Today brings my first review from the Pandora Pre-Autumn 2016 collection already, with a closer look at the beautiful new Starry Sky charm bracelet! Overall, there hasn’t been that much that has grabbed me from this collection, as I’ve never been that into zodiac signs and I already have a lot of love/heart-themed beads. However, the piece that completely redeemed the collection for me was this bracelet! With its gorgeous and interesting starry clasp design, I knew I had to have it.

pandora pre-autumn 2016 collection

I received mine in the post on Friday and loved it even more in person – there’s just something about a super shiny new Pandora bracelet that is just that bit more exciting than a charm, and I had to review it straight away. ^^ Read on for the usual detailed shots and a couple of ideas as to how you might style this bracelet!

Pandora Pre-Autumn 2016 Starry Sky Bracelet Review

So, as you’re probably very aware by now, Pandora have been expanding their range of custom charm bracelets with a range of different clasp styles.

The thing I like about this new Starry Sky bracelet is that the clasp offers something a bit different, without being at all awkward or difficult to do up – as the heart-clasp bracelets can sometimes be. The spherical clasp is the perfect canvas for a custom design while remaining very practical to put on and take off. I’ve heard speculation from some commenters (nothing official!) that Pandora might eventually replace the barrel clasp with the spherical clasp. I would be super sad personally to see the classic barrel clasp go, but this new clasp is pretty!

pandora pre-autumn 2016

On one side of the clasp, you have a lovely star-scape pattern, with polished silver surrounding all the little CZs. It is so nice and shiny in person!

Pandora Pre-Autumn 2016 bracelet

As I’ve mentioned before, this is a great alternative to the Pandora Disney Mickey Moments bracelet, if you’re not able to get that in your country or maybe you’re just not that into Disney. They look so similar when you’re wearing them, with just a hint of sparkle. I stacked them together yesterday (which was a gorgeous sunny day here in the UK) and they looked lovely together, too.

pandora disney bracelet starry sky bracelet

On the other side of the clasp is one big star, which is just as nice as the other side! The silver etching gives it a beautiful supernova-style effect. Some have wondered whether it’s meant to be the Sun as opposed to just another star, but I’m not sure it matters to me – it’s pretty either way! ;)

Pandora Pre-Autumn 2016 bracelet


So I have two stylings for you today! Lots of people have said that they are planning to use this bracelet with some of the starry/celestial designs coming out for Winter 2016, and so my first styling works along this theme, to give you a little inspiration. :D

I don’t have as many starry charms as I thought I did, but I’ve added a few Cinderella beads, which work just as well. The Starry Night and Twinkle Twinkle clips are perfect with this bracelet, and I’ve used the retired Fascinating Aventurescent and the brand-new Frosty Mint muranos. The Frosty Mint’s luminescent sparkle is just perfect for a starry bracelet (unfortunately it didn’t show up so well on camera :(), so definitely consider that one to offset any deep and dark blues you might be wanting to use!

pandora pre-autumn 2016 bracelet starsHowever, I’ve already finished my midnight/starry bracelet, and so I went in a different direction for my new Starry Sky bracelet. I am totally in love with the deep teal of the Jasmine Disney muranos, and they look even better when paired with a little yellow gold. The association with Aladdin and magic-carpet rides makes them rather appropriate for the starry bracelet clasp too.
Pandora Pre-Autumn 2016 Jasmine styling

I know that I will be filling up this bracelet more in the end, but I just love it as it is! The bouquet clip safety chain is adorable.

Pandora Pre-Autumn 2016 Jasmine styling

I was a bit worried that the bright cubic zirconia would clash a bit with my older, heavier two-tone beads, but they actually contrast rather nicely! Mixing old and new Pandora is one of my favourite things. ^^


This is one of my favourites of the new special-clasp bracelets – it’s offers something a little different from the ordinary charm bracelet while remaining practical and easy to wear. The Starry Sky bracelet is a little pricier than the regular Pandora charm bracelet, but the clasp looks just like another charm – so in a way it’s like adding a whole other charm to your bracelet design. ;)

The Pandora Starry Sky bracelet is £65 or $75 USD. If you’re in the UK, you can buy this charm along with the rest of the Pandora Pre-Autumn collection from authorised retailer John Greed.

Did you get this bracelet yet, or is it on your wish list? What charms would you put on it?

