^

      • I’m thinking of just doing a half bracelet on the Rose, just 5 beads and 2clips, to save cost. Heard that they are pricer.

        • They are a fair bit pricier. I mix my Rose beads with silver beads – a full Rose bracelet would take too long for me to fill up! ;)

  5. I haven’t had any pandora rose pieces yet… How does it hold up with time – i.e. does the coating rub off etc?

    • I’ve had my rose gold bracelet for 6 months now and there’s no indication of rubbing off and I remember asking Ellie this question and she said she didn’t have any problems with her rose gold charm and bracelet except I think the rose gold smooth heart? I may be wrong

      • That’s exactly right, Marina! :) The Big smooth Heart in Rose was the only one that wore poorly, and even that wasn’t disastrous. It just became quite scratched and lost its lustre. It’s still perfectly Rose coloured though.

  6. Hi! I fall in love with the bracelets, but I don’t think to buy them soon because I haven’t finish my rose bracelet :(

    • Hi Priscilla! Well, that’s very sensible. ^^ Unfortunately I have finished my Rose bracelet and so there’s nothing really stopping me from indulging in temptation and getting another :P

    • but the rose clasp bangle would pair well with the rose bracelet, even with nothing on it. i usually just put one dangle charm on my bangles.

  7. One each of these charms and both bangle and bracelet will have to come home with me! Thanks, Ellie, for this update. ?

  8. I have 2 Pandora Rose bracelet free with upgrade wear it without any charm on and 2 Light of Feather as a pair of earrings. I just want to try Pandora Rose and see how it work, Pandora Rose colour is kind of orange not as nice as real rose gold. I just got 3 retired discounted 14K Rose Gold Symbol of Faith dangles, I love them so much more.

    • Lovely! I will have to compare its colour with the 14kt rose gold pendants (I got two in the latest Rue sale as well!) and see if there is a difference in colour between the Pandora Rose pieces and actual rose gold.
      You really have cleaned up on retired charms recently haven’t you Michele! You keep getting such great pieces :)

      • I drove my friend to outlet yesterday, ha! SA just opened a new shipment, ton of gold charms and 2 two tone Bouquet safety chains Can $120. WE both got one, this is my 2nd safety chain, I have two tone Heart & Crown on two tone bracelet. We are so happy to have Bouquet safety chain to match two tone Lazy Daisy clips as a set. You know the storied, buy 2 get 1 retired charm promotion is until 30th, I got 14K Rose gold Symbol of Luck and free Symbol of Love free, I have all 5 14K rose gold dangle now, very very beautiful together. My friend got 14K Rose gold dangle whole set, 2 two tone Lazy Daisy Clips, Bouquet safety chain, 2 Braided Heart clips and Heart of Hearts Can $700 tax in, 52% off regular price.

        • Amazing haul :D I got that the two-tone Bouquet very recently as well (I just posted a picture in my news round-up) and I love it. It’s quite chunky but so cute!

    • I find myself liking pavé charms better in Rose… I think it’s the nice contrast between the clear stones and the rose colour!

      • I spend too much in outlet so I won’t buy anything from regular concept store YET, :). Wait until Boxing Day sales if I need something.

        • If anyone want Pandora retired gold charm, buy 2 get 1 free is the best time. link Can $100, Tunnel of Love $300, Tunnel of Love $300, all retired gold piece 30% off. Royal Crown with diamond $470 has the best deal half price. SA said this is the best time to buy gold piece but both of of us just like two tone, otherwise we will get broke in outlet store. It was a lot of fun to see all the beautiful piece on sales.

  9. Hi Ellie,

    Nice to see Pandora expanding the rose collection. I like both the bangle and the heart clasp moments bracelets. Tbh, I was hoping for a thread less version. I received a rose bracelet during last promo without having to pay upgrade, so all the better to give it a try. Haven’t purchased any charms yet, but the Dazzling Daisy pieces are my favorites. I love the way the rose color pops against the shiny silver bracelet.

