Today’s post brings some exciting updates on the Pandora Autumn 2016 collection (due out on the 1st of September), with a preview of previously unseen pieces – including new charms, three new bracelets and a breast cancer awareness jewellery collection!

pandora autumn 2016 earrings campaign

I’m not sure why the pieces below weren’t included in the original North American preview catalogue I saw; perhaps some are only coming out in certain stores in North America, e.g. concept, shop-in-shop or Jaredor they’re not coming out in North America at all. I’ll update when you when/if I hear more – Pandora don’t always make it easy to sort items out neatly into collections these days!

To see my existing previews, just follow the links:

Otherwise – read on for a sneak peek at these extra pieces!

Pandora Autumn 2016 Updates

First up, we have three more new bracelets that we haven’t seen before! I only have teeny-tiny pictures of these new bracelets, but you get the idea I’m sure. They’re essentially coloured versions of the CZ barrel-clasp bracelet, in red, blue and purple:

Pandora Autumn 2016 Coloured Bracelets

The most exciting set of new pieces for me is the new charms! The Protection murano is a cool concept, if perhaps not the easiest to style, and the Lock of Longevity offers a pretty heart-padlock design. However my absolute favourite of these is the Origami Crane– it’s so cute, plain silver and a lovely original concept! It would be great with some of the CNY or Asian-themed bracelets people have come up with.

The top three charms I haven’t seen in any NA catalogues, and so most probably aren’t being released there.

Pandora Autumn 2016 Extra Charms

Next up – there will be three threadless necklaces for Autumn 2016, just like the new Spring 2016 threadless bracelet. I’m kind of amazed that we got gold, two-tone and silver versions of the threadless necklace before we got gold and two-tone versions of the threadless bracelet, but hey – maybe those are soon to follow!

Pandora Autumn 2016 Threadless Necklaces

Finally, there’s a mini jewellery set coming out called Pink Ribbon, presumably in support of breast cancer charities – it consists of a pair of earrings and a rather adorable pendant that would look great on a bracelet, I think. I didn’t see these in any North American catalogues so maybe they’re not coming out there.

Pandora Autumn 2016 Pink Ribbon

I think these are possibly my favourite BCA awareness designs they’ve done yet – the ribbons are so delicately integrated into the main design.

My Comment

I will update my original Autumn 2016 previews with these new pieces as well, just for simplicity’s sake – last year I ended up with about four successive previews for each collection as new pictures came out, so I’m trying to avoid that this time and to keep everything in one post! ;)

Of these new pieces, the Origami Swan dangle is my favourite by far – I will definitely be getting that one! <3 It’s so nice to see these occasional detailed silver pieces still coming out, even as Pandora retire the older ones.

On the other hand, this is truly season of the bracelets isn’t it! It’s becoming hard to keep track of. ;) The CZ barrel-clasp bracelet is a popular design, and so it’s not too much of a surprise to see new colours. There’s certainly a lot of choice these days when you’re looking to start a new bracelet design, which is great for both new collectors and old.

What do you think of these latest Pandora Autumn 2016 sneak peeks? Are there any extra pieces to go on your wish list?

124 Comments on Pandora Autumn 2016 Updates (with unseen charms & jewellery!)

    • I have a threadless bracelet and I use 1 regular clip to protect my charms. Pandora did an excellent job turning all clips into safety clips on this bracelet.

      • You can use the clips, yes, but it would be great to have a silicone-lined safety chain that eliminates the need for a clip at the end if you don’t want one!

    • Me too! I’m surprised that they didn’t launch one along with the clips – I guess they’re waiting to see how well the threadless concept does.

    • If u just sent an email out today for the morapandora blog I think I may have deleted it by mistake with out reading it. Would your staff be able to resend it to me?

  1. The Origami Swan is a must have!!! Love it!!! Just hoping it will be availeble in Holland….. Which is really getting annoying by the way……
    I understand the Disney thing, and hoping they will get the rights in 2017!! But there are a lot of exclusives that a lot of fans/collectors miss out on because of the no shipping worldwide rule! Not very customer friendly!

