With a little under a week to go until the release of the Pandora Pre-Autumn 2016 collection, I thought it was high time that we took another look at all the new pieces launching, with high quality stock images of the new charms (and bracelet!).

pandora pre-autumn 2016 cover

This collection is due out on the 21st of July – this Thursday! It’s just a small launch, with some new zodiac beads, some friendship charms and a new starry-themed charm bracelet. My favourites are the bracelet and the new Koala bead, but read on to see what might tempt you!

Pandora Pre-Autumn 2016 Collection HQ Preview

First up, we have the new Zodiac charms, retailing for £25 each. These are plain silver openwork charms, styled in the same way as the Spring 2016 Vintage Letters, but without the addition of CZ. They have three faces: one with the star sign written on it, one with its symbol and the third with a picture representing it.

pandora pre-autumn 2016 aquarius

pandora pre-autumn 2016 pisces

Pandora Pre-Autumn 2016 Aries

pandora pre-autumn 2016 taurus

Pandora Pre-Autumn 2016 Gemini

Pandora Pre-Autumn 2016 Cancer

Pandora Pre-Autumn 2016 Leo

Pandora Pre-Autumn 2016 Virgo

Pandora Pre-Autumn 2016 Libra

pandora pre-autumn 2016 scorpio

pandora pre-autumn 2016 sagittarius

pandora pre-autumn 2016 capricorn

These charms would be beautiful worn with the new Starry Sky bracelet, which is priced at £65. This bracelet is also the perfect candidate for any Winter 2016 stylings you might have in mind, as it would look great paired with some of the new starry and celestial blues.

pandora pre-autumn 2016

The other big theme of the collection is love & friendship, and we have a number of new beads celebrating friendship in particular. The Best Friends dangle, priced at £55, is intended to be split – you can keep one half and give the other to a friend. I quite like the fact that the two halves together look like a lucky clover in the stock image, it’s a nice touch!

pandora pre-autumn 2016 forever friends

The same goes for the Best Friends dangle, priced at £55 – it splits into two parts. I actually quite like this one, as I have a bit of a weakness for that sweet pink enamel detailing on charms – it is very similar to last year’s Pre-Autumn Travel Together Forever bead, which I did get!

pandora pre-autumn 2016 best friends

If you’re not into the idea of splitting two halves of a charm, the Forever Friends charm is a single pendant, with a pavé infinity sign and a plain silver engraved heart. It’s a bit cheaper at £40.

pandora pre-autumn 2016 forever friends

The Love & Friendship bead is £45, and has proven one of the more popular pieces of the collection with its pretty floral pattern and sweet pink heart.

pandora pre-autumn 2016 love and friendship

The only (potential) drawback is that it’s been revealed to have quite extensive script on it, with a sentimental message. Some may love this, but it does seem a shame to limit what would have been a generically pretty design with a rather specific message.

Pandora Pre-Autumn 2016

The Sister’s Love heart charm follows other heart charms in the same style and is priced at £35.

pandora pre-autumn 2016 sister's love

On a more generic love theme, we have the Infinity Heart clip, priced at £45. This is one of the prettier and more tempting pieces of the set for me – it’s quite old-fashioned and delicate in its styling. <3

Pandora Pre-Autumn 2016 Infinity Heart clip

Finally, we have just a couple of travel-themed beads. The Canada Heart Flag is the latest in Pandora’s range of heart-shaped flag pendants; it was released early in Canada to celebrate Canada Day this month, but other regions will receive it on Thursday.

Pandora canada heart flag charm

The other travel charm is the cute Koala charm! It’s plain silver, full-bodied and packed with detail, and consequently has gone down very well with many collectors. I’m waiting to see it in person to decide whether I have to have it or not, but I so want to love it!
Pandora Pre-Autumn 2016 Koala Charm

My Comment

This collection does not hold too much for me; so far, the only piece I am sure I will get is the beautiful Starry Sky bracelet, upon which I will put my new two-tone Jasmine murano design. However, I’m also perfectly prepared to fall in love with the Koala when I see more photos of him, so we shall see!

Pandora Jasmine murano

I still have a couple of things to get from Spring/Summer 2016 anyway (including the Lucky Elephant, Dazzling Daisy Fairy and more!) so I am not too distressed to find that I don’t want very much from this launch!

Is there anything you have to have from this collection?

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  1. The bracelet is lovely and is the only piece that piques my interest from this collection. There are some other charms on my wish list, so like you, I’m not too dismayed by my lack of fascination with this collection. Thank you for posting more preview pics! They are always exciting to see! ?