63 Comments on Review: Pandora Pre-Autumn 2016 Starry Sky Bracelet

  1. A lovely review Ellie and both of your stylings look lovely. I saw this in store yesterday and I like the side with the little stars on, wasn’t as keen on the other side with the big star on. I do feel it’s quite similar to my mickey bracelet as well. I won’t be getting it.
    I do like how they keep bringing out more different clasp designs, I hope they continue to do this.
    Will you be showing the winter jewellery preview this week?

    • Thanks, Sarah! I think the side with the little stars is my favourite, too – but I love them both!
      Winter jewellery preview will be either later this week or next week. I have another preview that I want to get out this week first :)

  2. Hi Ellie it’s been a while I’m getting back into my bracelets again I love some of the new pieces you reviewed it would be nice if they make the starry sky clasp on the bangle bracelet I would love a new bangle. I just may have to get the bracelet if it doesn’t come out in a bangle design

    • Hi! It has been a while, nice to see you back. This would make a nice bangle, for sure – although there is always the pavé star bangle they did for Christmas 2014 if you can track one of those down.

  3. Since I got bracelets during the spring and summer promotions, I’m not going to get this one until later, but I’m definitely going to get it at some point. I really like the spherical clasp and look forward to seeing more designs in the upcoming releases. Since I like to do color bracelets, I’m looking forward to seeing bracelets with colored CZ on the clasp. Special clasps certainly make bracelet buying more fun!

    • Haha, I don’t have that much self-restraint :) and I’m still toying with the idea of getting the Pandora Rose heart-clasp bracelet later this year as well!
      The CZ barrel clasp bracelets in the various colours are cute! I’ll be showing them soon. I would have liked a pink/purple one, but maybe we’ll get those for Valentine’s Day or Spring 2017 (gosh, thinking far in advance now!).

      • Hi Ellie what bracelets are you referring to ? I never heard of a CZ clasp in various colors lol. Also I saw a picture of a charm that says Orlando Strong with a multi colored heart. It’s for the victims of the Orlando shooting that happened a few months back. Have you heard anything about that charm? Thanks

  4. Hi, Ellie! I bought mine yesterday, along with the Twinkling Night clips. It won’t be finished until the Winter collection comes out, but I’ll be ready! Thanks for your review!

    • Hi Angie! The Twinkling Night clips were a great choice – I’m sure a lot of other people will be using this bracelet for winter and Christmas designs too. <3 Glad you enjoyed the review!

  5. Similar to Disney’s one I have. I like to collect different clasp bracelet so this will ne on my list.

  6. I feel like now all of the sudden they’re over doing these kinda bracelets but I honestly think that ever sense pandora saw how good the Disney Parks exclusive one was doing the one with the castle on it that people were saying & commenting about it that the clasp looked like just another charm they fegured that maybe they could come out with more bracelets like that with different designs for the normal stores cause I remember before they had that first Disney bracelet like that at the parks hardly anyone was going for that classic one if they were buying a bracelet at the parks cause before the Disney parks bracelet pandora normal retail stores had nun of these they only had the classic one with the clasp that wasn’t round & circleular

    I can definitely see that one discontinuing soon
    It’s just not gonna last especially with all the spherical ones that look like another charm that they’re releasing

    I mean I have 2 of the Disney Park bracelets 1 of the normal Disney bracelets & 1 of the ones that has no threaded cores on it but either way they all have a spherical clasp I don’t really like the classic my mom has the classic clasp only beause it was bought for her before any of these spherical ones were out

    But I just thing they’re kinda over doing it a bit they should stop just for a bit & see how these do first

    • Mm, I’m trying to think if the Disney Parks 2014 bracelet was the first snake chain charm bracelet they did with a special clasp and I think it might be! So you might be on to something there. Because I think the next one after it was the Valentine’s 2015 heart clasp bracelet, which was the first special clasp snake chain bracelet for the regular range, I think.

      I hope the barrel clasp doesn’t go. I have a real fondness for it and it seems like it would be giving up such a fundamental part of Pandora -but, seeing as they’ve discontinued all their classic beads pretty ruthlessly, I could see them doing it in this day and age!