    • I loooove that one too! I will be keeping an eye on which countries it launches in as I have to have one!
      Oh no, do you miss out on a lot of beads in Holland? I’ve found that releases are a bit more hit and miss in all regions, like maybe they’re letting regions opt in or out to individual pieces in a way that they didn’t before…

      • When will they come out? It October already and I haven’t seen them. I bought them last year. I’m a 2 year survivor and want it.

  2. I like the origami swan. It’s a very interesting piece. The funny thing about the lock of longevity charm is that the Chinese character written on it does not reflect it.

      • Smart, “ping on ” means safe. We like to buy this wording solid gold or Jade pendant to give it to children or even adults to bless them safe.

    • I love both those charms as well. I don’t think I’ll get the lock, as I have the Chinese love heart already and it’s kind of similar, but the origami crane (not swan, my mistake!) I must have!

  3. Hi Ellie. I love the new bracelets. Do you think they will be available in North America ? I also love the Lock Of Longevity but I would need help getting that one lol. Thank you for another great review

  4. Hi Ellie,

    To date I have not purchased anything from the Autumn 2016 collection, instead I have been scooping up charms about yo be discontinued. This new post brings some delightful options. I agree with you that the Origami Swan is well done and a must have, an example of what Pandora can do with silver & a clever & unique design. I predict this will eventually come out in gold. What a great souvenir charm or hobby charm. I definitely want this charm.

    The protection murano also peeks my interest, I have past on the dangle version thus far, but I could see this muano in either a lot of Blues, white muranos or the Dallah Coffee pot. I think It could give my travel bracelet more interest & a nice centrepiece for my necklace. Nice to see the necklace is still around. I love my necklace. The threadless version would be easier but I don’t need another one at this time. Highly recommend the neclace, very sturdy.

    Ellie, any word on the threadless bracelet? I noticed that neither these or the Starry Bracelets are threadless, pity, I am enjoying the one they put out in the Spring.

    Thanks so much for the posts, you are so dedicated & I enjoy your writing, insights & photos.

    Lisa K.

    • Hi Lisa! I love that one, too. It’s plain silver and cute and so beautifully detailed! I have no idea why that one isn’t in the North American booklet. Seems like it should be released everywhere :)

      Love the sound of a bracelet features blues, whites and some Arabic/Asian charms! <3 That would be something a bit different from the bracelets you usually see in store for sure!

      I don't think you should expect to see Pandora switching over to the threadless concept for all their new bracelets. it still seems like something they're trialling, and not a complete shift in direction. Personally I'd like to see them commit to a threadless bracelet safety chain and more clips before coming out with more threadless bracelets - although a two-tone threadless bracelet would be wonderful, come to think of it!

      Thanks so much Lisa! <3 Really glad to hear you enjoy reading them. It's very nice for me to switch off everyday life and come to the Pandora world to relax!

  5. Since the bracelets with CZ barrel clasps are pave style, I think I’m not interested in them – but I guess I can’t say for sure until I see them at the store.

    I like the lock of longevity. The protection murano makes me think of the watchful eye dangle. (It also makes me think of the movie “A Clockwork Orange”!). The origami swan is nice, but not one I’d likely get.

    I will definitely get the silver threadless necklace at some point. My current necklace has clip stations which I dislike.

    Thanks for more updates! By the way, do you know when the September US promo will start?

    • Hello
      I spoke to a SA in the us who told me there defintly would nOT be the free bracelet promo OR the free charm promo in September . They said Pandora will have a promotion but it will be new and will be something like if you spend a certain amount you may get a certain amount in point or dollars taken off ( I didn’t understand it too much it was confusing ) wish they would have stuck to the free charm promo

      • I really dislike so called sales when I am given a coupon for money off a future purchase. It’s to their benefit to get me back in the store to spend more. It’s certainly not for my benefit. If that’s the case I won’t take part in the promo.

