Today’s post brings one of the last of my Pandora AW16 previews, with an overview of all the accompanying jewellery pieces for the Pandora Winter 2016 collection (due out on the 3rd of November)! This is a very themed, tidy, little release, with coordinating pieces across the rings, necklaces and earrings.

Pandora Autumn WInter 2016 Campaign

This preview just encompasses rings, necklaces and earrings – to see all the Winter 2016 charms & bracelets, please see my original preview here!

Pandora Winter 2016 Jewellery Preview

To start off with, we have a selection of rather pretty necklace pendants – these would also look great on a bracelet design. My favourite is the Crystalised Floral, but the Patterns of Frost pendant would make an amazing centrepiece for a bracelet based around icy winter blues.

Pandora Winter 2016 Jewellery

Next up, we have a new set of ‘petites’ charms for Pandora’s new floating locket concept necklace. These are some adorable tiny Christmas beads, with miniature versions of the Sparkling Surprise and Jolly Santa beads – and a little snowflake that’s rather reminiscent of the 2013 Black Friday charm.

pandora winter 2016

You can see these petites in the flesh in this cute live shot from a recent Pandora AW16 preview:

pandora winter 2016
Image by ellyroman

Next up, we have coordinating rings – I would have really liked to see one based on the Crystalised Floral set as well, but the Patterns of Frost ring does look beautiful.

pandora winter 2016

Finally, there’s a decent selection of earrings coming out for Winter 2016 – including the rather pretty Entwined pair, which match the gorgeous new Entwined bracelet.

pandora winter 2016

In the rest of the world, these Vintage Allure earrings will be an Autumn 2016 release – but in the US & Canada, they will be part of a Vintage Allure holiday gift set for Winter 2016.

Pandora Vintage Allure EArrings

My Comment

This is a pretty set of jewellery for Winter 2016, with the Crystalised Floral and Patterns of Frost sets standing out the most for me. However, I don’t think there’s anything that I *have* to have, thankfully! I love the Christmas Wonder Petites and I’d be much more likely to indulge in a floating locket necklace to wear something fun like those, rather than the more generic Autumn 2016 hearts & trinkets charm offerings. The little Jolly Santa makes for a very cute necklace charm!

Is anything here going on your wish list?

39 Comments on Pandora Winter 2016 Jewellery Preview

  1. Although I will not indulge in the floating locket, I find the three petite charms for Christmas really cute. Thanks Ellie for taking the time to post this on your holiday.

    • I do too! I’d be more into the concept if they did cute little themed sets of petites like these. ^^ You are very welcome!

  2. I love the floating locket and the Christmas wonder petites are a must I have wanted a Christmas necklace for some time to match my bracelet

    • Same with me! I’m very excited for this set. The other sets of petites didn’t do anything for me, but the Christmas set is a must have.

    • That sounds great! You will look so fun and festive ^^ I’m actually more tempted by the floating locket if they do themed sets of petites like this one.

    • The Christmas petites will be 39 euros and the floating necklace itself will be 99 euros in Europe – I’m not sure what size that is, as there’s only one pictured in the catalogue!

  3. Hello Ellie. I liked much of Pandora Winter 2016 collection than autumn 2016, the jewels are beautiful.
    I liked the set of pearls and crystallized floral. Thank you for the post.

    • Hi Aline! I have my favourites from both. ^^ I really like the Crystalised Floral pieces as well, and I always love pearls too! So I am with you there. Glad you enjoyed the post!

  4. The crystalised pendant looks lovely, but I’m not sure if I’ll get it, as I like the charm more and don’t think I need both. I was really hoping for a matching ring, so was disappointed when I didn’t see one.
    There are some lovely pieces, but don’t think I’ll be getting any.
    Thanks for the lovely preview.

    • Yeah, I was hoping for a matching ring too! I’m surprised there isn’t one, given how neatly all the other collections tie in together. I don’t think there’s anything here for me either, although the Christmas petites are very cute!
      You are welcome!

  5. Hi Ellie,

    Lovely pieces coming out for the winter collection this year. The Elegant Beauty Pearls are my favorites, but I won’t be getting them as I bought the Luminous Elegance Pearls back in spring. The Vintage Allure looks promising, but will need to see in person. I’ll pass on the Floating Locket, but the Christmas charms are cute.