    Thanks for the preview, Ellie. Your dedication is very much appreciated!

    • Hi Emily! Well, you never know – if the threadless bracelet sells well, they might do some other versions of it. Maybe two-tone and Pandora Rose! :)

      Thanks Emily :D really glad that you’re enjoying the previews!

  10. Thanks for the pictures! I don’t know if I want anymore Pandora Rose, I like what I have but maybe I’m content? It’s nice they are doing a bangle, maybe I will get that eventually. I liked the heart clasp so much when the silver first came out, but after wearing it more I find the heart never wants to sit right which annoys me, so when I wanted a pave bracelet for the spring free bracelet promo I went for the barrel clasp. But it’s always nice to have more bracelet options!

    • Aw, there’s always something else I want with Pandora haha. I was content with my Rose collection and haven’t bought any new Rose charms since Spring 2015 – but these new bracelets have upset all that, haha.
      Sorry to hear that you’re having problems with the heart bracelet :( mine did that at first but now is very loose and malleable and the clasp goes whichever way you want it to. Is yours still quite stiff?

      • Oh, there’s still Pandora I want! I see a few for autumn, like the opulent heart and charming owls. Maybe Black Friday Poinsettia. I haven’t seen enough of the Christmas charms to decide if I like any of them. I still like the summer watermelon :-)

        I don’t think my bracelets are overly stiff but the clasp part is, it lays how it wants to lay. I have 2 different sizes in the heart and I don’t always fill them completely, both are the same way with the stiff clasp. Maybe it does just take some more time to loosen up, I’ve had them both well over a year though.

        • Glad to hear it! :D The Summer Watermelon is adorable. I saw someone put it on a necklace and that was soo cute and fun for summer!

          That’s weird :( perhaps it’s just luck as to what kind you get. Mine loosened up after just a couple of months – I’d have thought yours would have done the same by now. :/

  11. I might buy Infinite Shine, I love the heart shaped rose gold bracelet! But I don’t see the need for me to buy another rose gold bracelet, so I’ll pass on this one for now! I was hoping for more charm selection from this release :(

    Thanks for the previews, Ellie!

    • I love the heart shaped bracelet as well! Unfortunately whether I ‘need’ things never seem to factor into my Pandora purchases ;) it is a very small selection of charms, but they do seem to be scaling back on their other lines at the moment (e.g. Essence, Rose) and not letting the collection get too crowded.

      You are very welcome Marina! :)

  12. Hi Ellie, I posted a comment earlier on your Review Vintage Letters but I guess you missed it cause you never replied. Just wanted to say that I really enjoy reading your blog. Especially the reviews, I find them very useful, especially when you add pictures of a charm compared to others so that I can see the size.
    I also got a question about purchasing a bracelet: I went to a pandora conceptstore in Holland to see what size I’ll need. She advised a 17. However, my “wristbone” sticks out and the 17 was not free to move over my wrist. Getting it over the bone was actually a bit painful and I think I’ll like to wear my bracelet a bit lose. What would be your advice on this? The saleswoman stayed to her opinion to go for a 17, she didn’t measure my wrist though.

    Since I’m not in a hurry I’m planning to wait for a promotion before purchasing my bracelet and one new clip.
    Do you have any idea when Pandora Holland will be launching a new one and what’s the usual price point?

    By the way, Sale started here recently and I couldn’t resist ordering some charms already. The ones I’ve got so far are the Blue Bell Topaz, Hot Air Balloon and one Lacewing Butterfly Clip.