      There are certainly a whole ton of bracelets coming out! more than I can keep up with. But it’s fun to have the choice I think, as long as you don’t feel the urge to collect them all ^^

      • Ya like I don’t think I’d be able to collect them all even if I was able to afford them all to be honest & besides I’m always up to creating something new a different bracelet & different brands I mean I have a lot of different charms from all different jewelry stores that are all sterling silver I’m just all about creating and I love my Pandora Christmas bracelet and my summer, my all Disney Parks exclusive one, my normal Disney one, the essence & my Thomas Sabo charm club bracelet and a few others that I just don’t wanna name but I love them

        Unless they came out with a new Disney exclusive one that’s not in gold one that I can actually afford I would get that one a two tone with rose gold clasp would be nice they’d only be about 15 dollars more which isn’t as bad as paying 450 US dollars for the one with the gold clasp I’d be just as happy if they came out with that same bracelet as the gold one in rose gold but I don’t think it would look as good in the silver but it would in the rose

        • Yeah, it would be great if they combined the Pandora Rose finish with some Disney pieces now that you mention it! A Rose Disney bracelet would be great :)

  7. & im just waiting for the new Disney Parks exclusive charms
    I hope they come out with a new Disney Park exclusive bracelet that’s not in gold in something I can’t afford or what most people can’t afford either

    • I would like to see what the new Disney Parks beads are as well :) hoping for some cute Christmas ones again! Loved the Minnie tinsel bead from last year.

  8. Hi Ellie, this bracelet is a must have for me, for my blue starry night bracelet, I’m planning to put in it the same clips that you used in the first example, with Taurus, few blue muranos and star theme charms, including the starry charms of the next winter collection. I love the way it looks with the new Disney bracelet!! Thanks for the review, I liked a lot your ideas :)

    • Hi Priscilla! Sounds absolutely beautiful :) they will look great together! The Taurus zodiac bead is one of my favourites of the new zodiacs, the picture is just too cute! So pleased you enjoyed the review, hope you have fun building your bracelet over the next few months!

  9. I am so excited to see this bracelet! If I go to the Pandora store now, I’m sure I’ll definitely buy it. I am going to ***try*** to wait until September, for the next bracelet promotion. I hope I can wait that long…. ; )

    • Aha, good luck – you’ll have to avoid the Pandora store for a few months if you can. If you’re in North America, I hear it’s not going to be a straight-up bracelet promo this season though, just FYI :)

        • I think the current plans are for a spend & save promotion where you get a credit towards any Pandora purchase when you spend x amount :)

  10. Could you share your midnight/starry night bracelet too? Im new to Pandora and I’d like to start a themed bracelet but don’t really know where to start. What other themes do you have?

  11. The bracelet is stunning, especially with your Jasmine murano design. So many bracelets coming out, makes it so hard for me to choose. I will get this some point in time, maybe next year and get the TT one first to complete my TT design. It is definitely a cheaper alternative for the Disney bracelet. Here it cost $20 lesser, and I think with the big star on the other side makes it a wee bit nicer than the Disney. Luckily I did not get the Disney one or I will kick myself. I like this starry one even better and cost less too.

    • Thank you very much! <3 There are actually so many bracelets coming out this season (Autumn/Winter), you're very right - I think close to ten! Madness! ;) Luckily I only want the Pandora Rose heart clasp bracelet so I am (relatively) safe.
      On balance, I probably like this one better than the Disney bracelet as well, if only because it's fun to have different designs on each side of the clasp like you say! But they are both gorgeous :D

      • Yes, the Rose heart clasp is on my list too. basically i want that, the starry and tt bracelet. And that is because I’ve seems preview of them. I’m not too sure if I’m still safe after seeing the Whole lot of new bracelets. Haha…

        • Haha, if they keep releasing bracelets at this kind of pace going forward, I will really be in trouble ;)

  12. Your stylings look beautiful as always, Ellie! <3 I like this bracelet, I will be interested to see what the next promo is for North America. If they do a charm promo again I might buy the bracelet as part of the spend. It's so funny, I only have 1 classic plain silver Pandora barrel clasp out of all my bracelets! It was my very first bracelet which I got in a free bracelet promo (I got a free plain bangle that day too, and an addiction was born!). I think the only bracelet styles I have duplicates of are 2 of the silver heart clasp and 2 of the plain bangle (different sizes though).