    Thanks for yet another post while you’re away on holiday, Ellie. Looking forward to more details of the September promo when you return.

    Enjoy your weekend!

    • Hi Emily! The pearls always get me as well. I just love them, especially in rings. :D I don’t need these as I just got one of the older pearl rings on sale, but they are pretty!

      Hope you had a lovely weekend, and enjoy the week ahead. Thanks for commenting!

  6. I like the pattern of frost and entwined earrings. The vintage allure earrings seems really gorgeous but I have to see it in person. This autumn/winter collection is really beautiful. But I don’t think I will add anything more on my wish list yet. I’ve already added too much for now and I have a lot of “pandora project” in progress…. so, i think I will focus on my pandora bracelet projet :-)
    Thanks for the post during you’re holidays. Hope you have a lovely time.

    • The Patterns of Frost collection stands out to me as well – I can imagine how pretty those blues are in person! But luckily enough I don’t *need* any of these pieces for now. And I have my own Pandora projects to be getting on with too! ;)

      I had a lovely time away, thank you! Although I’m sad to be back today, haha. Just catching up on everything now!

  7. This is a pretty collection, I like the crystallised floral best. But I still like the crystallised snowflake set from a year or so ago better than anything from this year I think, that whole set is still on my Wishlist as it looked stunning together in photos. If I had a budget for jewellery of this kind, I think I would definitely buy the crystallised snowflake in preference to anything from the new collection, just my personal preference. The tiny locket charms are really sweet though, like jewellery for dolls! Hope you are having a nice holiday Ellie, and wishing you a safe journey home!

    • Mm, that snowflake collection from last year was pretty! Although this year’s and last year’s collection are quite similar – this does seem to be more of the same, in some ways.
      I think the petites are adorable! But they must be so tiny, especially as the euro price is quite reasonable – 39 euros for the three charms.

      I had such a nice time away, thank you! :D It was a much needed holiday, haha!

  8. Thanks for posting this during your vacation, Ellie. I agree with pretty much everything you said. Although this is a small collection, I really prefer it over the autumn jewelry collection and really like the looks of the Crystalized Floral and Patterns of Frost jewelry. Also, even though I am not a fan of the floating locket concept, these Christmas Wonder Petites really are adorable! Still, I will have to see some more pictures of all of this jewelry/see it in real life before I decide if they are “must haves” are not.

    • You are welcome! I prefer these to the Autumn jewellery as well – the blues of the Patterns of Frost should be really striking in person! The only thing that really tempts me is the Christmas Petites set, but I think I’d have to really have a look at the floating necklaces in person to decide if they’re for me. We will all have to compare notes once September rolls around! ^^

    • Me neither, although there are some very pretty things – but it’s nice to have a break from spending every now and again! ;)

  9. The Crystalized Floral and Patterns of Frost pendants are pretty, but probably not absolute must haves. I don’t wear rings or earrings. Thanks for posting, Ellie!

  10. I’m surprised that the Disney parks exclusives haven’t leaked out yet I’m still wanting to see them

  11. Hi Ellie!

    Thanks for the spend/save amounts regarding September promo…very helpful. I like to plan ahead for promos.

    Glad you had a nice time away on holiday and a safe trip home. Hopefully, you’ll have a easy week back at work!

    • Hi Emily!

      No problem. I know everyone has been curious for some time!

      Thank you! The holiday was wonderful. :D Hope the week is going well for you!

  12. Hi!

    The winter collection is cool. But im not in love with any particular charm. Im not so keen on the floating necklace thing either. It looks a bit deviated from the normal pandora patterns, but we could give it a try.

    Im still waiting for a ring that could put charms on, and have a different 1 on each day, just to mtch my mood or dress. Is there any news on that,do u know ellie?

    • Hi Aisyah, that sounds like such a cool ring idea! I’ve not heard of anything coming out like that but you should totally leave Pandora a comment on Facebook or something to let them know you’d like it. I think I’ve seen other brands do something similar so why not Pandora? ^^

      • Hi ellie.

        Yes. That sounds like a good idea. Ill leave them a commment.

        I’ve actually tried the trollbeads interchangeable ring, but the pandora charms slip right off.

        Thanx ellie.

  13. Dear Ellie, you know whether it will be released in the collection Pandora Winter, earrings and pendant to complete the collection (vintage elegance ring)? Thanks.

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