    • I did miss it, Eva – I’m sorry! I replied to it now. I often miss comments on older posts, although I do my best to try and catch them. So glad to hear that you enjoy the blog though <3 hope you continue to do so!
      If the bracelet is tight when you don't even have charms on it, then that's a definite no. Don't let yourself be pushed into a purchase you're not comfortable with either, as it would be a real shame if you couldn't fill your bracelet up due to it being too small. Maybe try another store, or try for another SA. The rule of thumb should be that you can get at least two fingers comfortably between the bracelet and your wrist. Measure your wrist yourself and tell your SA the measurement - that might help them out :)

      The next new charm bracelet for sure will be in Winter. It'll be a bit pricier than the regular ones. Don't know price points for Europe off the top of my head. Lots of info on Pandora.net, though, have a look there! :)

      Great choices! :D I got the Lacewing clip myself quite recently. Would love to get the Hot Air Balloon too!


  13. Hi Ellie, I love reading your posts. I’m very excited about Pandora releasing their rose gold collection in Australia. Before I buy any could you please let us know how your charms have held up and how do you clean them. Thank you.

    • Hi Gill! Thanks, that’s so nice to hear :) I posted a link to my Pandora rose review above in the comments – what I said there still stands. I’ve not had any problems with my Rose charms or bracelets, with the exception of the Big Smooth Heart, which still isn’t terrible.
      If I want to clean them, I never polish them. Just a little bit of soapy water and a pat down with a towel is fine! :)

  14. Just received email from Canada Pandora buy 2 ring get 1 free on 30th June to 6th July. Nothing for me, I am not a ring person.

    • Thanks Michele! I am becoming more of a ring person but I just got a few retired rings in the sales so will pass on this promo :)

  15. Hi Ellie I like the new bracelets I think the bangle is a great choice if the two tone bangle is out of the price range. I really like the princess ring to I have it in silver but it looks really nice. I love the rose gold but I haven’t purchased anything yet I sure I will one day. I agree with you it’s quite prices compared to the silver. I have seen some lovely picture of blue with rose gold and also pink they look really pretty.

    • Hi Nicola! Me too – and very good point about the Rose bangle being a nice alternative to the two-tone bangle. :) I think I’ll go for the heart clasp bracelet though!
      It’s surprising how many different colours look great with the Rose. You wouldn’t think it’s that versatile but it really is!

  16. I love the rose gold collection! I don’t have an entire dedicated bracelet but I do have several pieces I like to mix in with my sterling silver pieces. I’m very interested in the new bangle. I wonder if it will be out in time for the promo in September? All of my pieces have worn beautifully and have not changed color. Thanks for all the recent previews Ellie! I’m getting excited for all the new Fall releases! Do you have any details about the Fall bracelet promo yet? I heard an ugly rumor that Pandora is raising the price from spending $100 to $150 to get a free bracelet. Please tell me that’s not true!!

    • I think this should be an Autumn 2016 release, which would put it out on 1st September – so hopefully! I don’t know what form the September promo will take this year but hopefully it’ll give us a good opportunity to indulge in some of the new collection, this bracelet included! There are so many different rumours going round that it’s hard to find out for sure what’s actually happening in September :S

  17. I want the bangle! I’ve been hoping they would make one. Will probably put one dangle charm on it as i usually do with my bangles. I do like Pandora rose, i have a few charms on my pink bracelet. It has the rose clasp as well. color has held up nicely. dont really like the extra expense of the charms so i wont be filling a bracelet up with them.

    • Yes, it’s been one of the most requested Rose pieces so far! Although I don’t know why they haven’t done a Rose safety chain yet. Seems like it would be an instant hit!
      I find the Rose charms too pricey as well, so I have mixed them with a lot of silver beads on my Rose bracelet. I prefer the look of them that way too :)

  18. When will Pandora make a Pandora Rose safety chain? I have an all rose charms and it would be stunning.

    • That’s the million dollar question! :) I’ve not heard anything but it’s so requested that I can’t imagine they won’t make one eventually.

  19. Hi! Can someone please tell me when the Pandora rose bracelet in the heart clasp is supposed to come out? Love it! Need it!

  20. Greetings Ms. Mora, I really love the Pandora bangle in the rose color, It will look great with the sterling silver bangles I got and I wanted to know how much it will cost in U.S. dollars. Thank you Ms. Mora for the update and God bless you.

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