    • Thanks Natalie! :D I hear that the current plans for the September promo are to have a spend & save kind of deal, where you get a credit towards any Pandora purchase, rather than a charm or bracelet specifically. So you could always put the credit towards a bracelet :)

      Aha, really, just the one? I have quite a few of the original silver bracelets (although some are oxi), seeing as I’ve been collecting since the beginning of 2012 and the special bracelets only came in almost three years later :)

      • Yeah, I started Spring 2014 so my timing was good in getting to catch quite a few classic 2 tones on Rue La La as they were retiring, plus being around for all the fun new bracelets! I quickly got into other charm brands too so have other bracelets as well. I’m pretty set on bracelets but it’s still fun to get one free in a promo or get a different design ;-)

  13. Hi Ellie,

    I love you’re first way of styling your starry sky bracelet. It’s gorgeous. More I see this bracelet and more and more I want to get one. And thank you… because you’re styling gave me more ideas to arrange my bracelet when I’ll get one. In fact I have two ideas for styling this beautiful starry bracelet… My theme idea is evolve around the sparkling stars, starry night, space, infinity, ….. Always be passionate about this kind of thing when i was a little kid…. Then I think of something with the new gemini charm, 2 frosty murano charm or just one and one another with a different color just like yours, maybe two pendant (a star and the symbol of infinity), the infinity shine charm, the galaxy openwork charm (one of my favorites). For the clip, I hesitate between the starry night clip or the moon and star silver clip…. I have to see these two in person because i don’t have any of them… Maybe also, spacers like the sky blue eternity spacer or the starshine spacer….. Like I said I think of two styling and I have to try and decide which one I prefer.…. So I definitely will go the my pandora store today and we’ll see with what I end up with….. Oh my god…. Even if I already have a few of these charms….. I just remember that I dit not win the loterie yet :-)

    • Hi Valerie, I replied to your comment below, but just to say – I hear you about the lottery! ;) Once you’ve been collecting for a little while, make sure to never add up how much your collection is worth… it’s always a bit of a shock, haha.

  14. Hi! I want to start with my own pandora bracelet charm and I am learning from your styles. I must say I like the bangle type most especially the LE bangles. I am also interested in the North America bracelet promo since I have a sister who lives there and can help me get the charms and free bracelet, if ever there will be a free bracelet event come sept. Really hoping Pandora will have another promo since I missed the previous ones. In the Phils no free bracelet event has ever happened. I was told just recently they had a 30-50% discount promo on old charms. Thank you very much for the updates and reviews.

    • Hi Emy! Oh good, I’m very glad to hear it. I don’t think there will be a bracelet promo for NA in September, but there will be a spend & save promo that you can always use towards a bracelet instead :) We very rarely get good promos here in the UK either so I feel your pain! I get a friend in the US to help me as well ^^

      • Hi! Thanks for the info. If there will be no free bracelet event this Sept I think I could still get a good deal with the spend and save promo. Buying Pandora here is way too much expensive than in the US. The $75 new starry sky bracelet costs Php5,150 or $110 here. Price difference would be another beautiful charm already. I think with the spend & save promo its going to be a better deal for me so I would still look forward to their upcoming sept promo.
        Thank you again for the update ! ?

        • Wow, that is quite a price difference! Even more so than that between the UK and US pricing. No wonder you want to wait for the US promo! And you are very welcome :D

  15. Hi Ellie,

    Thank you for the lovely preview and designs using the Starry Sky bracelet. This bracelet is a must have for the beautiful winter blues coming in November. I’m sure you remember how much I liked your Jasmine design and it definitely works with this bracelet!

    I must say how much I like your first design using the dark blue with Cinderella’s Pumpkin Coach. The coach is another one of my favorite charms, but it can be a little difficult to work into a design if you’re not really interested in devoting a whole bracelet to Cinderella. Your design gives me an idea of how I could easily stack another bracelet with the winter blues.

    I’m hoping for pictures of the colored cz barrel clasp bracelets soon. In a previous post you compared the red clasp to the same color as the Red Robbin charm. I’ve been wondering about the blue and purple shades as well. With so many new bracelets coming out, it’s going to be difficult to decide what to buy first. I’m thrilled with all of the new bracelets coming out and can’t wait to see them! Come on promotion!!!

    • Hi Emily! Thanks, I’m so pleased you like the Jasmine design. I’ve been using the Disney signature muranos a lot recently – they are just so versatile and pretty.

