Today sees the start of one of Pandora’s UK big events of the year – the 3 for 2 ring promotion! Pandora kept this pretty quiet this year, as I hadn’t heard the dates for this promo until yesterday evening!


The promotion guidelines are simple: buy three Pandora rings of any value, and Pandora will let you have the lowest-priced ring for free! The promotion will run from today until the 31st of July, and the offer applies both in store and online – you can get your Pandora rings from authorised retailer John Greed until Sunday.

rings promo

I recently expanded my Pandora ring collection quite a bit with the recent sales, both on Rue La La and in the UK, and so I won’t be taking part this time around. I have real weakness for the classic floral rings, and love to put them with the more simple plain-silver stacking rings. :)

pandora rings stack

Are you taking part in this year’s promotion? Do you have a Pandora ring collection already?

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  1. I thought that there might be a promotion this weekend but I was hoping for a free leather bracelet :-(. Sorry to say, I’m not interested in Pandora rings in the slightest, I think they are over-priced and you can get a better choice elsewhere :-(. I’ve kept some money on one side for the free leather bracelet I was wishing for so I’ll keep that on one side for the (hopefully) free bracelet promo at the end of September beginning of October :-/. Not at all happy as I don’t think I’m going to get that blue leather bracelet now :-(. I do have high hopes for the bracelet promo come autumn; along the lines of the leather bracelet promo a couple of years ago where you can choose different bracelets for different spend amounts, but that’s just a pipe dream :-/. I want the blue leather, the rose heart and the starry night bracelets but none of those would be available under a ‘normal’ bracelet promotion :-/.

    • I heard there will be no more free bracelet promotion untill the end of this year. September they will have a “free items worth up to $50 with purchase of $125”, if i am not mistaken.

        • Yes, I think it’s just a $50 credit to put towards any purchase. Or that’s what I understood, anyway.

      • Hi SR, note there are different promotions for different regions (and indeed many countries don’t get promotions at all); hence this post is about the UK ring promotion, which I believe happened earlier this month in the US? The UK has had no free bracelet promos this year (well, actually there was the essence promo in spring, but no moments or leather promotions) so I hope that we do get the bracelet promo later in the autumn. I don’t expect though that we will get the charm promo in September like North America. I imagine most people commenting on this post will be from the UK, but it’s nice to see you here :-)

    • Aw, sorry to hear you’re disappointed :( I don’t have too many of the newer Pandora rings, but I do love the New Beginning butterfly pavé ring from last year and my pearl bow ring from last year’s Christmas collection :D most of them are older designs with a little pearl or enamel etc though. But I’m certainly not averse to the rings, even though I’m not taking part this time!
      Normally the UK stores are quite strict on which bracelets qualify for the bracelet promo but I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you :)

      • Thanks, I’m keeping my fingers crossed too, why I can’t get any rings, lol ;-). My fingers don’t suit dainty rings, probably because they aren’t long and slender, I need big and bold. Plus I already have literally hundreds from QVC ;-). I stopped smoking 17 years ago and all that money has been spent on jewellery :-D. Traded one addiction for another, lol ;-).

        • If you’re in the UK there won’t be a leather promo, I worked for Pandora up until a month ago and I’ve seen the promo calendar

  2. Aw thanks Ellie! I’m near a Pandora shop at the moment so I can go and check it out! I don’t have any rings at the moment and I’m not going to lie I was keeping my fingers crossed for an earring promotion because I love the earrings and have a wishlist for those already! But I know I could be tempted to start a ring collection, now there is a promotion!

    • I now own my first Pandora rings! I bought the tiny pearl one with cz on both sides and a cz band to stack, and a rose gold bobble band for my daughter. Can’t wait to wear them! Thanks Ellie!

      • Congrats on your first rings Debbie, those sound like lovely choices! I bought my first Pandora rings in last summer’s ring promo, and have been very happy with them :-)

      • Yay! So glad to hear that you caved, haha. You picked some beautiful rings – I love the pearl rings myself. <3 Enjoy!
        Maybe they'll do an earring promo some time in the future, too!

  3. Thank you Ellie! Perfect timing on this post – I just checked my email as literally the last thing I did before heading into town, and when I refreshed my inbox this popped up :-) And as we’re going away today till next Tues I’d’ve missed it otherwise! So, back from last minute holiday-shopping with the new-from-spring multi-flower ring (sparkling bouquet?) plus 2 of the cz triple daisy rings. The latter are to wear sort of cupping either side of a central single enamel flower ring – I already have the white primrose and the pink rose this should work with. Actually they look nice on their own like that making almost a circle of flowers with a hole in the centre. First time I’ve ever doubled up on the same ring (I have so many on my wishlist it feels wasteful to buy two the same!) but as one was free it felt more justifiable, and I’m really happy with the result :-)

    • Ooh, serendipity! Sounds like you chose some beautiful rings as well. I have such a weakness for the floral rings, so the ones you picked out sound just wonderful to me. I especially like the idea of putting them with the enamel pieces you already have. :D
      I think it can work really well to double up on some of the rings, you can create some amazing designs with them! I saw on Youtube I think that someone had bought two My Princess rings and wore them facing away from each other and it looked great. :D I’m sure yours will look amazing too!

      • I wear my Princess rings facing away from each other. (I also have a set of Pandora heart tiara rings that I wear that way as well.) Sometimes, I will add a ring in between, such as my small Pandora red heart ring or the very simple Pandora turquoise ring. I love that look!

        • I really loved the look when I saw it on YouTube myself. Adding another little ring in sounds perfect!

  4. I love my rings from Pandora. I took part in this promo last year. I won’t be taking part this year, as I’ve already bought the rings I wanted earlier on in the year. I just couldn’t wait for them.
    Glad to see there doing the promo again. Just wish it was earlier in the year, as I always buy rings from the spring collection.

    • I love my Pandora rings too :) I have quite a collection now, but they are mainly older ones I’ve bought on the cheap in sales, haha.
      It is hard to wait! Patience is not one of my virtues either :(

  5. Thank you for the heads up! Have been waiting to buy the princess tiara and bow ring and now have added the bloomin dahlia one to my collection for free! ?

    • You are welcome! That is such a nice set of rings you bought <3 I have a pearl bow ring and love it!

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