        Using a free bracelet or charm to get people into the store is very smart. The amount people spend easily covers the minimal base cost of the free item.

        • Trust me I agree with you, getting something free right there whether it be a charm or a bracelet defintly gives the shopper more insetive to want to go in.
          hopefilly they will learn for future promos ;)

    • promo dates for sept in NA are 15th-18th but I don’t know how the promo will work. only know it is not a charm or bracelet promo from what my sa at the concept says where I shop.

      • I’m glad the promo is mid-September and not late in the month like the March promo! Thanks! It will be interesting to learn the promo details.

      • Thanks Debbie! It is a spend and save promo where you get a credit towards any kind of jewellery… so it’s kind of different I guess!

    • The promo allows you to have a chance to save up to 41% off total purchase. Once you spend more than $150 then you save on a percentage off.

      Example: if you buy $150, then you get $50 dollars off saving you about 33%.
      And so on, the sales person will let you know how much you save depending on how much you spend.

      It’s not a coupon or a gift certificate to spend on a later period.

    • Thankfully I don’t need them either! I have way too many bracelets as it is haha. The Pandora Rose heart clasp bracelet is tempting but thankfully that’s it for now.

      I’ve read the book of A Clockwork Orange but don’t remember the reference – but I remember enough to know that you probably don’t want to be reminded of it every time you look at your wrist, haha.

      I see Debbie posted the promo dates below :)

      • In the movie, there’s a part where the main character Alex can’t close his eyes. Weird movie, but good soundtrack.

  6. About this new charm with the character :I think it’s not Chinese, it’s Japanese, and it means soul peace,being calm. I will definitely buy it!

    • It is Chinese character not Japanese. It is very common wording on gold or Jade pendant, we like to buy this pendant to give it to children or even adults to bless them safe. Not soul peace, being calm.

      • If it is just “ping” only mean peace. But with the word “an” , together it mean keeping safe. In fact alot of Japanese characters derived from the Chinese characters.And so are the Koreans.

        • Ping alone means flat, Ping An together means safe. 平= flat, 平安 = safe. Chinese every word has a meaning.

    • I’m not familiar with either language so couldn’t say! I’d have to check the original booklet and see what it says. :)

      • Michele is spot on regarding the meaning ;) (I’m Chinese too!)

        A bit about the Japanese language : they never had enough characters to use, so they “borrowed” Chinese characters to use in their language. If anyone has ever been to Japan they’ll see a lot of Chinese characters used, which is why some peeps may think it’s part of the Japanese language… (but no, they borrowed it from us :P) haha.

        When you’re “Safe” (Ie, Ping An) It usually means all is calm and serene etc – so it’s technically a spin off of the original Chinese meaning. At the end of the day it’s up to the however you want to interpret it once actually knowing the original meaning :)

        P.S. I do like the crane/swan… but it looks like they’ve “borrowed” the Origami range from JohnGreen themselves… lol xD

  7. I love the Cz barrel bracelets and the pink ribbon pendant, I cross my fingers that they will be available in US or Latin America. Thanks for the beautiful news!!! :)

    • I’m just giving up trying to work out what’s coming out where haha – I’ll just bunker down and see what launches here come September 1st! ;) You are welcome!

  8. I like really like the cz barrel bracelets and the red bracelet would be great for a Christmas themed bracelet!

  9. Love the origami dangle, but surprised they made a swan and not a crane. There was one on our beds upon arrival at a hotel in Tokyo when we went last summer and I was so excited I took a picture of it! It would be perfect for a travel bracelet! And the new Murano would be good for a travel bracelet, too, for remembering a trip to Egypt, but a bit hard to match up with other things, as you say. Thanks for the preview!

    • So happy you said that – I put this post very quickly together (as I went on holiday almost straight after) and just mistyped it! It is a crane, as you rightly point out. I am very jealous of all your travels! I’d love to go to Tokyo some day <3 You're very welcome!