    • Mm, it’s my only must-have as well! I just love that big star on the one side of the clasp. And the lack of other appealing beads does mean that I can focus on catching up on my wish list, haha.
      Glad you enjoyed the preview and thanks for commenting <3

  2. I am so excited about the new Zodiac charms. Do you know if the July 21st release date applies to the U.S. also?

  3. I love the bracelet and will be getting it. I need a new home for my 3 stardust muranos and a couple of blue follow the stars. I also have the twinkle twinkle and the twinkling night clips. It might work!

    I also think the love and friendship charm is lovely, minus the script that is. i like the design and I don’t mind hearts if they are part of an overall design. However, the script being on top and bottom would prevent me from purchasing it. But, that’s ok. There are other collections with many more charms to buy!

    Thank you again for another great review.

    • Yay, this bracelet would be a perfect fit for the Stardust muranos. :) Sounds like it will definitely work!

      The script puts me off as well unfortunately, and I think a few people will pick it up in store, and then see the writing and put it back down again! However, as you say – it’s only one charm in amongst all the other pretty things Pandora have to offer!

      You are welcome – glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for commenting.

  4. Hi Ellie,
    I just saw the new charms today. I liked the love and friendship; the script is small and barely noticeable on the charm. The charm was $55 US, but the charm is very small. I felt it would have been more appropriately priced at $40. Oh well :) I managed to buy 2 and put an Anna murano in between, on the honeysuckle bracelet. Looks very nice. I didn’t buy the new bracelet yet, but it’s also very nice.

    I asked the manager of the concept store about the colored cz barrel clasp bracelets. I didn’t see them among your winter/Christmas items. She said several colors will be out at Christmastime.

    • Hi Lisa!

      Oh I’m glad to hear that the script is small in person. It looks so prominent in the close-up stock images, which can often be misleading! Your styling sounds very pretty and quite creative – bet the two charms look great with the Anna murano!

      I have heard some more about the CZ barrel clasp bracelets myself, but have been told that they are out for Autumn and not Winter… I’m getting some conflicting info about what is out when, I think it might be varying between region this season.

  5. Hi, Ellie! As you pointed out, the Starry Sky bracelet is the perfect ground for the Winter 2016 celestial charms, so it is my Pre-Autumn pick. If North America doesn’t get the Koala charm, that will be it for me. Thank you!

    • Hi Angie! Definitely – I imagine a lot of collectors will be picking one up for a winter-themed bracelet. I am not sure whether I will add anything starry to my Jasmine theme, but as Jasmine does a lot of riding about on magic carpets and things, perhaps that counts anyway, haha.
      I was under the impression that North America will not be getting the koala, but would love to be proven wrong!

    • It wasn’t in the catalogue I saw, so I don’t think so :( would love to be proven wrong tho!

  6. Hi Ellie, love your preview!! The bracelet and Taurus charm are in my wish list, both for my blue starry night bracelet, and the BFF dangles are the perfect Christmas gifts for 2 of my best friends, because I gave to another friend the Best Friend Butterfly and my other two friends are so jealous since then… I like a lot the new flag, but I bought a beautiful Canada Murano last year in the Whistler Pandora Store for my travel bracelet, so I won’t get it. And the koala is going to be my sister in law birthday gift because she went to Australia one month ago and fall in love with koalas… So this collection is very useful to me :)

    • Hi Priscilla! The Taurus is one of my favourites of these new zodiacs – it’s pretty cute in its own right! <3 Unfortunately I can't get it and pretend to use it for something else, seeing as it does actually have Taurus written on it, haha.
      And aw, that's lovely that you have friends ready and waiting to share the new friendship beads with you. And the koala for your sister-in-law! I'm envious to hear that you have so many people nearby you to share your enthusiasm for Pandora. <3
      Enjoy shopping for all the new beads, and thanks for commenting! :)

  7. I like the bracelet, I would get it if they do another free bracelet promo. Or I guess even if it’s a charm promo I could buy it as part of the spend. I don’t really care for any of these charms, but I do like a few for Autumn so that’s okay!

    • I’m the same as you Natalie – I have plenty on my wish list for the upcoming collections so I can take a slight sigh of relief and focus on saving for those!

  8. Hi Ellie, the new bracelet is beautiful, but I feel that I’d only get it if it were available for a bracelet promo (which I kind of feel won’t happen for autumn).

    The zodiac charms are actually pretty nice, but I’m not big on horoscopes so I don’t think I can justify buying them. The “best friend” charms are a sweet idea but perhaps too youthful in feel (though I’m actually not that old, haha).

    Thank you for the post and I hope you had a nice weekend!

    • Hi Kris! Who knows what is happening with the bracelet promo for Autumn :S I have asked a couple of contacts who work in Pandora stores and even they weren’t able to tell me. I would love to know so that I can start planning my (over)spending!

