Today’s post brings some updates on the upcoming Pandora Pre-Autumn 2016 collection, with a number of new pictures and tidbits of information, including a preview of a previously unseen Koala charm! :D This collection is due out on the 21st of July and features some new zodiac beads and friendship charms.


If you haven’t read anything about the Pre-Autumn collection yet, my original preview is available here – otherwise, read on to see what’s new!

Pandora Pre-Autumn 2016 Updates

First up, we have a previously unseen bead for the Pre-Autumn 2016 collection – a plain-silver, full-bodied Koala charm! I haven’t seen this in UK/US catalogues for the collection, so it’s possibly not coming out in either of those regions. Europe/Asia/Australia should be getting it, however.

Pandora Pre-Autumn 2016 Koala Charm

I also have an updated look at the upcoming Starry Sky bracelet for the Pandora Moments range, with stock images for both sides of the clasp! One one side, we have the big dramatic star/sun, and on the other side we have a cluster of smaller stars. If you don’t have access to the Pandora Disney CZ Mickey bracelet, then this one would be a very good alternative if you want the same effect!

pandora pre-autumn 2016

The new zodiac charms actually have three different faces: one with a picture, one with a symbol and one with the zodiac written out.

Pandora Pre-Autumn 2016 Zodiac

Finally, here’s an updated look at the Love & Friendship bead. What you don’t see from the original stock image is that it actually has writing all the way around the bead – Friendship starts with loving HEARTS. I’m not really very keen on Pandora adding script to their charms, as I think it’s often a bit saccharine or constrictive – I much prefer to give my own meaning to charms. You might feel differently of course!

Pandora Pre-Autumn 2016

I have updated my original Pandora Pre-Autumn 2016 preview with the new photos as well, so that it’s all in one place!

My Comment

The bracelet is just gorgeous, and I like it even better having seen the little stars on the other side of the clasp. I’ll definitely be getting that one – I just got two Jasmine muranos in the US leather bracelet promo and they’ll be going on there. <3

It’s nice to see another new animal charm coming out with the collection, especially as there’s not much in the way of travel charms this season. My only problem is that the detailing of his face looks a little bit off to me – but hopefully that’s just a quirk of the stock image. I really want to like him, haha – and he’d be a very good companion to the Lucky Elephant that just came out with the Summer collection!

I have more previews of the other AW16 collections coming up, so keep an eye out for those!

Will you be getting anything from this collection?

72 Comments on Pandora Pre-Autumn 2016 Koala Charm & Other Updates

  1. Oh my gosh! The Koala charm is adorable!!! And the starry bracelet is growing on me! ?
    Thanks Ellie for the sneak peeks!

  2. Hi Ellie!
    After saying there was NOTHING for me in the pre autumn collection, you go ahead and post this beyond adorable koala….love him <33 I thought my mini Australia themed bracelet was complete ( the one with Sydney opera house and original kangaroo) but this will be the perfect addition to compete the bracelet !!! Do you know which Australian retailer would ship to the us by any chance ? Thanks !!

    • Aha, this collection got you at the last minute! :P There aren’t any official Aussie retailers who are allowed to ship internationally but there should be other countries who get this charm and I’m sure there will be a way for you to get one somehow :D Let me know if you’re struggling to find one when it’s out and I’ll see if I can find anywhere that will ship it to you!

  3. Thanks for the updates Ellie! I like the new bracelet, probably won’t get it unless there is a bracelet promo and I can upgrade to it, but it’s nice. Like you, not sure about this koala’s face, I have the old dangle koala which is really cute so probably won’t get this new one. I don’t care for the writing on the friendship charm, really I don’t like messages on charms in general. I do like a few of the fall collection charms though so probably good if I don’t see too much to get! :-D

    • You are welcome! <3 I love the new bracelet, and I already have a couple of Jasmine muranos and some retired two-tone beads waiting to go on it :P
      I suspect the koala's face will be much cuter in person - sometimes the stock images have weird shadows etc! The writing on the Friendship charm puts me off entirely, tbh... especially the capitalisation on HEARTS haha! It's not that the message is off, I'd just rather put my own ideas to things.

      • Yeah, I just don’t like a lot of writing on charms, just my opinion but to me it cheapens it, it makes me feel like I am buying cheap charms in a Hallmark card shop.

        • Yeah, I agree. Hallmark is the way my OH describes it – he doesn’t like to buy me anything with writing on it from Pandora.

  4. Thanks Ellie for the update. I’m looking forward to the rest of the AW previews, can’t wait to see them.
    From this collection I like the infinite heart clips. I’m not keen on the writing on the love&friendship charm, so I’ll leave that one. I like the little stars on the bracelet, but not bothered about the sun on the other side, would have preferred the stars all the way round. I’m hoping for some new bracelets with the AW collections.

    • Coming soon, Sarah! :D

      I’m not sure whether the other side of the clip is meant to be a sun or a star……. although I now realise the contradiction in that statement, seeing as the sun is a star! Whoops, lol. Either way, I like both sides of the clasp. There are a lot of bracelets coming out for AW16, so you’ll have to see if any of those take your fancy!