      • Cool! If it’s a crane I might need to get it! Tokyo is such fun and doesn’t need to be expensive. We stayed in a family room in a hostel. Only one person at a time could stand up as it was so small, but it made for great memories, lol!!!

        • Ahaha! Cheap and cheerful is most probably the only way I could ever go, so thanks for the tip ;) my only problem with these things is that I am coeliac and have to be careful what I eat so the amount of research before I go somewhere can be a bit daunting sometimes! :S

  10. Hi Ellie,
    What wonderful additions to an already exciting collextion. The new colored barrel Clasp bracelets are very fun especially for anyone doing colored themed bracelets. I think these will be a huge hit.
    I very much like the 3 new Asian inspired charms and very much would love to get the lock of longevity ( for my mini Asian leather) and the evil eye Murano for my blue bracelet. Do you or anyone else know of any Asian retailers who would Ship to the us?

    • Hi! I’m based in Singapore and will be able to help to get those charms when they are launched! :)

    • Hi Alex! The coloured CZ bracelets are very fun. Not for me but I will enjoy seeing some sparkle in the store, should they make it to the UK :)
      Asian retailers aren’t allowed to ship internationally but there are usually lots of ladies who will help out with stuff like that!

  11. I hadn’t seen any of these pieces except for the silver threadless necklace in my UK preview book! And I would assume that the three charms will probably be exclusive to different countries, similarly with the BCA collection although I could be wrong! Xx

    • Ooh interesting! I am finding it SO hard to keep track of all these new releases these days, haha. I have seen three different AW16 booklets from different sources and none of them are the same!
      I’m just going to wait until September instead of trying to puzzle out what might be coming where haha. Thanks for the info! xx

  12. Hi Ellie!

    Thank you for this surprise update! ? I feel like the Autumn 2016 release is just filled with so many goodies! I love the Lock of Longevity and Oragami Charms; what a treat! I am also looking forward to the Dazzling Poetic Droplets and rings that match. I absolutely adore the vintage allure collection which I will slowly add to my collection. I am getting so excited for this release and cannot thank you enough for keeping us updated!

    Kind Regards,
    Margaret :)

    • Hi Margaret! Oh good, pleased to hear that Autumn has lots in store for you :D I am I think most excited for the new Essence beads, but there are a growing number of Autumn charms I will have to fit into my collection too!
      Thanks for commenting! <3

  13. Thanks for the updates Ellie! I don’t think any of these pieces are for me, if I get another bracelet it will probably be the new Starry Sky one.

  14. Thanks for another update. I like the idea of the coloured pave barrel clasp bracelets, the purple one looks nice. I’ll have to have a look in store at this one. I wonder if they’ll bring out more colours next year, like pink for valentines.

    • I would be quite tempted by a pink version of these bracelets! Pink for Valentine’s would be nice – although the red would also work quite well for that!

    • Should be… my pic came from a North American source. But I’m not guaranteeing anything for now as the variation between the different AW16 booklets I’ve seen has been enormous and it’s v. confusing!

  15. Nice to see some new unexpected pieces for the autumn winter. I’m personally not a fan of any of these, but I can imagine that the origami charm will attract to a lot of people, especially those who prefer the old pandora style. However, I do like almost all of the pieces of the Essence collection. Such a shame we can’t combine these two lines…

    You may remember that I purchased some charms already, the hot air balloon, blue topaz hanger/dangle and the lacewing butterfly clip. Recently I got the starfish with blue spinel and the pink pandora pink morning butterfly as a gift from my parents:) I couldn’t resist buying the blue topaz ring as well.

    I’m planning to wait for a bracelet promotion in the Netherlands but when I went to the concept store this week to get my stamps, the saleswoman said they don’t expect a new one before christmass since they’ve had one for mothers day and last year it was also like this:S I’m not sure if I can wait that long.
    I’ll have to purchase another clip as well, I’m hesitating between the old cherry blossom, the world globe and maybe the infinity. What would you’re advise be?