      I’m the same as you regarding the zodiac charms. They are comparatively cheap, too, at £25 each but I’ve never been very into star signs and that kind of thing. If they strike me as very cute in the store, then maybe, but they’re not a must-have for me!

      I had a lovely weekend thank you! The weather has finally perked up in England and we’ve had some glorious sunshine. Hope you had a great weekend too! :)

  9. Hi Ellie I like the bracelet it’s quite like the Micky one and would make a great alternative. The star sign charms are quite nice and I like the heart clip.

    • Hi Nicola! Yes, it’s a great alternative to the Disney bracelet for all of us in the UK and Europe. <3 The heart clip is really pretty, I just don't have anywhere for it to go!

  10. The zodiac charms are nicely done but I have no plans to buy. Despite the wording, I really like the love and friendship charm design so that one and the Canada flag will hopefully come home with me. Thanks for the update.

    • Glad to hear that you’ve got a couple of items to track down for your wish list at least! I agree that the zodiacs are cute, but they’re certainly not must-haves for me either.
      You’re welcome – thanks for commenting!

  11. are they really going to put out colored cz clasp bravelets?? i did not know about this.
    i got to sit down with the pandora district manager at my local jewelry store and see all the up and coming charms, bracelets, rings, etc. for fall and winter. she had trays of all the jewelry. she even showed me the two toned signature bracelet for $100.00, the black friday ponsettia and the snowflake bangle. she said this was the 1st time pandora has done this. this wasnt a pandora concept store , it is a stand alone jewelry store in the southern U.S. so im not sure if any other stores would be doing it, but i thought others might want to know to check their local store. it was totally awsome getting to see all of it. i could even preorder what i wanted. The midnight blue muranos look similar to last winters with added stars and clear cz in their centers. The snowflake clips and bangle were beautiful! i also loved the fairytale treasure $75.00, pave´safety chain $75.00 and the vintage night sky!

    • Yes, they are – I didn’t get given pictures of them in the first pre-release catalogue I got, but have just been told about them by another source. Not sure why they weren’t included in the first round of previews!
      Oh my gosh that sounds so much fun! I so wish they would do this at one of the stores near me. Hopefully some other ladies can get the same experience at another store – you should have taken some photos! ^^ Lucky you!!

      • i didnt think about photos. wish i had. i was just so excited and surprised to get to see it all when Pandora is usually so secretive about what is going to be released.

        • Haha I’m sure I’d have been the same! I never remember to take photos of anything at the time. It is nice that Pandora talked you through it all – I think seeing things in advance really builds excitement and lets people plan their spending!

  12. Hi Ellie,
    I like the bracelet a lot and the koala. I saw the elephant in the store today. That one is also really cute. I hope they make more of the full bodied animal charms. I saw and liked all the sparkly fruit charms as well. I feel like I am the only person who likes the traditional and sparkly styles equally. :)

    • Hi Stephanie! Those are my picks too. I also would really like the elephant – I just haven’t got around to picking that one up yet! I have a space marked out on my travel bracelet for it though. <3
      I'm sure there are lots of people who love both old and new Pandora the same :) you tend to hear more from people who are dissatisfied with the newer style, as Pandora make more of it. I like both styles, and have a fair few sparkly pieces in my collection, but if I had to choose I would go for the older beads. :)

  13. Hi Ellie,

    Thank you for the HQ images and preview. The Starry Sky bracelet is still on my list of must haves. I’m in no rush getting it, since I’m planning to use the lovely wintry blues coming out later this year for this bracelet. Still hoping for some kind of promotion before buying much more. I’m planning to get a few charms up for retirement before they leave the store at the end of this month.

    • Hi Emily! You’re welcome, glad it was useful. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for some kind of US promo as well, as I’ve become used to planning my shopping around it – and it’s usually a far better deal than we will get in the UK! Which retiring charms are you considering?

      • Hi Ellie,

        I’m considering Romantic Union, Piano, Forest Fairy, Dashing Through the Snow just to name a few. I haven’t seen official list of retirement charms in store yet, but I hear it’s quite extensive. Guess I’ll know more this week.

        • Hi Emily! Oh, all nice choices. It’ll be exciting to find out what’s retiring next in the US… if only because it’s sure to end up on Rue La La at some point haha.

        • Ellie,

          Spoke to store manager this afternoon regarding charms to be retired. The store has not received their list yet and it will be the end of August before retired charms will leave store. Whew! A little more time to save!!