      Thanks, it’s almost a mini version of my main midnight bracelets! I kind of mix starry and Cinderella beads to do a midnight theme, and that stops it being too Cinderella-y, haha.

      Pictures of those bracelets are coming out soon :) I’m going away soon and I’m putting together a bunch of posts to go out while I’m away, including a couple of previews so not long to wait now!

  16. Hi Ellie,

    Just get back from the pandora store… The Starry Sky bracelet is even beautiful in person… I find it really delicate and classy. The detail of the clasp are amazing… So I bought one. To reinforce the classy effect I also get two clips (the moon and star one and the starry night one) and finally also fall in love with the new zodiac gemini charm. Back home, I combine all these with my blue eternity spacer, my openwork galaxy charm and my infinite shine charm. I also added two symbols dangles (I am huge fan of dangles) , the infinity one and the aspiration one….. I find the result just perfect, like i said really classy and delicate….At the store I asked to try it with some murano, it was pretty but I find the murano a little two big on this combination and i was afraid that they will be crush the this delicate shape. Now, I have a brand new bracelet without murano. When I compare this new one with the two other I’ve already have with Murano charm on it, the new bracelet has a complete different style… It’s really amazing what we could do with all these pandora charms… I am absolutely impressed…. Now I look forward to see the Winter collection because from the preview, I think there will be nice pieces to add to this starry theme bracelet. Ellie, thanks for all the posts and the good advises for styling… Keep going…. Your blog is amazing.

    PS : sorry to all of you who reading me for any mistakes in my writing.I am a French girl. English is not my mother language and I don’t practice every day…..

    • Valerie, just wanted to say your bracelet design sounds lovely and it was a pleasure to read your comments – your English is excellent.

      • Valerie your bracelet sounds amazing, I want something similar with this bracelet, but including muranos. You have a very good English, I understand you, because it isn’t my mother language and I don’t have many opportunities to practice.

    • Hi Valerie! Firstly, just to echo every one else – your English is great! You don’t need to worry at all. ^^

      So pleased to hear that you got one of these bracelets too! <3 Your bracelet design sounds lovely. You are so right that adding muranos does change the look of a bracelet completely; I personally am a bit of a murano glass addict and I always plan my bracelet designs around them as my focal pieces. But I do love looking at other people's murano-less designs... they are very stylish and sleek in comparison!

      Thank you so much, I'm so glad you enjoy the blog! <3 That has really made my evening to hear that. Thanks for commenting and I hope you continue to enjoy!

      • Ellie, I enjoy your blog so much that I checked it every morning and even during the day at my lunch break at work. That’s make my day, especially when I have a bad day at work…. So thank to you….

  17. Hi Ellie,

    Just bought the new bracelet. It’s really outstanding what pandora can do with a LITTLE cz and a pretty design!

    • Hi Lisa! I totally agree! It’s so gorgeous and sparkly in person. I definitely didn’t need another bracelet, but there was no way I was missing out on this one :D

  18. This is such a stunning bracelet, Ellie! Although my celestial bracelet is complete, I will purchase this one anyway! I love the celestial/star theme and am looking forward to the charms being released in the winter collection. They look amazing and I adore that deep blue shade! I am so excited about the new blue Murano with the stars! I will need two of them! :D

  19. Hi
    Prompt please bracelet Starry Sky disappeared from all official sites.
    Do you know why? Can Pandora canceled it out?

  20. Any idea why you don’t seem to be able to buy this bracelet from Pandora anymore? Was it limited edition for such a short time please? Thanks in advance.

    • Several stores are stating that it is now a limited edition piece, but it did vanish rather quickly, even for a limited edition bracelet. I would guess that there was some kind of production issue, but I can’t imagine what that would have been, as it doesn’t look difficult to produce!

  21. Hi Ellie!

    I have just seen this Starry Sky Bracelet on sale at John Greed. I would love to get it, especially it is on sale at the moment but I am a bit afraid of that if anything will happen with it, how am I going to get an exchange. I mean my friend’s bracelet just fall apart and she went to a Pandora store and she got a new one instead of it. So do you know if it would be the same situation what could I do as I do not buy from a Pandora store? Would you hesitate from buying a bracelet from JG and not from a Pandora store just because it is harder to deal with the problems like thaf later on? Have you ever bought a bracelet from there or did you have problem with a Pandora bracelet at all ever?

    I would love to get this bracelet so I would appreciate some advices. :)

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