    • Yes, I’m firmly between the two Pandora camps… I have such a fondness for the original Pandora style, but there is lots I like about the newer pieces. But it’s always exciting to see older style charms pop up again!

      Oh, very nice! I love the Morning Butterfly pieces. I have the pink as well <3 Thinking about another clip, are you wearing all the different colours on one bracelet? Like a mix of blue and pink? And I'm assuming that you're thinking of the Pre-Autumn Infinity clip. Well, the Cherry Blossom clip is a personal favourite of mine and it is so beautiful in person - but it is quite pink and might clash a bit with some of the blues (but it also might not, so maybe try it in person)? If it does clash, then the world globe goes really nicely with the hot air balloon and the mix of colours and themes you have on there, so that might be nice?

      Ooh no, that's quite a promo drought! It's funny how some regions are so up on their promos and others just not.

      • Yes, I’m going to combine all the charms/colours in one bracelet. However, I think I won’t be adding (lots) of other colours, perhaps some green like the petite facets and the red orchid and finally some white. Apart from that I think I’ll keep to the pastel blues and pinks. I already tried the charms with the Cherry blossom clip and I didn’t think they clashed, especially since it’s not a bright, but more pastel pink just like the Morning Butterfly. The cherry blossom is also a favorite of mine so I’ll probably get that one. Are you planning to purchase the Pre-Autumn Infinity clip, and if so could you do a review about it?
        I might buy some charms that I’ll switch with, but this is more a back up plan.

        I was also a bit disappointed when I heard about the promo. There’s a promo among dealers though. If you purchase pandora between 18juli and 28august you’ll get 5euro discount. There’s no amount of money that needs to be spend and it counts for the entire collection, you might wan’t to add it to the news round up for August;) You do need a special voucher though. 5euro is nice but it’s nothing compared to a pandora promotion that gives something like a free bracelet or clip though… On top of that I’m not sure if stamps on my loyalty card will be added:(

  16. Hi Ellie!

    Thanks for the Autumn updates. It’s nice to see the colored cz barrel clasp bracelets are coming out before the September promo. I like all three colors, so it will be hard to decide which one to buy first. If I had to decide today, I would get the purple.

    I like the new thread less necklaces. I have yet to add a Pandora necklace to my collection, but this just might be the one.

    Looks like most everything else may not be offered to the US. You would think the BCA charm and earring set would be, especially since the Pink Ribbon murano keeps popping up on the retired list for the US.

    The Protection murano is pretty cool, Ellie. You could probably use it with the Evil Eye present your parents brought back from their holiday in Greece.

    Looking forward to the next post as always. It’s usually how I begin and end my day. Your hard work and dedication is much appreciated!

    • I wonder if Pandora will come out with colored cz barrel clips to match the clasps like they did with the original clear set? That would be nice.

    • Hi Emily!

      I think purple would be my favourite of these bracelets too (although I always wanted to make a Christmas bracelet with white muranos and blue pavé ball charms, and the blue would be perfect for that…! Mustn’t think too hard about it or I’ll be tempted, haha). But I bet all the colours will be nice! Maybe they’ll do more.

      Mm, the BCA pieces are funny – last year’s LE BCA bangle didn’t make it to the US, Canada or the UK either. I’m not really sure as to the logic behind it!

      That’s a great idea! At the moment I just have the evil eye pendant on the light blue leather from summer 2016, but the murano would definitely give it an extra boost of colour!

      That’s so nice to hear! Thank you for taking the time to tell me, it really does make my day :D

    • Are those three charms Asia exclusive? If so, I must get the origami swan during my visit to Singapore in September.

    • I saw that one in a European booklet so I didn’t think it was an Asia exclusive – did you hear that it was? :o

      • Lol no I just assumed it was, I thought I read somewhere too that It was but I guess it could’ve been my imagination. Crossing fingers!!