  5. Thank for the preview. The koala is sooo cute I’m going to have to go to Australia to have him as a souvenir! ?
    I’m not keen on the friendship charm. I agree with you about preferring to have your own meaning rather than things written on there.
    The bracelet is quite pretty but I don’t think I’ll be getting any of the special clasp bracelets. If I get another moments bracelet it would be either the rose or the oxi clasp.
    Thanks again for the news.

    • Ahahaha! I doubt I will ever go to Australia as I hate flying and 24 hours on a plane is my actual nightmare, but that won’t stop me getting the koala anyway if it’s cute lol! And seeing as my brother is over there right now, it can be a souvenir of his trip… ;)
      I like the special clasp bracelets a lot. It’s fun to have another element of customisation and personalisation. It gets expensive, though! ;) This one is particularly nice for me. The clasp really will look like another charm!

  6. Hi Ellie!

    Thanks for the post. It was a nice surprise. Really like the Starry Sky bracelet. I would like to have this one, but will wait to see if we have another bracelet promo. Love and Friendship is a lovely charm, but I could have done without the inscription. I’m sad the adorable Koala will most likely not be offered to US. Although Zodiacs are not my thing, they are by far the best we’ve seen. Anxiously awaiting more previews of AW Collection.

    • Hi Emily! You’re welcome, glad you enjoyed it. I will definitely be getting this bracelet, promo or no. :P I have beads already waiting to go on it! Zodiacs aren’t my thing either, but I agree that these are nice. I have a slight fondness for the very old cameo designs, but they were so expensive! And the sign for Libra (scales) is so boring that I’m not ever really tempted!

  7. Thanks for all the updates. I look so forward to them.
    I had picked out only two charms from the Pre-Autumn Collection – the Zodiac and the Love and Friendship. Now I am not so sure. The Zodiac may still be nice but I will want to see my sign up close before I decide. The Love and Friendship was such a beautiful charm, so sweet and dainty. It still is but now, with an inscription, it limits the purchase to a specific purpose. I won’t buy it for myself. I am in hope that it may still find its way to one of my bracelets by way of a friend with that much money to spend, gives it to me.

    • That’s so nice to hear, Pam! So pleased you enjoy them. I get why you’re now hesitant about the Love & Friendship charm. That inscription does change the purpose of it somewhat… it feels less like a charm you can get for yourself. I hope it finds its way to you somehow! :)

  8. I love that bracelet clasp! I love stars so really really liking this one. I don’t usually go for the fancy clasps but I think I’ll actually get that one ASAP. So happy for the astrology ones. I have a couple of the cameo dangles but to be honest I’m not liking dangles in general near as much as I used to so this is very welcome.

    • Me too! I think it’s absolutely gorgeous. <3 And it's a great alternative for those who liked the new Disney bracelet but couldn't get it. The little stars on this one should have a very similar effect to all the little Mickey silhouettes.
      I think the older cameo dangles are quite quaint and sweet, but dangles can be a bit limiting - so it's good that we have these, too!

  9. I need a koala! He’s adorable! Finally a charm that makes my “have to have” list. Plain silver, cute, no pink, and not a heart in sight. LOVE!

    • Absolutely!! I’m always happy to see a new animal bead make its way into the collection. This is the only charm from the Pre-Autumn collection that I’d consider tbh! The others are nice, but just not stand-out enough.

      • Please keep us posted on where in the world he’ll be showing up. I NEED that little silver nugget of cuteness! (It’s no coincidence that my screen name is Clair Bear and I gravitate towards the bear designs, lol!)

  10. The koala is very cute. I like the design of the friendship charm and the writing is nicely done but I don’t like the actual wording. It’s a bit cheesy.
    It’s nice that Pandora are still releasing plain silver charms.
    Thanks for the update.

    • I’m not very keen on the inscription on the Friendship charm either. Just a bit much for my tastes, which is the problem with adding writing to charms – you’re inevitably not going to get it right for everyone.
      On the other hand, I agree with you about the koala! It’s lovely to see a ‘classic’ Pandora offering. <3

    • And me! ^^ In the UK it’s a bit pricier at £65. (Our regular bracelets are £55, so that might give you some guidance.)

  11. Wow, Koala is a must-have for me. I will be migrating to Australia mid Jul2016, this koala charm may be used to memorize this. I love the starry bracelet too, thinking to build a sparkling galaxy bracelet with the stardust murano I hunted couple months ago.

    Again, thanks Ellie for the update

    • That would be the perfect charm to commemorate your move! <3 That's very exciting. I'm quite envious in some ways, especially given what's going on in my country right now aha. The starry bracelet would be perfect for showcasing the Stardust murano as well. Love that idea!

      You are very welcome <3

  12. Hi Ellie! The koala is cute, but I bet he’s a flipper!

    I like the clasp on the Starry Sky bracelet, but I probably won’t get this bracelet until we have another bracelet promo, whenever that will be. It will be interesting to see if Pandora starts cranking out lots of new bracelets (and maybe starts toggling between bracelet promos and bead promos).

