Today’s post brings a little promo alert for shoppers in the US, as discount shopping site Rue La La have announced a flash sale on Pandora starting this evening! This sale is a little different to normal – it’s running for ‘one night only’, and offers a bigger discount off the jewellery at 60%.

Someone mentioned that it looked like new beads in the ad for this sale but this is actually an old poster from June 2014, so I’m a little sceptical as to what stock they’ll actually be offering. I suspect it could just be what we’ve seen for the past couple of sales, but I would love to be wrong!

pandora rue la la july 2016

The other thing is that the sale is due to start a little later than usual at 9 pm ET tonight! This translates to the early hours of the morning for me in the UK, so way past my bed time. ;)

For the uninitiated, Rue La La is a US shopping website, which specialises in offering discounts from designer products. International readers should bear in mind that Rue La La is a US website, and will only ship to the continental US. If you want to participate in this sale, then you’ll have to get a friend from the US to help you! They do, however, now accept international credit cards – which they did not before.

Rue La La is an invite-only website, but you can use my invite code to access the website. Happy shopping! :)

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  1. I’ll look, 60% off is a better deal than usual so maybe some stuff I passed over before will be more tempting!

    • I looked, didn’t get anything though. Really not much to pick from, all stuff they have shown before.

      • I guessed that would be the case :( I’ll be waiting until they get their next new round of retired items!

  2. Hi Ellie,

    Prices were good so I got the moonstone birthday bloom charm, and the he loves me with the 3 flowers. I also got the green spinal posts I always wanted. Not bad…

    • Hi Lisa! Oh lovely – sounds like you got a few charms you genuinely wanted! <3 I am very fond of the birthday blooms. I got the turquoise one on a whim in the last sale :)

  3. Hi Ellie, I got 4 of the birthstones flowers. For now I’m going to use them to help fill up my bracelet that I recently started, but ultimately I would like to use them in an openwork bracelet. Hmmmm….I probably should have gotten one for my Border Collie too -she is family… I do love the Rue La La sales. Such great prices! In the previous sale I got the little daisy with the pearl dangle, the teapot, love bouquet, celebration cake (it’s our 30th wedding anniversary today!), the elephant, the Christmas tree and the pretty little gold and silver flower clips. I’m going to stop for a while. :)

    • Hi Katherine! :D Wow, that’s a great haul! I love the birthday bloom charms. I have my birthstone (September, lapis lazuli) and I recently got the December birthday bloom from Rue (turquoise), as it’s just so pretty. They would be lovely in an openwork design – they’re quite heavy charms, so the lighter openworks would set them off very well.

      And yay, glad to hear you got all those two-tone beads last time! I did the same a few months ago – it’s so sad to see all those beautiful classic two-tone beads go, but at the same time it’s rather nice to be able to get hold of them at a nice discount ;)

      • Hi Ellie! The 14k & silver Flower Clips and Love Bouquet arrived today. So pretty :) The Birthday Blooms are due on the 29th and I’m looking forward to seeing them. I do wish I had ordered the Lapis Lazuli Birthday Bloom for my Molly Collie – her birthday is in September like you. I hope Rue La La will offer them again. I feel very fortunate to have gotten these charms at such great prices! Especially the 2 tone :)

        • Hi Katherine! Oh wonderful, you picked such lovely beads. How are you styling them? :D Rue has had birthstone charms for the last few sales so maybe you’ll get lucky ^^
          Have fun playing with all your new beads!

        • Ooops! I replied to you, but it ended up in the new comment area… Silly me ha ha!

  4. My problem with Rue is that they charge $9.95 shipping regardless of size. I know they waive it if you’ve paid it once in the last 30 days, but I haven’t recently ordered and adding that much brings the charms up to almost full retail price. For something so small, I wish they offered the option of a 1 time $4.95 fee. I passed up buying Clarisonic products from them because the shipping would eat the discount and I could get them with free shipping and 20% off elsewhere. It’s really only a great deal to pay $9.95 to ship anything for 30 days if you consistently order from them, but it’s so off putting in the first place I rarely buy anything to initiate it.

    • I know, isn’t it ridiculous when those huge boxes pitch up with just one or two charms rolling around in the bottom of them? They could really get more boxes for smaller items and charge less I guess. I usually order quite a few things in one go when I do purchase something so the $9.95 becomes worth it but I get how it’s annoying if you want to get just one or two items. :(

    • That’s the reason I’ve passed up ordering from them quite a few times. It’s really only worth doing a large order, and oftentimes, I only want one or two items. I end up not doing it because it just isn’t that much of a discount with the shipping charge, and I can usually get a similar price buying from the FB selling pages.

    • Hi Melissa, Rue La La has a Shipping Charge bundle for $50 for a year. So no matter many times they ship you just pay that one time fee. Recently they had it on special special for $30 so you might watch for that in the future!

  5. I was disappointed at the selection of charms. I was hoping that there might be something new and different available, based on the charms pictured in the ad, but that was not the case. I’ve spent a fair amount lately on charms, so I should be relieved that there were no tempting offerings.

    • I suspected it would be a bit limited. There’ve been some charms they’ve not been able to get rid of for the last few sales, so I guess this was just another try. It’s very misleading to use the old poster as well! However as you say – at least you can hang on to your money and save up for another time ^^

  6. Hi Ellie! I have short term and long term styling plans! The bracelet that I’m working on now I’m using the 3 sections to represent 3 major parts of my life; my childhood/parents, my marriage/husband, and my son who we adopted in Russia. For my marriage/husband I’m using the flower pearl dangle as a centerpiece, the Celebration Cake, LE Vintage Heart, Love Bouquet and the April Birthday Bloom for Hubby’s birthday. I need something else, but I don’t know what yet. Maybe an initial *S* for our last name. Maybe just a spacer… For my son I have the March Birthday Bloom, Faith, Hope & Love, Babushka Doll- which just arrived yesterday! I plan to get the LE Bear My Heart and maybe the new books charm, initial *N* for Nick? I’d also like to get the St Basil’s Cathedral charm, but I find myself fussing with dangle charms a lot and I don’t love that lol! For my parents…the August and November Birthday Blooms – I share a November birthstone with my mom… I have the retired Elephant – a special childhood memory, Teapot – mom had beautiful English teapots, and I want to get the retired strawberry and rose – dad grew strawberries, mom grew roses… I plan to place the birthday blooms next to the 14k flower clips and at the clasp… I’ll have to see how everything fits and looks after it all arrives. As I don’t have all the charms that I want yet, I am using 2 plain clips, 2 infinite shine charms, and 2 plain hearts to fill up the bracelet near the clasp. Ultimately, I thought I would use the the birthday blooms, openwork charms, plain clips and hearts together on another bracelet. To represent our classic black and white Border Collie Molly, I want to get the September Birthday Bloom, but I’m also considering a B/W murano? I would like to highlight the *family* bracelet with more 2 tone charms as the birthday blooms go to the other bracelet. For my parents section -which so far has no 2 tone- perhaps the locked hearts or majestic heart, and the shell with the gold starfish – we lived in Hawaii and California. Maybe the carousel for my son… Also I’m thinking of getting the oxidized bracelet for the family bracelet. I have the 2 tone Christmas Tree too… I was thinking of doing a mini bracelet for the holidays. Oh, this is much too long and too much information ha ha! It’s really fun to think about the bracelets and how they are going to look. Your stylings have given me great ideas for putting bracelets together. I always look forward to your new posts! ❤

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