  17. I just want to say THANK YOU for your blog. Your posts are the most revealing and comprehensible source of what is going on in the world of Pandora. The information you bring to us is by far the BEST and QUICKEST. The reviews are wonderful. I don’t know how you get the information so far in advance but having that insight is so helpful. I love knowing what is coming months ahead of time. We can make decisions about what we want, need to save for or what we can set aside for another time. We are able to look ahead and choose the pieces that will be best for our collections without spending unnecessarily. Most importantly it gives us something to look forward to. And for the addicted, that will satisfy our craving until we can get our hands on the actual product. THANKS AGAIN and AGAIN. Please keep it up.

    • Ditto! Ellie has more up to date information than my local Pandora concept store SAs!!! (I don’t know why Pandora Corporate does not seem to communicate well with their stores. Maybe it is just an issue with my local store…) When the SA’s information contradicts that provided by Ellie, time after time, Ellie ends up being correct…. So, I’ve come to trust her for the latest scoop regarding Pandora : )

    • Very well said Pam! I start my day checking this blog and check it multiple times per day! And I agree with Emme. Many times, the SAs at my store do not have the info that Ellie has. For example, when I went to my store during the ring promo, I was waited on by the manager and was asking her about how the promo was changed from an earring to a ring promo. She said, as far as she knew, it was always scheduled to be a ring promo and hadn’t heard anything at all about an earring promo!

      • How weird! And it only changed over from being an earring promo about two weeks before the it started, so it’s odd she was that in the dark haha.

    • That has absolutely made my day, Pam! Thank you so much for taking the time to let me know. :) I always appreciate being to see ahead to future collections and plan my purchases… anticipation is a big part of the fun! So I’m really glad you enjoy it. :D

  18. Hi, Ellie! I do like the Colored CZ Barrel Clasp Bracelets. Unfortunately, I like all of them. Good for my collection but not my budget! Thanks for the update!

    • Hi Angie! Haha, luckily I don’t have to have any of the CZ barrel clasp bracelets. Good luck budgeting! ;)

  19. Hi Ellie the murano and heart charm look very interesting and unique I like the bracelets but really in 3 different colours I would probly get the purple but the others will be hard to resist.

    • Hi Nicola! Purple seems like it would be the most versatile for sure :) although I think blue or red would be great for Christmas!

    • Thank you for the lovely pictures. I have yet to start with the Essence bracelet, but I love the pink, white and grey mosaic charms! Sooooo beautiful!!!

  20. Hello Ellie,

    I love the concept of the colored CZ barrel clasp bracelet. Especially the blue one… I am just afraid it will be too flashy for me so I’ll wait to see it in person before to decide it is a must have or not.

    • Hi Valerie! I’m hearing rumours that these have been delayed or cancelled so we might have to wait and see regarding the bracelets. :(

      • Yes… wait and see…. Anyway there are already so many pieces to spend some money and jeopardize my budget…. :-)

  21. Hi Ellie,
    I was just wondering if there were any updates as to whether the Breast Cancer Awareness charms will be available in North America. Thank you kindly.

  22. I never saw a response to my previous (and only) question. Does anyone know if Pandora will be releasing new 14k charms for autumn/winter 2016?

    • Yes, they will be releasing new gold charms – they are in my autumn and winter preview posts. I’ll be updating the sidebar soon with links to the new collection previews

  23. Seriously love those top three charms! It would be crazy if the eye one doesn’t come out here… and it’s pretty crazy already that we don’t get Asian exclusives though it’s technically part of Asia! I just love the origami one too, how awesome.

  24. Hi Ellie,
    Do you have any definitive info on the lock of longevity charm? For some reason, it has really captured my imagination!! Have to figure out how to find one. Haha. I live in the US.

    • Hi Michelle! No, not officially. I don’t think it’s coming out in the US for sure, but I don’t know which countries it will be released in :S it’s all a bit of a guessing game!

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