        • Aha, although the end of August does clash a little with the launch of the Autumn collection on the 1st of September! So you will have to plan your spending carefully ^^

        • Guess we were commenting at the same time! Rue is a wonderful source to purchase Pandora, but my husband is opposed to online shopping for Pandora.

        • You are so right, Ellie. So many pretty charms and bracelets coming up. I have a feeling I’ll be playing catch-up for a long time.

  14. I think the Canada Flag wasn’t released early here. I bought the Italy and Germany flags on July 5 and no Canada flag was in the store then, and it certainly isn’t a charm that would have sold out, not even around Canada Day. It’s not on the Pandora Canada website either.

    • It was definitely released early in some Canadian stores – there were a lot of posts showing off the new charm on Instagram for Canada Day:

      It wasn’t available online, though, so you won’t find it on the website.

    • Hi Debbie! I actually don’t have US prices for these beads, which is v. unusual – sorry about that. As hrhdhd points out, you could try using xe.com to see what the UK prices translate into USD – but the pricing for each region is usually different anyway, so it might not give you the most accurate idea. At least you will find out on Thursday, not long to go!

  15. I already have the Libra zodiac charm. I’ve been wanting something to reflect that I work in law and love true crime, so the scales are perfect. It helps that I am a Libra, too.

    • Ah, that’s such a great use of the Libra sign! I’ve been thinking about how dull the scales are compared to some of the others but you have really found a creative use for them :D love the idea that you could use the scales to represent the law and justice!

  16. I had just gotten an e-mail from Rue La La that they will be having a one night (60% off Pandora) moonlight madness sale, starting 9PM ET on 7/19/2016. It appears that new charms are being offered as per the advertising pic. Just when I thought I might be able to save some $$$, another sale comes along!!!

    • Thanks for the heads up Emme! <3 I've just posted about it. The advertising photo they've used is one from 2014 - whether they've managed to source old stock or are just being misleading about what's included remains to be seen..!

  17. I think I will pass on this collection. Nothing that I just can’t live without. Thanks for the great reviews.

  18. Pleasantly surprised at the pricing on the two items I want! I may not be the majority but I really love the zodiac charms I think they’re very nicely done.

    • Yeah, the UK prices aren’t toooo bad for these! I think the zodiac charms are nicely done as well, I’ve just never been desperate to get my zodiac as a charm haha. :) Glad you’re enthused!

  19. Hi Ellie
    Thanks again for this great blog.
    I love the new clip forever love and must get it.
    I will also be getting one of the frienship charms for my best friend as she offered me the Best Friend Heart with cz for my birthday.
    I am looking forward to the September promo in Canada. Any idea what it will be?
    Keep up the good work

  20. Hi Ellie,

    First of all, your blog is absolutely amazing. I love reading your posts.
    I am not part of the Pandora world since a long time. I knew the Pandora brand of course and find the bracelet and the charms really gorgeous and wanted a bracelet on my own for a long time now. Then few months ago, I decided it’s time for me to get one….. And oh my god, now I am a huge fan and really fond of it. I’ve already begun to set up two bracelets… Yes I know it’s not reasonable but I decided to treat myself a bit, maybe a little too much…and I’ve got help from my family and friends for my birthday in June….. Anyway, I really like the new zodiac collection and I add the gemini charm on my wish list. I also really love the new starry sky bracelet and I think it will be an amazing piece to have to begin a third bracelet…. Like I said, too much…., it’s also on my wish list….But I live in Belgium and for now, I did not see this bracelet in any Pandora store so, do you know if this bracelet will be release in Belgium (or France) anytime soon ?

    • I agree with you Valerie, Pandora is addictive but better this than some other addctions?
      I offered a Pandora bracelet to a friend last year for her bd and it is now full and she is on her second one. Inalso convinced my best friend to start one. I’m a big fan. I am also on my third bracelet. Welcome to the world of Pandora???

      • Hi Monique.
        You’re absolutely right…. Pandora is addictive and I realize this week-end that I am an addict ;-). I’ve just bought the new starry sky bracelet and it’s gorgeous. And more and more I read the review of Ellie and all the comments, I get some new ideas… And more I look into the Pandora world, more my addiction grows :-) As you said it’s better this one than some other :-))) So, I’ve just get a third bracelet and begin to style it on the theme of stars and sky. I call it the Starry Light blue night sky bracelet….yeah yeah….I know it’s ridiculous, you could laugh at me like my all friends…. Anyway my point is that even if i’ve just started a third bracelet, I am already thinking to the next one, the fourth and the 3 other one are far from complete… I chose a theme for each of them so it will take time. I have to be patient… and it feels like Pandora release new charms almost every day, so every day I have new ideas of combination, styling…….Yes I am definitely an addict :-)

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