    Like you and many others, I would certainly prefer some kind of design rather than script on the top and bottom of the love & friendship bead. I hope the script isn’t as prominent as it appears in the stock image.

    Thanks for update! I’m looking forward to the next one.

    • Hi Judy! Aha, I think you’re probably right about that. I need to add a ‘flipper’ section to my reviews :P I always forget to mention whether they spin or not!

      Pandora are doing loads of bracelets this season, most of which I haven’t posted yet! Clearly changing up the clasps and doing different variations is proving a bit of a money spinner. I’d be happy with alternating bead/bracelet promos tbh. I’d just like a promo of some form in September ;) It’s always such a great opportunity to get some Autumn beads!

      You are welcome! Next one coming soon :)

  13. Im kind of keen to get my zodiac, I had a star sign necklace I always wore as a kid and it kind of reminds me of that

  14. Koalas are the cutest animals but they just look so ugly when made as charms and souvenir items. I really hope someone won’t give me the koala as a gift. I can just imagine my next birthday … “I got you the koala to represent your home, Australia!” (Grr). The zodiac charms look really nice; I’m impressed! that’s a change bec traditionally I’ve always thought the zodiac charms were really ugly.

    • Aw, I potentially like this one (it depends on its face in person aha) and I liked the first koala pendant Pandora did as well. I do get why you’d be a sick of them as a souvenir though. It’s a bit reductive as a symbol of your country! Like someone giving me a fish and chips charm or something…!
      I quite like the original cameo zodiac pendants, but have always been held back by how boring I find the Libra sign (sorry, fellow Librans!). Glad you like these, though!

    • Fair enough – I really have no clue as to what Pandora NA are doing promo-wise in September now. I have heard way too many contradictory reports at this point lol! I will try and do some digging.

  15. I’m not so sure that is the sun on the other side of the clasp of the new bracelet. it really looks like a close up of a star.
    Either way, i will be getting it for my Christmas theme bracelet.

    • It does look more like a star to me, too. Although as I said in an earlier comment, it’s possibly a meaningless distinction seeing as the sun is just another star, haha.
      Ah! What a good idea – it would be amazing as a Christmas bracelet. <3

  16. Ellie,

    Wow! I am destined to eat my words!!! I griped about the selection featured in your last post, and now I have to chew on those words & choke them down! Thanks by the way for entertaining my complaining. No complaints this time around! I love virtually everything in this part of the collection! That Koala is fabulous, & I would love it for my Australia themed bracelet. A few years ago ai made it downunder for my ultimate dream vacation. My husband got to hold a Koala in Queensland & it was amazing to watch them sleep in a tree! Not my husband & the Koala just the Koala in the If we don’t get this charm in NA I will have to find a way.

    The zodiacs are cleverly done, three sides no pave & will look nice with the new initial charms. The love friendship button charms are nice, elegant and I like that the writing is along the side, you can choose to feature it a a stand alone or minimize the writing by clustering with other charms. I think they will look nice on the new pink leather bracelet.

    Ellie, thanks for this fall pick me up. Now that I have seen these I will have to readjust my budget, yet again.

    Lisa K

    • Hi Lisa! Aww, I’m glad that your enthusiasm is back :) Some collections are hits and some are misses – so long as I have a couple of beads I would like from each, I can keep myself happy haha. I’m sure you’ll be able to find a koala of your own if he doesn’t make it to Australia! <3 That's the nice thing about the Pandora community :D

      Yes, I was so pleased to see no pavé on the zodiacs! Keeps the price down and the design nice and not too busy.

      You are very welcome, Lisa! I'm so glad that it brightened up your Pandora budget for this season ^^

    • I completely agree, Sarah! I really love it. And the clasp will look just like a lovely star charm when it’s on, too. <3 Look forward to seeing some of your lovely photos and inspiration when you get one!

  17. I went to Pandora outlet for the buy any two charms get one retired charm this afternoon again, they extend this promotion until 30th and this is the last buy 2 get 1 retired charm this year. I got 2 two toned Braided Heart clips and 1 free two tone Heart Of Hearts clip. Just like 52% off, I don’t like Summer, Pre autumn and Autumn release so I spend my budget in Outlet for better deal.

  18. I paid Can $294 tax in for 2 Braided Heart clips and got free Heart of hearts dangle clips, very beautiful!

  19. Hopefully they someday make a sugarglider charm ❤️ Even if it’s an Australian exclusive I’ll have to get my hands on it. I’m tired of seeing the same kangaroo and koala. They had thier time, they need different animals!

  20. Loving the starry sky bracelet and zodiac charms! I’m also liking the love and friendship bead. Thanks for the article!

  21. Wow that bracelet IS gorgeous!!! I love the zodiac charms too, I’m not so disappointed now I never got a couple of the older ones I intended to…. I like these so much! Koala is super cute too!

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